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CNET: Google and LG to Unveil Nexus Device at End of the Month

According to CNET, they claim to have all but confirmed Google and LG’s new Nexus device. Assured to be based on LG’s Optimus G, the device is set to be unveiled at the end of October and will more than likely feature the specs we wrote about earlier today – Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, True HD IPS display, 8MP camera, and the two 8GB and 16GB storage configurations. Of course, the new version of Android, 4.2 will also make its debut.

As for an official name, it’s said that Google and LG are working closely to finalize a name. We here have been referring to it as the Optimus Nexus, but I think the Nexus G would be kind of neat.

End of October – does that work for you? And how about name ideas?


Cheers Jeff!

  • Stoker

    I don’t care what it’s called if it has 16gb and no SD slot, since I won’t be buying it. LOL.

  • Jackson

    Well the normal lg optimous g is 32gb so I’m gonna assume they would stick with that.
    Google is also the top of the technology pyramid imo and I think they definitely know it won’t sell if they don’t put 32 at least

  • AmendFIRSTment

    I get it, you want there to be an affordable Nexus for everyone, FINE… BUT, make a super Nexus for those of us that can afford it DAMMIT! I’m looking at the GS3 and the Note 2, why would I buy a Nexus G? we have come to a point where Android(JB) is good enough to settle on and wait for updates when they come.

  • sheldawg

    Name- Nexus Prometheus

  • Akashshr

    Sound of an Optimus Nexus!! Not bad at all! In fact great!

  • PC_Tool

    Right. At ;east…you *think* it was.

    Unless Verizon made some official statement I missed…

  • wm snyder

    Nexus, Voyager

  • So true and well said! That’s why for me, I will not buy anything else but an Unlocked Nexus device! I hate contracts and carrier restrictions.

  • Chris

    They need a freaking SD card slot.

    And I really think they shouldn’t release 4.2. A ton of people don’t have 4.0 or 4.1.

    I’m still on the Thunderbolt with 2.3. So yeah.

  • I really don’t want the long LG Optimus G Nexus mostly because it will inevitably get shortened to OG Nex or something along those lines and for me and I’m sure many others the letters “OG” are reserved for the phone that brought so many in to the fold the OG Droid.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I agree. I need way more storage than that… My Bionic has 16G internal and 64gig extSD.
    Motorola DROID BIONIC

    ICS 4.0.4

    1.2GHz OMAP-4430 Dual Core

    1gig-DDR2 RAM Stock Kernel

    OEM Launcher

    Quadrant Standard Score 3100

    AnTuTu Benchmark 6322

    Vellamo 1054/347

  • RoadsterHD1

    I like this one. LG Nexus G

  • Nazzi_Muhammad


  • Larizard

    Droid Life Friday Poll: What do you want LG and Google to name their next flagship Nexus device?

    a) LG Optimus G Nexus
    b) LG Optimus Nexus
    c) LG Nexus Optimus
    d) LG Nexus G
    e) Koala

  • Anyone else think the sides look similar to the i*hone?

  • How about internal microSD storage?

  • If Verizon isn’t getting it, there’s no point. I’ll keep my Galaxy Nexus for 5 years before moving off Verizon’s LTE coverage.

  • If any Nexus will be on Verizon, I’d think it would have to be the Galaxy Nexus 2. I mean, Droid 2, Droid Incredible 2, Droid X2.

    It may be that it’s not on Verizon and Verizon doesn’t have a Nexus at all. But the idea that Verizon would have a Nexus and it would be a phone other than the sequel to one of their exclusive phones seems really unlikely. This is assuming the G-Nex 2 will exist, of course.

  • chris125

    So when will 4.2 be pushed to other nexus devices such as the nexus 7? Around same time?

    • Bionic

      You can bet on it. No reason to hold back.

  • Verizon,Razor HD Maxx type of battery life, and decent build quality and I’ll take it…..The Galaxy nexus is still my favorite phone (On screen buttons! only drawback of the s3) but I’m done compromising for battery life.

  • Nexus G
    G Nexus

    Mind blown O_o

  • Jim McClain

    Correct me if i,m wrong, but doesn’t ‘CNET’ mean Apples Bitch ?

  • MichaelFranz

    the storage is what turns me off about this. I know it was talked about earlier. I still think i may jump ship for a note 2, still waiting on the HTC 5 incher as well for the specs

  • KleenDroid

    And that it only has 8 or 16 storage options with a non removable battery.

    This is not a real Nexus and it will sell poorly.

  • totti2k2

    Idk but I’m having trouble getting excited about this one 🙁 The worst Android phone Ive ever had was an LG Connect with Metro PCS. Im not talking about the coverage but about the phone itself. It would crash twice everyday! I couldnt open G-Maps and then lets say my messenger cuz it would crash.. I wish Motorola or HTC would be choosen over LG. But whatever, guess I’ll wait and see what happens.

  • tjm

    Me and Gnex are still in love no need to look elsewhere….

  • tu3218

    What is with these storage capacities? 8 gb, really? So then it transitions to about 5-6 gb after everything is on the phone software wise. They better offer a 32 gb version if there is no extra sd slot.

    • hkklife

      SD card slot would be nice but would NOT help with the app storage problem. Remember, all Android versions post-2.3 require mandatory installs to internal storage, so the best you can do with your memory card is dump your multimedia files on it.

      But really, WTF is wrong with Google? Why are they SO retarded, stingy and out of touch with their developers and users? They push all of these cool games on sale and all of the new 3D titles are 1.5 to 2Gb (or larger in a few cases) in size! I can only think that they are in cahoots with the telcos to limit peoples’ storage and force them to continuously install/delete/reinstall their games and media in order to burn up more data. Someone’s head needs to roll over this and the bare minimum for internal storage for Nexus devices (or Android 5.0) needs to be 16Gb, with 32Gb for midrange and 64Gb on high-end devices. Thank goodness we have Samsung and Moto still carrying the torch for expandable storage (but for how much longer?)

      The fixed battery is the nail in the coffin for this LG. Once again, for the 3rd year in a row, we have a horribly underwhelming Nexus device that omits more of the goodies that used to differentiate Android devices from iOS devices.

      • trob6969

        I’m running Android 4.0 and the majority of my apps are stored on my SD card.

  • Bob G

    Here’s my problem with this possible Nexus: Why would I get it other than to have stock Android updates if it has the same specs as the AT&T version EXCEPT that the AT&T version has (1) LTE (2) a microSD card slot for more storage?

    • anezarati

      this will atleast have lte

      • Bob G

        Not according to the supposed FCC filing.

        • you REALLY think google will go back in time a releasea phone without LTE? think about that one buddy…who do you think they are apple?

          • Bob G

            Are you THAT oblivious to think that only the USA is the market for products in the world? EE just got their LTE going and Korea too, but the rest of the world is still on GSM. Why waste money putting LTE into a cost effective phone if it won’t be usable for the next few years?

          • Bob G

            BOOM. I’m right.

  • upr0ck

    Verizon not getting this? where is this information coming from?

  • Rich Koos

    I don’t think that it will head to AT&T because they JUST announced the Optimus G for their network. It would be confusing to customers if there was a Optimus G and a Optimus G Nexus. I think that AT&T locked up the optimus g and now do not have an oppurtunity to get this new unannounced phone. But AT&T does’t really care about confusing their customers because they have the HTC One X, One X+, One VX. Which all generally sond the same.

  • Ethan

    If these are really the specs (obviously can’t know for sure), I’m going to take a pass on this. With such a huge lineup coming out this season, I see no reason to choose a phone that’s got the same [frustrating, lack of] storage capacity as the Nexus 7. Does Google really think this is going to fly with the dev community??

  • quiklives

    Having become suddenly poor, I’m switching from my VZW GNex to a GSM one on a cheap prepaid plan, and I suspect that will be my last phone for a long while.

  • turb0wned

    Don’t care now that LG is making this. I think my unlocked GNex is going to be with me along with an HTC One X+

  • Jeff_McDonald

    No SD slot = no big deal if internal storage is 32GB or 64GB. But only 8 or 16???!!!! The OS takes up 2.5 GB and all your Nandroid backups, TB backups, different ROMS + Music + Videos. Forget it. I love my GNex and will be sticking with it for awhile. I have to pay full retail for my next phone anyway because I still have Unlimited Data on VZW and want to keep it that way. I’m more interested in the Note II and the split screen but not enough that I want to give up my GNex just yet.

  • Anyone really surprised at Verizon not getting this considering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? By this time next year I’ll be off-contract and switching to AT&T. Can’t deal with Verizon, and I’d like to also be able to purchase my phone from the Playstore and not have it tampered with.

  • Chocolate Nexus

  • I hope it has LTE… and is on VZW… but I know I am dreaming

  • Is this really going to be the only nexus? Very disappointed. Note, Lumia 920 and even the Iphone looking good now.

    • cobjones

      Then go get those phones that are worse than the current Nexus.

      • I have the current nexus 🙂 And this community really has to stop jumping at people who say anything negative about android.

        • cobjones

          I wasn’t jumping on that necessarily, but why even comment about phones that have notging better going for it on a site called droid-life. Those phones offer nothing that the LG won’t and what the current nexus does other than an extra hour battery life.

    • Jim McClain

      You have a point, ‘ nexus’ should mean,the best of everything,not the bargain basement

  • This will really put the “S” in NexuS

  • Definitely want to know about the battery removability and storage. Is if confirmed that it won’t be on Verizon?

  • The Note II is looking more and more appealing

    • Jackson

      Probably what I’m going with

  • the first nexus ive never been interested in at all. last lg phone i touched was an envy. i just dont care for lg as a manufacturer for a nexus

  • non removable battery…no micro sd card slot…-_- disappointment

  • Pass.

  • ddevito

    I want 4.2 – don’t care about the phone. I’m still in a serious relationship with my GNex

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      That was the only thing in this post that even made me interested. Key Lime Pie, here we come.

      • ddevito

        not sure if it will be named a new “dessert” but I don’t recall a Nexus launching without a new dessert named version of Android (unless the N1 didn’t??)

        • I’m almost positive it was android 2.1 and it was called eclair as well just like 2.0

          • ddevito

            Ah then perhaps it will be key lime pie

  • King of Nynex

    I definitely don’t need a new phone right now, but if in the future I can buy a brand new phone straight from Google and have it work on Verizon, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing price for hard drive space. All my music is in Google Music and all my files are on Google Drive.

  • PhillipCun

    They couldn’t bump up the flash memory? are you kidding me? and 8mp camera and not the 13mp? WHY?

    AND no VZW support? I really wanted to like LG and I was rooting for them but this is a little disappointing. I’ll stick with my GNex until another nexus device drops.

  • Turbine Tech

    Hmm, ought to be a very interesting holiday season. Looks like this will get announced before the Note 2 hits Verizon. I’m out of contract so I’ve been thinking about picking up an unlocked Nexus from the Play Store. I really had my heart set on the Note 2 up to this point.

    Don’t worry Verizon Gnex, you’ll always have a place in my heart as my first Android handset… 🙂

  • mog386

    If the rumored specs on this Nexus are true, this will be the first Nexus I will not be buying… Sorry but I need a removable battery and at least a mSD card slot for expandable storage if it’s only 16GB internal…

    Also not being on VZW hurts the chances of it being my personal phone.

  • I like Optimus Nexus. It’s a win-win for both Google and LG as it brings awareness to both the Nexus and Optimus brand. It also “unofficially” establish a Nexus naming scheme — we can then have Xperia Nexus, RAZR Nexus, One Nexus (I hate this one).

  • I see “13MP” in the picture, but you say this will have an 8MP camera…hmm….Who’s telling the truth???

    • That’s not the actual phone, it’s a mockup from the Optimus G with a Jellybean interface photoshopped on to it.

  • Dan

    Fine with my galaxy nexus until next year, looking forward to 4.2 though

  • Brandon Sikes

    I’m not excited about this. I am going to have to purchase a Dev Droid to get my next phone, because I won’t be leaving Verizon and I will not leave the ability to have stock android.

  • If the rumors all pan out, I’ll have zero interest in this one. Not because it’s LG, but because it’s AT&T only, no LTE, and gimped storage.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    If Google tries to sell me a 16GB phone with no SD slot I SWEAR!!!!

  • Nexus G, end of October. Perfect for me.

  • Josh Flowers

    i hereby envoke the name of Nexus Festivus—-a cell phone for the rest of us!

    • Hah! Nexus Festivus. <3

      • La2da

        A Nextivus for the rest of us.

  • moelsen8

    the only thing bad about this multiple nexus program thing is the timing. if they’re not all released or at least announced at the same time, then we’re all stuck waiting open-endedly to see if any more are coming. imagine moto releasing a nexus last, months after this one.

  • Michael_NM

    Nexus Dare. 😉

  • Diablo81588


  • Nick Saulino

    What am I supposed to do with 8GB of internal memory, and no sdcard slot?
    Live my life through cloud buffering? (if I even have service)

    I’ll wait for a better Nexus phone to come along.

    • Go for the 16gb version then. It’s not ideal but it’ll have to do.

      • PC_Tool

        No, it won’t have to do. it won’t have to do at all. There will be other Nexus devices, hopefully with more storage.

        This is a non-starter for a *lot* of current Nexus owners if they don’t up the storage.

        • How do we know for certain they’ll be other Nexus devices? We don’t. It’d be amazing if there’s a Sony and a HTC too, but we don’t know that. It’s pretty much confirmed the LG is coming, but we don’t know anything else.

          • PC_Tool


            “How do we know for certain they’ll be other Nexus devices? We don’t.”

            Well, gee. When you infer a limited time frame upon what I said that was neither stated nor implied, guess what? You’re right…

            …but when you read what I *actually* said, without placing upon it your own restrictions? So am I.

            I may not be buying a Nexus device this round. But you can rest assured…there *will* be more Nexus devices.

          • Of course there’ll be more Nexuses in the future. But we don’t know whether they’ll be more than one to go with the LG.

          • PC_Tool

            I never commented on whether there would be more this round or not.

            But as for the LG, no…it will definitely not, as you said, “have to do”.

          • We were talking cross purposes there then.

            I’ll probably get the LG Nexus. No other (Android*) phone appeals to at the moment and I’ve been holding off on a new phone since about April, waiting for a/the Nexus.

            *the Lumia 920 is appealing but I need to find out how it feels and what WP8 is like.

          • PC_Tool

            I’ll be sticking with the Galaxy Nexus until another Nexus device comes out that does *not* force me to downgrade.

            16GB is not going to cut it for me.

            Google Play Music is a horrible app (imo) and the alternatives do not appeal. Either they open the Play API so other apps can access my Google Library, or I won’t be buying another Nexus until I can get at least 32GB without buying a friggin’ OTG dongle.

          • I don’t think they can open the Music API because the record labels are stopping them from opening it. Google are usually a very open company.

            Are you on Vzw with a 32gb GNex?

          • PC_Tool

            Are you on Vzw with a 32gb GNex?

            Yep. For now. I’ll be jumping ship as soon as either my contract is up, or a better nexus comes along on the Play Store (as it i would likely not be supported on VZW’s network).

          • Ah, I’m using a HTC Sensation (running CM10) and have been since July last year. This LG Nexus is most likely my next.

      • droidbeat

        More is better, but frankly 16GB is probably sufficient for all but a tiny minority of users.

    • trob6969

      Chances are that even the Nexus following this coming one wont have expandable memory either. Which is why I’m not interested in Nexus phones. I have a 32 GB SD card in my current phone and its already more than half full.

  • moelsen8

    so i’d go from the gnex to the nexg. neat.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    If the battery is non removable, it’s a no-go for me. If I wanted to be a slave to a charger/outlet I would buy an iPhail.

  • ddevito

    I predict four Nexuses (Nexi?)

    One for every color in the ‘X’ logo

  • Off contract pricing, the only announcement that matters.

  • aj

    It should take the LG off the front. I love the GN because of it’s minimum naked front. I’ll be happy to skip this round

    • This is only a mockup…not the real thing.

    • Mapekz

      Another report said the device is more like a Galaxy Nexus but inspired by LG’s Optimus G specs and build. I wouldn’t worry about this; no other Nexus has the OEM’s name or any other ugly things on the front.

  • Jigga_Z

    It’ll most likely be the Optimus Nexus, since Optimus is the name of LG’s product line in the same way that the “Galaxy” is the Samsung line.

    • Mapekz

      Oh snap HTC must be able to look into the future, i.e. Nexus One and today’s One series. 😛

      I would like a RAZR Nexus though. Or rather a RAZR 2-DA-MAXX HD LTE NEXUS.

  • If it comes to Verizon count me as interested. I’ve had all the other carriers before. They all suck. Period. This phone does look like a haus though.

  • Galaxy-S3

    Let’s name it “The Only Android Phone with the Latest Version of Android for a Long, Long Time”

    • Booyah

      Until ROMs are released with it later that day.

  • mustbepbs

    I do like Nexus G. Wasn’t crazy about Optimus Nexus or Optimus G Nexus.

    • geedee82

      Yeah, I like it too. I would love to go from the Gnex to the nexG!

  • L.A.

    I stopped paying attention once found out VZW isn’t getting it…

    • John

      This. Me and my Galaxy Nexus are going to be together for another year it seems.

    • drewfus0929

      Where did you find that out?

    • When/where did you find that out =/ I read that might be the case.. but not to the point of your certainty.

      *Long, quit pause*

      PORRR QUEEEEE?!?!?!?!

    • Who’s the direct source that confirmed that Verizon won’t be getting one? I have a feeling there is a reason that Verizon isn’t carrying an Optimus G variant for a reason…kinda like they skipped the SGS 2 for something…hmmm what was it they skipped for again???

      • PC_Tool

        “hmmm what was it they skipped for again???”

        The Droid RAZR. They wanted to sell more and knew the SII would damage RAZR sales.

        I mean, if we’re just pulling random guesses out of our asses, right?

      • michael arazan

        There is still a chance of the “Droid Nexus” by Motorola. Probably will have a boot animation of a Blue Eye, then a Yellow Eye, then a Red Eye, and a Green Eye.

  • Cubanito1967

    Nexus G for the win!

  • david

    I want a 13-21 mp camera.

    • Mikeg1969

      Good point, didn’t the overseas version have a 13MP camera? Shouldn’t a Nexus have the best if the camera is any good (cause we all know that MP don’t make a quality picture)?

  • pimfram

    Even if it comes to Verizon, I sure as hell won’t get rid of my GN for this thing.