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Twitter, Amazon MP3, and Foursquare Apps Receive Updates, Oh My!

There’s some big app updates out there today. Over on Google Play, you can go pick up the newest versions of Twitter, Foursquare, and Amazon MP3. Twitter takes the cake for update of the day, adding pinch to zoom for photos, photo streams, and new profiles with header images. As for Foursquare, you can manage your connected apps now through the settings menu. Yep, big things. To finish it off, we have Amazon MP3 that which has just added the ability for users in the U.K., Germany, and France to take part in the service.

Go get your updates.

Twitter | Amazon MP3 | Foursquare 

  • Twitter, now with… same on-screen menu legacy button.
    *golf clap*

    • Don’t feel to bad, they made the iPhone version suck and look like the iPhone version but scaled up.

  • These are three of my most used apps. Glad to see some improvements.

  • Diablo81588

    Finally pinch to zoom in twitter! That was so annoying..

  • Ooo will Apple sue Twitter now too? lol