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Thursday Poll: How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

Data usage is going to be a hot topic whether you want it to be or not. Now that carriers like Verizon and AT&T have created tiered and shared data plans, it’s obvious that they have realized what their next cash cow will be. Gone are the days of worrying about how many texts you sent or calls you made, in are the times when counting MBs and GBs are a daily task.

To get a good feel for the data landscape around these parts, we thought we would ask how much data you consumed last month. If you are on an individual plan, answer away. If you are on a shared plan, I’d love for you to share how much data your entire family consumed. And in case you were wondering where we got the poll options from, you can thank Verizon’s Share Everything plans for those. We built the poll around them.

How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

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    4.4 GB since september 15 ha i never realized that i used so much. I stream music all day long at work. and it appears i downloaded ~1gb at play

  • steveP

    I used a whopping 200 MB. WIFI!

  • itznfb

    Just under 100GB last month. I can still purchase the VZW Unlimited account since it’s linked to my corporate discount.

  • aQuickBit

    871MB for my 2GB plan because I’m not glued to my phone all day

  • smwandrie93

    wow and sooo many people bitch about not getting/loosing unlimited data and 59% of you guys use only 0-4gigs… nice to know that all you complain for nothing!!

  • 10.1 GB here. CDMA Galaxy Nexus on VZW. Thankfully, I’m grandfathered in to unlimited data.

    • viewthis66

      10.1GB? if you don’t mind me asking… why so much?

      • According to my phone, Android OS background uses the most data. I sync a lot of accounts on various services.

        • viewthis66

          i see. i thought you might travel a lot and streamed a lot of content or used your phone as a mobile wifi for a tablet to stream. backgraound data sync, interesting. thanks for replying.

          • Well, I was also out of town for business (read: away from home and work Wi-Fi) for about a week during that time. It’s amazing how much data you can burn through in that time.

  • ray_420

    Should have been tethering lol yeah I feather my phone

  • ray_420

    I used 7.77 and my girlfriend used 3.35 so a total of 11.12 GB with no feathering and no 4g in our area yet. And we upgraded at the beginning of August and they let us keep are unlimited data . They told use they were switching us to a 2 gig shared plan but nothing ever changed. I fell like I got really lucky.

  • Cruiserdude

    65gb, no tethering. Just alot of Netflix, and several nightly roms for my S3 and Razr.

  • in germany we merely get more than a gb for like 50 dollars 🙁

  • Palmer Nyako

    So you guys are the reason why carriers don’t want unlimited.
    I see.
    lol i used 100mb.

    • andy

      huh how?

  • Arimas Artadi

    Last month I use 20-30 gigs data, mainly because I share my internet connection via wifii

  • Kerry Davies

    At first i probably only used like 4g but after they started acting like tools I went over board to like 8g now i used spotify and hbo go at work and its been a minimum of 10g a month. Looks like im buying all my phones cash

  • dylan84

    It was a little over 1GB last month on my Atrix 4G.

  • djjsin

    I see all the comments below were people are claiming getting upset with high data users on unlimited plans who stream to laptop without paying for it. They arent the problem. Verizon is the problem. Verizon sold a plan they advertised as unlimited, and then out the blame on people who use alot of data. Verizon should have never sold an unlimited plan if they dont have the network capacity to support it. If i buy a plan thata advertised as being unlimited, it should be just that. Unlimited. It shouldnt matter were the data is going, or how much is being used. Each person on an unlimited plan should have every right to max out there connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If verizon has a problem with this, then THEY should have never marketed an UNLIMITED plan.

    • Havoc70

      But thank makes too much sense, and we all know Verizon doesnt make cents….(yes i did that on purpose)

  • Savan Ghetiya

    with FoxFi and unlimited 4G data on verizon bundled on a Galaxy S3 .. I’ve been using it as a hotspot for all my torrent downloads instead of my DSL connection .. easily surpassing over 10GB of mobile data usage per month 🙂

  • Well my usage changes on what I am doing and has changed some. When I had a DroidX I was using a little less than 2gb per month. When I got a a 4g phone that jumped to 10gbs a month on average. I was watching Nextflix and my TV shows. Now I don’t to very much of that on my phone so about 5gbs if I don’t tether. If I do tether I use about 30-60gb a month.

  • I flash a new rom all the time (right now a mostly working cm10 on my bionic) so i can’t get my history. The best I can find out is in the past 4 days I have used 1gb so aproximetly 7.5 a month at that rate but I know some months I have checked it and it has been 16+

  • mecevans

    50+ gigs with Foxfi. Its my primary internet at home.

  • I normally am around 5GB a month but I had to use my Gnex for home internet for my Laptop for 2 weeks until cable could get hooked up to my house.. that pushed my usage up to about 15GB for last month.

  • Just 1GB, because mainly on Wifi, and I have Fios, so that’s still faster than 4G!

    Re some of the big numbers posted here, down the road this will probably enable Verizon to kill unlimited plans (even with retail upgrade) once contracts end, as they will be able to say: “The average unlimited user is a data hog using 200 GB a month ruining the network for others….” And at that stage, the argument “unlimited is unlimited” won’t apply because the unlimited users are out of contract.

  • Doan

    Last month, about 2.5 GB

    This month: Around 1 GB. Until LTE was enabled in my town on 9/20. Seven days later, and I’m now sitting at 53.34 GB.

  • Preston

    We are the 99%

    • Droidzilla

      I am the 1%.

  • Spider210

    120gb so far in a 3G area! FTW its my unlimited plan, i’m keeping it!

  • Deltaechoe

    I’ll use anywhere from 80-120 GB a month (sometimes more) while tethering, and before you bitch at me, my contract allows for unlimited tethering.

    • Savan Ghetiya

      who would bitch at you about it?

      • leoingle

        have you read above? all kinds of butthurt bitches because less than 1% of Verizon’s customers use alot of data, but it was that minute percentage of ppl that ruined unlimited for everybody. freakin retards.

        • Diablo81588

          Look at sprint moron. They offer nothing but unlimited data and don’t throttle heavy users. Their network is trash in comparison to Verizon’s. Purely coincidence?

          • leoingle

            You should really do a lil more research on stuff so you dont look so stupid. Do you know what a MVNO is? Figure it out then look at how many are on Sprints network, which include two of the biggest ones being Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Why do they have so many? Because they lost so many customers they had to make money somehow so they just signed on a bunch of MVNOs and slowed their 3G network down. Want more proof? Their 4G network is not slow like this. They can care less about people having unlimited data because their 3G is so slow, nobody could abuse it if they wanted to. And like I said, their 4G isnt slow, so where is your coincidence now?

  • Last month was Mattlgroff’s screw Vzw contest. Several folks hit 500gb. I did 33g

  • deltaechoe

    Yeah and we pay a premium for access to the data plan that we have. There is nothing wrong with following our contractual agreements

  • RobMorris

    So tell me about the slow 4g connection that you are having that is directly related to the data I use in my city.

    • leoingle

      Well said

  • I am over 100 GB and have 10 days left in my billing cycle…

  • I’m usually near 1 – 2 but I purposely tested it to see how much I would actually use by connecting the lappy AND getting a the package deal with T-Mo where tethering/hostpot was free. 😉

    I was at around 84% or so when my new data date started. I’m thinking this month will possibly be near “their” limit.

  • 8.5GB last month on my $25 VZW unlimited data plan. I never turn wi-fi on. Ever. All OTA all the time.


  • SeanBello

    less than 1gb due to all wifi the fact that I still had almost 1gb for the few times I leave home is foreshadowing to how bad my usage will be when I finally get 4G in my area because just about everywhere I go out has it.

  • Gel

    1-1.5gb due to no unlimited.

  • ppl who use these extreme amounts of data are the bunch who ruined unlimited for the responsible data users. now i have gotten to 6-10 gb before but typically i stay around 2-3gb do you all know why? because im not too cheap to pay for and use my home internet… i dont even turn wifi on on my phone but i also dont download torrents and stream mad amounts of netflix on my mobile device. thanks for ruining it for everyone mr 1xx gb a month… just thanks

    • Doan

      Wrong. The “95%” of people who use 2 GB or less per month are responsible for these low tiered data plans. Verizon said it themselves. They created these tiered data plans starting at 2 GB, because “most users consume less than 2 GB per month.” If you had used more data to begin with, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      • Diablo81588

        Oh don’t be ridiculous.. So you’re telling me if everyone used 100 gigs of data on average per month, that’s what Verizon would set the cap at? The network would slow to a crawl..

        • Doan

          It was a sarcastic comment, but yes.. sort of. If the average consumer used 100 GB of data per month before tiered plans were even a thought, tiers would start much higher 2 GB. Verizon would not cut the average consumer’s data usage by 98%. And I’m assuming, that you are assuming about the network slowing to a crawl. Unless you have experience with, or deep knowledge of, the minimum and maximum capabilities of Verizon’s LTE implementation?

        • leoingle

          wow, are you always such a lil bitch?? Verizon said it, now you are saying they were lying?

          • [email protected]

            Are you always such a douche? Probably so…

      • leoingle

        Well said.

      • blackmagick20

        Yup…it’s a shame that most of us 95%’ers have things like jobs and a social life where we can’t constantly have our phones glued to our hands and mainly use our cell phones for…PHONES! What a crazy concept!

        • Doan

          Consider that an HD movie consumes 2.3 GB per hour, therefore an average 2 hour movie consumes 4.6 GB of data. You’re completely right. I must have no job or social life, because I watch one movie a month on my phone and go over the “average” less than 2 GB/ month.

        • I would love to use Google music but I can’t because listening to about an hr of it consumes 2gb of data I pay 90$ a month for 6gb so essentially I can only listen to 3 hrs before demolishing my cap and paying through the ass for overages. That’s justmuaic not including photo and video upload and download. These caps are crippling my experience!

  • ericsorensen

    Are you guys serious? I use 20-30 GB a month – mostly playing Spotify and Google Play music.

  • average between 100 and 150 gigs

    • [email protected]

      Congratulations! And hopefully you’ll eventually know the joys of actually being with a woman one day, as well!

  • Milton Aleman

    Where’s the option for, “I have no idea, I still have UNLIMITED!!” ???

  • 4n1m4L

    17 gee bees last month, cause i went away on business and didn’t use wifi. I’m kind of proud.

    • jonscurve

      lol gee bees….i got it lol

    • jonscurve

      lol gee bees….i got it lol

  • Joel

    45GB. Can’t help that LTE is faster than my WiFi. haha

  • I used 65gb last month

  • Mikey Styles

    It’s all about the “Unlimited” Baby….I use 2GB one month then 9GB the next or almost none. It depends. Unlimited allows “Flexibility” which is something VZW wants none of as it doesn’t show $$$ signs haha.

  • Shane Girodat

    Lots of data hogs out there no wonder Verizon wants to rape us for data.

  • 9.2G no tethering.

  • 2.5gb just because I’m having to use my hotspot to operate my laptop at work. if the company wifi would come back, less than 1gb cause I have wifi at my house as well. Fudge Verizon and their data.

  • Raven

    I used a paltry 200MB and my wife used about 500MB. My max in the last 6 months was 400MB and my wife’s was 700MB. We both have unlimited data and I tether my Nexus 7 occasionally. But, I have WiFi at home and I have WiFi at work so I rarely need to do anything data heavy without WiFi. I am however oddly concerned about losing my unlimited because I like simply not having to worry about it. It is usually when we go on a trip some where that my usage increases, and I don’t want to have to be afraid to watch a movie occasionally. Therefore, I think I will still be buying off contract anyway.

  • muffnman
  • Sam

    82.83GB last month. God I love unlimited. Thanks, Verizon!

  • Silver Veloz

    Surprisingly, I haven’t gone over 2G since April, 2012. I’m on unlimited data. I have a Droid Bionic. Once we get ICS (OTA), I may start using it even more to utilize the phone to it’s true potential, (when I actually can find extra time). I’m not an online gamer. I will probably start utilizing online movie rentals more in the future. Then I will start monitoring my data usage and see what the cost difference would be on a shared plan. Like the rest, I’m not willing to give up unlimited, unless it will benefit me somehow (cost?)

  • noc007

    4GB. When they monkeyed with my account, they tried to get me on tiered data to “fix” what they did. She said I would save money since I only used 1GB the month before. I know better. She was looking at usage on a 3G phone and not my 4G phone that wasn’t “compatible” with the text message plan they dropped.

    I’ll leave for another carrier before my unlimited plans go away.

  • I don’t see how people can use tiered plans! Last month was 22gb and that was a slow month considering my Rezound decided to crap out leaving me with no data connections. 4 Replacements later and now I’ve got the Razr and I have a feeling this month will be higher than ever (I goth the HD Station for the Razr so I now stream full 720p YouTube to my TV). FoxFi is also amazing! Our internet at home is crappy at best so FoxFi is a must have for when I NEED a large file uploaded / downloaded!

    Good luck with the tiers but I will stick with Unlimited until Verizon pries it from my cold, dead hands!

    • LegalAmerican

      I only am on a tiered plan because I have a full time job, school, and then housework. I don’t have time to watch movies all day every day. Tiered plans for me, are perfect. Also that’s about your only choice now since unlimited is no longer available. Not trying to be pompous, just answering the question.

    • LegalAmerican

      I only am on a tiered plan because I have a full time job, school, and then housework. I don’t have time to watch movies all day every day. Tiered plans for me, are perfect. Also that’s about your only choice now since unlimited is no longer available. Not trying to be pompous, just answering the question.

    • LegalAmerican

      I only am on a tiered plan because I have a full time job, school, and then housework. I don’t have time to watch movies all day every day. Tiered plans for me, are perfect. Also that’s about your only choice now since unlimited is no longer available. Not trying to be pompous, just answering the question.

    • RoadsterHD1

      If you wanna download a movie use ADownloader from play store in conjunction with pirate bay app. Its awesome. Movie only takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

      • I downloaded tTorrent Lite from the play store and then installed the tTorrent search thingy. Then I searched for tTorrent Paid and downloaded the paid version for free! ( I know, I know I didn’t support the developer blah blah blah but the developer had it coming, wanting to charge $4 for an app that is going to be used to pirate apps / movies / music / etc). I can now get 2-4mb/s on 4G LTE which is 3x faster than my home internet connection and I found out tTorrent supports proxy servers so I now use a server with Elite level security in India.

        • RoadsterHD1

          I tried utorrent but ADownloader is way faster. AND its free.