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Quick Look: Spigen GLAS Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S3 [Contest Too] (Update: Winner Picked)

Here we go with another tempered glass screen protector solution for your Samsung Galaxy S3, although this time it’s made by the folks over at Spigen SGP. As many of you know after checking out my quick first looks at the XGEAR tempered glass protectors for the GS3 and Galaxy Nexus, tempered glass is the ultimate form of smartphone display protection.  

Spigen’s version is called GLAS Premium and is 8-9H in surface hardness, which means it is three times stronger than regular PET film. It also should resist scratches from just about anything, including knives and keys. It has an oleophobic coating to resist against smudges and fingerprints. The touch screen should remain ultra sensitive, and the edges have been rounded ever-so-slightly to make it much easier on the hand.

Spigen trimmed it around the edges, so that almost all cases will be able to fit with this screen protector on your device, took into account the proximity sensor issues that many experienced with XGEAR’s original glass protectors, and even tossed in different colored Home button inserts to help with pressing after the protector has been applied.

Initial Impressions

I appreciate the fact that Spigen cut the protector short around the edges so that you can still apply most cases for extra protection. I’m also glad that they worked around the proximity sensor issue that was happening during phone calls on the original XGEAR version. I’m enjoying the slightly rounded edges so that it doesn’t feel too sharp in hand and also the home button inserts that make pressing “Home” much easier.

I’ve looked at a couple of reviews who mention that touch sensitivity is not optimal, however, I haven’t run into any issues. In fact, I pressed as lightly as I could throughout an entire email, browsing session, and normal phone use and it reacted to everything I threw at it. Over time, if the adhesive were to give way, I could see there being an issue, but so far, it works perfectly.

Lastly, you won’t find the grid of dots on this Spigen version like I did on the original XGEAR versions.

At $34.99 you may consider this to be too expensive, but there aren’t many other options. If you want a tempered glass screen protector on your device, you can either go with Spigen’s or XGEAR’s ($29.99). From what I have read, XGEAR has made changes to fix some of the issues that plagued theirs initially, however, Spigen appears to have added some extra tweaks to make this slightly more appealing (lack of grid, room for more cases, and button inserts).

Update:  After a full day’s use, I have had absolutely no touch issues with this protector from Spigen. In fact, it’s as good as it was the minute I applied it to the device. We’ll see how it holds up over the matter of a week or so, but so far, I’m enjoying the protection.

At this time, we are only seeing a white version available, so blue GS3 owners are out of luck.

Buy. ($34.99) [More info]



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Update: We have our winner! Their name is nyr2k2 and their story is as follows:

My car had blown a tire on the interstate on my way home from work one day. I got out to survey the damage, and decided that since my rim was now bent I should call AAA and get a tow. Reaching into my pocket, my phone slipped out of my hand, flew toward the other side of the car, and came to rest teetering precariously on a sewage drain cover. The phone was literally wobbling side to side, where the vibration from a passing car could easily have pushed it past the tipping point. Fortunately I grabbed the phone in time, but damn, it was harrowing.


Thanks for entering everyone!

Prize:  1 (one) Spigen GLAS tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S3.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us about the scariest time that you dropped your phone.
2.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


Tomorrow at 12:00 PM PT, we will choose a winner randomly from the comments. Good luck!

  • Steven Bernstein

    scariest time was when i was holding a baby as well. It was really hard to resist trying to catch my phone, cause obviously the kid was more important.

  • MTPenguin

    After dropping it in a porta potty in MO during 105 degree days, was scared to think I heard a splat, instead of a kerplunk.


  • Chris Brunetto

    Easy. It was at Lake Compounce (an amusement park in CT) during the course of a ride on some sort of giant swing called “Thunder n Lightning” (or something of that nature) with my brand new ORANGE LG enV in tow. Fearing someone would steal it if I put it in the little box at the bottom of the ride, I made the brilliant decision of keeping it on my person. I sat down, wedged the phone between my leg and the seat, and the ride took off. Flash forward a few minutes in, and my phone managed to wriggle its way out of my protective leg-seat sandwich, and at the apex of the upswing I watched helplessly as my little orange pile of joy plummeted a good 20-25 feet. It landed with the characteristic “crack” of new gadget on cold, unforgiving cement, and split in two. I miss it to this day.

  • agorski3

    I almost sent my old Droid X through the wash.

  • tehserver

    I once dropped my HTC PPC-6800 on a limestone parking lot and stepped on it. It had landed screen side down before I stepped on it. Thankfully, I had a screen protector on at the time and the screen wasn’t damaged at all. That single event forever sold me on screen protectors.

  • yankeesusa

    My scariest was having phone on my lap in the car, then I got out and forgot it was on my lap. It flew and hit a concrete curb, luckily I had a seidio case on it. But I love solutions that still keep the phone looking sleek.

  • Mark43019

    The scariest time I dropped the S3 phone was right after I purchased it for my wife ( who is VERY VERY hard on phones) and “DROPPED IT” into her hand! LOL Love ya honey!!!

  • bungadudu

    The scariest time was … after I dropped my phone ..:-(

    When I lift it up… the screen was broken.

    Scared shitless for 2 days until I managed to get it repaired under warranty (good thing as I am a student with no money to spare)

    In the meantime… it gathered some superficial scratches… don’t know why as I do my best to protect the screen (never keep it with keys, coins, no sand, etc).

    It’s a fragile phone but it’s cool bc it gets my adrenaline high everytime I get it out of my pocket! :-)) (can’t be too careful with this one)

  • JolleyMan

    I’ve never dropped any of my phones. They, on the other hand, have occasionally made death-defying leaps from my hand. Needless to say, I scolded them promptly.

  • bmo917

    I went on a night hike to the natural hot springs near Spanish Fork, Utah. After driving forty minutes to the parking lot near the entrance to the trail, I realized that I forgot my flashlight. Hiking Through that canyon at night wiThout a light was out of the question but luckily i had my phone and flashlight app. Once I made it to my destination, I accidentally dropped my brand new phone and it fell to the bottom of the hotspring. I was able to fish it out, spent the next day or so drying it in a bowl of rice and to my amazement it still worked! Unfortunately, the camera was no longer functional tho.

  • Vyrlokar

    I was running to catch a train and my phone suicidal dash to the floor, bounced due to the silicone case and landed between the rails just as the train arrived. I still do not know how it survived.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Scariest moment wasn’t even when I dropped it, My niece dropped it on the street. Luckily it hit her shoe before landing backside down on the pavement.

  • One time I was in the bathroom and sat my phone on top of the tank lid. When I went to grab it after washing my hands it slipped out of my hands and went right into the toilet! Moto doesnt lie when they say that the Razr is water resistant! ;o)

  • BurnBabyBurn

    My DX popped out of my pocket while running across a street. It hit the ground, popped out the battery, I kicked it (a consequence of a too-late attempt at a foot catch) and it bashed against the curb. picked it up, and no apparent problems with the screen. put the battery back in and booted it back up with no problems at all. That thing was a tank. Much better than the now shattered G3 screen I’m now rocking after a face-first drop. (case was en route from Amazon to be delivered the following day)

  • CiPearman

    At around 5:10 am in northern Ohio, I walked out of a hotel to get to a jobsite. Not being a morning person, I had a giant cup of coffee and my phone (Driod2) in one hand and my laptop bag/briefcase in the other. Being from TN, I am not used to the permafrost that covers everything up north in January. I think I was too proud of myself for getting out the door so far before dawn to pay attention to the sheet of ice upon which I was walking. Suddenly, the realization hit me that my feet were no longer in contact with the ground. Time slowed as I tried to decide what to do. Should I protect the laptop/briefcase or try to balance the huge cup of coffee when the meeting between my back and the ground would occur? The decision was made to throw the coffee to the side so I wouldn’t be covered with 200 degree liquid. Unfortunately, my phone was in the same hand as the coffee and it was propelled about 8 feet as hard as I could throw it before i hit the ground. Fortunately, my body nor my laptop was seriously injured. I also was not covered with scalding coffee. My phone, however, was not unscathed. I think it hit the curb and the screen was completely shattered…as was my pride. Two more days in north Ohio in January without a phone was difficult to navigate. Literally, it was difficult to navigate as my Google Nav didn’t work.

  • Once I was on a phone interview and dropped the phone and started swearing.

  • Andy

    I was holding my brand new GS3 after it arrived from FedEx to my house and playing around with it on the way back to the house when I sneezed and it dropped from my hands onto the ground. Luckily, it didn’t crack or scratch but I immediately got a case after that.

  • I dropped my GS3 the other day jogging and it basically flew threw the air 200 feet in front of me and stopped. I basically ran to it and cradled it like a baby. No screen protector or case on it either :,(

  • rodney11ride

    I lit a firework (you know the illegal in California ones) and had to run from park to my house bout 100 yards. just when i hit the street if bounced out of shirt pocket and i stepped on it and slid about 10 feet before i face planted.. OG droid i love you…. the funny thing is that it took a picture when it hit the ground… not sure how that happened. the best part is that besides the scratches on bezel no cracked screen.

  • Liderc

    I was with my brother and his friends in Miami for a Heat game for his bachelor party. I had just run to get a hotdog for myself and a few of the guys and when I came back, I took out my OG for a quick photo of Dwayne Wade and then I sat it on my lap. Then a person needed to scoot past me to get to his seat, I stood up real quick and my phone went flopping down 3 concrete steps.

    I had one of those “oh sh*t moments,” then the guy in front of me grabs the droid and is about it hand it to me and I turn my eyes and he says “It’s ok, not broken.” I open my eyes and grab my Droid and I said that’s right, because it’s a Droid. Guy had a white iPhone in his other hand rofl.

  • Usually I never drop my phone. But one time a friend wanted to see my phone so i handed him the phone and told him to be careful not to drop it. While he was looking at my phone, the phone slipped out of his hand. I immediately saw that and ran toward my phone to catch it. The friend managed to catch it before it hit the concrete floor. I thought my galaxy s3 that i just bought was gonna be gone for good.

    Bought myself a silicone rubber case for my phone after that incident.

  • gotta have it!

  • E Diddy

    just picked up my Verizon GNex from the store… phone was still naked and when I got out of the car it went flying. Luckily it landed on the grass and was safe otherwise a less than half hour old phone would’ve been scuffed up. Some scary stuff.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I forgot I had put my Original Droid on my lap when driving the car. So when I got out, the phone fell face down onto the Asphalt. I reached down hoping it didn’t break, but the face was just shattered. Then began my journey with crappy refurbished units from Verizon. I never got a good refurbished phone from them.

  • David Imel

    Dropped it on a boat, it bounced and I caught it before it hit the water.. O_o Don’t die, GS3!!

  • K. Nelson

    It was on a table, outside, plugged into a charger. I forgot the charger was there when I got up…at normal speed…and the phone went FLYING! The sound of it hitting the pavement made everyone cringe. We all assumed it was toast. It hit the ground so hard the battery cover popped off and the battery was a few feet away. I put the battery back in…and it was still working! That was an OG Droid.

  • Michael

    Went to the baseball game last Tuesday and was bragging about the 4G speed of my Galaxy III to my friend who was having trouble uploading one photo on her iPhone…About 2 minutes go by and Karma catches up to me when my 2 week old Galaxy 3 drops from my hand and face first onto the cement walkway in front of us…the end result, see the picture below. That next day I field for an insurance claim and my new phone should be delivered today. Needless to say, I did not hear the end of it for the rest of the ball game.

    • Liderc

      Damn, that had to ruin the game.

  • rossguy

    Any drop of my phone is extremely scary. Probably the scariest ones are when my phone is in my lap and I get out of the car. You feel the phone sliding off your lap but there is nothing you can do. Parking lot pavements are not very forgiving!!

  • I imported the one from GLASS ZONE and installed it last night Took forever to ship from South Korea but it’s really sweet and I think just as good, if not better, than the other two guys.

  • Casey Puyleart

    So…EVERY time I drop my phone is the scariest time! Thankfully it does not happen often, as I prefer to keep it naked as the day it came to me.

  • G2 took a face plant onto the parking garage floor. It was steep. Had to chase my obviously destroyed phone down the incline. Got yelled at for being late not 5 min later.

  • kristian tzokanow

    My Nexus fell on the carpet, I was pretty scared! 😉

  • Porkweasel

    Droid-Life actually caused my phone to be broken. I was rocking the old DX, a friend wanted to point out a ROM to me that was featured and in my haste the phone came spilling out of my pocket and directly down a sewer grate that was next to me. So, giving me me one of these would definitely make up for having awesome content on your site and I’d consider us even. 🙂

  • Dylan Neu

    I was walking through a parking garage and my friend hit my arm as a joke and my phone went flying and hit face down on the concrete, completely shattering the glass (it was an iPhone afterall). It was like watching a car accident, you knew it was going to hit the ground and there was nothing you could do to stop it. What a terrible moment.

  • I dropped the phone while draining el lizard. It hit the rim and bounced to the floor and not in the bowl. WHEW!

  • Terumi

    I was wandering around San Francisco with my friend and we got lost since we were unfamiliar with the bus routes. I used my Google Maps on my Rezound to figure out where the bus stop was and when the next bus would leave. I ended up dropping it on the concrete and the back flew off and got a little deformed and my phone’s battery fell out.

    Now I have an S3 and loving it.

  • NastyEmu

    Tried to answer my Droid X while washing dishes. Dropped it into the sink which was filled with soapy water and bits of food. Completely submerged. I got it out quickly, and pulled the battery. Dried it with a hair dryer. Powered it on and it worked! Some of the buttons became less responsive, but I kept using it for another 8-10 months until the GSIII came out.

  • collegepunk

    I work on the ocean, and I pulled out my phone while I was on the dock, and it fell between the deck and onto a cross joint about 3 inches above the water. I had to jump into the water and push the phone back through the gap in the deck to a friend on the dock. Very stressful!

  • LawnGnomeSlayer

    Well I tend to drop my thunderbolt quite often, but the scariest time for me was Halloween of last year. See I tend to drive with my phone on my lap. I have just pulled into a 7-11 when I received a phone call from my current ex. Annoyed I sat in my car for a sec and then forgot where I had put my phone. Then I angrily jumped out of my car and my phone went flying out of my lap into another car and then hit the corner of a pothole and sank down in the puddle-y hole in the ground. After thinking my phone was a goner and almost having a heart attack I pulled it out to find it working perfectly

  • I was doing #2 in the toilet and using my phone as I usually do. I was using my Droid X when someone sent me a text and the phone vibrated, it scared and I dropped my phone through my legs into the toilet. Yes this sucked, but it was going to suck even more to have to pull the phone out as it swam with poop. I had to go to the kitchen, put on those yellow old school dish washing gloves and pull it out. It was disgusting!

  • I bought a galaxy S 3 on launch day from my local best buy and first the employee helping me grabbed the phone, still in box, and dropped it on the ground. Phone was fine. Then after we went through all the activation stuff, he sent the phone down on the counter, step away for a moment and when he came back i noticed that the phone was slight off the counter and his elbow landed on the phone and flipped it over him and behind the desk into a cabinet. I was not very happy with this but the phone was fine. And it is still working today.

  • Christopher Hsu

    It was in the middle of the night and I was asleep. All of a sudden I hear skittering and scratching by my head. My cat who is notorious for being skittish was scratching and diving her way into the space between my headboard and mattress. In this quick few second process she also kicked my phone on my nightstand onto the ground. My brand new Galaxy S 3. Bad kitty.

  • One time I was running with OG Droid in hand, to my surprise OG droid goes flying out the said hand. Only to land directly in front of me, which led me to step on it as I was taking my next step lol. Let’s just say soon after I had a droid 2 global!

  • ZeepTxT

    Two days after i bought the phone i just drop it couse i sneeze, a simple and efficient way to scratch the phone.

  • hollerwt

    Every time I drop my phone.