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New Google+ for Android Commercial Reminds You How Awesome the Service Would be if Anyone Used It

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The Google+ team released a new commercial today, selling Android users on the features that make it one of the coolest social networks on the planet. Actually, it’s more of a reminder to me that while Google+ is awesome, especially at how it handles Events, video chatting through Hangouts, and photo sharing, that I still know very few people outside of tech enthusiasts that use it.

I hate to keep asking, but someone sell me on G+.

  • Stoker

    “very few people outside of tech enthusiasts that use it”
    I’m confused. You say this like it’s a bad thing. “Everybody uses it” is the problem with Facebook. LOL.

  • Zach Harper

    Google+ is about connection with people who share your interests. I am reviewing a book for a friend I met there. I share Linux tips with two friends in India over G+.

    If you walk I looking to use it like Facebook or twitter, you will be sorely disappointed. Go find some shared circles for content you like or hobbies you have, and I promise you will change your mind.

    I mean, I hung out with the dalai lama on Google±!

  • bodiddly

    From “You are not a Gadget” by Jaron Lanier:

    “The hope of a thousand Silicon Valley start-ups is that firms like Facebook are capturing
    extremely valuable information called the “social graph.” Using this information, an advertiser
    might hypothetically be able to target all the members of a peer group just as they are forming
    their opinions about brands, habits, and so on… If the revenue never appears, then a weird imposition of a database-as-reality
    ideology will have colored generations of teen peer group and romantic experiences for no
    business or other purpose”.
    Well said I think

  • No disrespect Kellex, but you obviously don’t like G+. Like it or not, there is a exponentially growing community of people on there and it’s not going away. The wealth of knowledge and engagement on G+ trumps other social media sites by a longshot.

  • jose

    G+ and Facebook are both for hipster losers.

  • I wish they would stop using hd video in the hangout in their commercials. when you hangout with people it looks nothing like that. it just looks like pixelated blobs with eyes and a mouth. and thats over wifi.

  • Joe Avery

    I use g+ and it is as great as that video makes it.
    A great person I follow pointed out if you want a better experience on g+ you need to spend time at it. Hence @kellex, you haven’t spent enough time at it. One method is to post at least one post you do or would on FB on G+ instead or also. Plus you need to follow some people, Paris Hilton or whatever. Before you know it you’ll give up the other.
    Besides if someone is going to track and use my personal info I prefer google to since they are using it to power their ad engine. That data is more likely to stay in house.

  • SecurityNick

    Kellex & anyone else unsure about G+ should also check out this book by Guy Kawasaki https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=u0Mb-xg-JiIC

  • Droid life needs to try harder.. The other android blogs do awesome on google+.

  • If Facebook keeps down their current path, Google has nothing to do but wait and the users will come filing in. The multiple changes to the format (that nobody wants) and the contant changes to privacy settings are getting old.

  • Gnorb

    May not apply to you, but for anyone into tabletop RPGs and gaming, G+ is *the* place to be, bar none. The community for that there is super lively and friendly.

  • Josh Flowers

    from my personal experience (what i use it for & see others use it for)–G+ is more like a reposting of tech stories & youtube videos for interest, rather than Facebook which is overflowing with breaking news stories like “just got some frosted flakes. FTW!”.

    Facebook=look at what i did
    G+=check this story out

  • SchwannyT

    Luckily my family was really late getting into facebook (most still aren’t on). So I set up a google apps account, got them emails and turned on Google+. Most of them think its our own personal facebook. We use google hangouts to plan meetings (with shared docs and video), set up events to manage invitations… when you can use it, it is REALLY cool

  • Gonna have to call BS on the app working that smoothly.I like it though. I wish more of my friends where on Google+. If it had Facebook integration where I could somehow add individual updates from friends as a special “Circle” of sorts…

    • SchwannyT

      Notice the phone its on. It runs just like that (minus the network delays) on my Nexus

  • About 35,000 people add me to their circles each week but I would use & love G+ if that number were zero. In fact, once I “got it” in the first few days, I realized, in some cases, the less people I already knew on G+, the better.
    We leave Facebook and Twitter on, but only to post occasional
    “See you over at G+” reminders for those still using those older servies.
    Our company has dropped all other methods of communication, from E-Mail to internet meeting services, and use Google+ exclusively for all discussions, big and small.

  • i actually hate it. i hate posting only to be asked who/what circle can see it. Then if i want specific people thats not possible. Then of course I only have maybe 5 people i know that have an account open on that side of google and only 2 that actually have posted anything. Both have which have stopped so now zero people. Sorry Facebook is much more efficient and A LOT more users and possibilities.

    • SchwannyT

      Um you can add just one person. It doesn’t bring up your friends list by default (case that would be stupid to have to pick your circles out of the hundreds of contacts you have) but if you start typing someones name it’ll show up. And yes you can do your “Friends” circle and then add Grandma in separately.