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Cloud Gaming Platform Gaikai Teases Major Playstation Games Coming, Could We See Them on Playstation Certified Devices?

Sony Computer Entertainment recently acquired the cloud gaming company Gaikai. One can only assume that they are going to use this new company to move towards streaming games on their online system and their Playstation Store. Since their acquisition, the company has been “hard at work” with Sony and their new website is teasing at just that. Sony exclusives like Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid and God of War are teased as long as other big name titles like Mass Effect.

Where we really hope this marriage of gaming is going is towards our mobile devices. Sony seems interested in certifying more and more Android devices under the Playstation Certification so we hope that these games will soon be streamed to our phones.

Would you be interested in streaming Mass Effect to your phone?

Via: Playstation Lifestyle

Cheers Nick!

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Onlive on my Nexus 7 is awesome. I fully support more cloud gaming options on mobile devices.
    The only thing I don’t like about Onlive on my N7 is that Borderlands doesn’t work. They need to get that straightened out since Borderlands on my N7 would be amazing.

  • JWellington

    Mass Effect on a Note 2. Epic.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    I’d rather play Mass Effect 10 more times on my computer, but yeah, bring it on, won’t mind on my phone either!

  • Once gaming is dependent on having a stable super fast internet connection with no physical copies is the day I stop being a gamer.

    I hate having to wait to download a game all over because my HDD is full or if you are streaming and your ISP has maintenance/system goes down, no games for you.

    No thanks.

  • michael arazan

    Didital downloads of main stream games, but they’ll still cost the same prices. They want to do this because people won’t be able to sell games after they’re done playing them. Last year there was talk of putting something on the disc, so if you bought a used game, you’d have to pay $10 to activate on a different console, but it never happened. I saw the report on xplay G4TV, and IGN. I wonder if you log into your account on your friends system they’ll be able to download the game, because if the game is played completely through streaming its going to lag a lot for people, some people gameplay fast and slow.
    I like to buy used games a month or so after release because they were only played for a short time and you can get them half off, I think most gamers do this, especially with short games that don’t have multiplayer.

  • Tom Landberg

    Only if I can use a ps3 controller.

  • giovanny

    I think this would be a great idea because not everyone has the oportunity to spend time at home to play the ps3 because of school and work. I would love to play all my favorite games on my s3!! 🙂

  • r0lct

    Given the state of mobile networks even with lte I’m not anticipating this any time soon. Maybe lte-a will usher this in.

  • God of war on my One X? Hell yea!

  • can’t we already do this with onlive?