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Fruity Loops Studio Making Its Way to Android, Slowly but Surely

If any of you beat makers and loop producers have been hoping for Fruity Loops to make its way to Android, you’re in luck. As of right now, work is being done to port the well-known PC software to Android so that people on the go can have access to making their tunes and beats. 

From what we can see in the video so far, work is coming along nicely. According to the site, development is at a very slow pace, but don’t lose hope. Later is better than never.

Ready for Fruity Loops for Android?


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Cheers Luke!

  • Now the issue is just getting a majority of the Android Devices updated to Jelly Bean

  • Jonathonflores

    Oh hellz yeah!

  • It will absolutely blow without VST support. No massive. No Music

    • section8atl

      i hate agreeing with this because i think its really cool that FL is coming to Android, but i would think there would be no way to work on existing projects because of missing VSTs.

      i would think FL on Android would be similar to how Reason is because of this.

  • All I need is a tablet.

  • N8shon

    Yes! I want this!

  • J Nano

    OOOOooh Yeaaah! Back to producing!

  • philnolan3d

    This has been in development for a long time,. It doesn’t seem like they’re trying very hard.

    • You’d be surprised at how hard it is to perfect the audio driver, though. If they tried using Android’s native one, it would be impossible to use and they’d get terrible reviews and whatnot. If you’re going to be doing live input you need a better audio engine, and to build one from scratch takes ages.

      • Yeah even most high spec PC’s without dedicated audio sound awful without asio4all or something similar. It must have taken most of the development getting this right!

  • JoshHenry


  • Jeff Tycz

    Nice I cant wait!!

  • Awesome!! 🙂

  • uthinkisay

    its cool I guess I use FL Studio for my production. I just don’t see this being very useful. But I hope I’m wrong though

  • nsnsmj

    I hope this actually makes use of the larger and higher resolution screens on Android devices, and isn’t just a straight iOS port. I would like to see Propellerhead’s Reason on mobile devices as well.

  • I know I’m going to get a lot of down votes for this but Android needs something that can compete with the iMovie and Garageband for iOS. Those apps seems so easy to use and intuitive but I haven’t seen any video editing app for Android that looks that polished.

    • why would you get downvoted for stating the truth among people who most likely agree with you?

      • You would be surprised, a lot of people will down vote someone just because they said ONE good thing about iOS / iDevices.

        • Apparently there are those that will down vote those who point this out as well.

      • reali-tglitch

        Because it is the internet. If your opinion isn’t what people want it to be, then nobody is gonna like it.

    • beng8686

      Agreed. A garage band like app would be nice…

    • JoshHenry

      Android could use an app like that.. But this app Is not meant to be “easy to use”. FL studio has came up. So powerful now..

    • Jonathan Gomez

      I agree. That’s something Apple has over Android. I have a couple friends that prefer iOS cuz of the music apps

      • Hopefully with the next version of Android we see significant performance increase and better sound processing (lower latency between sound being played on device and actual output through the speakers). I feel as tho Google is aware these are major issues with Android seeing as they have started with JB by including the support for audio to be passed through the mUSB. Then it would just be up to the developers to make the most of it.

        • The jelly bean audio framework has much lower latency. I will see if I can find the article. I I remember thinking it still needed to be lower for any serious users.

          • I remember reading about it, Android’s average latency is around 100ms while Apple averages less than 20ms (if memory serves me right). That may not seem like that long of a time but when you’re doing live processes (composing Audio tracks, etc.) that delay could just drive someone a bit batty.

    • Zaphod Beeblebrox

      I’m not sure if you know anything about FL Studios or not, but it pretty much blows Garageband right out of the water. It’s an amazing tool.

  • I’ve been following the progress on this since the beginning. Its been coming along nicely but I’ve been waiting for(IL) development to just call it off because of Androids embarrassing audio latency issues. Ill wait a while longer to check out this app. If the latency issue is still there Im just gonna get an iPad 🙁

  • Brings back memories! I’ve remember having fl studio back when it was 3.0

    • philnolan3d

      Wasn’t it Fruity Loops back then?

  • Stevedub40

    Helps further disprove that you need a Mac (or apple really) to do anything creative.

    • FL Studio has been on Windows for a long time (if not exclusively). The reason we don’t have creative audio apps is due to issues with Android’s audio latency. I imagine this app won’t work well on all but a few phones.

      • philnolan3d

        There are several music apps on Android that work quite well such as caustic and SPC.

      • Russell Tanner

        I saw an article on Create Digital Music that talked about how Jelly Bean actually makes a lot of improvements to the way Android handles audio. Whether it’s enough for the big names to bring their apps to it, I don’t know, but I hope so. That’s the one thing iOS still has over Android. I want Korg, IK Multimedia, and iZotope to make their way to my OS of choice!

  • New_Guy

    I’ve been waiting for this to happen for quite a while. Should be awesome.

  • Pdiddy187


  • summit1986

    Finally, Claptrap and I can compose our next Dubstep mix!!!

    • “Hey, I’m over here. Whop Whop. Hey, I’m over here”

      • ostensibly

        unce unce unce unce

  • holy insert expletive