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Official HTC DLX Specs Outed on Twitter?

Did long-time HTC developer, Football, posted the official specs for the HTC DLX on Twitter? Well, we would certainly like to think so. As you all know, this is a device we first outed via benchmark back in July. The “dlx” is supposedly headed to Verizon under model number HTC6435, with a 1080p display and a set of specs we have yet to see in an mobile device. If Football is correct, then this phone will indeed have a 5-inch 1080p display, run on a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, contain 1.5GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, a 12MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, a 2500mAh non-removable battery, and run Android 4.1.2. 

What he didn’t mention was a carrier partner, but so far, all we have seen is references to Verizon, who passed on the HTC One X. This phone may launch elsewhere or internationally, however, we would be more than surprised to see it not show up as one of Big Red’s big holiday releases, along side the Note 2 and RAZR MAXX HD.

The picture above is rumored to be the device. A rumored retail name that has been tossed around is “DROID Incredible X.” It’s tough to tell if that will make the cut or not.

Lastly, if it matters to you, the device received its GCF certification last week.

Via:  Twitter

Cheers Mike, Austin and everyone else!

  • BroRob

    Ugh HTC you lost me at 16G and non-removable battery… missed it by THAT much!

  • First Prime

    what are people putting on their phones (other than music) that requires them to need 16gb+ of space?

  • Trueblue711

    Not too fond of the non-removable battery. The Galaxy S3’s back cover is a perfect example of how a removable back can be built in without sacrificing design.

  • interstellarmind

    Note 2 wins in my book.

    Bigger screen, more RAM, stylus, removable batter with note power.

    The only thing the dlx has going for it is the S4 Pro chipset…

    • interstellarmind

      Removable battery with more power*

    • Diablo81588

      In your book is right. Not everyone wants a phablet.

    • Anonymous

      i guess my laptop wins since it also has a keyboard

  • kng60ft


    • Paul

      I doubt it. The Razr certainly sold well.

  • Paul

    Well, 2500mah is a decent amount bigger than most of their phones. I was afraid it would be smaller, and it might be enough for most people. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

  • bigillz

    This will obviously be the best screen on the market, but it’s a tough sale over the Note 2. The Note 2 does something legitimately different, not just an incremental upgrade, with the S-Pen tools and giant size. As most of us generally switch phones for the novelty of something new (it’s not like our current phones don’t do pretty much everything anyone ‘needs’), the Note 2 seems like the more appealing upgrade. It’ll be a year+ before we see a Note 3 with a 1080 display. Sucks. The 342ppi on the Rezound looks absolutely glorious. It’ll be tough to “upgrade” to something less.

    • Paul

      This and the Note 2 will be in separate leagues performance wise. So that’s another thing to consider, especially if you plan on having it for 2 years.

      • bigillz

        How do you figure? I haven’t seen side by side benchmarks between quadcore snapdragon and quadcore exynos on production phones yet. Have you?

        • Paul

          This processor was already released in a developer’s tablet, you can easily find the benchmarks for it. You also can easily find the benchmarks for the Note 2’s processor which was in the european GS3.

  • Gabbyii

    So what’s up with only 16 gig of Ram? Earlier rumors had it with either 32 or 64 which seems more reasonable with no SD slot. Also the new LG is only coming with 8 or 16 and no sd slot according to rumors. How is that acceptable? Kinda makes you wonder if they are all in cahoots with the phones companies trying to get us to stream more data.

    • Paul

      Ram? You mean Rom…

      • Anonymous

        i’m surprised he’s worrying about an issue that he doesn’t even understand

        • Gabbyii

          and I’m surprised your such a smart… I flash new ROMs all the time on my TB so you you want to explain the differences between RAM and ROM that’s fine – next time I’ll just refer to it as storage. On my almost 2 year old Thunberbolt I have a 32 gig sd card plus the internal so if feels like a pretty big down grade getting cut in less than half almost 2 years later.

  • Steve Douglas

    Killer screen, RAM, Camera, and Processor. Battery is sufficient but 16G and No SD Card would make me skip this device. It’s not that hard to get customer input and sadly seems that Samsung is the only one listening… I’m just hoping that the SD spec wasn’t mentioned..

    • Anonymous

      the screen could be nice, and the battery is large, but both won’t feel so great when u realize it takes much more processing power for that resolution and the phone will be chained to a charger

  • alex drum

    I would buy this over the next nexus any day!… I just hope they change it to have on screen buttons.

  • Detonation

    So is it DLX or DIX? “Droid Incredible X” would suggest the latter.

    • Diablo81588

      Makes sense to me.

    • bigillz

      Given that acronym, it’s probably safe to assume this will NOT be the “Droid Incredible X”. HTC is too smart a company to release a “DIX”.

  • NexusMan

    Can’t lie…that phone looks sick.

  • edwoordd

    Im going to hold on to Gnex and wait

  • Tyler Casilio

    Do Want! I wonder what the price will be. $129?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Yes… 3 months after launch :p

  • About this buying retail to retain unlimited data, what’s stopping Big Red from enforcing limited data on you, since Big Red is under no obligation (no more contract) to provide you with continue unlimited data?

    • I think if they did this they would have a flurry of angry customers who would drop their a$$! I would be one of them!! 🙂

    • Paul

      It honestly might happen eventually. Also, there’s the fact that they are already throttling people with unlimited data after they use a certain amount (I forget what it was).

      • Diablo81588

        Only on 3g. They can’t legally throttle LTE.

        • Paul

          Then I wouldn’t be surprised if they forced people out of unlimited in a year. They already stated they’d let us be grandfathered in with unlimited and took that back.

          • Diablo81588

            Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  • John Galt

    As a consumer who’s about to get his 5th TBolt, I could not be less impressed with HTC’s “build quality” (and yes, the quotes are both deliberate and sarcastic). And since I will be going full-price-to-retain-unlimited-data route from this point on, build quality is even more important.

    Sorry HTC, you lost me as a repeat customer. And, judging from your latest quarterly earnings report, it looks like I’m not the only one.

    O/T: The Bruce Springsteen TBS MLB Playoffs song blows galactic goat d!ck.

    • Big_EZ

      I feel you, I went through 7 replacement thunderbolts before they swapped it for a Bionic. I loved that Bionic and the RAZR Maxx I got after that, motorola has great build quality. Even though people complain about the “cheap” feel of Samsung phones they have great build quality as well, they only lack good radios (at least their cdma phones )

    • Glad I’m not the only one who had issues with the Thunderbolt! I broke my original Thunderbolt in October of last year (worked fine and I kept using it until January of this year when I finally decided to call Asurion and get a replacement). The certified replacements were horrible and always had touch screen issues which resulted in me going through 3 more replacements before I finally demanded an upgrade! Got the Rezound and 6 months later the same thing happened to my Rezound. Horrible touch screen issues and lost signal constantly plus random reboots were driving me crazy! This time Asurion assured me my device was brand new (which it was, it was provided in the original box, ibeats included) and then transferred me to Verizon saying it was now their problem. I went through 3 Replacement Rezounds before Verizon finally sent a Razr. Now the Razr was kinda a downgrade (no HD screen, lost Beats enhancers, camera is horrendous on the Razr and lost the amazing battery life I had grown accustomed to). But as long as it works, I don’t care. I would rather have a phone that actually works as a phone before I deal with getting the extras!

      • Diablo81588

        A Rezound with amazing battery life?! You MUST have had an extended battery..

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          Rezound on ICS has great stock battery life… but yes, it sucked horribly at launch.

          • Diablo81588

            Got rid of that thing way before ICS, so I can’t say one way or another in that case.

        • I never had any issues albeit I only had the Rezound for about 6 months and about 1/3 of that time was on ICS. No extended battery at all (although I did use a spare Thunderbolt battery I had for when I went to Gradventure at Universal, but even then I went from 7am to about 11PM before I had to switch to my spare on the bus ride home.

  • VZW Insider

    This was in our system (Infocenter).

    Pre-MAP Notice
    posted: 9/27/2012 11:16:48 AM (ET)
    Please be advised
    that the following device will be subject to MAP at launch:


    This MAP designation is subject to change by
    Verizon Wireless in its sole discretion any time prior to the launch date.
    Verizon Wireless will not consider any communication from you on the exercise of
    this discretion. You will receive email notification from Verizon Wireless prior
    to the launch date with the MAP amount for this device. If you have any
    questions about MAP, please refer to the Verizon Wireless MAP Policy dated

    Please remember that MAP relates to advertising of the
    device and not the price you sell the device. You are always completely free
    to sell any MAP’d device at any price you choose.

    • Anything about possible specs or even a copy of the actual ad?

  • Bionic

    Battery fail….. Even with an S4pro

  • Will this have a sd card support? Cause if it’s only 16 gb no deal, got to be at least 32

  • Devilsephiroth

    Non removable battery ? Yuck

  • Juan Bobo

    i think it IS for verizon bc Football confirmed this earlier..

  • DroidXFanatic

    The camera on this should be amazing, HTC’s always have great cameras in their phones. My gf’s Droid Incredible takes great pics. Really not liking phones with non removable battery and no sd card slot. So many options with phones in the next couple months!!

    • The Rezound I had used to take AMAZING pictures! It even made my dad (long time iPhone user with a 4S) jealous! 🙂 but I now have a Razr which has the worlds WORST camera!

      • Diablo81588

        You’ve obviously never used a galaxy nexus.

        • Eh…at least the GNexus takes 5mp pictures in widescreen (16:9)! The Razr automatically scales the pictures back to under 6mp to get the 16:9 aspect ratio and if you want to get the full 8mp its a small box in the center of the screen! Then theres Motorola’s lack of a good camera app…no HDR, no software enhancements at all, and crappy editing software! The GNexus may be the worst but the Razr comes in at a VERY close second!

          • Diablo81588

            I agree the camera app sucks on the RAZR, but the actual camera isn’t bad. In fact, it can take some very impressive pictures with the right lighting. Its FAR from the worst camera if you ask me.

  • hkklife

    More Sense? Only 16Gb of internal storage? Fixed battery? Capacitive buttons? No MicroSD slot? Didn’t they learn ANYTHING from the mediocre reception given to the One X? This promises to be another stingy HTC fail ( or at least a runner-up to the precedent set by the GSIII & Note 2). What good is that lovely S4 Pro if it’s hobbled by an undersized battery and limited storage. 1080p is honestly overkill at this screen size IMHO and even the S4 Pro will have to work up a sweat pushing all those pixels around onscreen (plus dealing with the Sense bloat).

    Let’s all start betting on the likelihood of a “+” model being introduced after the holidays to address all of the users PO’d by the limited storage and battery life. This woulda make a pretty spiffy Nexus device, however.

    • nwd1911

      I’m still hoping this does turn into a Nexus. Hope doesn’t have to be realistic.

      • Paul

        Considering Google’s new Nexus program, it’s quite possible.

    • Matthew Merrick

      i can personally only live without an SD card if the phone has 64 GB of internal storage. most can live without an SD card if the phone has 32 GB of storage. 16 GB just doesn’t cut it.

      i do not find removable batteries as important as a lot of people do, but i still want one and the trend away from them annoys me.

      while i drool at that 1080p sreen, i know its gonna be a huge battery hog. i’d wait till the second or third generation 1080p smartphone display.

      i have no idea of the GPU on the S4 PRO, but the standard S4 can run the transformer infinity 3G and LTE versions with zero problems, so i don’t think that’ll be too much of an issue, though i do share your worry about battery life.

      however, this doesn’t seem like enough of a flagship to gte a pus version, so i wouldn’t count on it.

      and while these would be good specs on a nexus, i do NOT want an HTC nexus, because i do not want to see the nonremovable battery trend extend to a nexus, and HTC cameras are disappointing without the imagesense chip, which i HIGHLY doubt would be AOSP’d.
      However, the replacement of those 3 capacitive buttons with onscreens would be nice….

    • HTC1

      I don’t know if you can blame the OneX reception on HTC. It is on AT&T. I think that would be the cause. All the other HTC phones had(have) great reception. Or at least every one I owned.

      • bigillz

        Since a lot of us would have a One X if it was on Verizon, I tend to agree.

  • One thing eating at me, maybe due to being a pre-release or test model even if it does have the red accents it actually says HTC not Verizon

  • Gel

    Android 4.1.2? I thought current Jellybean was 4.1.1?

  • chris phillips


  • I’m just hoping this device is edge to edge.

    • NexusMan


    • Matthew Merrick

      EDGE speeds, that is 😛

  • Wait so is it actually DLX and not DIX? I thought people just called it the DLX instead to avoid dick jokes. To me DIX always made more sense because I understood it as an abbreviation for Droid Incredible X.

    • Paul

      It was DLX before the name Incredible X surfaced.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    The only thing this phone really has over Samsung’s high-end phones is the display, otherwise meh. Higher megapixels doesn’t equal better pictures, and this doesn’t have a removable battery, and I don’t think it’s much of a stretch for me to say it won’t have removable storage. You can’t really say the quad-core S4 will make the phone run any faster than the Note II, because this phone has to render everything in 1080p, thanks to its screen.

    • nwd1911

      Unless you don’t like feel of Samsung’s build quality. We have enough phones coming down the pipe that we can make choices based on things like “feel in hand” and not other specs. Interested to see how the battery will hold up with that screen though. I do wish HTC was putting a removable battery in this…removable storage I can live without.

      • moew

        Only certain devices feel good in hand. Cell phones of any make/model/brand are not one of those “devices”. fap fap fap fap fap

      • James

        pike… that is all :o)

    • HTC has the best cameras I have seen on a mobile device! My Rezound used to put the iPhone 4S to shame!

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Mine still does :p

  • Butters619

    1. Make this a Nexus

    2. ????

    3. Profit!

  • dsass600

    On screen buttons or GTFO

    • C-Law

      I was just gonna make a similar comment. It’s one of my favorite gnex features. I love the customization possibilities

    • bigillz

      I’d rather have those pixels for content, thanks.

      • HTC1

        not us. you can have your 2 pixels. we want on-screen buttons. Like dsass said
        “On Screen of GTFO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • How does this compare to the extended battery in my Galaxy Nexus?

    • will bartlett

      completely different processor and its 1080p…so no idea. could be longer battery life, could have shorter due to more drain. no way to tell

      • I love my Nexus, but really want something with an extremely long battery life.

        • will bartlett

          it looks like the note 2 will have amazing battery. exynos quad core and 3100mah battery

  • nightscout13

    1080p that’s amazing……Will phones have 4K before my TV will?

  • Diablo81588

    I sure hope the S4 pro is efficient. A 5 inch 1080p display is gonna be a battery hog..

  • SeanBello

    why can’t this be the next Nexus? ugh. that thing is coming locked down heavy.

  • I think im going to go with the note 2 because the gs3 has a 2100mah battery and its decent but this phone has a 1080p screen with a 2500 mah battery really HTC didnt you learn your lesson with the thunderbolt 4 hours battery life!!

    • CopierITGuy

      I wish I could get 4 hours out of my T’Bolt battery! If I make 1 20 minute phone call, I’m down to 50%! HTC batteries suck!

  • c4v3man

    1.5GB of RAM is fine… but 2500mah non-removable battery is not.

    • Diablo81588

      Agreed. It should have at least a 3000mAh battery with those specs.

      • shouldnt matter if its a snapdragon s4 pro.. ask anyone with a gs3 how the battery life is.. I currently get around 20-28 hrs with lte on

        • Diablo81588

          There isn’t a phone out with the quad core s4 pro to compare. Not to mention its a HTC, so they’ll ruin the battery life one way or another.

        • Devilsephiroth

          My mother in law works as a FedEx truck driver using the droid RAZR. She’s not happy carrying around her charger and car charger everywhere . Me on the other hand I keep 2-5 of my batteries around for my gnex

          • TheDrunkenClam

            Yup . . I got 4 of em myself.

          • ddd

            why the hell do you need 2-5 batteries around? do you never plug your phone in? are you running youtube 24/7? seems crazy.

          • michael arazan

            If I turn my gnex on 3g I can get 11 hours out of the battery, doesn’t really matter since 4g on vzw in st,louis is about equal to wifi speeds of 12 down 5 up. wifi 10 down 2 up. Besides I don’t need 4g while driving. 4g really only matters for using the browser, imo.

          • The Razr is NOT a good device for battery life. I just looked at my Razr and it has been unplugged since 4:15 this afternoon (I’m writing this at 9:15pm). Its currently sitting at 35% battery left with only an hour and a half of screen time on. Thats horrendus compared to other devices and I will definetly be upgrading to this HTC DLX or the next Nexus (which ever looks better / performs better / and has better battery life) !!!!

          • Diablo81588

            That’s pathetic and not representative of all RAZRs. You have a rogue app or your battery is defective. I would expect that battery life from HTC, but not a RAZR..

          • I have sync disabled as well as I have SystemPanel set to monitor and the performance graph in SystemPanel shows the processor never going over 60% usage and the top app that used the most resources is System Processes followed by a few small apps I ran last night (I’m looking at the time frame from last night when I wrote my original post above). My Rezound used to get 3x the battery of my Razr!

          • Diablo81588

            Then get a replacement phone. Have you done a factory reset after the ICS upgrade? If you do a factory reset, and still get that bad of battery life, your battery is defective.

          • I am honestly tired of getting replacement phones. The Razr is my EIGHTH device since January (4 Thunderduds and 3 Rezounds). I’m gonna do a reset this weekend when I get some spare time but I don’t know if that will really solve my problems. I got the phone with ICS already on it but IDK if Verizon wiped the phone before or after they updated it (the phone came as a CLN replacement)

          • Diablo81588

            I’ve heard its a night and day difference. Definitely worth a shot. If you’re still not satisfied with the regular RAZR, try and get then to send you a maxx. I’ve heard they make exceptions.

          • I hounded the guy to send me a Razr Maxx the first time but no go…I even asked for a GNexus which he denied as well saying it was “too new”…

          • Paul

            The razrs had big batteries for their time, but their processor is very inefficient compared to the S4’s architecture. It’s quite possible the Incredible X will have better battery life than the standard razr, unless it’s playing an intense new game that pushes its processor.

        • Josh Nichols

          Battery life means nothing without screen-on time stats.

  • Trevor

    I’m not a fan of Sense or the capacitive buttons, but the specs for this phone are definitely what I’m looking for in my next device. Hopefully it will have an SD card slot too.

    • SeanBello

      didn’t notice the capacitive buttons. another negative.

      • Trevor

        Yep. Although, I guess we don’t know for sure if the picture above is an accurate depiction of the phone-to-be.

        • SeanBello

          true, but there are very few (2?) phones without capacitive buttons, so it’s probably a good bet.

          • Matthew Merrick

            *points to every phone motorola’s released after the Droid RAZR MAXX, pantech flex, acer cloudmobile, galaxy camera, and more*

          • SeanBello

            I see one relevant device and one CAMERA.

          • Matthew Merrick

            are you kidding me o_O

          • HTC1

            Dude really? you have 4 of the same phone (motorola) that are JUST coming out. the rest are garbage. And nobody is using On-Screen buttons like we all want. Trust me, no one want them more than me but I’m sorry but SeanBello is right. Only a few phones are coming with them or will have them. And this has to change!!!!!!!!!!

      • I actually like the capacitive buttons!

  • This is the only device other than the Nexus I’m looking forward to, everything else is “feh.”

  • Great now i have to choose between this or the galaxy note 2. Anyone want to help me choose HtcDLX or Galaxy note 2? BTW i own a gs3 right now if that matters lol

    • Trevor

      Personally I would get this not the GNote 3. The Note’s screen is too big for me and this phone will have a much nicer display.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Note was just a bit too big for me at 5.3″ — S3 is fine at 4.8″ … I’m thinking 5″ is the sweet spot!

    • Its not official, its HTC so it will have Sense (which I dont care for as its not as customizable, weighs everything down and is a battery hog), the battery is not removable so if the screen and Sense suck up power, you have to charge more often, HTC doesn’t have a precedent with 5 inch tablet phones like Samsung does, no indication it will have a wacom chip, Spen, or stylus. If the latter alone its not that great, we don’t know what ppi will be so it could have higher resolution but it doesnt necessitate better picture. While the 1080p IPS screen seems cool as a 5 inch device, I’m going with the Note 2 with its 5.5 inch screen and improved design on the precedent they already established as king and originator of the 5 inch tablet phone/phablet.

    • Paul

      This has a MUCH better processor and gpu. That’s one reason you might choose this.

  • 16 GB? 1.5 GB of RAM? Really? It better have an SD card slot.
    2500 mAh battery? Fantastic-ish.

  • Pretty sure I’m going to snag this thing when it comes out (hopefully before Thanksgiving). Look forward to hearing something more official before making the call of course….

    • SeanBello

      well you wouldn’t be able to buy it until it’s official lol

  • James

    This phone looks sweet. I wish it had 2 gigs of ram, for 1.5 should be enough.
    *Btw I believe it’s “post”,not posted on your first sentence.

    • majormudafuckinhun

      You guys are so worried about specs. It’s an awesome device! The iPhone 5 has 1 gig of ram and a 1440 mah battery and it gets killer battery life! I know cause I have one!

      • Diablo81588

        Not on LTE it doesn’t.

        • majormudafuckinhun

          I promise you it does sir! I had a Rezound before this. I love both platforms believe me. But the 5 gets killer battery life. I keep LTE and Bluetooth on all day.

          • Diablo81588

            The Rezound has terrible battery life. Lets compare current high end phones, not bottom of the barrel last year phones with regard to battery life. I know several people that have the new iPhone and said it gets 6-7 hours with LTE enabled.

          • majormudafuckinhun

            Yes the Rezound did have terrible battery life but an excellent camera it had. Not bottom of the barrel sir. You’re just an HTC hater. Regardless of that On the i5 I get 8-10 hours on a single charge with LTE on all day. It’s a 1440 mah battery for crying out loud! That’s impressive!

          • Diablo81588

            I don’t like HTC phones because I’ve had bad experiences with them. They are nice phones, but battery life is an after thought with them. The iPhone is efficient with the size battery it has, but it still doesn’t compare to some top Android phones with larger batteries. It was Apple’s choice to include such a puny battery. They could have kept the already thin 4s thickness and added a much larger capacity battery, but typical Apple chose form over function yet again.

          • majormudafuckinhun

            I hear ya! Well after watching the review on the Note 2, that battery life will be tough to beat @ 3100 mah! I await this seasons Nexi. One of those will be the only thing to pry this outta my hands.

          • bigillz

            ….not to mention the rezound has highest density screen on the market, until this DLX comes out.

          • I can speak from experience and say the Rezound has the BEST screen of any Verizon phone I have ever seen (even the iPhone 5)! The picture seems to jump off of the display with life like looks! Thats the major thing I miss about my old Rezound (stuck with the Razr and its pentile qHD display:(

    • moew

      POST is exactly what Benjamin said. Are you an i-boi?

      • James

        lol I posted like a minute or 2 before him -.-

    • Paul

      I think you meant “but” instead of “for” in your sentence. Unless you are wishing it had more ram based on it having enough ram…

  • Kendrick Sims


  • evilstewie23

    I have to get that phone !!!!