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Texas Instruments Clarifies Plans, OMAP 5 Development Still Under Way

On Wednesday, word spread like wild fire that Texas Instruments would be re-thinking their strategy for mobile processors and would begin shifting focus to other areas. Initially, it wasn’t clear if they were going to halt work on their OMAP 5 chip, but thankfully, the company has come out and clarified on the situation.

Development will continue and release will happen which according to reports, could be sometime in early 2013. The OMAP 5 is Cortex A-15 based, and should be incredibly powerful and efficient. It would have been a shame to see it disappear from the smartphone and tablet world. Could TI be saving it for CES? That would most certainly be a pleasant surprise. With competition in this area becoming more aggressive thanks to Qualcomm and NVIDIA, the company is certainly under pressure to deliver the goods.

Via: GSMArena

Cheers John!

  • Thank god! I’d rather have an OMAP in my cell/tablet rather than a S*am*sung exynos!

  • brkshr

    There was never a doubt in my mind! They said they were ‘shifting focus’, not dropping mobile platforms.

  • John Davids

    Great news. It is never a bad thing to have as many competitors as possible. Drives innovation up and costs down for the consumer.

  • SeanBello

    dammit…I REALLY don’t want another OMAP in a Nexus.

    • Why not? What’s wrong with OMAP? I’ve had a Droid 2 and a Droid 4, both OMAP-based, and my only problem with them were the locked bootloaders, and in the case of the Droid 4, a non-removable battery.

      • SeanBello

        look at the devices you listed…hardly Nexus devices. there were better processors available when the gNex came out and I feel like they underperform compared to other processors of the same tier.

        • Zero_Point_Energy

          The OMAP4 may not be as fast as the S4 or Exynos quad but it runs any app you throw at it without a sweat and it plays HD video quite well. There is no lag. It’s also well supported by TI and the open source community which makes it easy to develop for.

          • SeanBello

            you realize you said I was wrong and then told me I was right? the S4 and Exynos are better processors used in the same tier of phones. “quite well” is all well and good, but I’d prefer better in a phone that’s supposed to be bleeding edge.

          • Zero_Point_Energy

            Oh get over yourself. Phones with the OMAP4 like the Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr, etc. are about a year old now, of course the newer processors are going to be faster, they always are. What, you don’t think the OMAP5 is going to be faster than the Exynos and S4 when it comes out? That doesn’t mean their suddenly poor or slow processors just because there is newer and faster available, there’s always something newer and better around the corner.

  • Diablo81588

    Awesome news! The OMAP 5 should be a beast!

  • ddfuji

    Hopefully when they say rethink.mobile processor game they mean depending.on the success of the.omap 5 how should we continue. Cause boy.do I love there calculators.

  • T4rd

    I’m hoping either this OMAP 5 or the S4-Pro is in the next Nexus phone(s). The new Exynos dual-core would be great too. The only question is if they work with LTE.

  • john0214

    So they will miss the next nexus :/

  • nexusplay

    Maybe Google will wait until the OMAP 5 comes out to release the new Nexus’s. Aren’t the OMAP’s the most “open” processors?

  • Hmm….

    Good news!

  • Dan

    What’s the best processor for phones right now?

    • T4rd

      Probably the A6 in the iPhone 5 with the S4 SoC not far behind in terms of CPU performance. The S4’s GPU is rather weak though (which should be remedied in the S4-Pro with the Adreno 320).

      • Diablo81588

        The pro will DESTROY the A6 😛

      • Zero_Point_Energy

        The S4 Pro is quite a bit faster than the A6 overall. The A6 has a very fast GPU (about on par with the Adreno 320, slightly faster) and memory but it’s dual core CPU design is slightly slower than a dual core S4.

    • Robert Jakiel

      That’s a bit subjective because they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The A6 from Apple is nice and is very similar to the Qualcomm S4 Krait SoCs. The S4 Pro will be a huge step up in both processing due to the quad core design and the GPU with Adreno 320. As for Nvidia the Tegra 3 is a pretty awesome chip when utilized for multimedia and gaming. It’s general CPU performance is slightly less than what the S4 and A6 offer but when the GPU is fully utilized all I can say is WOW. The Tegra 4 from what I have gathered will be Cortex A15 based and is supposedly going to be incorporating a GPU based on the Kepler cores used in Nvidia’s high end graphics cards.

      The Exynos 44xx series is also a well rounded SoC but lacks slightly in GPU due to the use of the Mali 400 but that will be changed come the Exynos 55xx using the new Mali 6xx GPUs. Lastly TI makes a great all around SoC. Their CPU prowess is respectable but they always seem to pair a lackluster GPU with their SoCs. It would be a nice change to see the OMAP 5 release with a PowerVR Series 6 GPU but I don’t think that will happen. In any case all of the current generation SoCs perform very well.

  • JoshGroff

    Did anyone seriously think they wouldn’t release the OMAP 5, considering they put so much work into it already?

  • trophynuts

    going out with a bang i guess.