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Report: Half of Verizon’s Phone Activations are Android, Feature Phones Crushing Windows Phone and Blackberry

A recent survey conducted by CIRP, asked consumers who activated smartphones from June through August which type of phone they used and from what carrier. The operating system breakdown looked something like this:  48% Android, 28% iPhone, 17% feature phone, 4% Blackberry, and 1% Windows Phone. The shocking number there is that of feature phones, which is more than triple Windows Phone and Blackberry share combined. Yikes. I’m actually hoping that Windows Phone starts to catch on, as the operating system is a joy to use. It’s also good for competitive and driving innovation. 

As far as a carrier breakdown goes, Android was the top dog at Verizon by a mile, with feature phones and iPhones battling it out for 2nd place. AT&T was the opposite, and is clearly still a pro-iPhone carrier after having an exclusive deal for years. It’s tough to predict if their iPhone vs. Android numbers will start to level out now that they are carrying better Android phones and because Verizon and Sprint are selling the iPhone. Only time will tell.

No matter what, Android is still sticking around as the domestic and global leader. There are far too many options at each price point for it to slow down any time soon.

Via:  AllThingsD

  • anasazi4st

    Windows Phone 7 is an excellent platform, it would be my choice if I didn’t have an iPhone. Unfortunately Microsoft has “Osborne”d it by announcing that Windows Phone 8 is incompatible with it, none of your present apps will work on 8.

    That’s too bad, really.

  • Greg

    If the Windows Phone wants to catch up with the other players, it looks like they’ll have to add Bacon!

  • Of course windows phones are nothing, they only made one, which has been discontinued for a while..

  • Granpa

    Further proof that it makes absolutely no sense if the Nokia 920 is exclusive to AT&T as rumored. Are you paying attention Nokia? AT&T users don’t care for Windows phones. Put that gorgeous phone on T-Mobile and Verizon instead.

  • There is only one very old Windows Phone at Verizon, no phone at Sprint and three phones at T-mobile. How do you expect WP to get the numbers? Wait for the new phones to launch, then you will see a different picture.

  • John Wildman

    I bought the OD because there was no other option at Verizon except a BB. I know most on here dislike the iPhone/ Apple, but had it been available back then I would probably be using one today. I cut my teeth on android and can’t imagine buying anything else. In the beginning the iPhone was probably better, but looking back at how far android has come in such a short time, I no longer believe that. Apple is the one playing catch up and releasing one device a year they will never win with that strategy. Not only does Google push to innovate the OS, but the competition from the different phone makers is constantly raising the bar!

  • Prime7

    Wait til Windows Phone 8 launches; its tiny sliver will eclipse WP7’s!

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Verizon has had the same Windows phone for like … 2 years now?

  • nightscout13


  • nightscout13


  • mustbepbs

    You can imagine this like a dart board. The reason Android has so much is the pure saturation of the market with Android phones. You can’t help but have a large number of market share. Android phones outnumber every other OS by a large number. You can imagine Android as the black space on a dart board and all the other OSes being the thin lines seperating the point sections. You can’t help but hit Android.

  • Eric Blackman

    why does T-mo have a bar for iphone activations?

    • Milton Aleman

      People that buy unlocked *phones activate them on there

  • This begs the question: Why do other tech sites take Windows Phone so seriously? And where do all the Windows Phone fanboys who jump on every comment thread at sites like The Verge and Engadget actually come from — are they hired by Microsoft?

    Because if you look at the stats, no one is using these phones. MS is a completely negligible force in the industry. I’m not saying they won’t mount a comeback with the next version (though I’d argue it’s pretty unlikely) but I really don’t get how they’re treated as though they’re a real competitor to Android and iOS by the tech media. At least at this point in history, they are far from it.

    • The reason why you don’t see phones is beacuse there are no phones! Sprint and Verizon haven’t released any phones in 2 years and t-mo have only couple. And US is not the only market in the world, this is a fact most apple and android fanboys forget. The reason why WP is treated as the third player is because their sales have always increased why however miniscule a factor it is, and continue to increase. MS has the money to invest, something which is essential in today’s smartphone industry.

    • Granpa

      As someone that has used a Windows phone but currently owns an Android, I can tell you that MS doesn’t have to pay anyone to praise the Windows phones. They are really great phones, running a really good OS. Their only knock is because they have such poor market penetration, they don’t get much love in the way of development for the phone. I would love to see Windows phones start to popularize, not only because the competition is good, but most importantly because they provide a nice balance between Android’s customization and iOS’s ease-of-use for the average consumer. I bought my mother a Windows phone and she loves it, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more tech-challenged than my mother.

  • frankandsimple

    Are these NEW activations or simply activations? As a former android user, I know that many android users go thru several different roms and formating, installing procedures… during which, they “activate” their phones again.

    I have a feeling those activations are also included in these statistics.

    • cleetose

      I have a feeling you didn’t completely read the article. The data comes from a survey of consumers, not carriers.

  • New_Guy

    I have to admit that I was not a big fan of WP until the Lumia 920…

    That thing is pretty amazing.

    • Cowboydroid

      Windows Phone would be great…if it wasn’t developed by that evil-to-the-bone Microsoft. Sorry, but they’re not getting a pass, especially after all their litigation and thuggery tactics against Android OEMs.

      • New_Guy

        Haha! Well, I certainly understand your distain. Mine for MS is the fact that they had a chance to squash Apple into a million pieces back in the day and they passed on it by creating a Mac version of Office instead of holding out. I bet they wish they could have that one back. In fact, I’m sure most of us wish they could have that one back =).

        • Matt Cooper

          Coulda woulda shoulda, but they were also being investigated for tactics and monopolization. Cant blame them for trying to make a “competitor” stronger than they were.

    • Sobr0801


  • seriously

    Ok seriously, do something about the twitter button you’ve implemented on your pages. Put it in a different frame or use a different button without the word tweet in it, the G+ posts are annoying

    “Tweet. Tweet. A recent survey conducted by CIRP, asked consumers who activated smartphones from June through August which type of phone they used and from what carrier. The operating system breakdown …”

    problem code: data-via=”droid_life”>Tweet two secionts, remove the damn Tweet text sheesh

    • seriously


    • will bartlett

      those twitter buttons make my pages not load. i have to keep clicking the fricken title until it loads. pages just sit with the title as the only thing on the page.

  • T4rd

    Those graphs make sense. AT&T sells more iPhones than Android because they were the only carrier that sold iPhones up until early last year. Since they had the iPhone first and it didn’t have much competition on AT&T until 2010 or so, that’s what most of their customers stayed with.

    On Verizon, the OG Droid came out before the iPhone, so most people adopted Android since it was really their only option for something comparable to iOS. So most smartphone buyers stuck with Android on Verizon even after the iPhone 4 came out.

    • AT&T sells more iPhones than Android because they were the only carrier that sold iPhones up until early last year.

      Simultaneuosly, AT&T were also very slow to adopt Android. Their first foray into Google’s OS (March, 2010) was with Motorola’s Backflip (!), followed by the HTC Aria, Samsung Captivate and Sony Ericsson’s ill-fated Xperia X10.

      But that was just the start. Until maybe late 2011, I think most Android fans would have called AT&T’s Android line-up mediocre, at best — certainly well behind Verizon and arguably coming in a distant 4th-place to Sprint and T-Mobile.

      • Prime7

        Yeah, I would take an iPhone over any of those, too.

        • michael arazan

          After hearing microsoft browsers, as in all of them except ie10, were all at risk to hacking, this makes me wonder of the secured state of a windows phone.

          • 1bens

            The IE fix is available since yesterday. Put it on and move on or don’t use MS products. We’re talking carriers and the percentages of OS making up their smartphones sales.
            I agree with MPFan that if ATT is going to offer up so-so android phones against the iphone then its not surprising that iphone sales still rule there.

  • Flyinion

    The reason Windows Phone is so low on Verizon is because VZW has pretty much stuffed WP in a corner and not done anything with it. The only one they even sell currently (they used to at least have 2 models) is one that came out with WP7 and was a “mid-range” model at the time. They never even bothered to get any of the WP7.5 phones.

    • T4rd

      The only WP7 device I remember ever being sold on Verizon is the HTC Trophy, which was pretty much the crappiest WP7 phone on the market compared to everything on AT&T and the Arrive on Sprint (at least it had a keyboard).

      • Flyinion

        Yep Trophy is the one they’re selling still.

        • T4rd

          You said they used to have 2 models though. What other model was there?

    • Milton Aleman

      Very true… But with AT&T and the Lumia’s, why does it seem that Verizon has more activated Windows phones than AT&T?? Windows hasn’t gotten very far yet. I think Q4 is make or break for Windows Phone OS, with a bunch of OEM’s jumping on board.

    • violator702

      I don’t think you can blame them after the Kin debacle.

    • The only one they even sell currently (they used to at least have 2 models) is one that came out with WP7 and was a “mid-range” model at the time.

      To date, Verizon Wireless has offered just a single Windows Phone model: the HTC Trophy, available since May, 2011. Much as with AT&T’s laser-like focus on iPhone, VZW’s Android success was a disincentive to spending serious money on WP.

      BTW: ‘mid-range’ or not, the Trophy’s not bad. Until the Lumias came along, it compared very favorably against similarly-priced 1st-gen WP handsets — and even some of the later, more expensive models — especially in terms of holding a charge.

  • Paul

    Don’t count LG and HTC out yet. The Optimuc G and dlx are great looking phones and are incredibly faster than anything else that will be in the market for a decent while, it seems.


    • randy

      Haha, the fact that you believe a survey over Verizon’s actual financial reports is hilarious.

  • Bionicman

    amazing that all the exclusitivity Winmo and Android phones that AT&T gets and the iphone still beats the crap out of them. it is nice to see android kicking butt though!

  • mondeca

    People still activate Blackberries?

    • Havoc70

      Its probably their backup device after they dropped and broke their android, lol