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Quick Look: Portenzo Alano Leather Case for the Nexus 7, a Work of Art

Back in early August, we had a chance to show off the Portenzo Book Case for the Nexus 7, a hand made Maple and canvas thing of beauty. Today, we get to show you the newest creation from Portenzo, one that I would put up against any other case on the market. This is the Alano, and damn is it pretty.

Made from a single piece of thick leather that has been attached to an American Maple base, the Alano is hand-tooled, hand-crafted, and hand-softened to be of the highest quality. The case I have also came with Intellistand and an elastic band in a color that I chose. I almost can’t put into words how impressed I am with this case. It comes at a premium price (starting at $99.95), but you can tell why it costs that much the minute you pick it up.

There are a variety of leather colors and finishes to choose from. My particular case is the “Indiana Journal” which mimics an old leather bound book. If distressed leather isn’t your thing, you can also choose from plain black, dark chocolate brown, wingtip black, or “Old Book.” You can also choose from a variety of colors for the elastic band, in case the neon green that I went with is a bit wild.

Again, the Alano case is beyond beautiful. If you want to invest in a case for your Nexus 7 that may last 20+ years, was hand-made in the U.S., and will likely get better with time, I suggest you consider the Portenzo Alano.

To custom make your own, head over to the Portenzo site.




  • Mallahet

    Looks good, but unlikely that the N7 will last 20+ years, let alone be relevant for that long. Seems a bit overkill, although I really wouldn’t mind having one. I prefer the $15 Timbuk2 sleeve I bought at REI (was on clearance for some reason). I guess I don’t get to use it as a stand, but that’s not my jam. To each his own.

  • rogue05

    Yikes, that thing is nice and pretty, but just too pricey for me. I guess that’s the price you pay to have nice things.

  • Marv Adan

    i almost want a nexus 7 just to have that case!

  • ricky siebold

    I don’t know why people are whining about the price. There are plenty of $10 cases out there you can go buy. This is a higher end case hand made in the U.S.A. Some of us are willing to pay a premium to support companies like this.

  • Kitty cat!

  • Juhcohboh

    Treegloo has a great case too. It’s all custom made. Everyone should check it out if they have a nexus 7 or iPad or a Kindle.

  • michael arazan

    For about $30 just for supplies could make this case leather bound book case, the hardest part is distressing the leather to make it old looking. I was a boy scout and got my leather working merit badge. The guy selling these things must have them made in china to turn a healthy profit, if he makes them himself he probably gets only a 30% return after supplies and labor.

    • don_xvi

      They’re made in St. Louis.

  • XvierX

    Poetic slimline portfolio case. Best Nexus 7 case available imo

  • no

    ugliest art ive ever seen

  • Tony Allen

    I don’t like that the magnet is just sitting there inside the cover where it can scuff/scratch up the glass from being rubbed up against it in a bag or something. should be melded into the top cover. Nice case though, very original and definitely looks unique.

  • Kelly mason

    Looks like sh!t.

  • So you guys prefer this case over treegloo? I’ve been debating whether to go with Portenzo or treegloo for a case.

  • quetzal

    I like my case better, it cost 15 bucks on Amazon.

  • I have to be honest. Seeing that thing makes me want to get a Nexus 7 just so I can put it in that case.

  • thedonxr

    “Leather bound book” immediately made me think that your apartment must smell of rich mahogany… 😛

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    Brilliant. I appreciate your discerning taste Kellex (electronics, accessories, & beer).

  • digitalicecream

    Mental note, never click on any of the first few links in any of your posts. Always click on “READ MORE” or else just waste my time. got it.

  • MikeSaver

    That looks awesome, but its 100 bucks..

  • EvanTheGamer

    What in the….$99 for a bloody case? Yeah…as if that’s gonna happen. $250 tablet and a $99 case…just doesn’t add up. Now if my tab was at least $600, then perhaps.

    • don_xvi

      Some of us like the fact that the Nexus 7 is inexpensive, but also like nice things. I wouldn’t buy a Pantech just because it’s cheap, I want GOOD. GOOD and CHEAP together is a real win!

  • I hope they have more options later. And it says unavailable….

  • interstellarmind

    really hoping they do this for the note 2

  • Pratyush Walvekar

    Defeats the purpose of buying a cheap tablet..I wanna save money..not buy cheap electronics to cover it with expensive covers

    • What other inexpensive small tablets match up with a N7 (Tegra 3, Unlocked Bootloader, rampant developer following, etc)? Just because you make a smart choice in which tablet you buy, doesn’t mean you can’t make choice in buying a case that is more visually appealing. I understand it being tough to justify $100 for the case, but for some people buying an N7 isn’t a choice about the $$$. I don’t even HAVE a Nexus 7, because I can’t justify buying one since I have my Asus Slider which is used more for work (No Slate will ever replace a real keyboard), and functions fine if I wan’t to play otherwise. Truth be told I hate the Size of the slider, but its more of the necessity for it. Otherwise a 7-9″ Tab would be fine.

  • Yeah the case will last 20 years, but the tablet its holding will be obsolete/replaced within a year.

  • LegalAmerican

    That thing is m-fing UGLY! By far the dumbest looking case i’ve ever seen.

  • Spoken Word™

    $99? Really? LMAO!

  • ShadrachCA

    A couple questions:

    1. Does the the cover fold back all the way flat?
    2. Can you stand the device in portrait orientation?

    • Can stand in portrait, but doesn’t fold fully flat in the back. Although, if you worked the leather enough, I’m sure you could make it.

  • Droidzilla
  • Michael Forte

    I’m sorry but I’m not going to spend half of what I did on the tablet for a case. I picked up a Blurex Ultra Slim case for like $15 and it’s been great.

  • Mario Lovato

    Great case i have one