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Wednesday Poll: Do You Own an Android Tablet?

Back in February, we asked the members of the DL community if they owned an Android tablet or not. The amount of “No” we recorded was quite high at 53%, but with the launch of the Nexus 7 and other nice slates from ASUS, we’re thinking the numbers have changed quite a bit.

If you’ve answered “No” today, feel free to let us know down below in the comments either what you’re waiting for or why you don’t want a tablet at all.

Do you own an Android tablet?

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  • David_ATL

    actually own 2 to be exact… an ASUS TF101 (where’s my Jelly Bean, ASUS??) and a lovely new Nexus 7 (16GB). Abso luvin’ the Nexus 7

    • Raven

      Exactly the same 2 tablets that I still have plus my dead Acer A100 R.I.P.

    • Paradisimo

      I currently have the Asus Transformer Prime and the Nexus 7 but am trying to get rid of the Prime. Haven’t even picked it up since I bought my Nexus 7.

    • florious80

      I have the exact same 2 tablets as well. XD

  • hkklife

    Let’s see…..I had an Archos G8 10, a rooted Viewsonic G-Tablet, rooted Nook Color, rooted OG Galaxy Tab 7″ GSM, Acer Iconia A500, HTC Evo View and now a Nexus 7. Out of all of those tablets, each and every one had some kind of show-stopping shortcoming or flaw until…yesterday. In fact, for a while earlier this year I just threw in the towel on Android tablets completely

    Yup, only now with yesterday’s 4.1.2 JB release for the N7 am I finally satisfied with an Android tablet in its stock form without having to apply a 3rd party ROM/hack/tweak or micromanage system resources. JB is really the first version of Android I can heartily recommend to anyone from a soccer mom to a Linux gearhead and the N7 is a very solid platform to showcase JB and future Android builds. The upcoming 32Gb model will only make things better all around. Sure, I’d like a slightly larger screen, a bigger battery, and MHL but those aren’t essentials (more storage is, however). It charges over microUSB (slowly), it has a decent screen and battery life, tremendous gaming performance, and is a nice size for traveling and its community support is second to none. Maybe it helps that I lucked out and got a well-built one too. Now that the TRIM command has been added to the latest update, I don’t have to keep over 3.5Gb of space free at all times and the lag is almost completely eliminated. Of course, we still need a higher-end Nexus 10 PRONTO!

    • what is TRIM command?

      • hkklife

        Garbage collection for the eMMC. In the case of the N7, 16Gb models use a different brand of NAND than the 8Gb versions, thus the major performance and issues prior to yesterday’s update when they fixed it so the TRIM commd is now passed on after certain blocks are erased. and freed up. XDA has more technical details if you care to read up on it. In short, you can now fill a 16Gb N7 up fully and not be penalized by lag.

  • I would love a Nexus tablet, but it would only really be a toy and I can’t justify spending on something I don’t need. A tablet can’t do anything my Gnex can’t do.

  • George Fayad

    Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire here.

  • cancerous_it

    i own 3. ACER A500, ASUS TF300 and a Nook Color running a CM7 ROM.

  • kfath1978

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 4g, and the Nexus 7.

  • Guest

    The fantastically incredible ASUS Nexus 7, my first-ever tablet!!

    • Asus dude

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yes, a lot is on my mind atm…but corrected it literally a second later.

        • Lol for sure

        • mustbepbs

          I like when people call it the Galaxy Nexus 7. Gets me every time.

          • EvanTheGamer

            LOL! Give me a break will ya! hahah

          • mustbepbs

            You deleted your comment before I could see what you said. If you called it the Galaxy Nexus 7, that’s pretty awesome.

  • Publius

    No, but waiting for Google Nexus 10

    • me too..but really confused because Windows 8 tabs are coming out..they are good too..pleease somebody talk me out of it…Nexus 10 would be awesome if it has the multi-window feature of Samsung or like Win 8..then i’m totally sold..

      • Depending on the size of your phone I’d just get that 32GB Nexus7 comin soon…I have the 4.8″ GS3 so going up 2″ seems pointless. I got the 10.1″ Infinity which is amazing now with the keyboard and 4.1 on it. But ya, I’d wait for the Windows 8 tablet, as long as you’re fine going with the Pro for around $700 (its a legitimate i5 processor with full pc capability, who wouldn’t at least try that out)

        • My phone is the good old Galaxy S1 on awesome JB ParanoidAndroid..yeah from 4″, Nexus 7 is a good jump..it’ll be very portable,and i like that,was really giving a serious thought on the 32gb ones,untill hearing about N10,which maybe will have a great screen,but less portable..on the other hand,win 8 tab for 650-700$ will be running on clover trail processor..from my experience, i know that atom processors are garbage,but these are next-gen,so donno..i5 processors will cost more than 1000$,which i can’t afford..think i will skip win 8 this time..but again stuck between N7 and N10..lesse what comes out..are u on twitter or fb? could really do with some advice later..

      • New_Guy

        Looking at some of the prices on some of them being announced, the initial prices are pretty high. Some higher than the iPad.

        • I’ve heard other reports that it will be priced very low. I don’t think anyone really knows. It hasn’t even gone into production yet.(The 10” Nexus, not the Win 8 tablets)

        • michael arazan

          I’m on a budget, I know what you mean. I’m saving up for an *gh Nexus 7 for my parents birthdays, 2 days apart, shared present. I figured it would be easier for mom to search everything than going to her pc all the time, and she can’t stand her pc anyways, plus its portable, and you can zoom in to read better.

          Can I add my Play account and download my paid apps to my parents Nexus 7 to save them some money and then add their account back to the play market for themselves after I download my apps? I have about 40 paid apps they might like plus music already paid for, would save them like a hundred bucks in apps and music.

          Personally, I’m hoping the 10″ rumor is true.

          • New_Guy

            You can use multiple accounts in the market, but only apps from one market at a time. Unfortunately if you download apps to their devices via your account, they’ll have to stay in that account indefinitely or start over like normal. At least to get the updates anyhow (which are necessary, more often than not). They also have control of your content as well which can be kind of scary. Doing so also means you have your gmail synced with their devices. Depending on what you send in your emails, that could also be a scary prosect :)…

      • Tony Allen

        How about I convince you out of a Win tablet.. if you don’t hockey up for one of the pricey x86 Based models with real Win8.. apps, or lack of them.

    • brad1505

      Same here.

  • My wife disagrees, but despite our NOOK Tablet, I still don’t view us as having an Android tablet. Right now, I’m waiting on a good 10″ tablet to come into my price range. I’d love something quality from ASUS or Samsung, but I’d ideally like a Nexus device. But as awesome as the Nexus 7 is, I just can’t justify buying another 7″ tab. Now a 10″…

  • Gunther

    Well, it does run Android, and was intended to be an Android tablet, but no, it was released to the market originally running Web OS. Yes, I own an HP Touchpad. So I guess I do, and I don’t.

  • fauxshizzl

    I have a Xoom which has basically been relegated to a glorified alarm clock and photo frame while perched in its dock on my night stand aside using the PS app from time to time. Other than that I have two 8gb Nexsus 7’s (nexi?) One I have rooted and hacked to hell, the other is bone stock. I figured at $200 each, who cares?

  • Lte_Addict

    the nexus 7 is my first ever tablet, i skipped the ipad all 3 times because i knew one day android would have a good tablet. to this day the nexus 7 is my travel companion 🙂

  • Ronnie Whelan

    I’ve got 2,can I vote twice?

  • JR69

    I’m waiting for a tablet that is about 9 inches with an OLED or IPS screen of high resolution and at least a newer quad core SoC. Would love an A15 SoC. Sammy/Google Nexus using a Exynos5 would be fantastic.

  • Held off on the Nexus 7 because of money problems. Kind of glad I did if there’s a 32GB coming down the pipe for $249!

  • mxracer9111

    I have a Droid Xyboard 8.2. i know most of you will give this a bad rating; however, I love this tablet.

    • mustbepbs

      Keep telling yourself that 😉 I hear you’re getting ICS soon, isn’t that cute.

      • mxracer9111

        10-4 dill weed. Next time you try and insult someone for liking a product, study your facts. Droid Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 both already have ICS.

  • kniceguy

    I really do like the Nexus 7, and I would use it more than any other tablet out there, but even then I think I would hardly have a use for a tablet.

    I just don’t have any reason to be spending money on movies to watch on a tablet. I think I still would prefer web browsing on my laptop too, so that leaves magazines/Google Currents which I think would be my main use of a tablet but it is still not enough to shell out $200.
    Maybe if that $99 tablet comes out I could justify trying it out.

    • fauxshizzl

      I know this isn’t a Nexus 7 but it did get some pretty decent reviews on YouTube. Runs ICS, and even comes rooted out of the box. http://mtxone.com/products/matrixone

      • Raven

        Much lower res screen, only 512MB RAM, and no GPS. It looks like a pretty low end knock off. If you are looking for a cheap tablet check the Novo 7 Flame, or better yet, just get a Nexus.

        • fauxshizzl

          $69….Comes rooted, runs ICS smoothly, and outputs 1080p. If you want a $69 tablet this would be awful tough to beat in price or performance. It isn’t like the $100 Walgreens resistive screen crap from a year ago. But as an owner of two Nexus 7’s, I also agree with your logic to just buy one of those. To each their own.

  • Verbal Judo aka Story_Ninja22

    I keep waiting to pull the trigger on a nexus 7 because I think that google is going to announce something better or do a price drop for the holiday season.

  • Russell Tanner

    I actually feel like a tablet+bluetooth keyboard combo would be great for me since I do not own a laptop. (When I bought my iMac a couple years ago it was significantly more powerful than MacBooks, and cheaper). However, I’m yet to be convinced. I would love to go Android because it’s my OS of choice, but the iPad has so much more music software, but even then it’s not the same as desktop software. I just haven’t convinced myself that any tablet right now is worth getting over a laptop I can do real work on if I want something portable.

    I want a tablet form factor that’s an actual computer and not an internet toy.

    • Russell Tanner

      If anything, Microsoft looks like it might be taking a step in the right direction.

    • SecurityNick

      I actually do something similar. I have a Moto Xoom WiFi that I use a lot for work and it is a laptop replacement for me. When I’m in meetings or traveling, I connect a bluetooth keyboard (use the Logitech version with the tablet stand), it’s easier/quicker for me to type notes/email/etc. For everyday usage, just the tablet. I also happen to use an Apple Magic Trackpad mouse, which works really well. Since it allows multi-touch, there are plenty of operations I can do with that connected. I use that when I’m giving PowerPoint presentations (use CloudOn as my app for MS Office stuff). Occasionally I try to use both the keyboard and mouse. Sometimes it works OK, but other times I think the bluetooth just gets confused. When I use one or the other, they are flawless. Also sometimes use the mouse when I connect my Xoom to a large TV to watch a movie, so it’s handy to lay back on the couch with the mouse and operate the Xoom near the TV. I hope whenever the next version of a tablet that I get that the new bluetooth versions will work better with multiple devices connected at once.

      • Russell Tanner

        Very cool. I figured a mouse might be nice sometimes but mostly wouldn’t care about reaching up to touch the screen. Using a Magic Trackpad with multitouch that translates sounds pretty sick though.

  • Ubi2447

    Im waiting for this new Samsung/Nexus 10″ that has been rumored

  • HP Touchpad!

  • Does it count if you have a Nook or Touchpad that you put Android on?

  • Andrew

    Xoom FTW

  • joel

    no tablet yet…waiting for bestbuy to carry the nexus. got $75 worth of gist cards and wanna use them on that

  • Have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 running ICS. Touchwiz is horrible – fortunately Nova takes care of most of that mess. Would love to get a Nexus tab – preferrably larger than 7 inches, maybe 8.9?

  • This poll needs a selection for “Wish I did!”

  • Brittany n

    I would love to own a tablet specifically a nexus 7 but just Dont have the funds to do so

  • Nexus 7!

    • I have also owned the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Only Nexus tablets for me from here on out.

  • Finire

    Yes, I owned the Xoom, then the TF201 Prime… and now the TF700 Infinity. And yes, I’ll probably be investing in another when I see another that really gets me interested.

    But with the Transformer Infinity… I feel that I own more than a tablet. With the keyboard dock, heavily expandable storage, and it’s amazing battery life… It’s like the best of both the tablet and laptop worlds. I stopped using my laptop completely for use of the tablet.

    • will bartlett

      i brought my prime into best buy the other day for “issues” and got it traded up for a tf700. im loving it so far.

      • Andrew Merewitz

        Did they give you much trouble or was this easy? I am considering doing the same.

        • Finire

          I got my TF700 the same way. If you go in and complain about the GPS issues, let them know that this is a KNOWN issue, and they won’t give you a problem at all. The people at my Best Buy swapped it out without a question because they were already aware of this issue, and across the company, this is common practice for this tablet.

        • will bartlett

          i walked in, told them ive talked to asus, waited for the JB update to see if it fixed my issues and that they said to bring it in to return it under the manufacturers warranty. told them about my wifi/bt/gps issues and then also my browser always force closed on me. told them this and they exchanged it no problem

  • I voted yes, but it has been stolen by my 2 year old to watch Dora on Netflix. I plan on getting a new one for myself with the alleged Nexus(es) coming out at the end of the year.

  • edmund

    Have an iPad but really want to get the Nexus 7. Should be getting one fairly soon!

    • JetmanFL410

      DONT get rid of the iPad. I did and I regret it.

      • My mom has both the ipad2 and the Nexus7…never uses the iPad anymore. Im a tech geek and I friggin love the Nexus7.

        • JetmanFL410

          I’m a tech geek too and I love my Galaxy Nexus, I like the Nexus 7, but the size I can’t get used. Every once in a while its laggy for some reason, and I already have 2 rows of dead pixels. I’m a pilot and could use all my manuals on the books app via PDF format on my iPad2. Im not a fan of apple at all, but I gotta go back to the iPad. Android hasn’t shown up to the tablet game yet. If N10 comes out, you’ll have to wait a year to get any apps worth a flip.

    • CopierITGuy

      iPad is not an Android tablet. It’s not really even a tablet at all. It’s a 10-inch iPod Touch.

    • Same, I have an iPad2 and I don’t use it for more than reading books. I’m very likely going to buy a 32gb Nexus 7.

  • gir0n

    Holding out for the 32GB Nexus 7, and then I’m hopping on board the gravy train.


  • antwonw

    I’m waiting for a larger sized Nexus tablet. Like a 32GB Nexus 7.

  • Tyler

    I can’t decide between the nexus 7 & the galaxy note 10.1 …..

    • N7

      • tyler

        any particular reason?

        • mustbepbs

          The Note 10.1 sucks. That’s all the reason you need. Oh and updates.

          • LegalAmerican

            Either you’ve never used the Note 10.1 and are only going off of all the innacurate reviews, or you are insane. The 10.1 is a top of the line tablet without the S-Pen, and an incredibly creative device with the S-pen. It is like nothing else on the market, speakers on the front make it fantastic for music or movies, and it opens up all sorts of possibilities that do not exist without the digitizer.

          • mustbepbs

            I’ll take Inaccurate Reviews for $800, Alex.

          • mustbepbs

            How’s Jelly Bean on the Note 10.1 been?

            Oh wait.

        • JoshGroff

          Updates. All else is a matter of preference.

      • Absolutely.

    • ddevito

      just wait and get best of both worlds – the Nexus 10

    • EvanTheGamer

      Nexus. 7. is all you need.

    • LegalAmerican

      Note 10.1. Way more functionality and larger screen makes for a better tablet experience. Otherwise, just get a new phone where the screens are 5″

    • Southrncomfortjm

      If you want a 10 inch tablet, go to Swappa.com and check out a Transformer TF300, Prime or Infinity. I have my eye on a TF300 with keyboard dock once the price drops after the next Transformer is released.

    • Joe Frederick

      First you need to figure out which form factor you prefer. That should narrow your decision right there. Also wait a little longer for the new models coming out in the next few months..ie the Nexus 7 32gb, or the rumored Google/Samsung Nexus 10.1 with the insane 2560×1600 resolution 🙂

  • Does this Note 2 count? 😉

    • New_Guy

      it’s about half a vote..but if you have two of them than yes 🙂

      • NicholasMicallef

        Trust me he does have an android tablet… more than one actually xD.

    • T4rd

      Are you the real MKBHD or an imposter? =p

      If you’re real, then your vids are exquisite, sir. Very professional, informing, unbiased and enlightening ;-).

    • I’d say yes 😀

    • Its a phone!! No, .. its a tablet! No .. ITS A PHAB… errr, Galaxy Note II.

  • techie_1

    I just don’t see how tablets are very useful. It’s like half-way between a phone and full laptop. For me it just seems like in in-between device that has no real use. It’s the same way I feel about netbooks. I just don’t see how it would fit into my droid life.

    • JDHokie

      That’s how I felt until I bought the N7. Now I rarely use my laptop (and I use my phone a lot less, too). Big enough where the screen is an improvement over my GNex for internet, games, etc. Small enough that I can carry it around without it being awkward.

      • Andrew Merewitz

        Just game to agree with you, and say Go Hokies!

      • JoshGroff

        Same, it actually fits in my front pants pocket without a case. The portability and screen size is a perfect mesh.

      • techie_1

        Interesting. So you just use it on WiFi then? I like how my phone has access anywhere. I suppose I could tether the N7 to my phone.

        • JDHokie

          I use it on WiFi when it’s available (home, work), or I tether it to my phone. It’s perfect for random internet browsing sitting on the couch.

      • man i know portability is ultimate feature of 7″ tablets like Nexus 7…but i’m really confused specially when i heard a Nexus 10 tab is coming out..but a 10.1″ tab won’t be that much portable..man i’m really confused between these two form factors..Nexus 7 is cheaper, more portable,on the other hand Nexus 10 will be a high-end tab with a killer screen if rumors are believed to be true..please help me 🙁

  • xXAaronSXx

    Still lovin’ my Xoom.

  • philnolan3d

    Typing on my Xoom Wifi right now. I won it via Twitter, but I’d buy an Android tablet even if I hadn’t.

  • mustbepbs

    I never thought I wanted a tablet until the Nexus 7. Now I love it and can’t picture myself without one. At this point I’d rather have an older (Nexus) smartphone and a solid tablet since I use the tablet so much more.

    • Brian Walker

      That’s part of the reason why I’m fine skipping this year’s nexus. I figure I’ll alternate years, phone then tablet.

  • TheRealBeesley

    do you consider the HP Touchpad an Android tablet? 🙂 If so, then yes

    • Daniel Clifford

      It runs Android. I would. I answered yes because I upgraded to the N7.

    • JoshGroff

      Heck yeah!

  • XvierX

    I participated in the poll using my N7! Don’t miss my lte xoom one bit.

    • JetmanFL410

      Just curious why you dont miss your Xoom? I got rid of and can’t get used to the size of my N7

      • He said he doesn’t miss it

        • JetmanFL410

          Corrected why doesn’t he miss it. Isn’t it vanilla or does it have motoblur

          • JoshGroff

            Vanilla. I miss mine, but I do love my N7 more.

      • XvierX

        The lte xoom was my first tablet and I enjoyed initially, but it lacked portability in my opinion. The weight and size didn’t quite meet my expectations. Then, after seeing the screens on other tablets I felt I was missing out. The slow updates are what finally convinced me that it was time to move on. My N7 is light, has a great screen that’s great for reading books on my Kindle app, and more importantly, is running JB. ONLY regret is not holding out a little longer for the 32gb N7. Oh wells. How was I to know?

  • ddevito

    Nexus 7 for personal use.
    Xoom for app development at work.

  • Yep HP Touchpad, however its on Craigslist. Fun to hack around w/, but I don’t have the time anymore!

  • The dude

    This depends if you also mean rooted Nooks, Kindles, etc…

    • will bartlett

      those are both android to start with…

  • Adam

    I’d like to own one. Probably the Nexus 10 will be when I jump in.

  • Jigga_Z

    I actually had the Asus Transformer Infinity for a brief period of time for the purpose of using it as a replacement for my laptop which I use almost exclusively for note taking in class. However, after a week or so, I realized that the benefits of the tablet (mainly battery life and portability) weren’t worth some of the functionality I lost, and I returned it.

    • this is how I feel exactly. I’m thinking an ultrabook might be a better device. I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve sent in my prime for RMA twice to fix broken ports on it. I didn’t miss it one bit when it was gone for a couple of months.

  • DashShrion

    Galaxy Note 10.1 and I love it.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Wi-Fi running ICS. Love it.

  • balthuszar

    i’d rather spend the 800 dollars on a decent laptop than on an oversized android phone…

    • Well, that would make sense if Android tablets cost $800, but they don’t? lol 🙂

      • Mapekz

        I bought my Xoom on release weekend for $800 full retail. 😛

        • Oh, you may have not heard, but early adopters of Android technology have a tendency to get screwed! 😛

          • Mapekz

            Don’t forget iPhone 1 (they discounted it months after it came out and then had to give early adopters coupons) and iPad 1 (more powerful than a 3GS but unlike the latter can’t be upgraded to iOS 6).

            Really early adopters typically get screwed regardless of the technology. 😛 Whether it was the BB Storm, the only pseudo-iPhone competitor on Verizon, or the first Verizon LTE phone and tablet, you often get a poor deal if you buy into something new or experimental without waiting for other people’s reports on whether the device was any good.

            It doesn’t matter to me, though. I get a high by being an early adopter and love the feeling when the bet I take pays off. It’s literally the same as gambling so things like “waste of money” don’t apply to me and shouldn’t to anyone else who enjoys trying and buying new and unproven things. It’s way more fun for a hacker like me to play with and manipulate something that is broken in order to make it less broken (BB Storm firmware updates, Android custom ROMs, etc) then to get a perfectly polished experience from the start where I can’t impose my will on the device in question.

        • tyler

          what a waste of money

          • ddevito

            Are you kidding? The Xoom has been the ONLY successful Android tablet to date – the Nexus 7 is too young.

            The Xoom has always gotten (rather) timely updates and the performance has been great.

            (I didn’t spend $800 company dollars on it however)

          • tyler

            for $800 you would be better off just buying a laptop

          • will bartlett

            i seem to think the transformer line has been pretty successful…

          • JoshGroff


          • Mapekz

            It’s easy to say that now, but back then everyone was gushing over the Xoom. The WiFi version didn’t come stateside or if it did way too late for me to wait. I was one of the people who tried to buy the Xoom 3G/4G via Motorola.com for $600 because of their coupon code bug but they corrected the bug just as I got the order confirmation screen.

            I was also betting that I could code on it instead of needing a bulkier laptop (then I caved and bought a MacBook Air 8 months later after lots of resistance; it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used).

            I’m still glad I bought it when I did and for what it cost. It may not have paid for itself but the more portable, more battery friendly 10″ tablet has done an exceptional job at note-taking, web browsing, and media consumption during long periods where a laptop or phone would die and/or be a non-ideal form factor for that purpose.

        • LewisSD

          lol I bought it for 200

      • For me, a laptop is still more expensive than a tablet, but Transformer + dock is pushing close to that $800 mark. (Though any laptop I’d buy is probably closer to $1200 or more.)

    • xXAaronSXx

      The poll is if you have “an” Android tablet, not if you have 4 Android tablets.

    • LewisSD

      Got my wifi xoom for $200…

    • EvanTheGamer

      lol, that’s a funny comment.