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Pink Samsung Galaxy S3 Spotted in Korea, Paris Hilton is First in Line

According to images leaked to the web, Samsung will be releasing a bright pink version of their Galaxy SIII in Korea next week. Sexy. So far, Samsung has been working hard to expand their color offerings and just recently released four additional colors to go along with the original pebble blue and white variants.

There is no official word from Sammy on if the pink version will land in the States yet and it’s usually dependent on the region, but fingers crossed some girls can get their hands on this beautiful device in time for the holidays. In fact, Samsung should send us some seeing as how it matches Droid Life’s colors pretty well.

Digging the pink?

Via: GSMArena

  • jane

    i want d pink s3…wen it wil come hir n dubai?

  • Marlou

    i want to have that pink phone in Holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry Hurry!!! 😉

  • I was on the fence about an S3, but dear God, if Verizon gets a pink one, I will hop on that so fast.

  • dreadnatty08

    Does this phone give me AIDS?
    F her.

  • Jim McClain

    wish my nexus was as good with a battery as the GS3

  • William_Morris

    Your title is irrelevant, Paris Hilton has to use an i*hone because she’s way too dumb to use an android phone.

    • Va Jaya

      Is that a dig on Google or Apple?

      • jeesung

        or maybe a dig on P. Hilton?

        • William_Morris

          Dig on Paris Hilton and on Apple.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    i guarantee my wife would like this color… me? not so much.

  • JSIN

    My GF is gonna be pissed when she sees this she just got the white one and was complaining that there wasn’t on in pink

    • Jim McClain

      same here

    • bkosh84

      Ditto, my wife bought the blue one when we went and got our phones.. She’s gonna be pissed if she find out this is coming state-side.

  • Nagini


  • AroundTheFur

    Kellen will still get one.

  • Hothfox

    I usually like black phones, but Android typically doesn’t attract a lot of females to their products, so maybe the pink will be good for the ecosystem.

    • michael arazan

      Korean girls love pink, my ex had pink everything, I hated pink because of her. Droid Life has helped me go through Pink therapy, and learn to like it again. Now when I see pink, I think of happier things, because of all the good information DL brings. thanks to DL.

      • Hothfox

        I’m so sorry pink was tainted for you. I only like pink if it’s, like, neon black light pink.

  • Michael_NM

    It’s the Droid Life edition. ;0

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Why can’t we just cover the base colors first? Why does AT&T get exclusivity to the red model? If Sammy is gonna copy apple and make a pallette of colors on their devices, can they at least have the courtesy to extend it to all of the models.

  • Superdroid

    OH my eyes my eyes, HELP!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Dude, there is Droid-Life pink, and then there is just pink. This isn’t DL pink you wanna be seen with.

    • lol

    • MikeCiggy


    • trixnkix637