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Dick’s Sporting Goods App Now Available on Android

Better late than never, right? That’s sort of all I could think when Dick’s let us know this morning that they had released an official Dick’s Sporting Goods app to Android. It doesn’t look bad, though. In fact, it’s pretty feature-packed for the most part.

You can load up your ScoreCard, scan rewards, track points, get news on the latest products, see this week’s ad, search for near by locations, and of course, shop for your new gear. Not a bad first effort, even if it does seem like an app that should have been out a year or two ago.

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  • Br_d

    Just FYI, their website is dickssportinggoods dot com, NOT dicks dot com. Sadly, I know from experience. 🙁

    • Mack

      Fortunately your browser should redirect you. Haha I remember back when it didn’t though…in high school…when the computer was being displayed on the projector just as class was starting. I didn’t have the brightest English teacher that year.

      • Br_d

        You’re not going to trick me into testing that theory! heh

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    On a random note. My wife bought me a new driver from Dicks online that was on sale. Unfortunately, it was scratched during shipping. Not only did they allow me to return it to the store, the salesman took me into their electronic driving range and then sized me up for a driver better suited to my swing and size. He then did an even exchange. I will always frequent a place that has customer service like that. Not sure that I would actually use their app, but I will happily spend money at their stores.

    • I had the complete opposite experience with Dicks, purchasing something online and they would not accept the return in store

  • skyskioc

    I guess that’s where all the dicks hang out

  • socalrailroader

    Don’t be a dick, go to Dick’s! 😀

  • I’ve always wanted more Dicks on my phone. Yes!

  • JD

    Finally, a reason to use my phone again! Woop.

  • jeesung


  • Slow news day, eh?

  • Yes!!!! We got Dick’s! Uh Dick’s sporting Goods that is.

  • Detonation

    Did they also happen to throw some compensation your way for posting this?

  • I was just thinking my Android needs more Dicks

  • O M G. When will devs stop freaking using a pseudo iOS interface for their Android apps? Android has a design style, use it!!!

    I refuse to use this app simply for this reason.

    • woot

      I agree with android design over iOS
      but when it comes to designing multi-platform software, a unified UI has obvious user, cost, and developmental benefits.
      i wouldn’t take it too personally.

  • FarmerTechno

    Those iOS-ish buttons at the bottom…