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Free Shipping and 50% Off on Galaxy S3 Accessories With This Little Tip

If you are a new Samsung Galaxy S3 owner you might want to listen up and free up the next 5 minutes of your day. Just registering your device with Samsung will get you a coupon that grants you 50% off any accessory order over $50 (which unfortunately is almost everything) and free UPS ground shipping. Just follow these short instructions:

  1. Sign up to a Samsung Account on http://www.samsung.com/us/support/account
  2. Go to (My Account)
  3. Register your Samsung Galaxy S3 (Any Model, Any Carrier)
  4. Once you’re registered you will receive a some emails a few minutes afterwards with your instructions

There do seem to be a few catches however. The promo only looks to be for the US market at the moment and the code that you receive is only active for a certain amount of time. If you are looking to pick up some accessories for your new phone though, this will be hard to pass up.

Anyone going to take advantage?

Via: XDA

  • socalrailroader

    I did this last week when I got my new Galaxy S III from AT&T, I bought their top of the line Bluetooth Headset for 29 bucks, not too shabby!

    • socalrailroader

      Sales Tax is also added to the order, and shipping is only free if your order comes to over 50 bucks, though I only paid $3.95 for USPS Shipping.

  • jscoppa

    techtiles are not a bad deal….

  • Guest

    techtiles are not a bad deal with this…..

  • Mike Lamp

    Here’s a real 50% offer (with free shipping) on a great car dock for the S3. I ordered it last week and it works really well even though it’s for the Infuse 4G. Look it up on Amazon to see other comments about it and how it works with the S3. https://www.att.com/shop/wireless/accessories/cases/sku5190308.html#fbid=GY3upH5zH7Q

    • Trueblue711

      Thanks, looks promising. I might get one.

  • Anon

    Great! I’m going to get myself a car dock.


  • 50 bucks?!?!

  • S3 dock is on back order. Won’t let me order it till its in stock.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Doesn’t have to be a new owner, got my S3 back in June and it works for me too.

  • Nick

    Does the s3 dock work with the Verizon Nexus with the extended battery?

  • Mustang5Oh

    Wow some haters in the comments. A flip cover + 1 more cheap thing will be over $50 which gets you 50% off. Much cheaper than Verizon and what do you expect? Samsung to give stuff away for free? Damn some angry people today.

  • Just activated mine today, thanks for the tip! This phone is amazing!

  • kuboo99

    the title of the article made me think of those ads that say things like “lose 20 pounds of belly fat with this one weird tip”

    • I though that too for a sec, I cant stand that ad.

  • jbegs

    I saw this from their twitter feed last week. I signed up and plan on getting the Green flip case (as reviewed on Droid-Life) and the c pen. It’s a great deal.

  • The coupon gives you 50 percent off your order. Free shipping is for orders over 50 dollars

  • Serv

    FYI this works with Galaxy Nexus and SII as well…

    • CaptainHowdy13

      Was just gonna post this as well!

    • michael arazan

      I signed up to samsung 10 months ago with my Gnex, still waiting for those accessories.

  • The Galaxy S3 doesn’t even have GS3 specific accessories to speak of — aside from phone cases and a spare battery charger. It is all “Universal” stuff.

    Plus — even at 50% off from Samsung — the prices are still higher than Amazon or any number of other retailers including physical stores. I mean — heck — they want $90 for a 32GB microSD card to start — making it $45 at 50% off — for a friggin 32GB microSD card that you can get for $20± full price just about anywhere.


  • JermaineFerrell

    it works with the gnex also got a coupon code for 50% off

    • Thanks for the tip!

    • Yeah, thanks.

      There is nothing to buy though… LOL

      • JermaineFerrell

        They have six/seven items on the site.

        • Nothing *worth* buying. 😀

          • socalrailroader

            Maybe to you, but you are one out of several billion people 😉

    • Confirmed.

  • ckruppy

    Already picked up 2 all-share cast dongles (WHICH DON”T WORK WITH VERIZON!, so fortunately i could sell them for more then $50 on ebay and make money) and a desktop desk. They also sent me 3 leather samsung SIII pouches.

  • there’s only like 1-2 accessories over 50$ and dont really care about eiither.

  • Michael_NM

    Will this make VZW release updates in 50 percent of the normal time?