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Qualcomm Releases Updated Vellamo Benchmark Tool With New Beautiful UI


Qualcomm released a major update to their Vellamo benchmark Android app last night and it looks stunning. Aside from the UI changing to a 2012-esque styling, they updated the browser benchmarks and added tests for WebGL, network testing, and also for HTML video. If you haven’t benchmarked your phone in a while, now would be a good time to.

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  • Greg Smith

    I noticed that on my N7 I am getting lower than expected scores. In particular, the device info shows that one or two of the cores are “unavailable” when the test are run. Fails the Inline video, but passes the Advanced video tests. CPU score comes out below my (slightly tweaked, but not overclocked) Gnex. Is this not designed for a quad core processor? My Gnex tests fine.

  • Is qualcomm a dependable brand for mobiles ?

  • Q

    Cool App.. makes me feel like the Nexus is still pretty stout. The benchmarks dont seem that far behind the GS3

  • loudaccord

    Galaxy Nexus (LiquidJB Beta 2.0 Francisco Franko nightly 249 at 1.2ghz):
    HTML5: 1358, Metal: 396
    note: I’m not OC’d or UV’d on Interactive Gov.

  • score

    hahaha – one cannot benchmark their phone. a benchmark is a target level of performance.
    now, we could run the test on our phone and compare the score to a benchmark.

    • Aardvark99

      … and a verb that describes running such a test is called benchmarking.

  • NorCalGuy

    Its been a while since I went benchmarking… the project butter in jb is so smooth benchmarking almost seems a thing of the past when there is little to no lag