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Wednesday Poll: Do You Own an Android Tablet?

Back in February, we asked the members of the DL community if they owned an Android tablet or not. The amount of “No” we recorded was quite high at 53%, but with the launch of the Nexus 7 and other nice slates from ASUS, we’re thinking the numbers have changed quite a bit.

If you’ve answered “No” today, feel free to let us know down below in the comments either what you’re waiting for or why you don’t want a tablet at all.

Do you own an Android tablet?

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  • If and when there is a Nexus 10 I will get an android tablet… if they wait too long I might consider a Surface if its priced right.

  • romma

    Toshiba Thrive. Very nice and enjoyable. Although I have essentially sacrificed it to my fiance to distract her so that I can play around on my phone when we are hanging out.

  • cornflahkes

    Voted yes since the wife has a Kindle Fire 😛

  • traumadog

    “Yes”, if having a Nook Color running CM7 counts.

  • bakerman

    No, Waiting to afford one. Nexus 7 is nice, but I wanna see what comes out in the next month or so.

  • Android works best on a smartphone (GNex) I love widgets, customization and the variety offered on a device I have in my hand for a majority of the day. However for surfing, movie watching and email I need the slick easy non freezing or rebooting reliability of my iPad 2.

  • Boot879

    iPad. Outside of the extremely low volume and easily scratched screen I love my GNex… But for tablets I turn to apple.

  • Chris Rocheleau

    no, cant afford one. i hate being broke lol. Nexus 7 would be my choice though

  • Waiting for a better price of a 10″ tablet. However, I think I might get a refurbished Asus TF101 at $250 for Christmas, if Santa thinks I’ve been good this year.

  • Alex

    I have a Le Pan II and I adore it. It’s got the same dual core Snapdragon S3 as the HP Touchpad (which outclasses a Tegra 2, check it out on Youtube), an identical 9.7″ screen (meaning it’s sourced from the same manufacturer) as the iPad 2, 8GB of RAM, a brushed aluminum case, and it’s Google certified, so it has access to the Google Play store straight from its ICS 4.04 stock rom. I think it gets the best price/performance bang for the buck at $249 on Amazon. I do wish they would release their source code so we could bring Jelly Bean to it.

  • Waiting for the 32 gig Nexus 7 and maybe the 3G version too…

  • mikel61101

    What no option for multiple? Wife-Xoom 6and11 yr old 16gb nexus 7s. Me just me phone.

  • Wel

    I want to own a tablet, but I really cannot decide what I should pick up. I love the keyboard and specs on the infinity, but the price is ridiculous and I could get a notebook for that amount. I’m really kinda stuck as to what would work best. I need a really portable laptop replacement, but I’m just having a lot of apprehension about not being able to use to modify Word documents etc while browsing.

  • Rocco80

    Tf101 running raymans jelly bean cm10..buttery smooth with Google Now… Awesome!!

  • MrWicket

    sadly no…. but it’s a not yet so there is hope! 🙂

  • native android tablet? no, but I do have a dual boot touchpad if that counts

  • tomn1ce

    No. I have the ipad 2

  • Nate Davidson

    Note 10.1. Much better than my iPad 2.

  • giovanny

    Im waiting for an official announcement of the nexus 10 tablet with the partnership with samsung!! if this doesn’t become official then im going with the 32gb nexus 7.

  • Stud Muffler

    I actually have four Android tablets in the household.

  • Tony Allen

    Still rocking the first “real” Android tablet.. I love my WiFi Xoom 🙂

  • CJ Williams

    I just bought the New Novo 7 Flame by Ainol Electronics, priced at $189 at a US site called TabletSprint – offering Wifi, Bluetooth, MicroSD, a 5 megapixel Rear Camera and 2 MP webcam, 1280×800 high resolution screen, 2nd Gen Dual Core CPU, HDMI with Full 1080p (HD). Plus an option for 3G – it’s by far the most complete budget tablet available under $300 and worth looking at and comparing, especially for the price… Ainol Electronics won runner-up in CES / CNET 2012 “Best Tablet of the Year” Award — and this new tablet certainly gives the new Nook, Nexus 7, Kindle HD & the new Mini some serious competition. Next month Ainol launches a larger version with 10″ screen with a Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor and a price around $230 —

  • Bruce

    I am waiting on a couple things. First, I use this Xoom for business. May we please have an operating system named as such. Second, when I got this, I chose it because it ran so much more of the web than the Apple tablet. Thanks to my UPGRADE that is gone. My tablet is close to useless. Help please.

    • what is gone?what happened?which update?could you elaborate please?

  • Noah Bundrant

    When do you think it will come?

  • Noah Bundrant

    I got a note 10.1 and 16gb nexus 7. Just waiting for jelly bean on the note.

  • adroidman

    I have the money sitting right here…. just waiting on that 32GB model 😛

  • Patrick Dias

    I’m using a galaxy tab 2 7.0 my wife and kids bought me for fathers day. I almost never use my droid 3 phone anymore or my work laptop after hours.

  • JB

    On my third, currently have an N7 and a Lenovo K1, though the K1 will be getting passed down soon.

  • chris125

    Yep, Nexus 7 so I can always have the updates first since even a nexus on verizon doesn’t get updates right away

  • Craig Layne

    Still rocking an asus transformer. It serves as my home automation remote. Media rack/TV/thermostat/lights and still expanding.

  • Matthew Moslin

    I prefer to use a laptop when it comes to using something the size of a tablet or bigger. I prefer a physical keyboard.

  • Sammy V

    I’m waiting for a Nexus 10 because the 7 isn’t much bigger than my Galaxy Nexus.

  • John

    Asus Infinity tf700…

  • gfacekilla01

    currently running the following Nexus 7, Xoom 4G, Sony Tablet S OG and Samsung Galaxy Tab OG. Love them all but the Nexus is at Asus for a warranty fix (wi-fi drops connection and battery charges verrrrry slowllly). Sony Tablet S has 64gb sd card and is just lovely especially the remote function…

  • I’ve been a member of the Android tablet club since November 2010, starting off with the GTablet. Does that make me a hipster?

    I still have it, and its running 4.1.

  • chey023

    I said yes, I own a touchpad running ICS

  • Ian McKinney

    I have a Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I love it! My laptop almost never gets used anymore. Not sure why they’re not well supported anymore. I have big hands and it is the perfect size for me. A 10.1″ tablet is just too big. That’s almost like having a laptop.

  • Waiting for a high-Spec 10 inch Nexus type tablet blessed by Google and in the $300 range. Otherwise, I’ve not yet needed one.

  • Radgatt

    I had the Asus Transformer Pad TF300 but I had to sell it because I needed the money.

  • zroid

    I have a crap iconia a500 which crashes sluggish and will not get any better as acer isn’t giving any crap about it. I will need to move to XDA CM build. This is the reason with most of the providers. Unless they do it as with PCs and Macs the upgrade goes out to all irrespective of what hardware they have.

  • Nexus 7 😀

  • Chris A.

    Still rocking my viewsonic G-tablet running Jellybean!

  • sandcastler

    Two and counting.

  • I don’t own an Android tablet; I got caught up in the iPad mania back in March. I am mostly pleased with the device. I just don’t want to switch. And I haven’t seen anything compelling for me to switch to an Android tablet.

  • Mc

    Does a 10 inch ipod touch count? If so, then yes

  • Robert Jakiel

    TF101 and TF201 w/ keyboard docks. Indispensable tools for work and play. Looking to get a Nexus 7 as well but waiting for a U.S. release of the Acer A110 to see how it compares to the N7.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I love my Motorola Xoom LTE tablet.

  • mcdonsco

    yes, however it will become almost exlusively an ereader once the surface hits. I have a huge need for a full desktop in tablet form with pen in my business.

  • Seth

    No tablet yet, waiting for a Nexus 7 32GB. Although I wonder since I have a Droid X2 and will likely stick with large screen mobile smart phones, does it make sense to have a 7″ tablet as well? I know I’d love it, any opinions?

  • mohit asthana

    I have a nexus 7 and a touchpad running ics!