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Android Friends, Be Kind to All of the New iPhone 5 Users Tomorrow – They May be Lost and in Need of a Maps App

Android friends and family, tomorrow is a big day. It’s time to start preparing. In case you didn’t realize it yet, September 21 is the day that millions of new phone owners across the globe will have trouble finding their way to work, to the nearest gas station, to their lunch or dinner reservation, and as you can see in the picture above, surviving through take-off at their local airport. Tomorrow, is iPhone 5 launch day. 

When doors open at your city’s Apple store in the morning and UPS drivers take to the streets with shipments of iPhone 5s, the number of confused and lost pedestrians, transit riders, bikers and car drivers will have increased by some 2 million people. So when I say that the Android crew needs to prepare, I’m suggesting that you put a shortcut to your Google Maps app on your home screen or quick launch bar.

Think of tomorrow (and for the foreseeable future) as an opportunity to help out a foe in need. After all, your Google Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation is free, so why not share it with those less fortunate smartphone owners. They may need confirmation that when traveling over the Hoover Dam, that they will succeed in crossing it.

They may need to ask for your help in telling the difference between the next Burger King or monastery or public building.

They may need to see underneath those clouds.

They may be confused as to why the Cayman Islands no longer have roads.

Is that a beacon from God?

And finally, those new iPhone 5 owners are going want to know if it’s OK for them to drive their car into a body of water and onto that new set of streets.

So again, keep your Google Maps app handy. There are going to be a lot of iPhone 5 owners wandering around bodies of water trying to find Chinese restaurants, avoiding interstates and bridges, wondering why that building that was constructed 10 years ago is now under construction, why their home town doesn’t exist, and showing up to transit stops that closed years ago, that are going to need your help.

To follow along in the never-ending fun that is Apple’s new Maps app for iOS 6, follow this Tumblr.

  • master94

    Burger King, the next world order?

  • The maps are not the only problem they have with iphone 5, a lot of reports of screen problems and wifif

  • duke69111

    Can somebody get that imaps app running in an emulator on android or windows. I would really like to play with this thing.

  • JPose

    Who cares if it’s lost almost all functionality… It’s really, really pretty. And that’s all that matters. Right??

    iPhone User

    (DISCLAIMER: The above-mentioned is sarcasm.)

  • master94

    Lol on engadget ifans are in denial and saying the apple maps are better then google maps.

  • angermeans

    A lot of those are the 3D feature and I’m sure we can find some crazy maps bugs and weird stuff on google maps. Can we just get back to Google/Android news and not about always grasping to put all iOS things down to make us all feel some false sense of accomplishment because we chose android.

  • chris125

    Its also each the lte speeds decrease as millions more switch to lte day

  • gforce1963

    lol..can hot wheels sue for violating a track patent?

  • Zach Armstrong

    Is that a beacon from God, Lol good one

  • Be nice? They can kiss my A$$.

  • digitalicecream

    I updated my wife’s ipad, and now I really wish I hadn’t. But I was right, Tomtom provides the service. Poor Tomtom.

  • itznfb

    Think everyone over at TomTom is laughing their ass off right now? Hahaha we sold them crap from 1976 and they USED IT!!!!!

    • New_Guy

      They counted on Apple thinking like its own customer 🙂 …

      • AK

        And it worked.

  • Can’t talk to much about maps, considering the Hoover Dam in Google maps is still showing a messed up bridge in satellite view.

  • HAHAHAHA!!!! The comments are more fun than anything! You guys are cracking me up!

  • jimmy

    say what you want.. they are making a killing, so obviously a lot of people dont care.. I for one have never opened the maps program on any phone I have ever owned, whether it be android or apple.. 700.00 per share stock prices say a lot..

    • cns2007

      As of today:
      GOOG $728.12 +0.617
      AAPL $698.70 -3.40

      • Well, share price * # of shares is more revealing. AAPL market cap $655B, GOOG market cap, $238B

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      Actually right at $698…. Now Google on the other hand $728… share stock prices say a lot!

  • Mario Mendez

    Major diss

  • DAM08

    Google maps was never helpful anyway. There’s been many times its sent me to somewhere that doesn’t exist?? For example I was searching for a restaurant in Florida and it sent me to the ghetto. IOS6 maps have been working great with me and I really could care less if they don’t got a map of the Cayman Islands. Half of the people commenting on this don’t even know where that’s at!

    • That’s easy. The Cayman’s are in the ocean. Just use your iOS6 maps app for roadway directions at it will provide them.


  • Awww buuuuuurrrnnn!

  • enob

    This is the best article I have ever read.

  • I hope google blocks all IOS devices from using it’s map service, then charges them $10/mo to use it.

  • summit1986

    I’ll just leave this here…

  • Ricky


  • Aaron Fredricks

    this post is so perfect.

  • CHRIS42060

    Kellex I don’t think you’re not supposed to see underneath the cloud…….. I’m pretty sure that’s an iCloud

    • Hah 😛

    • New_Guy

      Aha! I don’t know why this commentsnt at the top =D!

  • T-Dizzle

    Thanks a lot, I just cracked up in the bathroom of a large corporate building. I’ll wait to exit when it’s empty 🙂

  • itznfb

    I also just realized that iOS6 UI is basically a copy of Android ROMS.

  • KB26

    People do realize calling the other side trolls doesn’t make you An angel
    … And yes I’m talking about you frankandsimple -.-

  • Once again, the end user gets screwed over for simple politics. By the time they get to where Google Maps is now, Google Maps will be light years ahead. But hey, apple’s innovating right!?

  • itsgonnalast

    Hilarious. Is this the stupidest thing Apple has ever done?

    • LionStone

      I think they’re gonna outdo the antennae-gate issue.

      • itsgonnalast

        You’re right, this is much worse! hehe

      • You’re using the search wrong

        • DivingDancer

          Probably just holding it wrong. Common problem amongst the isheep.

    • SergeantMike

      No. Think LISA, or the handwriting software on it’s Newton.

  • yellowcanary73

    I’ve had google maps to this to me lots of times.

    • frankandsimple

      exactly!.. I just remembered about the whole bunch of times I had similar issues with google maps!.. I still think Google Maps is more functional.. but singling out apple in such kinda childish way is just pathetic.

      • michael

        me too! I remember all of the examples!

      • FrankAndWeenie

        Cool story bro.

        • frankandsimple

          you mad bro?

          • David Lo

            you sad bro?

    • itznfb

      I’ve never seen Google maps put roads in the ocean, or have the landscape covered by waves, or have clouds covering your your entire route… not saying it’s never happened. I’ve driven all over the U.S. with Google maps and never had an issue other than small routing quirks all GPS systems have.

  • Bryan

    The maps app team is lucky Steve Jobs is gone. He would bust into one of their meetings and ask them what maps is supposed to do. And then ask them “Then why the $%#$ doesn’t it do that?” And then fire the product manager.

    • florious80

      You are absolutely correct he would have gone ballistic. It’s because he’s done exactly that before.

      • Was thinking about it this morning. There is no way in hell Jobs would have let this product go out looking and functioning like this.

        • dangolds

          I agree. Given Apple’s penchant for holding back on a feature until they’re positive it will work really well on their device (eg holding off on LTE for an extra year because of battery and performance concerns) I am shocked they put themselves in this position. They could have easily held off on releasing their map software until iOS7 and nobody would have cared. You’d figure either Jobs would have kept it out of the demo at this year’s development conference to hedge his bets or cracked the whip harder on his team to ensure a better functioning product upon release. Only thing I can figure is that Apple is so determined to put the same reason to Google, they were willing to shoot themselves in the foot in the process. In that respect, it is possible we’re still seeing the Jobs influence come through.

          • dangolds

            That was supposed to say “put the screws to Google”, not “put the same reason to Google.” Friggin swift key!

          • Amenemhat1

            You can control the auto correct feature when pressing the space bar in the “Advanced” section of the SwiftKey settings FYI. I hate that too, so I changed the space bar action to always insert a space rather than to replace with an auto corrected word.

  • MichaelFranz

    The airport picture must be land turbulance lol

    • itznfb

      lol. I laughed harder at that than I should have.

  • frankandsimple

    Another thing to note is that these kinda peculiarities are found even on google maps.

    For example when you want to navigate from point A to B.. google maps will show you a long circuitous route instead of a simple straight route which is normally used.

    It has happened to me several times. For example, when I do a navigation from Jefferson Avenue in West Sacramento, CA to the nearest ikea. YOu can check it out if you want.

    • Detonation

      I said the same thing and got down voted into oblivion. Apple fans can be sheep, but speak any negative words towards android in comparison and android fans can be just as sheepish.

      • frankandsimple

        you are right.. Apple fans appear as a sheep because they simply cannot be shaken out of being loyal to Apple.. but Android fans are just plain vitriolic and full of hate.

      • LegalAmerican

        You guys are missing the point. OBVIOUSLY map services can all have problems. Google’s issues were MOSTLY obscure, random locales. This is a wide range of some of the most populated or visited areas on the globe.

    • Scott Fried

      Actually, Google Maps doesn’t have streets over water, or clouds blocking out parts of the map. And Google will always show you the shortest route from point A to point B, as will any good GPS, unless you set it to find an alternate route, which must be what you did wrong.

      • frankandsimple

        You never know unless someone outs it for the first time. There is a difference between how apps are supposed to work and how they actually work. So don’t tell me how they are supposed to work. We all know that. I have android for over 2 years and I still do occasionally. So I know what I’m talking about. No alternate routes is not what I’m talking about and google maps does give you a round about route while blatantly ignoring a simpler route at times.

  • frankandsimple

    I’m not sure if this is completely true.

    I just typed in a search for hoover dam on ios 6 and went into satellite view.. and it is shown perfectly correct.

    droid-life.. did you actually do any checks at all?

    • frankandsimple

      wow.. two thumbs down for some reporting on an actual result of a search!.. way to go fandroids! Keep ’em coming!

    • FrankieTheWeenie

      Yeah, you are right. There’s a huge conspiracy on the internet to take down Apple by badmouthing their perfect and magical maps app. Busted.

    • FrankIsAnIdiot

      Did you read that it is in fly over view and not satellite view you idiot ?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    This is the kind of stupidity you get when trying to reinvent the wheel.

    In Apple’s case, the wheel is rather square.

    • itznfb

      with wobbly sides… and edges.

      • Pedro

        But the corners?

        Rounded, baby!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Actually, tomorrow is the beginning of the real test to see if our 4G network can truly be taxed with a breadth of new users all at once. Good luck.

  • PhillipCun

    Apple Maps fail might be the only thing that can bring Android and iPhone users together <3.

    Come! My iPhone friends, I'll help guide you to your destination!

  • Tavares

    Bad news: VZW LTE is about to get alot more crowded…

    Good news: The new folks that are crowding LTE are more than likely to have data caps.

    Better news: More Nexus rumors are starting.

    • Ken Bosse

      yea cant wait for the LTE network to get flooded with icrap

    • Wishful thinking news: iOS6 maps route users out of LTE network coverage since it doesn’t know where to send people…

      • Well on AT&T the odds are quite good that that in fact will happen, if only because their LTE is nearly non-existent.

    • itznfb

      Apple users have been so brainwashed to drive around looking for WiFi access that they’ll continue to do it on their iPhone 5. 4G is safe.

      • LionStone

        Hehe, yea…they have been trained well huh! 🙂

      • JPose

        NHTSA studies show that 37% of serious accidents are caused by iPhone users driving recklessly towards open WiFi hotspots.

        • itznfb

          lol I wish I saw this earlier.

    • AT&T LTE is in even bigger trouble.

  • Lol. Kel, you win all the internet points for today. Congrats!

  • I hope airplanes won’t start using apples maps gps app bc we will see lot of airplanes landing on my backyard 🙂

  • marcusmaximus04

    OK, the rest of these I can see, maps data is messed up. WHY IS IBM NOW SOCKS? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mantwviFTE1rhptwbo1_1280.png

    • niteperson

      Seriously, some of those photos look like early, EARLY Flight Simulator terrain.

    • DivingDancer

      Probably just some earthquake ravaged city. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the software. How could there be? It’s Apple!

  • I have a few friends who LOVE everything Apple. They can’t believe how terrible the new maps are.

  • frankandsimple

    LOL.. that’s funny.. I am an Apple lover and I’ll admit.. ios maps 1.0 is far from being perfect. I haven’t personally had any of the issues mentioned.. but I believe the blogs.
    But I also believe in Apple.. and mark my words, Apple maps will one day make google maps look like a kid’s work.

    • tomn1ce

      They are going to get that next year or the following year. right! O_o

      • frankandsimple

        My guess is ios 6.0.1 will roll out within 3 weeks or less

        • Bryan

          You are really delusional to think that they can fix their mapping problems in a few weeks. This isn’t an underlying bug. This is a huge underlying framework and data issue that will take a long time to fix. Hopefully you aren’t a techie, because if you are, you are an amateur.

          • frankandsimple

            ooooh.. here comes Bryan the “professional tech guy”

          • Bryan

            Ooooh… here comes Frankie, the dude who trolls for a living. That’s all you got sport?

        • tomn1ce

          I was going by the samsung commercial where the the mid/old age guy says we’re going to get that for sure, not this time but maybe next time right.

    • zUFC

      Oh really Genius!!!!! “mark your words”. How about if Google stopped now and your precious ios keep going for another twenty years it would still not be up to par. This is the typical I-Donkey reply. “you just wait and see” “I’m taking my toys and going home” “i’m telling my Mom”
      Are you serious? Please tell me this is one of those jokes that I don’t get. Please!!!

      • frankandsimple

        It’s not rocket science.. if apple has an operating system that is already miles ahead of android in functionality and performance.. it is but obvious they can come with ONE deficient app in their system.

        • Ahead on functionality? Ok, I can see the current weather and forecast on my homescreen, and add in 500 other things if I wanted,all without opening an application. I can listen to music, browse the web, switch over to messaging or gmail to read new messages, go back to browsing the web, check twitter updates, and now with Jelly Bean, see current traffic or sports scores, all without ever having to go back to the home screen if I wanted.

        • LegalAmerican

          A basic app tray hardly counts as a complete operating system. And in case you’ve never picked up an Android, we have an app tray too. But it’s not right in your face all day. Apple can’t fix this as quickly as you say, because they have been working on this for years, and what you see is what you get. If you can’t admit that Google Maps smokes this, then you are a bigger moron than any of us thought you were. You don’t just step in and outperform Google when it comes to something they have been mastering for decades.

          • frankandsimple

            We are talking about performance and efficiency… not subjective aspects like layout and looks. Please clear your head before you debate about such things. I’m not a novice to android.. I’ve done more with Android than you probably have.. I’ve been a developer, I’ve themed, I’ve smali’d and baksmali’ed etc. From a design point of view, there are several flaws in Android.. ranging from a ridiculously out of reach on screen menu button.. the location of which also varies depending on which app you are using..to options that are built into either on screen menus or the tactile key on the device. NO body in their right minds would argue that android is inconsistent and confusing .. not from a regular user point of view.. but from an objective point of view that defines the parameters of a good design. Heck, when google play was market.. the search box was dark grey with BLACK text!.. how ridiculous was that!

            If you had bothered to read my other posts.. I’ve already said that Google maps is a lot more functional at this time than ios maps… but you are in a rush to shoot your pants.

          • LegalAmerican

            I actually have read your other waste of time posts. They all sucked the same. Of course iOS runs more efficiently because it only performs 1 function. It’s pretty easy to be smooth when you have nothing to do. Nobody in their right minds would think that Apple is one iota better than Android. I’ll take the fragmented Android over “roller coaster Brooklyn Bridge”.
            You are choosing THIS story to try and say Android has bugs?? Take a look at those photos fool! Sever the umbelical cord from Steve Jobs and use your own brain for once. Maybe then you’ll be able to navigate a new city instead of ending up in the drink.

          • frankandsimple

            you are such an idiot. If you really HAD read my posts.. I’ve already pointed out that some of these pictures are fake. All it takes is to run a similar test if you have an ios 6 device. Fandroids are as moronic as they can be.. and you are a prime example basing your arguments over a flawed article. Get outta here!

          • FranksInsecurity

            You must be the life of the party Mr. Big Time Developer.

        • zUFC

          Ohhh i get it now. I didn’t realize this he was a troll. Can you beleive he just said “miles ahead of Android”?
          Now i KNOW it’s one of those jokes I don’t get. This is so funny that I forgot to laugh. Poor, poor, apple people. I feel bad for them, I really do

    • “Apple maps will one day make google maps look like a kid’s work.”

      Really? I’ll keep my money on Google thanks lol

      • frankandsimple

        What the point of your reply? It’s not like I asked you to put your money on apple. *rolling eyes*

      • frankandsimple

        and real CLASSY of droid-life..you won’t see even an apple lover like BGR stoop to such childish anti-android articles.. you guys have zero class.

        • That’s even more of a joke than the first comment. We got plenty of class! I’m holding my pinky finger up while typing this! We just like having fun. If it offends you, then that means you need to take a step back and remember this is just an Android news blog.

          We aren’t trying to offend you as an iOS/Android lover. If it helps you at all, my girlfriend works for Apple so I live with someone who bleeds iOS. We’re entitled to post some jokes if we want.

          Anyways, feel free to reply and we can keep talking about how Apple screwed all of their users by taking away a fully functional application in Google Maps and gave them a poor excuse in Maps. I’m here all day.

          <3 xoxo

        • cns2007

          You proved one thing with your comment, BGR is a Apple-fan site. It’s not supposed to be, they’re supposed to do neutral reporting, but they don’t.

          THIS however, IS an Android-centric site. Have you ever been on 9to5Mac, iMore or TUAW, they can get pretty brutal there.

          • guest

            I think he missed the site name “Droid Life”, I would have thought that would have been a giveaway that this is an android oriented site but then again he is an apple lover…….

    • Scott Fried

      LOL why arent you on some Apple blogs frank? I love how Apple is so behind the times, and they get something that has been out for like 4 years, and act as if they are cutting edge. Let me guess, Apple invented GPS navigation, and Google copied them right? Sorry but thats all Apple does is copy, not innovate. They will never surpass Google because they will always just copy them and be 2nd rate.

  • New_Guy

    Oh my God, I laughed so hard I cried a little =D

  • Flyinion

    LMAO unfortunately it’s already started. My gf and a coworker both got the iOS update this morning on their 4S’s.

  • dhirensavalia

    The biggest concern of mine is all those i*hones clogging up my 4G.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    What’s even better is if you don’t have a least a 4S you’re screwed once updated to iOS6…

  • Barry Taylor

    You all must be completely stupid. Apple is an innovative company that’s way ahead of the game. These maps will be accurate after Dec. 21st. Burger King is the New World Order, created by the Mayans.

    • EvanTheGamer


  • S2556

    awesome post kellex thanks!
    Unfortunately we also have to deal with bogged down LTE starting tomorrow as well! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Ugh, this is also true.

      • I think it’ll be okay. LTE is capable of handling more traffic than 3G.

      • BGRUGGER

        is there any story on how, if at all, it would affect the LTE speeds??

      • AT&T will have far more LTE iphone5 users (simply because they have far more iphones activated).

  • RoadsterHD1

    apple sucks

  • hickhamt

    did anyone else notice that apple has the power to reshape the Cayman Islands!?!?

    • Justin W

      I noticed that, then thought, they are beginning their new conquest on world domination by destroying land..?

  • The first couple of pictures look like they were taken in flatland.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Hover Dam looks like it would be an awesome place to Ski!
    My new maps make me sad… 🙁 lol

  • RW-1

    First off, the Sheep should take their first clue in the new Apple Maps Icon itself: If you look at it, the directions on the icon, if followed will take you off a bridge …
    And we go from there. Luckily for us, google expected the requests we will get and gave us that one finger zoom reported earlier 🙂

  • Scott

    So I have my Gnex to navigate when we fear driving off a bridge. I have my wife’s iPhone to make phone calls when I don’t get a signal. I’m covered all around. Yes!

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Lol this^

  • Edwin M

    I love how you might need super powers to navigate some of these areas on the iOS 6 maps.

  • fakeKellex

    forwarded to some iphone users. funny stuff! haha

  • Bewara2009

    LMFAO! ROTFL! Kellex you be nice now!

    • Just having a little fun. 😛

  • One of the funniest posts I have seen on Droid Life…. you guys made my day.

  • lgreg64

    Burger King is really stepping up there game.

    • calculatorwatch

      I’m pretty sure the catholic church bought them out in their never ending quest to appeal to the younger generation, good move!

  • Booyah

    This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on DL. Laughed out loud at my desk. Great stuff, Kellex.

    • Stevedub40

      Same here, I’m starting to get weird looks because I’m giggling to myself.

  • Nowayjose

    Regret updating my iPhone to iOS6, google maps was way better even without turn by turn

    • RoadsterHD1

      Doesn’t google maps turn by turn Nav now exist for Iphone?

      • Nowayjose

        We don’t have google maps anymore 🙁

  • Detonation

    Not to defend iOS maps, but Google does also have its fair share of maps issues like these.

    • guest

      Yes but not as many and not as bad as these here.

  • Murphy

    Hahahaha! Suckers!

  • Seriously made me laugh.. Had to share since almost everyone on FB has a iPhone.

  • D4niel

    It’s not just iPhone 5 owners; it’s all iOS 6 users. So this applies to iPhone 4 and 4S, as well.

    • CopierITGuy

      Bonus! Poor schmucks… Who says fragmentation isn’t good?

    • Oh, so for the first time ever, an iOS update to an older device actually includes a new feature?!?!? ZOMG Apple is the best company ever!

  • MotoRulz

    The Hoover Dam photo looks like one of my old Hot Wheels tracks.. LOL

    • John

      hah, that just brought back memories.

      • Hah, classic.

      • Ken Bosse

        If I still had mine, I would probably still play with it. Every now and then I get the urge to play with my legos!
        23 years old and I dont care haha

        • CopierITGuy

          @google-2ac94efa73f3e3f0ac1b8a1034090a0d:disqus Just wait until you have kids. You can play with LEGO’s all the time without anyone thinking anything bad at all. In fact, it’s expected!!! I’m 35, and all my friends and family think I’m the greatest parent in the world. Turns out, I’m just STILL hooked on the limitless possibilities that LEGO’s bring! Win-Win!

      • ouch

        You know how many times I got in trouble and my mother used to spank me with them. talk about Marks left on you ! Bad memories ! Uggggghhhh. Lol

  • jmgnole

    So, the iCloud is in Weingarten?

    • CopierITGuy

      Didn’t you know that already? What kind of smartphone owner doesn’t know where the iCloud is at?

  • I was just trying to find a new ice cream shop.. now all of a sudden I’m in some enchanted forest Damn you, stupid new maps!

    • But the enchanted forest is magical and full of magical things that are made magical by i(p)os.

    • balthuszar

      candy mountain? go in the candy mountain candy cave!

  • JGellar

    Boy oh boy’ the level of pure fanboyism and retardation are high in this site. If apple users are “sheep” and “cult members” what does that make android users who are against everything apple? Is that not a cult?

    Yeah – apple dropped the bomb on maps. Congratulations of the news yesterday.
    Luckily for many iPhone users, they’ll be able to use googles we app. Also, google will eventually give them an app. We know this already.
    I like android and my android phone, but also iOS. You never hear iOS blogs talk as much trash as this site. I feel like its a classroom where all the boys like one another but wont talk to the girl because she has “cooties” lots of maturing to do here.

    And yes, mental disabilities are not funny and I’m using the word with the upmost respect and asking you seek medical attention. Thanks.

    • This comment just made my day.

    • Chris Batson

      Cool story, Elliot.

    • LOL!

    • marcusmaximus04

      Chill out. I don’t care which side of the fence you’re on, this is pretty funny stuff.

    • Alex Goodwin

      Are you that fool that owns BGR? Is that site even relevant anymore?

    • EvanTheGamer


    • PC_Tool

      …someone forget to take their meds this morning?

      Want to see Apple Mactards trashing everything non-Apple? Go to Betanews.

    • Andrex

      … and hahahahahahaha!

    • zUFC

      Did you just say “the apple poeple don’t talk as much trash as us”? Read much? How about the articles on Crapple sites talk more trash than us posters in the comment section do (nevermind the comment section). I guess you IOS people do live under rocks. I keep getting more and more amazed at how blind you people are.

    • cns2007

      Guess I’ll be the first to say it, “You mad bro?”

    • Bryan

      Yeah, you are right, the Apple blogs never ever take a shot at Android. Are you living under a rock? And if the blogs aren’t taking the shots, I sure as heck know that the iPhone sheep make the snarky comments on Facebook and Twitter.

    • itznfb

      What makes me laugh about these people is that they really think Android users are fanboys. When in reality, when Google/Android does something wrong or stupid we bash them just as hard as we bash products we hate. Where Apples users pretend that Apple can do no wrong and they risk their personal reputation to defend their crappy company. Most Android users would jump ship to another OS in a heartbeat if it offered something Android didn’t. Apple has been behind the times since 2009 and the iSheep are still claiming its the most innovative. What a joke.

  • Thomas Partida


  • Jack Mabry Jr

    I should go hang out at Apple stores tomorrow and sell maps, I could make a killing!

    • michael arazan

      The maps are so bad at ios6 that there are millions of tweets about #imaps suck on apples twitter account i heard on aots “the feed” earlier.

  • TheRobotCow

    Wow, never thought Apple would let this happen

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Yeah, I mean, if Apple starts letting us down, what’s next? Congress?

    • itznfb

      This is the false narrative you’ve been led to believe. That Apple was ever superior in some way. This shoddy crap is nothing new from them.

  • Erik

    hahah i love this. stupid isheep. thanks for posting this

  • James_C_L

    Love this

  • aBabyPenguin

    BAHAHAH! :’D omg this is great!

  • Elliot

    that just looks terrible. i feel sorry for all those people that were tricked into buying a pile like that. apparently 3D means everything is wavy

    • OreoMan

      I agree. The photo of the airport almost made me sick.

  • ddevito

    Today is like my personal Christmas. I can’t tell you how great this feels. Poor stupid iSheep

  • EvanTheGamer

    Be Kind“, you say? Yeah…that’s a laugh in a half!

    Honestly..if they want an iPhone 5, then they should be able to handle that device. And if they get lost, due to fancy pants clouds getting in the way of their view, so be it.

    Hey, just saying is all.

    Great post, by the way!

  • Tim Buchanan

    10,000 points to the pilot who can land at that airport.

    • panicswhenubered

      I’ll do it in a Super Cub with tundra tires!

    • RW-1

      Pay Up! I can set down on it with skids or wheels – Heli’s can do that you know …. I’ll do it anywhere on that pic, as long as the slope doesn’t exceed 4 deg.

      • CompCrash

        Welcome the the thread where the points don’t matter.

        • Drew Carey? Is that you?!

          • Drew

            Ah those were the days, although the original Brit version was typically funnier.

        • Deltaechoe

          Is everything made up too?

    • For those wondering, its Pearson International Airport.