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Thursday Poll: How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

Data usage is going to be a hot topic whether you want it to be or not. Now that carriers like Verizon and AT&T have created tiered and shared data plans, it’s obvious that they have realized what their next cash cow will be. Gone are the days of worrying about how many texts you sent or calls you made, in are the times when counting MBs and GBs are a daily task.

To get a good feel for the data landscape around these parts, we thought we would ask how much data you consumed last month. If you are on an individual plan, answer away. If you are on a shared plan, I’d love for you to share how much data your entire family consumed. And in case you were wondering where we got the poll options from, you can thank Verizon’s Share Everything plans for those. We built the poll around them.

How Much Data Did You Use Last Month?

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  • Migamix

    i was in the middle of a hurricane, no power for a week, but i was able to get cell signal. i normally stay under 2G, but i had no choice but to tether to my n7 to get info on the storm. i went well over. but at least im still unlimited. im planning on burning more simply because i can,,,

  • shehippie

    um….more then they offer on any of their new plans? *hangs head*

  • Kellex, you need an ‘I don’t know’ option. 😉

  • james

    Verizon need to put some way better plan out there bring back unlimited data for everybody

  • nessa

    im at 8gb and still have 2 weeks to go, i use foxfi sometimes for my tablet, use netflix and cackle, and i used 2gb from speed test app doing speed tests for an hr straight since they turned lte on in my city hehe

  • Brian

    I used 74gigs last month. I didn’t realize the wireless tethering from my ROM used that much data. I guess I’m finally making use of my unlimited data plan.