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Second Look: XGEAR Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] [RAW]

Today, we’re taking a second look at XGEAR’s tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy Nexus, called the Fantom. We first took a look at these back in July when XGEAR was getting close to being on final samples and definitely noticed a couple of issues which they have told us have since been addressed. So as part of Reader Appreciation Week, we wanted to talk about our new impressions and then hand a couple of these $30 tempered glass protectors out to the best Android community on the planet. 

 Second Impressions

For those new to tempered glass, you need to think of this as the ultimate form of protection for a screen. It’s glass, rather than a flimsy film, so it’s harder, more scratch and crack resistant, and feels nice to the touch. In fact, I actually like tempered glass more for the touch sensitivity than anything else. Regular PET screen protectors feel awful to the touch, but tempered glass simply feels just like if you were touching your screen.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about this new version. First of all, the phone wakes up just fine while on a call. The proximity sensor is no longer blocked allowing the phone to function properly. Touch sensitivity is also very good and the protector actually appears to be slightly thinner than it did in the past, but I doubt that to be the case. It does fit very well on top of the device though, and would almost be unnoticeable if it weren’t for the cutouts for the notification light, front camera, and sensors. I’m also no longer noticing a rainbow effect in the middle of the protector while it’s on the device.

I am, however, still noticing the grid that was showing up on the previous release. It’s not a deal breaker, but when the beauty of the Galaxy Nexus screen is one of the selling points, this grid does bring it down a notch. The XGEAR team explained to me that the grid has to do with a special UV coating which helps preserve the protector.

Overall, I’m impressed by the changes that have been made and would definitely recommend that you consider the Fantom tempered glass protector if you are looking for extra protection. At $30, it’s the only option available.



Update:  Our two winners (1 and 2) have been emailed! Be sure to check your inboxes. Stay tuned for the next contest!

Again, since it’s Reader Appreciation Week (RAW), let’s give two of these away and save a couple of you $30.

Prize:  Two (2) Fantom tempered glass protectors from XGEAR for the Galaxy Nexus

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what it will take to get you to part with your Galaxy Nexus.
2.  If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Google+.
3.  Also, feel free to share this post with your G-Nex friends on Google+.


Tomorrow at 8:00AM PT, we will randomly choose two winners from the comments.

  • Ken

    I am like many others, Only way i would part with my Galaxy Nexus would be a Galaxy Nexus 2

  • I will only part when I’m 6ft under

  • I would part with my GNex only if it was taken by force

  • David Hickes

    The only thing that would come between me and my galaxy nexus is a galaxy nexus 2

  • J.B.

    I love the Galaxy Nexus so it would take either another Nexus or possibly the Galaxy Note 2.

  • Br_d

    Only when the next unskinned Android phone comes out on Verizon.

  • TomStieger

    Just made the comment section in time. These look awesome! 🙂 I would never part with my nexus!

  • I agree with Shawn Pourhosseini… Ban the import and sales of the iPhone 5 and i will gladly hand my Nexus over. Then go buy the New One lol

  • krair

    Man I dunno, I guess just a beefed up nexus spec wise when my contract is up, but probably some kind of game changing feature could get me to part ways. Right now it’s just hardware iterations…

  • Heygirl38

    one million dollars

  • Travis Faulkner

    The next Nexus I think but that would be close it would have to be really really good. I love my G-nex

  • Andrew Baylor

    The only way I would part with my galaxy nexus is if the zombie apocalypse happened and I had to ninja throw it at a zombies head to get away.

  • Kurt Edens

    It would take another Nexus to get me to part with my Galaxy Nexus. Though since my Nexus arrived, my good old gNex get a little less love.. I would never part with it for anything less than another Nexus.. MUST have at least HD Screen (4.5″+) NFC, ON-SCREEN Buttons, 2GB Ram, Modern UTD Processor, and a GOOD Camera. Nice industrial design would be good too! I still and always have Loved my gNex

  • aaeagle

    A broken screen is what it has taken before and would take again and then I’ll just replace it with another nexus.

  • A new Nexus will be what it takes

  • Matthew Mone

    A new Nexus on Verizon at an affordable off contract price (gotta keep unlimited)

  • I would only part with my Galaxy Nexus for a new Nexus. None of this minor bump in specs crap, but a REAL specs beast! Quad core, 2gb ram, LTE, NFC, 4.3-4.5″ screen, ect.

  • Kpirate

    another nexus

  • Greg Jeffers

    Only the next Nexus will make me part with him now. Even then, I’ll be waiting on DL’s review to make sure it’s worth the upgrade.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    I’m looking for a better camera (not megapixels), better battery life (size and efficiency), and better radios.
    You know what else I miss? Dedicated camera button like my OG Droid…

  • Benjamin Clay

    I’ve loving my nexus. Don’t think I’ll part with it unless for another nexus.

  • ArrowCool

    I would part with my nexus for 1 of 2 things. Either a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, or a Motorola built Nexus device.

  • Nothing interests me at all, but the one must-have for any future phone is software-based buttons.
    I like that its a Nexus and will be supported for a LONG while, but the main reason I bought it was the software-based buttons, this phone is built for the future with whatever may be coming down the road in regards to Android.

  • I want another Nexus with a goregous screen and infinite battery life. Oh also, consistant signals would be awesome. I also wouldn’t mind something around Moto built quality without the Moto-Bullshit that is attached to all of their phones.

  • Mark Lewis

    Galaxy Nexus 2!

  • Crixus

    It would take the blade of Spartacus to part loving Galaxy Nexus from hand and heart!

  • erikbjerkeli

    Only a 4G LTE Nexus. Otherwise I’m sticking with the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Stephen Winter

    i would part with mine for the glasses of gorillaz on the next gnex.

  • Andrew Mattson

    It would take a new nexus phone with a camera that rivals my point and shoot for me to ditch my gnex. I don’t see that happening anytime too soon.

  • another nexus, like everyone else has said

  • next year’s nexus.

  • Trusstopher

    At this point it would probably take being given a brand new Note 2, PadFone 2, or possibly GSIII before I’d put the Nexus down.

  • The only thing that would make me part is a new better nexus from samsung

  • Nick Donofrio

    if apple burns to the ground

  • Aaron Lee


  • all redpeanut

    I’ve had two Fantom protector. My protector comes undone at the curve of my Nexus. It’s happened twice now and has led to cracking. On the bright side, the one i currently have on has stayed on nicely since it has cracked into place and there’s the ‘OMG your screen!’ response from people who see it.

  • ericbugosh

    only when I take a shower because its absolutely necessary! I mean I don’t wanna damage it 🙂

  • Zacharypt

    It would take a googorola nexus to get me to part with my nexus

  • FarmerTechno

    I’d part with my Galaxy Nexus for the HTC Nexus 5, if such a thing truly exists.

  • Coop

    Intrigued by the Galaxy Note 2 and what the next Nexus will offer but honestly my GNex does everything
    I need it to do plus allows me the control only an unlocked rooted phone can give me. Any future purchase would require the ability to unlock and root period.

  • Another Nexus. Or a super phone that was produced with the combined effort of Smaung, Moto, HTC, and Sony. With an unlocked bootloader of course

  • Jon

    You can get the Nexus out of my hands if someone handed me an LG Optimus G for Verizon so I can keep my unlimited plan

  • Would have to be another Nexus…

  • Bodhiballer

    To part with my GNex, I’d need my upgrade to come back around. Otherwise it would need to be another Nexus, and this time around I’ll be looking for excellent battery life and camera. The radios must be better, but I assume that’s a given. Finally, I’d like better materials – I don’t hate on the GNex’s plastic, but at the same time it does not exactly inspire.

  • Chris McGee

    What’s special about the Nexus isn’t in a name, but in the dev community surrounding the device. If there were a demonstrably better phone that had a similar crowd of awesome people working on third party ROMs, I’d go for it.

  • Steve Edholm

    I wont part with it. Maybe if it breaks and a new nexus is out and I can’t replace it, but I want to keep this one for at least 3 years if I can. Then again, not quite 1 year and I did completely bust one already….

  • woot

    lets say about $800… so i can buy the next nexus.

  • cykotix

    Just like most others, it would take another Nexus device.

  • It will take the next nexus phone on verizon!! i will not go back to a skinned OS..

  • Matt Crecelius

    Another nexus and eligible for an upgrade through Verizon

  • The only thing that would get me to part with it at this point would be if I somehow smash it and can’t get another.

  • jmayniac

    Not really sure what would make me part with it, but a new Nexus phone would be a great start.

  • Another Nexus of course!!! :]

  • Mr ilheis

    Another Nexus on Big Red. Hopefully a quad core, with SLCD 2 and a better camera. Otherwise there’s no reason to pry it from my hands. 😉

  • BlackT5

    Only if the b!tches at VZW allow another Nexus sold on the play store to run on their network. Remember when they said “authorized devices can be used”. We can only hope.

  • StealieSubie

    quad core, 2gigs, HD IPS screen, 13MP camera, SD Card slot

  • vonny571

    Not sure. It’s going to be a tough decision since I’ll be paying full price to keep my unlimited data.

  • Dan Barrow

    I’ll take stupid answers for $ 30 Alex : the next generation Nexus.

  • Never!! You cant have it!! – I cant imagine parting with it unless the newer nexus is even more awesome with maybe longer battery life. Or maybe if it could brew a good cup of coffee…

  • I would part with my nexus only for the next one 😛

  • jason ott


  • chey023

    A new nexus. And one that Big Red doesn’t mess with.

  • JR

    I’d consider it, should another nexus be released and was entirely made of bacon.

  • JS629

    Only a newer nexus at this point.

  • I WOULD NEVER PART WITH MY GALAXY NEXUS!!! This would be AWESOME to cover my slightly cracked screen…..I would be so honored if Droid-Life helped me fix my screen.

  • craig1989

    I actually think I’d part with my nexus to try out the GSIII, some of the features look really cool

  • Weston Clark

    I cracked my screen on my gnex… so a new screen/nexus would make me happy 🙂

  • Smeet

    A new nexus, possibly by Motorola, with no interference from Verizon. Just a pure Google device to love.

  • Jesse Funk

    only way i am planning on getting rid of my nexus if a new nexus with much better specs is released. nexus only for me!

  • MSlab

    The only thing would be a newer Nexus and only if it is on Verizon.

  • To get me to part with my Nexus, I’d like a phone that has much better spces, an SD card slot, one that can take pictures that are as good as mine can, and it has to be unlocked.

  • Jason Underwood

    It would take the Galaxy Nexus 2, maybe a little bit longer battery life but beyond I am beyond satisfied.

  • Dan

    Verizon to continue getting in the way of updates.

  • will

    The next new nexus

  • kevincburns2

    I would only part with my Nexus for a new Verizon 4G LTE Nexus with the battery of the RAZR MAXX and the (rumored) screen size of the Droid Incredible X

  • Maybe when a second or third re-do of the GNex is out and the phone is even more solid than it is now. I will never buy another “themed” phone again. This is my first Nexus, and definitely won’t be my last!

  • T4rd

    I was about to part with my Gnex for the S3, but the locked bootloader crap discouraged me from doing it. Now I think I’m just going to wait for the next Nexus phone. It’s the only way to have the absolute best Android experience.

  • thedanks

    a new nexus device on Verizon and $600 bucks to keep my unlimited plan! hah!

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    When they pry it from my cold, dead fingers…

    Actually, possibly another Nexus, or another developer version with an unlockable bootloader. I love this device.

  • Matt P

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus if it meant Dunkin Donuts finally rolls out a pay by phone app.

  • Anthony Hopf

    An act of god…. or was given a new nexus device on Verizon

  • Higher_Ground

    Since I just got my nexus in June, someone would have to throw me a free upgrade – but even then there’s nothing better a nexus IMO I’d have to wait for the new one(s?) to come out. Only thing I’d like to see improved is the camera, and maybe a better battery.

  • Dawdroid

    I’d part with my Nexus for the rumored HTC 5″, Galaxy Note II, or the next Nexus.

  • It would take Jesus peeling my nexus out of my dead hands for me to part with it

  • Leonard Gurrola

    The only way I could part with my galaxy nexus is if Someone got jelly bean running on the iphone 5.

  • Stu S.

    Only a newer,faster,better Nexus!

  • Nathan_SG

    I dont think there is any way I would part with this phone. It is the best phone I have ever owned.

  • Bill

    It would take alot to get me to part with the GNex. I only parted with the Droid1 since it was dated. It would have to be another vanilla, developer friendly phone that has taken a giant leap. Maybe a Quad-Core or higher, 3 or more Mhz, 8-10 Mpix camera, etc. In other words, I’m keeping the GNex for a while til something definitely better comes along in 2+ years. (So, the Fantom tempered glass protector would serve me well for a long time).

  • Dan McCormack

    I would only get rid of my galaxy nexus for a new nexus in two or more years when upgrading would make sense.

  • Adam Winslow

    a new nexus

  • Kristina Zajur

    I would only part with my Galaxy Nexus if there was no Google Maps 😉 jk!

  • Mike Yost

    Possibly a phone with better signal, really the only thing “Wrong” with the Galaxy Nexus to me.

  • kristina

    I would only part with my Galaxy Nexus if they took away Google Maps 😉 jk!

  • I think the only immediate thing that would get me to let go of my Galaxy Nexus, would be an Asus Padfone 2 for Verizon.

  • New666

    Only the next nexus device can part me with my GNEX.

  • The Pr0fyT

    I really need this. My Nexus is so bulky with this Otter box is can barely fit into my jeans pocket. Please.. Make my dreams come true today!

  • Stephen Hicks

    *won a new one 🙂

  • Stephen Hicks

    The only way that I would ever part ways with my beautiful G-Nex would be if someone were to come over herr right now ans try to pry it from my dead, lifeless fingers! Haha….or if I

  • will only take another nexus device along with keeping my unlimited data

  • I would part with my Galaxy Nexus for a Galaxy Nexus 2 or a Nexus 5. But it would have to be available/work on big red….

  • br_hermon

    To part from my GNex? wow… I really love this phone.. but… to part with it, I’d take a new, FREE, nexus device on Verizon.

  • DevilMan

    Another nexus is the only way I’m giving my Gnex up.

  • If VZ releases a true Nexus with first in line updates direct from Google. But we know that isn’t ever going to happen.

  • I considered on of these when they were in preorder. The initial reviews scared me off. Maybe time to reconsider

  • Adam Cargal

    It will be another nexus, Samsung or otherwise, to get me to part with the Gnex!

  • Jose Q

    I would part with my Nexus if it got Verizon to stop locking bootloaders OUR phones! Yes I know the Nexus bootloader can be easily unlocked, I’m taking one for the team here.

  • Jake

    Upgrade time, or another nexus. Or if there is a phone released that the specs are so awesome just can’t let it not be mine.

  • David Yu

    Would part if a gnex 2 came out with more edge to edge display and razr maxx’s battery

  • A phone that will be twice what my nexus is or my boss making me get a new one…

  • I love my Nexus but I would only part with it for Tegra 3 Nexus 🙂

  • michael o’brien

    Right now, not sure if I could part with my Nexus.

  • Jonathan Svor

    I would part with my nexus if I could be first in line for the iphone 6 in NY only to smash it in front of all the cheering geniuses.

  • Prox

    I would part with gnex for the nothing. Favorite phone to date and can not imagine upgrading anytime soon.

  • red014

    I will part with my Nexus when Verizon gets another Nexus and allows me to keep my grandfathered data plan with a subsidized phone. Until then, no dice.

  • Jon Gee

    A new Nexus.

  • David Le

    If it broke

  • Doug

    A guarantee that I won’t lose my unlimited data plan or that paying full price for the phone won’t mean I still have to pay the subsidized service rates.

  • Hothfox

    Another Nexus would do it. This is my first Nexus and I’m in love with how easy it was to unlock the bootloader, root it, and find custom ROMs and mods.

  • Kent Burton

    The only way i will part with my Galaxy Nexus is if it is replaced by a newer Nexus. Fingers crossed for HTC and Moto.

  • codelinx

    the nexus of next year ….

  • scott cantu

    A second job so I can afford to but a new phone at full price because there’s no way im letting my unlimited data go anywhere! The new phone would have to be able to do everything from making/ receiving calls to washing the dishes and everything in between!!

  • The only way I could part with my gnex is for the gnex 2
    Or whatever the tickles my fancy in the new nexus lineup!

  • Jonik Cannon

    Galaxy Nexus 2, if i had the Nexus

  • The next Nexus!

  • TheGreatNate

    I’m pretty sure the only way that I will get rid of my Galaxy Nexus is if I can somehow keep my unlimited data when upgrading to a new Nexus phone..

  • Death.

  • The only way I would part with my GNex would be if someone gave me a GS3 developer edition for free =)

  • das0527

    The only thing that would convince me to part with my Galaxy Nexus is a new Nexus…also made by Samsung. I’m very impressed by this phone. It’s living up to all the hype.

  • Phil McKracken

    I would part with my nexus if I could find a building high enough to toss the POS off of to guarantee it would bust into billions of pieces never to be put back together again. The voice and data reception is horrible.

  • Corey Foltman

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus when a new greatly improved Nexus appears on Verizon

  • Only way would be if they released a quad core 1080 nexus.

  • The next Nexus.

  • Brian Sargent

    only an EMP

  • shcommish

    Give up unlimited data? It better be a darn good phone!

  • dp917

    the rumored Nexus 5

  • col3rsc

    Another Nexus

  • Andy Blystone

    It would take a winning powerball ticket so i could afford a GS3…

  • GotSka81

    What will it take for me to part with my Nexus? Another Nexus.

  • ryancooper143

    Only another nexus, like most people here….I’m hooked now

  • KnappyRoot

    Only way to part with my G-Nex is if they came out with a new Nexus that was thinner, better battery and was cheap so I can keep my unlimited data.

  • JMac726

    I already have a scratch on my phone from not using protection at all, i just hate the flimsy covers.

    Tempered Glass? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • Evil-D

    I need my contract to be up and then a new nexus. Better in every way.

  • I would part with my Nexus if Verizon gave me the option of a true Nexus phone. The support from Verizon and Samsung on the Galaxy nexus has been sad.

  • Champlification

    A new Nexus

  • Andrew Elliott

    I will part with the GNex when the next round of Nexi come out, hopefully 4.8-5in sceen, 2GB RAM, S4 quad core or better, BETTER RADIOS, and BIG ASS BATTERY. Also direct from Google Play Store at a decent price b/c I’m done with Verizon at this point

  • I would part with my GNex for the rumored GNex 2 or a Moto Nexus or an unlockable bootloader Moto Droid. Love me some physical keyboard.

  • Razr MaxxHD + Unlimited Data…

  • gr8compromise

    Keeping it until the Galaxy Nexus 2.

  • supra_2nr

    i would part with my nexus maybe for a new truck… and a new phone lol

  • Adartilth

    When it finally breaks, Verizon will no longer give me a new one, and when eBay is forever out of stock will I only then give up my nexus and Verizon and switch to virgin mobile with a super awesome flip phone

  • What would it take for me to part with the in my opinion best smart phone out there? But of course the Samsung galaxy nexus 2 that droid-life posted yesterday.

  • Erik B

    A new nexus on Verizon and then only if they let me keep my unlimited data and that probably won’t happen so I’ll probably be keeping it for a while which is ok with me cause I love it.

  • Roswell

    Another Nexus, on time updates, and unlimited data without buying at full retail prices.

  • QQpayne

    I would part with my nexus for a decent nexus replacement on vzw network, I’m not hung up on manufacturer, and if the rumors are true i would be interested in seeing what Sony can do with it.

  • D4L-( droid for life )

    Only when the fantastic most incredible ultimate galaxy phone comes out and it must be on verizon

  • DanThompson87

    I would only part with it when the new Nexus is released and if Verizon would BRING BACK UNLIMITED DATA!! >:[ ARGG (If I were to upgrade now I’d lose it)

  • sam4327

    if crapple wins another lawsuit and they pry it from my dead cold hands

  • Southrncomfortjm

    It’ll take a lot to have me part with my GNEX. As my first smartphone since a Blackberry Curve 4 years ago, I really appreciate how far things have come. A simple bump in specs may not be enough unless I really need those new specs to run the latest Android OS or custom ROM, though I’d seriously consider another Nexus with a better camera if Google managed to keep the prices reasonable (I’m on a contract). So, better camera and needed bump in specs to keep up with Android seem to be it.

  • Mike

    I’d only part wjth my nexus for another with a tempered glass screen protector from Droid Life

  • EJ McCarty

    Simple… another nexus. Motorola build preferably. I do miss my OG’s toughness.

  • I don’t think I could part with my GNex. Like it to damn much. Unlocked version.

  • Derek

    I would only part with my Nexus if when the next Nexus comes out, it is a significant step above this one.

  • bonanzalarry

    Probably would have to be a 5.5″ screen Nexus device.

  • A new Nexus Device on Big Red.

  • Galaxy Nexus 2

  • The next nexus and it having a quad core with iphone 5 whop butt performance.

  • Another Nexus on VZW. Even with the complaints there isn’t a phone out (or announced) that really appeals to me in the same way my Nexus does

  • Robert Butler

    Only giving this up if I can get a new nexus.

  • Another Nexus…unless the Nexus was LG or Sony

  • Orlando Ja, Jr.

    Possible the next Nexus on any carrier other than Verizon!

  • Frank Urbanski

    I would probably move from my Nexus when the next Nexus is announced. Please oh please don’t suck.

  • Brad L.

    I would consider leaving for the rumored htc nexus 5 if the specs were right.

  • Unlocked Bootloader, Bigger Screen

  • I wantmyyummypocalypse

    If Charlie Sheen and I
    traded lives

  • Mike

    I would gladly give up my nexus to anyone who could get my wife to stop b_tching all the time…

    Guess I will have it forever…

  • CompCrash

    Probably the same as everyone else, only the new Nexus. I will switch carriers if I have to.

  • st26539

    Motorola Nexus

  • a 2013 batch nexus phone may do it for me

  • Andrew Kolemba

    a few things come to mind… america’s awesome patent system somehow banning the gnex… uncontrollable circumstances that force me to become one of the ibarista’s in samsung’s commercials… oh, and the biblical apocalypse. soooo you know, stuff like that.

  • I would need twice the money of my device! That way I can rebuy it and have some left over.

  • Greg Reese

    I think I will go with a Nexus from this point on. Although the Note II is a pretty tempting choice.

  • AndrewBuell

    Industrial Nexus designed phone

  • Geoff__W

    I’ll give up my Galaxy Nexus when the Galaxy Nexus 3 is available

  • michael arazan

    Messing With My Nexus is Like Messing with My Emotions, but I’d take a date with Sara Underwood

  • En Qu

    the lack of micro sd card

  • K Bailey

    A nexus phone made by HTC

  • Either you would have to cut my hands and feet off to keep me from Using my nexus! Or… Motorola would have to come out with a droid that was unlocked, 3d screen, and stock Android installed!

  • Rachael Hedden

    Probably only for a HTC nexus

  • Barlog

    A Nexus 2 with a Holographic keyword and a freakin lazer

  • Keyan X

    I will part with my Nexus for the RAZR MAXX HD

  • Would have to be another nexus phone or a Motorola that wasn’t locked down.

  • WillCo

    I would part with my gnex for any of the new phones coming this holiday season which have an unlocked bootloader and a good dev community. that and a better battery life!

  • Scott Manders

    Easy… Galaxy Nexus 2!

  • A phone with better battery life

  • Of course a new nexus!

    But specifically, it would have to be Samsung or HTC. Quad; either Exynos or S4 Pro. 2GB of RAM. Internal storage AND SD card. 32GB/64GB variants. HD SAMOLED+ from Samsung or SLCD2 from HTC. Jellybean of course…and I decent DAC!!

  • Andrew Brown

    A new nexus!

  • SStewart654

    nothing… I love my nexus

  • I might be talked into parting with my Nexus for…Google Glass.

  • Michael Ferlitsch

    The only way to get me to part with my nexus is to have a more powerful nexus that I can tack onto an unlimited data plan (I stream a lot of music while I’m driving so I easily pass the tiers). This is probably only going to happen once verizon decides that they don’t want me to have unlimited data anymore and I go and buy the next GSM nexus unlocked.

  • xredjokerx

    I would love this…I’d part with it if it breaks 🙁

  • justgilb

    Like many others I’d only part with my Galaxy Nexus if it was for the next Nexus phone.

  • Jason Brown

    i know this is redundant, but the only way I would part with my gnex is with another nexus phone. i love having the ability to customize my phone and having a pure google experience (something that is definitely underrated. i always mention that when people ask what kind of phone i have).

  • xzombiex66

    It will take death to part me 🙂

  • Cash would be nice, that way I could buy another Gnex once the clandestine arrangement finishes.

  • ewilliams1009

    A new galaxy nexus

  • Lucas

    Galaxy Nexus II?

  • JBForum

    i would part with my nexus for 6g

  • Teng Taing

    Only a new nexus

  • havokx626

    Maybe the iPhone 10 http://9.mshcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/iPhone-10.jpeg
    no but really. if I get the screen protector, you’re gonna have to pry it out of my cold hands when I’m dead.

  • Gnex 2. End of story.

  • Vyrlokar

    You would need to get me a next gen Nexus to make me part with mine!

  • Maybe a Note 2 off contract for less than $800 or if the new DIX comes in at less than that and is better than the thunderbolt I left for my Nexus 😛

  • KillerAngel

    A new Nexus would be the only possible replacement…

  • TravisHannon

    A new Nexus!

  • Hooray

    *cue romance music* Nothing, cause I will always keep my nexus in my heart!

  • David Louie

    DEATH! or a better nexus.

  • it would take me to own one to decide.why I would part with it

  • Blootz

    I’d part with my Nexus when pigs fly. ;p never

  • Kevin Hahn

    I’d use it to protect my phone

  • T_Dizzle

    If Droid Life is giving me the new Incredible X I will be forced to hand in the G-Nex but until then I’ll take some tempered glass.

  • Jon Yuen

    if nokia made the next nexus, id give up my gnex otherwise, <3 this phone

  • A truly stock, no verizon bs, google experience phone with a battery life of the razr maxx.

  • TuckandRoll84

    If they gave me a free gnex 2 with a better radio.

  • ehoffman557

    I’m going to go with a Motorola Nexus too as long as it has better radios then my Galaxy Nexus. If not Motorola, definitely another Nexus. Once you go Nexus, you don’t go back.

  • Hmmm.. If someone gave me a Galaxy Nexus 2. then i might say peace to the Gnex!

  • aero0311

    I’m gonna say a Motorola Nexus phone will replace my Gnex. I see good things in Moto’s future now.

  • Kang

    To part with my nexus, you would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands

  • a million dollars

  • Mahesh Balasubramanian

    My Wife… Will pass it on to her. So parted and not..

  • Michael Pronchick

    The next gnex of course!

  • A GS3

  • slash19

    A phone with the latest technology with an unlockable bootloader.

  • It’d probably take the next generationof the Gnex for me to part with the current!

  • The next Nexus

  • Florent Arnoux

    The only thing that would get me to part with my galaxy nexus… are Clay Matthews’ arms

  • Only a better Nexus. Easily the greatest phone i’ve ever owned.

  • Jimmie T

    I would only part with my GNex if Kellex were named the World Ambassador on Android Public Relations…then I would take my fiancee’s GNex and give her my old Thunderbolt. 😉

  • I’ll part with my Nexus when you take it from y cold dead (or drunk) fingers.

  • Brandon Bias

    Another Nexus!

  • GoBigRed11

    A free phone (and tablet) from droid life!

  • zakry obrien

    it would take an army to seperate me

  • DroidLifer10

    When new OS upgrades aren’t available for my current Nexus (aka never).

  • OG droid strikes back with updated cpu/gpu to quad w/ 2g ram and LTE. oh and HD the screen.

  • HuskerPower10

    A new and better Nexus, I have a feeling this guy will be sticking around for awhile though.

  • OmarRamirez

    i would part with my GNEX for the NFL to give us back the real refs!!

  • mastabrozif

    The only way I will part with my nexus is when the new nexus comes out.

  • Miggs

    It would take a new Nexus device on a carrier with cheaper phone/data plans and a history of speedy upgrades… Hopefully that’s not too much to ask for the next round of Nexus devices!!

  • Kpirate

    I’ll part with my Gnexus when the Gnexus 2 comes out

  • One million dollars! mwahahaha

  • Gabe

    can’t top the galaxy nexus!! it trumps any iphone even if it is the bootsy iphone5

  • Hieu Nguyen

    A nuclear explosion

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    I would only part with my nexus if a new version comes out for verizon that I could buy from google play so I can keep my unlimited data plan,

  • i would part with my galaxy nexus only if i were to be offered a new nexus device on Verizon guaranteed to have no Verizon bloatware, Google is allowed to update it separately, and have official accessories available at launch. looks like I’m sticking with it for a long time.

  • eagle132

    I would only part with my Nexus if I can upgrade to another Nexus AND (IMPORTANT!) keep my unlimited Verizon data!

  • I would only part with a Nexus for another Nexus!

  • it would take a Gnex two

  • MichaelFranz

    Another Nexus really, possibly somethign with higher specs. As much as each of my phones have brought me more into the android ecosystem and into more development. Just like most of you im always looking at the next big thing

  • JoshGroff

    A new Nexus. Preferably made by Motorola or Sony.

  • Meister_Li

    I purchased one of the first Phantom protectors and it caused me to have some serious responsiveness problems, especially with the soft-buttons. I contacted their Support but haven’t heard back in 5 weeks. Can’t really recommend those guys, sorry.

  • jonscurve

    i would part with my galaxy nexus if jesus came to my house trying to sell cutco cutlery while wearing a verizon foam phone suit…or a waterproof moto nexus…

  • cmonnats23

    A new nexus!!

  • coltinunruh

    The only thing that would get me to is if there was another nexus phone available.

  • Not sure…. I would say the next nexus would make me part with this one, but I’m sure Verizon won’t get it, and I really want to stay with VZW. A Verizon moto nexus would be soooo sick, especially if they could finally get a decent low light camera on one of these.

  • ojaymayo22

    I will part with my GNex if a more improved Verizon Nexus comes out, or if the Nokia Lumia 920 ends up being really that great.
    ….Or if I completely shatter my screen…which I did yesterday when it fell screen first on asphalt 🙁

  • sogajeffrey

    If the next nexus comes out.

  • glee24

    a fully unlocked Moto Razr HD Nexus

  • Eclectic Idiot

    Only when Android is ported to an iPhone 5 and fully functional…sadly albeit without NFC capabilities, or simultaneous voice AND data – NO STOP! Nevermind, we can do better…only when a better NEXUS device is born to greatness shall I give mine up!

  • Matthew Herring

    Fully unlocked RAZR HD MAXX

  • Daniel

    the biggest thing that will cause me to part with my Nexus would simply be another, beefed up, revolutionary Nexus device. also wouldnt mind better battery and a little more of a durable phone though…

  • Flat_Stanley

    I’ll part with this one for the next one, I suppose. No more Verizon though.

  • To sell it for another Nexus

  • Steven Kielbasa

    the only way I’d get rid of my gnex is for the next nexus

  • Either galaxy nexus 2 or an unlockable 5″ 1080p 3500 mah LTE motorola nexus maxx

  • jesterz

    For me to give up my nexus, it would take another nexus phone bigger and better!

  • I would part with my Galaxy Nexus if a new Nexus came out on VZW with at LEAST a 4.7″ screen (obviously HD), made of better materials, a great camera, Quad Core + LTE, 2 GB of RAM, Larger Battery. I don’t think I’m asking too much here 😀

  • thefullritz

    Just got a replacement GNex as I dropped mone last week. A new glass protector would be great!

  • To part from my Galaxy Nexus, the world would need to end.

  • mskks64

    I would personally love a motorola Nexus something like the amazingness that was the D1!

  • Iain Searcy

    Nothing… Well, besides the next nexus.

  • Troy Sanders

    I would part if I had a newer nexus with enhanced battery life for sure

  • I’d happily get rid of my GNex for a Moto Nexus.

  • Jason Corey

    I would part with my Nexus if my screen got scratched. Help me keep my Nexus.

  • Jerry Maes

    Ya, a Galaxy Note 2 would do.

  • woadster

    A moto nexus with 5in screen and qwerty that feels as nice in the hand as the gnex

  • It would have to be waterproof

  • Ryan

    In order to part ways with my nexus someone would need to offer me the ultimate cell phone which incorporates what i like in the iphone and what i like in my android phone.

  • JLC

    I would part with my nexus if I was forced to share it with someone by cutting it in half. I would give up my half so it can remain the most beautiful phone ever.

  • I might be parting with my nexus because I am leaving Verizon. I am having network issues at the moment and I am about to go on my second replacement and if I go to yet another one I might trade for an S3 because it’ll be easier to sell when I go to change companies.

  • The only thing that would get me to part with my galaxy nexus is the next version of this awesome phone!

  • Possibly another Nexus, but really just anything open enough that I can mess with it a little, and still be able to get it back to factory when I inevitably bork it up. I always bork it up at least once.

  • Seth Schorr

    I would only part with my GNex if Verizon sold another Nexus that delivered the reliability of the Nexus I currently have. Now with 4.1.1 I can’t ask for any better phone currently on the market.

  • I would part with my nexus for phone if the HTC decided to make its new Windows Phone 8x series Android phones or if Nokia made the Lumia 920 a Android Phone. I love the colors and dat PUREVIEW!

  • finlay123

    That 5 inch HTC Nexus. Just don’t put DIX. Please god.

  • Bobby A

    The galaxy note 2 will do the trick

  • Another Nexus possibly!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    A Nexus 2.

  • Chris Pinola

    VZW Moto Nexus with a huuuuuuugeeeee RAZR MAXX-esque battery.

  • maverick9611

    Another Nexus, like everyone else is saying. Loading unlimited data might even keep that from being enough

  • hmm, a lot lol! But lets say.. a vanilla Motorola with a huge battery 🙂

  • It will take the next nexus that works on verizons network.

  • Gage

    I don’t have one but I know it would take a lot to get my brothers nexus out of gis hands. He had in his hands during his wedding on Sep.1st.

  • Tex

    I’ll part with my nexus for the nexus 2 with an unlocked bootloader from Moto!

  • ksat

    I would only part with my G’Nex if Verizon would continue to honor my unlimited data and provide a real Nexus device! Love my Nexus and will love it for a free more years to come…

  • carluverdrm2004

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus only once my contract runs out, and my Galaxy Nexus stops being so great.

  • James Herring

    Another Nexus would do it, but with Verizon, that’s hoping against hope these days.

  • Pete

    A refurb Nexus! ; )

  • iMp4cT

    The next nexus for free 🙂

  • George Fayad

    I’d part with my nexus early only for an unlocked nexus device on verizon with a slide out keyboard, LTE, and external storage

  • jbank

    The next Nexus phone is the only way I will part with my Nexus! This screen protector is awesome, I have it on my Nexus.

  • Josh Karwoski

    If I had to choose, I would pick another Nexus. But for now I’m sticking with my G-Nex, don’t see a reason to get rid of it!

  • Cole Sytsma

    A Motorola nexus with good radios and an rgb screen

  • zachjen

    The only reason is another nexus. Nothing else

  • It would take the next nexus to get me to give up my current nexus.

  • cizzlen

    It will take a Galaxy Note 2 to drop out of the sky and into my welcome hands.

  • Part with my nexus? No way! Its part of me, like my arm or my lag.

  • e diddy

    A moto nexus would cause me to change…here’s to hoping

  • CJ

    The successor to Galaxy Nexus of course

  • It would take a new Nexus and money to pay the full retail price because I am not getting rid of my unlimited plan just yet.

  • Aleem Qureshi

    The only thing that would get me to part with my nexus is a newer nexus, any other device is too much of a compromise from the development community side of things

  • ScoobySnack


  • i would part with my nexus for a new nexus. not a nexus 2.0 but another galaxy nexus just to relive the awesomeness!

  • it will take me a new upgrade to part from my nexus

  • Tim Buchanan

    What would it take to get me to part with my Nexus? That’s easy! The next Nexus! 🙂

  • It would be nice to have a Nexus designed by you, don’t you agree? Custom colors and all

  • namos23

    Only the Nextus can make me drop my Galaxy – 2 GB RAM, S4, and a much batter camera would all be prerequisites

  • Justin Howard

    I wouldn’t mind a Galaxy Nexus 2 MAXX running Jelly Bean out of the box with a Key Lime Pie update on the way

  • John Rockson

    I would only part with my Nexus for another Nexus, of course!

  • An upgraded OG DROID preferably branded NEXUS

  • Asimoalex

    I would drop it for a HTC nexus or something better like a Sony one

  • Dennis Chang

    I’ll part with my gnex when the next galaxy s3,4,5,6,7 blows my mind

  • i will not part my GNex never

  • kgb

    id part with my nexus if i could get a free maxx razr dev

  • john dechert

    you’d have to pry it from my cold dead hands!!!!

  • Michael Duckworth

    is that a trick question. no parting with my nexus

  • mpledzeppelin2

    The gnex2

  • jrphillips10

    Galaxy note 2 🙂 is that a phablet in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

  • IanKellogg

    If someone threw me a newer faster phone or I get the money to buy a newer faster phone.

  • Al

    Galaxy Nexus 2

  • For me to part with my G-Nex it would take VZW doing away with the rediculous share everything plan.

  • Eric

    A ring ding and a reach around 🙂

  • magneto198

    a new nexus device! come on november!

  • A thinner Galaxy Nexus? I haven’t seen many other phones that appeal to me since I got this phone after the OG Droid.

  • Aaron Lee

    nothing! one of the greatest phones ever

  • Parting with my galaxy nexus would require the Taliban to hunt me down and water board me for hours just so I’d tell them where I stashed it. Then that would only lead them to a room full of some of my USMC friends waiting for them. And they would never get it from me…. Nor would I part with it

  • I will part with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus if I can get a newer Nexus through Google Play that’s updated by Google and not my crap-bag carrier.

  • CheeseMcGee

    The only way my nexus will part from me is if my right hand is suddenly cut off while I’m holding it!

  • The only way I’m parting with my Galaxy Nexus is if it gets destroyed. I would replace it with another Galaxy Nexus. The only way I wont own a Galaxy Nexus is when the next Nexus is released on VZW or if they never get one again, it will be a year later with a different carrier.

  • RoboRobP

    I would have to get a newer nexus

  • A Moto Nexus and a date with Lacey Chabert.

  • Only reason for me drop my Nexus would be for a newer Nexus device.

  • A new Nexus would be the only reason I’d give up my current Nexus.

  • Ishan Patel

    Part with my nexus when it’s pried from my dead body.

  • I Would Part With My G Nexus If I Had Another G Nexus As A Backup. I Still Have My Og Droid. You Can’t Get Rid Of Devices This Awesome.

  • Bryan Saroza

    it would possibly take when my gnex gets completely unusable. i like to keep things as brand new as possible.

  • The next big thing from Google would pry my nexus from these hands.

  • cereed09

    I will only part with my Galaxy Nexus for another Nexus. Not love or death will separate us!

  • The Galaxy Nexus is my wife’s… and there is NO WAY she’d go back to her old HTC My Touch 3G!

  • It would take the Galaxy Nexus 2 to make me part with this one.

  • Mclovin

    I’m only getting rid of my g nex for a note 2 off contract to avoid tiered data.

  • Marc Franz

    Love the screen size, just need the radio and battery transplanted from the RAZR MAXX. Minus 105 dBm at home is not cool. HTC 8X is also appealing if WP8 is the real deal.

  • probably if it was broken to the point of being unusable.

  • Jonathonflores

    A t-Rex would have to eat my arm off with nexus in hand while a pig is flying overhead and I’m witnessing fire being invented for the first time by cavemen … If apple hadn’t already invented and patented fire.

  • Adam Howland

    I think I might just be faithful to Nexus only devices from now on…

  • Tania N

    The next Nexus series phone. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • The only thing that could make me leave my GNex, would be another Nexus phone that can beat even the rumored 5′ HTC phone and the Optimus G

  • NinjaHobo

    Someone stealing it and disabling lookout :/

  • Radgatt

    I would part with my nexus if I lose it in the mall.

  • If somebody pays for my monthly contract on Verizon I’d gladly part ways with my Galaxy Nexus. Only if I could end up with the next Nexus though!!!

  • cloverz7

    Part with my G-nex, Lets have a looksy at the new nexus line ups and we’ll talk. If it isn’t unlocked it’s not for me. Not going back to the droid x days.

  • Charles Eger

    A new Nexus on Verizon is about the only thing that would convince me to change at this point. Here’s hoping that isn’t too far out of the question.

  • TurtlePowah

    Another Nexus with a larger screen/faster processor

  • Angelo Arzola

    my upgrade will make me part with my nexus

  • I would part with my Nexus when the next bigger and better Nexus arrives.

  • I had been waiting for the Galaxy Note II to come out to get rid of my galaxy nexus. But with the recent (this week) rumors coming out about a droid incredible x based nexus or a 5″ nexus. I think i’ll just wait for the next nexus

  • The next version of the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Snogods

    Only for a substantially upgraded new nexus. Most notably better battery, radio and camera.

  • conceptual

    I would part with my CURRENT nexus (my GNex on VZW) if I were to move to another country. And then proceed to buy a new one from GPlay for $350.

  • Andrew Wright

    I’d say a quad-core Nexus with 2GB ram and a Maxx-like battery (preferably Galaxy, Xperia or Razr flavored). Otherwise, I’m good with my GNex. I guess Kate Upton could pry it out of my hands, but she would have to sign a prenup.

  • Thomas Schiferl

    To leave my Gnex, I would need an unlocked bootloader Moto phone, preferably with Snapdragon S4 pro

  • Jared Tau

    It would take a Moto Nexus w/ unlockable bootloader

  • Kristina

    another nexus!

  • InyRules

    The only thing that will get me to part with my Galaxy Nexus is DEATH! Well, maybe next year’s Nexus model. I’ll hold off on whatever Google announces this year. Custom ROMs and me taking care of my current GNex will ensure I can enjoy it longer.

  • $1000 would do. Then I can have some money left over after I bought another Nexus.

  • Kunal Patel

    I would part with my Nexus if the next Nexus is thinner and has a better battery. Otherwise, this is a great device!

  • Rob Voss

    I might be convinced to part with my Galaxy Nexus for the next Nexus phone, but even then I might just want to keep them both…

  • JW

    A way to get me to get rid of it is if one, Samsung release a nexus 2 that is bumped up in the spec and battery life category or if Motorola releases an nexus that would make me jump ship to those

  • Eli Eisenberger

    wish i had the S3. getting bored.

  • Gary Keeler

    The galaxy note 2. Enough said.

  • A really scratched/cracked screen; so help me out. 😉

  • jeoffrey aurelio

    Another nexus with a large battery and good camera..that would only make me leave my current nexus..and also a great screen resolution.. that would be be the only way I would leave my nexus

  • Another nexus. I was tempted by the sgs3 but no… another nexus is the ONLY way I’m getting rid of this.

  • I would need a new nexus with Optimus G like specs, HTC build quality and a Moto battery!

  • The only thing that would get me to part from my Galaxy Nexus, is a newer, better, worth the money upgrade to the next Nexus! Thats it. Aside from that, everything else can burn!

  • I just got it a week ago so I’m not giving it up unless I’m handed the next Nexus for FREE.

  • Cuz97

    it would have to be a developer’s edition Samsung Galaxy not 2 for me

  • Adam Pereyra

    The only way I’d part with my Nexus is if the Mayans were right and the world ends this December.

  • Apple would have to spend their entire 80 Billion on Thermonuclear war to get me to get rid of my Nexus. Or a public PSA stating Android is better than iOS in every way and the only reason that they are attacking with lawsuits is because they prefer to litigate over innovate. Yeah, I think that’d suffice.

  • Steve jobs would have to come back to life and face to face apologize to every android owner for the crap this patent stuff has cause the tech community

  • Laszlo

    I love my nexus but i would part when the nexus 2 comes out with a 1080p camera.

  • kjun14

    what would it take me to part with my gnex? not much, just a 100lb juicy ribeye and natalie portman.

  • Rob

    I’d probably part with my Nexus for a new Nexus..

  • jose

    Tired of constantly changing cheap screen protectors

  • Mas21

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus as my primary device for (one of) the upcoming Nexus device(s).

  • Lizz.0

    I would past with my nexus or there next generation nexus with better battery life and a better camera.

    • Lizz.0


  • droyd4life

    I would part with my nexus if Google announces a beastly phone this year. (Fingers crossed!)

  • rdrizzle

    A nice camera on a stock android phone would be the only thing that would make me part with my Galaxy Nexus. On the other hand….this screen protector, while nice has several issues. 1) Touch sensitivity is SEVERELY reduced when you put a case on the phone in addition to the screen protector. I mean it was BAD when we tried to have both. Right now wife has it on with no case. Guess what….she dropped it which brings us to 2) Although it is tempered glass, it will crack very easily. She has a nice crack along the bottom of it now. The grid does not bother me at all and the colors through it are beautiful. If I had to buy again, I definitely would not for $30. But I will gladly take a replacement for my wife for free.

  • Hail

    A Samsung Galaxy Note 2. lol.

  • Adam

    Not a fan of the xgear screen protector. Really bad sensitivity around the edges. I found myself really pressing very hard for the touchscreen to respond. It also warps in the middle and whatever film they put on it delaminates. It happened on 2 screen protectors for me, my friend, and his wife all experienced it eventually, within a month. The result is a nice rainbow in the glass and the dimples grow larger in that area. It’s definately strong against scratches and crystal clear, but other than that, teribble. Just thought I’d share… help a few folks save their dollars.

  • CodeToJoy

    Another Nexus phone… especially if it were on Verizon, and GUARANTEED to get the updates on time with the GSM versions.

  • Arimas Artadi

    I would part with my galaxy nexus when the next nexus is available, Galaxy Nexus 2 doesn’t counted as next nexus.

  • Scott Corey

    1080p, quad core, yet excellent battery life.

  • hfoster52

    A better spec’d Nexus would get me to part with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Constantine Smith

    Only thing that would get me to leave this gem after finally getting one would be a Motorola Nexus with a beautiful screen, and breathtaking camera…

  • A nexus device from Motorola, with an unlocked bootloader that i don’t have to pay full retail price to get…..

  • The only thing that will get me to part with my Nexus, is the sequel. Nexus 2

  • Kevin M Combes

    To part with my galaxy nexus, it would take a true nexus (updates straight from Google, no carrier approval) on Verizon.

  • androidformetoo

    Because of my refusal to consider Verizon’s share plans AND my inability to pay full price for another phone…my GNex and I will probably enter the afterlife together 🙂

  • Rohail

    Nothing will, havent had so much fun with an android ever! 😀

  • Courtenay Brown

    Lots of &$$$$

  • chrispy513

    I’d part with my nexus if motorola came out with one of the same form factor (thickness, curved glass, etc.) with a better battery and camera.

  • 3.5 inch screen, 3g, running ios of course… thats what apple told me is the perfect setup.

  • dsass600

    I would only part with my nexus for another nexus!

  • kselby

    The only way I will part with my Nexus is if a Nexus 2 comes out. It has to blow me away though, if it is just a minor improvement I will be disappointed. And hopefully it is relatively cheap off contract so I can buy it.

  • Byron Galvez

    Galaxy nexus 2

  • kryspena

    I will never part with my Nexus. EVEN IF THERES A FIRE!!!

  • Curt Carter

    I will say I will go to anything with a non-locked bootloader and updated hardware once my contract is up with the Nexus. I love my Nexus, but I will move on to the, “next best thing” eventually.

  • osegall

    Let’s go giants

  • John

    New. Nexus. That’s all.

  • Hmmm…
    A better phone is the obvious one… The big dealmaker is if a game I’ve been dying to play is unsupported on the GNex. Something like The World Ends With You, if it ever comes to Android… (stupid Squeenix)

  • elubis

    I’ve loved my GNex since Day 1 and have a Steinheil SGP screen protector on it. There’s a couple scratches already so I could use the extra prot. I’ll only leave my GNex for the GNex 5G or the next phone that can keep a charge for one week!

  • Smeckle

    The new Nexus, hopefully with a much better camera.

  • Jon Blaze

    The only way I would part with my Nexus is if another (nexus) came out with a larger screen, removable battery and o.e. or aftermarket support for flash.

  • good luck to everyone

  • I’d part with my Nexus if I Verizon parted ways with their tired data plan

  • Death, never giving this up

  • Menger40

    I would need a new Nexus phone with better battery life and a faster GPU. I love stock android and being able to get root and flash roms without a bunch of hassle, and I also like to play a lot of games on my phone.

  • base2wave

    I’d part with my Nexus if it somehow meant Verizon would have to give up control of the OTA update schedule. Then I’d by another once they did.

  • How would I part with my Galaxy Nexus. I’m not sure, I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus.

  • All i want is AOKP to support the device. So basically i need an unlockable bootloader to part with my g-nexus

  • Giovanni Quinteros

    A better nexus!

  • A GS3 running stock JB… Some day.

  • Jarrett Hall

    The only way that I would part with my Nexus is if a saltwater croc bit my hand off and I just so happened to be holding the phone in that hand

  • A Nexus device with a 5″ screen would get me to upgrade with the quickness.

  • It would take another Nexus to get me to part with this Nexus! Haha

  • Rich R.

    I’m not too picky, but to get rid of my Nexus I would need the following: 1. instant updates 2. a better camera 3. instant updates 4. a bigger battery 5. instant updates 6. better speaker 7. instant updates…and Verizon’s network minus Verizon

  • Matt Wilt

    Only for a new Nexus or Kate Upton. This phone is awesome. Would love to see Motorola to come out with a new Nexus. They make a better quality phone than Samsung. I rocked the OG Droid before i upgraded. Waited it out for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • I am never getting rid of my nexus, because I don’t want to give up my plan for the crappy share plan!

  • slider112

    An industry wide abolishment of manufacturer skins, and every device across all carriers running a pure android build.

  • Michael Nichols

    The only way for me for me to part ways with my Nexus is if either another Nexus releases or if Google Glasses make a phone.

  • Nexus or nothing

  • love to get this on my nexus

  • Another next definitely. Can’t seem to leave this device.

  • Nathan Choler

    A new nexus with a better camera that would allow me to keep unlimited data with Verizon

  • A stock android with a bad ass camera.

  • fgonzo98

    I’d only part with my Nexus if an alligator bit my hand off while I was holding it…then, I’d go after the gator. One arm yes, but I’d have new boots and my Nexus back!

  • It would take me getting the money to buy the next Nexus.

  • MikeCiggy

    Obviously the gnex2 could become a new love. But I’d trade it for some Google Glass

  • xxseiferxx

    The next nexus.

  • trayes77

    If patent disputes ended tomorrow, I would part ways with my Nexus while showing my kool aid smile

  • Michael Wademan

    I would only part for the next great phone. First was the Incredible. Then the Thunderbolt. Now it’s the Nexus

  • Another Nexus! Unless the new HTC superphone REALLY impresses me.

  • Dev

    At this point, nothing! I am very happy with the Verizon G-Nexus. With Android 4.1 loaded, it is a beast and can beat any iPhone (4S and 5) anytime in terms of performance and functionality!!! Galaxy Nexus Rocks!!

  • arc

    I would leave my Nexus only for another if similar form factor with better specs and battery life. I will never have a non-Nexus device.

  • The only thing that would get me to part with my galaxy nexus would be another nexus.

  • Jason Mullens

    I’m holding my breath for a moto nexus!

  • engemasa

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus if Motorola developed a Nexus device and it was available on any other wireless provider in the US that’s other than Verizon Wireless cause the update process is a joke… or if I get a new job cause I don’t have one right now. :'(

  • A Motorola Nexus with edge to edge HD screen, quadcore processor and of course unlocked bootloader being a Nexus

  • Daniel Zhao

    a) if a new nexus with a better camera and quad core cpu came out, or
    b) a device running stock android with the build quality of the i*hone

  • Blazerjim

    I would only part with my Galaxy Nexus for a Nexus with the Razr Maxx battery life. If Moto makes the next Nexus with that battery, and the Razr M screen bezel, and SLCD for the screen, I would be sold.

  • I would part with my nexus only to have the nexus with a quad core and all the S3 apps.

  • MrWicket

    nothing! you’re going to have to pry this thing outta my cold dead mits! or the next Nexus! 😀

  • Doug

    Obviously has to be another Nexus, but more specifically – Motorola on Verizon LTE, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB storage expandable to 64, 10MP f/2.0 camera in the back, 2MP camera in the front, 4.7″ HD Super LCD2 display, 3300mAh battery or larger. Love vanilla Android…

  • I would part with my GNex only for another Nexus device. But if it’s this gnex 2 that they are talking about, I’m not shelling out my for minor upgrades. It has to be worth my while.

  • Coming from an iPhone I dont think I can go back. They’d have to pry this phone out from my cold deathgrip hands in order for me to part with it!

  • Erik

    Need a massiv spec bump to part with the nexus, 1080p quad core

  • Kane Stapler

    The only way I would part with my Nexus is if Motorola decides to make a quad core phone with 2GB of RAM.. And of course the same great battery life and radios in the RAZR MAXX

  • cloutist4

    The only thing that could part me from my galaxy nexus is the galaxy nexus 2…and it better be awesome. needs a better camera.

  • mikeym0p

    The only way I’d ever part with my GNex is if I purchased the Next Nexus phone or the Padfone 2

  • Guest

    Awesome! This would look great with my Vzn GNex! Put that with the Otterbox Commuter and you wont even notice the raised level of the protector.

  • When HTC makes a nexus.

  • I’d part with my Nexus for a phone with an unlocked phone with a better battery.

  • devin stawicki

    I would only part from my glorious, fantabulous Galaxy Nexus if someone pried it from my cold, dead hands. This bad boy will be with me forever.

  • I think it would take that new upcoming 5 inch 1080p beast of an HTC thats about to come out. If its like the One X, I bet it could pull me away from my Nexus.

  • mplacido9

    The only thing would be another newer nexus phone with better specs.

  • Bigsike

    An act of God period.

  • hatboysam

    I’d never part from my Nexus!

  • k_nivesout

    Hmm, I know I’ll get plenty of hate, but it would take 1. the next nexus device or 2. a free iphone 5 (w/ unlimited data).
    In either case, I wouldn’t be parting with my nexus, I’d keep it for a bit at least. Why I’d like the iphone 5 – camera, app quality, and being able to use the device on LTE for longer than 2-3 hours.

  • LTE would be nice.

  • I would part ways for an iPhone 8.

  • Colby Sweet

    Another Nexus device or a device that is like a Nexus.

  • I’d part with my phone if it guaranteed world peace. Until then I’m going to go load AOKP build 3.

  • Brettm2277

    I’d part with my Nexus the same day Kellex gets an iPhone.

  • croixd

    If Verizon would push updates quicker and a gift card to eBay to purchase another g-nex

  • I would never part with mine.. until nexus 2 that is

  • fuz

    iPhone 5, I kid…

    But definitely if I can get my hands on the next Nexus device.

  • The next nexus would do it for me.

  • Anthony Fetter

    The Galaxy Nexus 2 will make me part with my current one.

  • Ammiratad

    I would never part with mine. I love it!

  • It would take a nicer looking device… Still waiting

  • I’m hoping for a Verizon Nexus based on the dlx. Hopefully the battery will be at least 3100mAh though.

  • I want to see the Galaxy Nexus 2 before I even think of giving up my Nexus.

  • My nexus is amazing and i wouldnt give it up except for maybe a quad core nexus with 2gb ram?

  • GuyverPrime

    I would not give up my gs3, but maybe for 200 million

  • A round of golf with Tiger Woods, Chris Farley and Reptar from the Rugrats cartoon.

  • alershka

    A newer model Nexus? I won’t consider another phone after owning a Nexus .

  • Honestly It would take a lot. Either a new Samsung Nexus or perhaps a Motorola Nexus would be nice.

  • Josh

    I would need a free super phone, don’t want to part with my unlimited data either…

  • It would take a new nexus to make me get rid of my current one.

  • sriehl

    I’m going to have to wait a while, but a nexus device on verizon.

  • mbagasao

    I would part with my current Nexus (toro) only if Verizon releases a TRUE Nexus phone and keep their rotten hands off of it…allowing Google to do as they please!!

  • Only way I would part was if chuck Norris commanded me too ..

  • YinzerRob

    it would take another nexus with better camera, battery life and equally or better sex appeal for me to part with my g-nex.

  • The only way I’d part with my Nexus is if Motorola made the next one. Judging by the rumors, that won’t happen this year. :/

  • man you gotta love DLs RAW!!!! i would part with my gnex if the Packers were guaranteed to win the super bowl…or for the gnex2 #gopackgo

  • The only thing separating me from my nexus is whatever is released in novemeber XD.

  • Paul Pottle

    I think the next nexus device will be the only way to make me switch from my Galaxy Nexus…Love this phone.

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    Just another Nexus. Preferably a quad core one with a much improved camera

  • trainplane3

    Only way I’d part with my Nexus? Is if Verizon gets a new Nexus (GN 2 or HTC/LG/Sony)

  • JJ VanKomen

    This is the best screen protector I have ever had! This is a must if you own a Galaxy Nexus. No need for a contest for me I spent the $30 and it was worth every penny.

  • Michael

    I’ll never part with my Galaxy Nexus!!! Well.. at least until a new nexus device comes out on verizon

  • I’ll be parting with my Galaxy Nexus when you pry it from my dead fingers!

  • EMadGen

    Nothing! I love this phone. Running Killer One by KDH and this thing screams. This phone definitely meets all my needs and more.

  • steve

    right now it is impossible for me to part with my gnex.There would have to be a phone available that would blow away my gnex in terms of specs,but it would also have to carry the promise of support from developers and great blogs like droid life.

    • kevinc

      how the hell does a blog “support” a phone?

  • The next nexus on Verizon (hopefully!)

  • mallpig


  • NexusMan

    An HTC Nexus rocking Key Lime Pie that’s not restricted by Verizon.

  • LordStickMax

    Probably a bigger and badder nexus. Hopefully it’s Motorola branded to.

  • TheKaz1969

    Maybe in exchange for Zooey Dechanel… but I think my wife prefers I keep my nexus.. either way, I’d use protection (like this awesome screen protector!)

  • Alex Goings

    I suppose I have to say another nexus…

  • 9TEN11

    Right now a new nexus on verizon but that might ever happen again.

  • mmichlnk

    Only another nexus or that rumored HTC DIX with an unlocked bootloader

  • Matt Larson

    Only when another nexus phone comes out… Hopefully on Verizon… That blows me away. Looking at the the Sony one to do that so far!

  • The only phone I can see myself turning to is defiantly… the 2014 nexus. 😀

  • benjewman

    the only thing getting me to part with my galaxy nexus is when i have to send it in for a replacement cus i cracked my screen which probally wouldn’t have happened if i had this on my phone so all i ask is to help a brotha out and make sure i dont have to be without my g-nex ever again

  • A Galaxy Nexus 2 🙂

  • Corey Loughrey

    You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers…… or the next Nexus comes out.

  • Randomocity812

    Considering I’d lose my unlimited data plan if I upgrade? A reasonably priced Galaxy Nexus 2.

  • drewbie_al

    Simple: a non-PenTile screen, quad core S4 or Exynos, 1080p, a better radio, and a bigger battery.

  • Namoh21

    The only way I would part with my Verizon GNex is with a GSM GNex from the play store. That or the next Nexus with Verizon not in the way with updates….

  • Galaxy Note 2

  • BrianLipp

    Only way id part with it is when the new Nexus(es) come out, and at least one is on Verizon

  • Kendall Smith

    The only thing that will part me from my Galaxy Nexus is if I have to eject from the B-52H that I fly in every week… and I forget to zip my flight suit calf pocket. Pff… that’ll be the day.

  • If Verizon allows me to grandfather my unlimited data plan to the next Nexus

  • Alec Kraft

    I would part with my nexus for the htc nexus 5

  • rehughe

    It would take a Motorola Nexus for me to ditch my GNex. Or a new Ford Mustang BOSS 302

  • Daniel Fitzpatrick

    Oh, to part with my GNex. Oh dear. I tried thinking of a theoretical situation where this might happen, and this is all I got:

    I’m on vacation in rural China hiking a trail through beautiful cascades of rice fields laden across a green mountainside when suddenly I hear screams coming from a nearby farmhouse. I quickly run to see whats going on and find a group of triad bandits trying to rob a gorgeous local girl! Seeing me, the leader points his gun at at me and demands I hand over my Nexus. Hell no. I immediately grab a piece of bamboo and proceed to kick some Triad butt. 3 fatalities. To thank me, the girl gives me a beautiful jade amulet that the triads were after. “Someday, I will come and ask for you to return this to its rightful owner”. I ask “Any… anything else?”. She smiles coyly.
    I’m on my flight back to the U S of A relaxing and trying to read the inscription on the amulet when the flight attendant comes to me with a parachute. “Wait, what?”. She says “You are getting off this plane. If you want the parachute, you will give me the Nexus.” Thankfully, I’m in an exit row(more leg room) so I pull the door release. The air in the cabin is immediately sucked out and everyone begins to panic. In the confusion, I rip the parachute out of the flight attendants hands and dive out the window. “No one is getting my GNex!”

    Numerous Triad’s in suits jump after me and start shooting. I maneuver to turn around and spread my limbs out to slow down. One of them rams right into me and I grab his gun and pull his parachute. I begin shooting at the rest of the Triads. Epic air battle ensues. 7 fatalities. Out of ammo, the last one alive grabs on to me. He has lost his parachute. The ground is too close for a safe landing. It’s me or him. “Give me the Nexus!” “NEVVVEERRRRR!!!!”. I pull my parachute and use his body as padding for my landing. 8 fatalities.

    I’m back in the states waiting in line when the girl from China taps on my soldier! “Do you have the Nexus? I need it now.” “What? No! It’s MY phone!”. She laughs. “No, silly! The amulet I gave you!” “……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That makes a lot more sense. Hey, are you in line for the iPhone 6, too? I can’t wait for mine! I hear it’s got an even longer screen!”

  • Aaron Scott

    I’d need the next generation nexus. Or a brain implant.

  • Seriously a bigger faster Nexus. Currently happy with my GNex

  • Like everyone else, Nexus or bust!

  • Prime7

    The only way I part with my Nexus is if I get a newer Nexus…or accidentally break this one somehow, in which case I would get a new Nexus.

    Contest aside: I have the XGear Fantom, and it’s the best screen protector I’ve ever used AND that easiest one I’ve ever applied. That said, I did have to get my first one replaced because there was a problem with the adhesive, and it started to pop up around the curved part of my screen after a few days. No problems with my replacement, though, and it’s been over a month now.

  • Michael Quinlan

    No thanks. My first Fantom was a disappointment ( screen sensitivity issues), and the replacement wasn’t much better. When they refused to replace it again, I returned it. The only thing that would make me give up my Nexus would be a Fantom I couldn’t remove.

  • samthomas86

    Naturally the answer is a new Nexus… I have my fingers crossed that they HTC rumor that started recently will come through. I cant stand Sense, and the combination of HTC build and camera with vanilla Android and Google updates would get me even without a subsidized price. But nothing out right now would get me away.

  • I’ll keep my Gnex until it dies…or something comes along that just blows it out of the water…then I’ll pass it on to my wife.

  • A new Nexus phone with a better camera!

  • Death…..

  • A galaxy nexus on Verizon that gets updated faster

  • A new Nexus device or Tegra 3 paired with LTE and 2 gigs of RAM stateside.

  • Ben Rice

    For me to part with my Nexus would either be the Rumored HTC Incredible X or the Note 2.

  • Jimmy Garcia

    I love my Nexus, i guess i’d part with it if there was a superior specced phone offered to me for free.

  • that sweet HTC beast will be mine

  • Mashhood Asalkhou

    I would perhaps temporarily part with my Galaxy Nexus for a Windows Phone. I’ve been pretty anxious to try one out but they don’t have any solid devices on Verizon Wireless, yet. I’ve messed with a few in best buy but I really want to get a feel for one on a day to day basis.

  • HumbleEpyX

    A moto nexus is only device i would trade g nex for

  • That rumored 5″ HTC nexus from earlier today would definitely tempt me to part with my GNEX.

  • Luke Johnson

    Seperate me from my Nexus? Would only part for the newest Nexus.

  • Brandon Guttery

    I would let my galaxy nexus go for another nexus or the moto droid razr maxx hd. I go through the battery really fast.

  • paul

    it would take alot of money or convincing but if i won the screen cover it would take even more money and even more convincing lol

  • The newly rumored Nexus 5 by HTC

  • Nicolas Zdarzyl

    I would only part with my Nexus under the circumstance that Google and Verizon and Samsung teamed up to fight off Apple and make a phone that overtakes the Iphone in every direction. This phone unique in every aspect, and the only thing I would change is that the phone could have better battery life. I just hope I drop it in a Volcano!

  • Sara Rosensteel

    That protector looks sexy.

  • The next generation Nexus.

  • After finally upgrading from my OG Droid, I love the fit and finish of the GNex. What would I give it up for?…. Well maybe for another GNex with unlimited data that wasn’t on the VZW network so that I could get more timely updates.

  • Derek Gelinas

    Definitely not leaving this phone until there’s another nexus. Best phone I’ve ever had.

  • knightracer

    Another nexus with unlimited LTE data

  • K Boogie

    a 4.7in edge to edge screen, super amoled +++, 18 megapixel back camera, 9 megapixel front facing, octo core, running “Macaroons”, Motorola NEXUS LOL

  • Michael Southerd Jr

    I’m not sure what would get me to part ways with My GNex other than pretty much what everyone else says….A New Nexus on VZW, but we all have issues with that coming to fruition. So I’d have to Say Maybe I’ll take a stab @ the new LG Optimus or perhaps the GNote 2. Sorry if I’m uninspired, it’s how VZW makes me feel as a customer these days.

  • ssjnimma

    Probably the specs of the DIX with the “edge to edge” that the M and I have would be it!

  • Kenny Kanfer

    A new better Nexus

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Unloked RAZRHD Maxx

  • Dillon Brown

    The ability to design my own phone with my choice of any hardware, look, and OS with my choice of tweeks and to be able to use said phone on any network of my choice including verizon LTE with unlimited data no matter where I go. (A boy can dream right?)

  • Richard Garrison

    The next nexus but only if its from samsung, or a very angry grizzly.

  • Alan Paone

    One of the new nexiises. Maybe another galaxy nexus. I cant give up the stock experience

  • cheezer88

    I wish i had a nexus to part with :'(

  • The phone specs would have to be amazing for me to switch to something that isn’t Google made.

  • chuckg73

    A motorola Droid razr Maxx hd

  • A VZW GNex with actual stock Jelly Bean.

  • root4life

    nothing except…..another nexus,galaxy nexus, with a curved screen, anything else wont do. at least at the moment anyway

  • Greg Alles

    I love my G-Nex! An upgraded model would be nice.

  • The Galaxy Nexus III with a 1080p SAMOLED display, 12MP rear camera, increased battery life, 2GB RAM…. so nothing yet

  • It will take a free Samung Galaxy SIII in pink or purple to get me to part with my Galaxy Nexus

  • Stephen Wesner

    To part with my Nexus, I would need. . . *tear* . . too soon!!

  • Apparently Gravity is all that will take me to part with my gnex. Repeatedly. However, I always crawl under the car to get it. I won’t do that for just anything.

  • atcbrownie

    another nexus on verizon

    • root4life

      you sure about that last part lol

  • PC_Tool

    To part with my galaxy Nexus?

    …a better nexus, or a device with an amazing amount of 3rd-party dev support that is well enough supported in binaries to be 100% functional on AOSP.

    Nothing else will do.

  • It would take another Nexus or a phone that’s unlocked and top of the line. I just can’t go back to locked down phones.

  • Lawrence

    galaxy note 2.

  • Another Nexus with sturdier hardware, aluminum backing, Gorilla glass, etc.

  • A new Nexus model , but this one has not got boring

  • s2k_848

    Just like the majority of people…another Nexus phone!

  • Ryan

    a new quad core nexus, with a screen size the same if not a tiny bit smaller than the GNex. I do like the large screen, but it makes it difficult to use one-handed sometimes.

  • i’d part with my gnex when the new nexus phone comes

  • josh tomassi

    although i love my nexus id give it up for a moto nexus as thin as the razr with at least the same battery in the maxx , preferably with no hump but not a deal breaker. stock android, of course, at least a 720p 4.65 inch screen and a 8mp camera

  • No updates from Google or Custom ROMs from Devs.

  • The only way I would part with my Nexus would be if God Himself release the flood again, and I somehow forgot to bring my Nexus on the ark.

  • Kie

    im not completely sold on the idea, but i would love to try it out

  • Gregory Pickering

    Part with my Nexus? The Nexus 2 naturally.

  • compnird

    My Nexi is so Sexi… It would take a RAZR M Developer edition to make me part with my Nexus. I like it’s form factor and global radios.

  • duke69111

    I would part ways with my nexus when the next nexus’s that’s better come’s out.

  • Jikkan

    A new, better Nexus. Camera has to be greatly improved upon. Heck, if it weren’t for the dedicated home button, I’d get the SGS 3.

  • forum8417

    i would part with it if verizon got another nexus device. even though i hate being with verizon

  • forum8417

    i would part with it if verizon got another nexus device. even though i hate being with verizon

  • the next nexus

  • Until the next nexus release

  • kylebrodeur

    Maybe when the next Nexus phone is announced. I’m happy with the current screen size. I would like a better camera. Maybe a little bit stronger case material.

  • luisrb7

    A nexus duh but with better battery life and less bugs than the G-Nex

  • greg perry

    A pure vanilla android is with moto build quality and a HTC screen

  • onlineguy

    New unlocked gsm nexus I think after 10 years I’m done with verizon

  • Gnex 2 would make me split, but only if it is on Sprint.

  • I would say a new Nexus phone.

  • Probably the next Nexus phone, the ease of rooting and getting custom roms has spoiled me.

  • I will be staying on Verizon so the only thing that would make me part with my nexus other than the next nexus is whatever HTC is coming out with next.

  • I would say another Nexus on Verizon.

  • A nexus made by HTC would be enough to make me forget all about my GNex.

  • It will take another nexus. End of story. Or a million dollars. Yeah, that too.

  • nexus 2 maybe? I like not having any physical buttons on the face

  • AnthonyMoya

    The only way I would part with my gnex is if they were to release the rumored htc nexus 5.

  • Jay

    Only way I’d part with my Galaxy Nexus is if 5G comes out.

  • Jonathan Berry

    It will have to be another Nexus. I like being able to unlock it, have official factory images, and get updates relatively quickly (has to be relative with VZW). I’m hoping my GNex will last me a good long while

  • strikeir13

    An updated VZW Nexus with better battery life and better camera. But since that is unlikely, I’d say if VZW somehow forces me off unlimited data, I’d leave Verizon altogether and go prepaid with a new Nexus from the play store.

  • Google Nexus Glasses!

  • The Galaxy Note 2 might just make me give up my nexus

  • Jacob

    Honestly? Thinner phone, smaller bezel, much better battery life. I guess a Razr maxx that doesn’t look obnoxious?

  • drparty

    A Verizon Nexus… kind of addicted to my unlimited LTE.

  • It would take a contract renewal and a 5 inch screen

  • I have been through a lot of phones in my lifetime and have never been as happy as I am with my G-nex. I honestly have no desire to part with mine anytime soon.

  • Samvelavich

    A nexus phone made by HTC would be awesome. Also if they tossed in a pair of Nike’s that would be great! 😀

  • Hadoukyuu

    I would part with my Nexus if Google dropped Maps and added iOS 6 Maps on it,

  • I pre-ordered the Fantom and X-Gear’s customer support is throwing me for a loop :[

    I’d really like the thinner, improved Fantom as I feel like I was ripped off with an untested product.

    The only thing that could get me to get rid of my Galaxy Nexus is a better Nexus phone. Seriously, the Galaxy Nexus is perfect for me.

  • florious80

    I would never part with my Gnex. Even if I get a newer nexus, I’d keep this for backup. With the possibility of losing my unlimited plan, there’s almost no way I’d get a new subsidized phone anyways.

  • mpinter

    The Nexus 5! Until then, you’d have to pry it from my cold, dead hands….

  • Billy Hales

    Just got one of these this weekend and its awesome! Best screen protector I’ve ever had.

  • End of contract… a new Nexus phone… iPhone6 feat. Android

  • Fredy Nativi

    anything really. My wife flushing it down the toilet. Forgetting it somewhere. My GNex getting ran over. Just let me win.

  • It would take a Free galaxy note 2

  • I could part with my nexus for the second nexus to come or the S3

  • a droid razr maxx hd + galaxy nexus 2 + galaxy s3

  • Vantucky

    There would have to be a new Nexus on Verizon for me to get rid of this one.

  • mike

    To get me to part with my galaxy nexus, I would need the rumored Droid Incredible X phone… rooted with a stock rom.

  • Like everyone else, a newer and better Nexus would cause me to put my beloved Gnex in the drawer along with my OG Droid and my Droid X.

  • Nate

    Another Nexus, dood. Duh. Or a free GS3. That would do it.

  • CorranHorn421

    It would take another Nexus, but not just any Nexus. I’m looking for one of two things. Either a Quad-core Nexus. Or a Nexus that would function similar to the padfone. (can dock in a tablet which can dock in a keyboard)

  • michaeluchikado

    The only way I would even consider upgrading is if moto put out a nexus.

  • David Cohen

    new nexus

  • A S

    Parting with my Nexus would be difficult. It would take a SUPER ANDROID device around the time I can upgrade….hopefully by then, Verizon will allow unlimited data promos to continue for upgrading customers.

  • turb0wned

    Not getting rid of it even with the new nexus. It will stay as my backup/ROM tester!

  • kay

    One night with the Victoria secret models.

  • John Arnst

    Another Nexus

  • The next nexus phone, that’s all it would take. Open source is the best!

  • cmiram

    Verizon forcing me off my unlimited. I can’t afford that, here comes something cheaper! 😛

  • DrAndyRoid

    The only way to experience Android… the next Nexus phone.

  • A better phone. Still waiting.

  • baker.sb

    def another nexus but ultimatley it would probably take some diamond ear rings…..you know , so I could buy the next nexus at full retail.

  • Greg Walter

    A free GS3 with stock Jelly Bean on it, or just the next Nexus device

  • moelsen8

    It would take another nexus!! 😛

  • Scott Juffe

    Another Nexus

  • tat2junior

    A new nexus

  • Jamarcus White

    A Motorola Nexus with a 3800mh battery, an Exynos 4 processor, 2 gigs of RAM, 4.7 inch 1920 × 1080 screen resolution…….the list is long……But basically a Nexus built by Motorola and Samsung

  • The only way I’d part with my GNex is for a newer nexus.

  • Feynman42

    The only thing that will pull me away from my Galaxy Nexus is another Nexus device.

  • Lexi Rasmussen

    A new and better Nexus!(pretty tall order though…)

  • DainLaguna

    A nexus with top of the line hardware (and camera optics) to match its top of the line software 🙂

  • Rtegra

    An iPhone 5 of course…..NOT!!!

  • A new nexus.. duh

  • jaredgreenwald

    The next Nexus.

  • humidity

    Another Nexus on Verizon!

  • Ben Schulz

    Another nexus or maybe 2 nexi?

  • akazerotime

    It was pretty much a “no brainer” when I parted ways with my OG Droid. I started noticing touch screen problems but the device served as a window to learning ADB and some core android functions. Enter the GNEX and the love the development community had for the device because of the promise of timely updates being a nexus. The only updates that have ever flashed on my GNEX had been community supported, not carrier (thanks VZW). It would take another developer friendly device to move past my GNEX. With wanting to keep my unlimited data plan, i’ll be paying full price for the device so I need something that is going to be worth $600+. Having this screen protector will help meet that goal.

  • It would take me a new Nexus to get rid of my old one!

  • Eric Peterson

    Eric: The only thing that could make me part from my galaxy nexus is a faulty radio…the only thing that could make me part from my Verizon factory refurbished replacement nexus would be a Moto Nexus (or Kate Upton).

    • Kate Upton? Good choice, sir. The next Nexus is the only thing I can think of at this point… besides Kate Upton. 😉

    • Mclovin

      Kate Upton !!!! Nice!!!!

    • T_Dizzle

      G-Nex & Verizon I know but who’s Kate Upton?

  • Another Nexus. Can’t go back to skins or bloat, which by the way are two words I would have never associated with a phone before I discovered your site. Thanks for turning a noob into somewhat of a novice!

  • another Nexus with unlimited data

  • Another Nexus with a quad core processor.

  • The next Google phone for Verizon

  • Rob Valencia

    I’ll never really part with it… One day it will sit next to my OG on my desk, and like that too, I’ll give it a fresh ROM every now and again. My next daily driver will need a better camera, 1080p screen, 2gb ram, nexus or “Google experience” device.

  • Seth Arrazola

    Get me away from my nexus??? Jaws of life may work. Can’t guarantee it tho

  • FknTwizted

    nexus 2 on vzw!

  • Lee Vang

    It would take another VZW Nexus device for me to part my Nexus.

  • winwinwinwinwin


  • Brian Walker

    It would take another Nexus for me, but it needs to be a whole lot better for me to consider jumping through hoops for it. I figure by the time I have a upgrade available, next year’s Nexus will be out and I can look forward to that one.

  • Had my moto droid for 2+ years. have a feeling im going to have to wait another 2 yrs till i finally have to retire my nexus for something great.

  • BDFio

    Developer edition’s are good enough, but nothing out yet.

  • another nexus lol

  • Honestly nothing I seriously haven’t been tempted with any other phone to date I love my nexus I love the dev support I mean JB as soon as IO finished day 1, although I jus saw the first possible thing to tear me away from my nexus and it was the rumor DL posted about a G-Nex 2 that will be the only phone that would make me leave my G-Nex

  • ankit199

    another nexus with a quad core cpu and razr maxx battery

  • A phone running Stock Android, with a better radio, and Camera

  • Chris

    A non pentile nexus. Hopefully 1080p. Also better battery life.

  • To part from my current galaxy nexus will either be the newer galaxy nexus for Verizon (if that ever comes this year) or my dream phone that is built by Motorola. My dream phone specs are 4.7-5 inch HD screen that is not pentile, NFC, camera with awesome sensor with low light capabilities and aperture of f/2.0, newest android version (not motoblur/motorola’s skin os), long battery life (at least a day use), LTE, up to date snapdragon processor, and gorilla glass.

  • Another Nexus that keeps the curved form factor and provides enough of an update (hardware wise) to give up what has been a solid device. Have to really consider how much of an update the new one will be so I can continue to give those people that Apple slapped in the face a hard time for buying that new taller *phone4S+taller

  • Collin

    It would take a new Nexus phone, of course. Or at least a phone with better specs along with an unlockable bootloader.

  • Corey Hass

    Nexus!?!?…S3 is a nexus, but better in every facet!!

  • Benito Wood

    A cracked screen so bad the renders it useless, which is why i need the tempered glass so it never happens 🙂

  • Tim Hayes

    I would give it to a poor soul that uses an iPhone. Yes that’s it, I’d donate to the poor.

  • Nexus 2 on Verizon!!!

  • the next galaxy nexus, but without all the lte issues!!

  • Long battery life and a usable camera

  • Another nexus of course

  • Akusei

    The timing of this article is downright spooky! I have one of these Fantom screen protectors for my Gnex, started noticing a few issues with mine, and was looking to see if Droid-life had any further reviews on the product.

    Just last night I noticed the glass not being as flush with the device as it used to be. A small area of “rainbowing,” approximately 1 square cm in the center of the screen just to the right of the the volume buttons has appeared. When I attempt to “stretch” the film towards the ends (the notification light and the speaker), it momentarily disappears only to reemerge after I stop. This is also causing the dimples or dot grid to be more visible in that area.

    Besides this, the sensitivity is not nearly as nice as it was when the phone was “naked,” especially at the bottom where the navigation bar is. I find myself having to put forth much more effort to get the back and home buttons to register than before. Swiping screens can some times be a bit more challenging as is using my swype keyboard as it will think my thumb/finger has momentarily left the screen causing it to prematurely end the first word and start a new word. This can be very frustrating!

    The feel overall isn’t as fantastic as the “naked” screen is. That said, it does about as great a job as any film/protector I’ve ever used. It almost feels the same but there’s just something different that tends to make my fingers not glide along the surface as smoothly as before. Again, it’s MUCH BETTER than the rest of the protectors I’ve tried for the Gnex, just not perfect.

    Regarding the protection, I have noticed superficial scratches and abrasions on the film itself. They’re typically only visible at certain viewing angles and cause no issue with normal viewing. This is more of a “hey, I’m a bit surprised about this” than an actual critique.

    I’ve also noticed tiny bits of lint or particles that have actually gotten between the protector and the phone…about 5 tiny white “dots” are visible when the screen is black.

    To be fair, it’s completely possible I didn’t “perfectly” place the film on the phone. In my defense, I was very meticulous about wiping the screen down and not having any lint or particles on the screen or the protector when applying it to the phone. There are no tiny strings of fuzz or other crap between the phone and the screen protector and the white dots I mentioned earlier have only recently appeared (within the last 3 weeks).

    I’ve had the screen protector on my phone since about August 6th and would recommend it to most people. Personally, I’d rate it at about an 8.5/10 and will probably keep using it until the “rainbowing” becomes unbearable. This is by far the best of its kind on the market for the Gnex and blows away the alternatives. It comes close but is just not “perfect” for my particular tastes.

  • summit1986

    Verizon phone with monster specs and an unlocked bootloader.

  • Nexus 2 nuff said

  • JamesP352

    I would have to part with my GNex if it was dropped from higher than eight feet onto hard concrete or if it was run over by a heavy vehicle or if it was dropped into a deep body of water (or other liquid for that matter) or if a Gen2 Gnex is released . . . whichever comes first.

  • Andrew Vanderwall

    If a better nexus phone is out after my contract ends.

  • It would take superman to fly backwards around the earth and turn back time to a time before I had the GNEX.

  • an iPhone 5….haha, ok can’t even type it with a straight face…I might let it go for the next nexus, but that’s about it

  • the next nexus…or perhaps a nexus that isnt rushed and even google will take pride in and not drop its support. unlocked bootloader of course. in the end itll be better than the iphone

  • Tim Hayes

    To give it to a poor soul that’s stuck on an iPhone. Yes that’s right I will donate it to the poor.

  • tiptoptommy

    The ultimate nexus

  • I think right now the only thing that would give me a part with my Nexus would be the note 2 but man I sure do love my Nexus

  • Jon Drain

    A newer Nexus

  • Hazadriel

    It would take another Nexus, and even then I wouldn’t get rid of this one. My GNex makes my 5th Android device and I still have them all.

  • Roga

    The next Nexus that is made by Motorola.

  • The only way I will part with my G-Nex is if Samsung or Motorola releases a quad-core LTE Nexus that can replace the awesomeness of my G-Nex, whom I have decided to name Pris. I shall call my next Nexus, Rachael. :3

  • shdowman

    Perhaps the next nexus. I have no issues with this one aside from the camera.

  • nightscout13

    Well, It took me getting robbed at gun point in my kitchen to part with my Gnex. It was taken from me. The thieves already took what they wanted, but then asked me where my phone was on the way out. They took it cause they didn’t want me calling the cops right away. One of them then put his hand in my pocket while i was forced to the ground, and took my Gnex 🙁 And i’m sure some of you will say i’m trolling just to win contest, but this was a true story. Very sad.

  • $500 and a G-Nex 2 because I’m still under contract and coudn’t afford to pay retail!

  • Only another nexus. Can’t go back to half cracked hacking and skins

  • Danny Sullivan

    I think it would take another Nexus with maybe a better camera and gorilla glass on the screen. Unfortunately I’m already seeing scratches on my GNexus which makes me sad.

  • Sam Haffey

    That i-phone i heard about on Fox News. I think it was called the i-Romney.

  • A freaking fantastic, ultra super awesome, new Nexus

  • wikkdwarrior

    Pure Google…vanilla android an unlocked bootloader on VZW’s network…I might have my gnex for a while…:)

  • elemeno

    Another Nexus on Verizon. It would be sweet if Google Play had an off-contract device for $350 also.

  • Horrorscope

    I would only consider swapping my GNex for a new/faster GNex! Isn’t it obvious? =)

  • Chuck Finley

    It would take the Nexus equivalent of a Galaxy Note 2, ABSOLUTELY NO BRANDING, except for maybe the back and keeping my unlimited LTE data.
    Build quality of HTC One series.

  • maldevil

    I think the only way for me to part way with my G-Nex would be the G-Nex2. I cant see me leaving a phone with so much dev support unless it is another phone with the same amount of support.

  • Bigwavedave25

    It would either take a catastrophic failure on my personal device or the dev community to stop supporting the device.

    More likely a hardware failure from crack flashing…

  • Ravi Rao

    A much better camera with a similar form factor (even slightly smaller). I’d love a razr M form factor with a better screen and a good camera. Not liking the phablet trend. Stock JB or a Blur JB would get me off my GN.

  • xix19

    Galaxy nexus 2

  • PicoDeGiao

    The next Nexus (but probably longer since I’m in a 2yr contract).

  • You would have to send the bear jew after me to pry it from my hands

  • It would take a better vanilla android phone, and there isn’t one yet.

  • Kevin Davis

    Another Nexus or Developer Motorola RAZR Maxx HD.

  • Matt Tessen

    I’d really like to be original, but yeah, another Nexus. Maybe a Nexus with a better camera.

  • bheider

    Another nexus, once a nexus. always a nexus.

  • the only reason i moved from og droid to gnex was cause the og was giving me constant memory full messages and was just getting a bit slow too. if my gnex starts to do those 2 things in a year or so then i will look to improve

  • StephenRice

    I’ll part with my Nexus the minute the next one comes out

  • There isn’t anything on God’s green earth that could part me with my Nexus. Aside from another Nexus.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    Another Nexus But I guess that’s the answer for everyone…

  • A new Nexus phone with Gorilla Glass. It bugs me that mine doesn’t have it. :/

  • Adam Durham

    I think the only thing that would get me to part with the GN would be another Nexus on Big Red. However – it sounds like the chances of us getting another Nexus are very slim – so it’s looking like we’re in it for the long haul! This is why a good screen protector could be golden!

  • The thing that would take me away from my Nexus would be a stellar Windows phone as they seem to currently be the ones with fresh ideas for UI.

  • Chris

    Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX Nexus.

  • SubMatrix

    Only thing would be the Galaxy Nexus 2 🙂

  • Thanos

    Nothing. My GSM nexus will always be by my side on T-Mo’s network. Sure i’ll jump ship to a major carrier for the Note 2, or possibly the Incredible X. But never parting with Nexii 🙂

  • Mustang5Oh

    You will need to pry my GNex from my cold dead hands. Or a newer better Nexus would work and be preferred lol.

  • another nexus would get me to leave

  • Chris

    Nothing, absolutely nothing

  • Ultimate Android Super Phone on Big Red

  • tehshift

    A Galaxy Nexus with better battery life is all I would need.

  • Only way I’m leaving my Nexus is by replacing it with the next Nexus.

  • I would need a phone just as versatile as the Nexus, but it would also need a better camera!

  • The next nexus. Or dying, which ever comes first!

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Nexus 2

  • Jeremy Gentry

    a nexus phone with better specs would make me part with it 🙂

  • Jacob121791

    Galaxy Nexus 2.

  • Buckoman

    Are you kidding? With the lack of updates, I’m already ready to part with my Nexus.

  • Matt Bornstein

    Motorola Droid Nexus

  • Travis Shepherd

    Unlockable VZW moto device

  • has, the only phone that will get me to part w/ my GNex is an even better Nexus

  • Nicholas Slaughter

    The only thing I can even fathom me moving on from my VZW CM10 GNEX is, at the moment if the rumor of an LG Optimus Nexus or the HTC Nexus 5. Theses are the only two devices that have peaked my intrest. 5″ screens, quad-core processors, of course unlockable, and the upcoming yet not confirmed 4.1.2.

  • eddie

    Another nexus!

  • movalpolos

    next nexus

  • Mike Kellermeier

    It’s going to take a #2 Gnex or a phone with killer specs….

  • Nick Burton

    Only the next nexus.

  • A new nexus(:

  • John Simonelli

    A G-Nex 2, hopefully with a major camera upgrade.

  • Kaleb Knightley

    Da nexus

  • Kirk Hayes

    Probably my wife dropping it like she did hers… that or the next nexus

  • Zakath

    Being blind, deaf, and no hands may part me for my nexus.
    Not likely tho

  • The only thing that will make me part with my beloved GNEX is a NEW Galaxy Nexus…on Verizon…

    ….looks like I’ll be sticking with my precious for the foreseeable future!

  • Like everyone else, the next Nexus phone that isn’t on VZW.

  • I would need something like the rumored HTC Incredible X (1080p Screen, S4 Processor), but it has to be easily unlockable.

  • Biz79

    Another nexus with bigger battery!

  • Tony Le

    A new Nexus with a bump up in specs.

  • Galaxy Nexus 2

  • Another Nexus on VZW…if there was a Motorola Nexus, I would leave the GNex in a heartbeat.

  • ScoobaStv

    haha another nexus of course!

  • Geovany Hernandez

    Galaxy Nexus 2

  • meowmix

    another nexus

  • Tom Snow

    If the “Nexus 5″come to fruition…Id still keep my GNex for a while. Then part ways.

  • fixxmyhead

    need this for my wife

  • vonbane

    I’ll consider the next Nexus when it is announced, but that’s about all that will get me to switch from my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Dale Kimball

    All it’s going to take for me to leave my Nexus is that sexy Nokia Lumia 920! I’ve wanted to try a Windows Phone for some time that doesn’t suck like the Trophy…

  • Steve Hadlick

    It would take a lifetime unlimited data plan

  • Rech Vanny

    I just got my Galaxy Nexus. But maybe I’ll go for the next of the multitude of Nexus phones?

  • Like anyone else, I’ll only give my gnex up for another nexus

  • Garrettjrussell

    I just received my Galaxy Nexus this past Saturday! Nothing could make me part with it. NOTHING.

  • Adam

    I might let go of my Nexus for the Galaxy Note 2. …maybe.

  • I thought the GS3 might do it, but I guess I’m looking for something over the top in specs, like quad-core, maybe 64 GB hard drive, but if I had to settle, the LG latest looked somewhat appealing.

    • Diablo81588

      Hard drive?

  • I would need to be able to get another Nexus device, or a device on verizon that is either unlocked or unlockable.

  • robertlwalters

    Simple DEATH!

  • Patrick Maher

    The next Nexus.

  • An HTC or Moto Nexus

  • Frank M

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus for a Wii U haha.

  • Jacob Frasca

    a motorola nexus with a 12 megapixel display and 4g let but not sold through verizon, i want it unlocked and affordable too

  • evcon

    I could only be separated from my Galaxy Nexus if there was a new Nexus (possibly the rumored HTC one) and the battery life was better. Heck, I’d even take Pentile if it meant awesome battery life.

  • Matt Gondek

    Another Nexus on Big Red, or a competitive LTE network so I can jump ship to wherever the next one goes

  • Havoc70

    The only thing that will get me to part with my Galaxy Nexus is “Possibly” the next Nexus. I will never go back to a device with Manufacturers overlay… Pure Google is the way!

  • Joe Brown

    There will have to be a new Nexus on Verizon

  • spideme

    Only way to get me apart from mine in a guarantee free update to the next Nexus phone and keeping my precious unlimited data plan!

  • I’d only leave it for another Nexus phone, duh.

  • Ben

    Definitely a new nexus would be very tempting.

  • Ernesto Martinez

    something that would get me to part with my galaxy nexus would probably the nexus 3; the only reason i’m thinking ahead is because I just got my nexus and it’s way too early to part with it so soon

  • I have a Nexus S, a Galaxy Nexus, and a Galaxy S3. For that Galaxy Nexus, it would have to be a Nexus phone again, with specs that match the rumored HTC Nexus.

  • beng8686

    It would take a new GNEX 2 or whatever the next nexus device is going to be . It of course has to be on Verizon too.

  • EdsonDJ

    Only a new Nexus will make me part ways with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Another Verizon Nexus phone, but that’s not going to happen.

  • Geran Smith

    I could get rid of my InvisiShield! I hate how that thing feels, but love protection.

    Edit: Crap, didn’t read the question. Probably another Nexus or a phone that is unlocked and lets me load CMxx on it.

  • 4n1m4L

    A better battery in a still slim phone.

  • The next nexus

  • cory dunbar

    The only thing that could pull me from my current nexus is one with unlimited battery.

  • Timothy O’Leary

    The GSIII is amazing so probably whatever the GSIV will be or the next Nexus device!

  • James

    Another Nexus…..can’t go back to skins and bloat. Two words I never know the meaning of until I found this site. Thank you!

  • sl249

    Having to choose whether to save my girlfriend or my phone if they were being held hostage from atop the empire state building. Even then…hmmmm…

    • JoshGroff

      I’d ditch them both at that point, I’m terribly afraid of heights.

  • BestonMars

    The new nexus and nothing else.

  • Mave731

    Can’t wait for the Incredible X

  • baldypal

    Blasphemy! Part with my Nexus? You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Death is the only way to part!

  • ManiDePRico

    It would take another nexus and enough money in my pocket to buy it at full retail l price. I am not losing this unlimited data. It’s not just a word!

  • PixelTycoon

    A new Nexus!

  • Dc

    It would take a pretty substantial spec boost in the next Nexus device. At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

  • Jose Lopez

    Slimer, Better battery life and a screen as big as the Gs3 no larger than the note. Unless its edge to edge.

  • Travis Keany

    I don’t need another Nexus, just another unlocked/unlockable phone with a good dev community. The OG wasn’t technically a Nexus but it’s where a lot of us got our start and have fond memories from.

  • Give me unlimited data again in a year when my upgrade is up while subsidizing my phone price.

  • mike leistiko

    The apocalypse.

  • djxkxoz

    Another Nexus with cutting edge specs

  • My expired contract and the next Google Nexus. (or any free Galaxy phones graciously given to me)

  • dragonflyr

    Gal nexus 2. Never leaving the nexus realm.

  • EvanTheGamer

    What would part me from my beloved Galaxy Nexus LTE would have to be the Galaxy Nexus 2!

  • Nate Olson

    It would take a “thermonuclear war” to get me to part ways with my Galaxy Nexus

  • ScottyByrd

    For VZW to give Google everything it needs to be a real Nexus device.

  • You’d have to pry it from my cold dead hand.

  • nexuschimp

    The ihipsters would have to pry it from my cold dead hands.(or maybe a moto nexus)

  • to part me from my nexus, could actually be a droid razr maxx hd.

  • topherct

    A new Nexus with better specs

  • KleenDroid

    A scratched or cracked screen because I didn’t have an XGEAR Fantom Tempered Glass Protector.

    So please help me keep my G-Nex!

  • jason

    The only way that im letting go of my G-Nex is another, better, bigger, faster nexus. with Big Red and their locked bootloaders, My options are limited. Only a Nexus==Nexus.

    • Kurtis Tamez

      It all depends on what you get. HTC is unlocking bootloaders even on VZW, sure not delivered that way, but if you can’t follow instructions too unlock it, you probably don’t care that it can be unlocked. 😉

  • Frayed Sanity

    After owning my first Nexus (GNex VZW) I don’t ever see myself owning anything but a Nexus. The pure experience is Unmatched and Solid. So if there’s no new VZW Nexus… than I will keep what has been the BEST Device of all my Tech that I’ve had before..

  • Adam

    It will take a new GSM Nexus to get me to part with my current Nexus. That’s it. Seriously.

  • Kyle Bailey

    Any other Nexus that Google decides is worthy enough.

  • Kurtis Tamez

    Quad Core, Big Ram, Big Battery, and last but not least, an Unlockable Bootloader. Is that asking too much?

  • Another nexus, but I’d really like to choose between multiple nexi.

  • Neil Ostrander

    A Motorola Nexus would do the trick!

  • Maison Pulaski

    I would part with my Galaxy Nexus for the Nexus Note.

  • Motorola Nexus would be very tempting, though in reality I’ll probably keep running with my G Nex until it starts breaking down and I NEED to move on.

  • Another Nexus, possibly…..but you’ll need to pry my current Galaxy Nexus from my cold, dead hands, first…

  • Ed Crowder

    a free galaxy s3 would do it!

  • Nexus device with better battery life.

  • A Galaxy S VI

  • Charles

    It’ll take another nexus…with bumped up specs, better battery life, and on Verizon

  • cjgm86

    A motorola Nexus

  • Greyhame

    Another Nexus, preferably on VZW. The nexus would have to utilize on-screen buttons and hopefully made by someone other than Samsung.

  • Chris Williams

    The only way to separate me from my G-Nex is for someone to pry it from my cold dead hand or when the G-Nex 2 comes out!

  • James Jun

    An iPhone 5…..I kid, kid 🙂

    A HTC Nexus would be the differentiator for me.

  • Broken Phone Man

    A Galaxy S3. I dropped my phone 2 hours ago and cracked the screen. After I get a replacement, I’ll need this. I deserve to win! LOL

  • It would take the next generation nexus.

  • muffnman

    It would take the Nexus 2, for Verizon, purchasable from the Google Play Store off contract.

  • Booyah


  • At this point, there’s nothing out there that I would cause me to part with my GNEX. Not wide horse, not a million dollars, not… wait, I just lied.

  • MKader17

    Simply another great phone with an unlocked boot loader and dev support.

  • Jonathan Orellana

    It would have to be something major. I’m liking that we’re at least getting 2gigs of ram in our phones now. I haven’t decided if the rumored “Nexus Superior” will do it for me with it’s current stats. Samsung nailed this phone and I don’t think i’ll ever get rid of it. 🙂

  • I would have to get a good deal on something like a Note but in the Nexus line

  • I would part with my nexus if it was the only way to ensure that the iphone 5 gets banned

  • violator702

    Another Nexus that has better speakers, better battery life, faster and more efficient processor, more accessories, and more or better ram.

  • David Cooney

    zach morris’ actual phone from saved by the bell

  • I would need my favorite dev’s to move to a different phone, so I could follow them. I have followed from the DINC to the Thunderbolt and now the Gnex LTE.

  • Ryan McFadden

    It will take the end of my 2 year contract unfortunately

  • riley close

    a new nexus with updated chip

  • Sean Stone


  • Joe

    The next Nexus or the Galaxy Note 2

  • The only way I will get rid of my current GNex is if 1) I die, 2) Verizon gets a new Nexus (I don’t care if it is “real” it gets unlocked immediately or 3) something amazing comes out 4) I go insane and buy an i*hone

  • antwonw

    Only the next Nexus phone will part me from my GNex!

  • A Moto Nexus

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    The only thing I’d give up my beloved GNex for is a Galaxy Note-sized nexus phone.

  • Kal5el

    A Motorola Nexus that I could order online from Google and use on my Verizon account.

  • PalmerAdam

    The only way I part with my G-Nex is for the G-Nex 2 of course!

  • Heh, only another Nexus. ;D

  • luke danielson

    I would leave my GNEX for a 5″ 1080p, 4gb ram, 2ghz quad core, 128gb storage, 4000mAh battery, bulletproof badass phone!!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    It would take a phone with better specs overall – not a just a slight bump – that is still unlockable.

  • Mike Bates

    The only thing that could get me to leave my Galaxy Nexus would be if Samsung put out a phone with high-end specs and stock Android. Wouldnt have to be a Nexus, just stock.

  • I would need a free beast of a phone to part with my GNEX. Its still the best I’ve ever used!

  • Nole Lilley

    The next Nexus phone. Best support by the most devs in the land!

  • Gnex 2 or unlocked Droid Razz Maxx2

  • GNEX 2 might do it. but even then….

  • dunkaroos and gushers

    zach morris’ actual phone from saved by the bell.

  • New Nexus device with better battery life. Plain and simple.

  • Can I trade these two in for one to replace the crappy one they sold me for my S3? It lasted on my phone less than two weeks and already had scratches from my keys jostling around in my purse.

  • treybarnes666

    I would have to say a new HTC NEXUS would be very tempting… 🙂

  • Dan

    A better nexus.

  • Tuan

    4inch Nexus

  • Buy This

    Can’t answer because my G-nex does not arrive until tomorrow. I am replacing my Bionic (and keeping unlimited) and a new screen protector sure would go nice with my shiny new phone. I will say this; for the first time, I am getting a phone with the assurance that even when it finally stops receiving official support, it will continue to get the love on the Android community

  • Anthony Cole

    Agreed, Nexus 2

  • Liderc

    The next Nexus. But, why are these thick screen protectors not just staying clear? I see no point why you’d make them black, or white (or blue for SGSIII) it just doesn’t make sense. Make them clear, it looks 10x better.

    • I’m guessing the black masks the adhesive.

  • Jerome Rhodes

    To part with my G-Nex, a nuclear bomb would have to be dropped pretty close… or the Galaxy Note 2 comes out. Really either one

  • It’d definitely be a VZW Nexus, preferably a GN2!

  • Corey Marrier

    New nexus?

  • GN2.

  • 007e

    It’s going to take a damn good Nexus 2. Better radios, better battery life, at least double the ram, and a spectacular camera that blows away the rest. Oh and let’s not forget an sd card slot. A 4.8″ screen might be nice too.

  • HTC Nexus 5

  • tanknspank

    It would actually only take a phone with impressive battery life. Anything with a day of heavy use in poor signal and I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Maybe the next Motorola that Google has a hand in.

  • Zach Hughes

    It would take a unit of 5-6 heavily armed Special Forces heavily armed with 7.62mm or higher caliber ammo and a willingness to sacrifice their lives for my 4.65″ black bar of joy…OR Christina Hendricks could probably do some things to persuade me to hand it over. I’m a sucker for hot redheads.

  • Flyinion

    WP8 and its new phones turning out to be really really really good.

  • aberose

    I guess I would only part ways with it if my screen got damaged becauce I didn’t have this cool screen protector on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Barry Taylor

    Double Battery Life Nexus.

  • I’ll be waiting till the next Nexus on VZW…if that ever happens again :

  • brandito

    If I won a Galaxy S3 this week on Droid life I might give up my Galaxy Nexus.

  • lolitsnoah

    Honestly, right now this is the prefect phone for me and I don’t need anything else in it. Now if it was something other than a phone it would be Betty White on a unicycle telling me happy birthday while money was falling from the sky,

  • B J Books

    The next Nexus phone….assuming it’s cool….really cool. And only if it’s an actual Nexus, not some Verizon thinks constitutes a Nexus device. 😉

  • Galaxy Nexus 2 Maxx HD 🙂

  • Ozyman666

    Galaxy Nexus 2

  • Justin Koch

    the gnex is awesome. It is so hard to part with except for another pure google experience and an awesome developer community.

  • Another nexus

  • Something that has ‘nexus’ in the product description. Maybe Galaxy Nexus 2?

  • A guarantee that I can keep unlimited data. Or swift death.

  • Eric Richardson

    It’d take another Nexus Device. Never going with a Verizon Nexus though.

  • Buckazui

    I absolutely love my gnex i love to flash new roms and mods and this phone has been a blessing not only has all of the flashing and recovering from hard bricks (oops) been super easy but the level of development for the device is amazing and by far my favorite part about the phone. not to mention that i had jelly bean way before all of my friends with their other phones.

    • Buckazui

      went on a rant and forgot to actually answer the question lol. it would have to be a new galaxy nexus with more of everything processor ram screen and storage.

  • Roa

    As of right now.. nothing! But in the future maybe a new Nexus

  • A better nexus that gets updates straight from Google. No verizon.

  • Myles Davis

    Only another Nexus with better battery life, better radios and a “Android killing Iphone boot animation”

  • Jason James

    quad-core? sold! lol. and a bigger screen

  • TheRobotCow

    In order to ditch my galaxy nexus, it has to be an epic nexus device. I love my gnex, but as always it could be always better. Better spec hardware, much better battery life, stellar build quality. It should simply be called the Nexus.

  • Clint O

    I would consider parting with it for the Note II or the Incredible X.. But think i’d keep it around as a spare due to the active dev community for it

  • trust-me-im-alawyer

    Only a new VZW Nexus could convince me to leave the GNEX. A Moto Nexus would cause me to pay full price and upgrade a year early.

  • Al2x

    the only thing that would part me with my galaxy nexus would be… another new nexus phone (preferably built by motorola, with a screen better than the galaxy nexus ;] )!

  • Matthew Guinn

    A moto nexus would be about the only only thing that would make me leave the nexus now.

  • This is my first Nexus, and I’ll never witch to another phone brand. Galaxy Nexus w/ upgraded technology (camera, processor, RAM, etc.), and I’m all in.

  • Nick O

    To win a Fantom screen protector, I will give up my first born male child. OK maybe not that extreme but I will quit Facebook, hit the gym, and lawyer up. That and free advertising because I will just keep talking about how droid life is amazing and my number one news source for Android.

  • John Davids

    It is going to take another Nexus on VZW. I live in an area where no other carrier has even half-good service. Unlocked bootloader on VZW or bust!

  • Twofourturbo

    Only thing I can come up with is a Bigger Screen Nexus.. That Galaxy Note 2 looks very tempting. Especially if I can Root and throw on some sweet CM10 or CM11 when ever that decides to hit the market. But the main concern is browsing Droid-Life on a bigger portable screen.

  • Jeremy Torres

    It would take an iPhone running Jelly bean and has a 12MP camera.

  • I won’t leave my nexus until another one is available, and it has better battery life than the Gnex.I might even go gsm to get it. 😀

  • Jason Self

    As with most people here I would want another Nexus (on Version)

  • Mike Kilar

    To leave my current nexus, i’ll need the following…
    A design similar to the current Galaxy Nexus. The buttonless black slab is a beauty.
    Minimum removable 2500mAh battery.
    12MP+ camera sensor.
    Docks that launch the same time the phone does!

  • Coolblue272

    The only thing that will take me away from my Galaxy Nexus is one of the rumored new Nexus phones that are supposed to come out soon!

  • androidrevenge

    Another VZW Nexus would be all it takes for me to part with this wonderful device of mine! Would love to see it be made by HTC though

  • CZonin

    The next nexus is the only thing that will make me part with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • a newer nexus like the galaxy nexus 2!

  • Another Nexus, but made by Motorola. 🙂

  • Google Glass

  • will bartlett

    a new nexus!

  • jaxxmjd

    You will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    Or if it stops working, I guess.

  • The only thing that could ever make me part with my Galaxy Nexus is the next generation of the Nexus phones

  • Ryan Cota

    A Nexus Phone on Verizon, with a 1) Better Radios, 2) Better Camera

  • Marc Man

    An Asus or Moto Nexus… I can’t think of anything coming out this year that has my attention.

  • Richard Beals

    Truly the only way now to part me with my nexus would be if next year verizon gives up on making me lose my unlimited data, and a new nexus comes out that blows away my current one and everything else.

  • Another Nexus with absurd battery life and a better camera, other than that I think this phone is perfect

  • Ryan Minnema

    A Nexus that comes with a larger battery

  • Nayrb Sekots

    Would love one

  • Brien

    It would take a new Nexus

  • Brandon Sikes

    I would have to have another Nexus device on Verizon to make me leave my Galaxy Nexus. I just hope and pray that it’s Motorola made.

  • Nic Hess

    Moto nexus

  • I would be willing to move on from the gnex only if it could no longer boot.

  • fiveHellions

    A new htc made nexus device

  • desiman26

    The only thing that would make me part with my Galaxy Nexus would be the new generation of a nexus phone.

  • another nexus with a BIG FAT BATTERY

  • rodney11ride

    NEXUS PRIME…. on verizon… which besides all the data griping and limited talk still has best network and best phones!

  • another nexus or a note 2 with an unlocked bootloader

  • Pry bar

  • Definitely another Nexus!

  • Sapko82

    thats a silly question

  • I cannot move off of nexus now since this phone. I’ll buy a new nexus every year.

  • yellowsnow

    It will take a well designed beast of a phone such as the new HTC that has been rumored!

  • Kevin Jones

    The only thing that’ll get me to part with my GNex is the GNex2. It’s that damn good.

  • Will Rehse

    I won a Nokia gLumia and almost kept it just to make up for the camera on my gnex. none the less, my heart got the better of me and I sold it and turned the profit into an XBox. Gnex is just toooo good. JB. Butter. Google.

  • daniel walker


  • I’m interested in seeing the next nexus phone.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Something to tear me away from a Nexus? Maybe an Exynos in there 😛

  • I’m already thinking of parting with my Nexus… But only because Verizon took my unlimited data when my dad upgraded.

    My gut feeling is to buy a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mo’s unlimited plan. Outside of that, it would take a dope screen resolution, quad-core, LTE (on T-Mo), a great GPU, probably a Nexus (at the very least an unlockable bootloader), and probably Key Lime Pie (or whatever the next dessert of Android might be).

  • Pdiddy187

    A new Verizon Nexus.

  • joey lanane

    My GNEX breaking at the time a new Nexus phone is released (well if Verizon gets another)

  • I just got my GNex today, so I won’t be parting with it for awhile. Unless some mega super duper phone comes out soon.

  • znewman

    A new Nexus device that is relatively cheap and on a CDMA network (Verizon cough cough…)

  • Dan Lampke

    Any stock android phone that also has a large battery. I’m talking at least RAZR Maxx size.

  • It would take another Galaxy Nexus.
    …and yes Chris, you are correct. Lol

  • Pretty simple, another Nexus phone with the best stuff not available yet to other phones.

  • A newer Nexus device.

  • John Santoro

    A galaxy nexus 2

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    Another Nexus But I guess that’s the answer for everyone…

    • ProfessAndObey

      yup, another Nexus would be the only thing to pry me away.

  • Despyse

    A brand new Nexus!

  • pezjono

    Galaxy Nexus 2

  • Not even considering leaving my Gnex until the next line of Nexuses are out and I can take my pick. I’d go back to my OG Droid if I had to.