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Quick Look: Spigen GLAS Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S3 [Contest Too] (Update: Winner Picked)

Here we go with another tempered glass screen protector solution for your Samsung Galaxy S3, although this time it’s made by the folks over at Spigen SGP. As many of you know after checking out my quick first looks at the XGEAR tempered glass protectors for the GS3 and Galaxy Nexus, tempered glass is the ultimate form of smartphone display protection.  

Spigen’s version is called GLAS Premium and is 8-9H in surface hardness, which means it is three times stronger than regular PET film. It also should resist scratches from just about anything, including knives and keys. It has an oleophobic coating to resist against smudges and fingerprints. The touch screen should remain ultra sensitive, and the edges have been rounded ever-so-slightly to make it much easier on the hand.

Spigen trimmed it around the edges, so that almost all cases will be able to fit with this screen protector on your device, took into account the proximity sensor issues that many experienced with XGEAR’s original glass protectors, and even tossed in different colored Home button inserts to help with pressing after the protector has been applied.

Initial Impressions

I appreciate the fact that Spigen cut the protector short around the edges so that you can still apply most cases for extra protection. I’m also glad that they worked around the proximity sensor issue that was happening during phone calls on the original XGEAR version. I’m enjoying the slightly rounded edges so that it doesn’t feel too sharp in hand and also the home button inserts that make pressing “Home” much easier.

I’ve looked at a couple of reviews who mention that touch sensitivity is not optimal, however, I haven’t run into any issues. In fact, I pressed as lightly as I could throughout an entire email, browsing session, and normal phone use and it reacted to everything I threw at it. Over time, if the adhesive were to give way, I could see there being an issue, but so far, it works perfectly.

Lastly, you won’t find the grid of dots on this Spigen version like I did on the original XGEAR versions.

At $34.99 you may consider this to be too expensive, but there aren’t many other options. If you want a tempered glass screen protector on your device, you can either go with Spigen’s or XGEAR’s ($29.99). From what I have read, XGEAR has made changes to fix some of the issues that plagued theirs initially, however, Spigen appears to have added some extra tweaks to make this slightly more appealing (lack of grid, room for more cases, and button inserts).

Update:  After a full day’s use, I have had absolutely no touch issues with this protector from Spigen. In fact, it’s as good as it was the minute I applied it to the device. We’ll see how it holds up over the matter of a week or so, but so far, I’m enjoying the protection.

At this time, we are only seeing a white version available, so blue GS3 owners are out of luck.

Buy. ($34.99) [More info]






Update: We have our winner! Their name is nyr2k2 and their story is as follows:

My car had blown a tire on the interstate on my way home from work one day. I got out to survey the damage, and decided that since my rim was now bent I should call AAA and get a tow. Reaching into my pocket, my phone slipped out of my hand, flew toward the other side of the car, and came to rest teetering precariously on a sewage drain cover. The phone was literally wobbling side to side, where the vibration from a passing car could easily have pushed it past the tipping point. Fortunately I grabbed the phone in time, but damn, it was harrowing.


Thanks for entering everyone!

Prize:  1 (one) Spigen GLAS tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S3.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us about the scariest time that you dropped your phone.
2.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


Tomorrow at 12:00 PM PT, we will choose a winner randomly from the comments. Good luck!

  • Steven Bernstein

    scariest time was when i was holding a baby as well. It was really hard to resist trying to catch my phone, cause obviously the kid was more important.

  • MTPenguin

    After dropping it in a porta potty in MO during 105 degree days, was scared to think I heard a splat, instead of a kerplunk.


  • Chris Brunetto

    Easy. It was at Lake Compounce (an amusement park in CT) during the course of a ride on some sort of giant swing called “Thunder n Lightning” (or something of that nature) with my brand new ORANGE LG enV in tow. Fearing someone would steal it if I put it in the little box at the bottom of the ride, I made the brilliant decision of keeping it on my person. I sat down, wedged the phone between my leg and the seat, and the ride took off. Flash forward a few minutes in, and my phone managed to wriggle its way out of my protective leg-seat sandwich, and at the apex of the upswing I watched helplessly as my little orange pile of joy plummeted a good 20-25 feet. It landed with the characteristic “crack” of new gadget on cold, unforgiving cement, and split in two. I miss it to this day.

  • agorski3

    I almost sent my old Droid X through the wash.

  • tehserver

    I once dropped my HTC PPC-6800 on a limestone parking lot and stepped on it. It had landed screen side down before I stepped on it. Thankfully, I had a screen protector on at the time and the screen wasn’t damaged at all. That single event forever sold me on screen protectors.

  • yankeesusa

    My scariest was having phone on my lap in the car, then I got out and forgot it was on my lap. It flew and hit a concrete curb, luckily I had a seidio case on it. But I love solutions that still keep the phone looking sleek.

  • Mark43019

    The scariest time I dropped the S3 phone was right after I purchased it for my wife ( who is VERY VERY hard on phones) and “DROPPED IT” into her hand! LOL Love ya honey!!!

  • bungadudu

    The scariest time was … after I dropped my phone ..:-(

    When I lift it up… the screen was broken.

    Scared shitless for 2 days until I managed to get it repaired under warranty (good thing as I am a student with no money to spare)

    In the meantime… it gathered some superficial scratches… don’t know why as I do my best to protect the screen (never keep it with keys, coins, no sand, etc).

    It’s a fragile phone but it’s cool bc it gets my adrenaline high everytime I get it out of my pocket! :-)) (can’t be too careful with this one)

  • JolleyMan

    I’ve never dropped any of my phones. They, on the other hand, have occasionally made death-defying leaps from my hand. Needless to say, I scolded them promptly.

  • bmo917

    I went on a night hike to the natural hot springs near Spanish Fork, Utah. After driving forty minutes to the parking lot near the entrance to the trail, I realized that I forgot my flashlight. Hiking Through that canyon at night wiThout a light was out of the question but luckily i had my phone and flashlight app. Once I made it to my destination, I accidentally dropped my brand new phone and it fell to the bottom of the hotspring. I was able to fish it out, spent the next day or so drying it in a bowl of rice and to my amazement it still worked! Unfortunately, the camera was no longer functional tho.

  • Vyrlokar

    I was running to catch a train and my phone suicidal dash to the floor, bounced due to the silicone case and landed between the rails just as the train arrived. I still do not know how it survived.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Scariest moment wasn’t even when I dropped it, My niece dropped it on the street. Luckily it hit her shoe before landing backside down on the pavement.

  • One time I was in the bathroom and sat my phone on top of the tank lid. When I went to grab it after washing my hands it slipped out of my hands and went right into the toilet! Moto doesnt lie when they say that the Razr is water resistant! ;o)

  • BurnBabyBurn

    My DX popped out of my pocket while running across a street. It hit the ground, popped out the battery, I kicked it (a consequence of a too-late attempt at a foot catch) and it bashed against the curb. picked it up, and no apparent problems with the screen. put the battery back in and booted it back up with no problems at all. That thing was a tank. Much better than the now shattered G3 screen I’m now rocking after a face-first drop. (case was en route from Amazon to be delivered the following day)

  • CiPearman

    At around 5:10 am in northern Ohio, I walked out of a hotel to get to a jobsite. Not being a morning person, I had a giant cup of coffee and my phone (Driod2) in one hand and my laptop bag/briefcase in the other. Being from TN, I am not used to the permafrost that covers everything up north in January. I think I was too proud of myself for getting out the door so far before dawn to pay attention to the sheet of ice upon which I was walking. Suddenly, the realization hit me that my feet were no longer in contact with the ground. Time slowed as I tried to decide what to do. Should I protect the laptop/briefcase or try to balance the huge cup of coffee when the meeting between my back and the ground would occur? The decision was made to throw the coffee to the side so I wouldn’t be covered with 200 degree liquid. Unfortunately, my phone was in the same hand as the coffee and it was propelled about 8 feet as hard as I could throw it before i hit the ground. Fortunately, my body nor my laptop was seriously injured. I also was not covered with scalding coffee. My phone, however, was not unscathed. I think it hit the curb and the screen was completely shattered…as was my pride. Two more days in north Ohio in January without a phone was difficult to navigate. Literally, it was difficult to navigate as my Google Nav didn’t work.

  • Once I was on a phone interview and dropped the phone and started swearing.

  • Andy

    I was holding my brand new GS3 after it arrived from FedEx to my house and playing around with it on the way back to the house when I sneezed and it dropped from my hands onto the ground. Luckily, it didn’t crack or scratch but I immediately got a case after that.

  • I dropped my GS3 the other day jogging and it basically flew threw the air 200 feet in front of me and stopped. I basically ran to it and cradled it like a baby. No screen protector or case on it either :,(

  • rodney11ride

    I lit a firework (you know the illegal in California ones) and had to run from park to my house bout 100 yards. just when i hit the street if bounced out of shirt pocket and i stepped on it and slid about 10 feet before i face planted.. OG droid i love you…. the funny thing is that it took a picture when it hit the ground… not sure how that happened. the best part is that besides the scratches on bezel no cracked screen.

  • Liderc

    I was with my brother and his friends in Miami for a Heat game for his bachelor party. I had just run to get a hotdog for myself and a few of the guys and when I came back, I took out my OG for a quick photo of Dwayne Wade and then I sat it on my lap. Then a person needed to scoot past me to get to his seat, I stood up real quick and my phone went flopping down 3 concrete steps.

    I had one of those “oh sh*t moments,” then the guy in front of me grabs the droid and is about it hand it to me and I turn my eyes and he says “It’s ok, not broken.” I open my eyes and grab my Droid and I said that’s right, because it’s a Droid. Guy had a white iPhone in his other hand rofl.

  • Usually I never drop my phone. But one time a friend wanted to see my phone so i handed him the phone and told him to be careful not to drop it. While he was looking at my phone, the phone slipped out of his hand. I immediately saw that and ran toward my phone to catch it. The friend managed to catch it before it hit the concrete floor. I thought my galaxy s3 that i just bought was gonna be gone for good.

    Bought myself a silicone rubber case for my phone after that incident.

  • gotta have it!

  • E Diddy

    just picked up my Verizon GNex from the store… phone was still naked and when I got out of the car it went flying. Luckily it landed on the grass and was safe otherwise a less than half hour old phone would’ve been scuffed up. Some scary stuff.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I forgot I had put my Original Droid on my lap when driving the car. So when I got out, the phone fell face down onto the Asphalt. I reached down hoping it didn’t break, but the face was just shattered. Then began my journey with crappy refurbished units from Verizon. I never got a good refurbished phone from them.

  • David Imel

    Dropped it on a boat, it bounced and I caught it before it hit the water.. O_o Don’t die, GS3!!

  • K. Nelson

    It was on a table, outside, plugged into a charger. I forgot the charger was there when I got up…at normal speed…and the phone went FLYING! The sound of it hitting the pavement made everyone cringe. We all assumed it was toast. It hit the ground so hard the battery cover popped off and the battery was a few feet away. I put the battery back in…and it was still working! That was an OG Droid.

  • Michael

    Went to the baseball game last Tuesday and was bragging about the 4G speed of my Galaxy III to my friend who was having trouble uploading one photo on her iPhone…About 2 minutes go by and Karma catches up to me when my 2 week old Galaxy 3 drops from my hand and face first onto the cement walkway in front of us…the end result, see the picture below. That next day I field for an insurance claim and my new phone should be delivered today. Needless to say, I did not hear the end of it for the rest of the ball game.

    • Liderc

      Damn, that had to ruin the game.

  • rossguy

    Any drop of my phone is extremely scary. Probably the scariest ones are when my phone is in my lap and I get out of the car. You feel the phone sliding off your lap but there is nothing you can do. Parking lot pavements are not very forgiving!!

  • I imported the one from GLASS ZONE and installed it last night Took forever to ship from South Korea but it’s really sweet and I think just as good, if not better, than the other two guys.

  • Casey Puyleart

    So…EVERY time I drop my phone is the scariest time! Thankfully it does not happen often, as I prefer to keep it naked as the day it came to me.

  • G2 took a face plant onto the parking garage floor. It was steep. Had to chase my obviously destroyed phone down the incline. Got yelled at for being late not 5 min later.

  • kristian tzokanow

    My Nexus fell on the carpet, I was pretty scared! 😉

  • Porkweasel

    Droid-Life actually caused my phone to be broken. I was rocking the old DX, a friend wanted to point out a ROM to me that was featured and in my haste the phone came spilling out of my pocket and directly down a sewer grate that was next to me. So, giving me me one of these would definitely make up for having awesome content on your site and I’d consider us even. 🙂

  • Dylan Neu

    I was walking through a parking garage and my friend hit my arm as a joke and my phone went flying and hit face down on the concrete, completely shattering the glass (it was an iPhone afterall). It was like watching a car accident, you knew it was going to hit the ground and there was nothing you could do to stop it. What a terrible moment.

  • I dropped the phone while draining el lizard. It hit the rim and bounced to the floor and not in the bowl. WHEW!

  • Terumi

    I was wandering around San Francisco with my friend and we got lost since we were unfamiliar with the bus routes. I used my Google Maps on my Rezound to figure out where the bus stop was and when the next bus would leave. I ended up dropping it on the concrete and the back flew off and got a little deformed and my phone’s battery fell out.

    Now I have an S3 and loving it.

  • NastyEmu

    Tried to answer my Droid X while washing dishes. Dropped it into the sink which was filled with soapy water and bits of food. Completely submerged. I got it out quickly, and pulled the battery. Dried it with a hair dryer. Powered it on and it worked! Some of the buttons became less responsive, but I kept using it for another 8-10 months until the GSIII came out.

  • collegepunk

    I work on the ocean, and I pulled out my phone while I was on the dock, and it fell between the deck and onto a cross joint about 3 inches above the water. I had to jump into the water and push the phone back through the gap in the deck to a friend on the dock. Very stressful!

  • LawnGnomeSlayer

    Well I tend to drop my thunderbolt quite often, but the scariest time for me was Halloween of last year. See I tend to drive with my phone on my lap. I have just pulled into a 7-11 when I received a phone call from my current ex. Annoyed I sat in my car for a sec and then forgot where I had put my phone. Then I angrily jumped out of my car and my phone went flying out of my lap into another car and then hit the corner of a pothole and sank down in the puddle-y hole in the ground. After thinking my phone was a goner and almost having a heart attack I pulled it out to find it working perfectly

  • I was doing #2 in the toilet and using my phone as I usually do. I was using my Droid X when someone sent me a text and the phone vibrated, it scared and I dropped my phone through my legs into the toilet. Yes this sucked, but it was going to suck even more to have to pull the phone out as it swam with poop. I had to go to the kitchen, put on those yellow old school dish washing gloves and pull it out. It was disgusting!

  • I bought a galaxy S 3 on launch day from my local best buy and first the employee helping me grabbed the phone, still in box, and dropped it on the ground. Phone was fine. Then after we went through all the activation stuff, he sent the phone down on the counter, step away for a moment and when he came back i noticed that the phone was slight off the counter and his elbow landed on the phone and flipped it over him and behind the desk into a cabinet. I was not very happy with this but the phone was fine. And it is still working today.

  • Christopher Hsu

    It was in the middle of the night and I was asleep. All of a sudden I hear skittering and scratching by my head. My cat who is notorious for being skittish was scratching and diving her way into the space between my headboard and mattress. In this quick few second process she also kicked my phone on my nightstand onto the ground. My brand new Galaxy S 3. Bad kitty.

  • One time I was running with OG Droid in hand, to my surprise OG droid goes flying out the said hand. Only to land directly in front of me, which led me to step on it as I was taking my next step lol. Let’s just say soon after I had a droid 2 global!

  • ZeepTxT

    Two days after i bought the phone i just drop it couse i sneeze, a simple and efficient way to scratch the phone.

  • hollerwt

    Every time I drop my phone.

  • Nick

    I was getting out of my car and watched my phone skid across the ground on it’s face. I was sure that it was gonna be scratched like crazy but somehow it survived. I rarely drop my phone so it actually worried me for second.

  • peeyourownpants

    18 inches. slipped out of my pocket while i was sitting at my desk. after throwing it on the cement from 5 feet several times by missing the internal pocket in my jacket, my screen cracks from a relative water slide ride.

  • M C

    I was on vacation in Texas, getting out of the car my phone dropped off my lap. Luckily for me though it landed screen side face down and before i realized it i had hopped out of the car landing perfectly on the back of my phone … yay 🙂

  • George Fayad

    Not the S3, but i had the XGear one for my galaxy nexus. It was very effective. My only gripe i had was the lack of touch response at the upper and lower extremes of the screen.

    I will say this for the protector though:

    While working one day I lost hold of a mid tower and the edge landed right on my phone screen as it was sitting on the desk facing up. The XGEAR tempered screen protector cracked and spider webbed across the entire phone. After removing the shards I was left with a perfectly intact Galaxy Nexus. The tempered glass does the job, no doubt about it.

  • With my GS3, it slipped out of my pocket in the bathroom at work and *just* missed the toilet bowl. Now, keep in mind that the bathroom is pretty gross, but fortunately I have cheap TPU case on it that was easily washed too. PHEW!

  • nyr2k2

    My car had blown a tire on the interstate on my way home from work one day. I got out to survey the damage, and decided that since my rim was now bent I should call AAA and get a tow. Reaching into my pocket, my phone slipped out of my hand, flew toward the other side of the car, and came to rest teetering precariously on a sewage drain cover. The phone was literally wobbling side to side, where the vibration from a passing car could easily have pushed it past the tipping point. Fortunately I grabbed the phone in time, but damn, it was harrowing.

  • I never drop my phone, but my GF, who has a S3, is prone to dropping it.

  • I haven’t dropped my S3 yet (thankfully), but i did drop my Droid X. I was returning a cable box to my local TV provider and I had the box and the phone in the same hand. I went to get the box with my other hand when the phone dropped about 5 feet right onto the concrete sidewalk. Luckily the only thing that happened to the phone was a couple of nicks and dents on one of the corners.

  • Kpirate

    I let my friend hold my Droid 2 to see how navigation worked. She dropped it on the ground screen facing down. Phone survived without a scratch though

  • Jeremy Stewart

    I was walking through the woods and texting at the same time trying to catch a ride after a concert so I was less than sober. Without a phone I would have been in a bad situation without a way home. My Droid 1 slipped out of my hands and landed on a rock…face first! I was so worried my screen was a goner but I picked it up and everything was normal. The next day I noticed a very small scratch but it wasn’t distracting. That phone is such a tank I’m pretty sure it would survive with the roaches after WWIII. I wish I could say the same for the gorilla glass 2 on my S3 but there are already small scratches on there even tho it’s almost always in my pocket or somewhere safe and hasn’t been dropped.

  • RW-1

    Her’s a novel idea – OEM’s make thicker phones withthe glass protectors in place, or even thicker tempered original screens!
    This is all ridiculous – you have OEM’s striving to give you lighter, thinner devices, in which you then shell out for cases and screen protectors to bring it back to a thick heavier phone than what you bought..
    Think about it…. perhpas the OEM’s and the community is trending in the wrong direction here …

  • Dropped my Droid 3 on the street, like actual blacktop, the day I got it. I thought for sure the screen was going to be cracked as it fell directly on the screen. Walked away without a scratch.

  • IanKellogg

    I dropped my galaxy nexus two days after I got it. I had insurance on it and they wouldn’t replace it since it still worked even though the screen was all screwed up. I took it into my driveway and smashed it. got a new phone. Since then I put one of these glass screen protectors on it and i loved it until I got the GS3. Would love to have one of these for that phone.

  • Sparky Tweek

    Thankfully I haven’t had any major “whoops” and dropped my phone from any place high…or accidently launched it out of my hands. I just usually drop my phone from waist level to the ground while taking it out of my pocket. I always keep a case on my phones, so usually the case bears the brunt of the scratches. Knock-on-wood…I’ve never cracked a screen…and if I were to win this Spigen protector, I know my phone will be much safer! Thanks for the contest DL!

  • SJ Prettyman

    The scariest moment I’ve dropped a phone is when I was canoeing down a “stream” with a friend”. I say “stream” because it was more mud than water. My friend ended up tipping us over, and sure enough, my phone went into the mud and water! I thought I had lost my phone completely, but I did end up finding it. It didn’t work…but at least I got a free replacement.

  • John Pyun

    I was holding my DROID x as I was waving goodbye to a friend when my phone slipped and flew straight into the concrete. I thought I had finally done it. I’d dropped the phone many times before but never with such velocity. How However, when I checked it was only slightly scuffed up. suck it iPhone!

  • DK

    I had just bought the galaxy nexus, full retail, the first day it was available in stores (end of December). Coming from an HTC dinc, I ended up not really liking the phone, and by the end of that first day I already planned to return it. Before i could pack it back in the box, it decided to slip out of my hands falling (in slow-mo) waist high to a tile floor. The back pops off, the phone goes one way, the battery another. Thankfully there was no visible damage, scuff etc, i guess its design to break apart helped reduce the blow lol… Packed it right away, and was happy to get my inc back working (which had a case yet I’ve never dropped). Now I have the sgs3 (with a case) but no screen protector. help! lol..

  • Jason Scofield

    Great Story of ALL!!! Got a little tipsy at my house the other day dropped my phone on the side walk. While making my first attempt to pick up the phone i pour my drink on it. Keeping in my a huge long island iced tea went all over the phone. After making a second attempt to pick up the phone i was searching for any scratches and saw my screen would not unlock. Not knowing my phone took a screen shot of the lock screen and i was currently viewing that photo. Phones fine and still runs good. Really need a great screen protector to keep my phone safe from me!

  • skaad

    Does throwing a HTC Windows 6 phone at a wall count? Resulted in a cracked screen. Husband dropped Casio Gone off top of car then ran over it on gravel. Phone did not even get a scratch! That thing is tough and will survive a sink in a hottub too (several in fact

  • michael arazan

    I was at UMSL in st.louis city going down hill, very hilly campus, in my wheelchair carrying my backpack on my lap. Rolling down hill my glove tore exposing my skin and burning my hand causing me to let go of my chair tire and causing me to go faster downhill. I hit a bumb my backpack flung down in front of my small vulcanized solid rubber front tire slowing me down dragging my bag under the tire from a large bump in the front pocket of the bag catching the tire to slow me down caught in between the chair and the front caster wheel. I stopped got my bag from being entangled, thought my wallet in the bag caused me to slow down, and was MY D! with the bodyglove case. The body glove case cracked in half and my D1 was still in perfect condition, it is truly an indestructible brick.

  • Dropped my OG Droid when getting out of my car, luckily I got my foot under it in time to cushion the blow.

  • Scott

    I was putting Christmas lights on the roof while listening to music and had my phone in my jacket pocket… almost slipped and as I braced myself my phone slipped out of the pocket and slid down the roof. It was only about a ten foot drop from the edge of the roof to the ground and luckily it missed the solid stone bird bath. Even if it would have hit it would have survived easily… it was the OG Droid after all!!

  • I had my OG Droid Incredible resting on my English book when I was walking out of class and I accidently dropped my English book and away went my phone as well and it hit the ground and the screen shattered 🙁

  • SubMatrix

    I only drop my phone when getting out of my car. I’ll have it on my lap while driving and then forget about it until I actually step out. Then comes the horror as it hits the ground. Luckily, despite no case, the original dinc was pretty beastly so I only suffered minor scuff marks on the plastic body. I doubt my s3 would be so lucky.

  • Chris

    I was lifting dumbbells and my phone slipped out of my pocket. I didn’t notice and proceeded to drop a 40 lb weight from about four feet up onto my droid x. Luckily, to my surprise, it didn’t break

  • Piotr G.

    I was in my car on the way to work, kind of in a rush. Phone was in my lap, after arriving next to my building, and parking, I checked the area and saw a bus coming but I had enough time to get out of the car and get inside, forgetting the phone in my lap.

    Needless to say I swung open the door and just as quickly as that door opened is also how quickly I got out and saw my phone flying into the lane the bus was in, bus didn’t see my phone drop and he kept going……I thought it was done but then I saw it there, laying in the street with just a small scratch on the side……just missed by the huge bus wheels…

  • primarchlion

    Dropped my Bionic on the road at a toll booth while trying to hand them money.. Fell on the road flat on it’s face. Miraculously it seemed to survive unscathed, but later I found a single crack across the capacitive search button. Still fully functional though, and going strong.

  • saruonasaurus

    I was reading an instragram pic saying “don’t sweat the small stuff”, and right at that moment I dropped my new S3 face down flat onto the cement sidewalk :O

  • The Scariest time i dropped my phone was when it was from literally less then a foot from the ground and i picked it up like any other time expecting everything to be fine, Mind you my phone had survived drops in excess of 10 feet so it was soul crushing, Luckily for me it was a sign from above that it was time to upgrade. And none to soon as verizon was just about to go into allshare and i was not tainting my Unlimited data, Now i make it a regular point to use upwards of 10 GB of data on my S3 just to stick it to verizon for the month long headache they made me endure trying to upgrade my phone but that is story for another day.

  • NWDoden

    Hip drop on to concrete floor brand new GS3 case exploded I lost my breath but it turned out ok

  • mr_taxi

    It was my first smartphone. The Nexus One. Throughout the grueling six hour course of an organic chemistry lab, one tends to get bored while waiting for an experiment to do its thing. To help pass the time, I tend to pull out my phone from the pocket of my pants through the side vents of my lab coat. Usually not an issue. Putting the phone back in my pocket; however, was an entirely different story. You don’t always have the best tactile sensation with gloves on. I got through the side vent without a problem, thought the phone was ready to go in my pocket, and just let it go.

    My poor Nexus One dropped onto diamond plate, landing corner first.

    I didn’t have a case at the time. I had only owned the phone for a week.

    Thankfully, I did have a full-body skin, and it actually saved my phone. No scratches, or anything.

  • Manuel ORTIZ

    A few weeks back I was moving too my new place n I was getting gas and my fiance took my phone n as soon as I went too get gas she went and got out of the car and she slammed my phone on the ground n I got so scared BC I heard something crack n I thought it was the screen n it was the back cover fell off. That was my scariest moment ever. My S3 survived the pavement!

  • running to catch the 1 train in nyc, my OG droid fell out of my hand and down the concrete and steel steps, it was scary as heck. What happened to trusty droid? only some paint chipped away, i hope this spigen glass is as tough as the OG droid!

  • cleetose

    This one time I was holding my phone, and then I dropped it. The end.

  • Chris Nelson

    The day after I got my s3, no case yet and I drop kick it down the stairs. Luckily, not a scratch, but it has been in a case ever since.

  • Scariest moment for me was the other night. I dropped my S3 on the concrete in a parking lot. I had an Otterbox commuter and invisible shield on it. I picked it up and the entire front was spidered with cracks under the protecter. As luck would have it, I was in the parking lot of the verizon store. I went in. At this point my phones screen was becoming more mangled as if it had a mind of its own. The rep that I spoke to looked and sounded exactly like Jamie Foxx. He was incredibly cool and helpful and pulled some sort of strings to get me a brand new S3 out of the box right there in store. As I left the store, I looked over my shoulder and said, “thanks Jamie.” Jamie Foxx said, “I got your back.”

    …..Then i woke up.

    This is actually a dream i had this passed week. Jamie Foxx did help me out of this pickle in which my phone continued to disintegrate in my hands. Had to share.

  • K1cks

    I dropped my HTC trophy stepping out into the family room. It was naked and landed on its corner. It hit the wooden step and cracked the screen in a spider web manner. It was still usable, but I could feel my fingers catch on the cracks when sliding them across it.

  • ConCal

    My S3 slipped out of my hands on pavement and I nearly threw myself to the ground to try and catch it, I’m so paranoid about the screen.

  • Last summer I was on a crazy fast spinning and gyrating carnival ride at the fair with my teenage son when my cell went flying out of my pocket and off into outer space. Not really. It went flying off into the crowd surrounding the ride and collided with the body of a frail elderly lady at the fair with her grand-kids. It gave her a pretty nice bruise on her upper back close to her neck — which was good — because if it had hit her front it could easily have hit her in the face. Or impaled a tit. Luckily, the phone didn’t have a scratch on it when I retrieved it from her. I said, “Thanks for not breaking my phone, lady.” Just kidding. I apologized profusely — then I groveled and begged, “OH GOD PLEASE DON’T SUE ME FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE.”

    The fair called paramedics as per their liability paranoia. They didn’t transport. And there was a big brouhaha with her family and so on. I don’t blame them for being angry that their Mom nearly got impaled by a hypersonic flying DroidX — but I figured that ultimately I was going to get sued and raked over fiery hot coals by her maniacal spazzed out son and daughter — the son being the father of the grand-kids — who showed up to drive her and the kids home and follow with grandma’s car. But I never heard a word from them — or any lawyers. Hallelujah.

  • Geo

    The first night I had in my new car I wasn’t paying attention to anything but my new car. My girlfriend had my phone in her lap but I didn’t know. We get to a store, get out of my car, and I heard a phone drop on her side, I touch my pockets and I realized it was mine that dropped. I ran over to see if it had a broken screen, I was lucky it landed in a corner and on the back since it had no case, just a few scratches. Long live my g-nex. I’d like to win this case for my friend actually.

  • Jay

    Had the Droid X and there were 2 times I thought for sure I’d get a cracked screen. First time was in the bathroom and the phone fell flat, glass side down, from the counter onto granite tile. Nothing happened! Thanks Gorilla Glass.

    The other time I was driving and forgot that I had the phone in my lap. After parking and getting out the car the phone drops down onto the pavement with a little slide. Screen was still good! Gotta thank Invisible Shield for that one saving the screen from scratches.

  • froader

    Dropped my phone on the bathroom tile. Battery and back flew off. I was lucky that time…

  • Rick Barnett

    Took a date out on an abandoned train trestle to lay down in the middle and look at the stars. As I got up and sought to reposition my phone, it fell over the side. I was sure that it fell into the water far below. I looked over the edge, and by shear luck, it landed on a wooden piling that help the trestle in place. I climbed down the side with great fear but deteremined to rescue my beloved Galaxy Nexus. Recovered it with a nice crack at the top of the screen.

  • Getting out of my car with my phone, keys and shopping bags in my hand, I dropped my phone while tryin gto lock the car. The phone hit the ground but luckily on got a few vwry minor scratches because it was proteceted in a case.

  • AntiJeff

    My Droid x was sitting in the passenger seat when my wife got in to the car she put it on the dash board when I took a sharp left hand turn out the passenger window it went – that was an expensive left hand turn

  • I had my HTC Touch slide out of my pocket while getting our of the car, the door shuts, but stops. I open it to see my HTC keeping the door from closing. Did the pouch HTC provide with the device protect it enough? Hitting the power button, I see a wonder line of miscolored pixels across the middle of the screen. Looks like it is time to upgrade.

  • Alan Paone

    I dropped my galaxy nexus while I was biking yesterday and the screen cracked right at the center of the curved part. Fell straight from my pocket to the ground. I’m still totally crushed.
    I dropped my milestone onto concrete from ten feet up awhile ago and had nothing happen, I miss that quality 🙁

  • eliplan312

    I had an Atrix with me in Italy, and was cruising around on one of those boat-bus-things (which handily have nothing stopping a dropped phone from sliding out of them)… My phone fell out of my pocket and the cover and battery fell off, and I barely managed to grab them in time to prevent them from falling into the sea.

  • I dropped my phone off my 2 story balcony, some how it managed to survive. Yay Droid X!

  • mike s

    I once hopped out of my car with my phone in my lap. My Evo slammed face down on to the street. Lucky for me I just had a few scratches on my screen protector.

  • lilcledix

    My scariest moment is every day because my 1 year old love to throw my phone off the bed

  • Chocolate Noodle

    I dropped it at the pool lol

  • Michael C.

    i put my phone on my lap and forgot about it so it fell on the ground

  • I had cargo shorts on and my droidx had a tendency to fall out of the pockets. One time it fell out right when I got out of the car and onto the cement ground of a parking lot

  • GamerGuy80

    I woke up to go to the bathroom and i use my phone as a night light to see where im going… and oops dropped it in the toilet….that sucks

  • There is not a sound worse than a smartphone hitting concrete. Luckily hasn’t yet happened with my S3.

  • stephen shavers

    I was working on replacing my siding for my old house. I was up on a ladder, and my phone slipped out of my pocket. Landed right on the corner. I was lucky enough to have a case on it so it survived.

  • My two year old tossed mine down the steps. Lucky for me, they were carpeted.

  • i had my phone in my jacket pocket and rushed to the bathroom to take a wii and it fell in the toilet didn’t know what to do so i sat on the computer for hours Googling it and just ended up getting a new one and than my galaxy s3 my dad was holding it and i got mad so when he gave it back to me i snatched it out of his hand and it flew on the ground face down and cracked screen in half but was still useable.

  • krusty46

    It happened only yesterday. I was flashing a new ROM and I hate using the volume rockers with my Active case on. The moment I took the case off the phone dropped out of my hands and hit the floor face down. Thankfully all is well 🙂

  • 1. Off a Ski lift, near a 30 foot fall, unscathed, still dont know how i didn’t get water damage, i swear droid x’s were built to take a bullet

  • Aw man. I had my S3 sitting on my lap when I was in the car. I went to get out and it slid off my lap and towards the blacktop. I lunged with my foot, it bounced off my shoe and landed in the mulch. Whew…

  • J.B.

    I fell on my butt. Slid down a flight of stairs. Hardwood stairs. Phone was in back pocket….

  • I was sky diving and my phone feel put of my hand while I was taking pictures I never did find that phone.

  • I was in a rush one time and started driving off with my door open and my phone fell and I stopped just before I ran over it!

  • ahaltcj

    Few years ago I bought my first touch screen phone, an AT&T Tilt. That night was my friends 21st birthday. While running to catch up to some friends I saw my phone next to me as it had flown out of my cargo pocket. I stopped and turned around to find my phone on the ground without the battery or back cover. Luckily it only suffered a few scratches.

  • I’ve yet to drop my Toro. Or my Grouper. But my insouciant mother owns an SIII and she scares the hell out of me with it. She’s dropped it countless times when I’m around…

  • Christian Guarino

    My girlfriend was doing her nails and my S3 fell off the couch…face down onto one of those nail file dremel things. Picked it up saw a ding, then watched it spread over the whole screen! Come to find out the tips are some diamond substance, who knew?

  • T4rd

    Me and my friend went down to NYC to ride bikes through the city. Right after we got done riding through Times Square, his back tire blew out. So I started navigating to the nearest bike shop with my OG Droid. I was trying to ride with one hand steering and the other hand holding my phone out so I could see where to go. Of course someone darted out in front of us and we had to lock the brakes up, so I inadvertently tossed my Droid away and it tumbled across the street. It sounded and looked pretty bad. Even though I had a hard plastic case on it, it broke off, then the battery cover and battery went flying out. A few bystanders saw it and cringed while wincing the “Eeewwwwwww” sound. Fortunately there was no traffic and I was able to grab it quickly, throw the battery in and power it back up. Only thing it did was nick/dent a corner of the phone.

    OG Droid was/is a tank. Another time I was hosting a part with friends, playing a card game at our table and my clumsy friend who had drank too much knocked over a freshly poured Jägerbomb directly onto my Droid. I immediately wrapped it in a towel. It kind of messed with the touch input for a day, but after that it was fine aside from some sticky keys. I had to pull the keyboard out and clean it out to get it back to normal.

  • TJ Jarvis

    I dropped my Droid X on the chair of death in New Zealand back in early 2011! It was crazy and heartbreaking! Chair of death is where you’re tied to a chair while you bungee off a cliff.

  • Today was the first day I dropped my S3. It was very scary. Waist-high onto a carpeted floor.

  • wade

    getting out of the car after listening to music i throw the door open and jump out of the car jugle it a couple times and then bounced 3 times face down i pick it up and it was all good!

  • Dropped my phone while dirt biking. Backplate was broken but my screen was fine. Phew.

  • My scariest moment was almost dropping it a long distance to the concrete below, but saving it by deflecting it to a safe spot right next to me with my foot.

  • matt

    Off the roof of the car at 50mph. Still working.

  • Ethan

    Was on a first date and she didn’t have pockets, so she asked me to carry her phone and wallet in my pocket (not wanting to bring her purse). I stepped out of the car and felt it slide out of my pocket. She didn’t give me a second date….

  • Dropped my phone down a flight a cement stairs.

  • Gel

    Actually happened today that I was sitting on my school’s football bleachers and my phone fell out of my pocket and fell through the bleachers falling a good 15 feet into rocks.

  • in a fit of anger slammed gnex on counter broke finger phone was fine but battery had a nice indent of my finger..closest to scary drop I have had..

  • DaveTea

    Not dropped…but worse: Back when I had my OG Droid I was laying on the couch with a blanket covering me and my phone was sitting up on my chest. Our cat jumped up and started sniffing around the blanket and right before my eyes he started to urinate in a indent in the blanket that was between my knees. In shock I sat up and my damn phone launched into the pool of cat urine. Totally submerged. I took it apart and used some electronic cleaner to get it working again but the damn thing just smelled like cat pee. Had to buy another. I still have the ‘cat pi** droid’ in a zip lock baggy if anyone needs some stinky parts on the cheap…

  • Corey Miller

    Had it sitting between my legs in a jeep and forgot about it when I got out. Just lightly dinged the corner from the asphalt though. I currently have the xgear, and have been less than satisfied with it, so looking to try this out. I’ve had no problems scratching it, and 3 of the scratches turned into cracks that followed my finger around. So now I have 3 cracks in a cool shape starting in the center and curving out to the edges. It looks kinda neat, but was a bit of a waste of 30 bucks. The dots stood out badly as well.

  • I dropped my DINC2 from the roof of a Hampton Inn hotel while setting AC units during construction. It fell all the way to the ground via the duct shaft and was virtually destroyed. Amazingly enough it took some lucky skips and bounces to not shatter into a million pieces but the screen and casing were shot. It could receive calls nothing else

  • Nathan Corachea

    OHI have a story. So one time i was peeing and i just lost grip of my DInc. and time just like went in slow mo. I saw it falling down into the toilet. so i quickly slapped my phone and it flew at the door. My bathroom door now has a little crack in it. but my phone was completely fine (edit: actually some of the phone’s battery door chipped off so i got a new one,the red one)! and it was kinda sad cuz i was like psssh i dont need a case on this phone, so i took it off like a couple of days before/

  • Lawrence

    Dropped my OG Droid numerous times getting out of the car with it sitting on my lap.
    I nominate the OG Droid as the Chuck Norris touch screen phone.

  • niemeyer18

    I was washing my car when my phone rang. My soapy hands made it impossible to keep a grip on my Droid X. Luckily, it survived…that time.

  • MrEnglish

    If it’s as crappy as the Xgear one, don’t bother.

  • Maria Montoya

    i was sitting in a chair on second story and my phone was on the railing. i was listening to music. i know its a bad place for my phone but i had it there anyways. so 10 min. later i got up and forgot it was there and bumped into it and down it went. the floor was all concret but lucky for me there was one spot for a plant. and my phone landed in that little spot. phone a little dirty but thats it. love you droid x.

    • Maria Montoya

      edit: oh yeah my heart stopped any life went into slow mo. like the matrix.

  • steven ross

    Scariest Time i dropped my phone is EVERY time I drop my Galaxy S3 because I have no cover on it!!!! I really should protect it somehow.

  • Chad Devoley

    One time I was in a buddies car and we parked at a metered spot on the side of the street. I got out of my car forgetting my Galaxy S was in my lap and when I got out I felt something fall and hoped it was my wallet. It hit the ground with a loud thud like I was dropping a boulder, and bounced into a sewer grate. I panicked I thought I lost my phone to sewer alligators. I reached in and the phone was chilling on the edge of a lip and I almost pushed it off completely into the abyss. I saved it and felt like a hero but there was a huge chip in the corner where it first hit the sidewalk and there was a spiderman crack throughout the screen. Ever since that day I’ve used some sort of protection. Never going naked again.

  • I got out of the car in a hurry and my phone went flying from my lap . i have no idea how it flew so far away

  • Futbolrunner

    I dropped my phone in the toilet during a long forgettable night

  • dropped my droid x it hit the side of the hot tub and then in for a swim took me a bout 30 seconds to find it in the midst of the jets, yanked the battery out put in rice next day im talking on it with a slight nic on the corner…..now my son has it he has dropped it numerous times..TOUGH

  • Mine fell out of the 2nd story window at my house needless to say it was destroyed

  • I accidentally threw my Droid X across the room one time when I was late for a test. It was coiled in a blanket that I threw off of me.

    I cracked the notification light by the speaker grill, but everything else was fine( My screen had gotten water or something under it earlier, but that wasn’t caused by the throw).

  • imneveral0ne

    About a month ago, I woke up and my dog was chewing on my phone. The case/screen protector saved me tho. Only a couple little scratches on the sides.

  • Chronon7364

    Riding my bicycle, trying to text. Fortunately I had a case so my GS3 was unscathed. Even though it has Gorilla Glass 2, I understand it is not invincible.

  • forgot an inspire 4G on my lap and got off the car. The front smacked the pavement. Thank god the edges took most of the damage, I started using cases after that

  • Dyzek Mendez

    I was at Six Flags and me like a dork tried to take a picture while on the ride when we were doing a loop and i dropped my phone (at the time Incredible 2) and it fell on some random guy’ head! But luckily for me he caught it and gave it to me after the ride.

  • Mathew Colburn

    I was riding my bike to work one morning, listening to music, had my Gnex in my jacket pocket and all of a sudden the music stopped. I grabbed my earphone cable and it was no longer connected. I stopped my bike and jumped off, looked back about 50 ft and saw my phone lying in the road with a city bus barreling down right at it. Thankfully the bus stopped not 10 ft from my phone. Last time I ever rode my bike with my phone in my jacket pocket. Now, it always goes into my blue jeans.

  • Nacho Durand

    I was fishing in a boat with a friend and then suddenly he took my phone to took a picture of a seagull passing, but he didn’t realize that, in that moment waves produced by a nearby boat came to us. Result: The most expensive picture of his life :/

    • Chronon7364

      “The most expensive picture of his life” Lol

  • you have a Nike fuel band too!
    The scariest time I dropped my phone it was was my s3. I was at work (at my work we cant have our phones.) Well it bounced once or twice and came to a sliding stop about 2 feet in front of my manager. ( all he did was look up and laugh at me)

  • Every time I drop my phone, I say to myself… “Thats why I have an Otterbox”… but I took out that stupid plastic protector. So I could use some smooth tempered glass.

    My DroidX has fallen two stories down stairs and rolled and still works. I would love to see how tempered glass on my SGS3 would work. Luckily my SGS3 has NOT been dropped!

  • kevin

    I remember just like it was yesterday. I was at my friends graduation and I was in a hurry because I was gonna be late. With my phone in my right hand checking the time while I jogged down the street. All of a sudden I stumbled on a rock and slamed my phone front first into the pavement. The screen was shattered beyond repair! on the bright side though it was only an IPhone and thats when I decided to upgrade to my Galaxy s 3 =) so it was not a total lost!

  • easily the time i took my case off, and 5 minutes later dropped it outside on rough pavement, from the porch so like a 6 foot fall

  • 18th.abn

    why are you guys dropping your phones???

  • Buckoman

    I had a Droid X without a case. I’m upstairs at Barnes and Noble, when I hear and feel the ring and vibrate of an important caller.

    It turns out that my phone had twisted itself backward inside my cargo shorts.

    Three rings out of my maximum six. Not good. Time to engage faster-than-blue hedgehog mode.

    Not to disappoint one of my loving fans, I quickly scrambled to get the phone out of my pocket. Pulling it up and out, when combined with the sweat and potential guilt of not being there to answer the President of the United States of America himself, (for all I know, that’s who it could have been), my phone had slid the entirety of its two sides between my nervously sweaty fingers and into the air.

    I had hit ring five.

    I played a one-phone-juggle for the entire upstairs of the store when it flew straight out and on to the down escalator.

    Ring six had come and gone. The supermodel who had desperately tried to reach me would be thoroughly disappointed not to hear my silky voice on the other end, and I don’t think I was getting any tips for my risky performance on the second floor. All while my phone had tumbled down the escalator and hit the bottom. Crickets were chirping, the people at the nook stand were glaring, and I hopped on the moving stairs of shame to survey the gruesome damage I had caused to Andy 2.2 (who still haunts me to the day, I swear). I reached the bottom, picked up my phone, whose battery cover had fallen off and lodged itself into the bottom of the escalator. The battery was 6 feet away, so I decided to brace myself for what would happen if the phone powered on at all.

    I pushed the nonexistent power button in with my nail and hoped for the best. People were still watching, almost as if they were eager to see what my reaction would be when my $200 phone became $0.

    Alas, the entirety of the right side of the screen was dead, the left side was spiraled in two places, but it worked.

    As it booted up, i swiped my lockscreen and dragged down the notification bar to see the newly left voicemail.

    I type half my password in blindly, press the virtual # button and wait. In a crackly voice I hear “You have one new message. First message.”

    It was my grandmother wondering if I could stop by her storage unit on Saturday to help her move some belongings.

    I now use a full InvisibleShield and OtterBox Defender at all times now, just thinking: that maybe, just maybe, if I get a call from my #1 Fan – The President’s Supermodel – That I’ll be prepared.

    • priceless

      • Buckoman

        The best part?

        It actually happened. I kid you not.

    • lmao winner

      • Buckoman

        It’s too bad that this is a random contest.

    • Diablo81588


  • Nicolai Sheehan

    Scariest time for me I had the wall charger still plugged into the phone while walking to me car and I dropped the phone only to watch in horror unable to catch it but the length of the cord was just short enough for the phone to swing just above the ground.

  • eclect1c

    I had my Droid Incredible in my lap while sitting in the passenger seat of the car. The car was parked parallel on a residential street with grass along the sidewalks. This means that sprinklers run and the excess water is collected along the corner of the road against the sidewalk–the same side from which I exited the car. Of course, I forgot that I had my phone in my lap and it fell about two feet onto the pavement and *gasp* in the water!

  • Scott Willenborg

    This one time, I was looking at some “art” pictures of women and my wife walked up behind me and I dropped my phone between us when she startled me. The headphones pulled out too so not only did it land face up the volume was full blast.

    Scary man, scary.

  • Ivan92116

    anytime you drop your phone is scary….my precious!!!

  • I was trying to take drunken pictures outside of a bar one night when my phone slipped out of my hand and straight onto the concrete. Miraculously my screen didn’t even crack, but the body took some damage.

  • Guy Alon

    The time the screen shattered. Thats right my Droid 4 gorilla glass was no match for 3 feet and a concrete garage floor

  • I was installing a satellite dish while standing a 28 foot ladder and went to use my og droid as a level when I got the butter fingers from the cold. Down it dropped hit a rung or two and skipped across the drive way. I practically ran down the ladder hoping it was ok, and it was with one little nick on the corner. I still have that phone up until a month ago I was using it to test roms out until the touchscreen gave up.

  • Leaving the phone on my lap while i drive. sometimes i get out and it falls out onto concrete. Like time goes so slow as i watch it fall

  • Spongehead

    This one time, at band camp…Oh, wait…

  • La2da

    I dropped my OG Droid at a pretty rowdy concert, with the screen on. Chasing my illuminated phone through the darkened mosh pit floor was like trying to snag a futuristic dollar bill taped to a string in the wind.

  • Jason Inofuentes

    Had to climb a mountain for work (I’m a paramedic, Old Rag was the mountain, patient was on the east side coming up, we were on the west side). Made my way to the top and wanted to call my wife to tell her I’d be late for dinner. Dropped the phone, it tumbled down the trail. Screen was fine. Case was scratched pretty badly. (Blackberry 8703e)

  • Troy Walbaum

    When I was still in college living in a dorm, I slept on a lofted bed about 6 feet in the air. At the time, I had a Droid X. It was sitting next to me and my alarm went off to wake me from my nap. I quickly reached for it, but instead of grabbing it, I punched it across the room. The walls were cinderblock and the floor was tile. It flew across the room, smashed into the wall on the other side, and exploded into the phone, the battery cover, and the battery. I launched out of my loft and picked it up. Other than some scuffs, no damage. Put it together and it fired right up. I almost died that day…

  • B J Books

    Dropped my Gnex face first on the bathroom tile. Luckily the case protected the screen. Phew!

  • I jus dropped my GSIII yesterday on the street 🙁 luckily I had a otter box case on it

  • 10lbmustache

    I was talking on the phone while riding my bicycle and fumbled it trying to put it back in my pocket. I tried to catch it and crashed in the process. I actually got more banged up then the phone.

  • nightscout13

    Dropped DroidX from 4 feet onto pavement, it skipped on all 4 corners for 5 seconds, then landed on it’s face. I thought FOR SURE the glass was broken. Nope.

  • My dad turned, knocked my phone out of my had, landed face down in parking lot, and he stepped on it, all in one swift move. Amazingly it survived with just a few scratches on the case.

  • MShareKim

    I had just gotten my EnV3 in blue (it was about three days old), and was so excited to have a blue phone. After four years of cell phones with no incidents, I had also decided that insurance was a rip off and removed it from the account. I was at a training in Peachtree, GA staying at a hotel and I had been playing with the phone flipping it open and shut. I got in the elevator and it slipped out of my hands and fell in the crack between the doors and floor, falling down the elevator shaft. I felt my heart drop, then I hit the button to go back to the main floor and went to the front desk, argued with the girl at the front for about 15 minutes before she called the maintenance guy who retrieved it for me though he thought I was crazy for asking. Had a little scratch in the corner but worked just fine. Every time I saw him the rest of the week I’d wave and say hello, and he’d elbow whoever was with him, point to me, and laugh. For the record, I think it was at least 3, but definitely no more than a 4 story fall (and I called Verizon that night and put insurance back on the account). Still have it in my dresser.

  • well scariest drop for me would have to be at work when i was on the
    asphalt roller and dropped it on the hot asphalt then ran over it with the roller… in the end i ended up with a half crushed phone and a melted one… wasn’t fun at all

  • While in the final stages of taking a wiz, I leaned over for the flush and my S3 came shooting out of the shallow pockets of my zip down hoodie. While in mid flush, toilet golden yellow with my recent deposit, I was faced with a tough decision. Do I go right in and hope that I’m quick enough to swoop it out before it’s flooded throughout every crevice with my sterile yet stinky liquid waste? Or do I make no such effort and just let my technological pride and joy become entirely invaded in a way I’m sure no phone (or normal person) would want to spend their last waking moments? In the heat of the moment there was no such thought process, I went straight in without hesitation, snatching my beloved device with such vigor that my sleeve also absorbed a solid pint of said pungent liquid. With phone and sweatshirt ruined, I proceeded to wash my hands for about an hour straight while showing, strangely proud that I didn’t entirely give up on my baby without a fight.

  • Kate S.

    It was that one time when intelligence clearly wasn’t in play and the downfall was brought on in threefold;
    1. This was a few years ago when those hoodies with the long pocket were considered okay to wear.
    2. I was near a tub full of water
    3. Naked toddler who sat on it before I could grab it.
    3.5 Naked boy toddler.

    I tried putting it in a bag of rice, slightly baking it (this was according to my brother who I assumed knew about this kind of stuff) but alas, I has rainbow screen until I could afford an upgrade. Thank droid this was before the time of smartphones.

  • Eric Soriano

    So far I haven’t dropped my S3 but the day is coming. I hope it has a Spigen Glas Tempered Glass Screen Protector when it does happen!

  • its not really a drop, but i got so drunk that i woke up with wet shorts in the morning, and a wet galaxy nexus… luckily fooled verizon once again and got a new one for free

  • David

    I was working on my car one evening as I finished I shut my hood but didn’t latch it due to me might having to go back under the hood. So I drive around the block but about 10miles or so on car. when I was done with test drive everything was good so I shut the hood the rest of the way by just pressing down on hood really hard.. Went into house cleaned up, showered etc. When done I went to make a phone call to call a buddy of mine. I couldn’t find phone after looking for about 30mins I realized the last place I remember phone was on the cowl of my car… ran outside opened door pulled hood release lift hood only to find my Galaxy Nexus still on cowl of hood but screen and thousands of little pieces.. Thank god I had insurance

  • I had just purchased my Bionic and the next day I could not for the life of me find it. I am walking around and I go in the bathroom. My toddler was standing on the sink holding it to his head like he was talking on the phone. He looks at me startled and drops it. In the toilet.


  • one of my kids ran across my gym bag with metal cleats on, guess where my phone was. Stepped right on the screen and put a big divot in the screen. Hello ins. replacement

  • 25 feet drop…..while working on scissor lift 🙂 that phone doesn’t need screen protector, but replacement sure does

  • unclever_username

    When I had my old DROID 2, I accidentally knocked it into the sink while running some water. The strange thing is, my mind was so immediately shocked at what was happening that I just frantically stared at it for a second or so and half-flailed my arms around. I’m sure I looked ridiculous.

  • violator702

    I was having a drink or two at this bar, and my phone slipped out of my hand. I was luckily able to grab it out of mid air. I think those few seconds took a year off of my life.

  • Michael_NM

    I mailed my OG Droid to Tato in a hard drive case. My Droid survived the trip, the hard drive case did not… 🙂

  • JonandRoid

    The scariest time is when i was on a 6ft ladder on the job as a commercial plumber, i was fiddling around with my phone (at the time photon 4g) and i lost grip of the phone, fumbling it in the air like a football, i thought i had it, but i lost it, watching it fall in slow motion to the ground hoping the screen wouldn’t break, It landed flat on the screen on the cement. I had dropped it several times in the past and hoped it was alright. A few of my coworkers saw what had happened and were like “ooooh”…so they watched me pick up my phone as i said “ahh its all good i drop it all the time” and as i picked it up, it was cracked all over…they laughed, i sulked….that was the end of my screen…..I then got the S3 to replace it and its AWESOME! hope i win so i don’t have to tell this story again lol 🙂

  • Bert336

    Jamming to the music, phone on my lap…get out to pump gas…forgot the phone on my lap…ouch!

  • kenny jaros

    I destroyed my e4gt and filed an insurance claim. Received my replacement device, put the old one in the return envelope and headed to the mailbox. On the way home I hit my leg and the new phone slammed to the ground shattering the screen! Talk about a bad day

  • Randy Bihlmayer

    It was 1 week after getting my new phone and I was getting out of the car. I had answered a call earlier and set the phone on my lap. A few blocks down the road and I forgot it was there. I jumped out like Kosmo Kramer coming through a door and my phone was catapulted from my lap. It bounced off the door and again off my shoe tumbling end over end from corner to corner as I cringed in horror. Finally, coming to a rest after a short slide on the screen. Sarcastically, I thought “yay my brand new phone is toast” while simultaneously a little bit of me died inside. The unintentional stress test on my cheap new case turned out to be a success. No real damage beyond some scratches to the cheap-o screen protector I picked up for like 10 Cents. So I could really use a nice screen protector. Lesson learned: never go cheep-o when your screen is on the line!

  • Dropped my phone facedown on on a gritted concrete deck. Scared me to death! Somehow got no scratches that time. Never ever again, please!

  • javikid

    At church trying to mute the phone while in mass lol

  • I was in a crowded night club texting and dropped my phone. It got kicked around something fierce…I eventually found the phone, no battery, no back cover…YIKES…I did find the battery, no luck with the back cover…Warranty replaced few days later…

  • mustbepbs

    My wife got in a car accident in the snow and I was trying to call the insurance company and I almost dropped my GNEX. Wouldn’t have added to the day.

  • Ryanerikk

    I went skydiving last month and while jumping from 25,000 feet I was trying to film the jump my S3 slipped out of my hand and fell straight down to earth and shattered completely. I ended up having to buy a new phone almost 700.00 plus. My Bad I guess. That’s my story on why I need protection not only for my S3 on earth but jumping down to it.

    • Wow. I wonder if otterboxes are skydiving-certified.

  • I dropped mine trying to put it in my pocket getting out of the car at work, cracked the screen all the way across. No phone while I worked for 12 hours. That was a long day.

  • Once i was on the roof of my house and my phone went rolling down it and fell off the edge luckily it was onto grass instead of the driveway so it was fine but it was pretty scary.

  • don

    Haha, one of my biggest gripes with the S3 is the smooth surface that wants to slip out of my hand if I’ve just washed all the oil off my hands, so I’m concerned for the winter here in Michigan for sure! I’ll have a case on it by then, so the scariest drop has been in the car when it went between the seat and console, but I’ve dropped this thing half a dozen times already because of how it makes me feel like it’s dainty and needs to be held gently, then that makes it wind up slipping out of my hands! I’m scared for the NEXT drop and hope I get myself a case by then!

  • ThreeWolves

    I dropped my Droid X while I was hunting one time. It fell out of the tree stand and I thought I had to get down quickly to retrieve it. However, I was wearing a Three Wolves Howling at the moon shirt and the phone missed the shirt so much, it actually flew back up into stand.

  • I once dropped my Droid 1 on gravel then slipped and stepped on it… not a good day. It survived but got a nasty scar on the top of the phone.

  • The scariest for me was with my OG Droid. I was really proud of myself for buying my first phone (meaning a phone that wasn’t provided by my parents), and was showing it off to everyone. The second night I had it, I was at a friends house. As I was leaving, I was holding the phone somewhat loosely in my right hand while walking down the porch steps. As I stepped off the last stair, my hand swung forward and caught on a wicker chair. Following the natural laws of physics, my phone continued with its forward momentum and shot through the air about 8 feet, landing on the concrete driveway and bouncing several times. I was mortified, frozen in place unable to move to pick it up. I was sure I had just destroyed my prized possession. In the end, it only suffered a minor nick on the top corner of the case. Just proof that the OG droid was a BEAST.

  • Couple years back when I had my Droid Incredible, I was walking along and went to pull it out of my pocket by the headphone cord (like an idiot, never again) and it unplugged and went screen-first onto cement. Amazingly the screen didn’t crack, but I was super scared until I picked it up, only scratches ended up being on the side of the phone. I’m always extra careful with my (unprotected) gadgets, as I really dislike the extra bulk cases give them.

  • Dan O

    The scariest time i dropped my S3 was when i just got it and was about to put my screen protector on and dropped the phone and missed my tile floor by not even an inch and hit the carpet.

  • Ibrahim Awwal

    The scariest time I dropped my phone was when I just dropped it trying to pull it out of my pocket, and the screen cracked :(. It’s actually still fine and usable, but there’s a crack along the bottom right side where the back button is. I think it’s below the surface though as I can’t really feel it except for one little chip in the middle. I was actually planning on throwing one of these glass screen protectors on top so that I wouldn’t feel that little chip and to prevent future damage, so winning one here would be awesome.

  • every time I drop it is the scariest…my heart stops for a second until I check that the screen isn’t broken and it still turns on 🙂

  • James_C_L

    Dropped my phone off the high pressure boiler at my job. Needless to say… Screen perished

  • Steve Tu

    I got out of my car, and my S3 fell out of my pants pocket. My Atrix2 (same pocket) was fine. Too bad it wasn’t the other way around. I heard the clank, and I looked down and got real scared. Picked it up, thankfully there was just some minor scratches on the side. Unfortunately, my XGear tempered glass protector had cracks running everywhere! I guess tempered glass screen protectors have their weaknesses – corner drops. So I’d LOVE to get a replacement by winning this Spigen!

  • Tommy Thompson

    Getting out of my car with my phone in my pocket and it just shoots out of my pocket like a bullet for no reason and ends up skidding across pavement, face first of course. Definitely the scariest time.

  • Anthony Hopkins

    I was in a big bouncing ball rolling in a contest when my nexus came out of its case and fell out the hole onto the ground back came off battery came out but i won the race and put my nexus back together and luckily it worked just fine. I need this protection please pick me.

  • Was jogging on a treadmill last week listening to music on my phone. Bumped the headphone cord and knocked my phone off of the display panel. Went to catch it by the headphone cord, but the headphones came unplugged and my phone landed right at my feet while the treadmill continued to run. Danced around my phone to avoid stepping on it, and luckily no more damage was done than just the battery cover coming partially off.

  • Sanjay Dantu

    please send it to me

  • When I “Dropped” it from the hood of my moving car… it survived! (Luckily it wasn’t my S3 but my old OG Droid)

  • Robin Bialczak

    I forgot my phone on the car roof. I could hear it sliding across the roof but thankfully if came in through the sunroof

    • Melvin

      I have done the same exact thing! So lucky.

    • That’s the coolest way ever to answer your phone. I’m gonna have to start doing this.


      My son left his iphone on the roof of the car and we realized it when I saw it doing a triple lendy behind me in my rearview mirror. Amazingly the Otter Box defender case saved the day, not a single scratch on the phone!!

  • Michael swaim

    I’ve always been a Case and Screen protector kinda guy. Case in point……
    My Very 1st Android phone….the HTC Eris…..
    I was getting out of my Father in-laws truck and my phone slipped out of my had as i was jumping down, the phone landed in the drainage area in front of the curb screen down on some small rocks. I picked it up expecting the worse(cracked screen)…..Only a chip in the screen protector and i nick in the case….

  • Yellowsnow

    Dropped it in a turd filled toilet. The actual scary part was cleaning it off.

  • I was climbing a tree and had my Galaxy S3 on an armband. It somehow can loose and fell over 10 feet, bouncing off of branches along the way. The screen was shattered but covered by insurance so I was lucky.

  • tyguy829

    left my og droid (and coffee) on top of my car and sped off. the glass shattered, and to make things worse, even my coffee lid popped off and it spilled everywhere.

  • Secretwar1

    My first galaxy s3 slipped out of my hands while attempting to play bf3 and answer a text. Landed face down! Luckily it was fine

  • droid1234

    I did not drop mine, but my friend dropped his s3 in a game and it resulted in broken glass. He was wondering how fragile is the gorilla glass 2.

  • ashinn77

    The scariest drop that I had was with my brand new galaxy s3. Forgot to put my case on and ran to the store. Phone was in my lap and I jumped out of my lifted jeep and phone fell a good 5 feet to the concrete bounced twice and landed face down. Phone survived w only some bad nicks to the sides.

  • 3 days after just getting my S3 it had taken a fall from the kitchen table to tile floors.. landed on its back, bounced onto the screen. Luckily there wasn’t any damage, I was very surprised.

  • Andrew

    Dropped my thunderbolt in my driveway but it took it like a champ

  • Lakerzz

    I usually use a case. I was going to a party, and wanted to show off my new toy, so I went with a ‘naked’ phone. Had a little bit to drink, and let me say that alcohol and a ‘naked’ phone don’t mix. :-

  • One time, I was riding my bike, then I dropped my phone out of my pocket. A car came by. Guess what happened… it got ran over. BUT it survived! Lol

  • mystikalrush

    Left phone on truck back bumper while working on vehicle and once finished went to store for Quick refreshments and totally saw phone in the middle of the road on my way back to the house

  • Stush0104

    Scariest time is every time. You never know when that will be the one. That said scariest was when I dropped it and didn’t realize then ran over it with the car. That’s how the Dinc died.

  • WalCs

    When I had my Droid 2, I was talking to my friend and someone bumped me pretty hard on the side which i was holding my phone, it flew out of my hand and dropped on a corner, in a puddle of water and facing downwards, but when I picked it up it was working perfectly still.

  • Mike_Cook7

    About two weeks ago I handed someone my phone to show them a picture and she dropped it onto a cement carpeted floor right next to a bunch of PC parts I figured for sure it was toast, looks like I used 1 of its nine lives. I would not like to use any more!

  • lance kortesoja

    I have dropped my phone many times. scariest time was when I dropped it in the bathroom. shattered the screen. could really use this.

  • Christian Chew

    I was out eating dinner one time with my family and decided to play a multiplayer game with my brother on my HTC Evo 4G. When my brother handed my phone back to me, it slipped right through my fingers and landed, bottom first, into the tomato soup in front of me. I quickly picked it up and spent the next 10 minutes in the bathroom sucking the tomato and basil bits inside. Then I brought it back to the sprint store to exchange for another refurbished one B).

  • Sean

    My 2 year old on daughter threw my 1 week old SG3 over an upper deck balcony at an indoor water park while we were on vacation. She said “Daddy… Where did your phone go! ” Screen was

  • It’s not an iPhone so dropping it isn’t an issue. But a friend dropped theirs in the toilet and wanted me to fix it. That was scary.

  • Dropped my Galaxy S3 at a concert this summer. Luckily it landed on my shoe first. No damage but still caused a minor heart attack

  • Davros

    Forgot my DX on a resturant table. The booths were on a 1 foot elevated platform. My 5 year old ran back to get it and some how shot it off the table about 9 feet were it hit face down on the cobblestone floor. It was then kicked by another customer into the rock wall. Picked it up and looked at it in disbelief as it didn’t even have a scratch.

  • antwonw

    I was about to get into my car and my phone slipped out of my hand, bounced off the curb and then bounced off of the parking lot. I thought for sure the screen was cracked. Nope, just a very very small hairline-crack in the top side/edge of the device.

  • Tony Le

    Probably when I dropped my OG Droid on the asphalt walking to Krispy Kreme.

  • I purchased and used this for a week. My 2 issues Related to weight And sensitivity.

  • Jumping on a trampoline, thank goodness it flew onto the grass and not the sidewalk.

  • Keyan X

    Well I haven’t dropped mine, but I just today i was talking to a friend and he dropped his NAKED S3 on concrete sidewalk. It was scuffed like crap but luckily no breaks or cracks. I got scared for him.

  • I dropped my s3 last week on concrete. Still rockin it naked though

  • pezjono

    Was driving and talking on my 2 day old Galaxy Nexus (I know you shouldn’t do that, but I am more than capable) and left it on my lap and proceeded to destination. Got out of the car to have the phone fall onto asphalt and of course this was without a case and no insurance. The shock to pick it up and see two scratches on the corners! Not only was it still working, but not a scratch on the screen. I am usually REALLY careful with my phones, but that is the last time I make that mistake of not putting the phone back in my pocket!

  • arthur2142

    The scariest time I dropped my Galaxy S3 was while on vacation last month. I was getting out of the driver’s seat of our rental truck and forgot my phone was in my lap. It fell about 4 feet to the ground. I immediately turned ghost white in a panic and picked up my phone to find it had a crack! Fortunately, the crack is very small and is near the edge, so when I put a rubber case on the phone, it completely covers the crack. This is my first non-Motorola phone, and it pains me that I have to have a case on it, but I can’t risk any more drops potentially disabling my phone.

    My wife on the other hand has dropped her RAZR MAXX about a dozen times, and aside from a few scuffs on the case, is in perfect condition.

  • Any time I drop my phone is the scariest time!

  • Went to the restroom for a number 2, dropped my pants and phone slipped out of my pocket on the incredibly disgusting floor.

  • vernSL

    The scariest time I dropped my S3 was when I was fishing off a pier. I was insanely lucky that the phone didn’t slip through the gaps between the boards. The phone itself survived just fine, but my heart sank. Would love to grab one of these screen protectors to protect it against scratches though!

  • I was opening my brand new galaxy nexus and dropped it on the tile floor before even turning it on! I put a small dent in the corner of the phone before I ever turned the thing on. At least the glass didn’t break.

  • droyd4life

    This looks awesome

  • There isn’t one time that was scarier than others. Whenever I drop my phone I go through that half millisecond of sheer terror. 2 nights ago I dropped my phone face down on an asphalt parking lot and shredded the housing. Thank God for iFixit.com. 8 screws and 7 dollars spent on eBay and it’ll be like new again. I don’t like cases lol.

    • Cases are too bug and bulky IMO, thats why I got the Razr. This thing is almost indestructible!

    • Ibrahim Awwal

      You shredded the housing but didn’t damage the screen with a facedown drop? Mind linking to the housing you used? I actually dropped mine face down and the screen did crack and the outer edge is also pretty shredded so it might be fun replacing it if possible. Yeah, I hate cases too.

  • Jaymin

    The worst time I ever dropped my phone, I was on the Griffin roller coaster. It didn’t survive 🙁

  • in the toilet