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Update I535VRALHD for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Available for Download

A newer software build of VRALHD for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S3 has been leaked and posted for download. This is only slightly different than the VRALG7 update that was released a few weeks ago. It’s still Android 4.0.4 and probably doesn’t bring back on-device search, but may include new radios and could help with battery life. We’re hoping that this also fixes the last few “No SIM Card” errors that some are still experiencing even after the last update. 

If you want to grab the full file to be flashed in ODIN, you can do that here.

If you want to flash this new build as a .zip ROM, hit up the XDA link and you will find it in both ODEXED and DEODEXED formats.

Via:  XDA | PhoneArena

  • Windows_Jane

    Does anyone know the version number that should be in use TODAY? I have the USA Verizon version of the Samsung S3. I need the official download, NOT the “leaked version.”

    My “check for update” button says “none available.”

  • tommy123

    Does this fix the no sim error? Verizon tech support has done nothing but lie to their customers from the start on this issue. I expect them to continue to do so.

  • Alan Chavez

    I received this update a while back and right after I started having GPS issues. My GPS takes about 3 minutes to lock on. I feel like I am back on the thunderbolt. Is anybody experiencing the same issues?

    • Alan Chavez

      Sorry I messed up, Its still early here and I’m dislexic. I was talking about the previous update that dumbs down search.

  • djjaeger82

    After weeks and months of struggling with the no SIM issue in upstate NY, I can confirm that VRALHD has finally fixed the problem, once and for all!!! Thank you verizon, finally!!!

    • Caleb

      Hmm, thats interesting. I’ve had this for a week or so, and I still get the No Sim error constantly. Now, I’m rooted and running some roms. Wonder if it would make a difference running a rom built with it….

    • djjaeger82

      Well so much for VRALHD fixing my no sim error. Worked great yesterday, must have sent close to 200-300 text msgs with only 3 errors. Today for 20 min straight getting nothing but the error. Not fixed, GRR!

  • Gary Graf

    What about the no sim card error on the galaxy nexus? this is driving me crazy. can’t wait to switch to t-mobile

    • Tony Allen

      I’ve never experienced such a thing.

  • Yakuzahi

    any chance that Verizon will Re-lock the bootloader or will extra sequre it for feaure unlock?

  • Buckoman

    Quick question: Does this wipe the phone?

    If so, is there any way NOT to wipe it for the update?

  • NyReynolds

    Verion’s behind the curve again. Still getting leaks of ICS when every other carrier is getting leaks of Jelly Bean. If you’re not rooted yet and you’re with Verizon prepare to wait a long time for Jelly Bean. And yes I’m on Verizon.

    • Diablo81588

      You’re surprised by this?

      • NyReynolds

        Absolutely not. I’m with Verizon, remember, lol. I’ve been rooting since the OG Droid so I don’t wait for Verizon updates. It sucks that they treat their customers this way though. Hopefully they get a little better at updating soon but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Guest

    I wonder what part of this fixes the no SIM error. Could it be ripped out and ported over to AOKP?

    • michael arazan

      I’m wondering if you can download this update if you didn’t download the DumbDown Search update.

  • will84

    this is great because i dont know to do this odin stuff, i guess im out of luck

    • Michael_NM

      You don’t appear to be adept with punctuation either. 🙂

      • billy routh

        You do realize that this is an Android fourm and not a spelling contest don’t you? Geek

        • Michael_NM

          Yes, I do. Yes, I am a geek. For what it’s worth, I didn’t make any mention of spelling. 🙂

      • leoingle

        Grammar Nazi spotting….. Gay……

  • will84

    so its not a OTA update? will there ever be another OTA update for this phone? am i SOL.

    • I think you can get this over-the-air, no?
      Edit: sorry, I guess this is still just a leak. However, eventually it should be available OTA straight from VZW’s updater.

  • Calvin

    If i flash from ODIN will this wipe all my data like texts and call logs?

    • leoingle

      Why don’t you just back them up??

  • Copy and paste doesn’t work on my VZW SIII. Don’t want to factory reset or root. Does anyone know if updating to JB has the same effect on the system as factory resetting, or the problem can persist even after JB update?

    • justaddh3o

      i had this problem…very frustrating. check out this thread. requires root though

      • After weeks and weeks of waiting for Samsung / VZW to fix the copy and paste issue, finally gave up today and rooted the phone using one-click method: 1. http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s3-sch-i535-verizon-how-to-root-gs3debugfsroot-104741/
        2. Then I downloaded ROM Manager and Root Explorer from the Play Store
        3. Then I installed the ClockworkRecovery from ROM Manager and followed the directions:

        1. boot recovery (CWM) > advanced > wipe cache

        2. reboot phone > Root Explorer > delete everything inside the “/data/clipboard”

        3. reboot phone > it’s fine

        Now copy and paste works again!!

        Here are my questions:
        1. Since I didn’t install a custom ROM, I should be able to upgrade to the stock JB when it comes out via the OTA just like the unrooted users, correct?
        2. Should I back up the phone anyway inside the ROM Manager even though I don’t plan to install Custom ROMs?

        Thank you all in advance,

        • Kane

          You can basically already change to stock touchwiz JB. There are ROMs that look and operate the same but with more features such as a different kernel or changing the colors with themes and switch radios.

        • Aardvark99

          1. No. The *stock* recovery software on the phone is what installs the OTA updates. You replaced stock it with CWM. Updates will still download and try to install but will always fail since CWM isn’t compatible.

          There are “stock” ROMs which are slightly modified versions of the Samsung official ROMs. You can flash them with CWM. They are not exactly like being really stock – it’s just a custom ROM that happens to be nearly the same as stock (I never see the point of these ROMS. Just be stock and freeze/disable the bloat, but maybe I’m missing something).

          You can restore the stock recovery. Here’s how I did it (post by yours truly): http://androidforums.com/verizon-galaxy-s3-all-things-root/617630-verizon-forced-update-i535vrlg7.html#post5012574 (spoiler, you’ll need Odin)

          2. Sure, back up if you want! If you restore the stock recovery the backups are kinda useless (far as I know, can you use a CWM backup with Odin? I don’t think so). But I guess if you ran into a problem you could (depending on what went wrong) reload CWM and restore.

        • justaddh3o

          Like others are suggesting, I’d say go ahead and enjoy your rooted phone. I’m waiting for stock JB from Verizon but there are many stable ROMs out there.

          • Pardon my newbie ignorance, but aren’t rooted phones less secure than stock devices even if one obtains all of their apps from Google Play only?

          • justaddh3o

            I’d recommend reading up a bit on rooting and custom ROMs on xdaforums and other android forums. Here’s info on the Galaxy S3 http://androidforums.com/verizon-galaxy-s3-all-things-root/ Depending on what you install, your device could be less stable, but I wouldn’t say less secure. In some cases you can end up with a device that is more secure, stable, and has better battery life. Read up on specific ROMs and see what users are saying. This doesn’t even get into the plethora of customization options that you gain with custom ROMs.

        • If u copy n paste a lot, clipstore might be a good app for u

    • Itchy_Robot

      Damn, I thought is was just me doing something wrong. My copy/paste is borked too =(
      Sorry, I don’ know a fix, but it is driving me crazy too. I really need to root this thing and get it over with.

  • I’d like to know if anyone has had luck with root keeper on the s3 updates. Of course its not like I couldn’t use odin back to my rooted image, but I’m just curious.

    • derichio02

      Worked from G1 to G7 with voodoo ota rootkeeper

    • Yes, I did on Verizon GS3 and It worked and kept Root fine through the OTA a few weeks ago. Then a week later I Flashed To CyanogenMod 10. Got some Jellybean!

  • thenew3

    Must be something critical in the patch. It’s not like verizon to release two updates for a single device within such a short time frame of each other. Usually it’s a 9 to 12 months wait between updates (if a device even gets a 2nd update).

    • hkklife

      Well, my guess is that there is something critical in this update and/or it’s the “small update to prepare for the big update” (in this case, JB) that will come in a few weeks/months. But yeah, we usually don’t see a flurry of leaks like this, especially for VZW Samsung devices (usually just Motos).

  • Murphy

    Eh, it could be for the html exploit that could format your phone.

    • nightscout13

      Does it format the on board memory? or the system image?

    • DeathfireD

      That was already fixed a while ago.

  • and still no fix for the WPA enterprise issue…

  • Finally!