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This Full Page Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Ad is Hilarious in so Many Ways

If you missed this full page newspaper ad that Samsung posted this weekend, then let me quickly catch you up. As you can see, it takes a quick cheap shot at Apple with the “genius” line before moving on to a list of specs and features that are created to make it look like the new iPhone 5 doesn’t even compare to the Galaxy S3. Tech blogs from across the world saw this ad over the weekend and completely freaked out, saying it was biased and so far from the truth because iPhone features were left out, and blah blah, blah blah. 

Isn’t that the point of an ad? People are acting like this is the first advertisement in the history of advertising to bend the truth or over-sensationalize one product so that it looks better than another. Was Samsung supposed to perfectly match things up spec for spec and feature for feature? Of course not, the ad firm that created this was trying to show that the Galaxy S3 can do so much more. If you want a spec for spec battle, go read a tech blog, not an ad. Were they not supposed to take the “genius” shot at Apple? Well, it wouldn’t be even slightly entertaining if they didn’t. Was Samsung not supposed to tell you that waiting for this other phone is silly when one that’s better is already out? Come on, tech writers of the world.

Where are the Apple ad critics every time a Siri commercial misleads millions of TV viewers? And I digress.

Remember, Samsung is trying to sell you the Galaxy S3 with a couple of catchy punch lines and the feature list for their newest flagship device. It’s an ad, it’s not supposed to be unbiased or politically correct. It’s an ADVERTISEMENT.

Oh, and they did toss in a “Above listed features representative, not all inclusive” note at the bottom.

Also on a related note, one of the publications that was having a hard time with this ad wanted to point out that Samsung didn’t list the fact that the iPhone 5 has Twitter and Facebook integration, something that no Android phone has. /smh.

Via:  Business Insider

  • Lupin the III

    I thoroughly enjoy Android due to its full user customizability.

  • I like Galaxy S 3

  • jeesung

    790 hrs of standby time?

  • After all these years that Apple has been peddling their iWhatevers — every single person in the entire world who’ve spent small fortunes on a variety of iPhone/iPod/iPad docks, stereo’s, and every other Apple iPeripheral ever made will have to buy them all over again if they want to use their docks and peripherals as designed and intended for Apple products — because Apple just up and suddenly decided to change the their little. tiny. plug.

    BAHAHAHAHA! …follow the money!

  • WickedToby741

    iPhone 5. Now with more Viagra.

  • Lets not forget the “Everything i*hone Doesn’t, Droid Does” commercials

  • 216monster

    Why does Samsung keep posting the SGS3 with a Gingerbread Ui screen shot on it I mean cmon lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abaha

    reminds me of sega and nintendo in the 90s lol

  • AtrixDeveloper

    I like turtles…

  • wowzers

    what an ignorant post on so many levels by the author. officially un-bookmarking droid life and never returning. what a hypocrite and what an idiot.

  • Alan Paone

    I can’t believe the iPhone doesn’t have a response to Palm Touch Mute Pause! What the hell were they thinking?

  • jimmy

    looks at apple stock ticker.. “Scoreboard, Scoreboard, Scoreboard”

  • Cliffy44

    There are Android Users and I-Phone losers.