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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Receives Jelly Bean Leak, Where You At Verizon?

A ROM based on a leaked build of Jelly Bean for Sprint’s Galaxy SIII has hit XDA. This build is basically what should be rolling out to Sprint phones here shortly and maybe this could be a sign that we can expect the same from Verizon sometime soon? No promises.

There has been minimal kernel tweaks to this ROM and a Jelly Bean boot up animation has also been added, but in here you will mostly see Samsung’s TouchWiz throughout and nothing else being touched. If you’re the owner of a Sprint SGSIII and want to see what all of the hype is about, check it out.

Verizon SGSIII owners, when do you think we can expect to see Jelly Bean?

Via: XDA

  • JazzoRenee

    I wish you spoiled brats would stop complaining so damn much and Droidlife, Why aren’t you calling out ATT??? You post is inappropriate.
    Bunch of Babies In The Crib Hollering.

  • SupaBrotha

    What is that clock/weather widget they’re using? Where can I find that or is that S3 only?

  • Alan Chavez

    How does the JB touchWiz deal with Google now? Does Samsung get rid of their “personal Assistant” and keep Google now?

  • JohnPA2006

    It kills me how ToysRUs has kids toy educational tablet that is running JellyBean
    Before the major carrier phones even get it. Should I switch from Verizon to ToyRUs?
    What is this world coming too. (See “Tabeo” (aka- archos tablet) )

  • You’ll get JB on the Verizon SGS3 after the Razr does 😀

  • I don’t even care, i’m rockin synergy right now and I love it.. I have JB on my N7.. I’m
    Livin’ La Vida Loca

  • Colin

    think mine is updating right now…

  • Sith77

    Lol their still working on ICS for their other promises . I have seen so many people fed up with waiting they dumped the Verizon android and went AT&T iPhone . It’s sad Verizon doesn’t understand how may users their losing

    • flosserelli

      Verizon doesn’t give a rats ass about customer retention. It’s all about signing up new suckers for 2 years.

  • leoingle

    As usual, Verizon will be the last one to get an update. Which is why I am leaving them when my contract is up.

  • Don’t worry they haven’t even started working on it

  • AndroidUser00110001

    When Key Lime Pie comes out is when the VZW GS III will get JB…

  • Verizon is to busy counting all the money they are making with Share Everything, that they keep forgetting to hit the OTA buttons.

  • Havoc70

    Verizon=In the rear with the gear. (or software updates in this case)

  • I hate verizon

  • mustardhomie

    can someone tell me what jellybean will actually do for the s3?

    • S.Ober

      It will change the OS version numbers.

  • Buckoman

    Just talked with a Corporate Manager (Stupid reps don’t know anything) and talked about it.

    Says it’s in testing and we should have it by next month or sooner.

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…

    Still, It’s something to gage the timing on.

    Does the update improve battery? Getting about 8 with moderate usage on mine.

  • nightscout13

    I think it’s safe to assume Verizon GS3 will be updated Q2 2013.

  • You know where they (VZ) are. You know very damn well where they are.

  • briz03

    They are sitting around with their big heads up their ass!

  • Butters619

    TouchWiz Jellybean = TouchWiz Gingerbread with a new name & boot animation

    • fixxmyhead

      not really they actually incorporate holo accents in touchwiz this time around

  • Judging from when the Verizon galaxy nexus for jelly bean a week after the shooting variant I’m guessing the gs3 for Verizon will get it next week.

  • master94

    2015 if you lucky

  • paddypants

    Meh. I put CM10 on mine as soon as I got it (last week). The only thing I miss right now is the true burstshot mode from Samsung’s camera app.

  • Rob

    I wonder will happen first, the GSIII getting Jelly Bean the Note 2’s release.

  • I kinda stopped caring about updates, I wait till they get pushed then install them. When I started with Android I was checking my phone every day for updates even though nothing was hinting at being pushed to us, lol. Anyone know if the devs are gonna start doing more and more roms for the Verizon S3? There isn’t enough of them to go around while other carriers S3’s get new ones every few weeks or so.

    • There are actually quite a few roms for the VZW GS3.

      • The Dude

        Not really. All the AOSP rom’s have data issues, IMEI loss etc. The TW based rom’s are only Beans, Synergy (no longer being developed) and CleanRom, out of which Clean is pretty much like stock and the only stable rom.

        • c4v3man

          Beans is perfectly stable on my phone. Have run release 9, 10, and 12… 12 is quite snappy actually…

  • T4rd

    It’s odd that Sprint would be pushing this before the GSM carriers. On average Verizon seems to be 1-2 months behind GSM phones on updates (GSM Gnex got JB in Mid-July, Verizon just got it at the end of Sept., GSM Gnex got 4.0.4 at the end of April and Verizon Gnex got 4.0.4 at the end of May).

    • Weirdly enough, from what I gather on XDA, the Sprint and T-Mobile models are similar. I don’t know how. But most things on the Sprint one get immediately ported to the T-Mobile.

  • Colin Gray

    Verizon… is sucking like usual.

  • Tired of the whining.. be happy with what you have

    • You should be DL editor so we have less bitchin’ in here

    • I have to agree. The avarice…anyway. I never understood why people on Droid-Life complain anyway. Almost everyone here has a rooted phone with a custom rom or kernel. How much more can a device improve anyway? Hell, getting decent battery life on the S3 with ICS is pretty rough as it is.

      • JazzoRenee

        Exactly a bunch of BABIES IN THEIR CRIBS HOLLERING. That’s all.
        My battery life is great.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Woo!… Time to check out this badboy on my sprint GS3…………then promptly comeback to Paranoid android once I realize how much Touch Wiz annoys me. Hopefully they did something about the damn folders.

  • fartbubbler

    Incubus over at XDA has a very workable port of this for Verizon. Running good!

    • What the? Why in the world would this comment be down-voted?

    • briz03

      I had a few issues with it including random app freezes and reboots.

      • RLS7 Is the best. As long as you follow the OP install instructions its fine. That 5-10 minute sit after the first boot makes a difference.

  • Probably when the bionic gets ICS

  • This is the obvious next year on Verizon comment.

    • michael arazan

      Because the phone is so new and has sold so many it should be pretty fast. Verizon only cancels or slows updates to unpopular phones or phones over the eol. Verizon has to pay for the updates and testing, if they don’t think its worth your phone to have it under their list of reasons, then they won’t waste the money and time.

  • TG

    same day the SGS4 comes out

  • derp

    3rd Quarter 2014

    • Diablo81588

      That’s just the projected date. The actual release date will be much later.