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Contest: Win a Transformer Pad and Keyboard Dock From NVIDIA and Droid Life! [RAW] (Updated: Winner Picked)

Day 4 of Reader Appreciation Week starts now! To kick the day off, let’s give away a combo – the Asus Transformer Pad TF300T in blue and a matching keyboard dock. Sporting a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 8MP rear camera, and battery life for days when docked, this is what we like to call a “Winning Team.” Thanks again to NVIDIA, one lucky DL reader gets one heck of a package. 


Update:  And our winner is @iiBinxx who went with pizza because it’s a college student’s best friend.

Prize:  1 (one) Transformer Pad TF300T and 1 (one) Pad keyboard dock.

How to enter:

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Like this post on Facebook (button on the left).
3.  +1 this post on Google+.
4.  Tweet the following message:

I just entered to win a Transformer Pad and keyboard dock from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://bit.ly/Qz8fzc #android #contest

5.  In the comments, tell us – burger, hot dog or pizza – and why?


Tomorrow (9/28) at 9:00AM PT, we will randomly choose a winner.

Good luck!

  • frosty_nerd

    I wouldn’t choose hot dog, hamburger, or pizza, I’d take all 3 and blend them into 1 big solution of muck, let it thicken into a pliable putty, then compose a sculpture of bender that I’d keep in my fridge, cutting off a new slice every day to nourish myself

  • Medium, charcoal grilled burger with a COLD beer. Nothing is better.

  • Hot Dog. There is nothing better then a beer and a hot dog at a baseball game, especially when the Red Sox are playing (even though they suck this year)!

  • Erik

    Pizza. You can add those other items on the pizza if you really want to!! Pizza has the best of all kinds of igredients too. Appeals to all the senses.

  • bqluong

    Pizza because it just taste so good.

  • I would have to go with burger, because in the end, if I had to choose between Red Robin and Marco’s Pizza, I would always choose Red Robin.

  • Aaron

    Hot dog, anyone who has ate at hot Doug’s would understand.

  • Pizza because you can put whatever you want on it!

  • Patrick Mckelvey

    I could really go for a home cooked burger right now, not too greasy, and sit out in the back yard while the kids are playing around and taking a big bite out of it because it reminds me of good times had with friends and big get togethers. and of course if I had the transformer tablet I would be catching up on droidlife’s twitter feed 😛

  • Jack Paleczny

    Pizza because it can be whatever you want it to be!

  • Mark F

    Pizza. (No matter if cold or hot or fresh or old , still tastes good.) (edited) Its the name of a place!!

  • Gotta go with Pizza. Pizza its the best of all worlds… Cheese-dairy, meat-meat, veggies-veggies, crust-breads… All the food groups represented in one slice of delicious goodness!

  • Pizza… cause its the best!!

  • Pizza… just because…

  • Pizza, why? cowabunga dude!!

  • FC

    Hamburger pizza from CiCi’s pizza: best of both worlds.

  • pjspaws

    Is a hamburger & hot dog pizza a viable option? If not, then pizza. Because it’s friggin’ pizza, man.

  • i don’t know if we are allowed for more than one comment
    but i still say Burger Burger Burger Burger

  • Burger with an egg. It’s just that good.

  • Pizza! I live in New York, the best pizza on the planet. My personal favorite is down the block from where I work (Salvatore’s Coal Oven Pizza in Port Washington, NY).

  • Pizza! What’s not to like? Customizable. Shareable. And always delicious, even the crappy stuff.

  • Craig

    Pizza, because you can put burgers and hotdogs on it and get the best of every world. And Bacon, because, well, bacon!

  • glenny

    pizza because yo can have more than one slice and you can put your own toppings on

  • keithsmith22

    Burger – because hot dogs are made from crap and pizza is overrated. A good juicy burger will give you a food chubby every time.

  • rcl5113

    Pizza, can eat it everyday breakfast lunch and dinner 🙂

  • Burger. Less mess and it never fails to satisfy my beastly hunger. also without upsetting my stomach like pizza and hot dogs do…

  • Pizza, because you can just cut up the hot dog and burger and put it on the pizza!!

  • Burger all day every day…

  • Most definitely pizza as it is good the next morning, even cold, as breakfast. Hot dogs and hamburgers for breakfast seems wrong.

  • Burger! a good burger is king.

  • BigJay

    Burger. Have a grilled one with carmelized onions and mushrooms, hot jack cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayo and tomato and you’ll understand.

  • mreifeis

    Burger…because In N Out showed me the light…Oh yeah and Wimpy had a profound affect on my life

  • Darren Tabor

    Hot dogs, they’re simple and classic; however, if you want you could ‘transform’ them into something much more, like making a weinie-burger (A La tiny toons) dump chili and cheese on them (sonic the Hedgehog) or throw them on your pizza. I have just negated pizza and burgers, showing why the dog is superior.

  • Pizza is like a full course meal all melted in to one. Meat, Dairy, Vegetables, and grains. Yum.

  • Kruback

    Hot dogs, love grilling them at the lake!

  • Fredy Nativi

    Pizza. Because I can get it with grill barbeque chicken and pineapple.

  • Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Pizza doesn’t matter there all good with BEER!!

  • FaSSt2001

    Burger definitely. I’m a sucker for a good green chile cheeseburger! Pizza is good almost anytime too though.

  • Brian

    Well all 3. Cause Bacon can go on them all of course!

  • Octotron

    Pizza… limitless tastes!

  • Original Ray’s Pizza…it’s what I would order for my last meal.

  • Josh

    Pizza and beer. Its all of the food groups.

  • Tinnerman

    Burger cause you just can’t put all the fixing on anything else.

  • Pizza, because of what Mark P said.

  • drewfus0929

    Pizza! Because there is an unlimited number of variations you can eat.

  • Pizza! It pairs the best with beer!

  • BubbleSort

    Burger. The juice that explodes when you bite into it just can’t be replicated with hotdogs or pizza.

  • Pizza. I could eat pizza all week if I had to. Hard to choose but definitely pizza is the winner. Mmmm pepperoni

  • Dave Byrd

    I say pizza because there’s a lot more choices for pizza. You can have pizza a thousand times, and still have a different kind of pizza every time.

  • Pizza. Because there’s so many varieties to enjoy!! Thick, thin, veggie, sausage, burger, pepperoni and on and on! Delicious!!

  • Pizza. To quote my friend John, “Pizza is like sex. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

  • pizza.

  • Pizza, I make it and its very good

  • Burger. You can customize it a lot more than a hotdog and more than a pizza.

  • Burger. Because of 5 guys burgers.

  • Mat Collins

    Pizza. It’s good any time of the day, and for any meal! Tying out the Lasagna Pizza from Papa Gino’s today…. can’t wait!!

  • Anthony

    Pizza… two reasons: near endless variety and leftovers (maybe).

  • mjv5117

    Burger, because there is nothing more american than a fresh burger off of a grill!

  • Pizza. So many different possibilities to get the perfect pie. Plus, it’s the only one out of those three that goes well with kraut on top.

  • Stef

    Hot dog, can’t mess it up!

  • Waqas Saeed

    Burger, only if its halal

  • Justin

    hot dog – cheap and easy to prepare

  • Burger for life. Because when 5 guys gets 5 dollars, one’s happiness is quite fulfilled for about 5 minutes.

  • Brian Norris

    Pizza!! Cause there are so many combinations to choose from.

  • Joe Zollinger

    Pizza, more grease!

  • Brandon McAnsh

    Burger with bacon and cheese. Extra for both. So full of win.

  • burger. all american baby!

  • Pizza, because you can never go wrong with pizza! Peanut butter on a pizza? Delicious Potato on a pizza? Awesome!

  • Pizza……ummmm, hello….what is not to love about it….can have it ANYWAY you want it!!!!! 🙂

  • hickhamt

    chicago deep dish!! like giordanos spinach stuffed!!

  • Alex

    Pizza because like that one guy said, it tastes good no matter what.

  • mystikalrush

    Burger, Its good old fashion American tradition!

  • Pizza.
    Near infinite possibilities for toppings/sauces/crusts.

  • Bonzix

    Pizza! Breakfast Lunch or Dinner!

  • smashingplanets

    pizza – best because it smells sooo good when its hot out of the oven

  • pizza – cheese and more cheese

  • Jason Taylor

    Pizza! You can eat it hot or cold.

  • Burger. Because red meat is the best.

  • Jason Self

    Burger when I make it
    Then I am able to build it the way I like with the seasonings I prefer

  • Pizza because there are a wide variety of selections to choose from so you can never get tired of it.

  • Pizza fa sho

  • mmmmmmmmm…. burger….

  • pizza, because in new jersey/new york, pizza is simply amazing

  • Pizza, cause its great hot and just as good cold the next day!

  • Pizza…..

  • wonderGirl412

    hot dog… they are just great!

  • Pizza hands down is the best! It’s the swiss army knife of foods, you can make it taste like a burger, make it with any ingredient your heart desires. A hot dog is a hot dog, a burger isa little more versital then a hot dog but can’t even come close to a pizza!

  • Connie Cleveland

    hot dog pizza.

  • Pizza, because of all the apparent brain washing done by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, especially a really good one if you have a little Italy in your town.
    for me in San Francisco, it’s Tony’s Pizza in North Beach

  • Pizza because its easy and quick all the time!

  • Pizza, its versatile, tasty, and goes well with beer

  • Pizza all the way. Nothing like getting all food groups into one slice. (Pepperoni, bacon, sausage, cheese and more bacon are the 5 food groups right?)

  • PudgyPanda

    pizza – you can always get your hands on a slice

  • Pizza because it’s like a woman the more you spend the better it is the cheaper you are then it’s just good.

  • Gamer03

    Pizza. Because you can have many different variations of toppings on it.

  • Josh Roberts

    Hamburger, hot dog, and pizza…I use the inclusive or.

  • Shawn Mayers

    Pizza. Nothing beats a nice hot and fresh meat lover’s pizza.

  • drboyd

    Hot dog, sauerkraut and spicy mustard!

  • Pizza, because there are so many different choices and combinations.

  • John Shaw

    Burger, because it’s the absolute best platform for a fried egg.

  • JustinRhode

    Pizza – because you can put so many delirious toppings on then devour. Also pizza just make me happy.

    • John Shaw

      Delirious toppings are the best toppings.

  • MJBigDeal

    pizza – its flat and all the goodness is visible to the hungry eye

  • Jared Tau

    Pizza Pizza!!

  • Jason

    Hot Dog – Because its the one food that goes perfectly with an ice cold beverage on a warm summer day at the ballpark. I’m missing summer already!

  • Pizza because it is so euphoric in taste

  • darkstknight1523

    pizza because it never needs a condiment, and that’s great because as Rocky once said “I don’t use ’em”

  • Fenway Franks baby!

  • Definitely Pizza! With extra sauce & pepperoni!

    I G+, FB Like & Tweet:

  • Justin Norman

    NY Style Pizza – i grew up on the east coast and nothing compares to this amazing creation!

  • I’m all about the burger. There is nothing better than biting into a juicy burger cooked on the grill. Especially my chorizo burgers that I make.

  • Caleb Martin

    Burger, because it’s the only one with real meat. 😛

  • Pizza. Cause it’s pizza!

  • SirLandry

    Hamburgers… ‘merica…that’s why!

  • B J Books

    Pizza. Because nothing else goes better with beer.

  • Pizza because it can be eaten hot or cold, and it’s still delicious!

  • Nothing is better than Giordano’s deep dish pizza in Chicago. 1 pizza will feed you for a week 🙂

  • realfoxm

    Pizza > all other food… ever.

  • OnlyNexus

    Pizza, all the food groups! Well almost.

  • Pizza…because you can put anything on a pizza and it will still taste great!

  • Joey Miranda

    hot dogs, you can eat more of them in one sitting!

  • Ken Jensen

    pizza…so many different topping combos, I can eat it for a month straight and never get tired of it

  • Anthony_Armando

    a nice slightly char broiled burger with chedder cheese vs a chicago deep dish with pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms is a very close call.

    i am going to go with the burger ONLY because i am usually so eager to eat the pizza that i burn the inside of my mouth and it ruins the pizza.

  • pizza because it contains all the 4 basic food groups. so its healthy pleasure food

  • LinuxKnight

    The choice is difficult, since I like them all. But I would say if I really had to choose- burger. Especially a good fresh cooked monster burger from a good local non-chain place.

  • pizza because its great

  • pgbod33

    Pizza, because like Android, it is endlessly customizable!

  • Michael Salinger

    Pizza – because there are so many different kinds.

    New York Slice
    Chicago Deep Dish
    Grilled, Brick Oven, Greek
    Plain Cheese, Meat Lovers, Veggie, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Meatball, Hawaiian, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ, Mexican….

    The possibilities are endless…..

  • Ken

    pizza cause nothing goes better with beer then pizza…well maybe a hot dog…or maybe a hamburger…still i prefer pizza

  • Joshua Horn

    Burger, so many options

  • Ryan

    Pizza! Cause I’m italian!

  • stang

    Pizza anytime of the day. It just works.

  • HAMBURGER because it can be juicy,sweet,wet,dry,hot,cold,round,square and its a classic

  • Pizza, why because it pizza enough said

  • Burger because ‘Merica that’s why

  • Pizza because you can put anything on a pizza and it would be fantastic

  • Brittany Forfar

    Of course pizza, there are many toppings and ways to have it… Dessert pizza!

  • DanSan

    Pizza!!! Because the possibilities are endless!!!!

  • Hot dogs, specifically a big Nathan’s frank on a steamed bun. Friggin’ delicious. Even the little pink ones with some cheap Hormel chili on top are bad ass.

  • Jan

    Hamburger or particularly Bigmac because we got pizza yesterday. 🙂

  • Pizza is the best, you can never go wrong with pizza

  • Pizza, because even if you put cheese on a burger or hot dog it’s required for pizza. You can’t go wrong with meat and cheese!

  • burgers, because “you can have them your way”!!!

  • mcbobie

    Pizza, lots of variation and extremely portable, as well as good cold

  • zmberven

    Burger. Because beef.


    Burger when you need are ravenously hungry you don’t dream of mystery meat or katchup and cheese on bread do you?

  • Burger, can’t get any better then a char broiled beefy patty with onions and fries. Burgers are just awesome!!

  • Dustin

    Definitely pizza – crispy crust with a sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you choose. If you’re craving a burger then just get burger pizza, it will always win!

  • Erik B

    Burger. All the juicy flavors and so many ways you can make it.

  • pizza because smart guys only eat pizza

  • Burger thaT Way I Get To Anger Vegetarians

  • Burgers and hot dogs because they just pair so well!

  • Devianceindark

    Pizza! 0ut the other two on top of it for the trifecta!

  • Pizza because you have anything you want on it and it still taste good.

  • burger, because you can do a burger so many different ways!

  • Richard Wolanin

    Pizza- You can get it so many different ways and it’s good just about anywhere you go,

  • Pizza….

  • ScottyByrd

    Pizza….has the 4 major food groups rofl

  • Gustavo Bersanetti

    Pizza, might as well go all out when pigging out

  • raoul duke

    Full on veggie pizza cause I’m vegetarian! Veggie dogs and burgers are nasty. Even in the days of not being a vegetarian a big new york slice of pizza was it for me

  • JS629

    Pizza simply because its the best!!

  • Pizza because even bad pizza is still pretty good

  • jamesloper

    burger because there are so many delicious burgers that i want to eat

  • Shaun

    I love pizza anytime anywhere

  • Pizza, because it’s done many different ways and everyone can find a slice they like!
    NOTE – This post is good for 5000 entries.

  • Kevin Faaborg

    I say pizza since so many ways it can be made, so many styles, different toppings and methods. Everything from a Spinach Alfredo to Hawaiian to even Buffalo Chicken; just limited by your imagination. I have been meaning to try to make a Chicken Cordon Bleu soon too!

  • Shaun

    I love pizza anytime anywhere

  • Shaun

    I love Pizza anytime anywhere

  • jakymiwm

    Lou Malnati’s Pizza! Chicago Style!

  • Pizza because there are so many different ways you can have it.

  • Pizza – Hawaiian Pizza. Because it’s the best of everything – Pineapple, Ham, Cheese, Crusty Crust.

  • Matt Ponkey

    Burger. Becuase there is something divine about a really good burger that hot dogs & pizza will never have.

  • Definitely burger because there are so many tasty variations and toppings to play with and you can never go wrong with beef!

  • Pizza, because you can’t beat hot, delicious food delivered right to your doorstep!

  • matthew

    Hotdog is the great american food

  • Pizza. When I was growing up it was a very special treat to get pizza because our family was very poor. When we did get a pizza it was shared with the whole family. When you live in a group with aunts, uncles, and cousins a couple pizzas only went so far. Now that I’m older I enjoy pizza more having those memories of those rare occasions when we got pizza. Oh and a pizza buffet is just awesome to share with my family now. Pepperoni, ham, sausage, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and a ton of cheese. Loving pizza.

  • Connor

    Pizza. Its a circle.

  • Pizza, just not a real fan of the others

  • Austin


  • Alfredo Parra

    hot dog-because all the best foods are shaped like penises lol

  • punkorambo

    Burger because if it’s rare enough then you don’t even need to drink anything while eating it to quench your thirst.

  • Burger – because there is nothing better that a big greasy burger oozing with cheese.

  • sachin_goral

    Pizza mania. It feels like my teeth melt along with the pizza.

  • teknque

    pizza…you can top it with more ingredients so it never gets old.

  • Craig Pardue

    Pizza! Because I like my food hot-n-ready!

  • pmgdisqus

    Bacon Cheeseburger pizza from valentinos! The best to two world’s.

  • Justin

    Never hot dog. Pizza or Burger. I’ll go with pizza because it’s easy to get. With delivery you can eat right at home.

  • MAC D burger bcoz i M luvin it!!!!

  • beyourgravity

    Hot dog, because they are a childhood favorite.

  • Pizza, because I looove cheese, and Hotdogs are just squished up meat, they also don’t look cool.

  • Pizza because its good when its hot, its good when its cold, and its even good when its 3 days old

  • Brian Krygowski

    Pizza. It can be hot or cold and be served any meal of the day.

  • Pizza! Better choice of options available…Make mine a thin crust, chicken with bacon!!!

  • Kie

    burger. easy to eat, basic setup but toppings can get exciting. Varying flavors by place and company

  • pizza, because you can make it the way you want

  • Brad L.

    Pizza. Its great hot or cold. Plus you can put different toppings, sauces, etc..

  • Burger because all of the different meats and cheeses you could put on it.

  • home made burger with fresh vegetables. cause it’s a medley of flavors and textures.

  • Pizza. you can never go wrong. hot or cold, it’s good anytime.

  • burger. Inn-n-out. nuff said.

  • abqnm

    Pizza or burger. They both are great with some genuine New Mexico green chile.

  • Pizza – Because I like cheese..

  • Justin Thai

    Burger, because it’s like all the food groups in a convenient, handheld package!

  • slash19

    Hot dog…it’s fast and easy. Just how I like it.

  • Goblys

    Pizza, because leftovers make a nice breakfast

  • Tommy Fredriksen


  • Pizza Burger! Because there is nothing better than a hunk of ground beef that has been pressed into a patty with mozzarella and marinara infused throughout. Top it off with a beer and you’re good to go

  • Hot Dog, from costco. Hard to beat @ 1.50 plus a drank. Huge Dog and delicious. Then I can still have cash for my upcoming nexus. Yes.

  • ouches

    Chicago hot dog Nuff said

  • Chicago Style HOTDOG, just look at the pic, do I need to say anymore… lol YUM! (it’s quick, easy and delicious)

  • Pizza…TMNT indoctrination.

  • Pizza for me – you can do a lot with a burger, but you can throw just about anything on a pizza and have it still make sense.

  • michael arazan

    I used to be a gourmet chef, Pizza would be the best because there are so many variations that you could literally have a different pizza everyday of the year and not have the same one twice. Including hamburger pizza. I’ve never seen a variation of a hot dog pizza, but I could do it. @zombielove69

  • Carlos

    Between burger, hot dog, and pizza, I’ll definitely pick a pizza! The thing is, you can only do so much for burgers and hot dogs to have a different eating experience every time you have one, but pizzas are a different animal; there’s just a gazillion different combos for it that can last you a lifetime!

  • Eric Sullivan

    I recently figured out that veggie burgers actually taste good. So yeah, burgers.

  • Chicago style HOTDOG, It’s my favorite and it’s quick and easy to make and beside I was born and raised in Chi-Town. Droid-Life Rocks! Been following you guys for the longest, and this is my first spot I got for ALL MY INFO on Android Life

  • banoctopus

    Pizza, because you can throw hamburger meat onto a hotdog, and enjoy a hotdog on a burger, but neither can have a pizza on them.

  • Vincentius Valdi

    Pizza! Simply because there are no Leaning Tower of Hamburger or Leaning Tower of Hot Dog. There is only one in the world, Leaning Tower of Pizza in Italy :p

  • garrett sullivan

    Burger, the sheer variety of what you can make coupled with that amazing taste. I can’t think of a reason to get a pizza over that.

  • Jason Ricci

    Pizza, because I’m Italian and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Charlie

    Gotta be me, there is no other way!

  • Francesco Salamone

    Pizza. Because I’m Italian!

  • jlee1026

    burger, pizza, hot dog and a case of Boddingtons. Why not, and what’s not to like.

  • Pizza. Because I’m Italian!

  • Jon Ellingson

    Burger, because it’s my favorite

  • Pizza. Because I’m Italian!

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Burger…it has all the food groups in the pyramid…i think.

  • Robert Crandall

    Pizza, because its the least likely of the three to get you sick?

  • Jared Nichols

    PIZZA!! because it’s literally my favorite food

  • cizzlen

    PIZZA because it never gets old

  • ForrestTracey

    Pizza! Only if it’s from a local place called Dions though 🙂 otherwise I’d grill a burger! Pizza and beer are great together!

  • Richard Abramas

    Pizza is pretty amazing. Nothing can beat a good Chicago-style deep dish.

  • burger ceap and best ..best mobility food on the run..

  • JesseMcCall

    A burger! I love protein!

  • Pizza! Coz they even have a leaning tower named after it, in commemoration~

  • Guest

    A burger! I love protein!

  • Nothing beats a perfect burger. Fresh off the grill. Cooked to Perfection. Topped with all your favorite toppings. With some fries and an ice cold diet coke. Mmmm. Now I’m hungry. :/

  • Alex Pena

    Pizza! Why? Becauase Domino’s has really good deals!

  • Tito Vides

    Hot Dog

    i love burger and pizza, but the hot dog doesn’t require much to be made. And of course the possibilities are endless.
    Semi fried bun, grilled hot dog wrapped in bacon, smothered in grilled onions and bell peppers with mayo, mustard and KETCHUP !!

  • arthur2142

    Pizza because you can put anything on it, and hot or cold, it’s perfect for any meal of the day.

  • Pizza because of the inumerable amounts of toppings that could be placed on a pie!

  • James McCulloch

    Lone Starr: A million? That’s unfair.Pizza The Hutt: Unfair to the payer but not to the payee. But you’re gonna pay it, or else!Barf: Or else what?Pizza The Hutt: Tell him, Vinnie.Vinnie: Or else pizza is gonna send out for *you*!

  • Addison

    Burger, hands down. Cheese and bacon, with a fried egg on it.

  • Gonna have to go with pizza because I read the top comment

  • Pizza, because it’s simply better and more than a hunk of meat.

  • trevormf

    Pizza. Because it’s better

  • TerryAbshireRiley

    How about a Tex Mex Burger loaded!!! Want me to fix you one? Good eatin I’m tellin ya.

  • pizza like the crispness yo

  • TerryAbshireRiley

    Definitely Burger with all the fixin’s. Just saw a tex mex burger that looked scrumptous!!! Would you like me to make one for you?

  • user311

    Pizza burgers, best of both worlds.

  • kinqrex

    Pizza…because pizza

  • pizza! because it’s delicious for any meal of the day, whether hot or cold!

  • pizza! so many options for customization!

  • Pizza! It’s one of the few meals that my wife, kids and myself can agree on.

  • cwwpa

    Hot Dogs … grilled with a nice outer crunch

  • pizza!!! cause its so good and can be made so many different ways!

  • ericbugosh

    Pizza! becuase of Papa Johns of course. only reason needed.

  • Pizza,,,with hamburger and sliced up hot dogs as toppings. Merica!

  • burgers….meat

  • Thomas Pace

    Pizza. Its good hot or cold

  • Jesse Alvizar

    Burger…there is so much you can do with a burger and its truly the american meal…wiht thick, juicy beef……AHHH i want one now

  • ironyeti

    Burger. Because any animal in the world can become a delicious burger. Even a yeti.

  • Pizza. Because it’s pizza.

  • Pizza because it’s easier to share with your friends

  • Pizza, so versatile!

  • JagQpopZ24

    Burgers! Red Robin Royal Burger with the Fried Egg! Yum!
    More versatile than a hot dog and for the most part you can make an awesome burger at home but usually with pizza, the best is from a restaurant (ie Lou Malnati’s Chicago! )

  • pizza. good hot. good cold.

  • Pizza. it has unlimited possibilities.

  • Tom M

    Nothing beats a handcrafted burger because it contains PURE LOVE!

  • Pizza! Because I love all the different topings you can put on a pizza. Everything but anchovies, pepperoni, meat pizza, hawaiin, bacon, white pizza, Sicilian pizza, its endless!!!!

  • Scott Manders

    Pizza with a side of hotdogs and a burger for dessert… but pizza would win if I couldn’t have this awesome meal

  • Ron Lamb

    Pizza because it can not get any better than some sauce, cheeze and a bunch of fixins

  • Larry Carson

    Hotdog. It ia always a good time for a dog.

  • TrueGentleman

    burger, but keep it simple. meat, bread, sauce, cheese, and all that is man.

  • pizza b/c pizza is the best of all foods

  • Thomas Klimuc

    Burger, Home made, with onions and worcestershire sauce.

  • Rich

    Pizza – cause papa told me I had to :))

  • Carlos P

    Pizza always

  • MarC

    thin crust pizza ftw!! cause it’s evilly delicious good :p

  • Kehin Faux

    pizza.. cause you can make a hot burger pizza.

  • Ben Hallauer

    Pizza, because you can alwyas change the toppings and it will likely come out ok.

  • Lashawn

    Burger, Because I love lil Sliders yay”!!!

  • Yaterml

    I would love to say hamburgers because there isn’t anything more American, but pizza because it is the most complete food that Americans consume, it’s also the most customizable food we have.

  • The creativity and endless flavor combos that work so well with burgers is what puts them on top. Pizza is great, but the really out there flavor combos don’t really work with pizza, it has a structure and deviating to much from it, IMO, isn’t as successful as hamburgers are. Hot dogs are the Crack-berries of the food world, featureless and boring.

  • Jason W.

    Hot dog, nothing better than a dawg with chili and onions on it.

  • Benjamin Choi

    burger. thought about it for a while and was a tie with pizza but realized eating an entire burger doesn’t sound half as bad as eating an entire pizza.

  • how about some nicely marinated bbq chicken…along with a hot dog…to set off the end of grilling season

  • MDagg77

    Pizza – you can put ANYTHING on it and make it taste good

  • James Herring

    Pizza. Who can’t find a type of pizza to get down with?

  • hitekdroid

    Chicago style deep dish. Because gooey cheese

  • spliced249

    Burger. Cheese. Bacon. Fried Onions. BBQ Sauce. Buttered toasted bun.

  • DXHusk3r

    Pizza…because you can put any ingredient on it, and you can have it for breakfast.

  • Sporttster

    Hot dog. Growing up there was a neat restaurant in our area called Ferrell’s. The staff wore straw hats and striped shirts,like from the 20’s. It was the coolest restaurant and they had these HUGE hot dogs, on toasted buttered buns. MAN they were good! Really miss that place…and those dogs….

  • this is a toughy, so i choose digiorno pizza and cookies combo, /win.

  • zpartal

    Burger because there’s nothing better then a big juicy burger right off the grill!

  • Kevin

    Burger for the BBQ sauce!

  • A burger. Cause my cave man genes tell me so. Red Meat! Red Meat!

  • David Simmons

    Pizza 100%. I could eat pizza everyday, then reheat it and eat it even more! Can’t do that with burgers or dogs.

  • Burger. Because I know what’s in it.

  • Pizza…the perfect food anytime of the day.

  • Micale Eure

    Pizza because their are so many ways to make unique masterpieces.

    …and it’s round without curvy rectangles to prevent lawsuits.

  • Burger, the true american food.

  • burger IN-N-OUT all the way!

  • Joe Paul

    Hamburger. Meat is good.

  • topherrjames

    Pizza of course, cause Italian food is the best!

  • Matthew Glen Evans

    Pizza, because you have such a wide range of toppings, and they’re all great.

  • Pizza. Ninja Turtles. Do I need to say more?

  • Pizza. True Chicago or a great thin New York style! Always good…whether in the mood for veggies or meat!

  • Armorthane

    Pizza! Way more options than burgers or dogs!

  • Gary Keeler

    Pizza. Because pizza is the nectar of the gods. Zeus and Hermes were enjoying a delicious meat lovers when Jason was sailing.

  • cfb

    Got to love the all American burger.

  • movalpolos

    pizza, because i was italian in a past life

  • Pizza….. nothing does it like good old NY Pizza 🙂

  • AndroidForBrains

    Burger all the way! There are just so many options; beef, turkey, lamb, pork… then the seasoning and toppings. I’m hungry now!

  • Definitely a Hot Dog. With loads & loads of ketchup.

    Especially those dogs they sell @ Target Field in Minneapolis. OMG. Those are the absolute best. Hot dogs are an epic food choice because they’re like meat tubes with loads of flavor, including whatever condiment(s) you slather atop it.

    Especially when said condiment is a truckload of ketchup. Yes…

  • Burgers– living in California makes burgers the obvious choice, with an In ‘n’ Out not more than 15 minutes away.

  • Pizza, because I’m a vegetarian.

  • pizza, its great the night you buy it. There is enough for the whole family. You still feel good 15 minutes later and you get it for lunch the next day!

  • chris arnold

    Burger, because they go hard with almost any occasion and are great with beer.

  • Kent Burton

    Pizza with burger and Hot-dogs on it. Cause then you don’t have to chose. BOOM

  • EdwardZampella

    If I’m not having a cheese craving and there are no FIve Guys around, then a hot dog is easiest to choke down 😉

  • Ned Smith

    Hot dog, so many different combinations that they never get old

  • Stephen Caron

    Pizza. The only one good cold the next morning.

  • Frank M

    Pizza because it contains all the tasty members of the food pyramid!

  • Matt Pallone

    Burgers for sure…. just add bacon.

  • Matt Pallone

    Burgers like a man….with bacon of course.

  • Paul Taylor

    Pizza…because you can eat it hot, cold, on the run and in the morning, noon or night.

  • Jared Shepherd

    Burger for sure! I love good red meat! You cant beat it.

  • Burger. ‘Coz I love it and haters’ gonna hate.

  • Low023

    Pizza, because its pizza!

  • jmu33

    hot dogs……….one handed eating while playing with my droid 😀

  • Byron Galvez

    Pizza- can get a slice almost any where at any time!!!!

  • Tough call, but I have to go with pizza. A greasy burger can really hit the spot, but pizza wins because you can eat it with one hand and it’s still good the next day. Or week.

  • Juan Huerta

    Burger because it’s all American and delicious

  • Pizza because there are so many different varieties and kinds to try and eat!

  • Adam

    Burger. I’m a man and I need my red meat.

  • Antonio Dell’Aquila

    Burger…all day everyday…just look at this pic…nuff said

  • Pizza – Real Wisconsin cheese nuff said

  • pizza, more variety possible also wonderfull

  • chickaholic

    Pigs in a blanket for me!

    • chickaholic

      Greasy, salty, they’ll do when there are no fries ;).

  • shawnnotjohn

    Hot dog duhhh, cause its easy to sneak into the movies with a couple of the hidden in my jacket xD

  • James

    Burgers, all the way, especially with swiss cheese, lettuce, and some green olive sauce. Yep.

  • aaeagle

    Burger – Got to love the protein

  • Bryan Spina

    Pizza. You can put any kind of sauce and toppings and you can make it savory or sweet. It is one of the most versatile dishes.

  • Jason Brown

    pizza because it is just as good cold as when it comes out fresh from the oven. shoutout to espn’s cold pizza show. lol

  • Lane252

    pizza: bc simply put…it can be a desert, vegetarian (if your into that), vegan, meat lovers (bacon-sausage-ham-turkey etc), breakfast….so yeah it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert 🙂

  • Pizza because you can never get sick of it.

  • ouroborus2012

    Give me a pizza.. Of course, said pizza should be smothered in hamburger and pepperoni (which is essentially a red spicey hot dog)… An orgasmic combination which leaves your taste buds in sensual ruins.. Much like this Transformer package will leave my brain synapses in ruins…. and bliss

  • rocco2640

    burgers because they are the cheapest on the list and they still are delicious!

  • burger, because i love beef!

  • Artistan

    Hotdogs! Quick, easy and versatile. Good too.

  • hoboy

    pizza! because you can eat anything on a pizza.

  • Burger… cause you can make it any way you want it. Kind of like android. Also, that’s the best tablet out there….

  • Hail

    Definitely hot dog! If it weren’t for the institution of hot dogs, how else would we put all the scrap meant chunks and meat paste into a form that people think they’d want to eat! Then it would all just pile up…

  • burger. burgers are so diverse and its rare you get the same burger twice

  • Pizza would have to be my choice. To get a good burger or hot dog you need a grill and that is not always an option with weather. Where as pizza you need a stove and is usually not swayed by weather.

    FYI: Part 2 and 3 only works if you have your name as what you twitter and comment with. While I will do both parts it seems strange to do so since I do not.

  • Christopher Ruiz

    Burger, with a beer cause it’s just American!

  • Pizza. You can make it taste like a burger or hot dog

  • Pizza, it always has all your major food groups. Plus, in the evening you can have hot pizza and cold beer, then in the morning you can have cold pizza and warm beer, and it’s still good!

  • newboyx

    Pizza, can easily feed a crowd for cheap!

  • Gene Sok Yun

    Burger, hot dog AND then Pizza!!! That’s the right way to do it!

  • antjphotog

    Burger, it’s meatier.

  • pizza because its universal its a fantastic meal all day everyday .. and is actually healthy (depending on how its baked and prepared of course)

  • jdomann

    Pizza, it’s good even the next morning!

  • Sri

    Pizza especially if it is NY style pizza

  • Pizza it’s like a lasagna but pizza 🙂

  • Ross Smith

    pizza – its cheap!

  • Pizza. topped with chopped pizza and hot dogs. Because its delicious

  • Burger, because bacon and beef are like cigarettes and beer

  • Pizza because you can top it with anything

  • Hot dogs because I love them sausages in my mouth.

  • Definitely a burger with cheese and bacon. Because there is nothing better than a burger by Five Guys.

  • Burger. Because it’s a complete meal. Fruit and vegetables, dairy, starch, and meat.

  • BrionBrown

    Burger. Especially when I grill it. You can’t beat my meat!

  • JesterEE

    Hamburger because it tastes better with bacon.

  • Burgers because you can do so much with it.

  • rocco2640

    burger, because you can get them for a $1at mcdonalds and still taste good

  • rocco2640

    burger, because you can get them for a $1at mcdonalds and still taste good

  • oliman37

    Pizza, because I am from Chicago and there is nothing better…

  • Evan Knofsky

    Pizza, you can put almost anything on a pizza and it will taste great!

  • Pizza because you can put more stuff on it

  • rocco2640

    burger, because you can get them for a $1at mcdonalds and still taste good

  • rocco2640

    burger, because you can get them for a $1at mcdonalds and still taste good

  • Pizza. Only food that tastes better next day, and cold.

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    Pizza, its so cheesy

  • Monte Bellanger

    All 3, I love burgers, hot dogs, and pizza! Because those 3 are the best food ever!

  • Nothing can beat a good burger!

  • Burger…easy to make and still filling….MAN FOOD!!!

  • Pizza because I’m a vegetarian!

  • magneto198

    pizza, no mess

  • Doan

    Burger, for convenience and stomach-fillingness. You don’t get your hands greasy like you would a pizza, and it’s much more filling than a hot dog.

  • Burger. Sometimes you’re just craving a thick juicy burger. Especially a Five Guys Burger.

  • Preston Richmond

    Pizza, because no mater how you make it, weather it be dominoes, pizza hut, or Mr. P’s frozen pizza, it always tastes good to me.

  • Jeff Miller

    Has to be PIZZA cause like Android, its loved around the world, Comes in many flavors, styles, and choices. It creates arguments over which one is best, and finally you can partake pizza anytime of the day or night and only gets better as time goes on!!!!

  • Pizza, I can eat pizza anytime and there’s so many different ingredients and places you can try

  • Pizza. Hot or cold it never gets old.

  • ive heard in the UK you can get a pizza with a hotdog stuffed crust so pizza wins

  • rogue05

    It would have to be pizza, hot,cold or lukewarm it will still taste good.

  • Matthew Whitaker

    Pizza! You can literally put anything on it! the combinations are endless!

  • Mike Ferlitsch

    Pizza, definitely, because you can put hotdogs and burgers on the pizza too :B

  • Adam Theis

    Burger, nothing like a nice greasy hamburger and a ice cold beer to make the day better

  • flascrnwrtr

    Pizza, because… well because it’s pizza. ‘Nuff said!

  • Pizza because it has the most cheese. Could eat it every day

  • Chris

    Can always judge a pizza place by a slice of cheese.

  • Conan

    Pizza: anytime, anywhere, hot or cold

  • delriogil

    I’ll take a Polish dog and a soda for $1.50 at Costco any day.

  • Awful close for me between burger and pizza. But if I have to make a choice, it would be pizza. It’s a very healthy choice that covers the food groups.

  • Bently Wong

    pizza. so much more variety

  • Pizza because it can have anything and everything on it

  • hot dog. Because I’m from Chicago.

  • soccerburn55

    Pizza because it’s just the best

  • TuckandRoll84

    Mmm, burgers are always the best. Hands down. Especially teriyaki burgers with pineapple.

  • Mike

    Bacon cheeseburger pizza from Dominos = MOUTH ORGY

  • AndrewBuell

    Pizza because I’m a triangle man

  • burger because they make bad pizzas here and hot dog not available

  • Ivan92116

    pizza because of the endless topping combinations that are possible.

  • Mr. Joshua

    Burger!! It’s American

  • Pizza obviously. It’s the only one of the three selections that I can actually get hamburger and hot dogs, if you wanted it, as toppings. Now I’m hungry.

  • Chris Mulliner

    Hotdog; easy to make. Ha.

  • Pizza is the best because it can be classy, cheap or anything you want. Good for all occasions!

  • Burger. Because with two kids i don’t ever want to see another piece of pizza 🙂

  • Chris O’Donnell

    Pizza! It’s good hot…it’s good cold. It’s cheap and can last at least a week in the fridge. Perfect with mushrooms!

  • jmanin123

    pizza. nothing better than crust, sauce and cheese!

  • Burger, because I said so.

  • Sporttster

    Why aren’t the names of the winners being posted anymore????

  • Scott Hamilton

    I like my pizza like i like my women… cold.

  • Hothfox

    Burgers. Because meat, cheese, and ketchup. NOM

  • CyHawk60

    Pizza, because I love extra cheese!

  • Kutter Ross

    Pizza because it is freaking delicious! 😀

  • Ben Jones

    I think hotdogs. I can eat like 4 of them and not feel bad!

  • john dechert

    burger. i can eat it for breakfast if there is an egg on it, lunch dinner, and hell, it comes with bacon, and everything is better with bacon

  • Travis Stanley

    Pizza because the toppings are endless!!

  • Tx_Ag

    Burger – It is fast, easy to grill, and the taste can change from burger to burger so you never get bored

  • Pizza because nothing goes better with an ice cold beer.

  • Hamburger of course simply because there are far more options of what you can put on a hamburger than a pizza or hot dog

  • Sean Futach

    pizza, because there is a lot of really good pizza out there.

  • Jared Du Mond

    Pizza – it is clearly the most delicious choice and includes all the major food groups.

  • Stud Muffler

    Burger, but it has to be build to my liking.

  • Andrew Herman

    Pizza….so many toppings!

  • Pizza, because its such a generic favorite.

  • dfecko

    All 3

  • A hot dog….preferably a Nathans at a Mets game.

  • Dave Sloboda

    Pizza…because you can put burgers and/or hot dogs on a pizza, but not the other way around!

  • Hot dog…. Because you’ll always feel like a “weiner”

  • Andrew

    Pizza, because I like the taste the best.

  • Stud Muffler

    Burger, but it has to be build to my order.

  • Hot Dogs because they are an american classic, good with any sport and they’re damn good with a cold Brew!!!

  • Burger. It’s the manly choice.

  • Jacob Haman

    How about hot dogs for lunch and pizza with hamburger on it for dinner!

  • whosinaname

    Pizza, excellent cold the next day for breakfast!

  • Pizza, leftovers are good even cold.

  • Pizza – how else can i get all my food groups in one mouthful

  • pizza for sure!

  • Pizza. If you ever try Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in NYC, you will understand why.

  • Johnathan Wicker

    Pizza because you can eat it hot or cold. You can eat it even when its been sitting on the table in your dorm room for a couple of days.

  • Derek Gelinas

    Burger. I love pizza, but burgers are the true man food.

  • chnsawalex

    Burger, actually uses real meat.

  • Turkey Burger and only that because turkey dogs aren’t tasting too good to me anymore and pizza is played out for me.

  • Pizza! Better toppings choices. Burger would be second pick.

  • cipersapper

    Guess I would have to go with pizza, it’s always a winner. Hot dogs are great on a grill and I love a big juicy burger from a bar, but pizza takes the prize.

  • Nothing beats a good burger! It makes you empowered to know that humans are supreme!

  • pizza…cuz who doesn’t like pizza?

  • Burgers because I can get pizza anytime, a good burger is something special.

  • Moose Moose

    Pizza because you can put burgers and hot dogs on it!!!!

  • Burger… nothing like being the meat in a sandwich! 🙂

  • Joe

    Pizza. Because I’m part Italian and it’s hard to screw up pizza.

  • beetlefreek

    Pizza – Only vegetarian choice. Then again, hard to beat a good blackbean burger loaded with jalapeno!

  • burger. more meat. lol

  • Jeff Lambert

    Honestly…..Pizza. Because it can be delivered and there is a variety.

  • Jared Carter

    Pizza – because if you’re in the mood for a burger… put it on a pizza. If you want a hotdog…. make a pizza out of it.

  • Justin Polizzi

    Pizza because pepperoni is amazing and also I am Italian!

  • KJ

    PIZZA!!! a piping hot pizza, melted cheese, some delcious pepperoni’s. Nothing beats it!! hamburgers a close 2nd, hotdogs aren’t even close!!

  • Jeff Lambert

    burger, hot dog or pizza – All of them on a pizza! Burger+Hot Dog on a Pizza. Yum!

  • hamburger, because there is nothing better than a slab of onion on top of a juicy mound of beef

  • Sarah Smith


  • Pizza of course! Why? Have you ever had a pizza? Yum! Enough said.

  • Brady McEwen

    Pizza. Because its pizza.

  • pizza. it makes your gf happy whether its hot or cold, soggy or stiff. unlike yourself….

  • tonyd

    Pizza, because it’s PIZZA!

  • andyroid12345


  • Austin

    BURGERSSSSSSSSSSSSS All for burgers- more burgers for me !!!!!!!!

  • Andy


  • Steve Wroblewski

    Hot dog. Because great pizza and burgers are relatively easy to find, but great dogs are hard to find. When you find a great one, it’s nirvana.

  • Pizza. Why? You can get it with burger, bacon, cheese, bacon and bacon. It’s like having a flat Baconator. Also Bacon.

  • @aj_grande

    Pizza, just because even when it taste’s like cardboard (Little Caesars), its still better then a bad hotdog or a bad burger.

  • David Konas

    Pizza because it will kill me the slowest.

  • JoeTi

    Pizza. I *could* eat it every day of my life and enjoy it. (Note: I have not tried this.)

  • Shawn Bittner

    Burger, because stacked just right, it looks an awful lot like a Droid. 😉

  • Easy one. Burgers…..everyday the bigger the better with cheese!

  • Pizza. You can put just about anything on it, and it’s still good.

  • Pizza. Why? Because you can put anything you want on a pizza. Anything your heart desires. Just like android, user friendly lol

  • Burgers because the solid foundation of any nutritious meal is a half pound of beef. Oh, and because I don’t like my food shaped like phallic objects.

  • JadedDJay

    hot dog… because it looks funny

  • Arimas Artadi

    Pizza. Because it have alot of cheese, and its the only food I can order via website

  • Rob

    burger… made fresh with jalapenos and A1 steak sauce… nothing better….

  • nightscout13

    Pizza. Variety is something you can never get enough of.

  • ryan f

    burger hands down. Makes me think of summertime and beer, plus so man different meats or veggies you can make them from!

  • Pizza. a regular pizza has awesome stuff on it, Cheese, Meat, and anything else you want to add to it, you can even put burgers and dogs on it if you so please.

  • Hot Dog…cause Kobayashi hates Apple!

  • Burger, done right there isn’t much better.You can have all kinds of pizza but they are always kinda similar. That said a burger has so many combinations its never similar.

  • Jess C

    Pizza, cause it’s awesome

  • burger,with so many choices to put on it y not have one

  • Diana A.

    Pizza, because having it cold for breakfast is the best!

  • Pizza for sure. Theres a place by my house that has a pizza buffet for like $7 and they make any kind of pizza you can imagine… mac and cheese, sloppy joe, and even a pizza with brownies under the cheese (I swear its the food of angels)… You can make anything a pizza.

  • raymond513

    Pizza, so much easier to eat and much better tasting than burgers or hot dogs

  • BuTbKa

    Big mamas pizza. Just about right size for me 😉

  • skrusrnmz

    That’s tough because there’s so much you can do with all of these. I’ll have to go with the one I eat the most: pizza.

  • Pizza – Chicago deep dish style!!!

  • Mike_Cook7

    Bacon burger before the Pork shortage and from the grill just can’t get any better

  • ConnorJohnson

    Pizza. Because pizza is good at every meal. This is a scientific fact.

  • Kyle Finton

    Has to be pizza. Tons of different combinations, from sauces, cheeses, toppings and doughs. Endless.

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    pizza b/c I’m a New Yorka

  • Juan Pablo Firrincieli

    pizza, because we can make a pizza with hotdogs and burgers on top!! xD

  • legacystar

    Seattle dog hands down because it tastes even better when your drunk!

  • Guest

    Pizza, because it’s PIZZA!

  • G A

    Pizza – it doesn’t leave me with a heavy feeling in my stomach.

  • Mario Mendez

    Costco pizza – the best pizza. Large, toppings filled. Can’t go wrong.

  • Billeh Turner

    Pizza, because my wife says she likes it.

  • Pizza, because it is just better for every day consumption.

  • Barfight

    Burger! It goes best with beer!

  • Pizza, because it’s the shiznizzldyBamSlam!

  • kingblake99

    Pizza because its awesome

  • Harout Ter-Papyan

    Burger! Put some bacon on it and its the perfect food.

  • Pizza, because it’s the most versatile. You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the toppings are endless!

  • Stephan Erat

    Pizza – good for any time of day, and delicious hot or cold!

  • Brian Walker

    Burger, because I’m a free American.

  • pizza! It’s my favorite, I could eat it everyday of the week!

  • um…. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza….best of both worlds

  • Tough choice. Pizza because there are so many different ways you can make it and it’s good any time of the day and it’s good both hot and cold.

  • Burgers. All day every day

  • Morenoc12

    Pizza, I’m a meet lovers king og guy add jalapeño and chicken, o so good

  • Masterminded

    Pizza, its best

  • JChitambar

    Pizza for its versatility!

  • K.Sae

    Pizza. Cuz the ninja turtles likes it.

  • Pizza because it’s awesome.

  • Phil

    Burger because there are so many options

  • Pizza, it was the first food i liked when I was a kid because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ate it

  • Pizza because I love Pizza.
    …good enough reason?

  • Manthas

    Hot Dog, because they are just plain awesome.

  • Pizza because you can make it anyway you like

  • Millzbury

    Pizza cause it has all the major food groups.

  • Guest


  • Hot Dog! Only because you can keep it simple with ketchup and mustard, unless you want to make it a “Chicago styled” hot dog.

  • Rene Rocha

    I would like to enter a fourth option…CHICKEN WINGS!
    why you ask? Well then you’ve apparently never slipped into a food coma from blue cheese and chicken wings.

  • Burger, loaded down with all the fixings.

  • Burger definitely…. more Protein!!!!!!!!!!

  • Graham Wilson

    pizza cause its just so cheesy! haha

  • veggie burger because gardenburgers RULE

  • CGull

    Pizza. I really do love pizza. There is never a time I won’t have pizza! Just cheesy goodness.

  • pizza… I can’t identify what’s actually in hot dogs and I don’t typically eat burgers. chicken pizza FTW!

  • Pizza because it has it can topped off any way you like it.

  • Nick Bohl

    If you don’t like pizza the best then f**k you! Lol

    I like pizza the best because you can technically squeeze all five good groups out of it. Dough (grain) sauce (tomato {read: fruit}), dairy (cheese), veggies (mushroom or peppers, your call) and meat group (bacon, pepperoni, whatever floats your boat)!

  • rodd berlin

    Burger with cheddar cheese…YYYYUUUUMMMM!!!!

  • Pizza… there’s a variety of kinds and I like variety!

  • bosshoss_16

    Burger is definitely the best. Driving down the street and smelling a BBQ brings up old memories of what? Pizza? Hot dogs? Maybe. But Burgers!!!!!!!!

  • Evan Fleming

    Due to the time of year, I’m going with a hotdog. Nothing beats an Oscar Meyer over a fire!

  • JeremiahOverton

    Hamburger. From 5 Guys. It’s one of the best foods on the planet.

    Get two patties with loads of goodness on it. Pickles. Spicy hot jalapenos. Lovingly slathered in ketchup, mustard and hot sauce.

    I’m about to get in the car just thinking about it.

  • Caleb Allen

    Pizza. It’s hard to make a truly bad pizza.

  • Gino’s East from Chicago best pizza in the world

  • Seanfranchise6

    Burger, you get more stuff. More is good.

  • Pizza Because out of these foods which can you say has restaurants dedicated to all you can eat buffet serving just that one food.

  • Pizza because its large and in charge!…..with toppings.

  • SagarPatel

    Burger for sure. Nothing like playing with your meat.

  • #Hatch_Tag

    Nothing better than a cheeseburger with a thick & tangy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon. Giggity.

  • Pizza: i can eat it anytime. Burgers and hotdogs just don’t seem to be a breakfast food

  • TB

    Pizza… put hamburger meat and a hot dog on it and you get all 3 at once.

  • meowmix

    hot dog. its all American

  • SStewart654

    pizza – you are never far from a slice

  • burgers.

  • Pizza, Because nothings better than that Garlic tomato sause and that incredible cheese blending together, mmmmmm

  • Pizza, because it’s weird to get pepperoni on a hot dog or hamburger.

  • Guest

    Pizza, just amazing, that simple

  • jweav

    Definitely a burger as long as it’s not from a fast food place. Throw it on the grill and make it however you want!

  • Pizza, good breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Pizza because I enjoy it more. 😛

  • Tough decision…but I think I’m going to go with burger. If you’re sharing a meal with others, everyone can get what they want and usually only need just one. If you’re by yourself, you don’t feel guilty eating a whole like you would with a pizza.

  • Duncan McAfee

    Pizza. You can do just about anything to it and it’ll still be delicious. Except for the microwave…

  • Pizza all the way. Even though you can do more with burgers and hot dogs are just simple to make, pizza is good all the time. Any toppings, any thickness, and even cold the next day, pizza is just awesome.

  • Burger. More substance.

  • Pizza because its good anytime of day, hot or cold!

  • Michael Pritchard

    Burger, you can add an egg and it’s still delicious. You can add another patties and it’s still amazing, you can add some veg and it’s still exciting. You can add bacon and it’s now the best thing you’ve ever ate.

  • havokx626

    burger because it doesn’t look phallic

  • Matt Treadwell

    pizza, you can make a pizza with burger topping or hotdog on it, or chicken for that matter

  • PIZZA for me is like a little trip to New York when made correctly. It’s not easy getting New York style pizza in South Florida. I’m not saying that New York has the best pizza but c’mon, no one makes New York Style Pizza like New York. I’ve never been to Chicago but I bet they have the best CHICAGO DEEP DISH. lol

  • HieuDo

    Burger. Because of the existence of In n Out!

  • cloutist4

    Pizza, because its good hot or cold. College am I right?!

  • Burger because pizza in the south sucks and I don’t feel comfortable putting anything shaped like a hotdog in my mouth.

  • Burgers! I mean, you can put BACON ON IT! BACON!

  • Michael Steptoe

    Pizza, Its good all day everyday

  • Rick Trujillo

    Burger – no doubt! Nothing beats a great japeno cheeseburger!

  • Shawn

    A bacon and cheddar cheese burger is just Delicious!!

  • Hot dog. Nothing is more American than a good ole Oscar Myers hot dog.

  • Duggleass

    Pizza. Simply because it is made with the nectar of our sweet sweet lord, the FSM. Hot Dogs and Burgers are for the heathens.

  • Andy

    pizza because you cant get peperoni, sausage, and mushrooms on hot dogs or hamburgers

  • Icehunter

    Burger. Extremely versatile and delicious. Just like the Asus Transformer. 😀

  • Turkey hot dogs are amazing and are better for you than beef.

  • sammythebu11

    Definitely PIZZA…. just the smell is good enough to make you hungry…

  • andyroid12345


  • Austin

    BURGERS – Easy to make

  • Pizza all day! With so many toppings, you can even make pizza dessert.

  • Pizza. No matter what time of day you eat it, it makes an appropriate meal and you can pretty much make it into whatever you want to.

  • Burgers. Five Guys proves why. Red Robin’s seconds the motion, and my moms the burgermaster at the grill.

  • Pizza. It’s a vegetable.

  • tyler cole

    Pizza because Pizza

  • ahaltcj

    Pizza. There is just so many things you can do with a pizza.

  • binnym

    always pizza….. so many kinds, so many places, so many toppings……. do i need to say more

  • Greg Morgan

    Pizza, new york pizza is just the best.

  • Phillip Purcell

    Pizza, Where else can you get a serving of Fruit, Vegatables, Grain, Dairy, and Meat in one slice?

  • Dustin Miller

    Burger Pizza!

  • Burgers. Nothing beats a good burger

  • Hot dog. It’s portable and the most adaptable.

  • Turkey Fart

    Burger. Pizza and hot dogs taste too much like apple.

  • Charles

    Pizza, because it fits any mood with toppings

  • Burger. The toppings are awesome and it’s fitting for numerous occasions that are awesome with beer like baseball games for example haha

  • hitsuji6

    Burger. Because anything goes…even donuts.

  • Pizza, because I love being a turtle! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! LMFAO

  • Mike Corbett

    pizza, i am a HUGE fan of pizza, it has to be a good burger if it is a burger, but pizza is always awesome

  • magykmaster

    pizza. quick to prepare, no assembly required. (you dont need a bun or anything) transportable. and it comes with a built in handle!

  • pizza with bacon, 2 cheeses, and hamburger. It’s like a pizza and a bacon cheeseburger all in 1!!

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    Burger – Burgers require artisan and truly are all american. Pizza is easily made, while it is difficult to get the porportions right, the rest is easy. Pizza is too an American food (the modern day version was invented by an American Italian immigrant), it’s roots actually rest in Greece. Hotdogs… Umm.. this explains what hotdogs are: http://youtu.be/cLefs6TE80M?t=7s . Burgers rock! You have to find the right meat for burgers, grill them the right amount and add the right spices. You have to have the right dressings, not too much and not too little. The cheese has to be strong enough to be tasted, yet weak enough to supplement the meat. Good burgers can’t be beat!

  • Craig Berry

    Pizza – where else can you get any combination of flavors in the perfect form.

  • Burger, because beef!

  • Austin

    c’mon!!! Its hamburgers, its the most healthiest doi!!!! well unless you are havinng mcdonalds, FIVE GUYSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Rieck

    definitely a cheeseburger, there’s nothing better than red meat.

  • hamburgers for me because they are the perfect balance of carbs protein and fat for a health conscious individual like me…:)

  • Donnie

    Pizza, it’s good hot or cold

  • Matt Lauer

    I love me a good burger!

  • Andy

    Hog Dogs, dos anyone here actually like baseball!??!?!?!?

  • Paul Pottle

    Pizza hands down! A good pizza is about the best food in the world.

  • Chubz0984

    burgers! do i even have to explain why?

  • Dean Milord

    Burger. There are so many options when it comes to the burger. The type of meat (have you ever had an ostrich burger, buffalo, deer?), type of bread, and a million and 1 options for toppings.
    One of the best burgers I’ve made was a blue cheese stuffed angus burger with thick cut bacon, havarti jalapeno cheese, A1, jerk cole slaw, grilled onions, Let, tomato, grilled pineapple and a fried egg!!! Best thing I’ve ever eaten!!! Sorry folks but its the burger hands down!!!

  • Hunter Hollander

    burger cuz this is ‘merica

  • DrAndyRoid

    Burger. PROTEIN! As long as it’s not Mcdonalds of course.

  • ray_420

    Pizza cause I work at Wendy’s

  • Ghostarmor204

    Hot dog- Baseball food

  • namos23

    Pizza – has the most options and choices

  • Svene

    Pizza only thing you can get delivered here

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Burgers because I get to use some of my favorite condiments when I eat burgers

  • Burger for sure because of the meat!

  • PIZZA, burgers and hotdogs are pretty similar but you can have a burger flavored pizza!!

  • Burgers all the way. So many different ways to make your burger. Also if you don’t want to make one, there are so many good burger joints everywhere!

  • Guest

    Pizza, every minute every second.

  • tehsusenoh

    Pizza. Once you’ve tasted Hungry Howie’s, you’ll never go back.

  • Pizza: Because it is simply delicious unless its little Caesars

  • Gel

    Pizza. It’s good cold and it’s good warm plus if you get stuffed crust (cheese in the crust) it’s even better.

  • Pizza duh everyone favorite food

  • PIZZA!!! It’s just sooooooo good!!!! All that cheese!!! Toppings!!! You can never go wrong with pizza!

  • Burger..in n out helped me make this decision

  • Jonik Cannon

    Pizza, all bc probably 90% of us at some point in our lives wanted to be a ninja turtle

  • Hot Dog. Simple, One Handed Bliss.

    Err, not like that!

  • pizza because it’s awesome

  • michael o’brien

    Pizza, cant forgot an American Classic. Especially with all meat. Perfect balance of meat, cheese, and bread.

  • Pizza, because it’s better than burgers and hotdogs 🙂

  • Kevin Hebert

    Pizza. So many ways to set them up, so fun to share.

  • jromash

    pizza because everyone likes pizza

  • Josh Sleeper

    Pizza, hands down. Cold pizza is the only previously warm food in this world that tastes exactly like you would expect it to. Never disappointed.

  • mjsplicer78

    Pizza because of this combo pepperoni,spicy Italian sausage, bacon, green olives and extra cheese…….k now i have to order one

  • xix19

    Pizza – so many toppings

  • andyroid12345


  • Burger – in n out awesome Vish

  • Curt

    burger! who doesn’t like a little In & Out every now and then?!

  • Austin


  • LjHe80

    A burger. hot dogs aren’t real meat, and pizza gives indegestion.

  • Andy


  • Adam Intinarelli

    burger, because you can change it up so much!

  • hot dog its diverse like a droid device you can cut it up, or dress nit with all kinds of dressings and condiments put it a bun or in some ramen noodles, eat hot on a cold day or eat it cold with a piece of cheese bam cocktail weenie. hot dogs are flexbile like android it suits your needs to whatever liking. its also inexpensive

  • danielghossein

    Pizza, cuz pizza is a gift from the heavens

  • mgamerz

    Pizza. Nothing like a good marriage of meat and cheese.

  • Burger…no matter how much goodness you think you’ve put between those buns, you can always open them up and add some of your special sauce to make it over the top!

  • pizza is better for you

  • Pizza. Because it’s pizza, you can’t have much variety with a hamburger or a hot dog. Think about how many types of pizza there are!

  • Pizza because it has all of the major food groups! Tomato sauce is fruit, the dough is bread, pepperoni and sausage is the meat, green pepper and onion is vegetables, and the cheese is dairy! The most nutritional food of all!

  • Pizza b/c you can put anything on it ya like including the other options.

  • jamaall

    A pizza-burger, in a hot dog roll. Win.

  • Burgers and pizza are the best hot dogs are good but not like burgers and pizza

  • mike

    Pizza. It’s the only one I can get delivered and not have to remove myself from sitting in front of my computer in my underwear.

  • Deuce

    Burger. because burger have more meat in it

  • pizza cause if you want a burger, hotdog and pizza you can chop up and place a burger and hotdog on pizza but its awkward to place a dog and pizza on a burger and the dog bun just doesnt have the real-estate for all that food

  • Pizza…. soooo many toppings and types to choose!

  • ewilliams1009

    hot dog – love that salty meaty goodness

  • thanks

  • Pizza, because you can make any kind of topping, including hamburger

  • Pizza…Like Michael Scott states “pizza its the great equalizer..” Oh one last thing its not pizza unless it comes out of a brick oven…PERIOD!!! Michael Scott talking about pizza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2ruPbpnUEY

  • Pizza because it’s freaking delicious.

  • burger, especially the one from Grilled Cheese Grill that puts the burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns.

  • Mark Thibault

    Burgers if it has a fried egg on it. Hot dogs if it has chili and cheese. Pizza if it has ricotta cheese and spinich.

  • AnywhereBut210

    Has to be Burger; there’s so many different things you can do with it, but not matter what you do with it, no matter how much disgusting crap you put in it, it still comes down to red meat and bread. There’s nothing better than sliced bread and red meat

  • optimus84

    Burgers, cause a really good one will make you wanna slap your mama.

  • Burger because that’s what men do.

  • Burger coz its awesome

  • Pizza. Because they remind me of those college days locked up in a room & playing World of Warcraft.

  • Ground chicken burger. Cause it’s healthier.

  • androidkin

    Pizza because you can have it the way you want

  • Hot Dog …Why? Because of Merica!

  • It’s Pizza for sure. Deep dish, Buddy’s style. A Detroit hallmark!

  • Burger…I like the them…that is why.

  • Pizza! Because no hotdogging!

  • Austin


  • cloverz7

    Pizza, so much more to go around!

  • pizza! why, because i’m a ninja turtle

  • Pizza, it’s the perfect food.

  • Brettm2277

    How about pizza burgers? If that doesn’t count I’d take a burger when it’s just grilled, but pizza if it’s a leftover. Pizza never goes bad.

  • Too busy to choose, so hamburger and hot dogs on a pie.

  • jarrodaydelott

    Pizza. Making one from scratch with my daughter is the greatest

  • AJ

    Burger…Five Guys is the best!

  • Yancey

    Pizza with all its cheesy goodness

  • Burger………tasty, hard to mess up, and can be made as healthy or unhealthy as you want it.

  • KreeTerry

    pizza, you can never have too much pizza.

  • melan26

    Pizza, love cheese.

  • Pizza for sure! Cause even bad pizza is still good

  • Mike Treubig

    Pizza. Because you said so.

  • Pizza! It was the first real food I was fed as a child and I have loved it ever since.

  • Pizza all the way because if you really want a burger you get a burger pizza. WIN WIN

  • Pizza. Were the ninja turtles fueled by burgers or dogs? No, my friend, they were not.

  • Burger – american cheese, mayo. If you’ve eaten one, you know why it’s the correct choice.

  • It’s pretty hard to choose between burger or pizza, but I’d have to say burger. Nothing can beat a really great cheeseburger.

  • Austin


  • shopdroid

    pizza, perfect combo of carbs, salt and fat

  • Faust3000

    Burger. I’m a red-blooded American that love his red-blooded meat. 🙂

  • Pizza. I’m from NYC. It’s in my DNA.

  • andyroid12345

    Hog Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANT BEAT IT!!!!

  • MikeOliveira

    Pizza, its so versatile that you can put what ever you want on it. I work at a pizza shop. We put everything from chinese food to baked ziti and everything in the middle.

  • Burgers cause you can almost anything in it and it taste delicious and its classic

  • Burger! Savory and deliciousness to the max…

  • Brian Costello

    Pizza. Because, its an Italian thing!

  • Marv Adan

    Pizza! Farrellis Pizza!

    • Marv Adan

      Farrelli’s pizza–Hands down best pizza in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Pizza, because you can get it with burger meat topping and get 2 out of 3.

  • Json

    PIZZA because options are unlimited just like android

  • kcraw15

    pizza! it don’t matter if it’s hot or cold, fresh or a day old, breakfast or dinner. It’s good.

  • Pizza…I’m from Jersey, what other reason do you need?!?

  • Mike C

    burger with guacamole is the best. Once you leave the nyc area pizza just isn’t the same

  • Andy


  • bitpimpin

    Burger for sure… endless options for customizing and making it ur own (just like my android phone)

  • inspectagadget

    Pizza, you can make it somewhat healthier with toppings! I like toppings!

  • ChaseCrewDad

    Very tough choice, but I’ll have to go with pizza because of the endless possibilities.

  • Nova586

    Pizza because you can put so many different combinations of things on it.

  • Pizza, it’s a complete food!!!!

  • AJ Sciutto

    Pizza..u can put ANYTHING on it!! Infinite options

  • PIZZA!! Because every great condiment and sauce has TOMATOES. Think about it salsa, ketchup, pasta sauce, marinara etc. You can’t go wrong with PIZZA and its SAUCE!!.

  • Anthony Nunez

    Burger and hot dog. Both can be made better at home for a fraction of the price of a pie.

  • Nothing beats a fresh homemade juicy burger with football tailgating

  • krair

    Pizza, because I love the combinations from creations and relations of the flavors through the layers to answer hungry prayers, make it deep dish with pork but don’t forget new york, so don’t give me a burger or a frank cause to me the pie is dank.

  • GatorHands

    Pizza! because pizza.

  • Why not one of each? 🙂

  • Pizza —-> delivery!

  • Scott Haggerty

    I know it sounds weird but try slicing a hot dog on top of a burger, mmm mmm.

  • Burger, I ate at Red Robin last night, and not once did I think dam I could have had any kind of Pizza, or a Chili Dog.

  • Pizza I love the combination of bread, sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

  • Christian Lira

    Pizza because its good both hot and cold.

  • owensbri

    Burger – As long as it is hand pressed, flamed grilled, and bacon. mmm mmm. Because eating two different types of animals on one sandwich is just lovely!

  • kminer1

    Pizza…at least you can turn it into a healthy meal choice!

  • Chuckles

    Pizza!!!!! There are just so many delicious combinations!

  • Austin

    You can’t beat the good ol’burger!!

  • travis vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • J Nano

    Burger because you don’t have to go throughout all the hassle compared to when making a pizza.

  • brad1505

    Pizza! It’s just damn good.

  • trainplane3

    burger ftw! Always good on a nice day! Actually, any day!

  • JoshHenry

    Burger! Im In SoCal And In-n-out never gets old!

  • mallpig

    Pizza – because of cheese!

  • Burger. Cos only well done cow on a grill is what real men eat!

  • Dima Aryeh

    Burger… a LOT of meat

  • Steve B

    Pizza – the cheese and sauce are so good.

  • Pizza, with hamburger, lots of cheese cheese, and bacon, you get the best of both worlds

  • henrywm

    Pizza because I like pepperoni

  • Bharath

    Pizza all the options one has… it always works.

  • Bharath

    Pizza all the options one has… it always works.

  • Bharath

    Pizza all the options one has… it always works.

  • Bharath Kannan

    pizza cause im vegetarian

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Pizza. You can’t beat a food that was made in another country but we totally stole the idea for!

  • David Bekoscke

    Burger… I love enjoying homemade burgers at my house with my family!!! ALWAYS a great time!

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • David Lozano

    burger- cause there are so many options!

  • Todd Ormsbee

    Pizza, because it’s so cheesy!

  • David Yu

    burger, buns are great

  • Pizza especially from pizza mania in whittier, CA

  • AgustinRodriguez

    Pizza.You can eat it cold.

  • I’m going to have to go with Pizza on this one.

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • brad1505

    Pizza! It’s just damn good eatin’!

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Hey! If you were a hot dog, and you were starving would you eat yourself?
    I know I would! First, I would smother myself in brown mustard and relish… I would be so delicious!

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • brad1505

    Pizza! It’s just damn good eatin’!

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • mikjanaz

    Hamburger Pizza – It’s the best of both worlds.

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Pizza is the best taste so good, and you can have it delivered

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • mikjanaz

    Hamburger Pizza – It’s the best of both worlds.

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • shawnnotjohn

    Hot dog duhhh, cause its easy to sneak into the movies with a couple of the hidden in my jacket xD

  • Travis R Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis R Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Dharm Patel

    pizza perfect anytime of the day

  • Marc Fletcher

    Nothing like a good burger!

  • Shawnnotjohn

    Hot dog duhhh, cause its easy to sneak into the movies with a couple of the hidden in my jacket xD

  • Travis R Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • Travis R Vesely

    Pizza,because reason

  • dylan

    pizza cause you can put anything on it

  • dylan

    pizza cause you can put anything on it

  • Burger all day everyday. Specifically In n Out

  • Owewil3225

    Hot.dogs cause they never get old & always good

  • big steve

    5 guys burgers is the place to be!!!

  • i was going to say the pizza joke but since that has already been used. burgers

  • Pizza, it’s good hot or cold, morning noon or night,

  • Pizza all the way! Much more customizable… just like Android. I could get some meat-lovers, some Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, or *shudder* vegetarian!

  • Pizza because I live in Italy.

  • tdpietrini

    Pizza is the one thing you can eat every single day

  • Pizza, because it’s amazing no matter what time of the day it is

  • rick in the d

    Hot dogs. Well I guess I mean coneys. Detroit city best coneys anywhere

  • TweetrGuy

    A hot dog. Because if you’re a hot dog and you get hungry you can eat yourself. I know I would.

  • Drew Clouse

    Burger, cause this is ‘Merica.

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • rick in the d

    Hot dogs. Well I guess I mean coneys. Detroit city best coneys anywhere

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • YinzerRob

    pizza because its so diverse and hands down the best food in the world!

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • travis vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • Brad Mixologist

    Pizza, because when you order a pizza and have it delivered you can request online that the delivery boy do something stupid like Rap when he gets to your doorstep and he has to do it. Pizza isn’t only an awesome food, its also is entertainment!

  • Men think about sex every seven seconds. So I try to eat my hot dog in six! HOT DOGS!

  • MajorBlaze

    As a man on high protein diet, I love my burgers. Plus, you can top it with just about anything (same goes for pizza, but a burgers more compact and all around delicious).

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • Travis Vesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • Travisvesely

    Pizza, because reason

  • Travis.V

    Pizza, because reason

  • Steven Walt

    Burger!!! Nothing beats a good burger. That’s why.

  • Chris Pinola

    Most definitely pizza. Unlike the others, its also good cold.

  • Josh Karwoski

    Burgers because they’re pure meaty goodness!

  • Phil LaFond

    Burger. Lots of variety, and it’s meat.

  • bawboh

    Burger: Because I can’t put lettuce, ketchup, mustard, tomato, onion, cheese, pickles and chips on a pizza and expect it to taste good.

  • Scottyb112

    A Pizza pie in your eye. My Favorite food. I make a killer Pizza!

  • Pizza. You can make it into any other cuisine (bbq pizza, Thai pizza, etc…)

  • Jonathan Fletcher

    Burger because it has the most options. Lots of types of burgers and things you can put on them. Also they’re delicious.

  • TravisV

    Pizza, because reason

  • Mnason Pearson

    pizza…..it’s the best leftover food for breakfast lol

  • Burger. I work for In-N-Out. ‘Nuff said.

  • nexuschimp

    Pizza it’s cheap easy and is the best food in the world I mean it’s got meat cheese grains and veggies that’s a full meal

  • Travis V

    Pizza, because reason

  • Pizza is a clear choice because you can get hot dog and burger flavored pizzas so you have alot more of a selection .

  • hotdog, when I hear the word my mouth becomes watery but its so rare here its like I never get to eat it 🙁

  • Travis V

    Pizza, because reason

  • Travis V

    Pizza, because reason

  • robertlwalters

    pizza so many topping option

  • Evan White

    Pizza because it’s a vegetable and we need our vegetables!

  • Travis V

    Pizza, all day…plus it now counts as a vegetable because science

  • Dc

    Pizza because it’s just as awesome the next morning!

  • TravisV

    Pizza, all day…plus it now counts as a vegetable because science

  • TravisV

    Pizza, all day…plus it now counts as a vegetable because science

  • boost192

    Hotdog! Cause you can get pizza and a burger anywhere! Nothing beats a good old dirty water!

  • Murphy

    Pizza….because it goes well with a nice cold beer.

  • TimXer

    Hard to beat a good burger – so versatile!

  • Joshspringer05

    Pizza is the best choice by far… hot dog isn’t very filling and you could just order a cheeseburger pizza so with pizza there is alot more of a selection

  • Burger….because its a burger.

  • burger cause you can have it any way you want and i like my red meat

  • Brandon Guttery

    Pizza because who doesn’t remember wishing as a kid to eat pizza for every meal?

  • Sam Paasch

    Pizza, because it’s good any day, any time during the day, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or even an afternoon and late night snack. It’s good, warm, hot, or cold.
    And although it’s not considered a dessert, I think android should use Pizza for their Android release 8.0 or whatever is the number by then.

  • wtm1417

    Hands down pizza. Could eat it every day, never gets old.

  • burger, because it’s thick..meaty and juicy. and it satisfies you.

  • Anthony G

    Pizza of course! You cannot go wrong with the food of choice from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

  • pizza, of the Thai chicken variety. I swear that sweet peanut sauce has MSG because it is sooooo addicting. darn-it now you got me fiending just thinking about it.

  • Steve S

    You know, having been to Chicago on numerous occasions, I’m quite partial to a good Chicago dog.

    But, I’d also had deep dish. And adding a few pounds of meat and cheese to what amounts to an entire loaf of bread…well, I’m gonna have to say pizza.

  • JP

    Burger because I’m in America.

  • Pizza because you can put anything on it and eat it anytime of the day. Breakfast pizza, dessert pizza, its endless!!! Eat it hot, eat it cold, or even over cooked and burnt!!!

  • mj

    Pizza. It’s just the way to go.

  • devin stawicki

    Pizza because you can have so many choices and cheeses and toppings!

  • jefs2box

    hot dog. or a pizza with bits of hot dog on it!

  • burgers cause meat gives you testosterone and my age gives me more testosterone so testosterone plus testosterone equals MUSCLE. TESTOSTERONE RAH

  • Jonathan Unicorn

    Pizza because I love me a mushroom pizza. Is that a good reason?

  • hfoster52

    Pizza because you can change your toppings to whatever you want.

  • kylebrodeur

    Pizza. You can get a pizza made in many different ways. Its not that expensive and if you don’t finish a whole pizza it’s easy to save for later. It is also an an awesome food you can eat on the go!

  • Alex King

    Pizza, because it’s so customizable!

  • hot dog.. love the six inches

  • Pizza. I because it has limitless possibilities for topping combinations

  • Pizza. Nothing is comfort food quite like hot, melting cheese. Burgers and hot dogs taste great and are perfect for watching sports games, but pizza brings warmth to the soul.

  • haha pizza it hits the spot

  • Michael Yuen

    Burger. Pizza and hit dogs aren’t as juicy or flavorful

  • Pizza, even when its days old and looks like plastic, its still good.

  • Jimmy Garcia

    burger, its so versatile

  • Burger, but only if it is a good one. A bad burger is nearly inedible.

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Burger no question! Taylor ham on a burger…Simple yet satisfying! Besides who doesn’t love a lot of meat in between two buns….lol

  • Ethan

    Burger- nothing better than something you can customize to your heart’s content *wink wink nudge nudge sounds like our beautiful OS, yes Droid Life?*

  • John Scarpa

    Pizza. While I prefer pepperoni and natural cheese on wheat flower crust, pizza is the only one of the three that can be modified for those who are vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and/or have gluten allergies. I respect that.

  • calum wilper

    pizza! you can put both hot dogs and pizza on it!!!!

  • Pizza. The only choice.

  • Justin

    BURGER all of the way!
    It is a complete food pyramid meal.
    Meat, dairy, vegetables, grains, and greasy goodness!

  • Jason Girvin

    Hot dogs, fresh cut grass, beer and baseball

  • Pizza! you can put a burger and hot dog on it!

  • Troy Fillerup

    pizza because i has all the important food groups in each and every bite.

  • jonboi78

    I vote pizza because when I was a kid and went to the mall with my folks, I always BEGGED for money to get pizza at Sbarro in the food court… ;o)

  • Erik

    Tough one but can never go wrong with a good pizza

  • Burger! There’s just no comparison.

  • David M. Myton

    Burger, you can double the beef

  • mplacido9

    Burgers! Its the only food that if I don’t have it for a while I crave it. Just talking about it makes me want a thick juicy burger. Yum!

  • Kevin Mccann

    Hamburger: It was the only one out of the three invented in the USA.

  • IntlGrizzly

    Pizza, it’s so easy, so good, and so perfect

  • randompsychology

    Burger with bacon, cheddar, and lettuce. Because your doctor doesn’t want you to have fun!

  • Jeremy A

    Burger, because when I’m fine them it gives me a good excuse to escape from my wife and 4 kids and have a beer while I’m at it.

  • Burger because it’s the greasiest!

  • SweetBrown

    hot dogs!!!!!! 🙂

  • bombo

    Hot dog. Simple, easy and super tasty!

  • Dilson Silva

    Pizza, thats what she said.

  • Shane McKeever

    Pizza. Italians know what they are doing in the kitchen.

  • MrWicket

    Burger! beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato on a bun.. it really doesn’t get any better!

  • Jon Jaeger

    Pizza! Because its fun to say PIZZZZA!

  • Pizza… I love cheese!!!

  • Burger, simply because it encompasses everything that is man

  • lilcledix

    Pizza because you can put so much on it to make it good. You also have a desert pizza and those are awesome.

  • UnClearDestiny

    Pizza brings harmony to the dinner table. Omnivores, and Vegetarians alike can sit down together and share a slice. =P

  • bengo65

    Pizza because I can’t eat more than 2 burgers or dogs without wanting to vomit.

  • droidify

    A five guys burger because I love indigestion

  • MJ

    Burger because it’s like sex – it’s all about the In-n-Out!

  • Kidqwik

    Pizza! Perfect combination of yum!

  • Mistah Mark

    Juicy burger, please! Nothing like a perfectly seasoned, lean beef burger.

  • Burger, because there are so many options and it involves firing up the grill.

  • Emory Mongbeh

    Pizza. Because lets face it; would you honestly want to tell your friends or relatives that you just ate the best wiener in town?

  • Dave

    Pizza, has a lot to offer, meat, cheese the bread and vegetables

  • achaff86

    Pizza burgers because they’re delicious!!

  • GXM

    Pizza….you can never go wrong with a Pizza…perfect cure for a hang over

  • Pizza – do I really need to elaborate?

  • Rocco80

    Pizza.. All day baby!

  • Burger, because there a lot of awesome variations that I like on burgers than the other two choices.

  • Ode to Pizza
    Pizza is my favorite snack,
    Now what do you think of that.
    Crust so warm and soft and chewy,
    Cheese so tasty, scrumptious, gooey.
    Hot in a box or on my plate,
    Either way I just can’t wait,
    To get my hands upon a slice,
    To taste it now would be so nice.
    Like nectar from the gods of old,
    It tastes so good I’ll eat it cold.
    When life is hard and I get down,
    When on my face I wear a frown,
    Only Pizza make’s it right,
    Now quench my raving appetite.
    Restore my faith in all that’s true,
    With a dose of cheesy goo,
    Give me Pizza, give it now,
    If you don’t I don’t know how,
    I’ll ever live in harmony,
    Without my Pizza ecstasy.
    But where to get my Pizza snack,
    I’ll tell you where, just where it’s at.
    To Round Table you should go,
    If you didn’t already know.
    To feast upon their luscious pies
    For they take Pizza to new highs
    I love Pizza, that’s a fact,
    Now what do you think of that.

  • James

    Pizza. Nothing is better than NYC pizza. Doesn’t matter what place, it’s just amazing.

  • Pizza cause I’m in college and its the best kind of payment.

  • Burger because there are so many options…

  • ACR3597

    Pizza just because its pizza

  • John Ross

    Burger…because nothing is better!

  • Pratyush Walvekar

    Pizza!!! Do I really need to state the obvious “cheesy” part

  • Pizza cause that is the best left overs for breakfast ever!

  • David Sellars

    Pizza, because the tomato sauce is an aphrodisiac. It just is.

  • Burger! Eat a kobi burger and tell me if there is room for debate

  • Brent Newcomb

    Pizza because everyone loves Pizza…it is like Android—awesome!!!!

  • Jeff Broders

    Pizza. Always good…cold or hot

  • burger because there are hundreds of different types of burgers to eat!

  • Pizza! – a hot dog and a burger can only hold so much… Anything tastes great on a pizza!

  • Burger cause I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.

  • Tom Hall

    Burger… Because you haven’t lived until you had Five Guys in ya. 😉

  • aznmode1

    Burgers are just too good.

  • Summer – Hot dogs, the rest of the year Pizza, it just completes me.

  • DCX

    Why choose? I say, bring them all on! Mushroom swiss burger, chili cheese dog, and a meat lover’s pizza from Papa John’s – I’m set!

  • Julian Cortes

    burger!!!! nothing better than a nice juicy, medium rare burger with mushrooms =) also the transformer pad with jelly bean would be so extremely awesome!!!! also btw this is my first post on droid-life but i am a long time reader and love all your stories, thank you for bringing in all the awesome information

  • ConCal

    Pizza. I love cheese! Pizza just has the most cheese out of the three choices.

  • mhous33

    pizza – because you can make a burger- or hot dog-flavored pizza.

  • always take a good slice of pizza over anything. or any kind of pizza for that matter.. its always good

  • Aaron Lee

    Pizza, because it good whether its cold or fresh out of the oven

  • Aaron Scott

    Pizza. You can eat it every damn day and still love it.

  • V Brown

    Pizza, because my kids love it.

  • Pizza because it’s so delicious and much cleaner to eat then the hot dog or burger.

  • Pizza. Because….. pizza!

  • jpnestel

    Hot dog. Grew up in Chicago. Vienna baby!

  • Hamburgers, because I like them in many different ways where as pizza and hotdogs. i only like simple.

  • Jim Vitatoe

    Pizza’s a great food and goes good with beer.

  • Pizza, i love pizza always have always will, it always good even reheated

  • Pizza. Nothing beats NY Pizza! Born and raised in NY I’ve tasted pizza from a lot of places and nothing tastes like home!

  • Hot Dog. Quick and easy to eat.

  • Burger cuz Orgers are like onions, they stink…..no, wait they have layers. Burgers!

  • ROBV_100

    Pizza – Born and raised in New York! Enough said!

  • Skylordusa1

    Pizza! has to be Pizza. For something that is nothing more then cheese bread and sauce its the greatest thing on the planet.

  • Anthony Anobile

    Pizza because its perfect even at 3:00 a.m

  • Burger, because until u have had one of my charcoal fired grill burgers u have never had a great Burger! Its all in how many times u flip ur burger!!!

  • RobertLPile

    Burger. AMER-CA!

  • Zakath DeCarvalho

    Definitely pizza. How else you gonna drink

  • steven ross

    Pizza, especially Hawaiian, because Pineapples are the bomb!

  • brandito

    burger because I like them better than hotdogs or pizza.

  • Pizza. Good hot or cold and can serve as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late nite beer snack!

  • Lax77

    Hot Dog but only if it’s from Portillo’s in Chicago. Otherwise pizza all day, everyday!

  • Cheeseburger Pizza! Pizza and a burger all in one need i say more

  • Burger!! That thick, juicy beef patty with tomato, lettuce, onions and whatever topping I’m feeling! 8P….. It just screams bite me! lol

  • MyStroPro

    Burger – Options galore plus I’m a meat fiend for Burgers!

  • dtm4

    Pizza. It offers so much more variety.

  • luisrb7

    Pizza, options are endless

  • Dave

    Pizza because no matter what mood ur in and no matter whether you just ate 5 minutes before, if you come home and there’s a fresh baked pizza on the stove, you’re gonna eat at least one slice. You may not want a hot dog or a burger if you just ate, but you’re not gonna look at that friggin hot pizza sitting there and go, “nah…”

  • A burger for sure, just think of all the toppings you can throw on

  • Anthony Williams

    Burger…. Can you say “FIVE GUYS”

  • afallucco

    Pizza because you can eat it at any time of the day cold or warm.

  • biggpermm

    i like all foods like i like all new technologies

  • Onur ŞATIR

    Pizza!!! Because TMNT!!!

  • Tyrian

    burger, its the real manwich

  • PIZZA!! Nothing like a great pizza to set you on your way. I can live on it, literally. Plus i can eat it one handed an text with the other 🙂

  • Burgers because it’s easier to add the cooked flesh of other animals to them.

  • Pizza. Because I live in Boston, and some of the best pizza I’ve had my whole life is from here. Sure there’s plenty that’ll disagree, but c’mon, it is that good.

  • Doug S

    pizza why not 🙂

  • Gage

    Pizza with burger toppings so you get the best of both worlds all in one.

  • Gavin

    Pizza with everything just because its delicious.

  • Pizza because you can put just about anything on it and it will still taste good!

  • Jerry Maes

    PIZZA, all the way. It can be shared, it’s good cold, it’s good in a box or with a fox……

  • Hot dog, particularly a foot long coney dog from Dariy Queen with chili cheese and onions… because I can only eat them when my wife isn’t around to stop me 🙂

  • Eric

    pizza. endless possibilities and customization, just like Android.

  • chucklehead322

    I’m all for pizza cuz you can pile on all the extras you like… like ground beef (burgers) and sausage (kinda hot dig… ish)!

  • gilbert

    Burgers because of all the condiments you can use and the dripping grease and… it’s just too delicious

  • Definitely Hotdog. NOTHING can beat a good ole’ Chicago Dog. Yum!
    *embraces his Chicagoan heritage*

  • Pizza bc it has all the food groups in it 🙂

  • Michael

    Dodger Dog

    PS: definitely not gonna get picked cuz Kellex is a Giants fan

  • Alex

    Burger. Because you can make that from scratch yourself.

  • Egorzilla

    pizza because you can stuff yourself, and there’s always plenty to share :D.

  • PIZZA all the way! think about how many different variations one could enjoy this tasty pie

  • Burger….so many options.

  • Burger…american classic!!

  • pizza!!!!!!!!! because its so jack effing good

  • wikkdwarrior

    Burger… nuthin better than a big old hunk of meat and some cheese wrapped in Bacon on a bun…mmmm

  • Burger because its BEEF!

  • Pizza, because congress says that it is a vegetable, and I like to eat healthy.

  • Kevin Mills

    Burger anyday. Put double bacon and cheese on that while you’re at it.

  • forum8417

    pizza, because i love cheese as much as i would love to win this tablet.

  • Pizza, because it’s a vegetable.

  • Corey Fortezzo

    Pizza. It can have anything I want in it including hamburgers and hot dogs

  • Pizza because you can have it anytime, hot or cold, put anything on it you like and it’s going to taste good. Also pizza supposedly now is healthy for you, just don’t over do it.

  • Joshua Zimmerman

    Burger, an classic that I could eat day in and day out and never gets old….

  • Burgers – Just Five Guys burgers 🙂

  • Pizza, because somehow eating half a pie is acceptable behavior. Eat half a burger and you’re wrong. Order more than one and you’re wrong but two is too much!

  • TheCheapGamer

    Pizza…why? Because pizza rocks!

  • kraymanbauer

    pizza because there is no such thing as a turkey or tofu pizza..every try a turkey or tofu hotdog or burger???????????????? they taste like moldy diarrhea!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE THE PIZZA AND ALL ITS HEART CLOGGING GREATNESS 8P

  • Pizza is always good!

  • ajaxman93

    Pizza. Why? Options, so many options…

  • Nothing beats the seasons here in Buffalo. Winter. spring, summer, and fall. With that said, you don’t really appreciate the beginning of a season without the ending of the last. Anybody who knows what I’m talking about can honestly say, there’s nothing like that first 60-70 degree day where you fire up the grill, grab a few beers, and throw a handful of dogs on the grill. That my friend, marks the beginning of spring

  • Eliot Wilhelm

    Burger because it tastes the best!

  • Always burger. nothing beets a juicy med-rare burger off the grill

  • Burgers because pizza and hot dogs give me heart burn!

  • Definitely Pizza – it goes a lot further and many more options!

  • fromo

    Pizza, lots of gooey goodness. Its always the right time for pizza

  • Burgers because they are so juicy and have so much flavor

  • Pizza because it tastes good even when its leftovers

  • icarus130

    Always pizza…pizza is like sex, even when it’s bad it’s still good

  • Jpm7714

    Pizza. It’s a food for all occasions. School, parties, football and more

  • deslotnick

    if i have enough room for all 3, why not? or just burger, cause its soooo delicious!

  • Hot dog, they’re definitely the quickest to make and pretty good.

  • stridakira

    Turkey burger because it is healthy, and burger have a lot of surface area to put other toppings on.

  • Lee Green

    Pizza – It’s like eating little slices of heaven.

  • Rachael Hedden

    Burgers, because i can pile them as high or as low as I want. I have much more of choices, just like how Google gives me with Android OS

  • Andrew Vanderwall

    Pizza easily. Its all about the texture, consistency and endless combinations of flavors. Easy.

  • paulqg

    pizza with green peppers and peperoni

  • Pizza. If you order it with meat, you’ve got all 4 food groups covered, so it’s healthy, right?

  • Joe LoPiccolo

    Pizza, because in the Boston North End there is a place called Umburto’s that makes the best Scicilian style pizza

  • Burger .. Cause Iike the way I taste on a bun.. 🙂

  • Burger, cause theres so many different ways to make one.Hot Dogs and Pizza have different combinations too, but not as much as a good old burger

  • nofeelings

    Pizza cause it’s comes in a box just like gifts and prizes!

  • 640k

    Pizza burger topped with a sausage (aka hot dog), split down the center.

  • Dominick Di Salvo

    Pizza because there’s nothing like new york pizza

  • Burgers without a doubt.

  • Pizza because I can put anything I want on it and it still taste pretty amazing

  • PalmerAdam

    Pizza because it can be made to taste like the other two!!!

  • bheider

    Pizza because you can put a burger and a hot dog on a pizza. But you can’t put pizza on a burger or hotdog.

  • Tex

    Burger, meat cheese bacon and grease..wait that’s a pizza description too. I still choose burger!

  • donn s

    -pizza becuase i always pizza when i shoulda french fried.

  • A burger because it’s easy to make, cheap to buy, and delicious to eat.

  • Burger!! Burger and soda never go wrong together 🙂

  • cruzin_cruzing

    Burgers, because they’re delicious, plane and simple.

  • deano

    Hot dog c’mon man

  • Smeet

    Pizza for sure. So many different toppings and combinations.

  • Sodev

    Burger because it goes great with beer!

  • pizza, its good both hot and cold



  • RY Singleton

    You can hold a burger in your hand and have the least mess out of the three in my opinion. Also, in this day and age we are all on the go. So which is the best to have one-handed in a car while driving? Once again. The burger reigns supreme. With good beef >pause< good cheese, soft bun and crispy bacon. The Burger is unmatched

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    Pizza. Because its italian! And tasty!

  • cashclay

    Burgers are timeless and have options galore in the fixins department.

  • Pizza because who doesn’t love Italian food??

  • freerogers

    Pizza… with the base Pepperoni rom and as many customizations as the mood calls for.

  • Pizza, it can be eaten for breakfast lunch or dinner and still be vegetarian

  • Pizza, because with so much choice in toppings, etc you could have pretty much anything

  • jcorf

    Pizza, if it has some good cheese it makes all the diffrence.

  • JR Reimers

    Pizza…it’s a compleate meal….

  • Mostly Italian so, definitely pizza.

  • Hot dog. Because I have a straight friend that told an amazing story of how he impressed his homosexual friends by deep throating a Costco dog. Whether there is validity behind it remains to be seen

  • Can never go wrong with a good pizza. It’s the only one of the three that you don’t have to have a side choice with. Burgers need to have fries, and hotdogs are just never filling on their own.

  • Brian Sargent

    Pizza…*insert witty remark thinking it will help me win*

  • Jonathan Greer

    Burger because it goes best with bacon.

  • Mike

    Hot dog, its the easiest to make…

  • zial

    Pizza, hands down winner.

  • Kameron Ingrando

    Pizza because of my Italian ancestry and I love cheese

  • I’m gonna say burger just because of the variety of toppings that are there.

  • pizza because when i go downtown to party with the fellas we would go to the pizza place on the corner. not better than being drunk and eating pizza!

  • Pizza because it has all food groups!

  • Denis Anderson

    Burger, there is nothing better than a burger cooked on the grill

  • Adam Ring

    Burger. Because real men eat meat!

  • All three have you been to English or Arabic Pizza Huts!

  • burger! it doesnt get more american that that!!

  • Pizza is better because it is good cold or hot! when you got ranch rises above the rest!

  • Tania N

    Definitely burger. The Zinger burger at KFC right now (at least in Canada) has this deal where you pay for the drink and get the burger free. So Burger and drink for like 2ish dollars. Pretty sweet I’d say! More importantly though, it tastes frigging awesome! The spicyness is just perfect enough to give you that zing and not kill you of overdose at the same time! Love it!

  • Pizza, even if you’re not in the mood for pizza it still sounds good for a meal.

  • Pizza! Because four turtles that might have been teenagers wearing masks told me so.

  • Pizza. You can make it any time of the year and its good. Feeling in the winter is cold as balls.

  • Burger. Juicy, cheesy, medium rare, heavenly goodness. Especially when you top it with the food of the gods – BACON.

  • pizza. its just awesome.

  • angermeans

    Pizza. Because it is great especially if done right.

  • Chris

    Depends on the quality of each, but just going on a burger, hotdog, or pizza at random, pizza since it’s really difficult to screw it up.

  • threerandomwords

    I’s a tough choice but I would have to say pizza, better chance of leftovers and most pizzas are still really good reheated. Some aren’t bad cold if you are in a hurry. Also you can have hamburger or hotdog as pizza topping. (a restaurant in Italy really did have hotdog as a pizza topping on the menus, only so so pizza I had over there, but hamburger meat and some of the topping can go great on pizza)

  • Pizza, its like a less messy burger that’s big on the cheese.

  • Jem

    I can make cheeseburger pizza….so pizza wins.

    I crave pizza weekly it is ridiculous.

  • A combination of all three to form the ultimate abomination for maximum heart stoppage! Plus all three would be tasty together.

  • Jeff B

    Cheeseburger pizza…its just yummy

  • EdsonDJ

    I like burgers more just because I’m a beef lover.

  • Pizza, because it wouldn’t be weird to put burger and hot dog meat on a pizza, but it wouldn’t quite work out the other way around.

  • Pizza. Food of the Gods.

  • Justin W

    Gonna go with a burger… Just because. Lots of places can’t make a burger well, but when you find those that can, you just know you’d rather have a burger than the other options.

  • fixxmyhead

    pizza cuz i can get a veggie lovers pizza

    • Justin W

      You could get a veggie burger also… But they aren’t very good..

      • fixxmyhead

        oh yea i forgot and yes they are. i tried the boca burgers and there pretty good. also the morning star chik’n patties are pretty good too. even my meat eating friends like them

  • jadowner

    burgers are best hands down. because when I was a kid my dad never fired up the grill and made pizza. Also because in my childhood my mom never spent a couple hours making homemade hot-dogs by hand.

    • Justin W

      You should try grilled pizza… It’s not that bad (until it’s burnt, lol).

  • Jon Flikkema

    Homegrown beef burger is the most delicate and tasty things.

  • william shirey

    Burger cuz there r so many thick n juicy all beef medium rare out there.

  • Nick

    Burger for me because it’s my favorite food!

  • Pizza is a culinary classic. When it is down right, unbelievable taste brigade. A thin crispy crust, just the right amount of sauce and a little extra cheese. Throw in some garlic, basil, and sausage. Perfection.

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    Burger, theres so many possible ways to customize them!

  • burger… meat patty ftw

  • cweb69

    I’d love to win stuff, but I guess I’m SOL since I don’t twit…thanks fer nuthin…

  • Keyan X

    Pizza, because I dont eat burgers for some unknown reason and because hotdogs are bleh

  • Burger… can’t get too much red meat.

  • PuzzleShot

    Hot dog, because it’s quick and easy, available from carts on the street, and you can still put bacon on it.

  • gchahinian

    Pizza…because you can put hamburgers or hot dogs on it, or hamburgers AND hot dogs on it

  • Egorzilla

    pizza because there’s always more to eat.

  • Barlog

    Pizza, because pepperoni and sausage pizza has been my favorite since I was a kid


  • Pizza. With ice cream. Because it’s AWESOME.

  • This Pizza/Sex guy obviously never had a good burger 😀

  • Dan McCormack

    Definitely burger! Hot dogs are too seasonal and pizza gets overdone. Burgers are always good.

  • Pizza- its made of all natural healthy ingredients.

  • Burger. There are so many variations that it never, ever gets old.

  • Burger. Just because there’s a restaurant near my house that makes my favorite burger. 🙂

  • poorboy168

    Burger – the more beef the better

  • Pizza. There is such a large variety of toppings you can do.

  • Michael Nichols

    Pizza because the cheesy string when you bite into it. And the sauce its magnificent!!!!

  • Burger because there’s nothing better than a perfectly cooked hunk of beef on a roll with everything on it.

  • Burger can get messy. Pizza can take too long. A hotdog is quick and simple.

  • Donnie M.

    Haha Little Caesar’s is great for a college student on a limited budget. but I like a good speedway hotdog.. 2 for $2

  • romma

    Burger. Pure red meat!

  • pizza cause its good hot or cold any time of day.

  • hmm I would have to say Pizza because you can put just about anything on it!

  • Anthony Ceasar

    burger because its american good food

  • Burger – with the a fresh slice of tomato and the other fixins nothings better.

  • TheCarbonPatriot

    pizza, because it’s good, and large enough that you can share some of it

  • PC_Tool

    Pizza….more food…delivered.

  • Pizza…you can pretty much make a hot dog on a pizza, a hamburger too. Hmm I think I know what I’ll be having for lunch.

  • dochill4u

    Burger, Hot Dog and Pizza. Why? Because more food is always better. Especially when we are talking about these three. Just make sure you have a TUMS chaser! LOL!

  • hamburger because its juicy delicious and JUST THE BEST

  • Pizza. Because I am a weird American that isn’t into beef

  • Legomancer

    Pizzurger Dog! It’s like turducken, but better! One burger patty, one hot dog and all the fixins rolled up into a pizza. Yumm!

  • droid209

    pizza because you can still have the left over and it’s still good.

  • Ismael Camarena

    BURGER because im stuffing my face with one right now as i found this contest!!!

  • Daniel

    Burger. Red Robin Yum!

  • jnmigr

    Pizza Nothing is better then pizza. Chicago pizza from UNo, Stuff Crust!!!! Ok i haven’t eat a pizza for more then a month so now i am hungry, freaking hate diet.

  • DavidHollinger

    Burger!! Add some steak seasoning and a slice of cheese, then grill the buns…. perfect

  • Little Big Burger near Powells so burger….but for the truffle oil fries!

  • rgtheitman

    Pizza any day!! There are so many options with pizza- breakfast pizza, dessert pizza etc.

  • Egg_Omelette

    Cheese Burger, with diced chiles and bacon pieces in the burger.

  • William Jenkins

    Burger- nothing better than seared beef with cheese on a bun. It’s the American way.

  • Shimamasu

    Pizza because it is easy to share with my family. 🙂

  • Pizza: so many toppings and options, can be eaten hot or cold, for a meal or desert.

  • Pizza, Because the cheese is ohhhh so goood

  • Butters619

    Pizza because there really is no way to mess it up. Thin crust, normal, deep, chicago, pocket, bagel, English muffin. All amazing.

    And I would never vote burger after a burger festival we went to in Missouri on our drive across the country. Never realized how regional burger prep is.

  • AbelRod


  • Burgers, food for the working man

  • Burger. It’s more filling than a pizza or hotdog, and is way delicious.

  • Eric Franca

    Burger. Avocado, Tomato, Bacon, Cheddar. C’mon man.

  • Tommy Davidson

    pizza. u have way more options to customize. just like android!!

  • Anthony Wilen

    Definitely a burger – I can make it the way I want, and everybody else can do it the same. There’s also just something about a homemade barbeque burger that tops it all…

  • Pizza because it comes it all kinds of varieties from thin crust, to deep dish and all kinds of toppings.

  • Bogdan

    pizza because i don’t know what goes into either hamburger or hotdog 🙂

  • I really like my cheeseburger this way so I borrowed the lyrics from Jimmy Buffet
    “I like mine with lettuce and tomato Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes
    Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer “

  • osseus200

    Pizza because with the right combo of toppings, you can get the ideal meal with all of the food groups.

  • Burger with bacon. Always a good eat!!

  • How bout all three in a “meatzza” cuz that bearded Canadian guy affectionately known as the Sauce Boss said so

  • Burger! Because it’s a sandwich of MEAT!

  • Pizza, what food can have multiple great combinations

  • Pizza…Even thought I try not to eat a lot to keep the diet when i do buy one i destroy it.

  • Burger. no reason why

  • Daryk Childs

    Burger. You can never go wrong with burgers. Good for any occasion! Good with any sauce, good with anything on it! You can never go wrong with burgers.

  • Pizza because well I love pizza always have!

  • John Lehman

    Burger,nice and juicy.

  • Pizza for days.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    BURGER!!!! Nothing better than a fresh juicy burger right of the grill with everything on it or one with onion rings, steak sauce, and melted pepper jack cheese. #FAT

  • Burger – homemade burger with a little bread and a little ketchup can’t be beat

  • Pizza. It’s the best way to eat my vegtables! lol

  • xzombiex66

    Pizza, because there are so many different kinds, even Dessert pizza…

  • burger, because you can stuff it with what ever you like

  • This is like asking me which kid I love the most.

    The answer is obviously burgers, because they can neatly accommodate the most toppings. The flavor combinations are endless.

  • Burger, can’t get sick of them

  • pizza – even with a buger hot, but pizza wins cold

  • MrClark09


    • MrClark09

      Because it’s just plain awesome!

  • Pizza-because we can order one kind of pizza and my whole family will like it. No special orders 🙂

  • Tyler

    A street dog outside of Staples Center after a Clipper game. Toasted bun, bacon wrapped link with ketchup, mustard, mayo and blackened peppers. Rivals any burger or slice I’ve ever had and it’s that much better when celebrating a win!

  • Burger, so many options. Bison, beef, turkey, veggie, plus you can put anything on it.

  • BradKnepper

    Pizza all the way. Heck I’m eating those pizza bagel bites right now!!!

  • Pizza, you can put burgers and dogs on there, I have never seen a burger Or hot dog with pizza in it. Then again that don’t sound bad. I must eat!!

  • mike m

    Hamburger pizza!

  • John Darin Holloway

    Pizza, can encapsulate the hot dog or burger as needed.

  • nothing in the world is better than 5 guys burgers and fries….nothing……mainly because you cant put anything you want on it.

  • Pizza! Wo doesn’t love pizza plus it is great and always easy!

  • JTPatton

    Pizza – you can have it for dinner and then make a dessert one!

  • pizza for sure. so many different kinds

  • hmmmm BURGER.. Definitely.. MMMEEEAAAATTTT 🙂

  • Kevin Jones

    Pizza. Because you can have one that has beef, pork, sausage, bacon, ham, and even more pork products. Do that with a hotdog or a hamburger, and you look like a glutenous slob. Do it with pizza, and you’re a GENIUS!

  • DonGoncalves

    Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Because that’s all you can get at the Olympia Cafe.

  • Joshhud

    Burger.. Nothing better than a nice hot piece of meat between two buns..

  • androidformetoo

    Pizza, because it’s what’s for dinner!! Also, lunch and breakfast…yumm!!

  • FRazzley

    Burger. Goes well with french fries.

  • Pizza because it’s just so versatile- you can eat it hot or cold, at anytime of day, and they make cheese burger pizza but not pizza cheese burgers. I remember in college we would make poor man’s pizza- pan fry a hot dog, cut it thin and throw it on a frozen cheese pizza- then top with mac’n cheese and bake. It’s much better than it sounds and really fills you up. As if you needed any further proof, Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo didn’t save the world on hot dogs or burgers.

  • glee47

    burger! nothing compares between two buns

  • Mike Bates

    Pizza, because of the big variety of things you can add to it and make different people happy. So many good combos!

  • Pizza, Because it is the best food EVVVAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

  • Julian Monroy

    A burger, personalize any way you want, just like android.

  • balticzar

    Pizza.With pepperoni. Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  • Big Mac. Pizza from Specific Gravity in Salisbury MD. Ground beef, special sauce and a pile of fries on top. Why choose when you can have both?

  • David

    Burger. I mean is there anything better than a dead cow between two buns with cheddar cheese and ketchup.

  • Ryan Thompson

    Hot dog… Covered in melted cheese and Heinz Katchup.

  • MichaelFranz


    Lets face it, I’m Italian, i cant go without pizza. And not just any pizza a nice big NY slice, nothing like it

  • luis

    pizza because everyone is saying it

  • Jeremiah Collins

    Pizza for sure, because you have so many options. I can get my favorite canadian bacon and pineapple, mix it up or go plain.

  • Firelight

    I just tweeted that “I just entered to win a Transformer Pad and keyboard dock from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://bit.ly/Qz8fzc #android #contest”.

    BURGER – double that is. With cheese and BACON!!! Why? Cause hot dogs have things in them that shouldn’t be in them (look it up) and pizza (as much as I love it, too) is too inconsistent. Sometimes it’s too tomato-ey and sometimes too cheesy…

  • Scoccercoach

    Pizza because like sex the gooeyier it is, the bigger it is, and the hotter it is …makes for more fun. and takes longer to finish up. Besides, if “one DL reader is going to get one heck of a big package” I’d like it to be me so I’d HAVE one heck of a big package.

  • You Got Ngata

    Pizza, goes nice with a cold beer.

  • Pizza! Because you can put anything on pizza, even hot dogs or bits of hamburger. A cheese burger pizza; I’d eat that. A pizza with bits of hot dog, meh, might be ok.

  • nparikh27

    Pizza: even if its bad, you can still eat it

  • tomn1ce

    Pizza…because you can dress it up with whatever you want and still enjoy it….

  • Skel

    Pizza: bacon, ham and pineapple pizza is a real thing with a name and everything.

  • sakebomber77

    a nice jucy burger!!!! always better than pizza!!

  • Burger. because In N Out.

  • Pizza, because the flavors are dynamic enough to meet the needs of any human.

  • Rob

    Pizza bro with pepporoni and meatballs… best of all three.

  • PatrickDackins

    I am a Pizza man all the way! there are so many types!

  • Hot dog…because you can deep fry it without much trouble

  • JDub

    Pizza all the way. Nothing better than a Chicago stuffed pizza.

  • Sean

    Burger..ever tried the bacon cheddar stuffed burgers from the supermarket? BAM!

  • Riz Virani

    Burgerhotdogpizzataco. Ofc.

  • Pizza, cause TMNT love pizza.

  • Brent Cooper

    Burger. Nothing goes quite as well with fries as a burger does.

  • Burger. Because, MEAT!!!

  • Burger from Hodads in San Diego ca

  • Pizza!! because pepperoni is the bizz!

  • Amenemhat1

    Pizza! Vegetarian so I live to 120!

  • epps720

    Pizza it’s great no matter how you make it. If I gave you a choice between a plain hamburger, plain hot dog, or plain pizza the plain pizza would win everytime!

  • BDynamiteXL

    Burger! Is there anything better than a burger on the grill and a cold beer!?

  • Burger for sure. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad burger.

  • Pizza, cuz I put that sh*t on everything!

  • AHoL2206

    i would have to say Pizza today! Mainly because I am a healthnut, but today is my 30th birthday and I ate Sbarro pizza at lunch for my own mini celebration!!!

  • Pizza! Get some pizza and instantly the left overs can become a snack or breakfast the next day! Plus throw some hot sauce on there and it makes it fantastic!

  • Phil Austin

    pizza is king. just because its the perfect food. plus, its a vegetable now.

  • Steve Im

    Pizza becaUse italian foods are delicious!

  • All three because I’m fat.

  • Pizza. You can have it anytime of the day, any temperature and it’s a vegetable!

  • Burger! A great burger is fantastic but even a crappy burger can be fixed as best it can with toppings, cheese, ketchup or whatever else you’d like and it can become pretty decent. A hot dog can’t measure up and even with loads of toppings it’s still not going to be as satisfying as a burger. Pizza when done right can be great but unfortunately when it’s bad, there’s not much to be done about it. Too greasy, too bad. All the cheese fell off, too bad. I’ll gladly take a burger any day over pizza or hot dog.

  • Nadora

    Pizza! Because the combinations are limitless, you can put whatever you want on it.

  • Lambo_21

    Burger. A1 man a1

  • Wel

    Pizza, because “hot sausage, delivered”.

  • Pizza, because it’s been something I’ve loved ever since TMNT.

  • Michael Southerd Jr

    Pizza- An all meat combo!! Nuff said…..well I like how pizza comes in many different styles & cominations.

  • Kevin

    Pizza because it’s delicious!

  • Pizza! Because you can have so many different combinations it.does not.get.boring after.a while

  • Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! Crust, cheese, sausage, and sauce

  • Pizza forever!!!!! I love it!!!!!!
    @Shuriken_Starz on Twitter –> https://twitter.com/shuriken_starz/status/251408911356264448

  • YariCavi

    Hot dog because you can get a foot long and and coke at Costco for $1.50.

  • James Bucholtz

    Burger, cause you can put bacon on a burger… wait a minute…

  • Pizza of course! Eat a hot dog/burger and it’s gone. When I’m hungry again, some of that pizza will still be there 😀 Oh pizza and DL, how happy you make me 😀

  • Pizza, of course. The only one of the three that is good when ingested either hot OR cold, the only one of the three to feature meaty scrumptiousness in more than two ways, and the only one of the three to be so awesome that they named it ‘pizza’.

  • Ben Rice

    Pizza. Cant get any better then some Chicago Pizza!

  • JL2499

    Pizza…because you can enjoy both hot dogs and hamburgers on a pizza!

  • Definitely pizza … Cheese is my taste.

  • Burger… MEAT!!!

  • icantremember

    Hot dog, because I love meat in tube form.

  • I like pizza because that’s my mood for the day!

  • Burger – because its the ultimate American mean, and I can put anything I want on it without being criticized for my disgusting taste habits 🙂

  • Bill M.

    BURDOGZZA!!! Because I can’t decide which I love the most!!!

  • Sahaj

    Pizza. Mozzarella cheese is amazing.

  • Ryan

    I have to say that a burger from in-and-out (animal style) is the only way to go!

  • monsterenergy22

    Pizza because you can eat it everywhere with one hand!

  • Pizza – I’m a New Yorker, home of the best pizza in the world.

  • Pizza. Cause it’s delicious!

  • Wes

    All 3 go well with beer. But natually I’ll choose the burger for the grilling experience.

  • Pizza. There are just so many possibilities!! And breakfast pizzas are fantastic!!!

  • Chris

    Pizza – I can eat an infinite amount of pizza.

  • It’s a three way tie. The great thing about all 3 of them is that the combinations of preparation are endless and they all can be a meal that contains all four basic food groups. Similar for my honorable mention write-in vote for Ramen Noodles

  • redidas

    Burger! Particularly the wonky ones. Burger with an egg, burger with PB and Bacon, burger with crab meat mixed in, etc.

  • Pizza, because it is pretty much all of those combined. 🙂

  • Pizza because only a large can fill my hunger!

  • evltwn

    Burger. Nothing more American then a juicy, artery clogging burger.

  • Steve Walls

    Burger… with bacon and a cold beer. It’s perfect after a long day of work.

  • droider10

    Burger all the way, mmmmm, with cheddar and apple wood smoked bacon..

  • Alexander H

    Pizza, nothing beats a new york style pizza

  • Burger, easily! The combinations of toppings are far too numerous for a hot dog or pizza to compete with….

  • LowCalGH

    Pizza. There should be no reason for a why…

  • Andy Blystone

    Pizza, it’s diverse. breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot, straight out of the fridge, vegetarian, meat lovers, bbq chicken, meat lovers, white sauce, red sauce, olive oil and no sauce… It always cuts it!!!

  • Its all about hotdogs. Why you ask? Because theres nothing better when your out at the park with your friends and having a good time while grilling hotdogs on the charcoal grill. Period.

  • Greedy_Smurf

    Pizza. It’s all 5 food groups rolled into one delicious package!

  • I love hot dogs!

    I like hot dogs because beer…

  • Brian

    Pizza. Because Chicago-style ROCKS!!!

  • Pizza because “Pizza is delicious.” – Some guy.

  • BURGER~! But only if it’s from GBURGER.COM!! http://gburger.com/paparazzi__ Best Meat for a burger I’ve ever had…. 5 Guys, Slater’s, INnOut, all of the greats have been destroyed by the meat this place makes…

  • Mmmmmm a giant burger with bbq sauce and grilles pineapple. Do i really need an explanation?

  • Jordan Claus

    Pizza, because it’s good for you haha

  • Jose Duran

    burgers due to the variety

  • hector.o

    Costco hot dog. It’s cheap and good.

  • Pizza, hot or cold, toppings no topppings… pizza is still the best.

  • john0214

    pizza because there so many kinds

  • GotSka81

    Burger. Five Guys, to be exact.

  • Shayyan Arshad

    Pizza: The best vegetable in the world!

  • Definitely pizza. There are so many ways it can be made, and there are hundreds of toppings you can put on it! It’s always changing!

  • burger….Because of The Beef….It’s What’s For Dinner

  • Hotdogs cuz they’re fast, tasty and can make ’em with so many different condiments

  • Michael Singer

    Pizza cuz its what ninja turtles eat

  • DrewNusser

    I’m gonna go with an old fashioned Bill Cosby bacon burger dog and melt some cheese and pepperoni on top. Go big or go home.

  • phenotype

    Pizza. Eat it anytime!

  • Pizza…because as I get older I recognize the need to have what you want delivered to your door when you want. Yep, lazy FTW!!!

  • The burger: the swiss army knife of the culinary world.

  • Aftermath

    it’s deft between pizza or burger… burgers have so much meat. But I think I’ll have to go with pizza. it’s always good.

  • zach

    pizza! it’s good piping hot, lukewarm or cold. Try to do that with a burger or hot dog. Actually don’t, you might get sick.

  • Phil Williams

    burger, because you can do anything! too many toppings on pizza and it gets waterlogged and grease laden. You can stuff a burger with cheese and then make a bacon jam for the top with beer mustard and more cheese and fried onion strings and beer honey and hot sauce and it will be amazing. yeah burgers.

  • funk rat

    Pizza, does it really need an explanation?

  • Burger because what’s more american than beer and a burger

  • pooh

    burger… mmmm, cow

  • JamesU513

    pizza – because it can be delivered!

  • I prefer burgers, more tasty meat than the other options.

    I +1’d the post on Google+, but since I use a different account for that I’m not sure it’s verifiable…

  • Pizza, so my lazy ass doesn’t have to leave the house

  • Pizza…..it’s all about the cheese!

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    Pizza for the win.. You pretty much get all your food groups in

  • Nick D

    Pizza. Because there are so many different varieties and things to put on top of it.

  • Christopher Heuer

    Pizza is the best of the three, because it’s pizza. Without pizza, I could go for hamburger or hot dog (and usually take both if offered).

  • Burger… I can grill them all year long and put anything in/on my meat.

  • mikesuds

    Burger for sure, even though they’re all amazing!

  • Michael Singer

    Pizza. Cuz that’s what ninja turtles eat

  • Burger. Haven’t had a good one in quite some time.

  • Pizza, because it can be good with meat or without meat. Burger and hot dog not so much, without meat all you end up eating is condiment and bun.

  • Jose Duran

    Pizza because its awesome

  • Brett Besa

    Burger. Always want to feel like I’m eating a cow ;D

  • Ben Modica

    Pizza. Most variety and most cheese (usually).

  • RoboRobP

    Burger. It’s a mans food.

  • Definitely pizza because I like it cheesy.

  • andrew galvin

    Burger all the way! Hot dogs are never enough food and pizza has less meat. Most of the time.

  • burgers because i’m always searching for the best cheeseburger out there

  • Toan Ngo

    Burger stuffed pizza.

  • MTPenguin

    Burger Because you don’t know what is in a hotdog, and I’ve worked for far too many pizza joints!


  • wustehase

    Pizza. It’s more filling, and you can do a lot more with it.

  • jxcgunrunna

    pizza. There are so many types.

  • Pizza, and because I’m hungry; that’s why!

  • Pizza because no matter how many times I eat it, every bite tastes like an entirely new creation.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Pizza – thousands of combinations to satisfy my inner ninja turtle.

  • Steven Luu

    Burger because simply its one of the greatest food creations of all time. You get juicy burgers with any condiments you can put on it.

  • Hot Dog – my dad and I would go to Coney Island in Pottsville and get the best dogs I have ever had. Best memories of my childhood.

  • Burger! Every bite is good and you can’t go wrong with beef!

  • Cheeseburgers! Because its a burger with Cheese on it! With all the restaurants and fast food places you can have a burger at nearly any level of quality and size you want and nearly any time of day.

  • Pizza. Cheese for the win.

  • vonny571

    Burger. Why? I don’t know, but I’m drooling just thinking about it.

  • steven baker

    Pizza. Reason being because they don’t deliver hotdogs or burgers

  • norman

    Pizza because it won’t hurt you as much.

  • Pizza. So many different options! Man, the triangle of food groups on one triangle.. Mind = Blown.

  • Nothing is better than a big juicey hambuger

  • An In N Out Burger any day of the week. 4×4 animal protein, AMAZING!!!

  • Chad Butler

    Pizza. There are so many different types that I could eat it for every meal and never get bored.

  • Mike Lamb

    burger with gluten-free bun – nothing like it!

  • Ben

    gotta be creative, burger pizza! It’s obviously a fantastic combo

  • topshot 12

    Burger!!! Gonna have one tonight now!!!

  • Bauce40

    Pizza satisfies all the major food groups

  • Pizza, more specifically, the Original Gino’s from Toledo, Ohio.

  • schwaller

    Pizza. it has all the food groups.

  • Mark F

    Pizza. No matter if cold or hot or fresh or old , still tastes good.

  • Gah, I’m vegan! Veggie Burger!

  • Schrade13

    Pizza…good all the time….can have it with burger on it if you wish….

  • RunawayDr01d

    Pizza – you can’t order in hotdogs or burgers!

  • This is a tough one but I’m going to have to go with the Burger. Why? Because I love Burgers!

  • hot dog. all you have to do was walk to the 7-11 and bam you got a hot dog! And nothing is better at the ballpark. Go Giants!

  • Pizza, easy to eat and not that messy…sometimes

  • Marc Fisher Jr.

    Pizza because I love it to eat everyway! i love hamburger pizza and my local pizza place makes a Cheesy Weiner (Hotdog in Mac&Cheese on a pizza)!

  • TheZilch

    Pizza! All the food groups, and you can put hot dogs and burgers on pizza!

  • Pizza because im eating it now…

  • Hotdog, because there is nothing like a hotdog at a baseball game

  • AdamHackney

    Pizza, not a hot dog fan and can’t eat red meat. So I LOVE pizza!

  • jer85008

    Burger – simply the best.

  • Burger … because the best junk food ever !!!!

  • rolltidedad


  • HouseJunkieXL

    BURGER because you can never go wrong with a burger and it is hard to mess up!!

  • droyd4life

    Pizza because it is awesome.

  • Mike C

    Burger and guacamole. I see bad pizza much more often than bad burgers.

  • trampacek

    Pizza..because I am originally from NY and it is my birthright

  • Burgers, because there’s nothing tastier than a juicy hunk of meat between two buns.

  • Pizza. It’s one of the food groups.

  • tanknspank

    Pizza. Just like it better I suppose *shrug*

  • Josh Linn

    Gotta go with a burger.. so juicy and so good to eat.. nom nom

  • Pizza – Because you can put almost anything on a pizza and it’s usually good. Buffalo chicken steak and cheese Hawaiian… Getting hungry talking about it.

  • Brian Getchel

    Pizza, its universally delicious and the best comfort food

  • TravisHannon

    Burgers because of Five Guys!

  • Hamburger because its an american food!

  • wiz

    Burger. Because bacon.

  • Well does a Pizza-burger-sub count as a choice? lol If not, I choose pizza. You can’t beat a good Buffalo Chicken Pizza, its the perfect combo!

  • runngun21789

    Hamburger pizza including pickles!!

  • will bartlett

    Pizza. Cause its good

  • WCDave

    Pizza. Customizable and easy to share – good features for food and android.

  • Iamthetoph

    Burger! If a slice of pizza is like sex and is never bad, then a burger is like a well-performed BJ. Sure, you can get one anywhere, but a well-crafted one is a treat that few things can compare to.

  • Pizza because when the melted cheese from the pizza forms a bridge to your mouth then it is simply amazing

  • zionlion

    Hot dog. Backyard grillin’ and impossible to mess up.

  • felipeghale

    Pizza because its so versatile , you can have it cold, hot, make it a desert or a whole meal.

  • Pizza is always the best. So many ways of having it.

  • Daniel Zhao

    Burger, because things taste better with everything in one bite.

  • Gotta go with burgers. Nothing beats hamburger topped with bacon, sliced ham, cheese, and a fried egg. Mouthgasm all day long!

  • Pizza, it’s da bomb..love pizza over Burgers or hot dogs anyday.

  • Ross Sullivan

    Burger, coz there’s a chance it might contain real meat.

  • Pizza with lots o meat. Why? Yum!

  • pharmdy

    Burger all the way – protein, carbs and deliciousness in one package!

  • Joshua Pape

    Hot Dog… but it has to be chicago style… you can’t beat the pickle, peppers and tomatoes with a beef frank on a sesame seed bun… too damned good

  • Pizza, because it’s good and filling and has all your basic food groups.

  • owenlyaiden

    pizza , burgers and hotdogs are ok but pizza is the perfect food lol, u can have healthy ones for diets and jst about any other one you want with almost any topping you want and it never really tastes tht bad even at its worst. And its funny to watch people trying to work out how its spelled.

  • Jim

    Pizza…so many varieties. Plus burgers are too heavy, and hot dogs are too fake.

  • Djdmac24

    Pizza, because… Well because of what the guy below me said. Also, because u can have it delivered or buy it frozen and just throw it in the microwave for a couple mins.

  • jjl207

    Pizza- the myriad flavors and infinite combinations of ingredients can’t be beat.

  • Toan Ngo

    Burger stuffed pizza.

  • Hot dog, because you can wrap bacon AROUND it, and who doesn’t love bacon?!

  • Pizza: The variety of different pizzas is amazing. It also is easy to hold and you can eat a lot of it without getting full. plus its delicious

  • nelson

    Burger because the best burger is better than the best pizza or hotdog, even though the average burger isn’t great.

  • Pizza. It’s so much better than the other options.

  • Pizza…because it’s the best way to get all your daily nutrition

  • Anthony Guange

    Pizza…. bread, cheese, sauce, nuff said

  • bigillz

    Burger of course, has all the major food groups and can even carry an egg and bacon well.

  • lye

    Burger for sure. There is a lot more you can do with it, various meats, styles etc and you can cook it to perfection, rather than pizza where you sort of have to cook it all together. Also it’s easier to carry and comes with sides 🙂

  • Larry Franks

    Pizza all the way. Burgers are kinda “eeh” all depends on the toppings and I hate hotdogs. You’d think with a last name like “Franks” I’d like ’em, but I can’t stand them.

  • Ben Leonard

    pizza!!!!!!!!!! cause left over pizza is perfect for Pizza eggs. the perfect breakfast food

  • Pizza, I mean come on, its PIZZA.

  • Burger…grilling them is one of my favorite activities.

  • Michael Clark

    Pizza if it is coming from some place other than pizza hut (tastes like crap), Burger if it is from In and Out, and hot dog if it is from Kasper’s in the Bay Area, CA

  • Pizza powered the ninja turtles. So it’s good enough for me!

  • Sinistar83

    Pizza – cant go wrong with so many differnt toppings to choose from!

  • Pizza. Because you can take the contents of burgers and hot dogs to create a pizza of insanity.

  • Pizza, wafer thin crust. The aroma of melted cheese mixed with the spices. One slice away from heaven! It’s the only cheat-food I’ll allow myself on weekends. It’s just so filling. Rest of the week I’m all like, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, green green green

  • ritesh golani

    hot dog!!!bcoz its HOT!

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Pizza… goes best with beer.

  • Pizza! Because there is so much variety!!!

  • Mamba94

    Burger…Simply because it’s better than the other options IMO

  • PicoDeGiao

    Can’t I just have a burger on top of a pizza? Is that too much to ask for?

  • 4two

    Burger. Healthier.

  • Pizza because it’s an italian classic 🙂

  • GoBigRed11

    Pizza, so many different types and toppings. Never gets old.

  • Pizza

  • Bacon pizza!! cause its pizza with bacon!!!!

  • da

    Burger because grilling is actually a skill

  • jeremyprice11

    Pizza hands down….endless ways to have it

  • ang3lmack

    Hot dog, a coreys hotdog is awesome

  • Brian

    Pizza cause it’s from Italy

  • DroidLifer

    Burger, cheeseburger to be exact. Go to In n out and you’ll know why.

  • den1899

    Burger, because how else will you eat Kobi beef, you cant have it on pizza or hot dog, Kobi beef burger is the way to go!!!!

  • Brian Spearman

    Burger with all the fixings. That includes bacon. Sure you can put bacon on pizza, but it’s just not the same as a bacon cheeseburger

  • Droidzilla

    Pizza, hands down. Why? Because the best burger is a bacon cheeseburger, but you can do a pizza with bacon and meatballs and it’s like a giant bacon cheeseburger!!! Boom.

  • Burger man, because its beef and bread. and thats all you need.

  • Davros

    Pizza, covers all the food groups and it goes good with beer or whiskey

  • HuskerPower10

    Pizza because it’s an american classic…oh wait.

  • Jacob121791

    Hot dog because this is ‘merica!!!!

  • Austin

    A good old burger, just can’t beat it!!

  • sam_evans7

    Pizza is the perfect human food.

  • yellowsnow

    Hot dog because it’s the easiest to make.

  • duke69111

    Burger!. A good greasy burger with an egg is good anytime.

  • Zack Johnson

    Burger, you can never go wrong with a greasy cheeseburger.

  • Hot dog!!!! Cuz im gay and love weiners!!! LOL…..no seriously…..well yeah im gay but I loooooooooooove hot dogs!!….theres just soooo many kinds of hot dogs! lol….i cant think of a way to make this sound less dirty, but i hope i win

  • KillerG

    Burger, but only if it’s from Bob’s Big Boy. Because Bob’s burgers are quite possibly the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.
    This is a subjective question of course, but I have yet to find someone who doesn’t think Bob’s Big Boy has some friggin amazing burgers.

  • Justin

    Pizza hands down. Why? Because there’s so many kinds and you can usually make it in some fashion for anyone versus burger so people just don’t like hamburger. It’s not as versitile 🙂

  • Pizza i believe the overall versatility as a food is much higher than the other two. Pizza can be made of anything and can have anything put ontop of it and still have pretty universal appeal

  • BDFio

    Pizza because you can do more making a pizza then a hamburger and hot dogs are just for kids that don’t know better.

  • Rob

    Pizza, because I grew up watching the turtles!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Originally from NY. Best pizza on the planet.

  • evansdad

    need this for all the great kids android apps for my son

  • Ardiac

    HOT DOG! I don’t care what it is I’m eating when it’s that delicious. Especially a nice grilled dog with some slaw on it. Or spicy mustard. Totally hits the spot and way easier than hamburgers (or ordering pizza for that matter).

  • Pizza, much more variety.

  • Pizza because i like the combination of ham bacon and pineapple

  • pouxonu

    A large pizza with cheeseburger,and hot dogs as toppings. I’m greedy I’ll take all 3 because they’re all delicious and I will not choose only one

  • Boostified

    Hotdog. You can almost get a hotdog anywhere, even on a street corner.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    burger all the way…you can’t beat bacon and cheese combo!

  • i absolutely gotta go with burgers there is nothing like a perfect burger! i prefer min with bacon, bleu cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and of course onion straws! maybe some would prefer a good pizza i agree pizza is amazing and i like hot dogs as well but the burger is the ultimate i cant ever get enough of a truly good burger!

  • will

    cant beat a juicy burger

  • Burger. Because there are so many different things to throw on it. It can be be a unique experience every time!

  • Pizza…one slice can cover all the major food groups 🙂

  • Dylan Neu

    Hot dog, but only under the condition that said hot dog is the base of a Skyline cheese coney.

  • Burger, I can eat it almost everyday.

  • ten2o3

    Pizza, because it’s awesome!

  • Burger because nothing is better then a bacon blue cheese burger

  • Chili cheese hot dogs are the best but the others kick ass too

  • washingtoneoneon

    Pizza…espesh when its been open on the counter overnight

  • erikbjerkeli

    Burger, because I live in Texas.. and we have Whataburger

  • Burger “the cornerstone of a nutritious breakfast”

  • bigdav1178

    Pizza – because you can put just about anything on it as a topping… including burger and hot dog.

  • Pizza… because I like pizza.

  • SpikedRed

    Pizza, becase @LouMalnatis is the only pizza I’ll ever eat. #Deepdishforlife

    (No, I’m not affiliated with them, unless you count affiliation as eating the bejeezus out of it)

  • Burger. Real American food.

  • Pizza… it’s a canvas with infinite possibilities!

  • Brian C

    Pizza, because there are endless possibilities in making the best pizza with all different type of toppings.

  • Josh Waymire

    Imo’s pizza. It’s the best. period.

  • Jonathan DeJong

    Burger. Red Meat. Nuff said.

  • Greg Alles

    Why pick? I’ll take all 3!

  • Pizza eez just teh bayste, mank!

    I have a little tradition I like to call “Pizza Mondays”. Every Monday. Pizza. Boom. Usually from Papa Johns. That guy’s cool beans.

  • Justin Howard

    Definitely Pizza…who can go wrong with pizza, its the best! I actually had pizza last night! lol

  • Phillip Drake

    Pizza! It’s one of the foods that you think of when you are ready to have friends over for some fun!

  • Ben Schulz

    hamburger pizza. I think you know why 😉

  • Pizza because it is versatile… Oh man. I forgot about In-N-Out. I change my vote to burgers, based on this chain alone. So good.

  • Mas21

    I’m going to have to go with pizza. I just love the combination of cheeses, sauce, and bread. The toppings also make it more customizable and delicious.

  • Yusan Wu

    burger. just had a double patty at five guys…i prefer hot foods and not so much cheese.

  • cuzzinz

    Burger cause I just had an amazing shrimp burger at UMAMIcatessen in downtown LA

  • Nic Hess

    Burger… I like them more…

  • casytsm

    Thin crust pizza, with all the toppings! Duh

  • Burger

  • Burger, be creative have it your way, make it a monstrosity! Five Guys is a great way to go.

  • Pizza. It is the most universal food delivery system. You can cook it in many way and toppings are at the users choice. For those of us that need more choices than necessary in life, pizza is one way to express yourself in any way you please.

  • David Willden

    Burger or pizza…..but that’s really tough. It greatly depends on my mood. But the majority of the time, it’s burger. Especially if it’s a Five Guys burger. I am in LOVE with their burgers. mmmmmm

  • tweetyscute

    Burger and i agree with Five Guys

  • bobukcat

    Nothing beats a really, really great burger with an ice cold brewski!

  • Burgers, for sure. Columbus has the Thurman Cafe, Google it. You can feel the shame as you eat it.

  • Jason Hansen

    why not have all three? 🙂

  • Pizza! It’s good all year long!

  • michaeluchikado

    Burger, just because of the freshness of the ingredients!

  • Burger because a burger from five guys will get rid of all worries

  • pizza, i’m from nyc, that’s the goto

  • Andrew Egger

    pizza the more you put on it the better it is

  • mike l

    Burger because you can put just about anything on it and its good,

  • burger, the bigger and more mass the better!

  • Alfonso Haskins

    Pizza because it’s the created food ever

  • There is nothing better than a good burger!

  • pizza because hot or cold its still delicious

  • Pizza – because you can’t have really bad pizza.

  • Hotdog, because it is impossible to mess one up!

  • rreich49

    Burger, because it has lots of protein.

  • Pizza. Hot dogs and burgers aren’t worth the calories. Pizza is…

  • Pizza most definitely. Why? Because I use hamburger and hot dogs as topping for my pizza! Boom.

  • Jiffyrite

    Hot Dog – GLORIOUS Hot Dog! Mystery Meat FTW!

  • Burger for sure because you can literally add ANY ingredient you want to it. I dont know about having lettuce or ketchup cooked on pizza.

  • Pizza, you can change the greater amount of toppings depending on your mood. Burgers are awesome but you cannot just swap the meat out for something else as easy as you can with pizza.

  • Pizza, cause I can eat more of it 😀

  • OreoMan

    Pizza…..but it has to be good pizza!

  • Inquizitor

    Pizza, as an NYC native.

  • Pizza you can eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner. There are so many options you can do!

  • Steve S.

    Pizza. There is no better combination of cheese, marinara sauce, and dough.

  • Fontanez

    Burger. Nothing beats a great burger. Tastes awesome, fills you up, and goes great with a beer.

  • ankit199
  • Pizza simply because its amazing in every single way 🙂

  • bikerbill12

    Burger . It’s meat . Man food Nuf said

  • mmm….burger…droool…. meat is good

  • Pizza, hands down. The turtles are never wrong!

  • Burger w/ bacon… greatest invention of all time…ALL TIME

  • Calicrs

    Pizza! it’s the only food the Ramones would eat!

  • ryancooper143

    Burger……with lots of bacon and cheese.

    Beacause its heaven

  • Pizza… because I can put a hotdog and/or a hamburg on it.

  • Pizza, because you can put everything on it that you can put on a burger or hot dog … including burgers and hot dogs!

  • Hard to decide. Why not all 3?! I love all those treats and would love to win a tablet. Eh? Eh?

  • Arpit Patel

    Burger…it’s like a reward, hot dogs are snacks and pizza is for when you have no time to enjoy your food. Burgers are awesome.

  • Tony

    Burgers because I like my meat inside warm buns

  • AMGala

    Pizza, hands down. Plus I live near the reputed birthplace of pizza, so I’ve had some of the best!

  • Jared Grizzle

    Pizza..I’m a vegetarian.

  • Pizza- Way more variety of flavor, love crust

  • Nole Lilley

    Hot dog because you can poke it with a stick and roast it over a fire.

  • HotRodJohnson

    pizza cause it still taste good cold!

  • Pizza. Because burgers and hot dog’s are not as tasty when they’re cold.

  • eddie

    Burger. It is a tasty meat plate for your favorite toppings. Mine are bacon and blue cheese.

  • I would say pizza because no matter how much I eat I never get tired of it the next day. I had a 30 inch pizza one time me and one of my friends finished the whole thing in under and hour.

  • Burger… the Oktoberfest burger at Red Robin…

  • All of them at once. So they can clog my arteries all at the same time.

  • grea8one

    Burger, you can just do soo much with it and it still tastes awesome.

  • pizza. because pizza.

  • Pizza, because even the worst pizza still tastes pretty good.

  • Raymond Sutherland

    I refuse to choose. I will take all three.

  • Adam Howland

    $5 Little Ceasars! Pizza Pizza

  • pizza, cause i can put everything i like on it, like in my future tab 🙂

  • S2556

    Pizza!! its good the first time and when you come home drunk at 3 AM it is even better!!! 😀

  • Rich Dross

    Burger but only if it’s fresh and hot off the grill. Not a fast food burger.

  • Pizza. But specifically, a dough/fresh mozzarella/penne pasta/vodka sauce slice.

  • Mason Lammers

    Pizza because I am about to eat some via delivery. If you ever are stuck at work with no lunch, you know you can be saved with a pizza delivery!

  • Burger…

  • spideme

    Burger, having In-N-Out is the best thing that ever happened to me

  • Pizza is #1 for it huge list of options. While I love all food Pizza takes the cake. Italy!

  • Burgers, ground up cow and it is delicious.

  • tryptech

    Burgers alllllllllllllllll the way. Slap some cheese and bacon on that dhit and I’m as good as dead. (In a good way)

  • Nicolas Silva

    Pizza, the variation of pizza you can have is endless

  • pizza because its cheezy!

  • Pizza. The only food that I could never get tired of.

  • jacob neves

    Pizza because it God better with beer.

  • Pizza, because you can make it taste like a burger or a hot dog (but skip the relish). Also because it has the same number of letters as “Droid” as in DroidLife 😉

  • phill298

    Pizza, because not only is it just as good, but when you reheat it, its flavor actually improves.

  • David

    Pizza, because a great Pizza can be like dining in heaven; even if this has only happened to us once in our entire lives:-)!

  • Jeff Stewart

    absolutely a buger. Nice crispy bacon with some lettuce and pickle and of course on an onion bun. Rare burger of course.

  • burger. in and out.

  • fanofdroid

    Pizza! Reminds me of Android. You have a lot more choices to choose from and you can do more with it then you can with say a Hamburger (Apple) or a Hotdog (Windows Phone)!

  • Greyhame

    Sorry, gotta say none of the above. I’m from Wisconsin, and when we’re tailgating, pre-gaming, or just grilling out at home, if there aren’t brats on the grill, well then you’re doing it wrong! Nothing better than a Johnsonville brat that’s been soaked in a bath of beer! And for condiments.. skip the ketchup and give me some mustard and onions.

  • pizza – just tastes the best (if you get good pizza)

  • Hmm. Im gonna have to go with pizza on that one.

    You can have a crappy burger and a crappy hotdog, but pizza is still great even when it is bad.

  • Alan Paone

    Pizza, so much more room for creative expression making pizza. you can put almost anything on them, and you can draw smilie faces. who would say no?

  • burger because they just taste better and if get them with no bun it is carb free!

  • Carlos Fernandez

    Pizza, Because Is The Italian Official Food…

  • Josh Parish

    Pizza. Specifically, Donato’s thin crust pepperoni. Why? Because it’s great pizza and whatever I have left over, I can eat cold, right out of the fridge and it is still damn good.

  • Pizza all the way. It is so versatile and can adapt to any topping you want.

  • All three…simply because you can add bacon to each and make it instantly better!!!

  • Nick Burton

    Pizza cause it can be changed into many different forms to accommodate the days hunger.

  • Jakemerrell

    Burger. 1/4 pound with grilled peppers, tomato, pickles, Miracle Wip, Catch up, and spicy mustard. It can’t be beat!

  • Burger! Because theyre just so darn tasty!

  • theblacksun

    Pizza, usually the more vegetarian friendly option.

  • Any of there three because I usually have the company of great friends when I eat these

  • Rx7freek

    Baked Potato pizza at Larry’s pizza!! A ture delicacy for all man!

  • Pizza. So much variety… Oh man. I forgot about In-N-Out. I change mine to burger for this chain alone.

  • TuckNRoll

    Pizza…..only thing I am brave enough to eat the morning after having sat out all day the day before. #CollegeLife

  • Mike McAteer

    Pizza, because you can put more Bacon and Cheese on that than on either of the others, and if you can’t love that, you don’t deserve a free tablet!

  • codelinx

    burger, because it can have anything you want… i mean anything…

  • Burgers and hotdogs are great but I have to say Pizza. Build it like I like it and if there’s any leftover it’s great the next day/morning cold 😀

  • Pizza. It’s always good, even if you heat it up a week after you buy it.

  • beyerku

    Pizza! Not only do I like it, the kids will eat it…

  • Los

    A grilled chicken burger with cheese, bacon and grilled onions.

  • Benjamin Wilson

    Pizza. Total carbgasm. 350-600 per slice? Yes Please!!!

  • strows

    Pizza! Cause they deliver! Pastrami Pizza is bomb!!!


  • Pizza, pizza, a thousand times pizza. I like pizza more than Mike Birbiglia. I think it’s from watching so many episodes of Ninja Turtles as a kid.

  • Pizza due to being every kind possible to every type of entree (appetizer, dessert, main course)

  • red014

    Pizza is better because you can put hamburger on it.

  • I like all three, but since some people make sex jokes when someone else eats a hotdog and other people are too picky about their pizza because they “don’t like flat crust” or some other bs like that, I will have to stick with the good ol’ American Cheeseburger. Never mess with the formula.

  • summit1986

    BBQ Chicken Pizza… orgasm in my mouth. Kobe beef burgers are pretty epic though. If you want to count bratwurst as hotdogs, it could be close… but my vote it still with pizza.

  • Daniel Budzenski

    Pizza, its good no matter how its made.

  • Brien

    pizza: the approved food of ninja turtles

  • Kayouu

    Pizza for sure. I was born originally in Italy. How many different types of pizza can you think of… Lots that’s why. Pizza rules!

  • jeremyshores

    Obviously the correct answer is cheese burger pizza, because it has 66.6% of the spread coverage. Duh!

  • Jason

    Burgers — Because Chuck Norris said so.

  • Jason Underwood

    Pizza, because the next day it still tastes great

  • Kevin Raymond

    Pizza. It’s incredibly versatile, from a simple Margherita to one loaded up with every animal known to man. Just about anything can be a viable pizza topping.

  • thats tough..up between a burger and pizza..even though all of them you can put tons of stuff on them..im probably going to have to go with pizza..you have more options of what you can make with..use pineapples..you cant really use that on the other two..

  • ssjnimma

    A Pizza Hot Dog Burger!! yes I have made such thing!! 😛

  • hot dog. there is nothing like a hot dog cooked over an open fire

  • Ashley Horne

    Burger… because im a man 😀

  • Pizza, because they deliver.

  • Mastabrozif

    Burger because they are damn delicious.

  • Adrian O.

    Pizza, because every time it can be different. Hot dogs are just hot-dogs, burgers are just burgers.

  • Pizza because you can have all major food groups and still have it delivered to your lazy ass.

  • Pizza, always pizza. You can put anything on it to please any person.