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Official: Jelly Bean (JRO03O) Update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Approved and Rolling Out

It’s official. The Jelly Bean (JRO03O) update for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus has been approved and should be available to everyone shortly.

If it hasn’t popped up on your device yet, we recommend that you check with WiFi turned on, as the pop-up screen for the update says that it is only available via WiFi until October 1. Support docs also mention that this is a WiFi update. If it’s still not showing up with WiFi on, try the Framework clearing trick that has worked for many in the past.

Framework trick:

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.

If that doesn’t work either, there is a manual way to update it, which we have posted here.

As you can see from the support docs, this is indeed the Jelly Bean that you have all been waiting for. Google Now, new Voice Search, better notifications, a better keyboard, smoother transitions, more intelligent widgets, sharing photos and videos over NFC, and improved camera functionality is all included.

If you want to watch a full Jelly Bean overview, check out the one we ran through on the Nexus 7.

The update is 146MB in size.


  • jdhav3man

    This update is terrible. Do not get it. I can no longer hang up phone calls or use the number pad while in a call. There is a lot of smooth new features, but if you can no longer use your phone as a phone, what good is it.

  • If your on wifi mode it works without having to do all these steps. I just woke up a few mins ago and it popped up.

  • xxseiferxx

    I’m running a rooted IMm76k with an unlocked boot loader and I did the trick to get this update to appear. It downloaded and said to restart, which I did. When rebooting, It appears to be updating, but then fails showing the android fallen over with a red caution sign above it. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to remove root and lock boot loader first?

  • Brett

    Hi all, I just found this comment on another website and it worked for me right away. I had been trying everything I could find, and this worked on the first try. Hope this helps:

    “Guys try this, It worked for me in first try and I had been waiting since yesterday morning. Requirements :Fully stock Galaxy Nexus deviceWifi Connection to download the software updateThe Following steps to be Followed :Go into Setting -> Apps -> All -> Google Services FrameworkYou will see a button for “Clear Data”; clear it.Go into your dialer and type *#*#2432546#*#* – This will cause a ‘force
    checkin’. You will notice that it shows “checkin succeeded” across the
    top.Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button.”

  • hldc1

    1. Turn on Airplane Mode
    2. Turn on Wifi
    3. Go to Settings | Apps | All | Google Services Framework
    4. GSF: Clear Data
    5. GSF: Force Stop
    6. Go to Settings | About phone | System updates | Check now

  • Received my OTA to jelly bean this morning.. Central, IL

  • district_d

    Finally got it in Washington, DC. After being a nay-sayer toward those who were doing a series of tricks with the GSF and Airplane mode 40+ times, I read one of the comments about having to wait until the GSF is completely cleared out before proceeding to check for update.

    Worked on the first try. I can’t believe downloading an OS update for a GNex is like entering in a cheat code into my SNES.

    • It’s not. It was just finally your turn. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • district_d

        I guess we’ll never know for sure. Trust me, we shared the same point of view until I tweaked my approach on the GSF and it worked on the first try.

  • JC

    it seems like my phone reception issues (a lot of dropping, bad connections, etc) have stopped since my upgrade…just wishful thinking, or did the radios change?

    • its probably the baseband radio issue with the v.09 vs v.10 versions. seems like they fixed it

  • rbobbydray

    So what is the consensus? Go back to stock and re-lock for the update, or just stick with whatever custom Jelly Bean ROM you have been using?

    • hey i have the google wallet installed on stock using that workaround method. im afraid to install the jbean update bc of that secure element issue with gwallet. and use phone for work so not rooted .

  • ANYONE with STOCK nexus who has an installed working google wallet upgrade to jbean? im afraid of the “secure element” getting messed up. is it safe to update with the gwallet on there or how should i go about taking it off?

    • hldc1

      I did not remove my Wallet info from my Galaxy Nexus before I updated. Update went through, went into Wallet, and everything appeared to be fine. Haven’t purchased anything yet since I updated to Jelly Bean, but I’ll update this when I do.

  • if i have a stock nexus but have google wallet installed using one of the backround ways it install it, will i mess up the secure element? or what should i do before i upgrade to jbean?

  • RagTopTA

    Well I like how smooth and fast it is. but the GOOGLE search box up top that was just outlined is now it greyed out and looks like a huge tool bar at top of my home screen. looks horrible! Whos idea was this ??

  • Currently downloading JRO03O. I figured out the NEW TRICK!! Guaranteed to work for you because it did for me. I did nothing with the Google Services Framework.

    1. Ate a chicken nugget (shaped like Mickey Mouse)
    2. Did some work (that’s where I am, after all)
    3. Went to take a pee
    4. Came back and checked for software update
    5. Bam! Jelly Bean.

    I’m certain it was the above steps and not just my turn in the queue. Try it!

  • I knew I was going to get some flack by saying I wanted to go back to stock but I’ve been AOKP and my battery life has been terrible ever since. Also it hasn’t been as stable as I would like. What ABOUT Cyonogenmod? How’s 10 been working out? I should also mention that I tried underclocking but that just made multitasking very hard.

  • I’m so excited! I have a Galaxy Nexus coming in the mail to replace my iphone! WOOOOO!!!

  • kaganb

    Just got it in NJ. Followed these steps:

    Airplane Mode
    Turn on Wifi
    Clear Data
    Force Stop
    Checked for update, nothing
    Force Stop, wait for data to appear
    Clear Data
    Checked for update, downloading now

    • Barry Taylor

      Oddly enough, it worked when following this method.. How strange! Thank you!

      • thegeneralfamily

        me too.. thanks!

    • YinzerRob

      this also worked for me! i couldnt get it to work with any of the other listed methods! thanks!

    • Andrew

      Didn’t work for me. None of these methods has worked. It has to be random and people just keep doing tricks until they actually get the update.

    • Matt

      I can’t believe it, but it worked for me, too.

    • Mallahet

      Madness! It worked! Thank you!

      Got it to work in MN, although it’s on wifi only, obviously.

    • scruffykid

      Got it! Took one more force stop and clear but downloading now!

    • Lizz.0

      Thank you!!!

    • Nick

      Had to do it about 10 times alternating Force Stop and Clear Data but finally worked, downloading now.

    • sirsteve1968

      GREAT work kaganb. This worked for me too! In CT – installing as we speak. I had to do a few extra steps, but figured it out! Thank you for the tips to enjoy jb goodness!

    • C.J. Novotny

      Worked for me on the first try! Have been trying the framework trick for three days now and got nowhere until this! Thanks!

    • After spending 3 hours with various techniques, this one somehow worked. Thank you!

  • MikeRam2500

    IT WORKED!!!!…Thanks for the vote of confidence.And all the great info here. Thanks a million.

  • just got mine this morning. yay..

  • MikeRam2500

    Not sure about force stopping and clearing out things especially in something that’s a framework. how safe is this? will this damage the phone if it doesn’t work? .and I also have the IMM76K build numbe and if what I am reading is correct the update will not work.Comments and help please. Would like to get the upgrade

    • You will be fine. I did this on my wife’s phone before the JB update and no issues what so ever.

  • bujiwam

    Holy crap! Its like a different phone. So much snappier!

  • briire

    I was skeptical that this would work, as I had already tried it 7 or 8 times.

    As others have (kinda) noted, the following actually worked for me, as of about 9 a.m. E.S.T. on Monday, 9/24/2012!

    1. Make sure you’re on a WiFi connection with a good battery charge (or plugged in).
    2. Go to Settings | Apps | All | Google Services Framework
    3. Tap the ‘Clear Data’ (not ‘Clear Cache’ — it wasn’t tappable) button.
    4. After several seconds (when all the actions and calculations have completed), tap the ‘Force Close’ button.
    5. IMPORTANT: The app data has likely repopulated a little bit as a result of step 4. Now repeat Step 3. This should result in a 0.00KB data cache after a few seconds.
    6. Go to Settings | About phone | System updates | Check now.

    This is how I got Jelly Bean on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus previously running v4.0.4 IMM76K — stock, unrooted, locked! It works and Jelly Bean is awesome, even if the first time it runs, it’s a little laggy due to being so busy with its first startup. 🙂


    • Ryan


      • briire

        Welcome! No one had yet spelled it out for me without resorting to the “root it and unlock it already so you can flash it yourself” response, so you know… 🙂

    • JMG Nole

      I do this, and it works, but the Download button only appears for about two seconds, it disappears, and then nothing happens.

  • Airplane mode->framework->JELLYBEAN

  • Bigsike

    All of our company phones here in Ohio are now getting it. Question what to do if rooted? Unroot to get it? Use Voodoo to keep it? any ideas.

  • Has anyone had any issues updating? My wife’s phone which is stock never been rooted got the OTA and then when it rebooted I got the Android with the red exclamation triangle! It then autorebooted and we are back at 4.0.4? Anyone?

  • Just received the update. Put it on airplane mode, went into Google Framework, clear data, force close and there it was downloading….Dayton Ohio….

    • buzzchilly

      Same here, Southeast Indiana

  • Installed it in my wife’s phone (GNex) after playing the Google Services Framework game about 20 times, it finally installed and works just fine. I still prefer being rooted (on my own GNex) and able to flash new roms. I’m running TeamBAMF JB version 2.31 which is JRO03L with CPU speed enhancements. Much nicer than stock JRO03O.

  • Installing now in Wisconsin. Finally!

  • I just got my update (in NYC) put on WiFi & airplane mode, and went through the framework clearing/date clearing and updated check. Thanks all! Gonna give it a week to see if I like the stock or try a new ROM that will incorporate the new radios in the build. =)

  • kOnEkT

    It worked! I’ve been force stopping Google Services Framework, clearing data, and then checking for updates about 80 times every hour the last 48 hours and it finally worked! I think a small amount of poop came out.

  • Out in Central PA, just got the update, just finished installing and rebooting*

  • kph3

    Been trying since Friday using the posted trick…no luck. Read about the reverse trick…and immediately it worked. Jelly bean is awesome. Clear data and the force stop…then check for update.

  • stevie j

    the framework trick really works, the trick is to wait in the framework menu for a few minutes before moving checking for a update.. don’t give up

  • Peter Bryan

    It’s simple. Follow the above instruction but don’t proceed to System Update till the register in Google Framework Services indicates it’s at absolute zero; you’ll need to clear cache and force stop a few times in succession for this to happen.

  • thisguy

    its out in the bay area. Didn’t need to do the tricks or force stops, just checked for the update and it prompted me to connect to wi-fi to download the update.

  • achaff86

    Downloading now in northwest ohio!!

  • Threshrr

    Got it in Manchester, NH. Found a new trick though… I sat down and commenced dropping and deuce and BOOM it started downloading!!

  • chrissuper70

    got it in NH.

  • Bradley Michael

    finally got it to work in Alabama using framework trick. No airplane mode required

  • Nothing in Wisconsin yet. Anyone else get it lately?

  • Nothing in Philadelphia yet…clearing frame doesn’t work either

  • Noob

    any news from texas yet? beaumont/port arthur area

  • imtheechelon

    Does anyone know how to take the boot up nexus symbol and turn it into a downloadable file and make it a live wallpaper?

  • StormbladeX69

    My phone updated this morning, but still reports 4.04 ICS… Stock/Rooted. Any ideas?

  • Rich R.

    Uninstalled Google Wallet. Nothing. Tried Airplane Mode & Framework about 50x. Nothing. I’m done trying. NJ Shore

    • Rich R.

      What’s crazy is how long “Computing” takes for Storage in Google Services Framework! 10-15 minutes sometimes for it to pull up 150kb or so! Way too long!

    • bassman418

      do a factory reset….

  • Michael Gomez

    After trying to get the update since Friday every way possible. Finally got it today Sunday Morning NYC CHEA!

  • Imtheechelon

    I have been doing the force stop and clearing data for 24hrs and nothing.. then i cleared data then forced stop, then went to updates and it was there! uploading now!!!

    • jimbo

      that reverse trick seems to be what got me the update, thanks.

    • This worked for me as well! Thank you!

  • Tim Cooper

    Google Wallet is being rumored to interfere with the update. I had been trying all weekend, but as soon as I uninstalled Wallet I got it, first try.

    • i have google wallet installed on mine too stock, i installed gwallet using one of the backdoor workarounds, but now im afraid to upgrade to jbean, what should i do?

  • bassman418

    got my replacement friday and i just did a factory reset on my old phone im sending back tomorrow ( flash stock + unroot then oem lock) and JB update just popped up. LMAO. i just put it back to ICS and JB is back. Offically anyway. Ive been running it since like july……

  • diamonddave242

    Okay guys, I did the “trick” this morning and it worked!! I live in northwest Washington.

  • I turned on my phone this morning and after 5 minutes of regular use, the update popped up. The “tricks” everybody is talking about didn’t work for me. I’m at the Tri-State Area (NY)

  • John Wildman

    Lmao.. my wife had to use WiFi to update, so I turned on Foxfi on my razr. It worked just fine.

  • DainLaguna

    Mine randomly appeared after the framework trick, but who knows what actually caused it. And unlike my wifes ios6 update it only took about ten min to install. 😉 i have an n7 but the jb enhancements are so much more apparent on a device that was running ics. Feels like a new device!

  • Tom Ball

    Still waiting in Albany, NY. Running K not Q… Would really love to know the update schedule since I bought the phone on launch day.

  • Rich R.

    NJ Shore – Still waiting. I can’t count how many Framework and Airplane modes I’ve tried. Beyond frustrating Verizon!

  • Peter Stover

    How do I fix this damn screen burn? I can see Pandora constantly!

    • bassman418

      call them and tell them your phone has an issue. make them send a replacement. I didnt want to do it because it was a i515 .09 korean model, had it since launch without
      a single scratch on it. But the screen burn in was pissing me off and the warranty has 2 months left on it. so i figured i had 2 months to start the replacement loop and keep doing it till i got a good one without issues. turns out the first one they sent me was perfect. the screen was twice as bright, no burn it and had that thing unlocked and rooted within 5 minutes of it being out of the box. It is the i515 .10 chinese model but oh well….. LOL

  • Ricochet722

    Got it in VA using WiFi/ Airplane mode trick.

  • Happy as hell!!!

    Just got it in Jackson, MS

  • liz

    Finally got my JB update. I didn’t go crazy. I did the framework trick when I felt like it (maybe like a dozen times since Friday night) and it finally worked (at 315am EST).
    I did not have my wi-fi on nor was in airplane mode. the update did start dl-ing before i went to turn my wi-fi on.

    South of Boston, MA.

  • Andrew

    If you have to do the “trick” 12 times, its not a trick. If I buy enough lottery tickets eventually I’ll win something. It’s all random! Tried every trick here and nothing. Sometimes I really loath Verizon. But then I compare my signal coverage to a friend on att, and remember why I put up with them.

  • Jim McClain

    it so much easier to just unlock,root and do it yourself,,,paradigm 2.3.1

  • Ian

    Just called Verizon Wireless Technical support. Apparently they send the updates via which users purchased their Galaxy Nexus first, so all users should receive it within the week. It has nothing to do with tricks…sorry guys.

    • Kevin Alexander

      I bought my Galaxy Nexus before noon on release day, still nothing for me. This is disappointing. But hey, first world problems and all that. Been enjoying JB on my Nexus 7.

  • Anything in Wisconsin yet? I’m on IMM76K also

    • wonka

      nothing in Madison

  • shawn

    Anyone in Chicago?. I’m n IMM76K. Hopefully I get it soon

  • Anthony Saylor

    I just got it about 30 min ago.. its amazing. I’ve done the app trick about 30 times, in and out of airplane mode, and then I finally got it… I also went to a Pitt football game, ate wings, and had some soda.

    Now I don’t know if any of those things affected me getting the update. Probably not. But I got it here in Johnstown
    Hail to Pitt

  • bmac

    my nexus isn’t activated right now, will I still see the update?

  • Still no update in NorCal… I’ve probably stopped framework service 1000+ times.

  • ForrestTracey

    It finally worked for me!
    1. Turn on Airplane mode.
    2. Turn on WiFi.
    3. Go to apps>all apps>Google Services Framework and clear data THEN force stop.
    4. Go back to settings>about phone>check for updates.

    Mine showed up doing those exact steps! I’ve been looking for it all night yesterday and all day today just by going into settings>about phone>check for updates… and nothing! (I even looked 1 minute before I tried the framework trick)
    I finally decided to try the framework trick and Bam!!
    Unlocked stock Gnex Albuquerque, NM

    • Rob Putnam

      Thank you, Thank you. Been trying various combinations all night, but these exact steps just worked for me as well. Rocking JB in Chicago! Unlocked stock.

    • Fontanez

      Thank you for clarifying the steps for me. Jelly Bean is downloading!

    • dxb

      this worked for me too, and I was on K, not Q. Tried the other instructions before and they didn’t work. Thank you! (NY)

    • This worked for me! THANKS!

    • ForrestTracey

      Glad that worked for you guys… Fluke or not…? But it worked for me 🙂

    • Worked perfectly for me.

      Tampa, Fl

    • Daniel Rand

      Didn’t work the first time, but worked the second time! Thanks a lot! Southwest Washington.

  • I tried the framework trick and I’ve received the Jelly Bean update three times. After the Phone reboots I get the Android on its side with the red triangle coming out of it. I’ve only read one person who had this issue and its really frustrating. Anyone have any input on this? I’m unlocked and rooted running stock 4.0.4 IMM76K. Thanks

    • Sorry, you got to unroot your phone to get this. You can leave it unlocked though!

  • mike silverman

    I thought we were to get a new radio antenna with this update still sucks bionic in the same house has an extra bar what gives…

  • Anthony Saylor

    Still nothing.. johnstown, PA

  • Ryan Rhodes

    If you haven’t received it yet, this really does work.
    Put your phone in airplane mode, then turn wifi on, then force stop framework, clear cache, disable, enable, system update. Keep doing this several times while leaving airplane mood on and it works!!!!!!!!!

    • Jack

      This worked for me in indiana

  • Sheldon

    Just got it here in Alabama.

  • Got mine at noon after doing the framework trick, airplane mode and wifi. I’m located in Kansas City.

  • Peter Stover

    Got the update! Kinda jittery though. NOT buttery smooth, home screen widgets aren’t rotating smoothly, Google now tiles don’t come up on basic questions, and it takes about 2 minutes for the phone to boot up! Sup with all the inconsistencies?

    • omgitzjose

      1st ive heard of any of those problems. maybe your phone is defective?

  • Mykal

    Just got it here in Nashua NH

  • shay

    Tried the airplane mode trick and it worked the first time!

  • MetChazz

    Okay, I think I got the trick down now follow these steps and it’s guaranteed to work:
    1. Turn on Airplane mode.
    2. Then enable Wi-Fi.
    3. Force stop and clear cache for the Framework.
    4. Shut the phone down pop the battery out.
    5. Boot back up and check for updates.
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 at least 42 times. Now comes the most important part:
    7. Have device become eligble for the update from Verizon.
    Guaranteed to work! 🙂

    That being said #7 just happened for me, downloading now! WOO HOO!

    • hiimdh

      Took about 4-5 tries to clear the data FIRST, then force stop the app. The first time, I had to force stop the app to even clear the data. Then after the 84.00 KB data came back, I cleared the data first, then force stopped it. Checking for the update after the 4-5th time and I finally got the prompt.

      I did not need to restart the phone or pull batteries. It’s overkill and takes way too long.

  • PhoneGod

    tried this twice I have no patience for this. Good luck guys.

  • omgitzjose

    i keep saying i give up but this time i mean it lol

  • leo

    WOOOOOOOO got it in the morning.

  • KWong

    Got it in Oakland, CA about 4 hours ago. Tried framework trick a dozen times but I think it is all random.

  • Works just got jb in nj

  • Osu293

    So I’ve been trying for two days and out of nowhere I cleared the cache and force stopped google services framework with wifi and data enabled and as soon as I cleared and force stopped I pulled the battery and it was just there when I restarted. Im in Ohio btw…So happy!

  • groovetuber

    Got it here in Pittsburgh…there definitely is something behind the the framework/airplane mode trick…tried it without the airplane mode earlier when I saw a few ppl said they got it in the area…didn’t work…got home from work, went into airplane mode then turned on wifi, then framework trick, then sys update…took 8 tries and then it worked!

    • I’m sure it was the trick if it took 8 tries. smh

    • i’m downloading the update in pittsburgh right now after about 12 framework tricks in airplane mode with wifi on

    • ranger

      tried over 50 times with normal framework, but once i tried airplane worked after 3 tires. definetely works

    • Ryan Rhodes

      He is not kidding. Put your phone in airplane mode, then turn wifi on, then force stop framework, clear cache, disable, enable, system update. Keep doing this several times while leaving airplane mood on and it works!!!!!!!!!

  • knick4life

    Framework trick just worked for me. Tried it 40 times or so since last night.

    since some have asked about this I was on IMM76K before

  • Anyone with imm76q with a refurb that got the jro update yet?

  • Probably as definitive as we’re going to get.

    • I tend to agree with this assessment. I just put down what worked for me. But as I said, it could have very well been a coincidence. You just never know.

  • Okay, people I have a slightly new process for you to try that seems to work, but again, I don’t know if this actually worked or if I just got lucky.

    1.) Pull the battery on your phone and reboot it.
    2.) When your phone is booted back up, DISABLE your Wi-Fi connection.
    3.) Go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Framework Services.
    4.) Force Stop
    5.) Clear Data
    6.) Press your home button.
    7.) Settings>About Phone>System Updates>Check Now
    8.) It should trigger the update at this point. In order to download it though, you will need to turn your WI-FI back on.

    I make no promises…this is what worked for me…it may have actually did the trick, or possibly my number just came up, but give it a shot.

  • mike silverman

    Just got it in ct!

  • NYCLawyer

    Is there any reason why I should un-root, since I have had JB for months?

  • dereknmsu

    Framework trick finally worked for me. I must have tried 25-30 times. i’m in Las Cruces NM and was on wi fi

  • Has anyone in NYC, gotten this update? I still havent… =(

    • kriegsnet

      Not yet 🙁
      Just tried the Airplane Mode / Framework trick, nothing.

  • Ajay

    If this is supposed to be a wifi-only update, why does it have to be staggered?( I’m presuming its a ‘pull’ from Verizon servers rather than a ‘push’). Looking at the experience that everybody is having, including me, leads me to believe decision makers at Verizon have iphones. Its just ludicrous, if carriers expect people to be wasting hours on end in the hopes of getting an ‘update’. People spend lesser time waiting in line for a phone.

  • *sigh* There is no “trick”. You people are morons. It’s complete random coincidence when you get your update. If there were a “trick” it would work consistently. I got my update right after I took a shot of Tequila. THEN I did the framework clear and spun around in a circle. Bam, update. Try it! *waits to laugh at morons*

    • Droon

      Haha this made me laugh.

      I still might try this method, although I hope I don’t get the update on the first try.TEQUILA!

    • omgitzjose

      it obviously works for a lot of people so whos the moron?

      • Right, it *obviously* worked completely randomly and not at all for most people. You really believe that there is a “trick” to get the update to show up? Then YOU are the moron. Sorry for being so blunt. No I’m not. I cleared my Google Services Framework before posting this by the way. And nothing different happened.

      • In all honesty it does not, you get the update when you get it. People just think it works because they are doing it then they suddenly get the update. Like Matt said if it was a “trick” it would work consistently.

  • viewthis66

    Still nothing here in San Jose, CA. I’ve tried the above trick and the ones below using airplane mode and nothing.

  • Justin

    I kept trying and trying and trying and trying and it kept saying I was up-to-date, tried the airplane mode and that didn’t work. Now, I’m not sure if it was coincidence or not, but what finally worked for me was the following:

    1. Airplane mode (wifi and auto-sync turned OFF)
    2. Google Services Framework force close and cleared data
    3. Turn on wifi while still in airplane mode
    4. Check for update

    Again, it’s possible it was just a coincidence but it worked immediately. Ps. JB is awesome.

    • Rich R.

      Tried this 3 times and have had no luck. Still waiting – NJ Shore

  • fritzo

    Finally! Getting it now in Chicago. good grief.

  • oddity98

    I tried the Airplane mode trick. Worked for me!!! Downloading now! Kernersville NC

    • ajm

      Me too. Airplane mode trick works

    • Evil-D

      Airplane mode trick doesn’t work for me here in MN. Anyone in MN get the update yet?

  • David Harris

    Just got mine Spokane,WA

  • ajm

    So I did the clear frame trick 1 time this morning and BAM!!!! update started downloading right away! On WiFi of course.

  • counsel dew

    Does it solve http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019? If not, it won’t help me…

  • diamonddave242

    From the last several posts, it seems it’s all east coast. What the deuce??!!

  • alenghi

    Woke up to some tasty Jelly Bean this morning in Chicago!

  • guyinmass

    Got it on both phones last night just doing the framework – for one phone it took 3.5 hours of trying and the other phone took 1.5 hrs. Just outside of Boston MA

    • guyinmass

      And it works great. The phone has less lag and I haven’t had any
      more signal/data drops

  • Ben

    figured I might as well put in my input on this. I have tried about 20 times over a period of last night to this afternoon. Airplane mode then wifi on, framework trick, it worked on the 2nd try. No idea how this system works but mine finally popped up!

  • EatUrCrap

    I tried the framework many times with no results, but then I turned Airplane mode on, with wifi on, and then did the framework, and instantly got the update first try!

    • diamonddave242

      Did it all this morning, and nothing. I live in northwest Washington. Where are you? Maybe it’s done by region.

      • EatUrCrap

        North California

  • Walt

    for the i515 also?

  • Dave

    After what felt like a million attempts at the framework trick since yesterday, it finally ‘worked’ for me this morning. I was in airplane mode with WiFi on, Google Framework Services -> force stop, clear data -> system update…and it was finally there. (Chicago)

    That said, I’m not convinced that anything I did made a difference. I was doing the ‘framework trick’ so much, I still think it was likely a coincidence.

    • EatUrCrap

      THAT WORKED!!!!

  • I still don’t have it, Verizon is gonna get set on fire soon

    • tm3

      Just keep trying, and trying. I did the trick straight for just three times, and gave up. The next hour, I committed to myself that I would do the trick as long as it took, and lo and behold after the 7th try….

      I was in airplane mode with wifi turned on. In So Cal.

  • ohyeah

    Recieved i. Oly Washington

  • peezwizz

    I know this has been asked 1000 times over the years and I should know the answer to this question… but I was running BB and was having just the smallest issue with google now where I couldn’t follow my sports team, so I went back to IMM76K. So my gnex is unlocked, root access, but I’m not running a custom rom. Will I still receive the OTA update? or will I just have to flash custom again.

    • Jim McClain

      wish that would add college sports teams

    • I am in the exact same boat. I was having a couple small problems on BB too and went back to IMM76K. I also haven’t received the update yet, but I’m pretty sure we will. Just have to wait a bit longer.

  • jose

    Safe to say that we on the northern east coast will be getting it sometime today or tomorrow.. did the air plane trick and still got nothing

  • DJ

    got it after 10 times clearing out framework! colorado!

  • StuB2

    Did the framework trick twice (I was doubtful) and got the update just now in Chicago.

  • Tim

    Downloading now in the Pittsburgh area. Put in airplane mode, turned on WiFi after, went through the Framework stop/clear data trick and it started downloading about the 10th time after.

    • Roog

      In New Orleans, this worked for me too – on the first try. Thanks!

  • I have a technical question. I’m running AOKP’s version of Jelly Bean but I want to go back to stock. Do I need to flash it like any other ROM or can I just reboot my phone to get it?

    • Jim McClain

      the radios on it were leaked weeks ago, why would you want to go back to stock ?

  • vit0

    OKAY! I got it this morning 9/22…I had to do this though. Running stock 76K.

    Put phone in airplane mode
    Turn on wifi
    Do the framework trick BAM!

    • Lee Sandy

      This is SORT OF the right way to do it, but there’s one more piece that would add better specificity to these instructions: You HAVE TO have your data on before going to airplane mode, then come back out of airplane mode on the data network < this changes your phone's IP Address which is what Verizon uses to identify our device. Once you've changed your IP address, follow the above steps and it will work. (I work for Verizon Enterprise Solutions-not VzW but still close enough to understand that VZ is not all that complicated in their networking complexity, as much as they want you to THINK they are!) Simple enough!

      • Lee Sandy

        Unfortunately, MY phone keeps getting the update then shows me the error Android image with the red exclamation triangle over top and I have to do a battery pull every time (second time now, going to see if it happens a third time.) Anyone know why this is happening? I’m running the stock 4.0.4 IM76K but I’m also unlocked…?

        • sru571

          holy moly, I must have tried all methods, but this one ACTUALLY worked for me. Just saw the message on my screen, cannot believe it.

          NYC 11:15 a.m.

          Airplane mode, on, then off again, then back on, cleared GFS data, then force close, swiped closed settings, re-opened and went to system update, and it was just sitting there. Verifying the download as I type.

          Thank you Lee!

      • Jremmy

        You are a kind, kind soul…Tried over 2 hrs yesterday and an hour this morning to no avail. Saw this post as I was continuously trying and voila! Thank you!
        BTW, I’m in San Diego.

      • kph3

        I have tried this 3 times…no luck yet. 🙁

        • Act of God

          Same here, Long Island NY

          • Artune

            I’m in LI as well, got it last night after many (50) attempts with the Framework trick. just keep trying it will work. I didn’t do airplane mode either

          • Act of God

            Just got it, finally!!! Now I can go day drink

      • rick

        Oh my god thanks! Here in NYC I tried all yesterday to get updated and this method worked on my first try. Kudos Lee. Now enjoying the perks of jelly bean. I had IMM76K if anybody was curious too

      • Thanks been trying since yesterday but this worked the first time!

      • luis barron

        This really does work! Got it on my first try 😉

      • 1droidfan

        Didn’t work.

  • Nothing yet in Northern VA. I did flash back to ICS yesterday from the leak JB OTA.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Is Google Wallet working in this one?

    • You will have to sideload it, but it does work.

  • groovetuber

    Anyone in Pittsburgh receive the update yet? Framework trick doesn’t work, just a matter of when they push the update to the area I’m assuming.

  • matt125

    Just got the update in LA area. did the force /clear thing like 3-4 times and everything stayed blue.

  • kph3

    Still nothing in southern Indiana….anyone else close with any luck?

  • jose

    Anyone around RI, CT, MA get the update without doing the trick?

    • mike silverman


  • Shaun

    Finally just got it….it will come when they release it. I did all the tricks and nothing happened.

  • anezarati

    Do just unlocked phones still get ota updates? I’m unlocked but not rooted. Will the update relock me?

  • jwthrush

    Took about 4 tries of killing the Framework and it grabbed it. Yay Jelly Bean.

  • tc

    i just got mine after clearing the framework data and force closing after not trying it for a while. it could still be coincidence, but i thought i’d let people know. (i’m in PA)

  • KG

    So i’m unlocked and rooted, running stock 76Q. Had customer recovery, but flashed the stock recovery using the Wugfresh toolkit. Did the framework trick to get the OTA update notification, but the installation did nothing. The phone rebooted, was stuck on the stock recover screen (with the red triangle) for about 5 minutes and eventually rebooted back to the system with no changes… Still on ICS with the old radios. Anyone know what went wrong?

  • Okay, this is not difficult…there has to be a direct Google download link for this upgrade regardless of if you are on K or Q build…FYI to others…if people are providing you update links and telling you that you need to unlock your bootloaders before they will work, it is NOT the genuine upgrade. If this is a genuine upgrade it should be as simple as downloading the update, moving it to your phone, and rebooting.

    • Also, guys who are doing the manual steps 40 – 50 times…sorry, that just means you got lucky on time 50 and the update was pushed…actually doing the steps didn’t help.

  • chrissuper70

    Still nothing in NH.

  • Mtzan

    Still no update here in Chicago.

  • edwoordd

    Today I just got the next and using official ics 🙂 my tolt finally stopped working properly sadly. no update either, my Gf gsm Gnex had Jellybean for while can’t wait for mine though.

  • Brenden Keene

    I already rooted my V Galaxy Nexus and flashed the JRO03C rom a while ago… anybody know if the new update from Verizon will replace it or what the differences are?

  • Okay Verizon you sent out the update on the day the iPhone5 is released, I sort of forgive you now.

  • C. Farnsworth

    After trying this whole framework clearing thing for what must be the 80th time, I’ve reached the conclusion that it must just be coincidence when the update shows up for people.

    • Artune

      Not true my friend, it seems to be hitting people in the westcoast and moving east, I’m in NY and after doing it over 50 times I got it around 9pm fri. I did the same trick for the 4.0.1 update a few months back. Not a coincidence

  • Peter Stover

    Nothing in northern Michigan.

    • Peter Stover

      Got it! Did the framework trick but don’t have Wi-Fi near by! Son of a!!

  • Graham Wilson

    Got the update! Not sure what I did! Just been trying all the tricks! Restarted my phone and then I got it finally after trying all day!

    • finlay123

      What state!?!?!

      • Graham Wilson


        • Where in VA. Northern VA here and I still on ICS

          • Graham Wilson

            Newport news! I did all the tricks people were saying in the comments along with restarting the phone too!

          • I tried too still no go.

  • All you need is patience and repetition, and I promise it will eventually show up!

  • finlay123

    After trying a decent amount of times throughout the day, I’m now doing the mass try amount in an hour method. God speed to myself.

  • dammit still nothing here. tried over 40+ times

  • Tim Buchanan

    My bootloader is unlocked, but otherwise stock. Will I receive this update?

  • Seems like they are doing the West Coast to East Coast Method. They update in tiers and sometimes they do it by area. They do this so their servers don’t overload. I’ve been trying for 4 hours in NY and I got nothing.

  • mike silverman

    sitting here setting up my wife’s iphone5 and trying to get JB with my Nexus…

  • lerophon

    40+ tries throughout the day, over 20 in last 30 minutes and finally got it. (in the sf bay area)

  • Michael LoCastro

    Does anyone know if this update has the same baseband version as the one that leaked in august?

  • Spider210

    22 times here in upstate ny…

    • Rob

      Did you have to try the framework trick 22 times or did you do ‘check now’ 22 times?

      • Rob

        ***Update*** after having wifi enabled and data enabled. Performing the framework trick a bunch of times over the course of an hour and a half did it. Installing now!

  • rick

    here in ny still waiting. Tried the method many times but no luck. Will keep on checking


      Should be around 20 times or more probably.. Took me probably 20 times..

  • Rob

    Been watching a movie (Cowboys Vs Aliens) and checking it occasionally and nothing so far in Baltimore.

  • finlay123

    Literally hounding here for methods and seeing how people are getting it. Nothing in nj. UGH


      Should be around 20 times or more probably.. Took me probably 20 times..Keep trying..

  • Spider210

    took 22 times but it just worked!

    • finlay123

      What method? the one above?

  • mmmpopfanatic

    Anyone in MA get the update yet? No luck here in central MA yet.

    • I know I haven’t. I’ve been trying since 10am. I know someone in Mansfield and a few Boston people have gotten it, but no luck here in Douglas.


    OMG.. You guys are right.. @finlay123:disqus … just keep doing it, just did it like 20 times, restarted twice, airplane mode, everything. But finally, finally it just popped up!. lol Keep trying, took me about 17 minutes literally.. 🙂 So excited!!


    not working but i will keep trying!!, come on jelly bean, i thought u came in a package.. XD

  • finlay123

    Any word on any other methods? Still nothing in the NJ, NY, CT tri state area -___-


      just keep trying, im in florida.. it took me like 17 minutes of turning the phone off, airplane mode, and clearing the data before finally letting me get it. It just popped up, So keep trying. If you do all of this and in half an hour it doesn’t work, i guess you’ll have to wait.. 🙁

      • jay

        where in fl

        • GNEX(MOTOX)

          Parkland, y?

  • JoeTi

    Fyi, if your preferred 3g/4g toggle widget is now not working, try 2g – 3g onoff network toggle by curvefish. Its only good for taking you to network settings but that saves about 3 steps.

  • Update in progress…thank you, Google! from Seattle.

  • Artune

    Ok so right after I asked about if wifi should be turned on before hand it worked!! I’m in new york and after what seems to be my 50th attempt (trying since 10am on and off, not throughout the whole day) it popped up. I followed exactly how it states up above. Don’t give up folks it is live and you’ll get it eventually if you keep repeating.

  • I currently have build IMM76K. Is it still safe to flash the download link?

  • Artune

    This may sound silly but when you guys do the FW trick are you on wifi already or do you do the trick on 4g and then toggle it on when it prompts? I did this trick for the last update and it worked after half a day but that didn’t require wifi so just making sure.

  • Still wont let me update. Tried all the tricks. Miami, Fl

  • thefullritz

    Got my JB!!!!

  • AnthonyMoya

    Nothing yet here in Albuquerque. Tried the framework trick about 100 times today.

  • omgitzjose

    last time for 4.0.4 i used the framework trick and it worked the 1st time. now its a update i REALLY want and ive been trying all day to no avail! damn you verizon!

  • What do you lose when you try the framework clearing trick?

    • stebe

      your virginity…

  • SeanBello

    now give me system image lol

  • MK2

    I figured out a foolproof way to make it work.

    Step 1 – drink a martini
    step 2 – eat sushi with friends
    step 3 – have more drinks
    step 4 – wake up the next day and download update

    • Didn’t work. It’s the next day and still no update. And the sushi was mediocre at best… 🙁

  • Still waiting on this damn update to clear, Framework didn’t do the trick…

  • 4n1m4L

    So what about the q? Still no multi channel audio or chaining?

  • Kevin Moreno

    follow the framework trick but dont after you clear data and force stop just go home and go to system update and it should work by the 3rd try

    • Artune

      I can’t understand what you just said, can you repeat that?

  • DroidCLH2

    I am completely unable to get the update over wifi and mobile data…..

  • Anthony Saylor

    Still nothing… coming from Johnstown, PA

    • I’m in mt.pleasant, and still nothing too

  • Hello. Do I need to be locked to receive the OTA update?

  • viewthis66

    man i’m losing my patients… i’ve done the process above like 50 times and nothing haha :/

    • i feel ya. apart from waiting months for this official release. I’ve been waiting since 10am trying and trying the same process. I just received the update at 220pm pacific time. Keep trying eventually it will come through for you as it did for me!

      • viewthis66

        cool man, thanks. glad you go it.

    • MK2

      Patience, it’s called patience, and I find distractions enhance it greatly 🙂

  • vzw ak wtf

    Still nothing did they pull it back?

    • keep trying man. I’ve been trying since 10am and i Just received it here in san Diego, CA 220pm

  • finally received it. I’ve been trying to force it since this article came out earlier this morning hahaha. hours later and 50 times trying I finally have JB! woooo!

  • Hayward

    Hayward CA, reboot and force stop/cache clear and the update is downloading!

  • joejoe5709

    Semi-noobie here. If I have installed a custom JB ROM would I have to wipe that first before Verizon pushes the official one to my phone?

    • I’m pretty sure you can’t be on a ROM. you have to be on Stock 4.0.4 so i think you would have to wipe everything if you have to go back to stock.

      • joejoe5709

        Hmmm. Sounds like a weekend project. I’m no longer quite as afraid of flashing and wiping since this JB build, but it’s still gonna take me a bit because I like to go slow and take my time. Sure I could stick with the ROM, but I like the idea of an official update. Glad I didn’t wait for JB though. Jeeze… That was forever.

  • jose

    Still no update what gives?

  • OK, still waiting on my stock device with IMM76K after numerous attempts following every “hold the phone exactly like this” kind of steps to get the update I can find. Apparently like everyone else? Any updates on the update Kellex? Is VZW doing on of there “over the next several days” kind of updates? It was annoying waiting this long for a device I have to keep stock, but now knowing it is “official” and still not here makes it just that much worse.

    • It’s almost always over several days, rolled out intermittent… imagine if all 3000 of us on the forum right now were downloading 175mb from vzw… it’d crash their servers. The rollout is usually random. It’s not alphabetical, it’s not by serial number or purchase date, build number of your device… totally random. The clear services framework is not always successful. It looks like it’ll be completely rolled out no later than October 1st… here’s hoping you’re in the first batch.

      • Thanks Dan. I figured as much, still sucks. I’m sure they have their reasons for staggering it (although I doubt I would agree with them). I’m sure it’s not a capacity problem as 175mb may be big, but I can’t see how it would cripple their network unless this was the only phone they sold and it hit everyone the same minute (oh, and this WiFi only…. so, that really can’t be it). I’m betting it’s one of those “company policy” things comes into play here. They do it for all their updates and they are just going to keep on doing it that way because that is how they always do it.

        • Good point about the wifi… I was thinking more about where the files are actually stored and downloaded from … that’s not a big deal though, you’re right.

          It could be staggered in response to customer support calls… I’m sure there are noobs that need help after each update and call in for help.. who knows.

          As for me, I used the ‘clear google services framework’ and it literally took me about 40 tries, 20 minutes over and over and I eventually got the update. It is Awesome.. seriously, I’m pretty floored at how smooth it is, no longer jealous of my wife’s gs3!

    • I’ve been trying since 10am and I just received the update here in San Diego, CA as of 2:20pm pacific. You just have to keep trying after clearing the google cache.I tried at least 50 times since 10am lol.

  • finlay123

    Anybody in NJ get the update yet??? ugh. tried the method so many times!

    • matt


    • jj

      I did. Tried in airplane mode with wifi only on and got it immediately…. after dozens of normal mode fails. Probably coincidence but worth a shot.

  • 4 hours and maybe 75 attempts later… update coming in now…

  • sofarsogoodsowhat

    I’m running the MMuzzy JB rom, this is my first foray into rooting/flashing, what will this update do when it hits my phone? in other words, will i need to revert back to 4.0.4 to get this update

    • Larizard

      I’m pretty sure you should be running an official build for you to receive this update OTA. If you have a custom ROM installed, you won’t get the notification.

  • Manual update is up at XDA! YAY!

    • Q


  • Anthony Saylor

    I’m running full stock, but still nothing. I’ve been on Wi-Fi all day, cleared the app numerous times and still nothing…

  • Matt

    You your phone is not currently activated but still connected via wifi will you still get the update?

  • Why doesn’t Verizon delay ios releases like they do for Android? Apple release iOS6 on Wednesday…my wife simpyl goes and downloads it. Google releases Jelly Bean in July…and I have to wait until the end of September AND it’s not even a global release. What gives? Why the double standard?

    • Steve

      I dont think carriers are allowed to mess with the ios code at all.

    • Scott

      I updated my wife’s iPhone 4S software to iOS6. The simplicity of just downloading it and installing it was wonderful. None of this clearing cache/framework sillyness. It is element seriously missing in Android.

  • InyRules

    This sent my girlfriend’s phone into an endless boot loop.

    • Jeally Bean sits at the Google boot screen for some time when booting up, checking the file system for any issues. It Can take up to ten minutes to boot, especially the first time after install.

  • JMonkeYJ

    anyone know if this update dumbs down universal search? or are the Nexus devices not liable for that?

    • Nope! No dumbing down of search whatsoever. Search bar searches my contacts, apps, Google music, etc.

  • For everyone who is trying the Services Framework trick and it’s not working, here’s a tip that may or may not help you (this worked for me).

    1. Go into apps, force stop it, and clear data as is instructed.
    2. You will notice (or at least I did) that your WiFi/cell connection will turn grey, indicating that you are not connected to Google services (since you just force stopped/cleared Services, this makes sense)
    3. Hit check update button. The first time I did this, it said I was updated. I noticed that even though I hit check update, the bars were still greyed out.
    4. At this point in time, I opened up Google Talk and logged in. The bars returned to blue, indicating I was re-connected to Google services.
    5. Now, close GTalk and re-do the force stop/clear data in Services. This time, I noticed my bars stayed blue for some reason, maybe because it left the GTalk connection up. I can’t explain this one really, but my connection to Google services remained on even though I had just force stopped it and cleared the data.
    6. This time, with blue bars still on, I went into Check for updates. It had the 1970 date, indicating it was reset as required. I hit check for updates, and bam, I got the update notification. Since I was connected to wifi the entire time, it immediately downloaded.

    I hope this helps some of you. It might have just been a weird kink or good luck on my end that I got it this way, so don’t hurt me too much if it doesn’t work for you! 🙂

    • None of this works. It’s just luck of the draw. People are getting it randomly. Just coincidence.

      • Liderc

        Agreed. It’s totally random. I remember when I did the ICS update this way, it just happened on like the 4th try. This time I’ve done it like 20 times and no luck.

    • Still didn’t work for me… I’ve been trying for 3 hours… haha

  • Cleared Services several times and didn’t get anything. Clearing Services AND doing a battery pull triggered the download, or it was just convenient timing. Hope that helps some people.

    • viewthis66

      so you went into Services, Force Stop, Clear Data then immediately pulled the battery, turned the phone back on, went into settings and pushed the Update and button and it worked? or did you do something different then that sequence?

      • Didn’t check force stop. When the phone powered back up, the update started downloading.

        • viewthis66

          10/4 thnx

  • Gman

    Should I get the Gnex NOW or not bother? Please advise.

    • JMonkeYJ

      there will likely be new Nexus devices by the end of the year. of course they will probably be $200-$300 on contract. GNex is still very good. it’s really up to you.

    • If your current phone is not busted and could last a few more months, I would just wait and get the next nexus device

    • boardjnky4

      get one second-hand. save your upgrade for later

  • mikeszekely

    Why is the keyboard better? I like the one on my Galaxy Nexus better than the one on my Nexus 7, pretty much because instead of trying to predict my next work when I hit space, it offers me punctuation options.

    • Sammy V

      I had the same complaint. Go to Settings > Language & input > Android keyboard settings > Advanced settings > and uncheck “Next word prediction”. You’ll get your punctuations back.

  • Dan

    Anybody think that stock would run more smooth than AOKP build 2?

    • Jim McClain

      bamf paradigm 2.3.1 love it,not one problem and mic cut off has not happened since i flashed it

  • finlay123

    Method wont work! Im doing everything right like Wi-Fi on and so on! HELP!!! (stock version)

    • n900mixalot

      Just have to wait. That framework stuff doesn’t work unless the update has rolled out to your device.

  • achaff86

    can you still update it even if you don’t have it activated? I have wifi on but I recently got the gs3 but I still want to update my gnex

    • jboogie1289

      Good question.

  • BardSchapp

    Still no update for me. Restarted 3 times, did the framework trick, on wifi

    • David Le

      try turning off wifi, then turn off mobile data, then wifi on and framework trick

      • hiltoab

        That WORKED for me!! However, it didn’t work exactly like that. It failed the first time, then I turned mobile data back on, cleared the app again and wham! downloading now

  • Adam


  • ControltheRiot

    Did the framework trick enough and it finally came through. Northern Minnesota.

    • viewthis66

      how many times before it did work?

      • ToddAwesome

        took me about 30 times or so.

        • viewthis66

          wow… ok. i’ll keep trying. i’ve tried like 10 times.

      • ControltheRiot

        About 20. Just keep pluggin’ away. It’ll pop up and that momentary rush of excitement will hit.

    • sk8rphink

      Which radios did it come with?

      • ControltheRiot

        FF02 / FG02

  • Alexander Garcia

    …and on the same day of the release of the iPhone 5. I’m on to you Big Red!

  • cynindesign

    Not happening here, did all the tricks recommended….what determines who can update first? My build is IMM76K

    • Location, I’m almost positive. If they do Tier updates, they move from one side of their coverage zone to another.

      • cynindesign

        If that’s the case, why would a couple who bought Nexus together….she got the update and he didn’t?

        • Sometimes people are in a different tier. This is what they told me. The rep said she had the same problem. Either they are doing it location, or they could be doing it by IMEI numbers/Device ID numbers.

  • PC_Tool

    Back to stock, locked, and wifi.

    …no update.

    Cleared data on framework…no update (last check 1969…cute)

    Ah well. It’ll show up when I need to actually *use* my phone…

    • n900mixalot

      EXAAAACTLY! Hahaha

      • PC_Tool

        It *really* sucks how long it takes to copy 18GB of data over MTP…

  • I feel good for my Verizon Nexus brothers, and even better that the leaked verision is the same as the OTA!

  • Can someone pull the link? I can’t get the update…

  • web

    try clearing data as the instructions said and then do a battery pull. Try the update again. It worked for me

  • perfect timing. just received a nexus from my company today (staying stock)..my personal nexus is running codename android however 🙂

  • Alec Chvirko

    Besides FoxFi, is there anything else that stops working on JB? I’m a little worried about Google Wallet getting shut down again.

    • PhoneGod

      I would like to know this also…I use my foxfi a lot….kind of scared to lose it.
      What’s an alternative besides rooting to get a hotspot app?

      • Jim McClain

        root and get it free

        • PhoneGod

          Yea I might have to do that.

    • Apparently I’ve heard volume+ isn’t compatible with JB

  • Bloodthirsty

    Can’t get it to d/l. On wifi and I cleared data. hmm

    • Same here. I’m wondering if firewall maybe at fault. I’m on wifi at a Cal State University and they have a lot of ports blocked. If anyone has got this to work can you share if it is home, corp, or other type of network?

  • ForrestTracey

    No update available on either of our two phones yet. Tried the trick too but nothing.

  • Graham Wilson

    if im unlocked but stock can i still get it?

  • DragonStrom

    Still nothing here either, been trying for 2 hours now

  • diobando

    So, does this work from both K and Q?

    • Nathan Jennings

      I second this question.

  • Screw you Verizon – DInc2, Bionic, and T-Bolt users are still waiting on ICS, and you send out Jelly Bean?! Ugh.

    • MK2

      It’s a Nexus… get one 🙂

  • Over Wi-Fi. I have to wait until after work then.

  • Shaunwin

    Does anyone know if the radios are getting updated with this OTA. I had used the FG02 / FF02 radios, but my phone ran really hot.

    • florious80

      My guess is that it will come with the new radios.

    • MK2

      Confirmed, new radios.

      • Shaunwin

        Are they FG02 / FF02?

  • do i have to be unrooted to get this? Right now im ulocked & rooted running stock IMM76K

    • Scott

      If you’ve run any type of custom recovery, I don’t think you will receive this. You can download and flash there. Instructions are on this site, just go back a week.

  • Mtzan

    Nothing here in Chicago. So disappointed.

  • MrEnglish

    Sweet Love updates. Perfect timing too, Fedex is on the way with my iPhone 5. Now I can sell the Gnex with JB on CL ASAP.

    • ControltheRiot


      • MrEnglish


        • ControltheRiot

          You win.

    • Kinda funny, though.

    • Stewie

      “Fedex is on the way with my iPhone 5” [sarcasm] Hope they are not using Apple Maps to find you, or you’ll be waiting a long time for it …..[/sarcasm]

      • MrEnglish

        Ain’t that the truth. Maps right now is a whole new level of suck. I’m using Google maps via the bookmark and hopefully will see the iOS Google map app soon as they have it in already for approval. I love the new iPhone, but I’m not going to be all fanboyish and say there aren’t suck aspects of it. Thanks for the laugh though, even though it’s true!! 😉

  • Evil-D

    I am running IMM76K not Q. And force stopping and clearing data on the google services framework and then checking for update still says my phone is up to date. No Jelly Bean for me yet.

    • thefullritz

      Same with me, tried a dozen times in the last hour..

    • Same here. Did this actually work for anyone from
      IMM76K( I.e fully stock)

      • finlay123

        Didn’t work for me either and im on stock too!

      • jj

        Yes for me. Most likely coincidence, but after 20+ tries I cleared data while in airplane mode and then turned wifi on while still in airplane mode. Worked on that try immediately. YMMV.

        • Evil-D

          Repeated steps described. No luck.

        • Didn’t work for me. Must have been a coincidence.

    • Nothing yet for me.

    • Liderc

      Still nothing for me, tried a dozen times or more.

      • jboogie1289

        How do I get there again? I mean try that.

    • Same with me. Nothing here either… stock

      • Darren Kopp

        same here. finally worked

    • Evil-D

      Still nothing for me. Time for bed. I have tried on and off all day and nothing. Booo.

    • Evil-D

      This is really starting to annoy me. First thing this morning got up and repeated process like 10 times and still no update. Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Boo.

    • vit0

      Just got mine this morning.
      Used the network trick nothing 10 times this morning 9/22…THEN I put the phone in airplane mode. Network trick and BAM started to update.
      enjoying JB now : )

    • Evil-D

      Still no update. I am in Minnesota. Anyone in Minnesota get the update? I have tried the airplane and wireless and force stop google service framework and clear data. Then go turn wireless on then try to check for update. Still say up to date already. I am going crazy here.

    • Evil-D

      OK tried something new. Force stopped google Framework services. Cleared data. Disabled Framework services then went in to about phone and no update choice available. back out and go back to apps and scroll to the bottom and reenable google framework services. Then force stop and clear data again. then go back to system update and it worked. Downloaded and rebooting right now. Yeah!

      • Evil-D

        I should also mention I emailed Verizon tech support before trying the above. I got not response from them, but I was logged into my account when I sent the message.

      • Kevin

        I am writing in response to this post to report that IT WORKED! I’ve been checking every hour or so, clearing data and force stopping as reported in the article with no success (been trying since getting home from work yesterday and it’s now 9pm in California Saturday). I tried this method and it worked first try. Downloading now and about to have an even better weekend. Thanks Evil-D

        • Evil-D

          Glad it worked for you too. I shared your prior frustration.

      • Jordan Harvey

        This made it work for me as well. Thank you!

      • Worked like a charm….

      • Greg

        Have to remember to disable the framework services and then renable. This is the key. I spent all weekend stopping and clearing, but not disabling framework services. Finally worked. Evil-D’s method is the way to do this.

    • Yes it worked for me im fully stock and running IMM76K…just try repeating the process a few times thats what I did. Try clearing then force stopping it. I did it backwards and in like 5 tries it worked!!!

  • FlyyyMario

    Absolutely nothing here. Turned off twice, cleared framework about 50 times, tried 3G & LTE, and nothing yet.

    • Tim Cooper

      You have to be on WiFi for this one.

    • greg

      Nothing here either. cleared framework and on wifi. so far nothing.

    • Dang it! #refresh-o-matic

  • Sean Harman

    Still nothing showing up for me.

  • quest

    I tried all these steps and still have nothing any other suggestions besides having to root my phone

  • Ben

    Mine won’t come up and i have tried everything. I don’t want to do it manually either. What should i do?

    • Drummer62

      wait longer, that’s all you can do 🙂 I’m right there with ya!

      • ToddAwesome

        agreed. it took a while, but it finally worked.

      • Ben

        ok thanks

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I was considering flashing back to stock 4.04 then taking the OTA update to 4.1 just to see what stock JB feels like, then I remembered I have a Nexus 7 and that has stock JB, so I decided against going to all the trouble.

    I do need to get around to flashing the updated radios though.

  • ToddAwesome

    Anybody know exactly what the “dumbed down” Universal search changes actually are? I can’t tell if the Jelly Bean update has it, or if it will come with this Google Search update that popped up to be downloaded after installing JB? I do see a “search phone” link now when doing a search, is that part of the dumbed down feature?

    • RW-1

      If the google search is dumbed down, for example searching for a name will nto return a contact from your phone, or music if you have any on it with that name/title, etc.

      • ToddAwesome

        Ok, makes sense. If I search for a contact it brings up the contact AND a “SEARCH PHONE” option. The search phone is what made me think it was dumbed down, but if it’s not even supposed to return a contact, well, that answers my question.

  • em12345

    To those of you wanting to go back to stock, there is a one-click stock program on the xda developers site that flashes stock ICS 4.0.4 on top of any ROM. It will reformat your phone thought I believe.

  • j__h

    I am on imm76 k rooted. Do i have to flash imm76q then flash this one. Or is the one i can just flash once. Oh, also keeping root. And do i need to wipe?

  • Cant wait for JB on my Galaxy S3. I hope JB has something to replace S-Voice on the S3.
    I would rather have the voice controls that were in the Galaxy Nexus back when I had it.

  • Nothing here in Corvallis, Ore.

  • TG

    Ok Ok great. But what about us gs3 superior folks???

  • BrianLipp

    now to just wait the few days (maybe hours??) for ROMs to update to the “new” version of JB to get any bugfixes and whatnot it has (if any)

    • RW-1

      ROM’s to update? They have been on this build for quite a bit, as they compile from source, most are PAST this and are now on JRO03L …

      • BrianLipp

        Are you sure? IIRC, the N7 launched with JRO03C, the image on googles site is JRO03D, and ROMs are on JRO03L, like you said. So, to me at least, it seems they are increasing in alphabetical order for the last letter, the further down the alphabet, the newer the version. So, one would assume that JRO03O is newer than JRO03L

  • ToddAwesome

    Sure enough, FoxFi is toast after installing this update!

    • shdowman


    • ricksties

      Is there anything else that will work?

    • toonz

      Wow– Now I’m not sure if I want to update.. Any similar programs that are working???

    • usmitcboy

      If you to the app in the market, the developer mentions that it doesn’t work with Jelly Bean. Another reason I haven’t tried 4.1 on my GS3.

    • Jim McClain

      root and go custom, ya get it free

    • RoboRobP

      Do me a favor. Get a toggle switch from the market that support the built in Wifi Tether. On ICS you use to be able to bypass the subscription check from Verizon if you didn’t enable it in the menu and used a toggle instead (just tested this and it worked). let me know if that works. (if you dont get a popup about the subscription check then it wont charge you.)

    • Bristecom

      Wow, so FoxFi doesn’t work, Flash doesn’t work… Is it even worth updating?

    • Wes

      Get a toggle switch app (Try Power Controls on the market) and add a tethering switch. I was able to bypass the check that way.

  • Jelly Bean update on iPhone 5 release day. Apple is just catching up as Android is leaving them in the dust again.

    Yes, I realize Jelly Bean has been out for a while, but my joke is funnier if I ignore that fact. 😉

  • Ryan Rhodes

    No update available here in MO. Could you guys please post a simple step by step guide on how to update this manually? When I had an unrooted motorola droid, we could just download the update and then somehow get it to recognize it was downloaded and then it installed. Anyway to do this now on my unrooted Gnex?

  • duke69111

    Iphone users can suck my Jelly Bean flavored nuts.

    • funny guy

      lmao that right there was funny

    • aQuickBit

      what about nut-flavored jelly beans?

  • ezpotato

    picked up a used nexus after selling mine months ago for terrible radio quality. flashing this right now, so the timing is perfect!!! cant wait to try this out

    • ezpotato

      on CL for 160$!!

    • Dont forget to buy the extended battery from amazon,
      Trexcell Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3800mah
      You will require it to last a full day.

      • will bartlett

        no you dont

  • Scott

    Are the radios the same as the ones that were leaked?

    • trophynuts

      word is yes.

      • Scott

        That’s sad.

        • Jim McClain

          i flashed those radios weeks ago and they work great for me

          • geedee82

            Yeah the new radios are great.

  • cynindesign

    If my phone is rooted and unlocked would that prevent getting the Verizon JB update

    • JoshGroff

      You may have to re-lock, as long as you’re on stock, root won’t be a problem (it will be broken though.)

    • Kevin D

      No, mine was rooted and unlocked and I got the update. That’s actually a screenshot from my phone on the right above! 🙂

  • nothing here in pittsburgh

  • br_hermon

    I’m rooted running Bugless Beast so don’t know that I’ll do this but… Couple questions: 1. This update matches the previous leak right? So this includes the FF02 / FG02 radios? 2. Does the update include the Amazon Bloatware? (doubt it) 3. Does this included a “dumbed” down version of Google Search? 4. Since Pete makes Bugless Beast of of AOSP, and this is an official VZW build, does that mean it is considered as AOSP? I hope so, so Pete will build from it.

    • BrianLipp

      i think the Amazon stuff only applies to new phones, not updates. Plus this is a “Google Experience” device, which according to the memo wont get those pre-installed apps

  • enerjak

    JB for GS3 coming soon? Yea?

    • Chronon7364

      CM10 FTW!!!

      • T_Dizzle

        and we have landscape homescreen functioning. Ha ha ha…

  • Just put the radios from this update onto my rooted Nexus running AOKP JB.. I’m now getting 17.4 mbps download and 11.3 mbps upload. Stoked!

    • Scott

      You used the leaked ones?

  • Stevedub40

    Damn Verizon! Not only do they rape people on data costs, they are now forcing updates to be done over WiFi. Unbelievable.

    • Jordan Webb

      I realize it’s partially selfish, but it also saves all the people who switched to sharing 1gb to save money from overages.

    • Not really, why would you want to download 146mb over cellular.
      it would take forever and kill your battery dead. even on 4G
      wifi was the best call to make for this update.

      50mb and under ok to deploy over 4G anything over, force the customer to go on wifi.
      its 2012, if you dont have wifi by now, well then your just not cool. and I would have to stop talking to you. :o)
      You’ll have to excuse me I am jealous of you Jelly Bean folks, your so lucky.

  • JazzoRenee

    Yay!!! Until I realized it’s only for the Nexus. Yay for them though.

    • n900mixalot

      Thanks! What update are you waiting for?

      • JazzoRenee

        Jelly Bean for the S3 hahaba

  • Brent Newcomb

    Where is JB for my Droid Razr!!!

  • goatodoom

    My update seems to have stopped going…anyone else having issues? Or is the wifi i’m on at work just that awful

  • EDNYLaw

    To all those asking about “free tethering” first off you have a Nexus device, unlock it (or at the very least root it) and throw on an AOSP ROM and you’re good to go. Those that (for some inconceivable reason) want to remain 100% stock, the FCC’s 7/31/12 decision specifically says Verizon cannot block or cause to be blocked tethering apps from the Play Store. There ya go.

    • sk8rphink

      I think they can still block you if you are still on an unlimited plan. If you have a limited plan, then they can’t prevent you from tethering. Elixer 2 worked for me for a long time to enable a wifi hotspot before I rooted.

      • EDNYLaw

        Nope, any 4G device is subject to the C Block Regs. See my website for more details jasonklimek.webs.com. I’m one of the attorneys responsible for the FCC decision

        • sk8rphink

          Did not know that. Thanks for what you’ve done!

  • LucasMonroe

    Boom! Got it!

    • sk8rphink

      What are your radios now? The same ones that were leaked? FG02 / FF02?

      • LucasMonroe


    • Did you come from IMM76K or Q?

      • LucasMonroe


  • Detonation

    “When you rely on Verizon Wireless, you know you are getting cutting edge…”


    • SchwannyT

      Yes but you get it in the back…. if your lucky… and not too tall….

  • falexander115

    Anyone know if this OS Update will fix the mic-muting issue plaguing so many of us?

    • ddevito

      which version of the radios are you running?

      • falexander115

        VZW swapped me into a Razr Maxx a few months back when they could not correct the problem – so I don’t actually have the phone right now. However, I DO have the option to go back to the GNex (which I prefer), but I want to be sure the issue has been corrected before I do…

  • gorkon

    YAAAA! Enjoy people!

  • Liderc

    So now my market won’t let me download anything, get an error saying Error: Update for Facebook Messenger could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0].

    No JB update either.

    • ToddAwesome

      When you clear the framework it will take a little bit for the Play Store to sync back up. Usually have to visit the play store from your phone first, then wait?

      • Liderc

        No luck, rebooted, disabled/enabled google services.

        • cns2007

          Any luck? I still can’t download either.

          • Liderc

            Hey, I had to actually remove my gmail account from sync in account & sync settings. Then I simply added my gmail account back and the market is working again.

    • will bartlett

      i had that issue before the update…with facebook messenger too…

  • ToddAwesome

    Finally worked for me here in Boston. Took about 30 tries clearing the Framework, but it worked. Apparently patience is the key step in the process.

  • wtsamatta

    I’d be excited, but I traded my Nexus for an S3.

  • ddevito

    Best mobile OS on the best platform. Cheers Android.

    BTW our maps are grest

  • PhoneGod

    Damn I won’t be able to get on a wifi network until later 🙁

  • Alan

    Can you get this update on stock rooted ics? I mean will it break root? Or will I have to unroot then get the update?

  • Booyah

    Does update come with radios newer than the ones posted on this site a week or two ago? (FF02/FG02 I believe)

    • ddevito

      no they should be the same

  • Fakekellex

    Great. Now I will be checking every 5 minutes until it comes. Uugggh. Got iOS 6 on the new iPad though. Maps sux. No iPad optimized YouTube and notifications suck balls

  • Brittbritt

    *deep sigh* i wish my update was available

  • Brent Cooper

    Switched from a Gnex to a Maxx after 6 months with my nexus….even though im behind on all the software updates, I can actually make it through a day on a single charge! This to me is more important than running the latest software and always having to be plugged in.

    • mustbepbs

      Great? What does this have to do with the JB update?

  • fritzo

    anyone in Chicago get it yet?

    • Drummer62

      nope 🙁

  • Fakekellex

    Wll I lose the tethering widget work around? Aka tethering for free?

    • Droid4LifeDawg

      Don’t need a work around, settings > more > tethering & portable hotspots > Portable Wi-Fi hotspot > and put a check-mark, you may wanna change the SSID and password to something familiar.

  • Chris

    I cleared the framework cache and now the market won’t download anything, just an error. I cleared the market updates and cache to no avail too 🙁 +no Jelly Bean update either!

    • Liderc

      Mine too, can’t download or update anything from the market anymore. /fail

      • AnthonyMoya

        Had the same issue. First make sure you Enable Google Services Framework. Go into all apps and if it’s disables it will be on the very bottom of the list. Then all you need to do is restart your phone. It’ll work after that.

    • ddevito

      try rebooting

    • I had a similar error, but after rebooting phone and clearing data for Google Play Store, everything works again.

    • Liderc

      Chris, I ended up having to remove my gmail account from settings/accounts & sync then remove your gmail account, then re-add the gmail account. A notification will come up at the top and say you need to add a back up email account, simply add your gmail account back and should be good to go.

  • Have been running BAMF Paradigm with this but lately it has been a bit buggy for some reason. May just go to stock version but like the little tweaks I can do being rooted.

  • Nothing yet, for me, with Wi-Fi and LTE.

  • Bionic

    Hey assholess at Verizon. Where the Fuckk is my ICS update?

    • classic……I feel for every one that feel into the bionic trap. I was ALMOST a victim.

      • Bionic

        I love how they said early q3 and q3 only has 10 days left.

        • Moto + Verizon = SLOWEST UPDATES EVER. I was a victim of this once… never again.

      • duke69111

        I completely agree with you. I have a coworker who fell into this trap and he asks everyday when he is going to get ICS.

    • Daniel Clifford

      But really…..this is getting sad. Been waiting so long now, thought for sure it would not be this long after the RAZR.

      • KleenDroid

        ? The RAZR does not have Jellybean.

        • Daniel Clifford

          We are talking about the ICS update. @comiskeybum:disqus calls it out in his post.

          • KleenDroid

            I see… talking about the Bionic. Not sure how I missed that…

    • Jim Jones

      which brands actually update their version of Android? I’m envying iPhone users because they at least get some love.

  • RW-1

    glad for those who don’t wish to unlock and root, but this willbe the one with the dumbed down search, won’t it? (I’m on vicious 4.1.1, so it matters not to me …)

  • DanWazz

    10 days earlier than I though. I guess I loose this match in my Fantasy Verizon Update League.

    • Stevedub40

      LOL, how do I join that league?

      • stupidllama

        you just have to be on verizon, but there’s a catch, there are no winners, only those who lose less.

        • trixnkix637

          lol ^ this

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I had a replacement unit for some time now and I’ve held off until this wednesday and rooted it. Wanted to wait and see it officially but it never managed to show up. Oh well, Running AOKP Jelly bean 2.

  • Still nothing here in Dallas! I have tried the framework trick several times and even tried restarting my phone

  • Fakekellex

    Nothing. I even cleared the framework. Boooo :(. Maryland

  • j222

    Did they just hold out so people would buy the iPhone?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Thinking the same thang. And knowing VZW, probably…

      • Charles Barkely

        both retarded statements…..The iphone will always sell no matter what.

        • Agreed

        • Liderc

          Terrrrible statements…terrrrrible.

          • geedee82

            Oh that just trrrrrrrble. 🙂

  • Vince

    Any idea when a flashable rooted zip will be available?

    • Uh…it’s a nexus. You literally just flash Superuser and you’re rooted.

  • goatodoom

    I hope this update comes with terrible maps!

    • TD

      Wrong phone

    • Your pronouncing the phone wrong. it’s *eye-phone f(i’ve) Keep practicin it, by the time you get it right the maps will still be terrible 😉

  • DonJohnson

    Already on Peter Alfonsos build of this. Any reason for me to return to ICS and update?

    • znewman

      Just wait for an updated version of BB from Peter once the source is posted to AOSP.

      • What ^^^ he said, that is your best bet and you will get more out of your phone, instead of going back to stock.


      wondering the same thing…like BB and the “tethering”…not sure…

      • ddevito

        free tethering, slight performance tweaks and he includes google wallet

    • Adam Edwards

      If you already have the updated radios then no.

      • n00b question: how can you check your current radios?

        • Adam Edwards

          settings-about phone

          If you already have FF02 and FG02 you’re good.

      • Royal2000H

        I’m on Pete’s BB and my radios are FC04 / FC05. So hopefully he’ll update them now.

        • Adam Edwards

          Radios aren’t included in ROMs

          • Royal2000H

            Oh thanks for that! I would have sat waiting for Pete to put it in. Guess I’ll find it on XDA some time this weekend and flash.

    • ddevito

      Nope, especially since BB includes free tethering and slight performance tweaks. No incentive (just flash the newest radios if it isn’t already included in his 09-07 build).

      • duke69111

        To my knowledge radios are not included and need to be flashed after the rom.

    • ddevito

      Also – he includes Google Wallet in his builds

    • KleenDroid

      There is never a reason to return to stock. You are probably already running this. But if there is anything different in the update it will be included in your ROM very soon. Probably before the update actually comes out.

  • Mark

    my buddy got it here in ohio… i did the trick of force closing google framework and clearing data… rechecked on wifi and update came across

  • JSIN

    and your Android community encourage you to take advantage of AOKP

  • viewthis66

    nothing here. san jose, ca

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Thats great news, For those that haven’t Rooted

  • Any reason to go stock instead of my current AOKP JB ROM? Anyone think there will be new/better radios in this update?

    • DanWazz

      The radios are already available in a flashable zip.

  • Chuck Finley

    Kinda feels like that moment where you spent $10 on scratch-offs and won $10…

    • … and it also took you months to manage to scratch it completely off. 🙂

      • Chuck Finley

        …yeah that first penny didn’t work too well, and for the life of you, there were no other pennies or change of any kind in between your cushions, or in that Take A Penny/Leave A Penny jar at Exxon.

    • Liderc

      Sorry to bomb the first post, but anyone else seeing an error when trying to download from the market after attempting to clear the framework cache? I couldn’t get the update to download, but now I’m seeing an error in the market “Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0].

      Tried everything from disabling framework, to restarting, pulling battery, all the normal things. Appreciate the help.

      • cns2007

        Thanks, this worked for me too.

        • michael arazan

          remember to clear all app info including cache and in app info in Google service framework, and force close it. then check updates

          It took me only 2 trys, i have read that some others have taken quite a few trys to repeat all steps over exactly to get it to work, but it will work.

          • hiimdh

            YES! It worked! Took about 4-5 tries to clear the data FIRST, then force stop the app. The first time, I had to force stop the app to even clear the data. Then after the 84.00 KB data came back, I cleared the data first, then force stopped it. Checking for the update after the 4-5th time and I finally got the prompt.

          • Joe Pedulla

            YES! The fifth time worked for me, too! As I sit here typing this, a huge helping of jellybean is loading on my phone. Oh, and and the Pats just scored with 2 secs to go in the half to take the lead! Doesn’t Get much more better than this!

      • Chris

        Thank You! fixed me too 🙂 still no update 🙁

      • dongwenal

        yes thanks it worked!

  • About damn time.

    It’s a good thing JRO03O was approved for release, it’s pretty solid. The new radios are great too.

    • Michael LoCastro

      What baseband version do you have? I’m curious if it’s the same version that leaked in august.

      • It’s exactly the same version that leaked in August.

        • Michael LoCastro


  • markgbe

    Is this different than the leak from a couple weeks ago?

  • hikarutilmitt

    So now I’m thinking, maybe, just maybe, the Razr HD and HD MAXX will actually ship with JB preloaded. If we’re lucky. Maybe.

    • mustbepbs

      Not a chance. They were designed with ICS. Moto even said that they’d be getting JB by the end of the year.

  • John

    Cool. The 5 people who haven’t already upgraded in other ways should be happy. JB is awesome 😉

    • I would have totally upgraded months ago, but I screwed my Droid X up by trying to root it. I didn’t want to experience it again.

      • MikeCiggy

        The dX had a locked bootloader if I do remember correctly making rooting and roming a more dangerous thing. The Gnex is meant to be unlocked and is so simple, especially if you use one of the many tools that have been released. I have 4 friends with Gnex (on my recommendation) and I have hacked all of them including mine which I have replace a few times and I’ve never broken one of them. Except smashing it on the floor, or getting water in the charge port snowboarding.

      • John

        That’s understandable. I came from the DX so I know what all was involved with trying to root/rom that device. It’s COMPLETELY different for the gnexus. I mean completely. There are one click tools that can unlock/root our phones now that make it a breeze. Once you’re at that point, it’s just simple to reboot to recovery & flash away. you can’t brick the device. If you ever did, it’s easy to flash a stock image & start back over.

      • No you didn’t. An SBF will fix ANYTHING root related on the Droid X. You can’t touch the boot loader…which is all you need to SBF.

        And don’t use toolkits, bad kids. Do it the big boy way or you shouldn’t be doing it.

        • Ibrick

          Agreed, toolkits, and one-click root scripts are nice, but you should have a good grasp using ADB before using those tools. Also, it is most definately possible to brick a GNex. A couple well known devs have done just that.

          • j__h


        • Wanky McWankerpants

          IIRC, the latest OTA update broke SBF ability for the Droid X. Prior to that update, you’d be right.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        If you want help getting your gnex unlocked and rooted hit me up on twitter, @kfullmer87 I’ll help you get it done with no problems so you can enjoy the power of these phones.

  • chris

    none for me yet

  • toonz

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!

  • I rooted my brothers phone a few months ago to get him jelly bean. To get the update i have to flash back to ICS stock, unroot, and lock bootloader or just flash back to stock ICS?

    • znewman

      You would have to flash back to stock and probably flash the stock bootloader along with the stock recovery. Just an FYI.

      • Thanks for helping dude. We need more people like you on this site. Do you know where I can get the SB and the SR so that i can get to work? 🙂

        • znewman

          Stock Bootloader for 4.0.4 http://wonderly.com/bb/TORO/OEM/PRIMELA03.zip
          As far as the the recovery I manually pull the recovery from the stock image here: https://dl.google.com/dl/android/aosp/mysid-imm76k-factory-98d21321.tgz and then push it across with adb.

          • Do i need to unroot though? Which one do i flash first? I am on vicious jelly bean. Can you please take the time to tell me step by step? Even if you aren’t going to, please reply. I want to know if I should wait or just mess around until i find out what to do.

          • znewman

            Personally I wouldn’t go through the effort of upgrading the stock. The image will get posted eventually and if you wanted to go back that would be the best thing to flash. I have never used Vicious, but I am sure that it will get upgraded soon. The benefits of 3rd party ROMs usually out weigh going back to stock. If you really want step by step I can post it, but I would weigh whether or not the benefits of flashing the stock to upgrade it to the ota is worth it along with the amount of time it takes.

          • I understand your concern, I; as in me and my phone, am not going back to stock. It is my brothers nexus and he wants me to take him back to stock. Please do tell me step by step. It would also help me learn how to do it so that if i ever want or need to I would be able to. I would also help other people if you teach me. I am fairly new to rooting, although i have like 14 flashes under my belt.

          • znewman

            Flash the Stock bootloader
            Flash your ICS backup
            It looks like this tool is the easiest way to restore the stock recovery:
            With the phone plugged in and on you can open the tool, click Launch under advanced tools.
            In the advanced tools menu click Flash Stock Recovery under Restore Stock Recovery on the right hand side. That should be all that you need to do.

        • znewman

          Also you will get faster updates with a 3rd party ROM vs Verizon.


      no reason to go back to stock…same features without vzw lockdown on it!

    • i think you absolutely have to go back to the stock recovery, thats what allows the OTA’s.

    • ddevito

      Which version is he currently running?
      -I can’t speak for AOKP, but for something like Bugless Beast I would stick with it.

      • Vicious Jelly bean. Hey, do I have to unroot in order to flash the stock image and the stock recovery? I have the original ICS back up, so do I even need to flash the stock image?

        • ddevito

          No, you don’t have to unroot but (I believe) you’ll need to re-flash the stock recovery and stock recovery.

          How did you take the backup? I would say yes restore the ICS backup. Was the stock recovery part of that backup? Or are you using something like Clockworkmod?

          • I have the original ICS backed up through clockworkmod and can have it running in 5 mins. After i do that, a user posted the stock bootloader so i flash that and then what? That is where I get lost. I don’t know in what sequence to do this.

        • ddevito

          Honestly, I don’t know much about Vicious – although I was running V1 at one point, but if the devs update their version it might be worth waiting for an update. To me re-flashing stock just to get the “official” update just delays the inevitable – you’re going to flash a custom ROM at some point. KNow what I mean? It’s up to you and how well you/he likes his phones running as is right now

  • Three months later but better late than never. Thank deity for our developers

    • Jake

      Is it three months or two? I thought JB came out in July. Not that two months is acceptable…

      • LucasMonroe

        Better than the wait for the first update.

      • duke69111

        JB was released to AOSP on July 9.

  • Finally!

  • Gah.. i just downloaded the new AOKP Build 2 rom. Now to decide if switching back to stock is worth it since I am missing the camera app and sending a number to voicemail causes a continuous dialer FC. 🙁

    • Just switch to Bugless Beast. All the advantages of stock with none of Verizon’s bullcrap apps and disabled features.

      • William_Morris

        +1 to this. Plus you can be sure Pete will put a new nightly out that will have whatever other “fixes” it has over the ‘L’ version.

        • ddevito


      • I agree. Bugless beast is a great solution for those of us that like vanilla android. I resisted for a while, but it was actually quite painless to do it.

        • And it is actually more official that Verizon’s version of Jelly Bean. It’s built straight from AOSP with Verizon’s official 4.1.1 binaries. And it has none of Verizon’s bullcrap.

    • Roktzwiki themes section…my cherry pick ROM (and anything built the day after build 2) has the voicemail fix.

    • edward

      i was on build 1..flashed build 2, and i had too many issues. i went back to build 1.

  • yea!!!


  • Perfect timing.. Just picked a GNex up on eBay for $200 🙂

  • Have yet to receive it on my Gnex 🙁

  • mustbepbs

    F***ing right!