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Tip: Quickly Drag and Drop Text With a Double Tap in Jelly Bean and ICS


In Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android team built in a quick way to quickly move text around that you may not have seen before. All it takes, is a double tap and hold, and then you have control over the word you would like to move. You can easily rearrange words in a text box or take one and copy it to another. The video above demonstrates it in case that didn’t make any sense.

The trick works perfect on the Galaxy S3 with TouchWiz over Ice Cream Sandwich. As you’ll see in the video, it has its issues on stock Jelly Bean and apparently, other ROMs as well.

Via:  reddit

  • I’m using 5 Oct CYM10 Nightly and this works flawlessly. Thanks for the heads up!

  • GS3 CM10 nightly 9/24. First word causes bad crash. Completely locked up for 30 seconds power button home button soft buttons did nothing. After that it went to home screen. Haha All other words drag fine.

  • arod

    It also force closes if you try to move the word into the first word position… Rooted G Nex running aokp B3

  • This is a neato easter egg feature that Android implements without fanfare, yet if it were Apple, “it changes EVERYTHING.”

  • LionStone

    Works fine with stock ICS on DROIDInc4, first word too, but will FC on the first word on stock N7.

  • JohnPA2006

    Does not work on stock ICS on Verizon Galaxy S3.
    Cant wait for JB

  • ha, i just tried this in the messaging app and it fc’d (gnex hspa+, stock)

  • Works great in Evernote on N7!!!

  • UmangKedia

    Working on Atrix 2. Stock ICS

  • That guy

    I attempted on my stock Vzw Nexus. It caused gosms to crash. It then proceeded to reboot my phone. Splendid

  • cjlee89

    First word crashes apps on Bugless Beast as well.

  • xzombiex66

    Where can I get that wallpaper?

  • Justin Howard

    this works fine on my droid razr, no force closes or crashes, my phone is rooted but stock. ………no wait a sec it just did something really weird, it showed my word and only my word I was dragging in my messaging app, all my contacts and previous texts weren’t there, but after closing everything went back to normal 🙂

  • Feynman42

    This is cool, but it causes gmail to crash on both my stock Verizon Galaxy Nexus and stock Transformer Prime. =(

  • joejoe5709

    VZW GNex CM10 works fine. I might be stupid but the first word doesn’t seem to work. Doesn’t force close but it just doesn’t work. It’s alright though. It’s kinda cumbersome.

  • Guest

    works fine on stock ics on droid razr including first word

  • Garrett

    Aokp jb 2 works other then first word. Toro

  • PhillipCun

    Tried this on CNA, works no FC

  • thesaber2000

    Works on bugless beast ^_^

  • cizzlen

    Doesn’t work on Xenon HD. I don’t think it’ll work on any other rooted ROMs as well.

  • Seedster

    thanks for the article. i just learned to love and hate my phone just a little bit more today (AOKP JB)

  • Stock VSZ GNex reboots when i try to do this..lol

  • Sammy V

    Hey kellex, I wanna know where I can get that wallpaper? I think I’ve seen you have something similar but in a blue tone as well.

  • PB

    Wow….cool trick! Work find on a GNex running Jelly bean.

  • Geoff

    AOKP build 4 force closes too. Toro.

  • Matt P

    Working on my rezound, running nils business. No force close on first word either.

  • TheCheapGamer

    It’s neat…but as you’ve shown, why would I drop message text into recipient box? (or visa versa)

  • Michael_NM

    I’m trouble having this with.

  • nerdkill

    AOKP build 4 crashes every word.

    • Seedster

      build 3 here…only crashes on first word.

  • FrankH

    Works great with gmail on my GNEX. (Running mmuzzy stock JRO03R build.

  • not working on my team Bamf jellybean Rom force closes on every word 🙁

  • Apostrafee

    That’s kind of cool….works okay with CM10 on the GS3, just the force close with the first word as well

    • Must be a stock Android bug then, that has somehow been patched in OEM skins or maybe it was created in JB.

      • Apostrafee

        Hmmm maybe, not too sure what I’d use this for but it’s pretty damn cool

      • zepfloyd

        has to be a framework thing then.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Works on MotoBlur(both) without crashing. It’s definitely a stock JB issue.

      • michael arazan

        Nuts, I should of stayed on Ice Cream Sandwich : P

    • duke69111

      I’m running 4.1.1 Bugless beast and it crashed my email app as well.