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Developers Provide Working CM10 Alpha for Motorola DROID X2

Sure, Motorola has moved onto the RAZR line as their new pride and joy, but the DROIDX line used to be the top dog in the Android game. Just because the DROIDX2 is a few years old now doesn’t mean it’s dead. XDA developer dragonzkiller has provided the public with an alpha build of CyanogenMod 10 that can be flashed to bring your old device up to speed once again.

But be warned, this is still in alpha stage and a few big pieces are not working just quite yet, namely recovery. Restoring and flashing ROMs isn’t functioning yet, but restoring backups works fine. However, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Calling, GPS and Google Now are a few of the big features that are working. Installation isn’t too complicated but shoehorning new versions of Android into old devices is always tricky. If you want to dust off your old phone and give it a shot, hit the source link below and please make a backup first for safety.

Update:  According to readers, this was updated late last night with working recovery. Go get it!

Via: XDA

  • Mike Armstrong

    I’ve been running the CM10 on my Droid X2 for over a week now and it really is a great ROM. You will need to use a different browser however, I use QQ Browser, and do not try to use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Gmail directly, use them via the Browser or you will have issues. I’m hoping Dragonzilla makes at least 1 more update to the rom before he moves on and leaves us Droid X2 users stranded. I plan to donate to DZK for all of his work to this point, he has done some fascinating work.

  • xx

    Anyone having issues with short battery life? It’s draining 4 times faster compare to my previous stock – Gingerbread 2.2.3. Thanks.

  • anon

    My big question, does the camcorder work? For some of us that is a big deal

    • Matt

      Yes I need to know if the camera is working before I waste my time flashing over to this. Any presidents for flashing this over to the droid x2? Camera?

      • Matt

        Okay now I feel dumb little bit of reading on XDAs website answered my question. The camera works just maybe not as well as in CM9.

  • Nick Yang

    What’s funny is I’ve had a cm 10 alpha port on my OG Droid for a while now.

    • Nick Yang

      Well, it’s not really an alpha port. It’s pretty stable

  • Anon

    Moto basically killed all Tegra2 development. Sad of them to make stepchildren of not just the X2, but several phones 1-1.5 years old.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Because nVidia screwed them. You won’t see any Tegra based HW come from Moto anymore trust me on that.

  • Mack

    Props to Google on the quality of Jelly Bean. The same developer put out quite a few versions of CM9 and this is by far more stable. BTW this is without kexec so it’s running off of the old Gingerbread kernel.

    This is pretty awesome considering the Droid X2 only has one real developer working on anything serious (AOSP). Plus he is in college and has a job.

    • IW

      Totally agreed. I had a X2 for 9 months, it was such a crap phone. However, dragonzkiller kept that thing alive! I donated to him because he does things no one else could. Thanks again man!

  • I love how, in Android, a phone that’s ONE year old, is considered “a few years old”.

    • Aalder

      I was just thinking the same thing! it came out in may of ’11 right, not even a year and half yet… I mean, just b/c it was abandoned by Moto 4 months later…

    • mustbepbs

      Was just going to point this out. Ridiculous.

    • specboy

      Agreed. DL writer got it wrong on this one. I got this phone the day it was released and have not yet ended my 20 months before coming up on my upgrade. Not sure how the DL team can say “Dust off your old phone”. This and the D3 are the 2 phones that Motorola hung owners out to dry the most. Just 5 months after release, ICS was available yet moto screwed it’s customers by dropping support almost immediately. shame on them.

    • Michael Quinlan

      That caught my attention too. There’s only one Android phone that’s been out for 3+ years – the G1. The OG Droid and the Eris are still shy of 3 years.

  • fixxmyhead

    why? its just gonna be buggy

    • Gel

      And that’s why it can be fixed.

    • Because it’s Android and DZK can.

      You would be surprised how well it runs by the way.

    • Mack

      Because some people got stuck with this phone. Why not make the best of a bad situation?

      • fixxmyhead

        why not just stick with motoblur roms they would be more stable

        • Mack

          Believe it or not, CM7 is more stable and much smoother on the X2.

  • erod434

    Any chance of a port to the OG droid X?

    • Josh

      I would LOVE this on my droidx.

      • Just pulled mine out of my dresser today… still running strong…

    • Doubtful. Go see what x13thangelx and jonman are up to on RootzWiki, they kept CM9 going on the Droid 2/Droid 2 Global and Droid X for a long time.

      • wingedmantis93

        Jonman is on the rezound now

    • ABerry5

      I’m running AOKP build 39 on my OG DROIDX… I had a galaxy nexus for 8 months before that and was always running the latest jelly bean.. I can tell you after some financial troubles and having to go back to my droidx.. after I put AOKP 39 on here, granted it is just 4.0.4 it made the pain of leaving my gnex close to non existent.. pretty awesome, runs very well no glaring issues that I’ve seen for close to 3 weeks now