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Brown and Black Galaxy S3 Variants Coming Soon to Verizon

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will soon be available in Black and Brown from Verizon. Appearing on their front page this morning is a sign-up sheet to be notified of the available of each. Pricing, we are assuming, will be identical to the blue and white versions, so if neither of the original color schemes were making you hot, feel free to wait another couple of weeks to see if these new black and brown versions become available.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Nick!

  • Galaxy SIII Bacon Edition, with exclusive bacon sizzle notification tones, only at Verizon.
    First 1000 customers get oscar meyer precooked and ready to serve bacon.

  • Kane

    So if you buy it online UPS doesn’t need to package it


    Samsung should team up with the NFL and offer Samsung phones in your favorite team colors (and possibly their logo too)!

  • Phil Austin

    i think i care more about JB than color of my phone….

  • Salam Zebian

    How do I gt black now that I have blue…

  • C-Law

    Should have gone with grey!

  • Michael_NM

    Hey VZW,

    We want JB more than we want a brown phone.

    • e_droid


    • Unfortunately, by “we” you mean people that would read droid-life. The larger market wants pretty colors.

  • Paul

    I can think of a lot of colors that would be more popular for a phone than brown.

    • michael arazan

      Brown is for the people who drop their phones in the toilet a lot.

  • MichaelFranz

    big red should of jumped on the Red S3, just sayin…would of suited them.

    to be honest im done with the GS3, Need more Nexus talk and more about the DLX, and NOte 2 on LTE

  • nightscout13


    • Gel

      Yes. Brown.

      • nightscout13

        That shade of brown closely resembles something I left floating in the toilet this morning. A lighter brown would have been better.

  • Raven

    Finally, basic black is back. Now, if they would just get rid of that silly physical home button.

    • e_droid

      get over it. they’re not going to.

      • Bewara2009

        Yes I agree… Pissing and moaning isn’t doing anything so just stop.

        • Chris

          Couple if dick heads here ^^^

          • e_droid

            I’m far from it. But really every GSIII article has this comment and it just takes away from the discussion.

    • Captain_Doug

      Hate that home button. I can’t even think of this phone as an option.

      • C-Law

        I hate it too. My gf has this phone and its always a pain in the ass to push it. She has a cruzerlite androidified case too which is a minimal tpu case and the lip is still close to the button and about even with it which makes it even note of a pain to push

        • Captain_Doug

          I just don’t get why anyone would think it’s better than capacitive buttons. Or on a phone this big, on screen buttons.

  • Personally I loved the red one AT&T has, but not enough to switch to AT&T to get it.

  • KB26

    “Now coming in clear. You now know if your phone is doomed, or if you’re just over-heating your device.”

  • Thomas

    So no 64GB model huh ?

  • chris125

    Why do companies continue doing this? I mean make all variants available at launch, this is turning it the razr again with a new color coming every few months

    • Paul

      Then they sell out of the popular colors and people get annoyed or get another phone in stock (if they need one then but don’t want a white phone etc). It’s harder to keep up with initial demand when manufacturing a lot of different colors.

      Though the black version probably should have been available at launch.

      • chris125

        I agree if black was available at launch I def would have gotten it. Not a fan of blue so just had to go with white which wasnt really a fan of white phones either.

        • Paul

          That played a big part in why I didn’t too. The black Razr HD and rumors of it coming out soon and possibly with a quadcore also kept me from using my upgrade on a GS3.

  • realfoxm

    Still waiting on my white gnex.

    • josh

      Around the same time those two colors for the s3 appeared in VZW inventory systems, a white gnex SKU appeared (schi515zwv). More interestingly, though, is the mysterious schi520rav SKU right below it…

  • big ralph

    i like brown because it reminds me of poop! i like poop hehe 🙂

    • Introducing the brown GSIII! Made for humans by humans… from humans?!!

      • Kyle

        Inspired by nature?

        • When nature calls.

          • MichaelFranz

            Thought of Ace Ventura….now i need to go home and watch

          • moelsen8

            bumblebee tuna.. your balls are showing

          • fixxmyhead

            dont its a lame ass movie thats not even funny. i cant believe i rented it when i was a little kid. the stupid things u do when ur little

    • fixxmyhead

      yea it reminds me of my dog.
      poop dogg
      <—–this one