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New Bugless Beast Released for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Our buddy, Peter Alfonso, released new builds of Bugless Beast for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, along with a handful of other devices. This new build is based off of the latest source and proprietaries, so basically, you will be running the newest version of Android available. As always, you can expect a stable ROM from Pete, plus a slight tweak here or there to enhance performance. He has never been into gimmicky hacks and overdone mods – it’s always kept classy.

Via:  Peter Alfonso | Download

  • HeathCliff Rothman

    Everything works fine BUT – Rom Manager isn’t working, 1st time ever. Suggestions?

  • C-Law

    BB is, has, and always will be the best aosp rom available if you want a bug free rom with performance tweaks. It’s my favorite rom out there

  • No crashes at all running 5 of the JB builds. Pete is the man.

  • Has anyone tried the HDMI out with this ROM? I’ve got the Accell MHL adapter, but am getting no video.

  • been rockin BB since the OG droid. went to try different ROMs… but always came back..it’s simple and almost stock+alpha

  • MrBlonde04

    I just flashed the newest version, and I swear I had one of the earlier builds of BB before and I could tell a few times now and again that would slow down, BUT this one feels Fantastic and smooth! I can’t emphasize how great it is.

  • Paul Harper

    The blue tooth voice commands are still flawed on these builds CM10 is the only one that still has working blue tooth voice commands.

  • MrWicket

    best ROM EVAH!

  • Bigsike

    Does the new build include any overclocking features at all? It was the only thing at all that I am in serious need of. I was on the last build and loved it, then tried AOKP and the overclocking came in so useful I’m not sure I can go back to BB without it. Any one have any info on it?

    • Jwhap

      If I remember right, top end is set at 800mhz. Hope that helps.

  • HeathCliff Rothman

    I am currently running Cyanogenmod. When I flash this BB, do I also need to download/ install gapps and radio? And if so, from where?

  • Jason Bourdeau

    I’ve been using an older Bugless Beast Jellybean ROM and I’m definitely going to flash this. I have a question about Google Now. It lets you assign a notification sound but I never receive notifications from Google Now. Like they show up in my notifications every now and then but never notify me before a game or before I commute to work or anything. Is it suppose to notify me?

    • cheezer88

      Gapps are included in his Rom

  • ezpotato

    any battery improvements? my battery with stock JB blows, and i’m tired of always being on 3g to save it.

    • Jwhap

      Nope……not really. But my phone is plugged in a lot…..

  • No shoutout to android revolution HD 6.1?!

  • Does this one replace the stock browser with Chrome? I don’t mind having the option of Chrome, but the quick controls in the stock browser rock, and the lack of it was the only thing that took me away from his last release.

  • dsass600

    Someone help me. This or Android Revolution HD. I have tried BB and I’m waiting for ARHD to receive the JB update tomorrow. Do you think I should try this again, or is ARHD better? I mean, they are essentially the same thing.

    • Bugless Beast is the cleanest ROM of Jelly Bean that I’ve ever seen.

  • nightscout13

    Alfonso is the MAN!

  • This post got me interested in flashing again. But since I already have BB running on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus and this update doesn’t seem to offer anything new or exciting, I’m looking for CM10 now. But if I go to Cynogenmod site, I don’t see Galaxy Nexus as supported device. CM10 is officially not supported on CM10? How do I get it for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

    • Ian McKinney

      I’m running CM10 M1 on my Nexus and the battery life is terrible and my phone heats up for no particular reason. I’m going back to BB tonight even though I’ll miss the profile settings in CM10.

    • Jwhap

      You know you can dirty flash the update and not loose anything….not any work, just saying!

    • gpzbc

      go to “get.cm”, then to toro

  • ddevito

    Best ROMs I’ve ever used were from Peter Alfonso. Cheers!

  • Larizard

    I usually just flash this on top of previous BB builds, but I flashed the new FF02/FFG02 radios on top of his Spet 7th build. Should I wipe this time?

    • JustinRadice

      Were these the new radios from 3O release?

      • Larizard

        Yea, but they were leaked earlier, a few weeks back, so I flashed these new radios separately. Now I wonder if that’s gonna cause problems when I flash the new BB build.

        • MikeSaver

          I’m in the same boat, did the exact same thing. Would love some advice on this!

          • Jwhap

            I flashed the new radios last week….(not from Pete’s site) my connections have been flawless. (Pulled from DL link)

        • MikeSaver

          I’m going to flash the old radios back and then install the ROM and the new radios from Pete’s link. The new radios I found on here weren’t working right for me anyway.

          • Larizard

            so new radios are included in Pete’s build? or do we have to flash them separately?

          • MikeSaver

            I’m not sure but I’m thinking we have to flash them seperately. You can find all the radios on his site here:
            http://download.peteralfonso.com/toro I’m flashing the FC05-FC04 back, then going to flash new ROM, then if radios aren’t there going to flash the new ones, with link from his site.

          • Larizard

            You think i need to flash back to the FC05/FC04 radios? Or do u think it’s fine just flashing this new build on top of the leaked FF02/FG02?

          • MikeSaver

            I honestly don’t know. I flashed the old ones. Then flashed rom. Then flashed new radio. Everything seems fine except the new radios are still wacky for me.

            With the new radios, is your data constantly showing an R in the top right instead of 3g or 4g? I still get Internet but the R is weird.

          • Larizard

            I never had “R” (roaming, i’m guessing?) appear on mine. So I’m not sure what’s wrong with yours.

            I still get drop offs 4G -> 3G and that kills my battery life. But if I stay on 3G, im fine.

          • Gasaraki

            R is for Range Extender. When you pull down your menu you can see that. Someone has a range extender in your building. I have an Range Extender in my place also.

        • section8atl

          Radios have nothing to do with how a rom would run. Wiping has no effect on radios either, which is why nandroids don’t backup radios.

        • Jwhap

          I kept those old radios and it seems to work just fine. For what it is worth.

  • drparty

    So does anyone know how to flash additional nav buttons into this ROM?
    I’m probably going to go back to BB this weekend because AOKP is just too slow over time. I can get an app on the play store for the notifications but I really miss my search key and my menu button.

    Any suggestions?

    • madisonbrwn

      ROM Tool Box

  • Loaded last night and rock solid as usual!

  • aigele

    The thing that irks me about Bugless Beast is that, when you’re dealing with a project of this magnitude, there is no such thing as “bugless”. Ask anybody who codes for a living.

    • I think its tongue in cheek. Regardless, his ROM’s are the cleanest I’ve ever seen.

      • cleanest? it’s pretty much aosp with a few tweaks. anyone with a linux box can do this.

  • For those who are asking, here is Pete’s github activity feed: https://github.com/peteralfonso.atom

  • David Verba

    What are the changes in this rom from his last?

  • King

    Used to run BB on my OG Droid, I regret getting a phone the Pete doesn’t support. His roms are what Android should be IMO. My next phone will have BB support.

  • Wait, so you mean to tell me Pete is STILL out there kanging and people actually use it? Damn this has been going on since Sholes.

  • oaxican509

    Kellex! You should highlight Project Elites builds on the Galaxy Nexus! You know it was one of the best ROMs out there during OG era!

  • Tyler Bowden

    The server is so bogged down and slow right now 🙁

  • I need help I am a virgin when it comes to this stuff! Why do I need BB? What does it do? And how do I do this?

    • Scott

      First slow down. Go to the Galaxy Nexus guide on this website. Hit up some sources such as Rootzwiki or Droidforums or XDA Developers and do a search on Rooting and Custom ROMS. That should answer most basic questions.

    • joderme

      Always use protection…

    • drparty

      It doesn’t do anything stock doesn’t, but tends to be pretty darned fast, in my experience.

      • Jwhap

        More importantly you will get updates light years ahead of Verizon’s official release!!!

  • Scott

    Gosh, I would love to jump on this, but I hate Chrome and actually prefer the stock browser. I don’t feel like wasting more time trying to get some random stock browser to work with BB.

    • Flippdipper

      You can just throw the stock browser into your gapps zip and you’re good to go.

      • Scott

        Care to direct me some instructions on this?

  • Been running BB since JB came out, stable, fast, on issues, will update to the latest tonight.

  • chanstar

    The best stock experience for Toro. If I want mods, I would do it myself but don’t need them. In my case, BB is the way to go.

    For JB ROM comparison, check out: http://goo.gl/U8a0E

    • Daddy

      Oh! Daddy like this. Thanks fore the share.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Yes, thank you for sharing! BB is my daily driver, but now I know what to take short breaks with 🙂


      The best stock experience for the Toro is indeed STOCK

      • chanstar

        You know what I mean. If you don’t want to wait for VZ to release the OTA update.

      • Jwhap

        The best Jelly Bean stock experience was only available last week……as most have been running for 3 months now.

    • CurtisNic

      somebody needs to change the edit settings for the doc because there are a bunch of people writing “penis” on there lol!

  • Pdiddy187

    Hilarious the down votes that new ROM posts generate.

  • BB is easily the best ROM available!

  • Jim McClain

    can anyone compare this to Paradigm ? im running that now and is very smooth

  • Bugless Beast is the way to go for me, updates are available almost immediately when new code is released. It is called bugless for a reason too, thanks bunches, Pete!

  • Krista Sanderson


  • Murphy

    So, I see a GNex on Swappa for about $230…should I just bite the bullet or wait for the DLX? I definitely don’t want to regret my decision that I had with this horrendous Thunderbolt, although Tshed’s ROM has breathed new life into it.

    • JoshGroff

      I’d say wait for the DIX or a new nexus at this point. The nexus is a great device, and if you get one cheap enough, you won’t regret it, but if you want the latest and greatest, its better to wait.

      • Nick S

        ^^ this

    • Jwhap

      $230 to remain off contract???? If so that is a no brainer! If you are on contract I would do what you think is going to serve you the best. I personally plan on keeping unlimited data as long as possible. If I am forced to purchase off contract phones I would prefer them to be nexus branding. (which may not happen) But being in control of my software updates has been liberating to say the least and it is more important to me than having a higher capacity battery or 8 mp camera…..

  • bqluong

    I was having connection issues with the FG02/FF02 radios and the Sept 7 BB build. The connection would switch back and forth between 3G/4G and then just drop completely anytime I was trying to pull data such as a site with flash or Facebook trying to open a picture. I just flash to stock Jelly Bean and noticed my signal was stable now. I might be flashing to the Sept 27 BB build at a later date.

    • I have noticed the same issues. Downloading the latest BB hope it helps. If not might go back to older radios

  • MikeSaver

    Whats the difference between this BB release and the BB I’ve been running since July???

    • Probably not very much. You can find his commit feed through his website.

      • MikeSaver

        Then why is everyone acting so excited then? I can just get by with wiping cache and not data before installing this as I’ve always done right?

        Everyones acting like its a big deal, I’m new to ROMs and stuff so I dont get whats special about this latest update. He’s been releasing updates to BB every couple weeks for months now.

        • Nick S

          Despite the name, no software is completely bugless – hence the incremental updates. From what I can tell, there were minor bugs in the SMS to MMS conversion procedure, as well as minor bluetooth fixes, among other very minor tweaks to the code.

        • Royal2000H

          I’ve been running BB as well. It’s a nightly as usual. The difference is this has the new binaries from the official Verizon OTA. Binaries are the proprietary stuff, not from source, that we pull out of official OTAs because they’re not in AOSP.

          • MikeSaver

            thank you! I’ll update as per usual but wasn’t sure if I needed to wipe data first or something. I’ll just wipe cache and davlik like normal

          • Larizard

            I was wondering the same thing. I actually have the newer leaked radios (FF02/FFG02), and wondering of I need to full wipe or just cache/dalvik… Hmm

          • MikeSaver

            yeah i have the new leaked radios too. They’ve been kind of wacky for me though, I keep going into roaming mode… I’m not going to full wipe cause I don’t feel like losing everything

      • zepfloyd

        This has all the new hardware binaries, that’s what’s most important

  • machine

    how is it diffrent from CM10…anything better??

    • It has less added features, giving it an experience much closer to stock. As a result it has few bugs (hence ‘bugless’) and is usually updated quickly while remaining stable.

      • machine

        Got it, thanks!!

    • Nish Junankar

      Last time I used CM10 (a while ago) it has a lot of modifications to stock android. BB is pretty close to stock android with a few things included like wifi tethering and gapps.

      • machine

        i am using cm10 right now and its beautiful..works very smooth even though it is a nightly rom…i even changed the dpi on the build prop to use tablet mode and it work really smooth.

  • Nish Junankar

    Is there anyway for clockwork rom manager to pick up BB and update through there? I feel like a chump for buying that app now that I use BB 🙁

    • No. I stopped installing it on my Nexus.

  • Mario Lovato

    BB Son

  • I want to flash this because I know it will be great and rock solid but I know Iwill just go back to AOKP.

    • JoshGroff

      Same, but I always try anyway, lol. AOKP just has too many customization options o pass up.

    • bqluong

      You can always try Boot Manager

      • EGilk

        Doesn’t work with JB. Devs abandoned the app.

  • Tim Swann

    If you like BB, you should check out Affinity! Only Beta 1 right now, but I’ve been running it for 3 weeks and have not had 1 problem! They kept a stock look to it with some tweaks here and there. The group of devs in awesome and the most responsive I’ve ever seen in forum when responding to questions.


  • lumpysherman

    Best ROM’s out there!

  • Pdiddy187

    Flashed it this morning before I went to work. This plus Franco’s newest nightly truly are a BEAST!

  • Anyone else notice its running JRO03R. Newer build than the one that just rolled out to the Verizon nexus. Awesome! Love BB

    • JRO03R has been on AOSP for a little bit now so a lot of ROMs have updated to it.

  • Dan

    If only I could have the smoothness of this ROM, and the features of AOKP

    • John

      Closest you’ll get is CM10

      • Dinofan01

        But thats still not as smooth as Bugless which makes me sad.

        • John

          Are we gonna split hairs here? Am I wrong?

          • Dinofan01

            I’m really not sure what you’re talking about. Split hairs about Bugless being smoother? Its not splitting hairs. It is smoother. I’m still running CM 10 but Bugless is just smoother. Never a single slow down on Bugless. CM isn’t like that. The features are more impressive on CM so you get use to it. Am I wrong? No.

          • John

            Lol. I’m just messing around man. It’s just a popular quote from the best movie in the world – The Big Lebowski.

    • Tim Swann

      Affinity is exactly what you’re looking for. Check it out on rootzwiki and other forums.

  • tacticalchunder

    sweet! i’ve bounced between a few different roms, vanir, to jelly belly to BB and haven’t looked back. Thanks for the notice of the update!

  • radiohead14

    not familiar with those device names (crespo, toro, etc..).. could someone please tell me if the VZW S3 is one of the devices supported? thanks!

    • BB doesn’t support the SIII right now.

    • Danny TwoTones

      Toro is VZW Nexus

      • radiohead14

        thanks. what is the S3’s device code name? would it show up as ‘d2vzw’ like in other roms?

        • JoshGroff

          Yes, device names don’t change.

    • mustbepbs

      No the GS3 is not supported. That would be d2vzw.

      • radiohead14


    • Pete (the dev for BB) will never support phones with locked bootloaders. And he mostly only supports Nexus devices anyway.

      • radiohead14

        awesome last name!

  • Amanda

    Peter is hawttt lol <3

  • kervation

    The new BB is running just as smooth as always. Great job from Pete.

  • mustbepbs

    Boy I’d love some BB on my VZW GS3 :<

  • jcastle482

    Love it, thanks Pete!!!

  • William_Morris

    I knew Pete would pull through!

  • Guest

    Sweet! After bouncing around a few different jelly bean roms, i’ve settled on BB and love it. downloading now!

  • jaredgreenwald

    How does this stack up against Jelly Belly?

    • Gasaraki

      This is Jelly Bean…

      • jaredgreenwald

        You obviously have no idea what I’m asking. Jelly Bean (aka Android 4.1) is completely different from Jelly Belly which is a very AOSP-centric and no-frills ROM

  • Danny TwoTones

    Right you won’t have to wipe anything to install this over the older BB?

    • Ryan Kamphuis

      If you’re running any BB build that is based on Android 4.1.1, you shouldn’t have to do a wipe. I just updated from his September 7 build to this one without a wipe and was just fine.

  • Right on.. What’s a good alternative for notification widgets (On/Off) if switching to this? I’m using AOKP now..

    • These used to be included in BB for ICS, so I miss them, too. There is no app/mod that can add these, they have to be baked into the ROM.

    • Glen E Ston

      there really is no good alternative that i’ve found. There is a toggle widget that can be found on the play store, but it doesn’t do anything more than the power widget already does.

    • kervation

      Notification toggle in the Play store. It also allows customization as a system app, for direct toggle functions in the notification shade.

    • AndrewScottRox
    • MikeSaver

      Power Toggles is the best. You can throw in a flashlight, volume, apps, music, anything you want. Highly recommend it. Makes a good home screen widget as well.

      • Thanks, I stand corrected from my above post. I’ll give this app a try!

        • MikeSaver

          Here’s a screen shot of my notification bar right now. Got Wi-Fi, Flash light, Apps settings and Brightness Toggle. You can do tons more too, including adding in custom icons, changing the colors of the icons, etc.

          Running BB and not missing anything.

          • I tried it out. I like the customization available but I really wanted a 4g toggle. It appears I can only toggle mobile data as a whole.

          • MikeSaver

            Yeah that’s definitely a shame cause I want that too. Wish it had that. Only drawback. It’s a good stand in for now though.

  • znewman

    Already running it.

  • James_Kernicky

    Pete is the best!