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Acer Iconia Tab A110, A210 and A510 to Receive Jelly Bean This Quarter

According to an Acer spokesperson, the company has official made plans to roll out Jelly Bean to the Iconia Tab A110, A210 and the A510 before the end of this year. On a less happy note, they also confirmed that the A100, A200, and A500 would not receive the update most likely due to limitations in the hardware.

By the end of the year may seem like a long wait, but it’s most definitely better than never. Keep your head up, Iconia owners.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

  • Scanner001

    Acer to start to roll out the Jelly Bean update for the Icona A510 this week

  • Tiam

    They did a nice announcement, they published the JB update for the A700 and now … no news from Acer. I’ll never buy any Acer stuff in the future, I’ll go the Samsung or Asus route. I’m so pissed at them.

  • Androidlover

    The A500 can receive Jelly bean easily because it provides a good hardware to work well, Right now I am using a custom rom with jelly bean from the CM and works perfect. It’s an excuse.

  • To be fair, “limitations in the hardware” is because Jelly Bean doesn’t run as well on dual core tablets.

  • Raven

    Well, unfortunately, this does not bother me so much any more because my beloved Acer A100 recently up and died on me. The internal storage memory chips went bad and from what I have read this a common problem with this model, bad batch of memory or something. Since I got it on Black Friday for $190 I am not out a whole lot, but it sure does remind you how fragile these little devices that become a part of our life can be. I have a Nexus 7 now, but I really miss the MicroSD and HDMI on my trusty little Acer A100.

  • androidguy101

    Still 50/50 chance for JB 4.1 on Acer A100 for now no official release date!!!

  • Sp4rxx

    I think the Acer “gurus” better check out XDA – they HAVE JB running perfectly FINE on the A500 ….


  • update

    i want a update of android jelly bean now!!!!
    please acer, please!!!!
    i wish it so so so!!!!!
    please please please.
    it’s my biggest wish !!!!

    • Luke

      you sound ridiculous



  • It took Acer couple of missed promises for delivering ICS to the A100, and now another execuse, hardware limitation. I’m rocking CM10 which is JB on my A100 now. It’s as smooth as butter. As Hell Boy said, “hardware limitation (inductable) my #$%&”.

  • Chris

    The A200 definitely can run Jelly Bean. I’m pissed that I won’t get Jelly Bean. I really want Google Now, but I also love the Acer ring and the small features like that they put in.

    I might have to root and install a ROM once it’s perfectly working (if it isn’t already).

  • Ha my A500 is already running Jelly Bean….suck it Acer!

    • SAW89

      hey man can you comment a bit on that, ive got the a100 and hoping to put a jellybean on it, is it stable, any issues, and can u give me some pointers, thanks 🙂

      • Sorry for the late reply, I use Thor’s Tom off from tegra owners site, he has support for the a200 but nothing for the a100, bet bet would be to check xda.

        • SAW89

          Its actually a bit too late man :p, sold the a100 and got a note 2, yupee, but seriously thanks for taking the time 😀

  • hkklife

    “Limitations in the hardware?” HAH! More like “limitations in the generosity of Acer’s beancounters”

    Same specs as the Tegra2-based Xoom which has been sitting pretty on JB for quite a while now. And it’s not like Acer put a heavy skin atop ICS on their T2 devices either. More stunts like this continue to tarnish the Android name into the ground and give people very sour experiences.

    It’s odd to see the A700, the supposed flagship, not mentioned specifically. Since it’s so similar to the A510 it should hopefully get it. Also, it’s interesting that the A110 and A210 haven’t even officially launched, at least here in the US. My local BB is still peddling the same tired old A100 and A200s that they have had all year now.

  • Diablo81588

    Limitations in hardware? You mean to tell me a 1Ghz Dual-core Tegra2 with 1GB of RAM can’t run Jelly Bean? Just another excuse…

    • Stevedub40

      My thoughts exactly. I have the a500 and spec wise should be as good as any of the first gen tablets.

      • LTE4G

        Not even my OG droid (motorola) can run JB, o Wait, it does… 🙂