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MEEP Xplore Tablet For Kids, Child Safe Android Fun for $150

Here’s something parents can get into – we hear it all of the time, “My kid steals my tablet!” Well say “Hello” to MEEP. MEEP is a kid-safe Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, powered by a 1GHz processor with 512MB of RAM. It’s strong enough to power today’s games, but not too nice to where it has to be priced unreasonably. The tablet has a 7″ display with zForce touch-screen technology which lets your kids get their sticky fingers all over it and also has a durable silicone exterior for those accident-prone children. 

The tablet is priced at $149, which doesn’t seem too bad. It comes with a lot of custom software that is made specifically for parents and is a cheaper alternative to forking out the dough for a $400 slate. You can find out more on MEEP through their website.

MEEP Tablet Site

  • turnin_headz

    Can u get netflix on the xplore?

  • mbaldwin85

    My wife has the Ipad 3, my daughter has a Xoom (it was on sale and my wife used to work at VZW) and my son basicall stole my Xoom (damn me for being one of the early adopters). So that just leaves me. Oh and it’s my birthday next week so umm hello N7?

  • jeff

    So does it make me a bad parent for just giving my 2 year old a galaxy tab 7? With otterbox cover of course….

  • mikel61101

    My 11yr old saved and sold his playbook to get a 16gb nexus 7 and the wife and I just got got a 16gb nexus 7 for our 5yr old daughter for christmas. The way I see it quality usually costs a bit more and id rather my kids have something to grow with vs something to throw away in 6 months when they are bored with it.

  • Bmos

    I was gonna buy my 4 year old a nexus 7 just because of the pricing but now I think ill give this a shot. Thanks again droid-life from the proud parent of two young android enthusiasts.


      For the price difference just get the N7. No reason to downgrade for this. My son (3yrs old) has a Archos thats probably on par with this one and he is always taking my wifes N7 or my Galaxy Tab because its quicker to load his games / Netflix.

      • I was playing with the nabi 2 (similar kid-centric ICS tablet) at the store over the weekend. Honestly, these things are pretty solid. I would consider getting one for myself or my wife if i knew there was an AOSP based ROM out there for it.

        And if I had kids it would be a no-brainer. I think the reason people are willing to pay N7 prices for these devices is because they know the experience can be locked down to age-appropriate content.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Due to him being only 4, the Nabi 2 would be a way better option and a no-brainer, if you want to be able to use it as well, then a Nexus 7 is a better option. Pair that with the Amazon app store and snatch up the free apps of the day that they often times have that are kid-friendly, and you’re all set. Sure for this, you are paying $50 less, but you are also getting way less as a result. A tablet like this reminds me of the crappy Pandigital ones and other cheap brands, this thing shouldn’t cost more than $125 at the most.

      • This one is does also have good parental controls, including whether or not to allow access to the Play Store.

        • Tyler Chappell

          It is my understanding that the Nabi 2 also has excellent parental controls.

  • Stevedub40

    My damn 5 year-old is always using my tablet and never plugs it in! This will be great.

  • r0lct

    Nexus 7 in a strong case. It’ll grow with them. I didn’t check but I bet the games/learning apps are much more expensive than what you find in the Play Store.


    I’m down for one for my 3 year old. He’s always playing games on our phones. He wants a custom ROM, though. Dev support???

  • jbegs

    These low-end kids tablets aren’t a bad idea for the much younger kids. Once you hit about 5-6 (where they are targeting for this tablet) I think a real Android powered device is in order. Teaching kids to respect technology will help them understand how to use the tools and learn so much more. My 2-year old is using my old Droid X to play games and watch YouTube videos. He also uses my rooted Nook Color to play Angry Birds and use some art apps. He knows already to take care of the “toys!”

    • KOBALT

      Ditto. My 3 year old uses my wife’s X and my Rezound all day long. He has his own laptop already, but is always trying to use my $3000 computer. I’m considering a tablet like this for Xmas for him.

  • note

    nabi tab 2 has better specs

  • OreoMan

    Great, this is running ICS but my wife’s DInc2 isn’t? WTH!

  • Buy This

    I thought you needed at least 1 GB of RAM to run ICS?

    • Really? I have an LG Optimus V, a Virgin Mobile Phone, and It runs ICS smoothly. Even tho it have 512MB RAM and a 600mhz processor.

      • Tyler Chappell

        He’s probably thinking about certain Moto devices that wont be seeing ICS even though they are capable of running it just because they have 512MB of RAM. The HTC One V has 512mb and a 1GHz cpu, and it runs ICS with Sense 4 just fine, no reason those moto devices shouldnt be able to, even with Motoblur.

        • michael arazan

          Pretty awful they are screwing over all the phones that can run ics but it is too much money and time for them to even try because they are all minorly different software wise and they’d have to create a different ics for each one to upgrade them all.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      1GB RAM is recommended for ICS, it’s not required. It does seem to have higher RAM requirements (specially the browser), even Sony pointed this out on their blog, but it’s not a requirement to have 1GB RAM.