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Friday Poll: New Jelly Bean Users, Favorite Feature so Far?

It’s been a good day for Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners, as some of you are playing with brand new software. Sure, the wait was long, but you have to admit that Jelly Bean is worth it. We would love to hear some intial feedback as to what your favorite Jelly Bean feature is so far. Is it the introduction of Google Now? The new expandable notifications?

And as a two part, we know many of the rooted Nexus owners have been on Jelly Bean for months, so feel free to add in your expert opinion on the matter as well.

For me, I still have mad love for Google Now. To this day, it still impresses anyone I feel like showing it off to.

What's your favorite Jelly Bean feature?

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  • Josh G

    Jelly Bean is fine enough, but the best thing is that I can now hold a 4G signal! Had been on CDMA mode for months.

  • Google Now is brilliant. Perhaps better (in some ways) than Siri.
    Still, Siri did release first.
    I do wish that GNow would pick up many of the device-level features that Siri has.
    For example, “create calender event”
    or “Turn wifi on” (which seems like it’s coming based on the response)
    Gnow is awesome, but it’s still very much not finished. Just like Google says.

  • hxnexus

    It may have taken a little while, but Jelly Bean is a great upgrade and after looking at my friend’s iPhone 5, which is a very nice phone with a simply mediocre operating system, there is no way I would want one over a Google Nexus phone. No way.

  • Kitten_Runner

    > Resizable widgets

    That’s NOT a JB feature. That was in ICS, released on Oct 19, 2011.

  • imtrevonte

    Is it just me or does it seem like the battery life went down after the JB update?

  • Troy

    Can anyone tell me what the app is in this article, it looks really cool.

    • DainLaguna

      Google now bruh

      • Troy

        Thanks for the help.

  • Not sure if anyone will see this, but after just getting the update on my Galaxy Nexus (yay!) my calendar is still displaying things in the default color, unlike on my Nexus 7, that displays event colors on both the widget and within the calendar app? If anyone knows anything, please leave me a comment!

    • In case anyone else has this issue, just go under the Calendar app, under all apps, and clear the data. Then just resync, and BAM you have your events colored.

  • gpzbc

    I love Google Now , but it is sooooo slow when you first call it up.

  • Rich R.

    Still waiting… wtf! NJ

  • all of the above…

  • JC

    Woke up this morning and checked my text messages and noticed the system update icon. Needless to say I ignored everything else and downloaded Jelly Bean. Finally Verizon…finally.

  • Spence

    I only wish that Now had the ability to open/launch this party applications such as Pandora, or iHeartRadio

  • Russell Tanner

    I really do like all of these new features, but had to vote for Project Butter because that affects the user experience throughout the entire phone in a very positive way. While Android has gotten slicker over time, it never quite had the level of consistently smooth interactions of iOS, until now. It really is finally there.

  • Jwhap

    Just curious……does anyone have a screenie of the update version???? I have been on ROMs so long I am just curious of the build and radios…