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TSF Shell Receives Update to 1.7.0 – New Menus, Quick Folder Actions, Better Icon Designer, and More

TSF Shell Pro, aka the most expensive launcher in history that most people still have yet to adopt because it’s the most expensive launcher in history, received a sizable update over the weekend to version 1.7.0. If you purchased this mostly innovative home replacement solution, after updating you’ll find new menus on app shortcuts, an upgraded icon designer, quick app adds to folders, a better tablet experience, the ability to add custom album art, and less bugs.

For the price, I can see how many would still want to shy away from this app, however, it really is one of the more powerful home replacements you’ll find to this day. And with each update, the TSF UI team continues to impress. 


1.Quick Shortcut adder
2.New Long-press menu
3.TSF ICON DESIGNER V0.5(Customize the icon title style)
4.New icon menu options(Icon selector/Rename/Alignment/Uninstall..)
5.New extra screen menu
6.Optimized performances on the table devices
7.Maximum screen density up to 2.3
8.Customzie the album cover(TSF Music widget V1.3.1)
9.Known bugs fixed

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  • I’ve spent lots of money on 2 apps and do I ever regret it. SPB shell is one of them. Only on my Asian no name brand tab is it worth $5 much less the costs they asked for. I know I will not spend another dime on a replacement HS app again. Unless… I hit the lottery and have nothing better to do. And then it will be for a bigger screen gadget.

  • teejaycard

    Holy Crap…. With you mentioning it as “the most expensive launcher” I took it with a grain of salt thinking, eh what, maybe 5, 6 bucks tops? I went to the play link and over looked the price a few times thinking it was the in Euros or something. Over 16 dollars is way too much for a stickler like me. Unless I can command it to perform every task like Jarvis, I’ll stick with Nova.

  • Horrible looking UI, way to much going on. Damn!!!

  • T4rd

    I don’t care how good that launcher is, it’s not worth $16.80. They’re pretty much asking for their app to get pirated at that price. I guarantee they would sell more copies and make more money if they lowered it to $5-$10. Nova and Apex are the top launchers on the Play Store right now and both have their pro version at $4 (which I gladly paid for Nova).

    • We said the same thing about SPB Shell.

  • CopierITGuy

    At that price, it should be called WTF Shell Pro!!! Looks great, though!

  • Go Hawkeyes

    They should do some serious market analysis. I’m sure at a more reasonable $5 this would sell like crazy. At $17 they are only hurting potential sales. The only people who buy a $17 app are tech geeks who must try everything and asshats who only want to brag about how they spent $17 on an app.

  • Faber

    Works great on my gs 3. Like it alot. it stuttered a bit on my dx. I wouldn’t buy again if still had dx. Definitely would for gs 3.

  • j__h

    It is $16.80 US, Yikes!

  • Can anyone comment on how fast it is? Oddly enough Nova isnt that fast for me, Go Launcher is. Weird

  • AlexKCMO

    I like this launcher. I did a “try before you buy” and used it for about a week.

    Ultimately, I would have been upset if I purchased this. It just doesn’t work for a phone. With that said, I’ve been considering using my Droid X as a GPS in my car. Since I don’t need it as a phone, I might buy the launcher and use it on this device.

    • chaz edwards

      It works extremely well on the phone but the problem is it has a learning curve to it once you learn it. It is actually faster than using nova and apex. Also the ones that are not bought from the google play do not work well and purposely reload again again the launcher again.

      • AlexKCMO

        Oh, it functioned fine. I didn’t have a single FC or anything like that, I just didn’t like it as a UI for my phone… I’d prefer it for a non-phone device where I don’t want my phone, address book, text messages always accessible on my launcher (like I have with Apex).

        I’d give it another try if it had a dock I could place items on permanently.

        Please note, I’m not advocating piracy, but 15 minutes is not long enough for me to try a launcher… and for $15, I’m not going to buy it. If I tried and liked it, I would buy it.

  • chaz edwards

    I bought it battery life is the same with apex and nova on this launcher. They only update every month. They listen to user feedback launcher never lags. They do not plan to drop support anytime soon unlike spb shell. Which tsf shell runs circles around now.

  • Remember when launchers like these were needed back when Android was ugly. Well now it’s beautiful with JB, I’d guess most of these types of launchers will go away eventually.

    • EC8CH

      If the stock launcher would just allow you to change the number of homescreens and give you the option to auto landscape.

      • I agree that landscape would be nice. But if you need more than 5 homescreens, perhaps you should think about simplifying your life a bit. 😉

        • EC8CH

          I want LESS than 5 homescreens 😉

        • Go Hawkeyes

          I use one home screen. I used to use 3, but since ICS made folders so easy I only need one home screen.

          • I simply don’t put app shortcuts on my homescreen. It’s not an iPhone and that’s what the app drawer is for. I have one folder called favorites in my hot seat, that’s it.

          • I do a similar thing, but I use SwipePad instead of a folder. I keep a calendar widget and a to-do widget on my homescreen and that is it.

    • DrewNusser

      Most of these crazy ones, yeah. But lightweight ones like Nova and Apex, that just add a few features to the stock Android launcher – I hope they stick around forever.

  • Eric Franca

    Give me a 50% off sale and you’ve got me.

    • CopierITGuy

      Maybe… 8 bucks for a launcher replacement is still kinda steep with how slick stock Android has gotten. Granted, it won’t do this, but I’d have to seriously think about it. It would be another cool way to piss off iFans!

  • I can’t believe it actually costs that much…

  • And probably still eats battery like crazy.