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Did HTC Just Tease a 1080p Device or a Windows 8 Phone for September 19? (Updated)

We all know that HTC has an event planned for September 19 (tomorrow) in New York, but through Twitter, they just gave us the first real clue as to what we can expect. Let’s see if we can decode it together. 

First, the “19.9” simply means September 19, the date of tomorrow’s event. The 10:08 time on the corner of the device, we were initially thinking could be transformed to be 10:80. Since it looks like a clock and 10:80 isn’t an actual time, this could be there way of representing it. Not likely. Since they use 10:08 in all of their device photos, I’d instead lean towards it not hinting at a 1080p device and is the actual clock, which leads us into the next clue.

They used the message “When beautiful hardware meets stunning software,” however, that doesn’t tell us much other than to expect a device that looks and runs beautifully. Or is that referring to Windows Phone 8 which many refer to as one of the most beautiful operating systems around? The minimal look of the 10:08 clock certainly resembles Windows Phone more than it does Android.

The fourth piece to this puzzle is the actual device on display. Is that a tablet or a phone? We all know that HTC is working on a 1080p phone codenamed the “dlx,” but since this gives off more of a Windows Phone 8 impression, I’m not sure this is it. To Tim and I, this actually looks more like a tablet, but then again, maybe this corner picture isn’t of the actual device and is simply a render that they felt like using?

Update:  If you need any more confirmation that this will be a Windows Phone unveiling, then look no further than the official Windows Phone Twitter account which just so happened to mention HTC’s “cryptic” Tweet.

You tell us. I’m starting to lean towards this being Windows Phone 8 stuff and nothing more.

Via:  Twitter

  • Erin Looney

    Boooooooooo!!! HTC, are you kidding me? I thought you realized you were slipping because of bad execution and timing choices and you were trying to fix that! So you release a 4.3″ Windows Phone as your big Holiday shopping season competitor that goes against iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, bigger beautiful Nokia Lumia, and whatever other Androids are coming out? Oh my God, what a FAILURE ! ….. No one cares !!! HTC, can’t you tell what people were excited about? That represents consumer demand. As in … SALES! In between the huge gap between the 4.8″ GS3 and the too big Galaxy Note (5.3″ / 5.5″), is this perfect little spot for an awesome beautiful 5″ quad core Jelly Bean ass-kickin’ Android phone. And you’re doing what? Nothing! HTC continues to slide and not meet its opportunities. They need market researchers. A great company just not making the right great product to fit consumer demand. Easy solution… GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WAY! GIVE US THE DLX !!!!!!!!!

  • Lolz @ everyone looking so much into the time displayed. In case no one ever noticed, that’s the time HTC ALWAYS puts on their devices in ads. Just Google “htc” images and you’ll see.

  • ojaymayo22

    Definitely not a 1080p windows phone. Windows 8 only supports 768p at the highest I believe, and the Nokia Lumia 920 claimed that. If this is a Windows 8 phone, it will not sell well behind a Lumia Windows 8 phone or of course other Android phones.

  • me

    10.08″ Tablet? ? ?

  • Aspect ratio? LOL

  • the 10:08 (clock) icon is definitely reminiscent of WP devices. Wouldn’t read too much into this one guysl. For those still in doubt check out this article released a few hours ago..


  • this could be THEIR way of representing it

  • Joe
  • If they go for WP over Android on a quad core device with a 1080p display someone at HTC should be shot!

    • r0lct

      Maybe with Samsung ruling over Android (sales wise) and Google giving Moto a boost they figure they might as well and get out in front of the WP market.

  • To tease or not to tease, that is the question?http://www.ghusu.com/htc-patents-likely-to-be-valid-us-judge-says/

  • woot

    Doesn’t look like a phone to me – more of a tablet form factor… maybe 10″ tablet running windows 8 – assuming 10:08 is actually the clue.

  • Dave

    Yeah this definitely looks like a Windows device event. Oh well…

  • UmangKedia
    • Larizard

      Yup, windows phone. Check this facebook photo page out ^

  • WAITTTTT!!!!! Definitley a Tablet!!! It’s almost the exact same way that Google was showing the Nexus 7 member!? http://cdn2.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Google-Nexus-7-ad.jpg

  • coolsilver


  • Can’t be just Windows 8 because they wouldn’t have had their Sense lockscreen vector on that other “save the date” sheet. Looks like a tablet to me but I think there will be more

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    who cares just wait till tomorrow its not like the event is months away

  • Corey Foltman

    October 8th.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Maybe they teased a 1080p Windows 8 device.

  • It’s actually a 19.9 inch tablet. lol

  • Paul

    The beautiful software probably means an updated Sense imo. We know they love their sense effects. Maybe the dlx will have Jellybean with the updated Sense (which hopefully will be more efficient, though the S4pro might not have any trouble with Sense anyways…)

  • 10:08 is the time display on all HTC phones. It’s a subtle nod to old analog clock advertising. The hands of the clock were placed at 10:08 so that they could wrap around (but not obscure) the name brand of the clock, usually centered under the 12.

    • LionStone

      Good job…mystery solved 🙂

    • Adam

      Also, watches and analog clocks were usually set to 10:10 (which is close to 10:08) in print ads because it made the watch look like it had a smile. Lame if you ask me, but apparently true.

  • Bewara2009

    HTC Can Not be Beat!

    • fixxmyhead

      theyve already been beaten hard by samsung in sales

  • soc13kid

    “Did HTC Just Tease a 1080p Device or a Windows 8 Phone for September 19?”

    beats me.

    • jayray78

      well….I see what you were trying to do there….

  • JDD

    From what I have read Windows Phone 8 will not do 1080p. Maximum screen resolutions is 1280×768………Yes?

  • Answer2K1

    With a Windows 8 phone, is it still skinned or is it “stock”? Will there be a Windows 8 “Sense”?

    • jayray78

      No, MS controls all aspects of Win8. No skining is allowed.

      • Answer2K1

        That sucks, so how can I have a unique and personal experience with Win8?…..bummer

  • Bionicman

    wait so tomorrow’s event is not for an android phone? ahh well then who the hell cares lol

    • Be more open minded, brah!

    • Dain Laguna

      i 2nd what travis said. as android users, we can prove than we are fans of good te h, regardless of what it is, without the underlying stigma that afflicts,say, apple users.

  • How is the 19.9 just the date? Whats the point of the .9?

    • Go Hawkeyes

      19th day of the 9th month.

  • Realistic87

    windoze phone eh? no thanks

    • I’m moving from Android 4.1 to Windows Phone. It’s brilliant.

  • Aaron Bulak

    Could mean a release on 10/08/12

    • Tyler Chappell

      Umm, no.

  • Despyse

    Doesn’t look like a render at all… kind of easy to make rounded corner squares/rectangles in Photoshop.

  • Updated the post quite a bit thanks to user comments. Pretty sure this is a Windows Phone 8 teaser and not an Android device.

    • 10″ Win 8 tablet

    • Haxcid

      It has been pretty much everyone was saying since HTC announced the date. Most of these posters need to go back to watching Lost re-runs.
      Cannot wait to see if this is the fabled 8Xdevice. Loves me some good hardware.

    • asdf

      what about the htc tablet teased a while back? bezels are roughly the same

  • T4rd

    It would be awesome if the announced it with Stock Android. /Dreaming

    It’s sad that Stock Android would be a true differentiation for an OEM. I don’t think they have any idea how much better that would make the phone for everyone.

    • B

      I agree. I think that would be a great strategy for a company like LG to get back in the market. I would think it is cheaper for them to develop as well since they don’t need to pay a team of software engineers? I don’t know. I’m not on the technical side. I just know what I like.

  • Release date of October 8th?

  • FourthStage

    I don’t think the 10:08 is meant to represent 1080. 10:08 is the time HTC generally puts on all their
    dummy/display phones.

  • Jake

    That is a VERY small bezel for a complete tablet intended device. The 8 is REALLY close to the edge of the device and there might even be a bit more screen to the right of the 8. Obviously a phone or phablet as that’s too little bezel to thumb pinch hold as one expects to be able to do with most pure tablets to this point.

    • But ya know what? Your comment got me thinking…with all these tablet bezels that are meant to keep your fingers off the touchy area, why not use that area for things that you don’t need to touch? Why not put the clock in the bezel? I think that would look amazing!

      And while you’re at it, move the battery indicator, and the signal strength, and the current volume, and anything else that’s just giving information and no one needs to touch into that area. Maybe even weather, and an unread messages count, etc. It could even be a screen that could be programmed, but just doesn’t respond to touch, so your fingers could cover it…oh man…that could be one sweet looking tablet! 🙂

      • Watch out. Apple may read this and claim they have a patent for that and you’ll find yourself being sued.

        • Oh, fudge…did I just innovate!? 🙂 …yeah, I’ll keep my eye out for any blue shirts 🙂

      • Spongehead

        That’s a hell of an idea. Now…where did I put that patent application kit?

      • MKader17

        They could use this and make the touch screen extend into the area but only use it when you finger travel from the main screen to the “untouchable” area. I say this because it would give you extra space for scrolling.

        Another idea would be to make it gesture oriented and allow you to access clock options but only when you touch the clock and gesture up into the “usable” screen section.

      • Arkan Hadi

        thats a good idea, but the bezel of most phones has internals below it, if they could have extended the screen and eliminate the bezels they would have done it [razr m and razr i], but it has a function of covering some internals,the space below the bezel is not empty, also, if they could put a normal display [non touch] they might as well extend the original touch screen, i dont want to see the battery, wifi signal, messages count while viewing a movie in fullscreen for example.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Even if it wasn’t a windows phone, it’ll have sense, so who cares?

  • Butters619

    1008p! Brilliant!


    • Go Hawkeyes

      Apple already has a patent on that goofy resolution. It’s the next step after their not quite 720p iPhone 5.

  • genghis

    10:08 is used in most advertising

  • GangnamStyle

    Really? So dumb? It’s a clock and its not looking like a Android one so but like a Windows Phone one.

    • T4rd

      I didn’t know that all Android and WP phones looked the same..?

      • Tommy Thompson

        He’s referring to the font used…

        • T4rd

          Eh, hard to tell for me. Does WP display the time horizontally like that in the middle of the display if you have it oriented like that?

  • nwd1911

    This looks like more of a tablet picture to me. I was thinking they are going to showcase a phone and tablet tomorrow. Have to wait and see 🙂

  • The font and location of the time looks like Windows Phone…

    • Haxcid

      I have to agree with that. It looks very windows like.

  • Maybe they will price it way above the competition like they did with the HTC Flyer and then also make you buy a separate stylus. How is HTC still in business?

    • Larizard

      i lol’d cuz this is true.

  • socarwolverine

    Wouldn’t 08:01 make more sense if they’re trying to hint at 1080p?

    • Butters619

      Nope because you wouldn’t write 08:01, you would write 8:01. Then the anagram is screwed up.

      • Neomastermind

        Even on a 24-hour clock?

        • Butters619

          The first 8:01 would just be 8:01. The second would be 20:01.

          (I tested it on my One X to make sure I didn’t look like an idiot)

          • Hunter

            Why then, in the military where 24-hour time is common place do they say “Oh-six-hundred” or “zero-six-hundred”?

      • socarwolverine

        Really, you’re saying you’ve never seen the time written with a zero at the beginning? It’s even an option in android to display time as a 24-hour clock, thus displaying a zero at the beginning.

        • Butters619

          Go pick up an HTC phone, change the time to 8:01 in the morning, and enable 24 hour clock. Tell me what you see.

          • socarwolverine

            I get what you’re saying, but I’m saying it’s not like it’s outside the realm of possibility. Outside of HTC, starting time off with a zero is not unheard of when using a 24-hour clock. I don’t have an HTC on me so I’ll assume you’re right in that case.

          • triumphtriple

            Was that two people just being civil and courteous to one another after a disagreement, in an internet comment section!?!?!

          • socarwolverine

            In fact, setting my Razr Maxx to 8:01am then changing it to a 24-hour clock yields 08:01.

          • LionStone

            Umm…Chomp, chomp? 🙂

          • Butters619

            I realized I was wrong because I have a custom bar. I went back to stock and I was like 0__o. I was waiting to see if anybody pointed it out.

            Like I promised, I eat my words. I am wrong. But thank you to those who upvoted me without checking.

          • LionStone

            Good man…respect.

        • Butters619

          Btw, you were right and I eat my words. I will now stop using the internet for the rest of the day in shame.

    • MKader17

      Or they could use 11:20

  • What ever happened to the phrase, “I don’t know.”

    • danny

      I swear, they need to change the name of this site from “Droid-Life” to “Speculation-Life”

      • Hunter

        Judging by their popularity among readers I’d say whatever they are doing is working out ok for them.

        • danny

          And can u tell me how exactly you came to that conclusion? Did you survey all readers on the internet? I really want to know

          • Hunter

            If you really must know. From my limited data collection, i.e. I visit the site frequently, I have noticed a steady increase in activity (commenting, contest participation, whatnot). DL posts are also getting referenced more frequently on other similar sites. Therefore I find it safe to conclude that their popularity is growing. Even those users who prefer to be downers are still engaged enough to comment.

            Have a great day!

      • Just to clarify, it wasn’t necessarily a dig against DL. More so the fact that “journalism” in general these days just jumps all over the smallest detail and makes all sorts of speculation just to stir the pot (and inadvertently, start flamewars in the case of the Internet).

      • michael arazan

        They do their research/ homework I have found on 90% of the articles. Some are rumors and you can’t confirm a rumor till it leaks from a credible source or from the company itself. Besides, speculation can be fun and if done right keeps you interested to find out what it becomes, especially if it a product you’re interested in. But I also like to know about phones I’m not interested in just to see if their is anything new or cutting edge on the device as well.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Isn’t 10:08 the time they always display?