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More Next Nexus Rumors: Hands-on With the LG Nexus, Plus Samsung, HTC, and Sony Rumored Again

We aren’t even a full week into October and already, the next Nexus rumors are starting to flood in. It’s tough to tell which should be taken as pure speculation or semi-truth, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t share them with you. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Nexus rumor? After all, this is the one phone (or potentially more than one going forward) that we look forward to each year. 

After dropping a wealth of Nexus rumor talk on us last night, Android and Me is claiming to have spoken to a source who had some hands-on time with the LG Optimus G Nexus. Their source says that the phone is definitely “Optimus based” and that it looks a lot like the Galaxy Nexus. There is a silver ring around the outer edge of it, with a Nexus logo (similar to the one the Nexus 7) on the back, and it’s running Android 4.2:

“I can confirm the next nexus is LG Optimus based. The phone looks surprisingly like the Galaxy Nexus and does not have sharp corners like the LG Optimus we already know. It has a silver’ring like the iPhone 3G around the outer edge of the screen which seemed to be similar to the Galaxy Nexus in size but was much better in brightness.

I couldn’t have said if it was larger in the few minutes that I had the phone. Also, it has Nexus written on the back like the Nexus 7 except there is a color element to it. The ‘X’ is in four colors. There was also the LG logo on the back.

Android 4.2 in its current state looked exactly like the 4.1.1 we love. There were no tabs on that build version for home-screens as you suggested from your other tipster. What I was amazed by is how fluid everything seemed to be from exiting apps, switching, etc. It seems like they’ve increased the number of transitions and their types. It still had the hodge-podge mess of multiple communication tools: Messenger, GTalk, Voice and SMS.”

Along with that story, we have another supporting the LG Nexus talk, from a Korean site called NewsTomato. They claim that LG will indeed launch an “Optimus Nexus” next month in the U.S., but that Samsung and Sony will also join the party at some point with the Galaxy Nexus 2 and Xperia Nexus, respectively.

To back that story, famed rumormonger DigiTimes chimes in as well, but they went as far as to toss HTC into the fray. The thing is, this rumor from DT really just re-words all of the previous rumors that we have heard over the last couple of months or weeks. It’s nothing new and shouldn’t be taken as confirmation of anything reported in the past. This is DigiTimes after all.

What do you think? The LG phone sounds like it’s happening, but what about the rest? If Samsung and Sony jump into the game, when will it be?

Via:  Android and Me | DigiTimes | NewsTomato

  • TBolt


  • Cowdog

    I can see Google using this approach to foster more timely os upgrades. This is what android should have been from the beginning. In the marketplace, consumers will have choice of phones with the latest os or, in many cases, android-based phones often running older os versions. If consumers buy these new nexus devices, it will signal that the latest os is a selling point and might push updates on other phones. Additionally, more manufacturers will have experience with the latest os on their hardware.

    I expect the cons will be that Nexus is no longer a devoper phone line, not that I ever believed that to be true. With the Gnex hitting Verizon, that idea vanished for me. Also, I wonder if the days of unlocked phones on google at are over. Manufactures are dialed to work with carriers. Small pice to pay?

  • master94

    Nexus FTW. Multiple OEMs = winning solution

    • and still the waters at motorola remain still… sad

  • wm snyder

    I thought it was said there will be more than one google phone on play store, not carrier specific?


    I prefer samsung products… Haven’t had a great moto phone since og droid..

    • PhillipCun

      I would like to see what moto comes up with. The moto RAZR is supposedly awesome (minus motoblur).

      I owned the OG droid too, I’m hoping for some Moto vanillaness :]

  • jer85008

    I’d get an Xperia Nexus with good specs in a heartbeat…

  • Larizard

    In think the bigger question is this: if LG is indeed making a new Nexus based on the Optimus G, why did Google allow them to announce the phone abroad, and even confirm it coming to AT&T and Sprint in the US? That fact alone would steal the thunder from the Nexus, don’t you think so?

    And if this gets released during the Holiday season, and also be carried by AT&T and Spring, LG would inevitably be competing against itself?

    I’m so confused.

    • Greyhame

      Unless it’s coming to VZW first as an exclusive! …Hey, it’s happened before…

      NOT that I’d want that though.. I think every carrier should get in on this action. Carrier exclusives SUCK for everyone involved.

  • DainLaguna

    You know what would be cool/interesting? Carrier specific nexi. No interference in the software side, but just a different nexus device on each carrier by a different manufacturer. Vzw should get the moto one 😉

    • Mapekz

      You mean the way it’s been before the Galaxy Nexus (Verizon’s “Nexus One” was the DInc)? If another carrier has a better device than the one one’s carrier is advertising then that hurts the consumer a lot.

      • DainLaguna

        Except that the droid inc was hardly a nexus. Carrier rebranding and a stock experience are two very different things. As long as some type of flagshop google nexus is on a carrier its a win in my book. Sony goes to at&t, htc to sprint, lg to tmobile and moto to vzw

    • Riz Virani

      Soo.. you want the total opposite of consumer choices?
      Sounds like you should move to iPhones/iOS

      • DainLaguna

        Now where did i say that? Im just saying it would be cool and different carriers wouldnt have the same flagship…that sounds better than one or several nexi being released on gsm only bands

      • DainLaguna

        And arent all 3 flavors of iphone available on the big 3?

    • Rex_D

      I agree! Moto on Verizon, HTC on Sprint, I guess Sammy on At&t…. would LOVE to see that action!!



    • Rex_D

      That doesn’t make sense

  • I would never buy an LG phone, next NEXUS or not.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Disappointed that the LG phone doesn’t seem to just be the Optimus G with Nexus branding (maybe that was expecting too much).

  • I’m duct taping my OG Droid X, waiting on Verizon to get on board. Is this my torture, is this my private hell? My phone is old & way outta style. Com on mon.

    • Rex_D

      Seriously… get a new phone…. you’ve been missing out on the good stuff. There will always be something better…. but right now you don’t even have something worth hanging on to. No offense… I just have played the waiting game and it never ends, there is no winner.

      • Yea get the note 2 that thing looks freakin awesome!! But might aas well wait til october is over just to see your choices because it will be the HTC onex+, sgs3, galaxy note 2, and the next nexii and by the beginning of november we should all have an idea of what these phones are

  • Turb0wned

    God why LG! I might have to skip the Nexus this year if its made by LG. I’ll just keep my Galaxy Nexus and buy an HTC One X+ also. I hope HTC jumps on the Nexus program also. And as far as the rumor! Please no more than 2 Nexus phones!

    • C-Law

      I thought lg phones were the best flip phones on Verizon before the og DROID came out. The quality was WAY above my Verizon moto krazr. I don’t know why there’s all the hate on lg. Their only problems are the slow updates and skin. Neither applies on a Nexus device

  • Nexus phablet = fail


      your sense to think out side the box and or about anything other than your own personal preference = FAIL

  • Tim Buchanan

    All I can say is I hope that gigantic LG logo is nowhere to be found on the Nexus version. I put a giant Android sticker over the VZW logo on the back of my GNex. Keep it simple, folks!

  • So just curious….If each OEM is able to include a customized UI/skin on top of this new software version of Android as on device alternative, won’t they have to upgrade that each time Google releases a new version? If so, won’t this take longer and put us back in the current position we are in with upgrade timelines? @Kellex?

    • donebrasko

      Unless they are required to release stock when it is ready with the option of sending an update later which adds the OEM skin. So Nexus users will get the newest updates on time and just get the OEM skin months later as an update. That should make everyone happy

      • florious80

        I’m not sure I understand. The phones either have UI or vanilla. What you are suggesting here is that they release a gingerbread phone (just as an example) with SenseUI, then when ICS is available, they somehow allow the phone to be updated to vanilla ICS, and then OEM add back Sense when the UI is tweaked/created for ICS?

        I like the idea, but if that’s the case, why do OEM even bother with Sense to begin with in my example? Wouldn’t it be simpler for them to just release the vanilla version? They don’t have to spend any time working on the UI at all.

        I can see this happening if they give us the option, as many here have suggested before, to turn off OEM UI.

  • nokia made nexus would be killer

  • eleazar

    I don’t even care which one comes out. I just want one on VZW!

  • DennisHeffernan

    Darn it, I want all this sorted out RITE NAO. I’m getting a new phone as a birthday gift soon. I’m leaning towards the Galaxy Note 2 with the One X+ a close second, but if there’s going to be a new Nexus phone out soon…..grrr.

  • Daniel Maginnis

    did they forget to mock up the navigation buttons?

    • Larizard

      maybe navigation is now all gesture-based?


  • Steve Benson

    Being an Android guy, I sure do love the month of October 🙂

  • 4D331

    i would prefer if sony got the opportunity to build the nexus phone coz sony provides a complete package, except for the cpu which they use is constantly an outdated one, but the screen, camera and design along with their fidgety time scape ui makes a hefty device…but lg also delivers on all departments along with the cpu,and the best one at that..but i don’t know why i just wont get an lg nexus…would rather go for htc,but it wouldn’t make sense due to because htc has built their whole platform from having this unique sense interface and great looking device with great built quality…but we’ll see…sony or htc is my choice and would get either in a snap…htc 5 inch dlx plz…: D NOW,,,

    • My first Android device was an LG and it was a step down from a flip phone. Not only did it take them 1.5 years to update the OS, but when they did their update was still 2 major version behind. This is still a trend with their existing phones.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      sony doesnt make cdma phones….. but i would love a sony handset.

      • k_nivesout

        Xperia play?

        • Daniel Maginnis

          Sorry… since like 2010

  • Matt

    My question is this: I’m on T-Mobile ( Yes I know it sucks) and have a new 2 year upgrade in 10 days. I’m waiting to see which carrier gets the Nexus. Will T-Mobile get it? only wondering because I’ve had em for years and its cheaper than anything else i can get

    • florious80

      I’m guessing they will release the next Nexus on a GSM network, after their previous crappy experience with Vzw Gnex. So yes, probably on T-Mo.

  • El Big CHRIS

    VZW needs to have this. I don’t mind waiting a bit for the product since I’m going to have to buy full price to keep the unlimited data but it needs to carry @ least one. Damn it all if it doesn’t!

  • I just need one of these to come to Verizon, please!!

  • mustbepbs

    I’m a little worried about multiple Nexus phones. What one will most people pick for development? Will one Nexus be cast into a dark corner because nobody bought it over the other ones? I feel like nobody is thinking about that part. Does it even matter? Will development be easy to port between them all?

    • Litso

      Nexus devices are based on reference hardware. Last year it was the OMAP4430(? not sure on model). The only phone to my knowledge that Samsung has released with an OMAP SoC. If Google maintains the integrity of the Nexus line then all the phones will be running on the same hardware, which will make development relatively device agnostic. I’m sure there will probably be some discrepancies to account for, such as perhaps camera.

      • TheWenger

        OMAP 4460 😉

      • John

        Well, prelim info kind of points to a level, but not a standard, no? Yesterday’s story only said “capable of running Android 5.0”.. I suspect they will not lock manufacturers into a single chipset.

        • Litso

          Still, even if they use different hardware, in order to be a part of the Nexus program all the driver packages will need to be available in AOSP. At which point devs only have to pull the appropriate packages to build for every nexus device.

      • Sam

        Samsung actually has a GS2 variant overseas using an omap chip.

        • NicholasMicallef

          Yeah, the i9100G.

    • PC_Tool

      Shouldn’t be much of an issue. It is pretty simple for ROM makers to include all devices supported in AOSP.

    • r0lct

      Usually hardware comparability is the only stumbling block between (unlocked) phones in terms of porting roms. I would imagine if all the drivers for all the devices submitted as part of the AOSP/Nexus program then you won’t need a large following to get a port and it’ll just require relatively simple driver swaps.
      But of course that’s my understanding from listening to devs, not being one.

  • Bewara2009

    Now this is getting out of hands to many nexus coming out the same year.. this is no fun anymore… let’s just stick with that one true nexus.. who agrees..

    • smartguy05

      I agree and disagree. I agree in the aspect that it is better from a developer aspect if there is only one. That way all the attention will be on the one device. However, it there are multiple manufacturers that means there are more options as well as more competition to make the best Nexus possible.

      • Hunter

        I agree, the foundation of Android fosters choice. Why should the Nexus be any different!

    • PC_Tool

      I’ve always wanted more then one AOSP-supported device per year. Choice.

      In no way, shape, or form is the a bad thing.

  • Didn’t you state yesterday something about a lack of Nexus rumors? That’ll teach ya!

  • Two weeks ago – “We’re surprised we haven’t had any Nexus rumors.”
    Now – “We already have Nexus rumors rolling in!”

    That said, I’m glad for the Nexus rumors. Very excited to see the G-Nex’s successor.

    • Michael Schnider

      Agreed. They should be good. Even with the few issues that the phone has had it was amazing. Simple yet a beast of a (smart)phone.

    • Mapekz

      Indeed this is how it always happens. Everything is calm but then a storm is unleashed. Assuming a late November reveal, we’ll be hearing contradictory rumors every day from now on for another four weeks then start hearing wild rumors about some accepted ideas for another two weeks, hear nothing for the last two weeks, and then bam unveiling.

  • Mordecaidrake

    This makes me sad. I wanted the Nexus, but if LG is in fact the only company making it I won’t be getting it.

    • Hunter

      did you read the whole story?

      • Mordecaidrake

        Yes I did. But again IF LG is the only company that makes it I won’t get it. If HTC makes one or Samsung I’ll review the two. However, if the battery life is as poor on these new phones as it is on my GNex I doubt I will. My choices at this time (because I want battery life) the Moto Razr HD Maxx or the iPhone 5. I hate Motorola and I hate iOS but that’s my options right now 🙁

        • Protozeloz

          I too dislike LG

        • KleenDroid

          Give Codename Android a try. I think you will enjoy the increased battery life. But if you insist on a lesser phone then go for it… sounds like that is where you are headed regardless. Nothing wrong with that… we all have our own wants and needs out of our phone.

          • Mordecaidrake

            I had Codename for a long time actually, saw no battery boost 🙁

          • KleenDroid

            I don’t mean the older one, have you tried the new one?

          • Ibrick

            You mean CNAOKP right? 😉

          • KleenDroid

            Ha… CNAOKPCM10BuglessBeastTeamBamf……………

        • Riz Virani

          dat Motorola Nexus with unlocked (or not-so-stripped) bootloader.


          • Mordecaidrake

            Won’t happen on Verizon 🙁

        • C-Law

          What’s wrong with lg? They were my favorite flip phone maker on Verizon before the og DROID came out. All the complaints of lg’s android smartphones are over their skins and their slow updates. Neither of these are in lg’s control when they make a Nexus though!

        • Rex_D

          Don’t forget the Note 2 should be out soon.

          • Mordecaidrake

            God no, that thing is WAY to big and I despise ToughWiz.

          • Rex_D

            TouchWiz is not the same on all phones, neither is MotoBlur. Both have improved over the last few phones.

    • Mapekz

      Technically Google is ‘making’ the devices; all LG is doing is putting the components together to Google’s spec (with a bias towards their own choice of components and materials when possible). I think it’s fair to say that regardless of who is making the Nexus/Nexi this year, they are going to do a good job because Google is heavily involved.

    • makes me nervouse more than sad. i was pretty disappointed with some of the more recent LG phones. but i have heard good things about the newer ones. I’ll just have to wait until i can hold one in my hands before i make a decision.

      as for the other manufacturers, i am interested in the sammy and the HTC….not so much Sony unless they change the look of the phone completely as their current “crop” of phones look terrible IMO.

      • Mordecaidrake

        I’m in the exact same boat 🙁

    • E Diddy

      did you read the article? Multiple Nexus makers!

    • Rex_D

      Why is that?

  • Bob G

    Might as well add to the rumours pile: Next Nexus will be also made by Pantech, Huawei, Toshiba, and Lenovo.

    • DainLaguna

      id rock a lenovo nexus if it had the design language of a thinkpad edge 🙂

      • Bob G

        O.o True.

  • ddevito

    Nexus RAZR.

    yup – it cometh

    • Hunter

      +1 for the use of cometh

  • majormudafuckinhun

    HTC needs to bring it!

  • Smeckle

    “It has a silver’ring like the iPhone 3G around the outer edge of the screen”
    Did Apple patent silver rings around the outer edge of screens? /s

    • ddevito

      Don’t know if you’re kidding or not, but they probably did – although I doubt it will infringe.

      And the edge is from the iPhone 4 and 4s, he was incorrect.

      • Smeckle

        edited 😉

      • Bob G

        No, if you look at the iphone 3G, there is a chrome ring around the screen edge which is what the tipster wrote. Not around the phone side.

        • ddevito

          Ah yes I stand corrected.

    • JoshGroff

      Did Apple patent x jokes are getting old.

    • JR

      The patent they have is for rings.

  • Would love to see Asus make a Nexus. Nexus 5? Yes please.

    • And would like to see a mirroring function which allows me to use my tablet as my phone while at home. Without having to put a phone IN my tablet.

  • Greyhame

    Still no word for this burning question: Will VZW see any Nexus love??

    • Im sure there will be an LTE variant, but will carriers even sell these phones, or only Google?

    • If I was a gambling kind of guy I would say there will only be a “Developer Edition” sold directly from Google and or the manufacture for the $600 price tag without the $300 upgrade price tag, if that.

      • You probably shouldn’t gamble then because there isn’t going to be a special “Developer Edition,” just having the word Nexus in the phones name makes it a developer phone. Definitely won’t be $600, more like $350…….

        • Southrncomfortjm

          $350 out the gate is unlikely, especially if these new phones are cutting edge (S4 Quad cores, 2gb ram, etc). I can’t see LG offering an Optimus G Nexus for $350 while their regular Optimus G is $650ish.

          • Riz Virani

            The drop in the camera will drop the price a bit. Maybe by a hundred bucks, but nothing too significant.

          • I’m guessing out of the gate at 450 from google play

        • You missed what I was saying. Of course there won’t be a “Developer Edition” Nexus, a Nexus is a developer phone. I’m saying if the device hits VZW it will be like the SGS3 and RAZR Developer Edition. As in you won’t see the device available at an official VZW store, you will only be able to purchase one from either the Play Store and or the manufactures website store.

          • DainLaguna

            its not really hitting verizon then eh? even the razr hd and s3 have normal locked down versions that are readily available. and i still have a hard time with vzw allowing an unlocked cdma device on their network

    • RadicalPie

      Motorola should make it on Verizon. I would be okay if it was the only nexus option to hit Verizon. Think about it. Google, Motorola, Verizon, unlocked bootloader. Reminds me of another successful device.

      • Greyhame

        They definitely have the relationship with VZW to pull it off. I think this is how it would go down should big red get one.

      • four_zero40

        Right, because Verizon likes unlocked bootloaders.

        • Diablo81588

          The gnex is unlocked, so its not that farfetched.

          • PC_Tool

            The Nexus is un-encrypted. It is locked.

            You must unlock it yourself prior to rooting.

          • Diablo81588

            You know what I meant.. lol

          • PC_Tool

            I did. …but I wasn’t sure you did. 😉

          • Mapekz

            But that doesn’t mean they like it. Every device save for the Droid, Xoom, and Nexus (all three of which are GE devices) are locked up tight and require exploits to unlock the bootloaders.

          • Sam

            Untrue. The Fascinate was unlocked. The last couple HTC devices can be unlocked via htcdev.

        • Justin W

          Also, its a nexus, the boot loader by default should be at least unlockable.

          • michael arazan

            I’d still like to know how Verizon thinks an unlocked phone can bring down their network. Sounds like BS, they should be more worried of a BigFoot tearing down 4g towers to bring down their network than an unlocked phone.
            Why don’t they just own up to it being greed and they don’t like there customers to get free stuff like wifi tethering and such, we already know they are greedy due to the ridiculous data plans.

      • fixxmyhead

        thats sad u guys only know garb… i mean moto devices lol

        • Diablo81588

          Good one..

        • Big_EZ

          I’ve had garb… I mean Samsung, LG, and HTC devices which is the only reason I only buy moto from now on. Samsung and LG have horrible signal and HTC are poor quality. Moto has the best signal (HTC is good but not as good) and superier quality. The only thing moto lacks is the ability to unencrypt the bootloader.

          • C-Law

            People always talk about superior moto buid quality but I got an og DROID when it first came out and then upgraded to the gnex when it came out. My DROID still worked fine when I upgraded but the finish was flaking bad. Also, I put it back in the box when I got the gnex and just pulled it out last week for old times sake and found the left and right sides of the screen no longer function at all.

          • RadicalPie

            Tell me how great the gnex is working in 2+ years

          • Larizard

            and better camera optics…

          • Big_EZ

            They don’t have the best cameras, but their ok. HTCs cameras are better in some areas (low light) but they aren’t anything special. I’ve also used a gnex camera and don’t see why anyone thinks Samsung has great cameras.

          • because the sgs2 and sgs3 and note 1 and 2 are one of the best camera phones on the market. Its already been known that they couldn’t fit the sgs2 camera optics into the nexus which was the reasoning behind going with the 5mp shooter. I am hoping that google learned there lesson and will bring us some great hardware along with the great software they provide

          • DainLaguna

            htcs cameras, especially the newer image sense based ones, are not only phenomenal, but massively better than anything on any moto device. plenty of reviews support that notion

          • LionStone

            The build quality with HTC is very good, to the point that I don’t even bother with cases any more. Also their radios are as good if not better than Moto. The girl has a D2G, pops a RAZR and stepmom a Bionic and I compare my dBm with their phones at various places, east coast/west coast and my HTCs always showed the same or better signal. Between the Inc, TB and Inc4, the TB gave the best signal.

          • Big_EZ

            I’ve never used cases. The tb was what I had and the signal was good, but not as good as the Bionic and Droid X that I had at thee time. The tb would break up or drop calls where all of my moto phones work just fine.

          • fairly sure they have the “ability” lol

        • If by garbage you mean carbon fiber/aluminum/gorilla glass/etc with as little non-premium (read: plastic) as possible with some of the most historically reliable antennas/radios on the market then yes, I totally agree. 😛

        • Riz Virani

          The ONLY bad parts of Motorola were how they locked up the bootloader, and that crappy MotoBlur.

          I hope now that the terrible man of a CEO is gone, Googorola will be able to make quality phones, with unlocked bootloaders, outside of Verizon. I was literally able to throw my OGDroid and Droid 3 around like a baseball, and it would never break.

          On a secondary note: Nexus phone with QWERTY keyboard, plz

          • And the screens are horrible. I need me a good screen on a smartphone.

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            id save my judgment until i got ,y hands on a razr hd.

          • yeah but that;s not their standard, honestly. i like moto and have had 4 of their android phones, but their screens aren’t where they shine.

          • Bad Blur is even pretty much gone. I could completely live with the current iteration. But locked bootloaders blow.

          • DainLaguna

            you left cameras off the ‘only thing wrong’ part

          • kg215

            Actually except for a couple phones (OG droid, Droid X) the hardware was always underwhelming (though certainly not garbage). The screens have generally been inferior to the competition, and the internals were on pace or worse. Droid 2, Droid 3, Razr, Atrix, and Razr HD all fall under this category. I agree about the great build quality.

        • Rex_D

          Every manufacturer has had it’s share of “garbage”. Motorola has had less garbage than most if my memory serves me right. I’m curious at what makes a phone garbage to you?

      • I don’t think we’ll start seeing Moto Nexus until 2013.

      • Let’s bring back some kick ass marketing for it as well. No more robots and razors slicing through a truck and not even showing off the phone.

        • Greyhame

          This is exactly what the Nexus program needs. The OG commercials made me WANT to own the device, and when one was on, I could never turn the channel. I loved to see what (an)droid was capable of!

          • While listening to/half-watching Thursday Night Football last week, I heard the new commercial for the RAZR, which brought back the “Droid Does” tagline AND ragged on Apple’s maps. I’m shocked DL hasn’t posted it yet…oh, wait, it’s not made by Samsung…nevermind.

      • Greyhame

        I like where you’re going with this..

      • Droid Razr Nexus

        • Rocketjrb

          Droid Razr Maxx Nexus. Need me some battery life.

          • trollolol

            Droid Razr Maxx Nexus HD

          • Abgar Musayelyan

            DROID RAZR MAXX HD Nexus 4G LTE.
            as awful as it sounds, i want it.

          • sounds like a legit vzw phone lol

          • TheDrunkenClam

            non removable batteries are an instant deal breaker for me. I do like motorola’s hardware though. I sure wish they’s make a phone with an unlocked bootloader and a removable battery and I’d be in like flint

      • kg215

        That does sound as good as any mobile device can get, even though I love my Nexus and I am a big fan of Samsung, Motorola build quality/reception is amazing. The question is will Verizon have the same attitude they had with the Galaxy Nexus. They weren’t promoting it much, the updates always take longer than the GSM one, and they tried to put on as much bloat as they could get away with.

    • All they’d need to do is pat the license fee for using the appropriate QC radios…I’d pay the premium to have this on verizon, w/o verizon’s meddling.

    • mikeym0p

      Seeing Samsung’s track record with the GS3 and the note 2 I would say yes just from the fact that we’re expecting one made by Sammy

    • lrohenaz

      If not I will switch, no hesitation.

      • William_Morris

        I’m test driving T-Mobile as we speak.

    • tech247

      We can only pray and hope not…….

      • Greyhame

        Haha. I wasn’t saying a VZW exclusive. These should launch across all carriers.

    • matti861

      After my experience with verizon locking and blocking everything I will get the unlocked gsm version and go elsewhere. Look how long it took us to get jellybean while everyone else had it. Yes we can root and put roms but if google released it I should have it on my nexus plain and simple. I hope those bums never get nexus love again

  • Tons of people were laughing at LG phones not to long ago even though the newest specs look great. Funny to watch them, now that a Nexus logo will be slapped on (potentially), say LG is good and a serious contender.

    • Jigga_Z

      If the Nexus label brings the unlockable bootloader and vanilla android, I think that warrants the public’s different view of the LG phones. The biggest gripe people have with LG is the lack of updates and wonky UI. If those things can be remedied by simple AOSP builds, then that explains why people would view it differently. The specs, especially the screen, are pretty fantastic already.

      • dreadnatty08

        I thought virtually all LG phones have an unlockable bootloader? It’s the problem with lack of development.

  • firster


    • Not even close. Fail fail fail.

      • Wow look at you going on troll on the readers. 😛

        • No one will ever take my “FIRST!” crown 😛

  • kentholio

    But, will any of them be available with carrier subsidy?

    • That we do not know. I would think that if any of these OEMs want to sell more than a handful, they would want to partner with a carrier. But we also know that Google hates carriers.

      • bitpimpin

        If they match the $349 price point of the galaxy nexus from the play store, all of that could be irrelevant (at least for the GSM’ers who would be free to use the network of their choice without contracts or commitments, T-Mobile value plan users, or Verizon users trying to keep unlimited data – still can’t see any advantage to sprint users though)

        • Larizard

          If they make a version that accepts Verizon’s LTE SIM, would it be possible to buy one from the Play Store and activate iton VZW?

        • Riz Virani

          Having a better phone

  • chris125

    Choice is a good thing, hopefully they all come out relatively close to one another and for all carriers not this exclusive bs.

    • KleenDroid

      Exclusive on Verizon was OK with me. Plus I liked that the lesser phones didn’t get ICS for 6 months.