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Bloomberg Radio+ Hits Google Play, “24/7 Access to the Smartest Names in Finance & Economics”

There’s something about talk radio that just gets people going. Finally, Bloomberg has an official radio app for Android and it actually looks pretty well done. With Bloomberg Radio, you have access to Manhattan’s #1 radio station and a ton of other features. Important interviews, customizable stock tickers, and even the ability to download shows for offline listening. 


  • Bloomberg Radio live 24-hours a day
  • Bloomberg shows and interviews available on demand
  • Offline listening. Save/download shows and interviews
  • Latest market data on companies
  • Charts as they are referenced during a show or interview
  • Bios of guests
  • Customizable scrolling ticker

Grab it while it’s hot!

Play Link

  • I will be honest, I’ve never listened to Bloomberg…but I suspect its just a bunch of Keynesian/Krugman BS most of the time.

    Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, Walter Williams and a few others are the only economists I bother paying any attention to.

  • ShangTsung702

    Sounds like the most boring app, ever. We should make prisoners listen to this and NPR 24/7. They’ll come out born-again Christians. No thanks… pass on this app.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    Wait a second… the title says “Access to the Smartest Names in Finance and Economics”

    Why is there a picture of Ben Bernanke? That doesn’t fit.

    • Kane

      Hilarious. You might not like him but he does have a Phd in Economic from MIT. Economics in general has always had lots of critics.

      • DigitalEnforcer

        I can’t see how printing an “Infinite” about of money will help out the economy. All it does it devalue the dollar… which in turn makes things more expensive for everyone. Plus the fact that it didn’t work the first 3 or 4 times he tried it… why would it work now?

  • Mike

    Bloomberg Radio is great. Inquisitive interviews with the top economic and finance minds around the world. Don’t lump this radio broadcast with other talk radio. Now if only The Economist could fix their app on the Nexus 7 I could get all of my finance news through Android apps.