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“Be the Shark” in Jaws Revenge for Android

One of my favorite movies has been made into a fun Android game called Jaws Revenge. In this game, you play as Jaws and of course, terrorize people. By eating as many people and certain objects as you can, you gain points and can even level up your shark for bigger teeth, faster speeds, and other goodies. 

It’s free to play with 40 levels and has so far been a blast to play. Go take a bite out of it and let me know what you think.

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  • Pone

    How can I get this on my desk top computer

  • David Simmons

    Goes well with Shark Trivia

  • JAWS Converter – Measure your world in terms of Sharks! http://jawsconverter.com/

  • Nick S

    The gameplay looks similar to Death Worm, which is also loads of fun =)

  • This game can not be worse then the movie so I’ll give it a try!

  • michael arazan

    back in 85 when Jaws 3-D (jaws 3) came out, was my first 3d movie and my last till 20 years later

  • Spongehead

    His name was Bruce!

    • JohnPA2006

      Im Brucie the shark , and I approve this message.

  • DainLaguna

    oh tim im sure out of the four, revenge isnt your favorite 😉

  • TheZilch

    2 words_Hungry Shark

  • Why oh why are the ads for these games always have an iPhone as the demo unit? Apparently somone forgot to tell app developers that Android devices outnumber iDevices almost 4:1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that thats almost 4x the audience and 4x the number of potential buyers!

    • kevinc

      yeah, but there’s not a single android device that outnumbers the iPhone

      • NexusMan

        Um, yea there is…The Galaxy S III

        • Nlsme

          I love my gs3, and yes it has outsold the iPhone SINCE ITS RELEASE. But, NO there are not more gs3’s than iPhone’s.

          • NexusMan

            I thought we were talking phone to phone….The GS III is the CURRENT GS phone just as the iPhone5 is the CURRENT iPhone…so now you’re pitting EVERY version of the iPhone against just 1 version of an android phone? If that’s the case, then add up ALL of Samsung’s “Galaxy” phones against all iPhones, and again, I’d bet Samsung wins.

          • Nlsme

            The best selling phone, as in how many HAVE BEEN SOLD, is the iPhone 4s. That’s why IT is the phone in all the ads. I never said add all of them together. And, honestly, I would take that bet. Every iPhone has been the only phone to beat the total number sold of the previous iPhone. Only ONE galaxy has sold more on a month to month basis. And that was only a few months. The other Galaxy phones didn’t even come close to the iPhone in sales.

          • toolbagmcgee

            I like to CAPTIALIZE random words as I TYPE when I’m talking about something POINTLESS because it makes me feel like I’m IMPORTANT and I think it adds EMPHASIS to my SENTENCE.

          • Nlsme

            If you look again, they aren’t random. They are meant to ADD emphasis on the sentence. I see you also like being a “toolbag”, so the name IS fitting.

          • HTC1

            Umm, first off the only reason it sold more is because the I-sheep are idiots. We have already determinded that. So something that sells because of morons (that can’t turn on computers) use it shouldn’t be praised. And lets say toyota is the number one sold car in the world. You don’t see tire commericials with only toyota’s. You’ll see them on a ferrari or something. So if you want to impress, show the game on a ferrari (AKA any android device). so the argument still stands, Why show on I-Junk? (no matter what you think or say)

          • Nlsme

            You sound like the Android equivalent of the iSheep. It is there because it is the most popular phone. And to say “any” android is the Ferrari is ridiculous. Honestly, a lot of androids are junk.

          • Only if you decide to buy the free on contract POS from 2007….If you were trying to compare an iPhone to any Android device they should be in the same price range / carrier / etc. (Simple Science, eliminate as many variables as possible, best to have only ONE Independent variable however with devices its harder due to differences in specs, etc.).

          • Nlsme

            Name one phone compared to the iPhone that blows it away, that came out in the last 2 years. Droid Charge sucked, Thunderbolt sucked, Incredible 2 sucked, Droid Bionic sucked, DroidX 2 sucked, Droid 3 + 4 sucked, Fascinate sucked. I can’t really speak to the other carriers but the GS3 is the only phone that compares on Verizon. The sales prove it.

          • The ENTIRE Galaxy lineup, the Thunderbolt actually outsold the iPhone 4 for a few months. It was a first generation device offering LTE so give it at least some credit! As for the rest of the devices listed….have you seen any newer devices? Every device you mentioned is from 2011 except for the SGS3 and just about every device outsold the iPhone (it may have only been for a month or two but new devices are released just about every few months so its unfair to say one device is an iPhone killer, its more of an entire ecosystem coming together to kill another greedy ecosystem.) If you really must put two devices toe to toe then look at the Droid Razr (Maxx) vs the iPhone 4S. They both had great marketing and great carrier support. The Razr took the title of top selling device at Verizon for the ENTIRE QUARTER when the iPhone 4S was still considered new and shortly after the Razr Maxx outsold the Razr taking the title for top selling device that month. Not to mention the Razr (Maxx) is STILL being sold at just about every Verizon store and is still being promoted in ads both online and on TV. I don’t see commercials for iPhone 4S anymore………

          • Nlsme

            The Thunderbolt did not outsell the 4s,neither did any phone in the galaxy line. Even the gs3 hasn’t outsold the iPhone. This thread was started because someone asked why their is always an iPhone in the ads. Simple answer, more people have it.

          • Thunderbolt outsells iPhone 4 (the 4 was new then) – http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/04/verizon-thunderbolt-sales/

            Droid Razr (Maxx) outsells iPhone 4S – http://www.intomobile.com/2012/06/11/analyst-droid-razr-maxx-outsells-iphone-verizon/

            SGS3 Outsells iPhone 4S – http://www.dailytech.com/Apple+iPhones+Outsold+by+Samsung+2to1+in+Q2+Profit+Suffers/article25248.htm

            I’m not trying to be a super fanboy but I just don’t see how you can call an iPhone a more solid device and through the sources provided above I can tell that when you spoke about the Android Devices not outselling iPhone you weren’t informed (I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant the iPhone over sold Android devices in the ENTIRE “life” of the phone but considering new Android devices are released almost monthly it just IS NOT fair to compare it this way).

          • Nlsme

            You do realize, the iPhone being the best selling phone worldwide, isn’t negated by a phone here and there outselling it on a single carrier from time to time? Your saying how ill informed I am, yet never considered how illogical your arguments are? These adds are not just targeted at just Verizon users. They are targeted at the worldwide mobile device users. Wich single device will the most people these adds target most likely have? An

  • DoobleJay

    “We’re gonna need a bigger screen” – Apple fans

    • Peppay_Sosa

      EPIC comment Lol

    • I’m calling it early, you win today’s internet!

    • Next year 4.3 inches will be revolutionary……

  • vibbix

    Looks ok, but how do the In App Purchases stack up? is it pay-to-win or is it actually a fair system?