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Contest: It’s National Cheeseburger Day – Tell Us Your Favorite Burger, Win a Nexus 7 8GB (Update: Winner Picked)

In case you didn’t know, today is National Cheeseburger Day. To someone like me, a self-proclaimed cheeseburger guru, this is one of the greatest “holidays” of the year, because it means that I’m on my way to gorging myself on the finest burgers that Portland has to offer. But being that I’m in the tech industry and travel quite often to cities across this beautiful country, I’m always on the hunt for the best burger in the next city that I visit. So in the most selfish of ways, I’m using the DL community to find out where your favorite burger spots are, so that if I end up visiting a town near you, I’ll have a list of spots to check out.

But to make it worth your while, I figured we’d give away a Nexus 7 8GB to one of the lucky readers that leaves a comment. Sound good?  


Winner: We have our winner! His name is Mike Kilar and he showed us that you don’t have to go anywhere besides your very own kitchen to have a great cheeseburger. He has included a picture as well! Congrats, Mike! Thanks to the over 3000+ comments/entries we received. We’ll go to as many of these spots as possible!

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 8GB tablet

How to enter:

1.  Tell me what your favorite burger is, from what town and restaurant, and why it was the best ever.
2.  Feel free to follow us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook if you aren’t already.


We will choose a winner randomly tomorrow at 12:00PM PT. Good luck!

  • SD_Scott

    My fav burger is a Smashburger. There’s something magical about the flavor of the meat. I like to order a large patty so that a little hangs over the bun and I can eat it plain. I mean, come on, when’s the last time you looked forward to eating a PLAIN burger!?

    Honorable mention: Slater’s 50/50 PB&J Bacon Burger. There’s a lot going on, but damn it’s good.

  • Norcal – Sacramento – Squeeze Inn, nice meaty pattie with a melted cheddar cheese Skirt
    Socal – La Habra – G-burger – monster gourmet burger with choice of cheese and truckload of toppings
    CA – in and out – cheeseburgers are fast and fresh,

  • Didn’t see my post after I posted so again, five guys double cheese burger please 🙂

  • Best burger I had was the one I made. Grilled onions, 6oz. patty, some cheese, and A1 sauce. Made it at Lester’s Grill outside of Jasper, FL.

  • Kobe Beef Bacon Cheeseburger on a pretzel bread bun!!

  • I like the mcrib from mickey d’s

  • that one in the picture looks fantastic. So that one, put a picture of a different on eup and I would eat that one as well.

  • The best burger I’ve had in Spokane, WA is at Waddell’s Pub and Grill. It’s their Chef’s Signature Lamb Burger: A juicy 6oz lamb pattie grilled to perfection with warm feta cheese,
    romaine, tomato, diced red onion, cucumber slices and sour cream then
    drizzled with a zesty balsamic glaze on a toasted bun. Select a pint from one of their 50 taps and you are set to go.

  • Best burger ever was the Hardees Memphis BBQ. boo yah heart attack!

  • Dustin Arnold

    Local place (Paducah, KY) called “The Station” themed after firefighters and local heroes. They take Burger meat and mix it with ground up bacon. My personal burger of choice is the “402 Station Arson” 2x 1/3 lb bacon meat patties topped with grilled jalapenos and pepper jack cheese with all the fixings. I travel all over East US and i’ve never had a better burger. I mean everyone loves bacon and everyone loves burger why not put bacon IN the burger instead of on. Double Win imo.

  • Rtegra

    In & Out… That’s what it’s all about!

  • Eric Soriano

    Bacon Double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatos, ketchup, mustard, mayo, grilled onions from Five Guys!

  • The best burger is the one I make at home! Ground beef stuffed with bacon and cream cheese topped with sharp cheddar, crispy onion strings, avacado and sauteed mushrooms! It doesnt get any better!

  • Im a huge fan of hardees monster burger in vincennes, in. Terrible for me… but so awesome. Bacon strips. Bacon strips. Bacon strips.

  • thesailingboss

    Double double with grilled onions and pickles! In n Out San Diego!!! Smash Burger is also realy good . if your in the bay area, go to Gots. its awesome. I love burgers almost as much as I love Nexuses!!!!!!

  • Mike Kilar

    Hello Droid Life. With ~3100 comments, not sure if you will see or read mine but here goes…

    This is my burger entry from last nights dinner
    I make all my burgers myself here in Las Vegas.
    Time to break it down…
    I start with 96/4 ground beef. Add one egg, crumbled blue cheese and bacon pieces.
    Grilled medium well.
    The bottom of the bun is hollowed out to accommodate the burger patty.
    A slice of amish swiss cheese on each side of the meat.
    Next I piled on 3 pieces of thick cut, peppered bacon that I cooked up in the oven.
    After that is a few slices of fresh tomatoes and avocado.
    Some baby arugula for greens and some pickles on top to hold it down.
    The top bun has a mixture of mayo and A-1 spread.
    The bun itself is a kaiser roll with cheese baked on from the local bakery.
    It was a great dinner. I rarely go out for burgers because mine are better than any place I know.
    If you are ever in Vegas and want a fresh hand crafted burger, stop on by. First ones on the house!

  • Taka

    I would say Teddys Bigger Burgers in Honolulu is my favorite. Although i live in Hawaii so we are deprived of the epic sounding burgers listed here…

  • Brian

    Raleigh NC – Chucks!

  • Grover’s Bar and Grill in Buffalo, NY! It is by far the most beautiful, absolutely delicious burger I have ever ate. It’s the perfect burger cooked to perfection the way you like it… medium rare for me. With lettuce, onions, tomato, smoked thick cut bacon and cheddar cheese. No need for ketchup the flavors all in the beef. Oh and its always about the size of your face. om nom nom:]

  • area52

    5 guys double bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions cause who doesn’t need an extra 2000+ calories in a meal

  • PalmerAdam

    Anything from Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh because french fries and coleslaw are your primary condiments! Ketchup is a forbidden word there.

  • The Crab Burger from Riptide by the Bay in Baltimore. How can you go wrong with Burger, Cheese, Bacon and a Crabcake all on one bun? That’s all that matters right there.

  • If you’re in California, you’ll want to find an In-N-Out and order a double-double and fries animal style. A double-double is double meat and double cheese. Animal style is where the burger comes with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty, pickles, extra spread and grilled onions.
    A double-double animal style is the best cheeseburger in California bar none!

  • Patrick Maher

    Duane’s Ono-Char Burger in Anahola, Hawaii. They have a lot of options so you can customize your burger the way you want it. Also has good fries and shakes.

  • burger at little owl in nyc

  • Dcvolcom909

    In Cathedral City there is a place called Frickleburger and the best burger is the “happy hubby”. It’s the best because they pile on everything you need to have a heart attack on the spot!

  • tnuts22

    Three cheese cheeseburger from fudruckers in St. Louis MO …. three cheeses and all the toppings u want …. what’s not to love

  • Burntoast

    In n out is the spot to try for a classic take on a cheese burger

  • Jason Whiting

    Rams Brewery
    Schaumburg, IL

    Great burgers and fresh brewed beers : )

  • Red Mill Burger in Seattle because the banana milkshake deluxe burger combo is drool-inducing.

  • Droidx

    Where: Burger King, USA
    Why: The taste.

  • bheider

    In the distant land of Sunderland, MA, located just north of the college town Amherst, MA, there is a place called Bub’s BBQ which has the freshest, thickest, juiciest, handmade burgers covered with a “I don’t know how they make it so good” BBQ sauce and topped with caramelized onions on fresh toasted buns. I have never had a better burger…Plus steak fries!

  • michelle

    classic cheeseburger at westside tavern in LA!

  • YariCavi

    Big One from The Original Hamburger Works in Phoenix, Arizona because it’s a big slab of meat, mesquite broiled, and you put as little or many vegitables you want.

  • 5 Guys Burgers and Fries are by far the best. Actually had some for my national burger day.

  • Greyhame

    Big Oscar from Oscar’s in Milwaukee, WI. Toasted bun with a third pound patty, and some chorizo mixed in. It’s da bomb!

  • brains76

    A Luther (Vandross) from Crave Burgers IN Colorado Springs.

    A Nice Juicy Burger with Fried Egg, Bacon, and Onion between two Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts… DAMN!

    Or any burger there or at Smashburger.

  • The best hamburger that I have ever had is the Kitchen Door Hamburger at The Kitchen Door (
    http://www.kitchendoornapa.com/ ) located in the Oxbow Public Market in Napa, CA.

    The asian version is the best to me. It includes pork belly on top of the beef patty, a lime aioli, teriyaki sauce and kimchi, cabbage and cucumbers. The burger is moist and tasty, I think they use a chuck. It’s grilled over mesquite and on a sourdough bun. Unreal.

  • Raven

    For me, it has to be the 42 Grill in a little town called Tioga, ND. All of their burgers are great because they literally raise their own cattle and grind their own beef. One of my favorites is their 50-50 burger with bacon mixed in the patty and cheese and more smoked bacon on top.

  • SL1200

    The White Trash Burger at Burger Jones in Minneapolis, MN

    This burger is equipped with chicken-fried bacon, fried cheese curds and a ton of Velveeta cheese! There is also the option for the double wide version! Need I say more??


  • Brandon White

    Rheas Special from Rheas in Roswell, Ga. Can’t explain why its good, its just an experience you have to try for yourself.

  • smashingplanets

    Burgerville tillamook cheeseburger is the best. The shakes are pretty awesome as well. Come to PDX and taste for yourself!

  • Culvers makes a pretty good cheese burger and you can finish off the meal with some very good frozen custard.

  • Alden

    Father’s Office, Santa Monica, CA
    Perfectly Cooked Burger topped with a Caramelized Onion & Bacon Compote finished with Guerrier & Blue Cheese… such a guilty pleasure