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This Full Page Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Ad is Hilarious in so Many Ways

If you missed this full page newspaper ad that Samsung posted this weekend, then let me quickly catch you up. As you can see, it takes a quick cheap shot at Apple with the “genius” line before moving on to a list of specs and features that are created to make it look like the new iPhone 5 doesn’t even compare to the Galaxy S3. Tech blogs from across the world saw this ad over the weekend and completely freaked out, saying it was biased and so far from the truth because iPhone features were left out, and blah blah, blah blah. 

Isn’t that the point of an ad? People are acting like this is the first advertisement in the history of advertising to bend the truth or over-sensationalize one product so that it looks better than another. Was Samsung supposed to perfectly match things up spec for spec and feature for feature? Of course not, the ad firm that created this was trying to show that the Galaxy S3 can do so much more. If you want a spec for spec battle, go read a tech blog, not an ad. Were they not supposed to take the “genius” shot at Apple? Well, it wouldn’t be even slightly entertaining if they didn’t. Was Samsung not supposed to tell you that waiting for this other phone is silly when one that’s better is already out? Come on, tech writers of the world.

Where are the Apple ad critics every time a Siri commercial misleads millions of TV viewers? And I digress.

Remember, Samsung is trying to sell you the Galaxy S3 with a couple of catchy punch lines and the feature list for their newest flagship device. It’s an ad, it’s not supposed to be unbiased or politically correct. It’s an ADVERTISEMENT.

Oh, and they did toss in a “Above listed features representative, not all inclusive” note at the bottom.

Also on a related note, one of the publications that was having a hard time with this ad wanted to point out that Samsung didn’t list the fact that the iPhone 5 has Twitter and Facebook integration, something that no Android phone has. /smh.

Via:  Business Insider

  • Lupin the III

    I thoroughly enjoy Android due to its full user customizability.

  • I like Galaxy S 3

  • jeesung

    790 hrs of standby time?

  • After all these years that Apple has been peddling their iWhatevers — every single person in the entire world who’ve spent small fortunes on a variety of iPhone/iPod/iPad docks, stereo’s, and every other Apple iPeripheral ever made will have to buy them all over again if they want to use their docks and peripherals as designed and intended for Apple products — because Apple just up and suddenly decided to change the their little. tiny. plug.

    BAHAHAHAHA! …follow the money!

  • WickedToby741

    iPhone 5. Now with more Viagra.

  • Lets not forget the “Everything i*hone Doesn’t, Droid Does” commercials

  • 216monster

    Why does Samsung keep posting the SGS3 with a Gingerbread Ui screen shot on it I mean cmon lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abaha

    reminds me of sega and nintendo in the 90s lol

  • AtrixDeveloper

    I like turtles…

  • wowzers

    what an ignorant post on so many levels by the author. officially un-bookmarking droid life and never returning. what a hypocrite and what an idiot.

  • Alan Paone

    I can’t believe the iPhone doesn’t have a response to Palm Touch Mute Pause! What the hell were they thinking?

  • jimmy

    looks at apple stock ticker.. “Scoreboard, Scoreboard, Scoreboard”

  • Cliffy44

    There are Android Users and I-Phone losers.

  • Cliffy44

    WHY do we do posts when they get eliminated, as one refreshes his own screen?

  • Cliffy44

    There are Android Users and I-Phone losers.

    (Why when you leave this page and then come back, has your post been removed?

    Did obama buy Droid-Life as part of his ever failing bail-pot purchases??????????)

    • kurttrail

      lol! Yep, Obama and his communist minions are plotting against you personally, Cliffy!

  • Cliffy44

    There are Android Users and I-Phone Losers.

  • Nice jab by Samsung…now stick and move for the KO lol

  • Ethan

    This is the best.

  • 80am

    I like it samsung. Kudos

  • rodney11ride

    in case anybody missed jimmy kimmel you have got to see this… this is the definition of Isheep. over 8 million views http://youtu.be/rdIWKytq_q4

  • enigmaco

    Why did the iphone cross the road? To ask the Galaxy S3 what is it like to be a real phone.

  • [email protected]

    Of course you need a removable battery!!!! after it cruhes due to a poor OS you need to take off the battery to restart!!! Droid owner for 4 years, taken the battery hundreds if not thousand of times. I will try the i*hone for the first time and will report back

    • Diablo81588

      The iPhone locks up more than Android devices in my experience. The removable battery argument is just uninformed ignorance.

    • chansterrrr

      Not sure if this will ever happen to you but my old iphone used to freeze at times as well and I had to manually restart via home + power button.

  • Matthew Internets

    lol Apple had their turn I don’t see what the outage is about, have we already forgotten that 2 hour hostage situation Apple hosted to talk up the iPhone release? I eagerly read through the live blogs and downloaded the video on iTunes after, in summary it was little more than fantasy and imagination being marketed to their cult sheep, better known as iDiots (hopefully they didn’t already copy-write that one)

    I say good on you Samsung for fighting back with a few facts, even if a little biased, that is your right, Apple has been doing the same thing on a larger scale with no opposition for years.

  • zUFC

    By the way, it already started!!!!!! I was looking through my “Flipboard” app yesterday and there it was!! Someone or Something was talking about the S3 for some reason (can’t remember why but it doesn’t matter) and they wern’t compring it or anything. But the next sentence was “it has LTE like the I-Phone 5”
    I’m not good at writting but it was said like the S3 had LTE which the I-Phone 5 already has (even though it’s not out yet). I couldn’t beleive my eyes. Where do these clowns come from? How can these people be so naive? I’ve never seen anything like it.

    • Jeetu K

      hAlf the world is filled with such clowns .. hence the iphone sucess story . im not surprised

  • IAmVideogames

    The S3 is glorious yes, but am I the only one who isn’t crazy about that dandelion wallpaper that’s in every ad? The Moto and HTC wallpapers are always crazy vibrant in their commercials.

  • CHRIS42060

    Next lawsuit will be Apple suing Samsung for using the word “genius” in an ad. If that lawsuit wins God help Mensa haha.

  • Cory

    I dont understand the need for Facebook integration at the OS level. It’s not needed in Android as they have the Share function. If you write an app that can be called up from the Share function, it’s there. Facebook, Twitter, a lot of apps support this. I prefer this option then have some sort of direct “Facebook” code wrote right into the OS.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i think that’s the point. Android, by default, has as high a level of integration with ANY app as iOS only has with specially built-in apps.

  • RW-1

    BTW, just to F**k with them I would have listed: Rectangular shape, rounded corners, glass type screen, home page icons, because the Apple side looks a bit short … 🙂

    • JROD


  • Apple fanboy

    It doesn’t take a genius (S3 vs iPhone 5). Indeed, it doesn’t. It doesn’t take a genius, why would you need to be when you can be damn lazy?
    Is there any innovation in Samsung S3?
    It offers you 4G LTE. Before you get carried away, it doesn’t have a chip that offers you LTE worldwide. There are many models of S3, each with different chipsets and processors. When Samsung offers you choice, this is
    what they mean – you can have 1 version in South Korea, another in Japan, a third in USA and a fourth in Europe and rest of Asia.
    So to give you the widest LTE coverage and 3G coverage, it combines two radio chipsets (lazy man’s way). And to power that, they have to put in a bigger battery (a liability that they claim to be an advantage!) and more RAM. To accommodate a bigger battery, they have to build a bigger phone – hence the bigger dimensions than the S2 and the bigger screen of 4.8in. These design flaws/ liabilities have been marketed as advantages – bigger screen, bigger battery. They forgot heavier and thicker. Where’s the innovation? None, whatsoever. Just pack it in and give consumers a bigger phone and market it as an advantage!
    The next S4 is reported to sport an even bigger screen. Looks like Samsung ‘innovation’ is on the right path.
    You want innovation? Show me a faster phone with the same screen, show me longer talk time with smaller dimensions, show me more storage space without taking the lazy way out by putting in a micro SD card slot (for customers to put in their own extra storage).
    You like a bigger phone with a bigger screen and longer battery life and a faster processor? Dude, we are already there – it’s called the iPad. For those who need a bigger screen for their eyes and their hands, you already have the answer!
    It doesn’t take a genius. Indeed. Lazy all the way =)

    • RW-1

      Get your own moniker there copycat, My last two are the REAL RW-1

    • Diablo81588

      Apple: Form over function.

    • tomn1ce

      Oh and you think that apple didn’t have to come up with different models for different region how naive you are. You really think that apple was capable of putting all the different radio frequencies into just on model of the iphone 5. Man you better wake up and smell the coffee.

    • chansterrrr

      You think anybody is going to take you seriously when you already call yourself an “Apple Fanboy?”

  • RW-1

    No, what was funnier was the lame Apple fanboys that tried (and failed) to come up with their own “response” ads, that didn’t even come close the hitting the mark like this original one.

    • Diablo81588

      Agreed! They were so pathetic..

  • MikeSaver

    I think its awesome, except for the S voice fail.

    • Galazy-S3

      Agreed. I used Siri a lot on my 4S, and I miss it. S-Voice is garbage.

      • MikeSaver

        You’ll have to wait until the jelly bean upgrade. Googles voice search owns Siri have it on my gnex and nexus7

      • Diablo81588

        Siri is worse.

      • Someone who actually used Siri? I asked all my iPhone friends and everyone of them said she sucks! I even asked my Dad who has no bias whatsoever and he said he would rather just type the message or do the google search himself.

        He demonstrated her while I was next to him and I timed how long it took for Siri to reply and it was 53.5 seconds from when she started searching to when she replied. Oh and I might add that she got what he said wrong causing her to start calling the wrong person.

        • Galaxy-S3

          You do need a good data connection, I’ll give you that. But at least it works when it works. I can’t get S-Voice to do anything worthwhile.

          • He did have a good signal but then again the 4S is still a 3G device and Verizon’s 3G is notoriously slow!

            S-Voice is a gimmick, even more so then Siri but once you get Google Now its an entirely different story! Google Now makes Siri obsolete!

  • DigitalDK

    Funny minus 90% of the GS3 features that are obnoxious and I would never use. Like S-Beam… I’ll use Android Beam all day, S-Voice… what a joke, it sounds creepier than Siri something straight of a horror film, and lets not forget tilt to zoom or any of the features like it such as adding widgets or icons to home screens talk about a freaking chore.

  • to me these ad’s just make samsung look pathetic. stop with the anti iphone ad’s, commercials, etc. just do your own thing and if the product is good enough it will sell.

    • In a perfect world, I agree, but this is the nature of advertising and competitive personal electronics.

      FWIW, and I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but Apple is notorious for bashing competitors — directly or obliquely.

  • Hunter

    “A totally different plug…” – made me lol

  • lye

    Also the ad that put apple on the map in the first place was a shot at windows.

  • Jay Monicle

    I get what sammie is trying to do, but I think they delvalue themselves as a company by trying so hard to show people that they are better than apple… ads like this arent going to make the average consumer give up their iphone lust. Instead of telling everyone “hey look we’re so much better than apple” they should continue to push out quality devices like the galaxy series and their Nexus devices, and people will eventually take notice. Be original not a copy cat, and they have taken android and added some great features. disclaimer in no way do I support what apple is doing with their lawsuits and yearly upgrades. I want to see some originality from samsung, they dont need to be Mr. Me Too like pharrell/pusha T lol

    • Diablo81588

      Samsung? Nexus? Quality? Since when..?! Did I miss something…

      • azndan4

        What’s up your butt Diablo? Probably Angelface. LOL

        • Diablo81588

          You should know my opinion on the nexus by now, dan.

  • G-Nex User

    Don’t worry, you can also purchase a very over-the-top real diamond and ruby case for the new iPhone 5. Very practical…

  • Headline should have read: YOU BE THE JUDGE

    • fish1552

      No, because then they have to blindly side with their beloved Apple.

  • frankandsimple

    That’s right Samsung.. it doesn’t take a genius.. it only takes a con artist or a copycat.. both of which you certifiably are.

    • Droid4All

      Needless to say, apple has been caught red-handed with the same.

    • Butthurt alert.

  • yarrellray
  • I was on Technobuffalo friday and saw a posting about this ad and I must say the iSheep get very mad when you try to criticize their iSh!t 5!

    • dangolds

      Yeah, just like all the pro-Android folks do. Personally I don’t see what everyone is arguing about. They’re both awesome phones in their own right, both with advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about personal preference and taste when it comes to making a decision on these two devices or Apple vs Android in general. The irony here is that half the posts on this site related to this article are every bit as defensive and sheep sounding as the iSheep they are attacking. I think the Samsung ad is funny, I think some of the Apple fan responses are funny and Samsung, Apple and Google are laughing at this fan boy nonsense all the way to the bank.

      • Honestly, the only reason I get mad at that causes me to argue with one of them is when they try to tell me how bad android is and how the devices suck. Its just that elitist mindset of them being better because of their choice of device just makes me lose it! It may be a personal preference but the Apple sheep believe that its a decision of social class and that if you don’t choose iPhone you are either poor or stupid which quite frankly couldn’t be more incorrect if they tried.
        Yes people on this website may seem just as bad as iSheep but this is an Android blog and what else would you expect? Most people may sound fanboyist on here but if they were to goto an Apple blog they would be open to what is being said and thats a million times more than what an Apple fanboy would do. At least when I try to tell someone they are wrong I make sure I know what I am saying unlike Apple fans who will just say whatever is on their mind even if it isn’t true.

  • Aaron Decker

    No Facebook integration? Is that why when I hit the share button for pictures/videos facebook is option… My Nexus must have missed the memo… Silly nexus, stop being better than the iPhone — your pissing off the iSheep 🙂 I dont use twitter so IDK how that works. lol

    • MasterEthan

      EXACTLY! Any app can “integrate” on Android. We’ve been doing what the so called “Integrated Facebook and Twitter” do on iOS for years on Android. The app just has to register with Android to be added for sharing. People are completely missing this on so many blogs and news headlines. Keep reading iOS 6 Integrates Twitter and Facebook and Android doesn’t have that!… Nope it doesn’t have BUILT into the OS but the OS does allow any app to “integrate” without a new OS update required for every “integration.”

  • Jarrett Guma

    I think Apple should sue themselves cause their new phone looks too similar to their old phone and customers might get confused and take away sales from the new phone…..

  • Answer2K1

    The Apple Fans’ response ads and the one Windows Phone (me too!) ad are also freaking hilarious!!!

  • Georgey

    When I first saw this I thought it was more of a jab against the court ruling.

    • Didn’t think of it that way, but I can see what you mean.

  • Paradisimo

    It’s classier than my title “F*CK APPLE” would have been.

    • Only slightly more classy. 😛

    • Luke D

      Haha brilliant “F*CK APPLE” sounds good to me!

    • Stevedub40

      Don’t do that, then all the iSheep would start doing exactly that! Think of the poor apples! I guess there is more than one way to core an apple…

  • S Voice? Hahahaha, people will be sorely disappointed when they get their S3 and S Voice sucks. It’s too bad it didn’t have JB, they could have listed Google Now instead.

    • MichaelFranz

      im hoping the JB delay is because they are trying to integrate the 2, that would be something worth waiting for

    • Nlsme

      I think it is better than Siri, unless you like pictures of stallions.

      • It doesn’t take much to be better than Siri, but based on tests S Voice isn’t much better, if at all. Google Now however, may have less features, but it knows what you’re saying more often and gets the relevant information to you faster and more accurately.

        • Nlsme

          I personally can’t wait for Now. However, the ONLY complaint I have on s-voice, is setting an alarm. It automatically sets the “nature inspired” tweeting birds. To quiet.

  • frankandsimple

    It’s ALL about the software stupid!.. (even though in the hardware department too Apple is miles ahead of GS3).

    • please do provide proof of this because I believe aside from weight and thickness the add proves otherwise.

    • fixxmyhead

      4in. perfect for iOS users built for anal

  • Jarred Sutherland

    The “New iPhone” .. same as the “Old iPhone”, except a bit bigger and a little bit faster … oh and a new connector, it’s so great!

    However that’s my opinion, thankfully everyone else has their own too. Use what you like, but stop dreaming that it’s something revolutionary when it isn’t

    • Guest

      The new Galaxy S3: same as the old Galaxy S2, but faster.

      • Nlsme


      • Jason James

        You should check the software features first they added things other people don’t already have unlike Apple

      • Diablo81588

        If you mistake a S3 and S2, you’re blind.

      • Adrian Price

        one word to sum you up. “Retard!”

  • paul_cus

    Samsung is just having fun. People get way too bent out of shape.

  • Laki S.

    Honestly, I wasn’t interested in the S3 up till now. And not because of the iPhone thing, but that list of specs is pretty damn intriguing. Also, I really like the idea of a picture-in-picture. I’ll have to check this out.

  • moelsen8

    which website said the facebook/twitter integration bit? can’t find it.

    • *Cough* Check the Via link *Cough*

      • moelsen8

        oh, shoot. i did that but missed it when i skimmed over. nice.

  • Cmon. You can’t call your employees genius’ and be shocked people poke and have fun at it. That’s funny though.

    • Diablo81588

      Minimum wage genius. Lol..

    • fish1552

      I think the title of “genius” is more of a sarcastic title. As in “Well, dumb@$$, aren’t you just a f***ing genius?”

      • I find this to be the case, too my MacBook Pro in to the Apple Genius bar because the left fans started sounded like a grinder every time it reved past 3000 RPMs. I walked up to the guy signed in and everything but guess what? He said he couldn’t hear the sound even tho I had the fans all the way up at over 6400RPMs and the entire store could hear my computer grinding along. I was baffled, like do you need hearing aids or something? Lets just say I got a different rep and out of my hatred for what Apple has been doing to my beloved Samsung I made them replace both of them at their expense (it was still under warranty) so basically they had to eat the $130 repair price of both fans and the inspection the guy did where he cleaned the inside out and did a few other things. Glad I didn’t have to pay because that seems like high way robbery, $130 for 2 cheap plastic fans!

  • desiman26

    I saw this too over the weekend. I wasn’t that surprised that the other tech blogs didn’t like it, since it didn’t have their precious iPhone look good.

    • Lucky Armpit

      I know, right? So many tech blogs are so blindly pro-Apple that they would decry an Android-powered phone that unlocked the secrets of the universe or cured a major disease.

      • frankandsimple


      • Am I the only one who is starting to find Engadget extremely pro-Apple?

        • CopierITGuy

          I used to love Engadget, but I rarely even browse their blog anymore. The constant pro-Apple butt-kissing sickens me. Occasionally, you’ll find an un-biased report, but I try to stay away from them as a general rule.

          • I’m currently in a battle with an entire herd of iSheep trying to tell me the iPhone 5 is a better device than the SGS3! I’m just about to leave because there is no getting it through their head that the SGS3 is 6 months old and yet IT STILL BEATS THE IPHONE 5! I feel bad for them once the HTC quad core S4 device with a 1080p display is released, they will all take back every word they ever said about Android sucking!

          • al

            ^ ……this is awesome.

          • Michael Thurig

            No, they will insist that it is still worse than the iPhone. Why would a bunch of ignorants suddenly come to an educated opinion?

        • IAmVideogames

          Engadget is so much better than Gizmodo when it comes to Apple whoring.

          • Stevedub40

            But BGR tops them all. I hear Geller’s favorite food is the apple sauce.

        • dangolds

          Come on man….. I usually respect your opinions and all but do you really think anyone on this Site has a handle on fair and balanced debate between the two platforms? This Site is so anti-Apple that any other sites complementing Apple’s devices will seem radically pro-Apple by comparison.

          • Lets compare, Droid Life was welcoming of the iPhone 5 hoping that it would innovate and make other companies innovate and make better products now not taking into consideration the comments I would say they are fair in terms of accepting competition even if they may never buy that competition’s products.
            Now Engadget the day the iPhone 5 was released they posted over 20 different post about how awesome it was and they were completely biased, most of them didn’t even have any real facts or knowledge behind them, just the editor wanting to say how much he liked the device. Compare that to when the Droid Razr HD was announced, they did 3-4 short posts that were full of information but not once did they ever say it was a great device, etc because they didn’t know how the device would perform due to them not having a unit to test, however with the iPhone 5 they did’t even care about a test unit, they went out and said it was the best. They are clearly biased towards Apple and I think its because they are generating revenue from the comments of all the android fans going off at the Apple fans and vice vera.

          • Ojeh

            I have both the iPhone 5 and the galaxy s3. While bargain wise i would say the sg3 is a good phone, i wouldn’t totally agree with myself speaking about usability.
            i love my games particularly fifa 12. So far, all EA sports fifa releases on the android have been totally fucked

          • sk3litor

            I love fifa 12 as well and even on my tbolt it was smooth as silk. I had an iPhone and I hated it. Iphones went out with Myspace. Plus it’s a girls phone;)

          • dmagicp

            Dude I’m sorry but F*CK apple.

      • dmagicp

        And best believe that if the rolls were reversed, suddenly the iphone would become the laughing stock of the cellular universe.

  • LOL! “A totally different plug”. That cracked me up.

  • Josh

    Wait….Android doesn’t have Facebook and Twitter integration?? Does my Droid Charge know cause I have icons, which work, for BOTH applications.

    • Diablo81588


  • New_Guy

    I love how absolutely lopsided the stats are. I genuinely view the SIII as the superior device…but this add cracks me up 🙂

  • T4rd

    I’m surprised that they advertised that the iPhone 5 is lighter on there. There’s no mention of thickness, hah. I also like the “a totally different plug” spec.

    Also, does the S3 really have 790 hours of standby times?! Is that like if you put it in airplane mode and have no apps running in the background..? =p

    • nightscout13

      Standby is considered when you are connected to data, but not using it, and the screen off. It’s a useless statistic.

      • I wouldnt say its useless, higher raw standby time may mean longer time without needing to charge assuming you arent on the phone from disconnect to 0%.

        • Drew

          You get an upvote for ASU

        • Aaa

          You get a downvote for ASU

        • Timothy McGovern

          You get nothing for ASU

        • =( I’ll go cry in the corner for second until I remember that the SF Giants and 49ers are doing awesome. =P

      • I would disagree, I can get days out of my device by putting it into Airplane mode so I wouldn’t consider it useless.

        • nightscout13

          In order for a phone to be in “standby” there has to be a cellular connection. If you put Airplane mode on, you’ll get even more hours of phone on time.

    • Guest

      S3 idle is pretty solid. I don’t know about 790, but assuming your phone could maintain idle state without interruption, it would live for a long time.

    • Maybe in airplane mode 😀

      I love how my comment on the ad cracking me up got downvoted. Lots of trolls on here.

      /me awaits for another downvote.

  • Greg

    Just awesome

  • George264

    This is much closer to what it really is. Although the jewelry part… eh.

    • John

      Android Market? Bah

    • How could it possibly be a 4 time winner of a best smartphone award? It just came out.

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      Lol! HILARIOUS!!!

    • Actually the Exynos is marked at “1688” on Geekbench….. http://browser.primatelabs.com/android-benchmarks

    • Laki S.

      Who cares if they’re new plug is reversible?? It’ll still cost ya $40 just to make one docking device compatible.

    • steelcity1

      This isn’t really close. Clearly written by someone that does not actually use Android or GS3. Those are the same arguments Mac people have against Windows. If you have any brain you do not get viruses or malware on a phone. Apps do come to Android these days! GS3 will get updates for the life of the phone. Plus you can root. Lastly, it fits in pockets easily.

    • frankandsimple

      LOL.. it’s funny.. and quite true.
      Isn’t it ironical? Fandroids are complaining about ifans making counter ads.. but fail to notice that a corporation like Shamsung first came out with a cheezy comparison ad. LOL..
      Poor Shamsung. .. must be feeling desperate.. has already started wetting it’s proverbial pants.

      • DroidDoesnt_2

        They’re already talking about the SG4…..I guess 2 million sales (not channel stuffers) in 24 hours will do that to you…lol

    • leathernuts

      NIce. They say the isheep have their “panties” in a wad. Why did samsung have to create this ad in the first place? Simple- because their product and supposed “awesome” features that iphones dont have CANNOT speak for themselves. Therefore, Samsung has to be like “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! IM BETTER, I SWEAR!” Sales people, sales- look at the numbers-and resale is important especially with technology.

      • frankandsimple

        true that!

    • “like a jewelry”??????? Was this created by someone that “looka like a man”????

      • WAldenIV

        Ms. Swan actually made the graphic.

    • Diablo81588
  • Droid4All

    There should be one picture with the iPhone 4S on the right side, and it should say “Ditto.”

    • 4n1m4L

      ” I like it. It feels faster, lighter, thinner.” Cause they all have to encase and protect their precious i*hones

      • Agreed, my Razr takes daily abuse and not a scratch with no case or anything on it. My friends’s 4S has a cracked screen from when he dropped it from his bed onto the floor and it WAS IN A CASE!

        • Jordan

          unfortunately for me i dropped my razr maxx from my bed onto the floor and shattered the screen… no case 🙁

          • Thats shocking, I have dropped mine from my desk, my bed, out of my pocked, out of my chair, out of the truck and just about anywhere else it is possible to drop it from and nothing but a few scuff marks on the back below the kevlar.

          • Justin Swanson

            you need a string to tie to your arm…

        • reason

          Oh come on, you can’t judge an entire line of devices based on one single personal experience. Maybe the glass screen on your friends phone had microscopic imperfections or some other negative variable we aren’t aware of.

          • Just google iPhone 4S drop test! Every single device they test will end up in a million and one pieces

          • dangolds

            You can also Google DROID RAZR screen spots if you want to find out some less than stellar stories about the aforementioned device he’s comparing to the 4S. I know from personal experience on my old RAZR Maxx. All these phones have some issues and are not perfect. I think it’s a little disingenuous to imply that there’s physical issues with the iPhone but not some of its competitors. Having used a number of smart phones from different manufacturers I feel comfortable saying I’d have no confidence in the results of dropping any of them.

          • I think everyone knows about the spots but we weren’t discussing the spots. We were discussing durability and honestly the spots aren’t noticeable unless the brightness is ALL the way down, you are in a dark area and you are at a dark part of a movie or game and even then they’re not that bad. If you would like I could direct you to google “iPhone Antennagate” or “iPhone Water test” or even “iPhone 4S Static During Calls”. I would rather have a few splotches on my screen then not being able to get service when holding the phone a certain way, not being able to make calls due to lots of static or even ruining my device with a few drops of water (Droid Razr has a nanocoating to prevent that). No device is perfect but Apple is not one of the top devices as far as quality and durability.

      • New_Guy

        Yeah, it’s also not hard to be thinner and lighter when the phone only has one radio that is not capable of simultaneous voice and data. Pffff…

      • michael arazan

        Iphones are the easiest phones to break, my freind broke his glass in his pocket of his pants. He has repaired 2 different iphones 3 times.

        • JB

          I also had an iphone break in my pocket, but I was on a roller coaster at the time.

  • frankandsimple
    • George264

      Stock iOS? Um.

      • iPhone 5 fanatics so mad about this ad that they are creating multiple counter-ads. Classic.

        • moelsen8

          wow, i saw this over the weekend but didn’t know all the isheep had their panties in this big a bunch. this is pretty funny afterall haha.

          also, they forgot “sapphire crystal” in pros.

        • frankandsimple

          multiple? I just posted link to one that I saw in bgr.. please provide links for these so called “MULTIPLE” counter-ads…

          • Droidzilla

            There’s another one posted in this very comment section right below your post. Are Apple fans really this lazy?

          • moelsen8

            that’s like an oxymoron.

          • frankandsimple

            right below my post?? Where? Disqus is pretty screwed up so I won’t be so sure if I were you.

          • moelsen8

            it’s the most downvoted post in this convo at the moment

          • frankandsimple

            aah I see it now. thanks. I had to refresh disqus.. it was above my post though.. not below like droidzilla had said… which I’m sure is customizable.

          • Droidzilla

            Depends on how you sort; I meant chronologically.

          • LionStone

            Its true… I’m surprised yours didnt have the i5 listed with the quad core processor…that one was the funniest.

    • Lol. Go read a tech blog for real stats. Just saying “Faster Processor” because you believe it or can write it down doesn’t make it true.

    • Droid4All

      Now you just added bullcrap like “scrolling physics” and removed most of the S3’s fun gimmicks.

    • steelcity1

      Nice Post! The extra stuff they added was not even that nice. LOL when I read nice scrolling physics and elastic bounce back. They made that two items on their list.

    • Laki S.

      If this list is gonna add Siri, it should also include Google Now, which blows Siri out of the water.