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Motorola RAZR HD Now Available in Canada, October 18 Likely for U.S. Launch

According to Motorola’s official Canadian Twitter account, the RAZR HD is now available exclusively on Rogers (even if it isn’t listed on their site). For our friends up north who have decided to pick up one of those insanely-confusing 3-year contracts, be sure to hit us up with your thoughts.

For those of you here in the States, mark October 18 down as the current target for the DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD. From what we have been told by several sources over the last couple of weeks, Verizon has begun training for both devices and has picked next Thursday as launch day. As far as pricing is concerned, the regular RAZR HD should be $199 on 2-year contract while the RAZR MAXX HD will jump to a not-so-surprising $299. The price of battery life.

As always, this targeted dates can move, so until we hear the official announcement, don’t make any bets.

Via:  Twitter

  • foxyoung

    I talked to some of the stores here in Florida and they said the phones would not be in the stores till a week after the 18th.

  • Emad Zia

    does the canadian one have verizon lte bands?

  • Jim Garner

    I looked on Rogers site and could find no mention of the Razr HD anywhere.

  • KRS_Won

    This would be a sexy Nexus to me…

  • Anon

    If it doesn’t have Jelly Bean, I won’t get it until it comes stock.

    I trust Verizon and Motorola to offer support and updates the way I trust politicians to keep promises. And these are words from someone who owns a Motorola smartphone and wants very much to like them.

  • Diablo81588

    I was just at Verizon and the rep said a moto rep came in the other day with a RAZR HD. He claimed the screen was GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, still “coming soon” 🙁

  • YankInDaSouth

    I am going to TRY my hardest to hold out until my Verzon contract runs out. Then I will buy my phones straight from Google Play and figure it out from there LOL. Perhaps go to Straight Talk (AT&T has good coverage in my area) or something like that … will I miss LTE speed? Sure! But, I think I’d rather cut out the middle man and deal staight with Google and their Nexus line from now on. Just gonna be SOOO hard to hold out until 12/2013!!!!!! LOL

  • cooksta32676

    Anybody think they will pass on a Nexus device and just launch a “developer edition” of this?

  • mxracer9111

    Thank the Lord. I want a Max Hd already, My droid x is pushing its limits. I for one want a big battery because over time, batteries do lose their edge. So over time the max hd will eventually last as long as the Hd version. Droid does. I don’t get why everyone threatens to get a idont device. We are droid people here. Take that idont and move on.

    • stinky

      Same here with my Droid X. It’s served me well but time to move on. Looking forward to rocking a battery > 2000mAh 🙂

    • PFM

      What he said. +1

      • steveNjoe

        Ditto…times two. We both have X’s…and they’ve treated us well. It’s time for them to retire and take it easy. They’ve earned it.

    • Steven Su

      haha…I’m still using Droid 1…been waiting quite some time for the MAXX HD

  • I for one will be picking up the Maxx, off contract on launch day. As a huge fan of the current Maxx (and it being my daily driver over my Nexus and S3) I can’t imagine I won’t be pleased. In the event that the new Nexus line offers something I can’t live without, then I’ll grab one of those too. But remember… the greatest screen or feature in the world doesn’t mean anything if the phone is dead.

  • Tom

    I wonder how much the full price will be. I want to keep my unlimited data on Verizon.

  • Bionic

    and the Razr Nexus will follow ?? we can hope

  • AnthonyMoya

    My main complaint I have with all the Android OEM’s is that they never give a release date. It’s always coming soon and we have to hear about leaked release dates. If you’re going to announce a phone wait till you can announce a release date with it. That’s the only thing I like about apple. They tell you when exactly it’s coming out.

  • Brittany n

    my next phone will probably be the made HD cuz of the battery but I’m also looking forward to the HTC DIX and the note 2 this is going to be tough

    • cooksta32676

      I am in the same boat dude. The 1080 screen would be slick, but will murder the battery. Not to mention the GPU upscale will be working overtime since not that much on the mobile web is 1080 standard.

  • Any of our friends up north have any feelings on the screen compared to the Galaxy S3?

  • Diablo81588

    All I want to know is the full retail price. I refuse to give up unlimited data.

    • chris125

      Most likely $650

      • Kinda what I’m thinking. I want a dev edition MAXX though which I’m not sure will exist…

      • michael arazan

        Maxx will be closer to $800 full price probably. like 765 or something

        Also the razr HD will be included on the bootloader unlock program, so there won’t be a dev edition probably.

    • LLcdPH

      Same here.

    • And whether or not it will be unlockable.

  • jak_341

    Meh. With the rumored Nexus (or Nexi!) on the horizon, there really isn’t anything to see here. No reason to drop hundreds on a phone with a locked bootloader and poor support.

  • Mordecaidrake

    In spite of Motorola’s recent “screw you, you’re not getting updates” I’m not getting this phone. I was going to but not anymore, it’s either another Nexus device or the iPhone. I’m tired of waiting for updates and HAVING to root. I like rooting/tinkering because it’s fun but I don’t to have to do it.

    • NotTheGrammarPolice

      Hey man, I’m not trying to grammar police or anything but your comment is very confusing because you use “in spite of” wrongly.

      In spite of means the same thing as despite. So you wouldn’t say: Despite Motorola’s recent “screw you, you’re not getting updates” policy, I am not getting this phone. That is how your sentence reads. It is very confusing.

      Incorrect example – In spite of you being mean, we are no longer friends.
      Correct example – In spite of you being mean, we are still friends.

  • maxx hd is my backup plan what about the lg nexus, lol??

  • ddevito

    Does anyone else the timing of this phone is, coincidental?

    With what you ask? NEXUS perhaps? Just saying, think about it…

    • Paul

      I think it’s more that the superior spec’d Incredible X is coming soon. Not that there can’t be a Nexus coming too, but I wouldn’t say this is a sign of that.

  • I’m surprised they aren’t launching it this Thursday, so they can do the 10.11.12 thing after launching the original on 11.11.11.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    If I had to choose among the RAZRs, I’d probably go with the RAZR M. Smaller phone with good performance and decent battery life at a much cheaper price. I’d then take that saved $100-$200 and put it towards a Nexus 7 (if I didn’t already have one). My need for a big phone has decreased since I got the N7.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I guess I could understand that… especially with Jelly Bean being so less reliant on fast hardware you can get great performance on a mid-tier phone. And a NORMAL screen size….

      • Southrncomfortjm

        Aside from the crappy camera, there is little missing from the RAZR M to be called a mid-tier phone except an extra $100 on the price. It’s got the now standard looking 1.5ghz dual core S4 and 1 gig of ram. Not that I care about benchmarks, but the RAZR M outpaces even the HTC One X on Quadrant. Its a solid enough phone that I have been recommending it to family. Hard to recommend the GNEX to my less tech savy friends/family because of its crappy battery life and camera even though I love the phone.

  • My only complaint with my current RAZR Maxx is the slow TI processor. Cant wait to have a Qualcomm again. if only it was an S4 Pro….

    • T4rd

      I don’t think it’s the processor, I think it’s the skin/bloat. I compared my Gnex (which has pretty much the same SoC) to my friends Razr Maxx and games were noticeably smoother on my Gnex compared to his Razr. Temple run had a very inconsistent frame rate on his Razr, whereas it was totally smooth on my Gnex. This surprised me because you would think that it would run smoother on a lower resolution display.

      • I was thinking that could be a possibility,but My previous 3 phones all had Qualcomm’s and had less lag than my Razr. Maybe it is my Fault? I have wiped the phone and uninstalled or disabled all the bloat I could. If I could get CM10 on my RAZR I am sure it would run great.

  • THATguy

    As much as I would like to have a MAXX, i’d like to see how the standard Razr HD fares for battery. $100 is still a bit much to choke down.

    • JoshGroff

      With the S4, it should have comparable life with the current MAXX. Then again, with the HD screen, that might take a hit.

    • Brian Cerveny

      The HD MAXX also has 32 GB internal flash vs. 16 GB in the HD.

  • Ping pong ping

    VZW created the two versions just so they can go back to charging $300 American for their phones. Scumbag Verizon.

    • Paul

      Or because most people don’t need the Maxx’s battery and would rather have the phone lighter, thinner, and cheaper.

      • JoshGroff

        The Optimist vs The Pessimist. Round 1. Fight!

      • HTC1

        Humm, i don’t know ONE person that DOESN’T need the MAXX batt life. There isn’t a good phone out right now with decent batt life (except the old razon maxx). The S3 is probably the best and stil unexceptable. How could “most people” not want the batt liefe of old flip phones? ones where if an emergency happens or something like that (and you can’t charge) where you can put the phone on the charger at 2 a.m. in the morning and still have around 40% left. thats what I want. Not put on the charger at 6 p.m. with 15% left.

    • AndroidUser00110001

      The Atrix Hd is basically the same phone and AT&T sells it for $99. Only difference I see is the RAZR HD is .2 inches bigger screen size.

      • Paul

        The standard razr hd also has a battery that’s about 750mah bigger. Though I agree that this doesn’t have the specs of other high priced phones coming out now.

      • Diablo81588

        The RAZR HD has an AMOLED screen with a much larger battery.

        • AndroidUser00110001

          Oh, I thought it was the same screen tech. I was in AT&T store the other day and played with the Atrix HD, the front end seemed really slow which kind of surprised me since the CPU and GPU are the same.

    • Diablo81588

      So you’d rather them not offer the maxx at all?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    While this new Blur looks a lot like Stock… the feel of it isn’t the same… hard to put my finger on it….

  • KleenDroid


    • ddevito

      +1. :p