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Ski Safari for Android, Ride Yetis and Penguins to Escape That Avalanche

A title that has been gaining a lot of momentum on Google Play is Ski Safari. With some hip graphics, action-packed gameplay, and cute characters, it’s really easy to see why. You’re snoozing in a cabin on a beautiful mountainside, when all of a sudden a fierce avalanche takes place. You must ride whatever you can find (including the poor mountain’s wildlife) to get to safety. 

The game costs $0.99 and it’s easily worth every cent given its replay factor. Go check it out now.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • avs

    It’s a fun game, very impressed. But, It would be great to have more power-up and level options (see Subway Surfers)

  • This is a GREAT game for young kids, especially on a tablet! Very easy to play, but very fun.

  • moelsen8

    i lost a lot of hours to this game in the month or so after it came out. right up until i accidentally deleted my saved game (note – when switching roms, don’t ever uninstall this game, i accidentally did and it takes the saved data with it from android/data..doesn’t look like this gets backed up with titanium either, so have to make a copy of it manually.). but it’s freaking awesome.

  • Steve

    I picked this game up whan Google Play had it for 25 cents last week (the billion app downloaded promotion) and let me tell you, as much fun as this game is, it is easily worth 10 times that. This is what paid games should be. Its also very cool and cute. The graphics are top notch especially on the tablet size screen. Everythin is perfect, and I specially got a kick out of the “Muzak” playing in the store. It “felt” like I was in a 60’s era elevator and I loved it. I eagerly await this game to be proted to the PC (maybe this will finally convince me to try out bluestacks). The only issue I have is its not syncable to your devices. I would love to play this on my tablet on a train or plane and then take a rip to the can with my phone and have all my points and purchased items available there as well. Great game. Tons of fun.

  • great game

  • brukental

    i love ski safari, just found out there are more slopes than just the one, wonder if there’s more than 2. Addicted to this game!

  • JRummy16

    I’ve been addicted to this game for the last week. Really a steal for 99 cents.

  • Royal2000H

    I bought this during the sale but haven’t even opened it yet.. might as well check it out now

  • Alberto Hamade

    I got all the cheevos and Am impatiently waiting for eagle bluffs.

  • Matt Larson

    One of the best games I’ve downloaded if not THE best!

  • EvanTheGamer

    I honestly can’t recommend Ski Safari enough, it’s just so much fun, especially for being a $.25 game(when it was at that price a few weeks ago), but I would have easily paid $1.99 or $2.99 for this game.

    Ski Safari has pretty much been the only game I’ve been playing for the last few weeks(on Android…have been playing Borderlands 2 lately, and now Dishonored).

    • JoshGroff

      Pokemon White 2 here. >.>

      • EvanTheGamer


        • JoshGroff

          Unfortunately it came out on Sunday, so I haven’t had much time to play it. >.>

  • Justin Scarano

    I really like the game as well, however now that I have finished mostly all the challenges you now need to get an absurd amount of coins to get the next achievement. Wish they would just add more weird challenges instead of practically forcing you to pay for in-app coin purchases.

    • Iain Searcy

      There are no IAP in this game so I don’t know what you are complaining about. Buy the upgrades to show new weird challenges.

      • Justin Scarano

        there are no in app purchases on android there are however IAP on iOS which is what i was referring to.

  • r0lct

    Games like this keep me happy I got a N7. Seems like Perfect gaming size.

  • Iain Searcy

    It’s brilliant. Would love a third level though.
    Tip: get the coin collector as soon as you get the case. To complete the game you need to buy everything because they add new challenges.

    • Justin Scarano

      there is a third level on iOS which is called eagle bluffs.

  • been playing for months…its one of my favs

  • been playing this for about a week. It’s got me hooked

  • potacho

    I sorta regret not picking this up during the 25 cent sale.

    • r0lct

      Of the many apps I bought on sale this was the best. Had I known how good it was I would have gladly paid the dollar prior.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Agreed, probably the best cheap app of the entire sale. Or at least the most fun, anyways.

    • JoshGroff

      I picked it up on the sale and haven’t had a chance to play it yet. :/ I’m very impulsive when it comes to sales, but in this case, that’s a good thing.