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Google Now Servers Apparently Down, That Means Only Jelly Bean Users Should Care (Updated: It’s Back Up!)

Update:  Google Now appears to have returned. All good for you?

According to our inbox, many of you realized that Google Now servers are down and may be affecting your main Gmail account that is attached to it. Basically, if you are running Jelly Bean, you cannot connect to Google Now. I’m sure the world will not be ending and that Google is on it, so in the mean time, feel free to see how many times you can beat Granny Smith before service is restored.

Google accounts that are not connected to Google Now do not seem to be affected. In fact, the two other Gmail accounts on my device are working just fine.

For those running Jelly Bean ROMs, a Nexus 7, or a Galaxy Nexus, you are the targets of this post. Let us know if and when your service is back up.

We’ll update this post as we have more info or when your Google Now fun is no longer interrupted.

  • ryanallaire

    I don’t have google now and i was having issues, but glad everything is back to normal. It’s amazing what we take for granted in life sometimes….

  • Anon

    This was confusing the ish out of me last night. Went so far as to remove and re-add my primary account.

  • Just an fyi, there are a few of us running ics that have a mostly reliable Google now installed. Check out droidrzr.com. Thanks for the post, i was confused about why i was getting that server error since my Gmail accounts were working just fine

  • JSIN

    Perfect i thought i jacked up AOKPjb2 when i flashed the Nav Bar transparency mod I restored my backup and went through every Google app until i figured out it was google now very annoying it would be nice if they could have sent us some kinda notification or something. Was fully ready to reflash my phone today.

  • joejoe5709

    Mine came back last night after a couple hours, but it was very confusing. Thought maybe I had accidentally changed the password or something was wrong with my JB build.

  • Michael G

    Of course this had to happen a few hours after I flashed CM10 onto my Nexus effectively confusing and frustrating me.

  • My connection came back this morning. GNex (Toro) running JB TeamBamf 2.31 (jro03L)

  • jester4281

    They probably use Sophos who decided to screw up thier own software today……..Thanks for a day full of crap when I was planning on sitting on my ass drinking coffee.

  • RobertLPile

    Did anyone else have wicked battery drain while it was down? I saw the error and just ignored it, but my Gnex must have been continously trying to reconnect.