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Contest: Win a Klasden Levanaus Backpack From Spigen and Droid Life [RAW] (Updated: Winner Picked)

The Reader Appreciation Week momentum isn’t stopping yet, folks. Let’s give another amazing item away! How does a $90 Klasden Levanaus backpack from Spigen sound? Let me just say, that I have the blue version of this bag and absolutely love it. In fact, it’s now my overnight bag, work bag, and everything-in-between bag. It has more pockets than I can count, a swanky faux fir inside, fits perfectly on your back with its extra padding, and comes in a variety of stylish colors. When traveling, I’m able to pack my 15″ Macbook Pro, a change of clothes, toiletries, a 2nd or 3rd phone, chargers, flip flops, tablet, headphones, and snacks into this sucker. It seriously is a great bag. 

To see the rest of the colors, check out Spigen’s site. They are also on Amazon.

Who wants this beautiful bag in red?


Update:  Our winner is Brandon J., who plans to put his 13″ Macbook, headphones, iPad, and cables into the bag. Congrats!

Prize:  1 (one) Klasden Levanaus Backpack in Red

How to enter:

1.  Be sure to “Like” this post on Facebook. (Button on left side of post.)
2.  Feel free to +1 it on Google+ as well.
3.  In the comments, give us a rundown of the gadgets you would use to fill this bag.
4.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to our feed.


Today at 4:00PM PT, we will choose a winner from the comments.

  • yellowsnow

    My baby diapers, galaxy nexus, cm touchpad, ipad, and baby wipes!

  • William Peterson

    Work computer, Nexus 7 and my Day Planner. OR… Give it to my girl so she has a nice bag for college.

  • Macbook, iPhone, OG Droid, HP Touchpad, iPad 1!

  • the_stig2313

    Laptop, Nexus 7, and school books

  • Sony VAIO S, Toshiba Thrive, PSP, DS, and a gazilloon games and cords…

  • Jakemerrell

    I would put my Note 10.1 and all of my books for school

  • ScoobySnack

    Galaxy Tab 10.1, Dell e6510, ZaggSparq, cables and cables and charges and more chargers

  • droidoesall

    I will fill it with my Motorola lapdock, motor RAZR, gym cloths, toiletries, chargers, maybe strap a solar power pack on the back of it like the ones on think geek.com

  • I would fill it up with my samsung laptop my transformer prime, my OG Droid just because and all of my various chargers and docks.

  • If it fits nicely, I’d love to carry around my favorite HHKB or tenkeyless keyboards with me in style.

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    Perfect for my Nexus 7! Great for taking to the gym with me.

  • engemasa

    My laptop and Hopefully one of the new tablets that I’m either going to win or going to buy 😀

  • Gary Keeler

    I would fill it will everything!

  • Macbook Pro, Android Nexus, LA Eyeworks eyeglasses, house keys, headlamp, GoPro Hero2 Motorsports onboard camera (for evidence and traffic antics), power cords, Canon S95 camera, chargers, Zicam for emergency so I don’t develop a cold.

  • schwaller

    My laptop, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus and enough power cords to keep everything charged while on the go.

  • Studio Laptop, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Studio Beats, PSP Vita and all the chargers in the world lol.

  • Christopher Mann

    My Dell laptop, my soon to be new Nexus 7, and other accessories