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Last Contest: Win a Toshiba Excite 7.7 From NVIDIA and Droid Life! [RAW] (Update: Winner Picked)

Can you believe it? It’s day 5 of Reader Appreciation Week, meaning this is the last of the mega-giveaways. How quickly did that go? We already gave away a Nexus 7, Toshiba Excite 10, HTC One X, and a Transformer Pad with matching keyboard dock. To put it loosely, this has been one heck of a week.

To finish it out, we have a Toshiba Excite 7.7 up for grabs thanks to our friends at NVIDIA. This is a tablet that most overlooked because of its steep price tag. If you take a look at reviews around the web though, you’ll quickly realize that this is quite the little package. It sports a 7.7″ AMOLED display, Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, microSD slot for expandable storage, and dual cameras.

Who wants it? 


Update: We have our winner! Thanks for entering!

Prize:  1 (one) Toshiba Excite 7.7 tablet

How to enter:

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Like this post on Facebook.
3.  +1 this post on Google+.
4.  Tweet the following message:

Last chance to win a quad-core tablet from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra! – http://bit.ly/TNftDg #contest #android #raw

5.  In the comments, tell us what kind of launcher you are using – Nova, Apex, etc. – and why?


Since it’s the last day, we are ending this contest this afternoon. That way, you don’t have to wait the entire weekend to find out if you won or not. At 4:00PM PT, we will choose a winner from the comments.


One final “Thanks!” needs to go out to our friends at NVIDIA. Because of their awesome community support, we were able to give away a couple of thousand dollars in amazing prizes to the DL community. Be sure to thank them on Twitter or their Facebook page. And check out the Tegra Zone for all of your gaming needs.

Good luck!

  • Nova launcher…i like the options out of it and apex the best.

  • I like Stock less laggy

  • Im using the stock launcher because I have a lg optimus right now and nothing will make it good other than me getting a new phone. lol

  • Go Lancher EX is the only one for me!! Love all the customizations and widgets!

  • ADW here. Love being able to customize it. Whenever I switch to an ICS ROM for kicks I roll with Apex. Love them both.

  • Nova

  • I use Nova Launcher!!!

  • Using Apex cause it’s smooth as butta’!

  • None. Because I’m too lazy.

  • Matthew Whitaker

    Stock Launcher because JB is amazing!

  • Rocking Nova

  • HouseofCrew

    trebuchet, cuz thats what the first room i flashed on my GS3 came with.

  • ajhall62

    I don’t use a launcher. I realize that I don’t have enough time to check anything out and make an educated decision on what I want to do. And I don’t believe that my Inspire 4G would be any better or worse with one.

  • derrickmcc

    Stock JBean

  • Kainoah

    I am using Apex launcher because I like the look and feel of jelly bean and I also love the extra features and how smooth it is

  • billracine

    Nova launcher on my Fascinate, Stock on my Nexus 7 & S3 (so far) and Apex on my Thrive 10″

  • Anthony Tyler

    I use the launcher that comes with CM10, it does what I need, I don’t need fancy/flashy/pretty, I like functionality, and I get it with this launcher.

  • Nova Launcher, I use it because I like how smooth it is and it improves my ICS experience. It’s way better than the stock launcher on my Droid Razr.

  • B J Books

    Nova. It’s minimalist, but has just the right amount of customization.

  • slsmn03

    LauncherPro because habits are hard to break

  • Jerry M.

    Go luancher ex..i like it bcause of the themes

  • Christopher Mann

    i use Nova because it’s got a Jelly Bean feel to it and it extremely customizable and I love the gestures feature.

  • Gage

    Stock I dont like any of them.

  • yellowsnow

    Apex because I don’t get any redraws!

  • MJBigDeal

    Stock cause I am an android newbie

  • Jaykid007

    Apex launcher. Cool features

  • MarC

    I’ve just started to use Apex this week and liking it so far. I was using stock HTC Sense (ICS) but wanted to try something new. Might give Nova a try later on.

  • chuckles

    Apex all the way baby!

  • Love apex launcher. Love the features

  • Brettm2277

    Stock jellybean launcher. Nothing matches it’s responsiveness and fluidity. The extra features of nova and apex are cool but I don’t need them.

  • Stock ICS on my Droid 4 and Stock Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7. Android is doing such a bang-up job I figured I’d get tired of the standard before I start playing with the launchers.

  • I use apex bc of the customizable properties

  • I use Trebuchet Launcher, because it’s stock with ParanoidAndroid, and I’ve had no problems using it so far.

  • I was a launcher pro champion from the start, now on my GNex I’ve found NOVA Launcher fills in quite nicely. I really appreciate the ability to sort custom Groups and folders I’m my app drawer . It helped me to only need 2 home screens and one 7 button hidable dock! 🙂

  • kyle2422

    Apex because it’s awesome

  • Launcher pro all the way. I can never get sick of the old school style and it doesn’t lag or anything!

  • Long Tran

    No launcher – Jellywiz rom

  • Stock Rezound. I am hoping to start my tinkering with a prize from #RAW at Droid Life

  • stock. simple and smooth

  • TheCheapGamer

    Stock TouchWiz.
    Would ditch it but only for the stock one. Don’t really need all that fancy-ness 😛

  • Curt

    stock, because i’m not tech savy and don’t what other launchers to use.

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    Apex all the way because that sh*t is smooth as BUTTA (but currently using Nova as it has my setup all backed up & I’ve been working too much to have a life & make the time to set everything up fresh….. which I will be doing momentarily with Apex as soon as I flash JBSourcery v2.3 ;p)!!!

  • Launcher Pro for that buttery smooth scroll action

  • duke69111

    I am using stock launcher. Not a big fan of custom launchers.

  • Jason Hansen


  • ChattyKat434

    stock since it just works for me

  • Mike Barr

    Stock. I had Nova, but I prefer stock. The nexus doesn’t need any improvement in my opinion.

  • Ramon Gomez

    Nova because that’s what comes with aokp and I’m too lazy to switch.

  • kingblake99

    Apex because it is boss!

  • Apex currently, and by currently I mean less than 24 hrs. I change a lot

  • Stock, because I like having an unimpaired operating system

  • zial

    I haven’t really delved into the world of launchers. Can I still win a tablet? Please?

  • goodluckkitty999

    Apex launcher. Its just the best

  • Richard Wo

    Original, if it’s not broke don’t change it.

  • StealieSubie

    stock on phone. Holo hd on tab

  • melan26

    Stock is just good enough for me.

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Trebuchet! Because it sounds cool and comes packaged with CM10!

  • Mark

    Nova, because I paid for the pro version!

  • Nova for the win…

  • Stock Blur on my brand new RAZR M

  • Justin

    Apex launcher. It works best for me,

  • Kevin Mills

    Nova Launcher, Because it’s the one that AOKP gave me.

  • Maria moya

    I use the apex launcher cause its just smooth and to my looking..I have it on my sg3..LIVE IT..love it..

  • Tiffy Fone

    I am faithful to LauncherPro, I install it on every fone I get and set up the docks and screens the same way.
    Launcher Pro fulfills me because of the ability to change widget sizes, 3 customizable docks, and 10 x 10 column & row option gives me lots of space for lots of toys to keep my, currently Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE productive and entertaining

  • Jason


  • Camper_Kid

    I go with Stock. I am just a boring person I guess

  • shopdroid

    Stock because the others can’t handle motoblur widgets which I happen to like.

  • GoLauncher EX

  • phenotype

    None, I prefer stock.

  • not using a launcher yet… sorry for being a disappointment…

  • Stock jelly bean launcher

  • kingblake99

    nova because it is boss

  • done

  • Nova Launcher all the way. Why? Because I can.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Nova launcher, everything I need, nothing I don’t

  • SchwannyT

    Stock JB… so buttery

  • robertlwalters

    APEX BABY!!! Super fast and always adding to it.

  • MjSplicer

    Been using GO Launcher recently because my PC died and I haven’t been able to root my SG3 and run CM10

  • My Bionic is STILL stuck on Gingerbread, so Go Launcher EX is my launcher of choice. Lets me hide all the stock Blur until ICS comes in before the end of the year (I hope…)

  • Stock sense right now but I bounce around Apex and Nova when they have an update. There is just something about sense that keeps pulling me back in.

  • Im using Go launcher with a ICS theme, Gingerbread hasn’t been good to me 🙂

  • Holo launcher user here. Use it for the style and drag n drop folders on the home screen

  • Patrick Maher

    Apex. Started using it because the free version had more features than other free launchers. Now I’m on the paid version because there are some really nice features that are worth the money.

  • Go launcher. Simply because its very user friendly. And it rocks!

  • Nova! It’s user friendly.

  • Gary Reynolds

    Doing the “Go” thing on Bionic

  • jmasterj

    Go Launcher, because I’m still on GB on my Thunderbolt.

  • drparty

    Apex… because of the swiping!

  • I use GO Launcher EX on my Razr Maxx. I use it for it’s customization to hide apps in the App drawer, Different backgrounds on the home screen and app drawer, nice smooth transitions resizable widgets etc… Droid Life <3

  • I’m using the stock Launcher. Why you ask? Because the folks over at Google seem to know a thing or two about phones and they made it, that’s why.

  • KevlarGibs

    I use Holo Launcher, since my Droid3 is still stuck on Gingerbread.

  • LjHe80

    I am using noVa launcher. It beats the rest of the launchers by far.

  • Stock because it works..

  • Brad Cleveland

    Stock on my Thunderbolt and LauncherPro on the OG.

  • Derek Gelinas

    Apex launcher. Every time I try and use Nova I just find I don’t care for it.

  • Shane McKeever

    Nova. Because I have forever and it has been good to me. Updates regularly and has plenty of features.

  • Stock on my Tf300t cause i don’t feel i need to. And Go Launcher on my thunderbird.

  • kcraw15

    Stock. I’m lazy

  • I’m using Apex because it gives the most customization for a free program. I’ve tried the rest, and stuck with the best.

  • trainplane3

    Apex because it works the best with the Moto softkey mod on my Nexus!

  • Touch Wiz – on GS3 I find it highly usable.

  • Nova Launcher…cuz it’s the BEST!

  • Launcher? Stock stock stocky stock. Thankyouverymuch.

  • Jonathonflores

    Apex launcher. By far the best in my opinion. A lot smoother than Apex and the features are abundant. Put that along with AOKP and you can customize just about anything on your phone.

  • Kidqwik

    I used to use Launcher Pro on my Droid X, then go Laucher. On my S3, nothing yet. The other ones slowed my Droid X to a crawl or that could just have been Gingerbread in general.

  • choose426

    NoVA launcher…..baby

  • Apex for life!

  • PudgyPanda

    I use stock… cause I am lazy

  • cashclay

    Nova comes with AOKP. I’m diggin the customizations.

  • fromo68

    I’ve used Launcher PRo ever since my DroidX

  • Stock Touchwiz on the GS3- 5 screens only

  • Nova Launcher. Best one out there.

  • Nova because at the time apex didn’t have some of the jellybean animations and features

  • Julian Monroy

    I’m using Nova because it makes my GS3 feel even faster.

  • Tzvi

    I don’t use a launcher because I don’t use themes enough and the extra features aren’t tempting enough to want it over the regular, Motorola ics launcher. I have tried a few launcher before and I think the best are the Go EX and Nova launchers.

  • I’ve used LauncherPro for years now. It’s always done the best job for me on my Galaxy SII and my old Xperia X10. A few hiccups here and there, but the kinks have always been worked out quickly.

  • Stock the Galaxy nexus doesn’t need a launcher

  • Trebuchet. No need for anything else.

  • I’m using Apex Launcher because I like the set of customization options and the easily configuration of drawer tabs.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Nova. Smoothest one I’ve found.

  • Tyler Bowden

    Vanilla stock launcher, does what I need it to.

  • Denis Anderson

    I am not using a launcher, so I guess whatever comes with my phone 🙂

  • Adam Pfahlert

    Still old school gingerbread launcher, hoping to get something new soon!

  • Holo Launcher. So my Froyo powered Optimus T can look a little bit up-to-date.

  • The stock jelly bean launcher. There should not be any other launcher besides what is on my nexus.

  • Fourth much as I love autumn, I’m giving myself to asses, tslauncher pro, seriously too manyt schose from, settled on thus one, lets you have more rows and columns on screen fkr appsj

  • Stock Launcher

  • Nova Launcher. ‘Coz it actually listens to user requests and implements them fast. And I like it’s icon more than the other launchers. 🙂

  • andyroid12345

    everyone must love the launcherpro for the old school people, like how could you now like it?!!? It is THE BEST!!! Like Seriously!!!

  • GO Launcher because I’m still on my Droid 3. No real ICS or Jellybean for me. *tear*

  • Matt Treadwell

    BuglessBeast no launcher needed

  • Forest much as I love autumn, I’m giving myself to ashes

  • I’m using go launcher ex because it’s smooth and really customizable

  • Mark Thibault

    Launcher Pro was always my go to launcher. It is still probably the fastest on the market but it’s missing all the new features new launchers have. My new choices is Apex. It has all the features I want and it still quick.

  • Andy

    Go Luancher even if it takes up a lot of ram 🙁

  • Saxmusiq

    Launcher Pro! Still rocking it while waiting for JB on my Bionic.

  • arthur2142

    I am currently using Nova Launcher. I’ve been a fan of launchers since LauncherPro Plus back on my OG Droid. I transitioned to ADW Launcher when support for LPP stopped. When I noticed Apex and Nova getting regular updates, including Jelly Bean features, I again decided to upgrade. I chose Nova Launcher over Apex due to wanting my home screen apps and widgets to appear a certain way. Nova allowed me to get the look and feel I wanted.

  • kevintufts

    Nova, it let me do the stuff I wanted that stock didn’t do. What those things are, I don’t even remember.

  • I am using Go Launcher cause I like how clean it is

  • bobbymay1

    Stock launcher on the galaxy nexus. Used to use LauncherPro before on my OG Droid.

  • klee2000

    Apex- Love that it makes my samsung look like stock Ice cream sandwich….

  • Stock Android for the awesomeness of 4.1.1

  • Nova because it was the only ICS launcher at the time and I’m too lazy to try Apex

  • CompCrash

    Stock launcher, I don’t use the extra features of any of the other launchers so it is plenty.

  • BD

    I’m using Apex because I love the customization.

  • Joe Paul

    Nova. I forget why though. I would have to uninstall to remember what was so irritating without it.

  • collegepunk

    i use launcher pro, has everything i need!

  • Using Go Launcher on my phone since I can’t use the cool launchers because my TB hasn’t been updated to ICS yet

  • shehippie

    I love Nova! It cant get any better then that!

  • Nova Launcher: It’s just like butter!

  • Austin

    I use HOLO Launcher because i dont have ics and maybe droid life could hook me up with one?

  • abdroid

    Go Launcher because I moved from Launcher Plus and never looked back…

  • Sync on Thunderbolt cause I’m lazy.

  • Stock launcher is all i need

  • NOVA just because I’ve been using it since it came out and I love all of the features it offers!

  • Themanhere10

    Launcher Pro, it does all I need it to!

  • I use the nova launcher, i’ve tried a few other but nova seems the best

  • Nova, because it comes with AOKP

  • bigillz

    Apex – seems the simplest, clean solution when running without HTC sense on Rezound. @jefebear on twitter

  • Lambo_21

    stock, it uses less of the RAM, meaning better performance from my androids! 🙂

  • Using stock on my Nexus 7 and Nova on my G2. It’s all about stability and speed!

  • Go Launcher – Just stuck with it and they keep updating and adding to it. I’m happy with it but not as happy as I would be with a new tablet – sold my nook color and trying to save some money to buy a new tablet someday soon…

  • Currently using Holo Launcher HD on my Galaxy Nexus. I love the stock look and feel of it with being able to change the icons and other customizations. Runs extremely smooth!

  • Doug S

    Go Launcher-Sticking with what works for me.

  • Tio Holtzman

    Apex on my TF201 because it is smooth and I like the ability to resize my widgets. LauncherPro on my VS920 because it uses the least amount of memory.

  • Stock launcher on nexus 7. But on my droid 3 I use launcher pro

  • chucklehead322

    I’m late… oh well.
    Using Apex anyways for the customizable tabs in the app drawer and the smoothness of the transitions.

  • Larry Franks

    I don’t use a launcher but I want fee stuff.

  • TowelieMeBanana

    Stock. Jelly Bean. Because no one needs much more with what it already offers.

  • PJ33

    Nova because it allows me to rotate my phone from landscape to portrait.

  • I am using Trebuchet on CM10!

  • eddie

    Trebuchet, because it comes with cm10 and does everything I need it to.

  • Vitaliy Uvakin

    Nova. Never tried Apex… And let me have this tablet already 🙂

  • Stock Rooted! Best stock for me, clean visual!

  • Launcher Pro, it never disappoints.

  • Apex. More flexibility than stock, and way more tweaks available.
    why do all the contests have facebook requirements? some of us can’t have facebook for good reasons…

  • I’m just using the galaxy S3 factory launcher its smooth enough for me. The last time I used one was launcher pro on a droid X2, it made it much better.

  • Barlog

    Apex launcher because of how easy it is to use

  • freerogers

    Nova. Buttery transitions and folders in the app drawer!

  • John Arnst

    Apex, I like the tablet mode it has.

  • takabanana

    I use Go Launcher EX – because a lot of the functionality just “makes sense” – although it does seem to run slower than other launchers I’ve used (probably because it is a bit too fancy)

  • ScoobySnack

    rockin stock right now

  • Joshua Carnett

    I’m using Nova. I’ve had a few stability issues with Apex, though aside from that I can hardly tell the difference between the two any more.

  • baldypal

    Nova. First one I tried. Love it. Not broke. Don’t fix.

  • JL2499

    Apex because just always have

  • William Peterson

    Nova Launcher. Probably because of 1 of your reviews.

  • I love Apex on my GNex because I can swap icons/backup/restore everything really easily and I haven’t had one problem with it.

  • Mike Lamb

    stock on my GS3

  • Nova did it first on ICS so I’ve stuck With them. Super fast and lots of features!

  • Apex launcher is the way to go. Unlike nova the devs actually respond to emails

  • ADW Launcher smooth and pretty good for mid range devices like xperia sola

  • Arjun Meda

    Nova..its too good..

  • stock on my s3 because it works well enough, and go launcher pro on my DInc because it’s better than sense

  • Apex launcher cause it’s smooth and to backup my homescreens!

  • Leann

    Still have the stock launcher on the Samsung Note.

  • mj

    Stock… though who knows with this device when you randomly select me

  • OCSportsGeek

    Also stock.. Rooted.

  • Stock, because i am lazy.

  • skrusrnmz

    Call me old fashioned but I like using the stock launcher. It’s just simple to me and what feels most comfortable. But I am running BAMF Paradigm ROM on my G’Nex. That gives me some cred right?

  • Nova, because I’ve been using it since it dropped and it has all the features I need. Not to mention the countless backups of different layouts I have acquired.

  • rodney11ride


  • 9TEN11

    Apex for its square folders

  • Michael Dickenson

    Stock Touchwiz launcher on galaxy s3

  • Andrew Egger

    Nova launcher with icons made with simple text

  • Nova. I like the ICS look and the transitions!

  • roger lucas

    Stock because its stable.

  • Stock launcher. My Droid X has slowed down so much recently that I try to avoid having anything unnecessary running on it. Can’t wait for the Razr HD to come out…

  • saucey

    Stock launcher for this guy. I keeps it simple

  • smashingplanets

    stock… I haven’t had the need yet

  • On my stock Gnex I’m running Apex for the added feature set over stock, on my Rooted Gnex I’m running the stock launcher.

  • droid1234

    Go launcher because of its powerful and features

  • Apex on my Galaxy Nexus. Powerful, but minimal. I don’t use a lot of the options, but I like having them there.

  • I’m using Apex pro 🙂 reason why is because i find it to be a lot faster than the stock CM10 launcher and has a lot more features that i tend to find useful (themeing, transitions, etc) it’s been amazing to use ever since i got it a few months ago 🙂

    I’d also just like to thank you droid life and NVIDIA for providing all of us readers with a chance to win some of these amazing goodies these past few days. I myself have not won anything, but it’s always nice to enter and have a chance at winning. So thank you for always keeping me up to date with the latest droid news since i got my OG Droid a few years ago, i check this site at least 50 times a day hoping to see some new juicy story. I guess that’s my little appreciation paragraph for you and everything your staff does for us android followers 😉

    Anyways, good luck to everybody entering 🙂

  • Jeremy A

    Stock, just fine for me on my ics leak.

  • iamevie

    Just the stock launcher for me.

  • Ashley Horne

    NOVA because it makes my phone POP!

  • David

    Nova, like a lot of others here. And because it is so highly customizable!

  • John Santoro

    Stock jelly bean on my Verizon galaxy nexus

  • Stock TouchWiz on GS3. Simple and easy to use.

  • kurupt

    Stock on the nexus, launcher pro on rooted descended tbolt.

  • Stock because its the way the Goog intended! :]

  • Yancey

    Apex Launcher

  • I use Apex because I feel like it.

  • QQpayne

    I am no longer running a launcher, stock JellyBelly is good enough for me. Although Android Pro Widgets makes life much easier.

  • Apex launcher because all it offers, like backup & restore & full customization 🙂

  • tat2junior

    Stock JB, just because it works the way it should.

  • Greedy_smurf

    Nova for the customization and the smoothness with my phone

  • JB stock, because it is the best!

  • balticzar

    Nova all the way. Fits best for me and MY tastes. Damn I love Android and all these choices!!! There’s a seat for every a$$ with this OS.

  • JonathantheUnicorn

    I cannot tell if my comment went through or not. NOVA because it is a great hybrid of JB with extra features.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Launcher pro ….. launcher my way

  • TheFatCook

    GO Launcher. I like the effects and the weather widget. The go locker is pretty cool too. Not a fan of their notification though.

  • JoeTi

    Stock, and *only* 5 screens is okay. At first, i missed LPro, more screens, infinity scroll. Not missing it so much now.

  • Daniel Zhao

    Nova Launcher

  • rockstar323

    Nova, I like the customization options. I also purchased the pro version and if a paid app works great I usually wont replace it with something else unless I start having issues with it.

  • Paul Taylor

    Nova Launcher for the great speed, it’s silky smoothness, the high level of customization and timely updates just to name a few.

  • JonathantheUnicorn

    Nova because it has been the best hybrid of JB and extra features that I have tried.

  • skynet11

    I use Apex because it was the first to offer theme support.

  • Trebuchet – in Euroskank Jellybro (CM10)

  • red014

    Trebuchet! Because it’s built into CM10. Otherwise I think Google nailed it with the stock ICS/JB launcher.

  • Tzvi

    Not using a launcher. Not enough of a difference between standard ics and launcher for me to switch. Don’t use themes so not much affect on experience. Have tried and think go and nova are best.

  • Stock works just fine….

  • Josh Persaud

    Stock touchwiz, it’s the smoothest!

  • bigdav1178

    Go Launcher – Been with it since it first started out, haven’t had a need to move onto anything new yet. I’ve considered some of the new ones, like Nova; but I’m cheap, and can’t see paying for a launcher, when Go Launcher still works.

  • Android1997

    Im not using a launcher. Ics blur

  • Paul Pottle

    I am using the factory JB launcher, as I have not found anything giving me a reason to go else where

  • Josh Karwoski

    I love Nova because it’s very smooth, quick, and gives me endless customization!

  • Jordan Bowman

    Jelly bean stock because it is the fastest on the galaxy nexus

  • magneto198

    none! love my htc sense

  • I’m using ADW launcher on my rooted Nook Color reader & the stock ICS launcher on my Motorola Droid Razr MAXX.

  • Alan Burnstine

    I used LauncherPro on lesser devices, but I use stock SenseUI on my Rezound because I like the look and it meets all my needs sicne the ICS upgrade.

  • Keith Gates

    Just the stock launcher.

  • Not using an aftermarket launcher… Should I be?

  • Apex launcher, only when I get a little bit tired of sense 4.0

  • Stock launcher on my G Nexus

  • Eric Sullivan

    Still running LauncherPro on 2.1

  • Matt Weathers

    Stock all the way…

  • Jesse McCall

    I’m using Nova Launcher! I love it!

  • Hunter

    Stock launcher here

  • Rocking full on stock launcher on my Verizon GNex. Spent so much time with launchers on my droid x it’s nice to have so much packed right in to vanilla Android (w/Bugless Beast) without all the carrier changes and UI tweaks.

  • Adrian O.

    I like both Apex and nova. I use nova though, because Apex was a little laggy when i was in the App tray (probably not anymore…).

  • Stock.

  • Mr ilheis

    Nova, because it has just the right amount of bells and whistle’s and to be honest I like TeslaCoil apps!

  • Stock rooted. It’s so easy.

  • TheKenDroid4

    Apex. Slightly faster than Nova, in my experience, and does away with the ridiculous amount of extras that you have to download from multiple different sources throughout the incohesive UI, when using Go Launcher.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Nova Launcher all the way. Super Smooth. Love the multi-touch controls/gestures. And I make heavy use of the backup and import features. It has everything I need.

  • Nate Olson

    Trebuchet on my Nexus cuz its buttery smooth and Nova on my GS3 cuz I haven’t taken the time to root it

  • Nova Launcher. It came with AOKP Jelly Bean and I have found no need to replace it.

  • ADW on my Book Tablet. But TouchWiz on my phone. Don’t judge me.

  • stock rooted

  • Stock launcher, running Bugless Beast on my GNex.

  • jmodawg


  • Kevin Faaborg

    Right now I’m using Jelly Bean’s main launcher, but if i get a tablet, i want to go chameleon.

  • No launcher here! I guess I’m just not a fan of them = /

  • aznmode1

    I use Apex launcher as I find it has more options that I like and its the smoothest one for me.

  • normmcgarry

    Apex. Seemed like the most stable that I’ve found.

  • ouches

    Apex for the stability and reliability

  • ouches

    Apex for the stability and reliability

  • xix19

    Stock. Never felt the need to switch

  • M C

    sucks for those of us with out a google + & facebook. maybe the next 1

  • Mel Hurd

    umm.. lately trying chameleon.. other than that usually Apes.. FTL for awhile..

  • Nova! love the dock! android needs that!

  • ganggreen777

    -NOVA -it is just completely faster than APEX. I do like Apex bc there is a some features i like a little bit more than nova (but take and give a little)

  • Using Apex. It has beautifully crafted UI.

  • Stock Jelly Bean.. Only way to roll with my Droids!

  • stridakira

    Adw launcher. It was on sale last year on the Google market.

  • Stock Jelly Bean … I like it that way.

  • MTPenguin

    Nova Launcher. Came as default in a Rom, and liked it so I stayed with it.


  • jseah114

    I am using the stock launcher. Haven’t gotten around to playing around using aftermarket launcher apps.

  • evltwn

    Just using the Stock launcher on both my Droid RAZR MAXX, and my Nexus 7 tablet.

  • Mike_Cook7

    Apex Fling to Delete Sucka’s!!!

  • luisrb7

    Running Bugless Beast.. No need for launcher

  • Dilson Silva


  • Stock launcher it does what I need

  • Justin W

    Stock for the bionic… But it’s the ICS .232 leak. It’s sleek compared to many other launchers I’ve used xD

  • Kurt Edens

    I switch between Nova and Apex… I like the other Tesla apps so often use Nova for that reason and their seamless integration. Would love this tablet.. . always caught my eye this one…

  • I am using Apex launcher on my Gnex because I am using JBSourcery Rom and it comes with Apex preloaded. Definitely a great launcher.

  • Marc Lewis

    I used FTL Launcher on my Vibrant running CyanogenMod. Its very fast and lean on my older device. Tried all the others and they were just too resource hungry or crashed too much.

  • pickmepickmepickme

    Nova – custom app icons

  • Stock launcher

  • BDynamiteXL

    I actually use all 3. Why? Because I get bored easily and like to change the way my phone looks and acts every week.

  • Brittney Foxworth

    Go launcher 🙂

  • Apex…with so many options…had to pick one and this was the first.

  • MikeOliveira

    Apex, I like the options and stability.

  • Stock Rooted. Why would you need a launcher?

  • jk43235

    Nova launcher- it’s the most stable and polished. The closest thing to AOSP, which I love…

  • Joshua Lee

    Apex launcher because it gives me jelly bean like display

  • John Davids

    ADW is my go-to. Got hooked on it with it being the stock launcher for CM7 and have been in love ever since!

  • Nova….It came with AOKP

  • Antonio Bonner

    Nova….. clean sleek and some of the specific customization.

  • Either Nova or Go Launcher. Nova is beautiful. But i’m a sucker for the Sphere app drawer on go launcher /sigh

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Nova FTW!

  • Stock, have not tried out anything new too many to choose from. Have Atrix 2 so not sure what works best with it.

  • Cory Parker

    Using stock Jellybean launcher since getting the update last weekend 🙂

  • Pure JB. Booyah.

  • rutrowe

    stock JB!

  • Rick

    Stock ICS. Tried LauncherPro for a while, but didn’t see any great improvements.

  • SStewart654

    Stock…I haven’t found I needed one yet…

  • Richard

    Nova is for me.

  • No Launcher for me.. stock jelly Bean Baby! Sorry, hope that doesnt exclude me..

  • David M. Myton

    stock launcher

  • KEG

    Launcher Pro

  • Nova for sure. Works like a charm and very customizable indeed 🙂

  • I am using the stock launcher. Don’t want to mess with changing those things up.

  • droid209

    apex, because it has more options for what i need.

  • Nova launcher because it’s responsive, fast, and has options galore…not to mention it’s included in AOKP

  • Stock bugless beast.

  • Until the Apex issue, I was all over Apex, but Nova is much smoother for me/my setup.

  • chiito

    Apex cause its what I know

  • Jason Pillow

    Want! =)

  • I JUST started using Nova Launcher. LOVING IT>

  • Stock! Because my bionic is getting slower and slower everyday….

  • Nova, seems to be more stable and better in performance than Apex.

  • Scott Manders

    Tried almost all of them… Launcher Pro, ADW, GO, Apex, Nova… but I landed on Holo Launcher and have been using it for about 2 months… not sure why Droid Life never mentions it, its very similar to Apex and Nova, just more features in the free version and still very solid of my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Using Nova, great customization and super fast!

  • Stock on my Touchpad because I stick to TRUE Android!

  • tyguy829

    Nova. Love being able to put 1×1 widgets in the dock

  • adw launcher because of the cool scroll effects

  • Aint they twins!? Apex vs Nova….I chose Apex coz it’s # 1, alphabetically that is….

  • I use Go Launcher because it came with my rom. And because my rom is perfect, their is nothing I think I should change.

  • Todd Van Laningham

    Nova! Smooth, fast and easy to customize

  • i use nova launcher. It is just so smooth and problem free

  • wikkdwarrior

    I use go launcher ex… theme capabilities r virtually limitless, and the transitions are dope

  • David Sellars

    ADW Launcher, because I liked the custom look and theming options.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    With Nova Launcher, I hid the notification bar, put the main icons I use on the slider bar to the sides, and I use a battery bar above the nav buttons to keep an eye on my charge. Everything else has been set to custom gestures. There isn’t anything I ned that isn’t a swipe away yet my screen is empty and clean. Nova all the way!

  • No special launcher. Just stock because it tends to run the smoothest for me

  • Smeet

    Nova launcher because it’s responsive, fast, and has options galore…not to mention it’s included in AOKP 🙂

  • Apex, its what I started with on my gnex.

  • no launcher, don’t need crapware on my phone

  • Steve Douglas

    I use ADW because I got it on one of the google sales. Works great!

  • I use the GO launcher – I used to use launcher pro but they stopped supporting it, and I am too lazy to try something different

  • ryanallaire

    I have liquid ICS on my tbolt and am using nova, it has good customization and it’s quick/responsive.

  • Nova – smooth as butta!

  • Lee Woods

    Not using one. I’m fine with stock.

  • Ben Modica

    I used GoLauncherEX when I was on Gingerbread but since I got ICS I’ve just been using stock. I plan to try out Nova eventually.

  • stock launcher

  • Kevin Hebert

    Bone stock ICSammich (for now) Razr Maxx

  • GatorHands

    Go Launcher EX on GS3 and Glazed ICS on Kindle Fire.

  • Nick

    I’m using Chameleon Launcher. It’s awesome! lol

  • Bill Slowey

    I use whatever the ROM I installed uses as its default.

  • Travis Bond

    NOVA – I started using Nova when I went to AOKP ROM… nice features

  • Joshua Horn

    Nova, reliable and fast

  • Patrick Mckelvey

    Go Launcher on my Pantech Burst. Wish I could see how it would look on a tablet 😛

  • ElectricCoil

    Go launcher with Lustre theme 😀 I like how go launcher manages to keep the icons bigger than all the other launchers, why is good for my GS3

  • Geovany Hernandez

    apex. smooth.

  • Chad Butler

    Stock. I like to keep things real.

  • Nick D.

    ADW. Referred to by friend. Allows scrolling backgrounds and nice change from Touch with.

  • Lashawn

    I like and am using Nova, It’s The closest thing to Jelly Bean I have on My S3

  • Just got my Jelly Bean update 2 days ago and I’m sticking with that cause I like it RAW!!!

  • bedwa

    On my GSM hacked Bionic, I’m running the stock ICS launcher (on a leak of course), but when I use my G-Nex on Paranoid Android, I use my trebuchet. Cause when you have ICS or JB, it’s all good 😉

  • Greg Alles

    Love my stock Jelly Bean experience. No launcher!

  • rreich49

    Apex, because I don’t feel like setting up a new launcher.

  • Stock jelly bean launcher. It’s just simply beautiful

  • CAPerkins22

    Apex, because LPP isn’t based on JB….

  • Go Launcher. Love me them themes!!

  • apex, cuz im used to it

  • Juan

    Stock Moto Icecream on my Razr Maxx and stock Icecream on Asus TF700T.

  • Stock/Pure JB. Only way to roll

  • Stock, because like I tell my wife…she’s beautiful the way she is, she doesn’t need a bunch of makeup on for me to think she’s attractive. (Galaxy Nexus running JB)

  • Chris Nelson

    Go launcher. Light and quick.

  • I’ve used ADW Launcher, GO Launcher and ICS Launcher, but when my Droid Razr was upgraded to ICS I’ve been pretty happy with the stock launcher.

  • Defaut Launcher. The Razr one works for me

  • gimlet72

    NOVA… the last apex update froze my phone so I switched.

  • AntiJeff

    currently using Nova – folder options are neat

  • Stock Jelly Bean because it’s just dee bayste!

  • I am enjoying Apex. The ability to customize what you need and great performance.

  • Jason Self


    just kidding Apex
    It does what i need it to do

  • Jake

    Just Running Stock on JB

  • qudwls6933

    nornally i use apex launcher for my gnex, but right now, I’m using milestone 6 ics with lg ui 3.0 laucher.

  • TerryAbshireRiley

    Executor because it has more of a customizable windows program

  • stock rooted in my gnex with the battery destroyer jellybean

  • paj

    Nova. It’s all about being smooth…

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Used to be Launcher Pro. Now Nova Launcher. Smoother than Apex for me.

  • tehshift

    stock jelly bean launcher

  • elemeno

    Stock JB launcher. None of the features in 3rd party launchers tempt me.

  • Go Launcher EX for added features.

  • jason ott

    Trebuchet. Who doesn’t want to fling things at people!?

  • Nicholassss

    When I had gingerbread I used launcher pro but these days I use nova with ics. P.S . I liked on Facebook but please don’t hold not using that twitter nonsense against me. :/

  • I use trebuchet from CM10 on my GNex and have no need for a separate launcher. Don’t they use up a lot of resources? (not sure about optimization and such…)

  • Stock launcher on JB. It rocks.

  • Stock moto on my rooted Razr Maxx but have removed and frozen all bloat and crap…

  • Nova because it is the most stable alternate launcher with the most customizations.

  • dtm4

    Stock Jelly Bean!

  • I’m using Nova Launcher for the complete customization. I love being able to choose how many screens, which one is my main screen, scrolling dock, folders, notification center, motion gestures, etc

  • Using the launcher that came with the liquid ics on the thunderbolt

  • Davros

    Been using stock since release on GS3 to give it an honest chance but going back to Nova real soon because of its customization.

  • Stock JB launch…. I’m too lazy to try anything else

  • im using touchwiz on my gs3 cuz i like it!

  • ray_420

    Trebuchet it’d Cyanogen Mods stock launched works great no need for aftermarket launcher

  • stock on jelly bean

  • No Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ here.

    I guess only the social app’s sheople get to participate in these so-called ‘contests’ that only friends and acquaintances of Droid-Life ’employees’ practically ever win anyway.

    Oh darn.

  • Apex! All Day Baby!

  • will

    go launcher ex cuz they’re awesome thanks nvidia

  • Arlind Emini

    Nova, customizable and soo smoothe!

  • Stock launcher, Pure JB

  • Edwin M

    I use the stock launcher in Sense. Twitter is edwinm28

  • Ryan Peters

    Apex launcher because it is very customizable!

  • apex – fast and just works

  • Justin John

    Stock JB Launcher

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Nova baby. All the way. Like to hide my notification bar and removed all of my icons from the home screen. Gestures all the way. My wife can’t even figure out how to make a call or even open the app tray.

  • BillJude56

    Nova cuz it’s smooth as silk.

  • Mistah Mark

    Nova for now. It’s fast and free, and better than TouchWiz.

  • I went Nova and didn’t look back.

  • Still on launcher pro, just really like it

  • I used to use LauncherPro on my old Eris and OG Droid, but on my GNex I’m using the stock JB launcher. It’s so fluid and does exactly what I want, yet still very customizable.

  • Nova. It’s the best for JB.

  • Not using a launcher. But has used go launcher.

  • Kevin

    Stock launcher. Not enough time to switch to another launcher and I’ve plenty happy so far on the galaxy nexus. I used to have launcher pro on the og.

  • Used to use launcherPro on my dinc, now i’m just stock ICS touchwiz until some solid jellybean roms come out for the GS3

  • tried launcher pro but went back to stock android

  • Nova… Smooth and highly customizable

  • OFD

    I use Nova launcher. I have used it since it first came out and just stuck with it. I like to be able to replace my folder icon with a minimalist text icon.

  • Gamer03

    SPB Shell 3D due to it being smooth and having plenty of cool animations!

  • Stock Launcher because I don’t know any better.

  • Rich Eakin

    Using Apex on my Nexus

  • Brian Getchel

    Not using one now, but when I do, Nova is my favorite. Simple to use but a lot of cool extra features

  • Apex cause its quick and very customizable and the free version has more options than its competitors.

  • HasNova For The Features It Had

  • mising

    Apex launcher: works best on my RAZR, double tap screen for all settings, easy to configure, back up and restore

  • eclect1c

    Trebuchet because it just works.

  • PyroHoltz

    Stock jelly bean since it’s that good.

  • Steven Cornea

    I just installed nova and I love it, easy import of your launcher setup and real smooth

  • violator702


  • Nova launcher it has worked best out of the ones I’ve tried

  • Ron Lamb

    Stock Launcher on my GT 10.1. not even sure what a Launcher is.. Time to go out and take a look.

  • StephenRice

    Apex launcher, just because I’m too lazy to try anything else

  • Kal5el

    Stock rooted. Replacement launchers are training wheels for root.

  • Jorge Hurtado

    TouchWiz actually works pretty well surprisingly!

  • I use nova launcher mostly for its speed. It makes my galaxy nexus seem way faster.

  • Apex because it works the best on my ICS ROM.

  • Brian Sargent

    Nova on GNex. Went from Apex when they updated and I couldnt open it.

  • droyd4life

    Stock! I love the stock launcher on my Asus tf101. Other launchers just don’t feel as nice.

  • Holo Launcher. Small, clean and fast!

  • MJ

    I use Trebuchet which is the default laucher on CM 10.

    • MJ

      “…default LAUNCHER…”

  • Nova Launcher Baby!

  • Using Nova atm seems to do the job

  • Nova. equal footing with Apex in terms of customization but its just buttery smooth so far.

  • I’m using the stock launcher on my Bionic so I can enjoy ICS/JB to its fullest if it ever comes! Thanks Droid Life and NVIDIA!

  • Josh

    I use stock jelly bean on my galaxy nexus, it’s fast, smooth, and clean.

  • Stock for now

  • erikiksaz

    Was an apex user, but installed nova and was blown away by the smoothness difference. I haven’t tried apex after they updated to the JB source though.

  • nova- the name is cooler

  • Nova launcher because it got Jelly Bean updates faster than Apex.

  • nexuschimp

    Stock Google did it pretty damn good.

  • Stock… for now….

  • Amin Rainmaker

    I’ve been using GO Launcher lately, though that may change if I get me some sexy ICS… *wink*

  • Andrew Robitaille

    Apex. Very flexible, versatile, and stable.

  • stock, but with a custom lock screen. i’m lazy thats why i don’t have a different launcher app but at least i’m not totally boring.

  • Alan Graham

    LauncherPro because I have an old SGS1 on DarkyROM

  • ROBV_100

    Just using the stock launcher on my RAZR MAXX.

  • JSiNeM

    Nova because overlapping widgets! Comes in handy with UCCW widgets…

  • Stock HTC.

  • Flyinion

    I’m using Nova. It was the first non-stock launcher I used on ICS and at the time it seemed to be doing better than Apex so I never strayed from it.

  • JamesU513

    Apex launcher because it doesn’t require downloading another app just for the unread count notifications like nova. And Nova launchers app drawer manager is not as easy to use as Apex

  • TravisHannon

    I am using the stock launcher on AOKP JB Build 3. Works great, although its nothing fancy

  • Once the Facebook spamming starts that’s when I say screw this. Good luck guys.

  • Martyn Haigh

    I’m rocking TSF Shell. It’s the most customisable and unique launcher out there. The one I show to apple fanbois to let them know what they’re missing!

  • Luke Grissom

    Stock touchwiz launcher for GS3. With the exception of folder creation, it’s pretty smooth and functional.

  • Apex Launcher. I Think It’s The Smoothest Running.

  • chris125

    Stock, because the jellybean launcher on my nexus works great for me.

  • Tweekex


  • cjgoudy

    Still on ADW EX fir the last 3 phones…if it ain’t broke…

  • Dustin Trainer

    Stock Jelly “the Mean” Bean. Because Google built the best one available.

  • stock. It does everything it needs to without adding additional overhead

  • I love the customization I get from Nova on my SG3.

  • Squidlo

    Nova on my GS3, like the options, customization etc.

  • Stock JB launcher. Ever since I got my gNex, I haven’t felt the need for a 3rd party launcher. Buuuut before that, I was an ADW.Launcher junkie .

  • right now, Apex. I switched from TSF Shell, which I love, to see what it’s like.

  • Danniel Rodarte

    Go launcher, rocks out with its apps out lol.

  • I use NOVA launcher because it seems the fastest to me and I the paid version.

  • AGreenV5

    JB Stock. It does the job and supports folders, atleast on the home screens

  • JP

    Nova Launcher. Having the old school widget list makes adding widgets a lot faster.

  • Richard Garrison

    Stock JB launcher is by far the most stable, no frills, no fuss.

  • powerskc

    Go Launcher… it was one of the first couple I tried and now I’ve gotten it so customized and I’m so used to it that I think I’m a lifer….

  • John F.

    Stock ICS launcher is for me. Looks great and is very functional.

  • Mike Bell

    Stock ICS because it runs smooth or whatever.

  • faganm24

    I use the stock MotoICSBlur launcher on the ICS Leak I’m running on my Bionic. It works great for me.

  • David Louie

    stock JB sonnn

  • Nova because it’s awesome

  • I use Nova Launcher because it’s buttery smooth and Droid Life told me to.

  • E Diddy

    I’m currently using Chameleon on my tablet and Nova Launcher on my GS3… this tablet would be a nice addition to my lineup.

  • WCDave

    Tried them all but for now, its stock JB running on Bugless Beast.

  • GO EX

  • I’m using apex because it’s fast and simple, had everything I need and then some.

  • stock on my phone because it’s smooth and nova on my tablet to have more icons and wider margins.

  • I’m using apex launcher because it’s the one that gave me the closest feel to pure jelly bean and not be buggy

  • I’m using whatever launcher comes with Jellybean cause I have no idea how to change it, no do I see a need to.

  • ProfessAndObey

    I use the stock launcher (or whatever comes with my current ROM) because I don’t have an ugly skin to cover up and I don’t need all the extra features other launchers add.

  • MattH818

    Apex on my Bionic .246 It’s very similar to the stock ICS launcher and you can still tweak it the way you like.

  • Alex Williams

    Nova launcher cause it just works

  • apex in tablet on my JB BB nex. I fell in love with tablet mode mod in ICS with its 6×5 grid and using the 720p resolution screen to its most effectiveness. i has a cleaner look w/o the bar.

  • cj

    I use the stock JB launcher because its simple and supa smoofh

  • JeffPodwats

    Stock Launcher on my RAZR M. Perfection is best left alone

  • Default on jb

  • Using stock launcher because I have no need for the dazzle that comes with customer launchers.

  • HumbleEpyX

    Stock launcher…

  • ewilliams1009

    stock… Yes I am an old man

  • Corey Downs

    I use Go Launcher on my rooted Thrive 10.1, and there’s no launcher on MIUI

  • JS629

    stock cause I like it that way.

  • This is hard but would have to say Apex Pro & Go Launcher, Apex is a smooth feel for me & customizable while go launcher has a little more complex configurations

  • garcia525

    Tried out Apex on a whim and just stuck with it

  • Nole Lilley

    Nova, been using it since beta days. The experience is smooth and very customizable and the developer is always adding new features.

  • Radgatt

    Stock jelly bean launcher is all I need.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Nova, because it’s faster.

  • Morenoc12

    Nova launcher runs smoothly and has all the customisation I’ve grown a custom to on my beloved android

  • Stock works fine for now.

  • imneveral0ne

    Nova Launcher, it’s just more stable for me!

  • stock launcher with jelly bean…so smooth!!

  • Nova. Because it’s smooth

  • Aftermath

    I’m using Nova, mostly because they have the folders in the app drawers.

  • ae4365

    I like the ics, jellybean it’s simple and clean.

  • drfromnc

    no launcher

  • Alexander H

    Stock launcher….still on GB and the others all have bad lag in the app drawer

  • TooBigToFit

    I use the stock JB launcher. Android has come a long way, and the stock launcher works for all my needs (in the GB days I used ADW… lightweight and open source).

  • I keep switching between Touchwiz and Apex on my S3.

  • Nova. It’s lightning quick and buttery smooth.

  • motta2003

    Using Nova for the last few weeks since it’s what was on the ICS ROM for my t-bolt…

  • SirLandry

    ssLauncher the Original! Project Butter without even having JB! Love it!

  • TheZilch

    Apex launcher. Solid glitch free With good interface options.

  • Masta Marc

    Launcherpro is always great!

  • R Andrew Wright

    Stock launcher. It’s not too bad.

  • Kernschatten

    Stock launcher these days. I used to use ADW Launcher Pro, but just don’t see the need anymore.

  • I use nova launcher. Its just an overall cleaner smoother ui for my rooted aokp jb powered s3. It’s like having a gnex with a better camera and signal. Now give me a tegra tablet plzkaithnx?

  • aaeagle

    Nova – It works well and is bundled with AOKP

  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Running GoLauncher cause I don’t have ICS Yet! 🙁 But love all the features of GoLauncher.

  • @area0052

    Using nova launcher because it gives that much more customization over the stock launcher

  • Nova. It’s very fast and feature-rich. I was using Go up until recently, but Nova fills in very well and is seemingly faster/lighter.

  • Nova, need that customization!

  • MisterFrancisco

    What if you don’t use a launcher? :/

  • picaso86

    Nova because the latest update from Apex was just painful..

  • BrandonKosanovich

    no launcher. im one of the few who actually like sense.

    • Raymond Sutherland

      i agree, sense works fine for me.

  • Whole lotta Nova love here!!!!

  • Bharath Ramesh

    ADWLauncher EX, love the gesture, got it for $0.10 from play store.

  • Nova Prime because the developer is consistent and its rock solid.

  • JetsFan316

    I use the Stock Jelly Bean Launder on my VZ Gnex running AOKP. I find it to work flawlessly, no need for nova or others for me.

  • jtpatton

    Nova, cool effects.

  • wtsamatta

    ADW ex I like the look, feel and customization’s

  • Holo Launcher on my DROID bionic, because it’s cool.

  • scott cantu

    Still rolling with the stock jb I changes ROMs so much it gets tiresome trying to set it up every time I change.

  • stock launcher cuz i have no problem with it.

  • Go launcher b./c it gives me everything I need from looks to feel to functionality

  • Stock JB on our phones and stock on our Sony S tablet. The HP Touchpad is running the latest nightly for CyanogenMod 9. Why? I’m a simple guy that is generally happy as long as it gets the job done.

  • Nova launcher. Cause it’s the best, feature rich and lag free ics/jb launcher out there.

  • Trebuchet, Switched over from nova/apex after jellybean and have gotten used to the smaller feature-set. but it runs like buttah

  • JrSayOWW55

    TSF Shell!! It looks sweet, still tweaking tho. But i have been enjoying it for the last week.

  • Lani

    Nova just because i like the look and hate TouchWiz!

  • Marco Giudice

    I use apex because its just what I got use to but like nova also

  • I’m using Nova, because it seems to be the most symmetrical.

  • Stock Jelly Bean – smooth as silk and meets every one of my needs 🙂

  • Jon Jaeger

    Stock Jelly! If it ain’t broke why fix it!…. for now…

  • washingtoneoneon

    Stock Samsung gS3, if it aint broke dont fix it

  • David Cosme Jr.

    Hoping to win it and store it away for a Christmas gift for my dad. His netbook is getting a bit shabby. 🙂

  • HTC Sense 3.6 over ICS… what can I say… I like it!

  • I have HTC Sense… why would I need a launcher?

  • Stock on my GS3 and CM10 on my OG Droid Incredible. I thought I would tinker with the older phone till I got the hang of things. Better safe than sorry. LOL.

  • Greg DeBrun

    Stock launcher on GSIII because it works pretty good.

  • Nova. Paid for it, love it on both my phone and tablet… like the speed and customization options.

  • I always used LauncherPro just because it is what I became used to.

  • David Hayden

    I’m using Rosie.

  • For me it’s gonna be Apex Launcher Pro, as i feel Apex and Nova are kinda same.

  • RJPa

    Go Launcher for me!

  • Tommy Thompson

    I’m running Paranoid Android which uses Trebuchet.

  • Nova launcher. Fast and awesome.

  • Rick Stone

    Stock Jellybean!

  • GoBigRed11

    Go Launcher, has a lot of different customization options and runs smoothly.

  • BigLa

    I use Apex. No real reason I use it over Nova. Just flipped a coin.

  • Mikey Styles

    I use Stock JB or sometime Nova & Apex is something I’ll switch back to as well. I love the blend of features Nova as well as Apex gives you with their Launchers. Thnx Again DL for these amazing contests

  • Droidzilla

    I still use GO Launcher, mainly for the “bulldoze” homescreen transition feature. That and they have some nice widgets, but dang . . . dat bulldoze.

  • David Simmons

    I just use the factory launcher. I still have some customizing to do!

  • Corey Hass

    Stock TouchWiz…but with a 4×5 grid!

  • Apex because Its fast and feature rich

  • matthew

    MOTO BLUR all the way. clean and fast

  • P T

    stock sammy works just fine

  • DroidLifer

    Launcher Pro really leaped ahead so I keep that on my old phone, currently though I just have stock.

  • 007e

    Nova, it just works the best for me. I tried Apex and came back to Nova.

  • Nova launcher because it has been my go to launcher since it’s release.

  • mwalker267

    JELLY BEAN, Because its smooth like BUTTER.

  • Rob

    Nova, because it just works

  • Mrigank Bose

    Looking for the best Android Tablet in the market. Until now the ASUS TF700T has dissapointed (maybe it will get better after getting the beans). Galaxy Note 10.1 has been good. Less or no stutter ( even on ICS) compared to ASUS. Any idea how the Excite is? Form factor seems definitely more comfortable.

  • nova. I need the extra grid size.

  • Rx7freek

    I use Nova Launcher on my Galaxy Nexus because it is the best Jelly Bean launcher I have come across to date! So smooth!

  • HuskerPower10

    Stock Launcher, no need for anything else when you’re running jb.

  • Mahercs

    Nova Prime is a beast. Kevin is a great developer; he is responsive, and knows what his users want. No bloat, quick, clean and efficient!

  • megakilo

    Stock launcher. Don’t like 3rd party launcher or skins.

  • Jallen98499

    Nova… Tried them all and Nova currently works best for me. Loved go launcher before thy filled it full of crap

  • Dan

    no launcher atm… previously use apex

  • androidaw

    TSF Shell. I can customize my device exactly the way I want it. I love the regular updates it receives and how smoothly it runs.

  • Nova, it’s always been buttery smooth for me, bought Prime as soon as it came out to support

  • Stock Launcher/Touch Wiz on my Galaxy S3, I like the way it looks!

  • Evan Costanzo

    Nova just like it more

  • ryan f

    Nova launcher. Its simple,customisable, and fast as hell

  • Caleb Martin

    I’m using the stock launcher on my HTC Rezound because I like it.

  • DavidHollinger

    Using Nova at the moment. Mainly because I wanted less homescreens and a more organized app drawer

  • Nova on my G Nex for its stability and very smooth vertically scrolling app drawer.

  • Stock Launcher on Bugless Beasts JB Nightly ROM

  • Bryan Saroza

    I’m using stock. i haven’t experimented with launchers. That and I enjoy the stock experience.

  • Since moving to the SIII, I use the stock launcher. I’m a former user of Launcher Pro and Apex!

  • Charles Eger

    Using Nova. Been on it since ICS and never looked back. Great customization and its super smooth!

  • Duggleass

    I have no launcher. I still need to obtain my first droid device. I am not trying to win more droid devices, or better droid devices. I am trying to win my first droid devices. I know this is all a drawing, so please don’t think I am trying to play a pity tune to success. Just eager, desperate and too frugal to just charge it, or sign 2+ year contracts to get them.

    One day, I will be here, answering these questions with insight. One day I too will be trying to win additional droid stuff. Right now, I am just trying to get into the game!

    Thanks for all the contests this week.

  • supra_2nr

    running the stock kernel and launcher for cyanogenmod 10 on my nexus… good enough until a release stable build comes out…

  • rdrizzle

    I am using Nova at the moment…..its by far the best launcher out. Tons of customization and buttery smooth.

  • Dan Treacy

    I am using Nova Launcher (Prime) at the moment. It does everything and more I used to use LauncherPro for in my earlier Android days.

  • Mark H.

    using Stock launcher

  • Nova Launcher, I use it mostly for backup/restore features plus the small enhancements that make a difference throughout the day

  • I prefer the stock launcher. Stock is why I bought the Galaxy Nexus

  • John Simonelli

    Apex, Since the free version has gesture controls. Come in handy for quick access to system settings or a app I use consistently.


    Stock…vanilla JB is fine with me

  • Nova Prime on my unlocked, rooted JB GNex: b/c I can get more on my screen than stock. And the stock JB luancher on my N7 b/c it is good enough!

  • Jonathan DeJong

    Apex launcher because I didn’t want to use the TouchWiz launcher on my gs3.

  • Broski

    Holo Launcher everyday

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    NOVA b/c it’s buttah

  • Beau L

    Go Launcher as sadly still on a 2.3 phone and most of the others are ICS or JB. Need a new tab to improve my mood here.

  • Using trebuchet at the moment since I’m on paranoid android and haven’t gotten around to installing Nova yet. w/my Gnex and Nexus 7.

  • Stock launcher is all I need.

  • I just got the GS3 so stock touch wiz. I don’t mind stock but have it unlocked and rooted and running jelly bean.

  • LauncherPro, the one who started it all. Its the most responsive. Most smooth. Best put together.

  • Stock JB. Works great for me

  • Younger

    Nova Launcher

  • mastabrozif

    Apex Launcher.

  • Nova…. well because it works! And works well with my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Myphysto

    Launcher Pro…cause it’s PRO.

  • I’ve been using ADW EX launcher on my DX for a while now. Before that it was Launcher Pro for awhile. Both are nice for different reasons.

  • Grimlyte

    Stock JB. Cause i like it.

  • bone2755

    Nova- its slick and it fits my needs perfectly!!!

  • Apex Launcher. it came with the rom. i really like it. very smooth and responsive.

  • Jonik Cannon

    NOVA all day baby

  • Believe it or not, I use stock! THANKS NVIDIA for all the awesome contests!

  • DanThompson87

    Nova because it is stable as heck!

  • Sapko82


  • Stock JB. Just dont need or care for the other stuff anymore.

  • ADW Launcher… because it comes with CM7 which I’m using on my DX2

  • Nova Launcher, because of all the customizations!

  • Was using MIUI launcher with miui but switched back to Apex, love the customization options and *phone style folders, and notification counts. Its got a lot of options.

  • xraytedjim

    Apex launcher all the way baby!

  • Apex, best on I’ve used

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    JB Stock Launcher GNex and N7 can’t beat the pure Android experience IMHO

  • Morlok8k

    I’m stock. I’ve tried a few others, but didn’t care for them.

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Stock launcher, because it works fine for me.

  • Nick Norman

    Apex Pro.
    Smooth, quick, lots of customizations, and overall a slick little launcher.

  • tumatos

    Apex launcher
    Beats TW hands down

  • Brian

    Stock JB

  • I love me some Nova Launcher! It’s just fast and reliable.

  • I use apex launcher…theming is very easy, and they keep it simple just like Bugless Beast.

  • brandito

    Nova, because I can keep my home screens simple if I want them.

  • ak

    Stock launcher as it meets my needs and is good enough to get the job done.

  • Granville Richardson

    Stock for now but been playing with go launcher

  • Dustin Billings

    GoLauncher on Bionic phone and Apex on Galaxy Tablet

  • fanofdroid

    I am using the standard ICS launcher that came with my Droid Razr!

  • Steve S

    When I was on my OG, I was all about the LauncherPro, but I’ve been on stock ICS for my Galaxy Nexus since it’s speedy enough for my needs. I haven’t really found anything else lacking, though I’m sure going through the comments in a bit will show what I’ve been missing from other ones.

  • mikjanaz

    Stock Samsung…….works for me.

  • Bjornbam

    Chameleon. It’s really growing on me.

  • I use Nova… have used it since AOKP and right now use it on my SGS3. Love it… simple, fast, and always works for me.

  • GO Launcher. I like the scrolling menu and transitions.

  • CoolSaluki

    Rezound stock launcher.

  • GuidZilla

    bouncing between stock CM10 and Apex right now, been using Apex for quite awhile otherwise since getting my gnex.

  • Mark Kisiel

    Been using Nova Launcher Prime, so many settings and love the ability to backup.

  • Nova cuz Its butter

  • I was using Go Launcher and now rolling stock.

  • Chameleon

  • AbbieRosario

    Stock JB on my GNex. Will eventually put another on once I have more time to tinker with the device.

  • I’m using ADW because my DInc is still running CM7.

  • Bjones99

    Stock ICS on Droid Razr Maxx….Simple and Clean!

  • Stock. Giving stock JB a ride for awhile and see how it goes.

  • trebuchet!

  • Holo launcher: To bring jelly bean functionality to ICS

  • Drewber49er

    Stock Launcher – clean and neat

  • Nova launcher! It’s smooth and has all the great features I need bundled together instead of having some and not others

    Force portrait mode,
    Hid divider in dock
    Scroll speeds
    Gives me the ability to backup and restore how I had my desktop setup previously when I set up other ROM’s including the ability to restore widgets!

    (Doing this based on memory, I know there are other features and other launchers that do the same/similar stuff but honestly Nova works best all around)

  • Bigwavedave25

    Tried Apex first because of their “lock the desktop” option (kids). Then Nova got in the game. Ended up sticking with Nova and going Pro.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Nova launcher. Best features, easiest back up of settings add well.

  • rjm12rjm12

    Stock until I root my GS3.

  • AbelRod

    nova its fun

  • Eric

    Nova launcher its basic and simple yet gives me all the options i need and then some.

  • Apex Launcher, nice customization and just works well!

  • Bjones99

    Stock ICS on Droid Razr Maxx…Clean and Simple!

  • jefs2box

    nothing at the moment… back to stock

  • raoul duke

    Stock jelly bean

  • STOCK Launcher!! MOTO and ICS does it right (^_^)

  • Clifford Gadd

    Apex Launcher, because I can.

  • Anthony Di Benedetto

    Nova – install love the themes and developer support!

  • k.houan

    Apex for me, in the words of a certain rival fruit-named company; “It just works.”

  • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

    i use go launcher…i hate the widget setup on the new ICS/JB launchers. also, i can have folders in the app drawer so my minimalist phone is not limited to the home screens

  • rda990

    Stock Motorola launcher since I am too lazy to get a custom one =D

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I use the standard launcher since it is so simple to use. Apex and Nova have a learning curve I’m not interested in tackling.

  • Nova Launcher, Gotta love the backups!

  • Justin Herrick

    Gotta go with Apex. Keeps it as close as possible to stock while adding some goodies!

  • FarmerTechno

    I’m currently using the stock launcher on my stock rooted ROM, but when on AOKP/CM I prefer Apex, due to it’s speed and feature set.

  • b.rudd

    Trebuchet because I’ll take a focus on performance over “cool” (see: gimmicky) features any day.

  • Kyle Bailey

    I’m using stock launcher because its simply awesome.

  • sciroccohsd

    LauncherPro – has all the right features to do highly functional minimalistic screens

  • DevianceInDark

    Nova. Because racecar.

  • Itsmejoeyb

    Launcher pro always works well for me!

  • BAoxymoron

    I had nova on bean 11 for s3 but that google now glitch broke my notification bar for somereason and before I found out what the problem was I had already flashed back to stock s3

  • Trebuchet!

  • engemasa

    I am currently using stock but I was previously using Nova Launcher. I haven’t tried the Apex Launcher yet.

  • Ivan92116

    no launcher…stock serves my needs for now.

  • Raven

    I am using Go Launcher on my old Droid 2 and stock on my ICS and JB tablets. Why, because it hides the Blur and gives me full control of my desktop to have the number of screens that I want, to have resizable and scrolling widgets and to have some nice transitions.

  • The stock launcher….its meets my needs.

  • Ted Summers

    I use the Go Launcher HD

  • Apex… So far the fastest, most functional of the launchers out there…

  • slash19

    Apex…It’s the first one I installed and it does everything I need.

  • ryanwv24

    stock moto ics launcer, thats right dont judge me, lol

  • Regular HTC because I’m too lazy to change it haha

  • Stock as i have no complaints with Motorola ui.

  • stock, i’m too lazy to care anymore.

  • Mark schweigert

    Currently using Apex to try something different. Formerly used ADW EX. Gives me better customization options as far as rows/columns, etc..

  • nlwilkins

    Trebuchet . Cm launcher 🙂

  • Sivan Rehan

    JB stock. I’m happy with it!
    I used to like Go Launcher but for now I prefer simplcity.

  • Edward

    Currently Stock because its smooth and simple

  • Manuel ORTIZ

    I am using tsf shell BC the latest update has made it so smooth n I love the 3D effects.

  • Nova, been stable since day 1.

  • Brien

    Stock. I think the 4.0+ launcher is just fine. If I had a skinned one, however, I have a special place for ADW

  • Jack0

    Stock JB launcher

  • what is a launcher?…gonna go try nova BBL with results

  • Erik

    Currently Using apex because its simple and has had everything I’ve needed so far

  • tanknspank

    Nova, for the options and how the theme engine themes usually theme it.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    STOCK JB, Bugless Beast all the way! Cause its the Creamy Butter of the Crop thats why!
    ; )

  • Stock Jellybean Launcher, you know representing my jellybros

  • JazzoRenee


  • I’m using trebuchet on cm10!!!!!!!!!

  • TJ Le

    Go Launcher. Pretty simple setup, and always loved the multiple dock bar option, saves room on the homescreens to be able to view my wallpapers.

  • Jeffrey Young

    Nova (on nexus 7), Trebuchet (Galaxy Nexus) – I purchased both Nova and Apex, but Nova hasn’t given me any troubles.

  • I’ve been going back and forth with Apex and Nova.I just can’t decide!

  • Launcher? We don’t got no launcher. We don’t need to show you any stinkin’ launcher! Pure JB awesomeness, baby!

  • John Hallanger

    Nova Launcher-close to stock ICS

  • I use Nova Launcher. The first one I used (aside from stock) and since it works so well, just stuck with it.

  • kdub

    Stock HTC launcher just keepin it real.

  • Stock launcher ,because I like it stock.

  • Stock jellybean, I’m just in love with it, so smooth

  • I use stock. I’ve been afraid to try another launcher due to ones before slowing down my phone :/

  • TB

    Stock because it works.

  • whosinaname

    Nova launcher, I just like to customize

  • Nova – comes with AOKP and seems to have everything I need/want.

  • Stock, because while I used to use other launchers since ICS I have felt the need to use them be less and less, since JB I have not used one.

  • Nycdroids

    Launcher Pro is still awesome looking.

  • Gee

    I prefere the original launcher even if I used to work with LauncherPro.

  • I’m using the JellyBean stock launcher on my Nexus- it’s fast and I love it. Haven’t found any reason to change it. Oh and PLEASE pick me!! I’m your biggest fan!

  • Brandon Schmidt

    Apex launcher Best launcher across many roms.

  • Ben Schulz

    I’m using the stock jelly bean launcher because I haven’t had time to install AKOP with nova due to my busy schedule

  • kaosdrastezzy

    N-O-V-A all day!

  • woot

    nova. fast & robust. easy as that.

  • Greg Walter

    Stock, why mess with vanilla android and jelly bean. Its what we have always wanted on the nexus so why ruin it with another skin

  • HollywoodWebber

    Nova. It’s the best I’ve used.

  • eric roylance

    Apex launcher. It has everything I need, is clean and simple

  • Adam Theis

    I prefer whatever the stock launcher is with the exception of touchwiz

  • Muddy B00ts

    Apex all the way. It’s the first one I tried, and I’ve got it all set up sexy like.

  • zakry obrien

    im using trebuchet on cm10

  • stephen shavers

    Still using touchwiz. Anyone have any suggestions for a great launcher that works well on the GS3?

  • Marc

    Stock JB, soooo buttery

  • bucwylde23

    Using Nova launcher, the customization and stock look are the best.

  • Zachary F

    Nova, its fast and allows me to customize what I want.

  • I use Holo launcher on my Republic Wireless Moto Defy XT and stock launcher on my Asus Transformer Prime. I use Holo so that my Gingerbread experience is closer to ICS. I use stock because I don’t really have any issues with it on the Prime.

  • Greg Poe

    Nova is the only one I’ve used

  • I am back to the stock on my Galaxy tab. Tried the Apex, but things just were not stable, not really sure what was going on. I know there are many that love Apex, so It probably is just something with my tab. I have to admit that I am pretty new to the idea of using different launchers and that could be the the whole problem. Now I am a little gun shy about trying another one. If I ever need to reset my tab, I will give it another try while the tab is clean.

  • Nova launcher

  • Whatever comes with Clean Rom. Works great.

  • D L

    Nova launcher. Of all the launchers it seems the most stable.

  • Nova ROCKS !!!! Awesome features just love it.

  • DanRunsWithSwizzors

    My Droid 3 uses Nova launcher on Hashcode’s CyanogenMod version 9. (…and yes I still like my poor forgotten Droid 3. )

  • Greg Jeffers

    Nova, for extra 4.0+ goodness!

  • MSlab

    I switched to Nova yesterday just to try it out.

  • Andy

    Nova! Love it, it’s so fast and smooth

  • Quintin Williams

    apex…they have the best settings and i love the backup desktop feature.

  • Mike Belmonte

    ive been happily using NOVA Prime for a while now and currently running AOKP build3 on my VZ gnex..I love the dock swipe gestures that let me keep my dock uncluttered plus nova has some of the smoothest transition animations around. #SUPERamoled for life 🙂

  • GOLauncher so it can look like ICS/JB on my Bionic…

  • trampacek

    Stock launcher for me..

  • droidify

    Nova launcher prime.
    It’s funny, almost every twitter post I’ve ever made has something to do with a DL contest starting with last years Tegra 2 give-away.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Nova wins hands down on my phone, messing with Chameleon on my Prime

  • Andrey Feldman

    Apex, cause its as smooth as stock with way more customization.

  • Little G

    Love my Nova launcher for it’s beauty and functionality.

  • Keith Johnson

    Apex Launcher. It has a plethora of features, and gets me to my sweet regardless of ROM.

  • schmaltzy

    Nova Launcher – I just love how stock it makes everything look and how easy it is to customize it!

  • I am using Chameleon….It’s the best, period.

  • Adrian Blidi

    Stock launcher on lg mytouch. Sadly everything else slows it down

  • Nova, simply due to the high level of customization.

  • Ross Sullivan

    Nova, because everything else stinks.

  • I’m currently alternating between Nova and Trebucher and I’ve never been happier.

  • LionellMarshall

    Stock, runs smooth on my RAZR M. Although i really enjoy using Nova from time to time.

  • Jason Taylor

    Nova.. fast, smooth and super customizable.

  • Jason M

    Do you have to know what a “launcher” is to participate in this contest? I’m pretty sure I just use my Samsung GS3 as it came out of the box.

  • TinaLee

    Did I mention I was using Trebuchet launcher? 🙂

  • My launcher of choice is Holo Launcher. Why? Because I have a Droid 3 and it’s clearly the only way I’ll be getting anything close to ICS.

  • subiedude85

    Running trebuchet from CM10 on my razr because less is more.

  • JMonkeYJ

    native, baby! since ICS i haven’t needed any additional launcher features.

  • Stock JB launcher

  • Stock jb cause its simple

  • Phil Austin

    Nova! had to get rid of touchwiz on my GS3…

  • SubMatrix

    Nova launcher. Stock look, fast, customizable!

  • osseus200

    Nova because it ships with AOKP, haven’t tried anything else

  • Stock JB or Sense depending on what I’m running.

  • Nick Burton

    Nova launcher is my current choice, mostly because it comes with AOKP. Which to me is the best aosp rom for my toro.

  • Nova Prime… I like the speed of it, and the ability to change margins & app drawer width/height

  • [email protected]

    in not useing a lancher yet,, not that savy,, hope it dosent disqualify me..

  • DXHusk3r

    I use Nova Launcher. Mostly because it’s customizable and I hate the way the TW Launcher does folders.

  • Nick Donofrio

    nova because i like it the best

  • Mr Waldo

    Rockin Apex launcher on my Bionic because I like using my homescreen in horizontal mode

  • bikerbill12

    Apex on the galaxy nexus and nova on the nexus7

  • Kyle Cole

    Using a stock launcher on my RAZR maxx! Can’t complain!

  • I’m using nova launcher because it gives me that butter feeling on galaxy s3.

  • Currently using go launcher to get the feel I want for my phone. Paired with go locker to make cool lock screens to use!

  • Kevin Pollack

    Still using LauncherPro but might change to nova soon

  • Using Nova launcher. It seems more fluid and very snappy to me.

  • Neil Ostrander

    Nova Launcher – just like how it works on my GS3.

  • samthomas86

    Nova is just the best. Faster, more stable and looks great.

  • kjun14

    Nova launcher! It was included on a ROM I found and loved it! Thanks!!

  • Joshua Granville

    Stock on my Bionic

  • Nova. It’s smooth and has great features.

  • I use Nova launcher for my vzw SG3. It’s faster than the other launchers and you can sort within folders. Holo and Apex are missing that

  • Cliff Wynne

    I’m fine with the stock launcher from JB why add more 🙂

  • dapbmonkey4u

    I use stock Sense launcher. When I am on an AOSP rom I will run Nova Launcher, it seems to be the smoothest and quickest for my needs.

  • Big_EZ

    Go launcher because I can’t decide between Apex and Nova now that they both have my must have features.

  • Anthony Wilen

    Rocking the stock (GNex JB)!

  • Nova launcher on my jb Gnex because it’s super fast, easy to configure and stable.

  • henchman21

    Nova launcher

  • antwonw

    Nova Launcher Prime! It’s the best launcher because of the vast customizability with it. Plus the integration with unread notification apps is amazing. The gestures and folders organizing is so great; that’s what convinced me to purchase the PRIME version.

  • I use stock JB Launcher for Galaxy Nexus.. I love how fluid it is, and “It Just Works” – I’m thinking Android is going to be stealing that catch phrase from Apple..

  • bkosh84

    Nova Launcher! I like it because its smoother and easy to use/customize!

  • Default launcher on Jelly Bean, simple and functional

  • Trebuchet. It’s basic.

  • Stock launcher that is on my Droid X. Because quite honestly, I haven’t found a custom launcher that meets my needs and behaves better than stock.

  • pooh

    stock mug

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    JB Stock cause I find all other launchers tend to get laggy after awhile.

  • smisa27

    I use apex on my galaxy s3. But prior, I’ve been a long time fan of the house launcher

  • Nova launcher. Got hooked on it from workplace.

  • I am using Nova launcher because it has just the right amount of customization for a beautiful home screen!

  • I’ve been a nova user for a long time. That launcher seems to have the best blend of features.

  • Thomas Schiferl

    Right now I’m actually using the stock JB launcher on my Gnex, just never bothered to use Nova this time

  • jofficus44

    Nova Launcher – it’s built into AOKP releases for a reason – it’s amazing!

  • I use the chameleon launcher. It gives Android a new look and feel while keeping the tablet smooth and running normally

  • PalmerAdam

    Nova launcher because its what the stock android launcher should be!

  • Chris Brunetto

    Trebuchet all day

  • Alan Paone

    I using trebuchet. Nova and apex always remind me of adw, in a bad way, because everything you do causes an explosion of options. Its frustrating, its like they aim to undo all the streamlining that Google did with ICS.

  • DBK

    I’m using the Stock Jellybean launcher (GNex) because nothing is better than stock Android.

  • I use the stock launcher on my GNex cause I’ve tried other launchers and was not really happy with how they operated. When I had my Droid X, I used ADW launcher cause the stock launcher on it was childish looking….I’m just a big fan of how the Jellybean stock launcher looks and all the blue. I have set my icons, clock and notification bar in the blue color cause it is just so streamline and fresh looking.

  • I’m using Nova Prime on all my devices.

  • Roga

    Nova Launcher because it just fits.

  • Go launcher on dx, sometimes lp

  • I’m currently using Nova Launcher because I like being able to pick different animations and animation speeds. Really fun to play with.

  • Nova because it’s nova

  • beyourgravity

    Apex, it’s beast and smoothly fast.

  • Scoccercoach

    I am new but need one of these for my work….BADLY…..Being new, stock is what I use but who knows, after all the great articles here on DL, I just may be changing very very shortly…

  • Jose Q

    I’ve tried both Nova and Apex launcher, but after using ICS and Jelly Bean there’s no reason to use anything other than the stock launcher

  • NOVA – … just happened to be the first one I installed after receiving my GN and I like it. Never saw a reason to change to anything else.

  • droid1way

    Stock on my xoom wifi

  • I use circle launcher on my thunderbolt because it gives my phone a minimalist look to it. My phone doesn’t look clutter with my apps.

  • EdsonDJ

    I use Nova mainly because it was the first third party launcher for ICS that I came upon. It also offers great customization that the stock launcher doesn’t offer.

  • Twofourturbo

    I stick with the factory Launcher. There isn’t many options that are not available on Jelly Bean that I’m interested in downloading a completely new launcher for.

  • Cody Corbett

    Just stock Jelly Bean. I like that clean Holo them and Project Butter has put to rest the only thing my iPhone friends had on me – scroll lag…

  • Eric Peterson

    Nova Launcher Beta. I dunno, it has always just seemed the best to me.

  • leftovermagic84

    Apex on my phone – solid launcher and all the features you could ever want
    on my rooted nook touch I use Launcher 7 because it gives big tiles perfect for e-ink

  • s2k_848

    Using Nova…because it came with AOKP Build 3 for GNex.

  • Jake B.

    Apex, Smooth!!!

  • I was using Apex until I recently downloaded Nova this week. I like the replacement launchers because of the home screen looping and other things that have not showed up on the stock launcher yet. The ability to apply themes to give your phone a new look is awesome. Sorta liking Nova right now, seems smoother than Apex.

  • J Nano

    Well i have been going back and forth choosing random launchers. I can say apex has everything a user would want. I just love the simple jb ui with packed features. Shoutouts to apex devs!

  • Moto Stock – It does alright, for the time being.

  • tkc122

    Apex…fast and fluid

  • Rich Dross

    Apex. Cool themes and icon packs.

  • dukenilnil

    Stock jb gets the job done

  • owenlyaiden

    im using the stock xperia play launcher its smooth and looks so clean no need to change it ooh and whichever one comes on vegacomb :p

  • Dale Bloom

    Apex….Bugless Beast

  • i’m using apex launcher because it just works!

  • Holo launcher plus still on a gingerbread device faking the ics look

  • Geran Smith

    I have been using Nova Launcher since I got my Galaxy Nexus. It runs extremely fast, they put out lots of updates, and never gives me any issues. Stability, speed, and lots of features are always great.

    On my Droid X, I was all about Launcher Pro. Though it kind of went down the wayside and that “big update” never came out 🙁

  • Steven Luu

    Using Apex Launcher!

  • cloutist4

    Stock JB, baby! Used to use LauncherPro until I went Nexus.

  • Hazadriel

    Launcher? Heck with that, nothing but stock Jelly Bean for me.

  • M A

    No launcher

  • TinaLee

    Trebuchet launcher because thats what my fiance said I have! 🙂

  • Rob Mounts

    I am using Nova launcher on my Galaxy Nexus. It is without a doubt the smoothest launcher that runs on my Phone. I have used Apex and GO launchers in the past too. I bought my wife Chameleon for her Sony Tablet S and she loves it. It would be nice to try out a launcher on a tablet that i could call my own.

  • Los

    Go Launcher Pro gives the feel of true ICS

  • aj34

    I use stock. I am pretty lazy.

  • Apex – Their constant updates help my phone with a garbage Sense skin feel more like stock Android until I can get a Nexus.

  • Jason Ricci

    Original GB launcher, because I’ve gotten so used to it and it has never let me down.

  • Samsung’s stock touchwiz. I don’t see the need to change it. Can anyone argue otherwise?

  • strikeir13

    Nova. Best options and more importantly, best organization of options! Plus, Prime and the option to run the public betas!

  • Derek Britton

    Nova Launcher!

  • Using Go because it’s free, allows a lot more customization, and it’s solid.

  • Devilbomb

    Apex… It just seems like a natural extension of the stock launcher, but with more options for customizing and theming.

  • Stock ICS launcher. I find that after some time other launchers usually slow down my phone although I haven’t tried a launcher for over a year so may be that’s changed.

  • I have used both Nova and ADW but I always end up back on the stock launcher on my nexus.

  • vonny571

    Nova. Smooth and does everything I need it to.

  • Todd B

    I’m using stock. I have no complaints and it does what I need.
    Good luck to all who enter. Thanks DL and NVIDIA for a great RAW!
    Someone is going to be thrilled with this tablet. I would love to get my hands on it!

  • Mat Collins

    Nova Premium! Lot’s of tweaks, options, and quite stable!

  • Dc

    I’m using Nova Prime because it offers great features like gestures, and theming.

  • z

    stock android, why mess with it

  • Franz

    Every since ICS and JB updates to the core of Android, launchers are getting less and less useful.

    I’ll usually stick with the Trebuchet launcher that comes with a CM9 or CM10 build.

    If I need more I like Apex because it supports my HP Touchpad better.

  • nightscout13

    GO Launcher EX cause the stock Launcher on GS3 sucks!

  • I run Nova Launcher because IMHO, it is more stable and the features fit my needs more.

  • I’m using Nova Launcher because it takes the great ICS stock launcher and improves on it by giving you more customization options. As I love to customize my phone (and change about once a month) it lets me have a wide selection of options to change my interface while still keeping a great android experience. I really love that my folders are not limited to 16 icons. And being able to add extra icons to the dock is great. I enjoy Nova launcher so much that I’ve gotten all my friends who have ICS devices to use it as their launcher as well.

  • I’m sticking with the stock launcher. It just works great in JB.

  • I use Go Launcher Pro for its speed and many customization choices

  • PC_Tool

    Nova. Quick, painless, bought it when it first launched “Prime”.

  • Corey Loughrey

    Trying NOVA now, got tired of the lack of support for ADW.

  • Nadora

    Nova Launcher! Runs perfectly smooth and gives tons of customization options. Gestures are one of my favorites and the ability to hide dock & status bar.

  • John

    Nova b/c there’s nothing like a stock feeling launcher with a nut ton of customization.

  • Stock launcher is all I need…Used GoLauncher for awhile…

  • Josh Wenthold

    Nova, fast and good custom options

  • smingo

    adw launcher ex because i tried it once, got it set up to how i like and now i’m too lazy to try another launcher and set it up how i want it.

  • Nova, It just feels smoother than Apex… but it could just be in my head.

  • dhuff44

    I use nothing more than the stock launcher, kinda boring I guess

  • Masterminded

    Stock because it works and because I’m lazy

  • threerandomwords

    Stock launcher, no need to fix something if it’s not broken

  • JeremiahOverton

    I am using Go Launcher. I liked the transitions, some of the widgets, quick bar at the bottom. Although I have used Apex in the past, and think that is a good launcher also.

  • nova because i’m too lazy to go back and forth w/apex…

  • BikerBob1789

    Nova, does everything I want, without the bloat.

  • Nova – it comes pre installed on AOKP and it works great.

  • Nova for the easy backup and restore for new ROM flashes.

  • Nova launcher for the notifications and customizablity. Plus it was the first launcher I used on my Nexus so I stuck with it.

  • TurtlePowah

    Vanilla android on my GNex and I’m liking it more than any launcher I’ve used in the past

  • Mnason Pearson

    right now nova because apex was giving me problems, but I’m glad I made the switch

  • S Turley

    Stock GB…because it is all I need at the moment.

  • Clint O

    Apex… Always a step ahead of the game

  • Fredy Nativi

    I love using the stock launcher. Cause pure Google is just great.

  • SJ Prettyman

    I’m using the Holo Launcher HD on my GS3. I needed some of the Jelly Bean features, since I know I won’t be receiving them for a while on VZW!

  • david mastros

    Nova because its fast and smooth and I have no problems with it.

  • Michael Forte

    Nova Launcher because it has a stock feel with extra customization.

  • ChuckDz3

    Nova. Its as close to stock as possible with some added features.

  • CM10 trebuchet 0.2. It’s clean and awesome. Loves it.

  • Seth M

    I have stock on my Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean. It’s amazing and has almost everything I need. I would switch to nova launcher prime because it has infinite customization and I love the swipe up and down options, as well as switching from horizontal drawer to vertical scrolling. I just haven’t dropped the 4 bucks haha

  • da

    Nova because it just seems to run smoother with less FCs than Apex on my phone

  • Despyse

    Nova, lots of customization

  • Jack Hoffman

    ApexLauncher…first one to do full backups for use across multiple ROM and in ICS days was faster than Nova. All of them are great though…

  • G A

    I don’t use a launcher – guess I need one

  • Christian Lira

    I’m been using Apex because the settings menu is more organized than Nova but lately, its been really buggy so I went back to stock while they fix it up.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    Stock JB launcher, simple and smooth

  • Tim Buchanan

    Nova launcher. Because it just works.

  • Nova launcher.

  • skater57

    I usually use nova because it works a lot better for my phone (rezound) than apex. Right now I am using the sensse launcehr because I don’t really want to set up my phone that’s gonna be esnt back anyway(7th rezound, came with a screen that’s not properly glued down)

  • FRazzley

    Nova Launcher – became my normal launcher for AOKP

  • I left GO for Apex. Never looked back.

  • delerivm

    I’m using Go Launcher Ex, mostly because it comes with the Thundershed 1.6 ROM I’m running on my Tbolt. . It has enough ICS-like features that I am no longer sad about the Verizon delays in getting us the promised upgrade before the end of Summer.

  • Nova Launcher, because it is so fully customizable, because it runs smoothly, and because it allows for the import of homescreens from other launchers, including the stock android launcher, which saves time spent reconfiguring.

  • Apex launcher because it is smooth and customizable

  • kaufkin

    Stock on JB / Gnexus. because it works.

    • Greyhame

      … because, it /just/ works.

      there, fixed that for you 😉 #ikeedikeed

  • Frank Urbanski

    Stock, I want the true experience.

  • Using Sense as current phone is an HTC- looking to try something new tho 🙂

  • NOVA Launcher all the way. I like how I multi-select apps and move them to the homescreen.

  • Albert Gorski

    Still using ADW EX.

  • TouchWiz, because I don’t consider it CheeseWiz, as I have heard it called. It definitely works for me

  • Mark2134

    Old school. LauncherPro for effect. 😀

    • GuidZilla

      i miss the days of screwing with launcher pro on my OG. *Pours a little out…*

    • Mikey Styles

      Forgot all about that Launcher when I moved to the Nexus. It was awesome on my Droid X & D2G

  • oliman37

    Stock since the jb update, love my galaxy nexus!

  • nova’s got the most features

  • Mike M

    Love Nova. Looks great and works better

  • I haven’t used a launcher in quite a while. I have no need to at the moment.

  • strozykowski

    Whatever is the default in CM10, honestly. I don’t monkey about with that anymore.

  • nwd1911

    I’ve been using Holo Launcher lately instead of Sense 3.6.

  • Stock JB, gets the job done!

  • Michael Steptoe

    JB stock, Its clean and to the point

  • Nelly547

    Nova Launcher. Thanks DL and NVIDIA!

  • tehserver

    Stock launcher for me. I like Android the way Google intended it to be.

  • athensjohn

    I’m using Apex. It just seems the smoothest right now, although I still use the stock Android launcher on my Nexus 7.

  • Dave Wolnik

    I am using the stock launcher on my Moto Cliq.

  • I use the stock launchers on my Android tablets, but only cuz I haven’t rooted my HTC Flyer yet. I like my Samsung TouchWiz well enough.

  • xzombiex66

    using apex on my G Nex, nexus 7, and asus tab. I like it because of the small footprint it has on the devices.

  • trebuchet i like cm10

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Nova Prime on AOKP JB….love it

  • Senate9690

    Nova – Love the JB features while still on ICS, and the stacked folders.


  • Im using nova launcher on my GS3 until it gets updated to JELLY BEAN!

  • Apex all the way!!!!!

  • HouseJunkieXL

    Stock! It buttery smooth! 4.1 baby1

  • Adam

    I have a Bionic and just using the standard blur launcher. It does what I need it to do. No reason to switch.

  • ME

    Stock on my “AMAZING” Bionic

  • mtkregs

    Stock Launcher on Galaxy Nexus. I am happy with it, so no need for a replacement launcher.

  • Using nova launcher because its got so many customizations and its wicked fast!

  • I am using stock on Jelly Bean, because I have not felt the need for another one. I tried out Nova and while back on my tablet, and Apex a lot more recently, and they all have little quirks that annoy me.

  • moelsen8

    apex.. because it came with a rom once and i liked it over nova

  • I bought Apex launcher on my Droid RZR Maxx because I thought it offered everything Nova did and more. But recently I installed a rom and it had Nova installed. After using it for a day I really liked it, it seemed smoother and I guess I just liked having something different and so I went ahead and bought it too

  • Nova, because it’s super clean and smooth!

  • Nova Launcher. Because SPB shell is too expensive.

  • Eric Peterson

    I am using Nova launcher for 3 reasons. First I love the gesture based short cuts, second it supports kovdev’s icon packs (awesome), and finally because I update my rom all of the time and the backup feature makes it quick and painless to get my settings back.

  • Jtay23

    im using apex launcher because I can rain down monkeys on my wallpaper

  • cns2007

    Nova Prime. I’ve used many, but this is my current one. Very smooth.

  • Nova for sure. I’ve been using Widgetlocker by the same developer for years, so when he came out with a launcher right after my Droid 2 got CM9, I sure as hell gave it a go, and I’ve loved it enough to buy the Prime version.

  • Kevin Raymond

    Apex; the free version had features I wanted, and it runs nice and smooth for me.

  • Kpirate

    Android Stock, because Jellybean is all I need

  • topherct

    Stock JB

  • corgimas

    just keep it stock for now….need to get more comfortable soon tweaking stuff though

  • stock CM10 M1

  • djxkxoz

    Rockin’ Nova with AOKP as it fits the best with this ROM. I do like Apex and I have used it a lot in the past. Both are butta so it’s just a matter of what suits at the time.

  • Inquizitor

    Stock launcher, I care more about custom ROMs than custom launchers. CM10 ftw!

  • Kizipotamus

    I’ve used the stock launchers ever since ICS. I no longer needed to “pretty up” the homescreens, as they were how I wanted.

  • Jordan Gibson

    Please stop making these contests requiring you to have a twitter account. I have facebook and follow you all religiously but never can win anything because I don’t have a twitter…Thanks!

  • MikeSaver

    Nova launcher. You can customize everything! For free! Drawers, folders, grids, icons. And did i mention its free.

  • I love the stock RAZR launcher. I used to use Go Launcher, on my OG though.

    Again, FB and G+ are under a different email that the Tweet and Comment.

  • quiklives

    Nova for me!

  • Nova Launcher. It just works, and can be customized to easily fit my needs.

  • Samuel Victor

    I use the Nova launcher…. my sister told me it was the best… and i sometimes trust her, sometimes

  • abhisahara

    Apex….more options in free version 🙂

  • MarkB

    Holo Launcher Plus! It’s the quickest on my Atrix 2. Love the customizations!

  • Mas21

    I’m using Nova as well. I started using it because of AOKP but I continue to use it because it is feature rich and it makes restoring my phone a breeze (combined with TB of course).

  • Will Rehse

    I do not quite see the advantages of non stock launchers so Stock for me!

  • Nova Prime. I haven’t tried Apex in a while, but back when I tested both I chose Nova because it seemed to perform better for me.

  • stock launcher to keep it nice and simple

  • Right now I’m running Apex on my GNex, it has all of the customizations that I want, and it makes resetting up after a clean wipe to flash a new rom really easy.

  • using samsung nexus stock launcher with Jelly bean. LOVE IT!

  • Greyhame

    Been with Nova since the beginning, and sticking with ’em. Pro version is worth it! It allows me to really personalize and make my phone my own.

    EDIT: Initially I really liked the built in short cut to voice search, which Apex didn’t (still doesn’t?) have.

  • Travis Newton

    I’m just using the stock launcher on my Galaxy S3 because it works for me.

  • Joey Miranda

    Nova launcher starting today so that i can have a landscape homescreen on my nexus and utlize the kickstand on the new case i got.

    • Where you get the kickstand case? you are talking about the G-nex phone correct?

  • Jimmy Garcia

    Stock miui. I change ROMs every other day tho

  • I use Nova Launcher because it looks cleaner and it’s easier to use.

  • I use the stock launcher on my Galaxy Nexus. It’s simple, clean and has just the features I want and nothing I don’t.

  • Ryan McFadden

    Nova launcher because it keeps getting better and better and it comes with AOKP.

    Thanks Droid-Life and NVIDIA!!

  • Stock CM10 launcher. So…Trebuchet.

  • Was using GoLauncher. Switched to MIUI rom recently and using the stock launcher there. If/When I switch back I will try Nova a try.

  • Nova because it makes everything so accessible!

  • Apex Launcher on my GNex!

  • JoshGroff

    Nova Prime. I have to be able to sort my apps in the drawer, otherwise they get lost. 🙂

  • Stock launcher, baby! It’s so buttery smooth and does what I need. No need for others for me!

  • Being an AOKP vet i def have grown accustom to nova but more so out of respect for its rock solid stability and customization options not so diceded for me.. love the launcher so much I opted in to nova prime!

  • GoLauncher because I haven’t had any problems with it and it runs smoothly on my phone. Plus, the ability to hide apps from the drawer or rename and change the icons on the homescreens.

  • Sparktweek

    I am using the Holo Launcher on my VZW GS3, so that I can get a little taste of Jelly Bean goodness! Thanks DL!

  • TomStieger

    Stock Motorola Launcher on my Bionic ICS leak, because it works best with my lapdock.

  • Stock Trebuchet on CM10. Was using Apex for a bit but decided Trebuchet does everything I need it to.

  • Paul

    launcher pro, still prefer the stock laucher though

  • Aardvark99

    Nova. Apex seemed better at first but rendered the Beautiful weather widget incorrectly (maybe due to the grid size change I made?). Anyway, Nova did a better job so I bought the full version of it. I gave stock TW (Galaxy S3) a shot, I think I lasted all of 2 days.

  • JD Stoever

    Trebuchet: CM 10 nightly on my Gnex, works pretty well so I thought Id keep it for a while.

  • Nova

  • fiveHellions

    Nova. It has all the features I want in a clean stable package and replaces the crappy sense launcher.

  • S2556

    Nova Prime!! super fast, stable, and customizeable

  • drboyd

    Stock, ADW and Nova depending on the device.

  • The default launcher. That’s the way it was designed to be and I haven’t seen the need to change it up. Using a different theme or wallpaper suits me just fine. I’m more interested in getting things done than be picky on how my apps are being organized, etc.

  • phekno

    Nova, because the leaked Bionic ICS default launcher sssssuuuuucccccckkkkkksssss.

  • Stock launcher because I like the regular look and feel. Don’t want an iPhone layout.

  • Stephen

    Tried them all on my trusty original Droid, and became a staunch LauncherPro user, but on my RAZR MAXX with IceCream Sandwich and minimal blur, so many of the things I NEEDED a replacement launcher for are now built in (despite the blur haters, it actually has a few nice additions). Haven’t had enough incentive to replace the stock Moto launcher, so it’s still stock for me!

  • I’m using HTC’s stock Sense 3.6 UI. Simple, clean and Widgetful! [Think I just made up a word :P]

    Moved back and forth from Nova, but can’t seem to live without the Sense UI Widgets

  • Mike

    Stock on my Bionic…. Never used ICS or JB but i bet the stock on those are better.

  • Chris Mulliner

    Stock ICS Launcher for now. Since my T-bolt is breaking and I can’t fix it. #verizondoesntwannahelp. xD

  • Stock launcher! <3 android

  • T4rd

    Nova Launcher. I used Apex for a long time too. They’re both great launcher with very similar features and feel. But I chose to buy Nova because it was slightly faster for me.

  • I’m using the Nova launcher because it came with AOKP and seems pretty nice.

  • TheDrizzle

    Nova because I happened to install it first.


  • CheetahInk

    I am currently running the stock launcher on my GS3. I just want to see how it plays out for a little bit before switching things up. I have used Launcher Pro on my Droid X. I liked the simplicity and style that Launcher Pro brought. Have the ability to change things up like this is the reason why I will always have an Android phone instead of a piece of rotting fruit in my pocket.

  • GO Launcher EX. Endless themes. Ties in great with GO SMS Pro, GO Locker, etc!

  • stock… it works too well to switch

  • Am currently using and have been for awhile is Nova Prime on my Gnex started with Apex but creating folders in the drawer was what won me over to Nova . 5 prizes and thousands of entries why havent I won yet, the fix is in..

  • I am not using any at the moment because I don’t have anything to use it on.
    :/ My device broke! Lol

  • JP Dy

    Stock…to me, its simple.

  • muffnman

    Nova, they seem more stable on average.

  • Bill M.

    I use GO Launcher because I enjoy the customization, the different themes, etc. I also like that it’s integrated into my other GO apps (GO SMS, etc).

  • Apex, i started using it because the free version gave me more options than the alternatives. then i purchased it because it gave me so much and really made my phone complete. super smooth, quick, an pretty much everything i need out of a launcher.

  • mbagasao

    Nova Launcher because it never lags just like stock launcher-but has more customizations. Custom icons are my fave!

  • John E. Jablonski

    Stock launcher on Jelly Bean. Nice and simple.

  • Jpm7714

    nova because it feels the smoothest to me

  • Kristina Zajur

    Apex. Seems easiest to use and is very quick!

  • Stock. Haven’t had the time to check out any other ones recently

  • I am using Apex – because every time I use it it “EXCITE”s me!

  • Stock, no time to try anything else

  • LordStickMax

    stock. i like the pure Google experance and i already fiddle enough with my phone if i’m always tweaking with a launcher i might go insane.

  • Stock launcher because I never took the time to look into other launchers

  • Touchwiz, because it fits my needs for now

  • I’m using Apex, because HTC’s Sense Launcher is inconsistent in the app tray. Sometimes it scrolls fine, other times it stutters….really makes you feel like you have a super low end device.

  • I use Nova and Apex because i like to theme alot and i run two at a time and can switch between theme easily and nova and apex are very similar.

  • Nova for me

  • I use Nova Launcher. Very smooth and lots of customization!

  • Apex. Has the best free features out of all them. I’ll probably drop a few bucks for the paid version soon

  • @HTC Sense, because I do not have to add utility apps, it has everything I need already in it.

  • mplacido9

    Stock launcher for me. I like to keep it the way Google intended.

  • I use stock. It doesn’t lack any features I can’t live without.

  • Ryan Thompson

    I typically stay stock…. It usually does what I need.

  • Stock Launcher – waiting for JB on Bionic…

  • Stock launcher is all I need…

  • jaredgreenwald

    stock JB launcher – its very smooth and has enough customizations for me

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Stock Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean. I know…how vanilla of me.

  • jaxxmjd

    Nova Launcher. I like the look of the folders and ease of customization.

  • sam_evans7

    Nova, on GNEX. Combination of stability and customization.

  • I use Go Launcher EX on my phone and Apex on my rooted Kindle Fire with ICS ROM.

  • Stock launcher cuz I haven’t had the time to use apex.

  • stock baby!

  • Shawn Matello

    Using stock Touchwhiz on the SG3 used go launcher in the past. Used Apex on my Xoom until it was upgraded to JB now that’s stock too. Always trying out new ones just to see if it offers anything better

  • Mike Cechi

    I use Holo Launcher, because it gives me a sleek taste of ICS on my DX, which I wouldnt get any other way!

  • therealjbriggs

    Apex, because it’s buttery.

  • nickxzr

    Stock- because its easy and smooth to use.

  • I have no custom launcher. Stock GS3 is fine for me.

  • sb cee

    Stock launcher, I like to keep it clean.

  • Apex launcher for the tablet UI

  • Rob Black

    Using Apex right now… It gets the job done.

  • aamzalag

    i use nova launcher, its the smoothest and best working one on the market.,

  • Stock jelly bean

  • Stock Blur launcher on Razr

  • Using the stock launcher at the moment. I used Nova but I jacked up a radio flash & then after I restored, I accidentally deleted my Titanium backup of Nova. As I write this I just realized that I could have just restored again. Doh!

  • Whatever is stock on the phone havent had any issues yet.

  • Champlification

    Nova Launcher FTW!

  • Nova launcher and because its become the norm on aokp!

  • Decided to stay stock on my RAZR MAXX. It has the look and feel I originally wanted.

  • I use Nova Launcher, its fast, smooth, has many customizations, and absolutely not issues! Awesome launcher!

  • Ardiac

    I’ve stuck with the stock launcher – seems to do the job well for me!

  • Stock Jelly Bean launcher on my Nexus S 4G. It just works well.

  • Nova launcher because it works great and has the ability to sort shortcuts in home screen folders.

  • Nova, it came with AOKP

  • harryharry

    NOVA. Because AOKP!

  • kylebrodeur

    I’m using the stock launcher. It does the job. I used nova launcher and its great but way to many options.

  • Giovanni Quinteros

    launcher pro… because its been good to me 🙂

  • mustbepbs

    I like Nova because of all the features. It feels the smoothest to me and I use it on all my devices 🙂

  • Apex! Had it since beta. then it was first to get theme chooser. Works awesome.

  • Corey Foltman

    I use the Nova Launcher because of the customizations and how quickly they fix bugs.

  • I use the stock launcher because ICS and Jellybean have become so fluid and robust I have no need for others anymore! +1’d and Liked as Ken Barnum

  • I use the stock ICS launcher…it does everything I need it to do.

  • Stock…haven’t had time to do my research and I don’t find it to terribly bad on my SG3.

  • I am using ssLauncher. I love the fact that it isn’t bound by a x-by-x grid. I can overlap widgets and customize just about anything! It is also fast and smooth. I have tried the others, but always end up coming back.

  • Stock on my gs3. Not enough time in the day to fool with new launchers and I really like the launcher for touchwiz

  • FknTwizted

    apex baby!

  • tbaybe

    still using Launcher Pro Plus… gold but good 🙂

  • I really like the stock Jelly Bean launcher, but have been using Nova Prime due to the ability to restore my screens when flashing a new rom.

  • I’m using the NOVA launcher because it’s the best! vertical app drawer, nice animations, easy to uninstall apps.

  • KleenDroid

    Apex hands down. The reason for me is speed of screen transitions after making a simple adjustment. I like my screens to fly by. This is how to make the adjustments for speed…

    Go into Apex Homescreen settings, then adjust the “minimum scrolling time” to 5

    Then go into Drawer settings and adjust the “minimum scrolling time” to 5

    Also switch the drawer animation to None.

    After making these simple adjustments the speed of Apex can’t be beat! All the other features are just icing on the cake!

  • zUFC

    Touchwiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 because I’m stuck with a S3 until another phone comes out with decent batt life.

  • Dylan Wednieski

    Gotta go with Nova because I have galaxy nexus but used to be ADW

  • michael haller

    I’m using trebuchet. Keeping it simple with my cm10 setup.

  • SplashMTN

    I’m still using ADW EX.

  • Apex has been my choice launcher for awhile now..even though using touchwiz at moment will switch back when I have time to set it up

  • stock launcher i guess.i know nothing about technology

  • Jared Grizzle

    Apex Launcher. Seems to look and work the best without much work.

  • Nova Launcher Prime for me! love the customization, especially gestures.

  • Vishwas Shrikhande

    Nova, i needed a better launcher than ADW, and trying out all others Nova came close to ADWwith even more features.

  • Drummer62

    Nova Launcher. On stock Jelly bean on Gnex. I like the options it provides, its simplicity and speed are nice as well.

  • hoosiergal

    I use Apex because of the customization capabilities

  • Nick Saulino

    Stock launcher, because it works well.

  • das0527

    I’m using Nova Prime on my VZW Galaxy Nexus. I’ve found that Nova does the best job of complementing the killer functionality and smooth user experience of ICS and, now that I’ve installed it, JellyBean. I’d love to try it on a tablet.

  • Jamarcus White

    Nova is cool

  • Using Nova launcher, just love how smooth it runs and the customization I can do with it!

  • Nova launcher because of the options it offers.

  • Byron Galvez

    Nova launcher, i usually just stick to witch ever the Rom I’m using has.

  • Stock Google launcher on the Gnex…it just works.

  • androidformetoo

    Tried both Nova and Apex, but love my stock Jelly Bean!!



    Ian B

  • Nova Prime, it is perfect on my Gnex running AOKP!

  • trebuche

  • Dave Sampley

    I am lame and have not installed a custom launcher. 🙁

  • antinorm

    Apex, mainly for the fact that its dock can hold seven icons instead of five, and it can include 1×1 widgets.

  • Apparently I’m out of touch. I use the stock launcher, but maybe I need to joint the cool kids and make a switch?

  • Joshua Pape

    I use Zeam because it’s lightweight and very customizable

  • Stock launcher, Seems to work fine for me.

  • Stock launcher. Older phone and can’t install anything else at the moment.

  • Nova Prime…it’s boss.

  • Stock jelly bean.

  • JT

    nova.. love the stability

  • stock blur/ics launcher on droid razr maxx because i’m too lazy to customize it.

  • chickaholic

    Using the stock launcher on my old DINC. I have downloaded a couple of launchers but I’m limited to what runs on gingerbread. Looking forward to my upgrade (or this Excite!!!)

  • Gtmike256

    Nova launcher because it is faster and more responsive than the native launcher I have with my phone

  • Nova. It has every feature i want, and the developer is very helpful.

  • I enjoy the stock JB launcher.

  • Stock with Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Apex. It’s clean, minimal, and very smooth; exactly my style.

  • Nova. It was the 1st I tried on ICS, and haven’t been impressed enough with apex to switch.

  • ssjnimma

    Nova FTW!

  • Justin Koch

    Nova launcher, love it!

  • Scott Haggerty

    I’m rocking the Holo Launcher, so easy to customize!

  • Nova it comes on aokp and is smoother than apex for me!

  • nova

  • Stock as well… with two young boys there is not enough free time…

  • MKader17

    Nova by far.

  • Right now…none! I’ve been researching to decide which one I need.

  • Using Nova Launcher. I like the stock feel of the launcher. I used Go Launcher for a while, but it turned out to be too much of a memory hog so I switched when I got upgraded to ICS

  • Mustang5Oh

    Nova because its got a great developer and it runs smooth!

  • Nova launcher because it builds upon the great foundation of the already awesome android 4.0 launch and adds excellent features without killing the original experience of the stock launcher.

  • Tony Byatt

    Stock, TouchWiz on my S3…Smooth, easy to use, no complaints…

  • shdowman

    Holo launcher. It give me as close to a stock JB experience I can get without rooting my SGS2.

  • Rsrose93

    Nova, because it looks so great with my aokp rom

  • amosk

    *** NOVA!!! **** Thanks NVIDIA and Droid-Life for an amazing week! ********

  • mark p

    Stock cuz it works well for what I need

  • Levi Wilcox

    Apex. Great options and I love the notification counts on icons

  • nosloc

    Launcher Pro because it was hard to pass up free.

  • I don’t need no stink-in launcher!

  • using simply stock BLUR launcher on stock RAZR. *ducks*.. and THANKS NVIDIA!

  • Surgio Armani

    I’m using Apex now, but mostly because I got tired of ADW’s lagging. On another note….please let me win this.

  • azholio

    Nova is fantastic.

  • Stephen Parker

    Zeam launcher! it’s minimal and super easy to get what you need in place!

  • Dexter Fichuk

    Stock htc launcher!

  • Teng Taing

    Nova launcher. Smooth as Butter

  • Jason Underwood

    APEX, love the stock ICS/JB launcher but Apex gives it that little extra flair.

  • Joshua Pape

    Zeam because it’s lightweight and very customizable! it works well on my phone that desperately needs to be upgraded….

  • Nova because it’s Super! Get it…Super Nova…no, okay not that funny.

  • triangle8

    Stock – because it basically does everything i need it to do.

  • Paul Neumann

    I do.

  • Jeffho

    Nova Launcher

  • Stock with Jelly Bean, to lazy to get another one.

  • I rock the stock CM10 launcher because it works well..and I haven’t found a need to change it.

  • schwaller

    Using stock. Have tried other when flashing ROMS but usually go back to stock for stability.

  • apex…best i’ve used. rip launcher pro 🙁 lol

  • Stock launcher at the moment… I’ve tried others but I’m just lazy.

  • jonny6pak

    Apex launcher. I really like the default ICS/JB launchers, but I do want a few extra customization options. Apex gives me the added features while still being able to keep the most stock look and feel.

  • apex because its smooth and supports live wallpaper on htc one x

  • craig1989

    Stock Jelly Bean right now, it does what i want and haven’t felt need to upgrade

  • I’ll use stock once I get a tablet

  • Definitely Apex. I love being able to theme it anyway I want!

  • Apex pro. I started using it on my N7 and am now using it theGNEX as well. Lots of good features

  • MikeD675

    Using the stock Jelly Bean launcher on my GNex. No complaints.

  • hfoster52

    Stock because its all I ever need. Especially that I am running jelly bean.

  • stock cuz i dont feel like switching until i get a new phone

  • Jonathan Berry

    Stock launcher from vanilla Android (Galaxy Nexus). Because I like stock and don’t want to have a third-party launcher running as well.

  • Jesse Alvizar

    I use the stock launcher…well because its just there

  • Jed Hwang

    Stock because it’s the best

  • user_named

    Nova, it came with AOKP and doesn’t crash (for me).

  • been using Nova for awhile now. runs smooth with no problems, no reason to switch in the near future.

  • I use both and purchased the paid version for both. I use Nova for the most part since that was the first one I tried and it’s been really stable.

  • DennisHeffernan

    I’m using the stock launcher. These fancier ones I’ve heard of all seem to require ICS and I’m stuck with Gingerbread.

  • Dev

    I am not using any of the Launcher now.

  • I’m still using the stock JB launcher since my GNex just got it last weekend. I’m thinking about switching to Nova though.

  • codelinx

    Nova, my AOSP AOKP experience back over the overly hyped touchwize(new improvements make it tolerable)but its still not vanilla andriod awesomeness

  • The Stock ICS/JB, why not it works fine

  • Michael Johnson

    Apex it’s the most fully featured and speedy launcher i’ve used.

  • John Wilton

    Nova Launcher. I love being able to group my apps. Very cool features.

  • Nova launcher because it gives a great Jelly Bean feel even if you do not have Jelly Bean. Its fast and simplistic.

  • Nova Launcher, it keeps the stock look, but allows for greater customization.

  • Well on the Droid Bionic any launcher is better than notmotoblur so i’m running Go Launcher !

  • I’m using Apex because it has been the most stable for me

  • Touchwiz! Too lazy to unlock bootloader, go CWR and install CM10. And I don’t want to lose my Verizon NFL Redzone access.

  • Nova..

  • I use the stock launcher. Haven’t used a replacement since 2.1 hit my OG Droid. I’ve never had a problem with the stock launcher on that or my Bionic.

  • Tania N

    Apex because it has some cool features and not too many hiccups.

  • Nova Launcher – buttery smooth and jellybean goodness!

  • RoboRobP

    Apex, no real reason. just better than the stock one.

  • DV

    stock….I’ve tried others but like the stock feel usually.

  • Alex Hernandez

    Apex and Nova…switch between them, love the options they offer!

  • michael o’brien

    I am using the standard google launcher. I have always thought that it was the cleanest Launcher, and it gets to me what I need to do on a daily basis.

  • Jack Paleczny

    Nova because it’s awesome!

  • Base unrooted launcher, I like the lazy solutions ;D

  • keith begeman

    Stock….because it just works… 🙂

  • JDHokie

    I’m using NoVa Launcher. I have the “PieUI” setup right now on my Nexus, and it’s built using Nova. But NoVa also just works well for me – I installed it on my N7 too.

  • Tijuanatom

    Stock and loving it.

  • Apex launcher because of its versatility and options

  • Mina Beshara

    Im loving the new JB features that Apex has started incorporating.

  • I use and love Apex launcher for all it’s great features and how it resorts itself after a flash 😉

  • CodeToJoy

    Currently on stock… might have to switch things up in a bit though.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Nova Prime Launcher, baby!

  • Travis Faulkner

    I am using Nova launcher because it gives great customization and looks awesome!

  • SaltyPackersFan69

    Chameleon – i like the customizability

  • Stock launcher on the verizon G-nex. Cant afford to mess with my warranty doing anything crazy, since im not a pro at that stuff….

  • I have tried them all. My favorite is ADW. But I currently like stock ICS on my RAZR MAXX. Can’t wait for Jelly Bean

  • Daniel Clifford

    Stock, to lazy to customize my own.

  • Nova because I can’t stand touch wiz.

  • Apex. It is neat, clean and feature filled.

  • gchahinian

    Apex launcher for me on my bionic and on my transformer tab…i just like the butteryness of it all 🙂

  • Justin Marden

    I’ve jumped around from launcher to launcher, but finally settled with Apex. Mostly because it’s stable and just works for me.

  • Nova Launcher, no particular reason other then it’s there on AOKP.

  • Nova, and loving it!

  • reevester

    I’m using Touchwiz UX from the current SGSIII on my SGSII because I like it and am used to it!

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity guys!!

  • Skylordusa1

    I use Apex Launcher. I like the others but Apex just feels the most stable and love all the customization’s it comes with.

  • Just stock. I know…boring!

  • Nova. Jelly bean features plus more.

  • Still rocking go launcher for some reason, just haven’t moved on I guess

  • Nova… The stock launcher for AOKP…

  • I never get picked. I use Apex because I like it.