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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Trailer Goes Live, Looks Pretty Intense


A new trailer for Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 has gone live and it’s definitely leaving us wanting a lot more. As we can see from the types of vehicles in the trailer, it’s most certainly taking place in the future and gives off a certain Black Ops 2 vibe, which is completely okay in my book. The Modern Combat series is certainly setting the bar for FPS war games on Android, which means we get to take a break from Dead Trigger.

The game is due out in the Fall of 2012, so we’ll just have to hang in there and await an official release date.

  • Gameloft is terrible. I don’t know why such a horrible company gets so much coverage. Gameloft games have terrible controls, awful writing, miserable music, tortured voice acting, derivative art, and a bad attitude towards Android. Die in a fire, Gameloft.

  • carol swift

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  • gchahinian

    ummmm is DL giving away any TF700’s any time soon?? 😀

  • wikkdwarrior

    Man I can’t wait to grand this…I’ve had all 3 of the previous versions and only played the first one…I got the other solely 4 the online multiplayer…the online experience is unrivaled by any other FPS that I have tried…pretty much all of em… Nova is not really my flavor but it’s OK if lasers and plasma balls r ur thing

  • possomcrast1

    Yet again a completely obvious copy that activison for some reason doesn’t mind.

  • Mario Mendez

    online play hackers be gone! don’t screw up MC4 online matches with your cheats

  • Fabio Pancaldi

    Gameloft makes good trailers indeed. Must…not…buy a game I’ll never play again past the first two levels

  • Wes

    Mobile games are getting serious! Would of never expected this, I’ve been out of the game loop for a while. Don’t even look at the games section in the play store anymore. This game just looks awesome though.

  • Frank

    The last one worked on my gnex until they updated it. I’m sure they’ll screw this up too

  • Damu793

    IOS will get it first 🙁

  • Hopefully Gameloft doesn’t screw this up like all of their other games!

  • Murphy

    Why did I read that as Modern Warfare 4?

    • Because that’s what Gameloft REALLY REALLY wants you to do

  • Jeff

    Anyone know of any Android games with very engaging plots and some character development? Fancy graphics aren’t that important. Thanks!

    • Grimlyte

      Agreed, but engaging plots and character developement aren’t a good reason to not have Great graphics at this point in tech either.

    • JoshGroff

      The Bard’s Tale is pretty good so far. Final Fantasy 1/3 are always solid choices. Then there’s gamevil’s Zenonia series which is pretty fun if you prefer a top view dungeon crawler style RPG. I haven’t played Horn enough to give it a fair review, same with Dark Meadow, but they’re Tegra exclusive anyway.

    • Mark

      They don’t exist. The focus mostly seems to be on graphics not substance.

  • Clifford Gadd

    If it has gampad support, then I’ll get it the day it comes out. If not then I’ll probably pass.

  • JoshGroff

    Yet another Modern Combat game that I will buy when it goes on sale for $.99 and probably never play no matter how much I intend to.

    • Same here, I just fed up with the controls on it. As soon as I find a blue tooth controller I like I might change that pattern.

      • JoshGroff

        Why not just use a sixaxis and get a gameklip. It’s pretty much the best mobile gaming experience one can get with a phone. Although, if you don’t have a sixaxis, I guess that would be a pretty expensive route.

        • GameKlip looks awesome but it only supports a small number of devices and mine isn’t one!

          • JoshGroff

            Yeah, that’s pretty much the only downfall, but I do think he says he can make custom ones if it’s a phone that isn’t supported on the site. I am pretty sure I saw it on the site.

          • Well I have kinda an older phone; the Droid Razr (not Maxx). I’m looking to get rid of it after the first of the year tho so hopefully he supports the next nexus or the SGS4 whenever it comes out.

          • Charlie

            Just FYI, I actually contacted the guy who makes the GameKlip and even though he says he can make the “klips” for some devices on demand, he told me he had no plans for a Razr/Razr Maxx Game Klip. 🙁

          • JoshGroff

            Well, that’s surprising considering how popular the RAZR and MAXX were/are. :/

        • Noyfb

          I use sixaxis with a bluetooth ps3 controller and use my hmi hdmi cable to my tv and it mirrors the gnex screen on my flatscreen. a good hmi to hdmi cable is like $20 plus a 10 foot hdmi cable i got for $5, on amazon

          • JoshGroff

            I have one of those cables, but I’m lacking an HDTV. Never home enough to justify the expense. Do you know if they have an hmi to A/V cable thing?

        • I have one but only one and it stays home with the ps3 and wife while I’m at work :). I may get another for that purpose, but more likely only if I get a tablet worth using it with!

    • hehe, I’m the same. I buy all the games/apps on sale, but never ever play.

      • JoshGroff

        I did the same with shadowgun, NOVA 3, and mass effect. Played them each for maybe an hour. :/ I think the problem with me is there’s just too many good games to actually sit back and play one without getting sidetracked.