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Samsung Will Reportedly Unveil the New Galaxy S4 in February, You Don’t Say!

Let the games begin! Only three months after Samsung released the Galaxy S3 into our lives, we have the first Galaxy S4 rumor to mock. According to today’s rumor which is straight from company officials who wish to remain nameless, Samsung will unveil the next generation flagship Galaxy in February at Mobile World Congress. The device will have a 5″ display, LTE, and a quad-core processor. It will run Android, look similar to previous Galaxy devices with its rounded-corner rectangular shape, and compete directly with Apple. 

Really? Anyone that has casually spent the last year or so in tech could have come up with this rumor and not even had to peg “company officials” on the end. The Galaxy S2 was launched at MWC and contained a slightly bigger screen than its predecessor. The Galaxy S3 was supposed to be announced at MWC, but Samsung wanted to wait to announce it until the phone was actually ready to ship. It also had a slightly bigger screen over its predecessor along with LTE and a quad-core chip. So now the S4 is going to follow the same path, get out of town!

First, all of this is about as obvious as you can get. Sure, it will likely sport an Exynos chip, LTE, and a similar design. Will the screen see a bump in size? Maybe, but maybe not. Samsung has a Note line of phones for the 5″+ market. Will we see it at MWC in February? I sort of doubt it. Samsung seems to have settled into the late Spring-early Summer release time frame. They’ll certainly have a presence at MWC, but that would only be 9 months into the life of the current Galaxy S3 and only a short couple of months after the Note 2 – it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So you’ll see this rumor everywhere today, but let’s try not to get too excited about it. A bunch of obvious info targeted at an even more obvious date.

Via:  Korea Times

  • JazzoRenee

    NASA has a 95 mexapixel camera, I’m sure Samsung can produce a 12 or 15 megapixel, I mean…….

  • Ewl

    Every company and brand is cashing in there product

  • Cutest_Tech_Chick

    I think the S4 will be out in March 2013.
    And the S5 in Nov 2013.
    And the S6 around Jun 2014.

    Does anyone in their right mind worry about buying a phone that is *THAT* far off into the “maybe” future????

    Do you have ANY idea how many things can change in the next 7 months????

    • JazzoRenee

      I don’t think so, they will stick to 10-12 releases.

  • Samsung will be at the Galaxy S8 by the time my contract expires.

  • L. S.

    Who ever designed that mockup has some iPhone envy, which is ironic because it is an Android device. Design should not follow anything that exists already.

  • PhillipCun

    If Samsung wants to directly compete they need to address some issues:
    – Get rid of Touchwiz or vastly improve upon it. Biggest issue IMO.
    – Keep using the best hardware. The camera is great, but almost no one can compete with the iPhone’s. The current mic still sucks, you can’t record any live concerts
    – Stop making the screen bigger. There is something called TOO BIG. 4.8″ is already TOO BIG for some people (think small hands) and the note is 5″. Upping the size will only cause the consumer to be confused between the Note and the Galaxy. They’re already confused as it is. We just want a higher PPI screen, is that too much to ask for?
    – Make it prettier. Yes rectangle and rounded corners has been their thing, but I enjoy their Galaxy Nexus design MUCH more.

    There are a lot of great high-end Androids now, but I want to see one that has the standard of the iPhone. They strive for the best and S3 is the best right now, but its far from being the best in every category. If they want to be Apple, they need to have Apple standards.