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New Google+ for Android Commercial Reminds You How Awesome the Service Would be if Anyone Used It


The Google+ team released a new commercial today, selling Android users on the features that make it one of the coolest social networks on the planet. Actually, it’s more of a reminder to me that while Google+ is awesome, especially at how it handles Events, video chatting through Hangouts, and photo sharing, that I still know very few people outside of tech enthusiasts that use it.

I hate to keep asking, but someone sell me on G+.

  • Stoker

    “very few people outside of tech enthusiasts that use it”
    I’m confused. You say this like it’s a bad thing. “Everybody uses it” is the problem with Facebook. LOL.

  • Zach Harper

    Google+ is about connection with people who share your interests. I am reviewing a book for a friend I met there. I share Linux tips with two friends in India over G+.

    If you walk I looking to use it like Facebook or twitter, you will be sorely disappointed. Go find some shared circles for content you like or hobbies you have, and I promise you will change your mind.

    I mean, I hung out with the dalai lama on Google±!

  • bodiddly

    From “You are not a Gadget” by Jaron Lanier:

    “The hope of a thousand Silicon Valley start-ups is that firms like Facebook are capturing
    extremely valuable information called the “social graph.” Using this information, an advertiser
    might hypothetically be able to target all the members of a peer group just as they are forming
    their opinions about brands, habits, and so on… If the revenue never appears, then a weird imposition of a database-as-reality
    ideology will have colored generations of teen peer group and romantic experiences for no
    business or other purpose”.
    Well said I think

  • No disrespect Kellex, but you obviously don’t like G+. Like it or not, there is a exponentially growing community of people on there and it’s not going away. The wealth of knowledge and engagement on G+ trumps other social media sites by a longshot.

  • jose

    G+ and Facebook are both for hipster losers.

  • I wish they would stop using hd video in the hangout in their commercials. when you hangout with people it looks nothing like that. it just looks like pixelated blobs with eyes and a mouth. and thats over wifi.

  • Joe Avery

    I use g+ and it is as great as that video makes it.
    A great person I follow pointed out if you want a better experience on g+ you need to spend time at it. Hence @kellex, you haven’t spent enough time at it. One method is to post at least one post you do or would on FB on G+ instead or also. Plus you need to follow some people, Paris Hilton or whatever. Before you know it you’ll give up the other.
    Besides if someone is going to track and use my personal info I prefer google to since they are using it to power their ad engine. That data is more likely to stay in house.

  • SecurityNick

    Kellex & anyone else unsure about G+ should also check out this book by Guy Kawasaki https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=u0Mb-xg-JiIC

  • Droid life needs to try harder.. The other android blogs do awesome on google+.

  • If Facebook keeps down their current path, Google has nothing to do but wait and the users will come filing in. The multiple changes to the format (that nobody wants) and the contant changes to privacy settings are getting old.

  • Gnorb

    May not apply to you, but for anyone into tabletop RPGs and gaming, G+ is *the* place to be, bar none. The community for that there is super lively and friendly.

  • Josh Flowers

    from my personal experience (what i use it for & see others use it for)–G+ is more like a reposting of tech stories & youtube videos for interest, rather than Facebook which is overflowing with breaking news stories like “just got some frosted flakes. FTW!”.

    Facebook=look at what i did
    G+=check this story out

  • SchwannyT

    Luckily my family was really late getting into facebook (most still aren’t on). So I set up a google apps account, got them emails and turned on Google+. Most of them think its our own personal facebook. We use google hangouts to plan meetings (with shared docs and video), set up events to manage invitations… when you can use it, it is REALLY cool

  • Gonna have to call BS on the app working that smoothly.I like it though. I wish more of my friends where on Google+. If it had Facebook integration where I could somehow add individual updates from friends as a special “Circle” of sorts…

    • SchwannyT

      Notice the phone its on. It runs just like that (minus the network delays) on my Nexus

  • About 35,000 people add me to their circles each week but I would use & love G+ if that number were zero. In fact, once I “got it” in the first few days, I realized, in some cases, the less people I already knew on G+, the better.
    We leave Facebook and Twitter on, but only to post occasional
    “See you over at G+” reminders for those still using those older servies.
    Our company has dropped all other methods of communication, from E-Mail to internet meeting services, and use Google+ exclusively for all discussions, big and small.

  • i actually hate it. i hate posting only to be asked who/what circle can see it. Then if i want specific people thats not possible. Then of course I only have maybe 5 people i know that have an account open on that side of google and only 2 that actually have posted anything. Both have which have stopped so now zero people. Sorry Facebook is much more efficient and A LOT more users and possibilities.

    • SchwannyT

      Um you can add just one person. It doesn’t bring up your friends list by default (case that would be stupid to have to pick your circles out of the hundreds of contacts you have) but if you start typing someones name it’ll show up. And yes you can do your “Friends” circle and then add Grandma in separately.

  • Whenever i tell someone to try G+ they just think i’m a moron, it’s unfortunate.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Reputable sites that make statements such as “How awesome it would be if anyone used it” and “I hate to keep asking, but someone sell me on G+.” Do not help to promote G+. People read that crap over and over and figure “if tech sites don’t use it why should we?” or “All I read are sites bashing it…why use it?”.

    Would be nice if more embraced it.

  • JulianZHuang

    ghost town. used for couple days and that’s it.

  • MikeSaver

    I look at these things from a marketing perspective. The benefits to creating a successful google+ page are huge but it’s hard to build a following, and because most people don’t use it.

  • bawboh

    So, I feel as though the pictures they took could NOT have come from the Galaxy Nexuses (Nexi?) they were using. I had a GNex, and traded to the HOX because being into photography, the best pictures on the GNex were sub-par.

  • SecurityNick

    I don’t think that G+ is a Facebook replacement, but I do think it is the best social media tool out there. Check out this post of my comparing them on my blog (sorry for the external link &shameless plug) http://www.technosumer.com/2012/07/17/my-social-media-metaphor/

  • derekross

    @kellex:disqus Here you go my friend. https://plus.google.com/+DerekRoss/posts/NBkxmBBqjdt

  • billy routh

    I use Google+ and can tell you this, their is a lot more interesting people on it than on foolsbook.

  • VinMessina

    I’m pretty amazed at some of these comments. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I was never sold on Facebook but Google+ is lightyears better and there are plenty of people using it (at least all the people I need using it). The rest of you are are just holding it wrong.

  • david

    i use g+ but my posts are limited to private circles so would appear to others as though i was not posting. I wonder how many others do this and whether this makes it appear morelike a ghost town than it is.

  • CHRIS42060

    It saddens me that his Galaxy Nexus says “Google”on the back and mine says “Verizon”……. damn you Verizon!

  • cphilano

    I think it’s more so that people hate change more than anything else. And I honestly don’t understand why anyone has be sold on Google+. Besides the things Kellex mentioned, the conversation is more engaging and thought provoking while offering you a way to separate each conversation by interest or anyway you like.

    Facebook keeps pushing you to share everything with everyone. It also strictly encourages you to only friend those you know. Google+ encourages you to share with people you know and meet interesting people that you didn’t know who share common interests. Google+ let’s you share what you want with who you want and how you want. You can coral what you share and who you share it with on your terms.

    People have so many friends on Facebook that it’s hard to change services. My biggest reason for making a total switch was that I felt that Facebook was now hoarding information that should be mine. I can not export my friends list and they have changed emails and phone numbers to Facebook’s making me indentured to using their services to stay in contact with my friends. Either that or get an iPhone because now Facebook has chosen which platform it will play nice with concerning our info.

  • and that is the problem. Google plus is without a doubt the coolest, feature rich social network. But for whatever reason, they cant get anyone but tech geeks excited about using it! really sucks, but they need more marketing… MUCH more marketing if they are going to make this work.

  • cowgirlaround

    I love G+ so I decided to get some of my friends using it one day- it took a little work, but I got 2 friends using it in 1 day. It just takes each of us bugging our friends to change. next thing you know, they’ll all be using it 🙂

  • Seeyalater

    I use google+, not as much as i’d like, but then again its hard to keep up on 24901841 social applications/websites. I’m not even on Facebook if that means anything. Google+ is far superior to Facebook in most aspects, but like most social apps now a day, it needs active users more than anything to make it work.

  • Mike Corbett

    Really kellex? It’s amazing. Great communication

  • SMD79

    Google Hangouts seems to be inconsistent. My wife and I both have GS3’s but they video kept having issues so I dropped it after 3 rather choppy, crapy tries. Was that a bug? Anyway, I do have bit plans for EVENTS. Lots of ideas there to incorporate into my business…next year.

  • nightscout13

    Well, the reason no one wants to ditch Facebook, it cause Facebook works. Until Facebook starts failing on the software front, G+ will not take off. Facebook has failed on the stock market, going lower and lower every week, but now we just have to wait for the software to fail. Disclaimer: I quit facebook, and do not use G+ either.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I can only imagine how much better of a social website this would be than facebook, had it existed earlier than it did, enough to attract people who were going to use facebook instead.

  • Chris Pinola

    At the 1:07 mark, Google is clearly running some community build ROM on that GNex, the navbar is purple-ish! :-p

    Either that or they recorded this with an iPhone 5 😉

  • I can’t sell you on G+ because I can’t use it myself. Dropbox stores my photos so the auto upload is out. Facebook has my friends and family on it so that’s out. I mean…I don’t know. I like the UI much more but beyond that it really is just another social network.

  • Ricky Cash

    First of All Mr. Kellex there is no selling anybody on anything. Either you are curious and wish to try something completely unique or you are not. You wont find your Luddite friends on G+ nor would you want to.The experience is foreign to the Facebook crowd. I have not even attempted to get anyone I know to try G+. Facebook is for keeping with your friends and family. G+ Is for everything else.

    Pick three subjects you have interest in and do a search just start circling any one your find that posted something interesting that’s how I started. I don’t post much but I participate quite a bit.The sharing of information is outstanding and the various communities that are popping up continue to grow. G+ is the place to be.

  • My brothers/sisters and I actually used this feature, the one in the video, for one of my brother’s weddings and it was really neat. We then had a dedicated place online to view all our wedding pictures and talk about it.

    By far the best part though, I can now Google Search for “pictures of JJ and Michael and Andrew’s wedding” and it will show me pictures from G+ in my Google Images results. Now that’s awesome.

  • Roberto Taylor

    It’s articles like these that make people think nobody is using it. I for one use it a lot more than Facebook now. I get to actually interact with interesting people and have made new friends thanks to the Nearby feed that you can look at on your phone.

  • Katie Pollard

    A lot of people use it. I have 74 people/pages in my circles, and 55 have me in their circles. I have met new people to interact with by using the nearby stream on mobile.

    • Katie Pollard

      Also helps to find interesting content on the trending topics. Google+ followed Twitter’s lead with the use of hashtags.

  • paul_cus

    I really like how Google+ saves all the photos from my phone. Other than that, I don’t use it much. Wish more people I know would join, but they don’t even want to sign up for Twitter, let alone Google+.

    • Stephen Vanderwarker

      I am there with you on this one. I do use it quite a bit, but instant upload is so amazing (in my opinion) Love it. But I also wish more friends were on. I don’t get much interaction

      • You guys should try going to g+ and using the search box to find topics you’re really interested in. You’ll be surprised how many people are talking about the things you’d like to be talking about.

        • Stephen Vanderwarker

          I realize there are plenty of discussion topics, and people who like the same things as me. I just wish more friends used it, but hey what is making friends? Finding common interests/beliefs/hobbies. I like your positive outlook here Shaun!

  • Trevor

    Google needs to have a “switch over from Facebook to Google+” day where everyone who has been wanting to use G+ will dump Bookface and make the switch. I’d totally do it if enough of my friends did it, but nobody seems to want to since “everyone they know uses Facebook.”

  • I flipping love it. Nicer UI than FB, hangouts are so cool especially since we all have 4G front facing cameras right? Seriously why don’t people use it? They already have Facebook… so why switch? I’m seriously dying for everyone to jump on the G+ bandwagon.

    • MyNameGoesHere

      I’m not. Part of the reason I like Google+ is because none of the people I was obligated to friend on Facebook are on there. It’s part of what makes Google+ awesome. My list is filled with astronauts, computer scientists, CEOs, comedians, and journalists. My Facebook is filled with people who would have been offended if I didn’t friend them and most of my feed is boring and/or stupid.

  • I like G+ because it is the only social network geared towards discovery. On facebook, I know everyone that I am following personally. On Twitter, I know all of the people that I am following by reputation. On G+, the network makes it easy to find excellent content and then find out who is posting it. My G+ feed is full of people I don’t know and have never heard of, but who are pumping out excellent content.

  • Steven Cornea

    what makes me mad about these ads is they make it seem like the app is so smooth and flawless.
    the reality is the camera doesnt even come close to working like that, and isnt that clear, comments dont load up that fast and the hangouts is nothing near that clear and smooth.
    I love google plus, I use it alot but I hate when they make an app or OS out to be this amazing smooth flawless experence when it really isnt.

    • Stevedub40

      It’s like in the McDonald’s commercials when they show you that awesome double cheeseburger, but when you actually get one it’s a sloppy mess.

      • Steven Cornea

        or how they show some fit 23 year old eatting a big mac when its really a 40 year old 300 pound single mother of 3.

    • Nathan Buth

      I get what you are saying man, but in my experience everything they showed in that commercial worked the way it does in real life… XD

      • Steven Cornea

        I do agree, 80% of the time, google plus works like a dream, its actually one of the best apps in terms for smoothness.
        but still I mean alot of the stuff doesnt work that smooth.
        wish google would make something that all devs have to put in there apps that make it smooth.

  • 256,000 people have added me on Google+ in the last 3 weeks, and after 3 years I have 65,000 followers on Facebook. I use G+ for just about everything now, from running my business to keeping in touch with family far away and meeting new people, for both personal and business. G+ is HUGE

    • Pedro

      And yet, when I click on your profile, I get a facebook link, no G+.

      Just sayin’

      • oops wrong account, how do I edit? I haven’t commented on anything here since G+ opened.

  • ZeDerpittyDerp

    Party Mode IMO would be really awesome for event planners/organizers and what not (of course photos would have to be reviewed)

  • Derkk

    I did a hangout video chat from Niagara falls a couple weeks ago…now that was cool.

  • Michael Heller

    The number one key to G+ is to stop thinking of it like Facebook. It probably isn’t the place to find your friends and family. It’s more like Twitter, where you can connect with and follow people you admire, and opinions that you value. Except, unlike Twitter, where the character limit makes conversations impossible, you can actually communicate freely with those people and/or the conversations that arise around those people/ideas.

    P.S. If G+ isn’t for you, that’s fine. People like what they want. But, just because you’re not sold on it doesn’t make it okay to perpetuate the stereotype that “no one uses G+”. It may not be as big as FB or Twitter, but it does have a lot of quality engagement.

    • Very well said Michael Heller! In truth, the growth of G+ is quite staggering. If you compare G+’s timeline to say, FB’s, it’s no contest. G+ has already left all other forms of social media in the dust. In a year or two, it might be the biggest thing on the internet.

  • Why are the icons upside down at 1:02?

    • BrianLipp

      hes holding it the *other* landscape way. instead of having the nav keys at the right hand he turned it the other way to have them at his left hand, and they dont flip to be the right orientation when you flip it that way (at least in the camera)

  • Kelly Hauenstein

    Think of it like

  • Maybe trying posting something other than shit-titled links to the site. Maybe then you’ll get people interested in what you have to say.

  • Ricky

    That’s odd you don’t think anyone use it. I see more and more people using it all the time. It maybe not Fatbook but again it’s for people that know a little something about something. I don’t really want my mom and dad using it, I don’t want it to TURN into Facebook.

    • digitalicecream

      I would imagine you would want your mom and dad using it, you may not want them in certain circles of yours, but why leave them on an inferior sn? What horrible things could they have done to you to leave them on FB? As a new parent, I hope my kid doesn’t have that opinion of me one day.

  • vonbane

    I quit Facebook more than a month ago because Google+ is a much cleaner and less intrusive experience. I found both the mobile app and desktop browser interface to be more intuitive and usable than Facebook. Not to mention the security and privacy issues I have had with Facebook in the past.

  • TheCheapGamer

    Someone sell me on Facebook.

    • Droidzilla

      It’s full of crappy iPhone photos from people that you avoid in real life that look like they were taken in 1982?

      • rodney11ride

        Absolutely dying over on this answer… too funny… instagram… haha

      • OMG!! that is so awesome.. and true.. i still have never understood instagram…. Lets take this awesome photo and make it look like crap… sounds good!

      • fauxshizzl

        How much does a hipster weigh? An Instagram.

      • L. S.

        All photos taken on a cell phone are crappy photos. Either it be an Android or iPhone. Nothing beats a dedicated camera.

        • Droidzilla

          False. Nokia makes some outstanding phone cameras (and some dogs, too). I don’t know why we get crap cameras, but it’s possible to have a phone camera that will completely replace your point-and-shoot (though not a decent DSLR).

    • Chris Pinola

      Seriously, can someone do this? I left Facebook in May and haven’t looked back since. I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.

      • NicholasMicallef

        Likewise, except I did that about two years ago xD

    • You can log into anything with it? …. eh. There’s really no way to.

      • michael arazan

        usualyy you can use twitter as instead of [email protected] most sites have as an alternative, or create a dummy frackbook account you’ll never use.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      I deleted my Facebook account .. its just so petty, and seems to be a place where people come to be extremely self-indulgent. Its just plain lame. I got so sick of wedding and ultrasound photos. Any marriage before the age of 40 will never last anyway. I think people who put their wedding pics on there, should have to put pictures of their divide proceedings on there too.

      • Mustang5Oh

        Dang a touch bitter are we?

  • I very strongly believe that Google+ is a better network that actually offers greater granularity and control for the user while being easier to use these controls (vs. other networks).

    In addition, the mobile applications on both iOS and Android are world-class applications – on Android at least, it is probably the best and most enjoyable application experience on the platform.

    Unfortunately no matter how good the features, applications, and experience are, it’s no fun to use when none of your friends are there using it too 🙁

    It’s the #1 application I wish I could use more.

    • It definitely is one of the better built apps. But yeah, how do we get our non-techie friends into it?

      I don’t necessarily want to see the people I follow for Android spamming up G+ all day with the same stuff.

      • Pedro

        Kinda like the Droid-life posting every article?

        A super nice feature I’d like DL to attempt is a single “Day in the Life of DL” G+ update every day. Forget the every damn article updates. Something good often gets lost in the noise. And I stop reading the feed since I can’t keep up, and will check up on the web at the end of the day.

        One post sent out @ 6pm EST (or any other time you like) every day would make me join the circle and actually give it some hits. The current circle following means I don’t see much stuff from other guys (Chainfire, aokp, etc).

      • Jaime Lefebvre

        I agree. One of the biggest annoyances of G+ is that everyone thinks they are “the technology guy” so they repost every blog that I’ve read throughout the day.

        I’m there for the conversation and exchange of ideas, not to see you (not you personally) repost every link you came across. It really irks me to see people post links without a comment attached.

  • You shouldn’t have to be sold on it and instead of griping about no one being on it why not tell people about it. Every headline like this a lot of people skim over and never use the service or look at. I have already informed my family and friends if they need me not to use facebook and about 50% of my friends on FB have come over and we have great conversations and use it well. Why should anyone that reads this even want to switch. You need to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

  • No comments yet? Guess that’s pretty much your answer :/

  • Facebook is for connecting with people you know; Google+ is connecting with people you don’t know. Circles act like ‘concentrated news feeds’. For example, my circles include: Android, Comic Culture, Art Geeks, Entrepreneurship, and a few others. If I want to catch up on everything Android, I simply set my feed to that circle and the posts are filtered. If I want both Android and Comic Culture, I’ll turn on Comic Culture.

    Treat it as another outlet to access information in the form of ‘social media’–Google Search as real persons if you will.

  • Google+ is about the discussion of ideas in a much more interactive manner than other social networks. I find Facebook annoying and Google+ engaging. To use Google+ to its fullest extent, it is best to find things, brands, whatever you are interested in and follow those. All of this being said, Google+ is terrible for blogs like DL. It moves the engagement off of the blog’s site and onto Google+ which means far less revenue for the blog host.

    • I just feel like there is this massive tool out there that I would love to use personally, but can’t get into it. I guess maybe it’s time to build some really focused circles and see what I can do.

      • Sean Lally

        What are you interested in besides android? I can send some circles your way…

      • “I just feel like there is this massive tool out there that I would love to use personally”…. heehhhheheheehehehhhehehhheheheheheeheheheeeheeheeheheheheeheheheheheeehhehehehehehehheheheheehehehehehheheheheheheeh

        • Pedro

          Middle schoolers are home.
          The short bus has arrived.

      • That’s it right there, you nailed it. Spend some time creating some Circles and you will fall in love with it.

      • Sean Lally

        Yeah, just looked and you’re only following 141 folks. Definitely bump that up…

      • Bobguy

        start with a circle for google pages. Google+ is amazing. I went back to facebook for a school project and I can’t believe people still use that POS.

      • Larizard

        can i be in ur circle kellen

      • quiklives

        I have recently had to dial all my circles back because there was too much engagement, and I literally couldn’t keep up. That being said, I can happily share my small Android circle with you, they’re some of the biggest talkers on there.

        I think people go into it expecting to use it like facebook, but it has created a really different type of community, so you can’t use it the same way. I have a Doctor Who circle, an old-school gaming circle, etc, and I’ve met some really fantastic people that way.

      • Jacob Bowen

        Good call Kellex, it is all about the circles and how you use them. I have also found that you can get create with the events. It doesn’t have to be a party per se, I used it when I took my family to the state fair our cousin and my sister in-law were there as well. So when they turned on party mode on their phones all of our pictures got consolidated with no muss and no fuss. Great tool, but too many people are just stuck in the FB rut.

      • Andrew Keller

        My firm uses Google Apps as a way to keep its consultants around the country connected. The integration between things like Google Docs, Calendar, and Hangouts is pretty sweet despite a few bugs. I don’t think I’d use it for keeping in touch with friends, but it’s a fantastic resource for work (I’m working from home right now, actually).

  • It’s all about gaining momentum. If they can ever figure pick a single messaging tech, it pretty much covers all sorts of communication, IM, social, video, voice, and photo sharing. The mobile apps are also very well done. There is a thriving community on G+, but most likely it does not contain your grandma or sister.

  • George264

    Imagine if all the Facebook people base all use Google + regularly. I would drop Facebook instantly.

  • Droidzilla

    Google+ is useless.

    Apart from free video chat that integrates across almost all devices (mobile and desktop), free photo backup with no storage limit that has an extremely slick interface to boot, Events that let you share with video, live photo updates, and comments with just about anyone, and a really nice way to have interesting items come to you in a slick format. Other than that, it’s stupid. Oh, and social interaction with a much better interface than Facebook. Other than those.

    Honestly, if it were only the photo and video chat features it would be a very worthwhile app; even if it were paid. People pay money for a few gigs on dumb storage (like Dropbox), but give them the same thing for photos with a really nice interface and very powerful sharing features and they complain because it can also be a social network. People amaze me.

    • Can’t tell if the useless bit is sarcastic or not…

      • Droidzilla

        Oops; forgot my /s tag. Because that’s so necessary even with context.

        edit: Crap; did it again!

  • Sean Lally

    I use it all the time. Great for using with folks of the same interests. 99% of the folks are there I don’t know IRL, although I’ve met some after meeting on g+. Great s/n.

    • This is my problem. I’ve given it chances here and there, but reading stories from people I have never met before gets old after a while. It just feels so impersonal.

      • Sean Lally

        Actually, for me it’s a lot more interactive than reading stories. It’s more about conversation for me; weight loss ideas/encouragement, cycling, how to properly braise, what beer is good, how well did you run in that cross country meet, what’s the best Bowie song, why your religion sucks, etc. It covers the gamut. Funny your comment kind of ties in with an article I heard about today mistaking g+ for some sort of news distribution service. Never seemed that way to me.

        • Scott Haggerty

          And +Sean Lally, if you don’t see what interests you there is a funny little box on the top of the page, I think people could use it! LOL!

  • WOW what a fail at the beginning with the S3 back and Galaxy Nexus front

    • Tommy Thompson

      Or maybe that’s the next Nexus… :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heh yeah, I laughed at that too.