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Second Look: XGEAR Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] [RAW]

Today, we’re taking a second look at XGEAR’s tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy Nexus, called the Fantom. We first took a look at these back in July when XGEAR was getting close to being on final samples and definitely noticed a couple of issues which they have told us have since been addressed. So as part of Reader Appreciation Week, we wanted to talk about our new impressions and then hand a couple of these $30 tempered glass protectors out to the best Android community on the planet. 

 Second Impressions

For those new to tempered glass, you need to think of this as the ultimate form of protection for a screen. It’s glass, rather than a flimsy film, so it’s harder, more scratch and crack resistant, and feels nice to the touch. In fact, I actually like tempered glass more for the touch sensitivity than anything else. Regular PET screen protectors feel awful to the touch, but tempered glass simply feels just like if you were touching your screen.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about this new version. First of all, the phone wakes up just fine while on a call. The proximity sensor is no longer blocked allowing the phone to function properly. Touch sensitivity is also very good and the protector actually appears to be slightly thinner than it did in the past, but I doubt that to be the case. It does fit very well on top of the device though, and would almost be unnoticeable if it weren’t for the cutouts for the notification light, front camera, and sensors. I’m also no longer noticing a rainbow effect in the middle of the protector while it’s on the device.

I am, however, still noticing the grid that was showing up on the previous release. It’s not a deal breaker, but when the beauty of the Galaxy Nexus screen is one of the selling points, this grid does bring it down a notch. The XGEAR team explained to me that the grid has to do with a special UV coating which helps preserve the protector.

Overall, I’m impressed by the changes that have been made and would definitely recommend that you consider the Fantom tempered glass protector if you are looking for extra protection. At $30, it’s the only option available.



Update:  Our two winners (1 and 2) have been emailed! Be sure to check your inboxes. Stay tuned for the next contest!

Again, since it’s Reader Appreciation Week (RAW), let’s give two of these away and save a couple of you $30.

Prize:  Two (2) Fantom tempered glass protectors from XGEAR for the Galaxy Nexus

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what it will take to get you to part with your Galaxy Nexus.
2.  If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Google+.
3.  Also, feel free to share this post with your G-Nex friends on Google+.


Tomorrow at 8:00AM PT, we will randomly choose two winners from the comments.

  • Ken

    I am like many others, Only way i would part with my Galaxy Nexus would be a Galaxy Nexus 2

  • I will only part when I’m 6ft under

  • I would part with my GNex only if it was taken by force

  • David Hickes

    The only thing that would come between me and my galaxy nexus is a galaxy nexus 2

  • J.B.

    I love the Galaxy Nexus so it would take either another Nexus or possibly the Galaxy Note 2.

  • Br_d

    Only when the next unskinned Android phone comes out on Verizon.

  • TomStieger

    Just made the comment section in time. These look awesome! 🙂 I would never part with my nexus!

  • I agree with Shawn Pourhosseini… Ban the import and sales of the iPhone 5 and i will gladly hand my Nexus over. Then go buy the New One lol

  • krair

    Man I dunno, I guess just a beefed up nexus spec wise when my contract is up, but probably some kind of game changing feature could get me to part ways. Right now it’s just hardware iterations…

  • Heygirl38

    one million dollars

  • Travis Faulkner

    The next Nexus I think but that would be close it would have to be really really good. I love my G-nex

  • Andrew Baylor

    The only way I would part with my galaxy nexus is if the zombie apocalypse happened and I had to ninja throw it at a zombies head to get away.

  • Kurt Edens

    It would take another Nexus to get me to part with my Galaxy Nexus. Though since my Nexus arrived, my good old gNex get a little less love.. I would never part with it for anything less than another Nexus.. MUST have at least HD Screen (4.5″+) NFC, ON-SCREEN Buttons, 2GB Ram, Modern UTD Processor, and a GOOD Camera. Nice industrial design would be good too! I still and always have Loved my gNex

  • aaeagle

    A broken screen is what it has taken before and would take again and then I’ll just replace it with another nexus.

  • A new Nexus will be what it takes

  • Matthew Mone

    A new Nexus on Verizon at an affordable off contract price (gotta keep unlimited)

  • I would only part with my Galaxy Nexus for a new Nexus. None of this minor bump in specs crap, but a REAL specs beast! Quad core, 2gb ram, LTE, NFC, 4.3-4.5″ screen, ect.

  • Kpirate

    another nexus

  • Greg Jeffers

    Only the next Nexus will make me part with him now. Even then, I’ll be waiting on DL’s review to make sure it’s worth the upgrade.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    I’m looking for a better camera (not megapixels), better battery life (size and efficiency), and better radios.
    You know what else I miss? Dedicated camera button like my OG Droid…

  • Benjamin Clay

    I’ve loving my nexus. Don’t think I’ll part with it unless for another nexus.

  • ArrowCool

    I would part with my nexus for 1 of 2 things. Either a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, or a Motorola built Nexus device.

  • Nothing interests me at all, but the one must-have for any future phone is software-based buttons.
    I like that its a Nexus and will be supported for a LONG while, but the main reason I bought it was the software-based buttons, this phone is built for the future with whatever may be coming down the road in regards to Android.

  • I want another Nexus with a goregous screen and infinite battery life. Oh also, consistant signals would be awesome. I also wouldn’t mind something around Moto built quality without the Moto-Bullshit that is attached to all of their phones.

  • Mark Lewis

    Galaxy Nexus 2!

  • Crixus

    It would take the blade of Spartacus to part loving Galaxy Nexus from hand and heart!

  • erikbjerkeli

    Only a 4G LTE Nexus. Otherwise I’m sticking with the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Stephen Winter

    i would part with mine for the glasses of gorillaz on the next gnex.

  • Andrew Mattson

    It would take a new nexus phone with a camera that rivals my point and shoot for me to ditch my gnex. I don’t see that happening anytime too soon.

  • another nexus, like everyone else has said

  • next year’s nexus.

  • Trusstopher

    At this point it would probably take being given a brand new Note 2, PadFone 2, or possibly GSIII before I’d put the Nexus down.

  • The only thing that would make me part is a new better nexus from samsung

  • Nick Donofrio

    if apple burns to the ground

  • Aaron Lee


  • all redpeanut

    I’ve had two Fantom protector. My protector comes undone at the curve of my Nexus. It’s happened twice now and has led to cracking. On the bright side, the one i currently have on has stayed on nicely since it has cracked into place and there’s the ‘OMG your screen!’ response from people who see it.

  • ericbugosh

    only when I take a shower because its absolutely necessary! I mean I don’t wanna damage it 🙂