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Tin Foil Hat Time: Server Logs Hint at Motorola Nexus Tablet and Phone?

Oh boy, Nexus fever has gotten so out of control these days, that we’re spending nights in our parents’ basements digging through server logs to find clues. Brace yourselves, because if the wild conclusion jumping that you are about to experience is correct, we could have two Motorola Nexus devices on our hands. Try to follow along with the madness after the break. Hypebeast in full effect. 

The Clues!

According to activity in server logs from the crew over at Android Police, two devices by the names “manta” and “occam” have appeared running unreleased versions of Jelly Bean. Actually, the builds are Android 4.2, which we have been talking quite a bit about recently, a build which is expected to launch on the next Nexus. These logs show a variety of Jelly Bean builds – JOO92B and JOP04C are examples – that obviously, have not been released thus far. So normally, when unreleased versions of Android show up, we assume they are running on a Nexus device. Why on Earth would an OEM have an early look at Jelly Bean before Google, right?

OK, so we have Android 4.2 on two devices. How did we get to the idea that they could be made by Motorola? Well, AP is jumping to the conclusion that “occam” is in reference to Occam’s Razor, which could in turn be a subtle hint at a Motorola Nexus RAZR. A big jump, I know, but hey, it’s a wild world! I don’t know that Motorola has ever been that clever in their codenames for devices, but with Google in charge, their naming game could have been stepped up. (Yes, there is a bit of sarcasm in there.)

The other device carries the name “manta” which AP is connecting to the previous Motorola XOOM tablets, which carried the codenames Stingray and Wingray. Manta has to mean Mantaray, right?!? Or, it’s simply a fish reference, which many Nexus devices have carried in the past and has nothing to do with Motorola. Or it’s a coincidence. Tough to tell, especially from something as simple and info-weak as a server log.

The Verdict!

I’d be the first the admit that the unveiling of a Motorola Nexus phone would be a joyous occasion (the tablet would have to win me over). I don’t necessarily believe that server logs have given us that much hope in that happening, just yet. However, this could help point towards the idea that there will be more than one Nexus device over the next couple of months. And who knows, maybe the LG Nexus phone that the world can’t stop talking about is the occam?

Loads of questions and tin foil hats, not a lot of answers.

Via:  Android Police

  • Not sure why there is so much speculation and guessing on who will be making the next Nexus device. Google now owns one of the largest manufactures of mobile devices on the planet and holds a large catalog of patents. Logic dictates that Google will start pushing Nexus devices through it’s new mobility MFR Wing, Motorola Mobility. Seems most of this hype is to direct more traffic to this site (no offense), I love Droid Life, check it every day. But all this fake hype is silly. Why would Google outsource Nexus when they own the factories….Maybe some previous contract obligations, but if they do have any left they won’t be outsourcing too much longer.

  • Their devies are solid peices of craftmanship, if you can overlook the screen issues. Now no one really likes OEM Skins (that is the basic reason most prefer a nexus or aosp roms). A Motorola Nexus = Non-skinned Android on a well built device.

    My OG Droid still runs fine and hasnt fallen apart and feels so good in your hand. Samsung phones feel light and cheap (not that they are my Nexus hasn’t broken yet), to the point that I tend to baby it. I think HTC would make a great Nexus phone as well especially if it took design elements of the TBolt (what a great peice of hardware, aside from battery life and radios, but hey it was the Beta for LTE).

  • Anonymous

    Clarification: The Manta tablet is a Samsung Nexus tablet. I held one this weekend. It’s gorgeous, 16×9, 10″ or so screen and has stereo speakers. It’s also VERY thin and has a front and back camera, the latter with a flash. I couldn’t get any information from the About screen, hardware-wise, other than it was Manta and was running Jelly Bean MR1. My brief time with it didn’t give any insight to what’s been updated in 4.2 vs 4.1. But, that tablet was FAST.

  • Motorola confirm Motorola Nexus Razr on this video http://youtu.be/vNw8AQQvXgc (Minutes 3 and second 7).

    • Alex Goodwin

      He clearly says, “Next is RAZR.”

  • Alan Paone

    This is probably motorola working with the PDK, they said that part of it is early access to the new source. Either that or google finally gave up on the firewall stuff and is letting motorola work with their own newest software. How embarrasing would it be if motorola released annother phone with an old version of android?

  • XvierX

    Nooooo! If this is true i’m going to have my 3rd phone this year. Can this at least wait until early next year?