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Google Now Servers Apparently Down, That Means Only Jelly Bean Users Should Care (Updated: It’s Back Up!)

Update:  Google Now appears to have returned. All good for you?

According to our inbox, many of you realized that Google Now servers are down and may be affecting your main Gmail account that is attached to it. Basically, if you are running Jelly Bean, you cannot connect to Google Now. I’m sure the world will not be ending and that Google is on it, so in the mean time, feel free to see how many times you can beat Granny Smith before service is restored.

Google accounts that are not connected to Google Now do not seem to be affected. In fact, the two other Gmail accounts on my device are working just fine.

For those running Jelly Bean ROMs, a Nexus 7, or a Galaxy Nexus, you are the targets of this post. Let us know if and when your service is back up.

We’ll update this post as we have more info or when your Google Now fun is no longer interrupted.

  • ryanallaire

    I don’t have google now and i was having issues, but glad everything is back to normal. It’s amazing what we take for granted in life sometimes….

  • Anon

    This was confusing the ish out of me last night. Went so far as to remove and re-add my primary account.

  • Just an fyi, there are a few of us running ics that have a mostly reliable Google now installed. Check out droidrzr.com. Thanks for the post, i was confused about why i was getting that server error since my Gmail accounts were working just fine

  • JSIN

    Perfect i thought i jacked up AOKPjb2 when i flashed the Nav Bar transparency mod I restored my backup and went through every Google app until i figured out it was google now very annoying it would be nice if they could have sent us some kinda notification or something. Was fully ready to reflash my phone today.

  • joejoe5709

    Mine came back last night after a couple hours, but it was very confusing. Thought maybe I had accidentally changed the password or something was wrong with my JB build.

  • Michael G

    Of course this had to happen a few hours after I flashed CM10 onto my Nexus effectively confusing and frustrating me.

  • My connection came back this morning. GNex (Toro) running JB TeamBamf 2.31 (jro03L)

  • jester4281

    They probably use Sophos who decided to screw up thier own software today……..Thanks for a day full of crap when I was planning on sitting on my ass drinking coffee.

  • RobertLPile

    Did anyone else have wicked battery drain while it was down? I saw the error and just ignored it, but my Gnex must have been continously trying to reconnect.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    So that’s what that was…

  • Andrew Baylor

    My google drive is down

  • johnc7995

    Thanks, I was wondering what was wrong with my phone last night. It kept kicking me off my own Wifi network and switching me back and forth to 4G too.

  • Ken

    I thought my account got hacked, even changed my password.

  • RW-1

    Saw only the notification when I woke up this AM, but cleared it as they likely had solved by then ….

  • I’m glad that’s all it was. This sign-in error happened to me before when someone tried to hack my account from Sudan so I changed my password immediately. I didn’t take any chances this time so of course I changed my password in a panic without reading the news on DL first….Doh!!.

  • Verizon Spin: “This is exactly why we don’t update our Galaxy Nexus to Jelly Bean”

  • Tony Allen

    I was really starting to get pissed off at this last night.. feel better now.

  • DanWazz

    That was a scary few hours. I had just flashed my DINC with JB, so none of my devices were working.

  • Scott

    Good to know! I was starting to think something was wrong with my CM10 nightly.

  • br_hermon

    Service was down for me last night at midnight. This morning, 7:30, all is well again. Nexus, BB

    • JoshGroff

      Same, slept through it like a champ after wondering for 10 minutes why my phone was acting up and then deciding to just sleep and fix it in the morning.

  • Ethan

    My TF300 started doing this last night. I’d try to connect and it would just show me that screen. Always reassuring to find I’m not the only one! And as of this morning, it seems to have been fixed. Another day out the door with Droid Life already helping me out!

  • Jake Chalupsky

    I thought it was an issued with the AOKP build 2 ROM i just flashed. Glad it was not just me. Mine is working now.

    • I stopped using AOKP build 1, because my little utility “My Verizon” (the minutes and texts used program) stopped working. Does that happen in build 2

  • Lawrence Greco

    8:20 AM +2GMT it was back.

  • Ohhhh lol…I thought it was a problem with my ROM…yay!

    • JoshGroff

      Same, but I was all like I flashed BB. Then my stock N7 was having the same problem and I was like wtf. >.<

    • Gr8Ray

      I thought the same thing until I picked up my Nexus 7 and it was doing it too. Then I thought it was my broadband :p

  • Kerry Davies

    Finally back up, although it didn’t really effect anything other than the smile on my face

  • LionStone

    Thanks for the heads up…I was trippin… 🙂

  • EvanTheGamer

    Was wondering about that earlier as I was driving somewhere.

  • ICS running Google Now, it’s back up. yay

  • Michael Hutwagner

    Mine is back up

  • nsauce7

    Back up for me

  • Mike Corbett

    you forgot nexus s in OP! nexus s has had it world wide!

  • Chintan Anjaria

    its working now finally here…!!!!

  • New_Guy

    BTW, everything is back on line in San Diego.

  • Evan Whitaker

    Seems to be back.

  • Pete

    Ah phew…. I just re-flashed my Nexus S and thought i’d messed something up…

    • JoshGroff

      Same thing but with a G-Nex and Bugless. And I know I wiped factory and system before installing.

  • Michael_NM

    Ha. Whatever those clowns do it will be magical.

    BTW: My GNow appears to be working again.

  • it’s back!

  • Just refreshed, no more sign-in error!

  • Droider

    And it’s back

  • Shane McKeever

    Any chance it has something to do with the Maps update?

  • Daniel Maginnis

    must have gone down from guys using their N7s to google “how to upgrade to ios 6” for their wives.

    • JoshGroff

      Everyone knows you just connect it to iTunes and the magic happens. 😉

  • jet

    google now upgrade for sure

  • Jot

    em glad to c u all as not me facing alone this error :p
    problem is in google now only, rest everything working smooth. i just updated maps and getting dis error.

  • Brad

    I’m getting this sign-in error on my GNex, yet my Gmail is still syncing okay, weird.

    • Justin Swanson

      Same issue here…

    • JoshGroff

      This too ^ but now it’s working. I got to sleep through it, lucky me.

  • kevin harris

    Back up

  • Andrew Egger

    Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus DOWN

    • JoshGroff

      The world is over!!! Oh wait, they’re back up, all is well. Nothing like sleeping through a bug fix, gotta love Google’s quick fix on that one. (>^-^)>

  • hannah

    Perhaps they are updating some things and we’re about to get new features?

  • Justin Swanson

    I was wondering why my phone kept telling me that it couldn’t connect to the Google servers…

  • Brandon Heid

    I factory reset in the thought that this was just my phone… >_<

  • MFG

    While it’s down, how about a sweet update to Google Now?

    • Something to make it useful would be awesome! The cards just got annoying to me, it wasn’t even worth the tiny amount of battery life. I disabled it.

      • If they made cards for Football already, I’d be impressed. The, “12minutes from home” is nice once in a while though, when I’m somewhere I’m usually not.

        • New_Guy

          You have to set your favorite teams in the settings to get it to show the football (and any other sports) cards.

          • It’s working for me with like.. everything but football. Baseball is working wonders, I can’t always watch the Braves due to work and it updates me instantly and always. I’ll check it out though!

          • pezjono

            My cards are working just fine for Football. Not sure why it wouldn’t work for you if you selected your team. There was some known error shortly after the first week, but all SHOULD be working now.

  • Michael_NM

    Hopefully, Apple will sue. I’m sure they have a patent on faulty servers…

  • The only syncing problems I have are with Wallet…

  • Lawrence_Hart

    I keep getting the notification that I can’t sign in. Hope its up and running soon.

  • Wyveryx

    I was wondering what was going on…though at this time of day I don’t use it much 🙂

  • mmoreimi


  • Anonymouse

    I never thought I’d live to see the day Google had server issues.

  • quiklives

    This happened just as I was installing AOKP on my Nexus 7 and I just knew I must have borked something. So glad to see it’s not just me.

    • How is it? I’m thinking of doing that myself. I’m still stock on my N7.

      • quiklives

        It’s great so far. Might need a couple of days to spot bugs but it’s running really smoothly right now. I missed toggles in the notification drop down and navbar customization every time I used stock.

  • Mark L

    I have no trouble with GMail access..just Google Now…

    • gpzbc

      same here

  • Geoff Atteberry

    I was just looking at the site to send in a heads up. Glad to see I’m not the only one having the issue. Oh, and… First! (sorry, I had to)