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Samsung Loses to Apple in Court Again, This Time with the International Trade Commission

Things have not been looking up for Samsung in court recently. Today, we have another Friday ruling against the company going into the weekend that doesn’t look so hot. Samsung filed against Apple with the International Trade Commission with patents having to do with 3G technologies.

ITC Judge James Gildea ruled against Samsung on the 4 patents that Apple was charged with infringing upon. Samsung wanted bans in the US, but that isn’t going to happen anymore. This is nowhere near as big as the earlier verdict that Samsung lost, but it seems they just can’t catch a break these days.

Via: Reuters

  • Roomiester

    This will kill Apple off as they are being made to look like bullies and no one likes a bully. Apple have very few product lines so need to act like bullies, its not like they have invented anything new.

  • zer0ed77

    At this point, I’d like to see Google take a step forward in this, because it is just a matter of time before this begins knocking on their door. It already has before. This affects them! Also, I think some serious investigation needs to take place on how Apple keeps winning these verdicts in the States. Honestly, I am smelling money winning and no actual review of law or patents taking place. If the facts were actually eximined, I don’t think Apple would win any of these.

    • zer0ed77

      So, it is okay if Apple violates Samsung patents, but no okay if Samsung violates Apples. That calls for serious questioning of the judges themselves and the jurors to find out how much they were paid off.

  • I’m still tinging with the original Droid X. Needless to say, I like to make my upgrades count. I own a MacBookPro and was about to buy the iP5 to go with it. But, looking at the screen size and spec sheet of the iP5, I balked. Apple acting a pussyclaat with Samsung didn’t help either.
    So I’m gonna lyme it out with my X until my next Droid phone. It’s Droid or nothing for me.

  • Jillxz

    The problem is our corrupt court system. We no longer have true justice based on factual evidence , instead . it is based on favoritism.

  • Apple is paying off everyone, so sad.

  • (Keep in mind I am posting on an Android message board, you can already see where this rant is going to go)

    I think iphone has its place, and even suggest it to certain people I think it will benefit. I work in IT, and use Linux/Unix based OS on all of my computers and mobile devices. I lean more toward Android for the open source offerings. MacOS has been using the same file system (maybe a little tweaked) for over a decade, as well as Microsoft, I use the latest and greatest simply because I like my stuff to go faster, and work more efficiently.

    One thing did make me laugh a little bit. It took six phones and five years for iPhone to display a FIVE DAY WORK WEEK!? I be people that dropped money on the iPhone 5 are like YEAH THIS IS AWESOME I GET AN EXTRA DAY ON MY CALENDAR NOW WITH MY BIGGER SCREEN! This is the tip of the iceberg on annoyances with the Apple devices.

    The lack of innovation, and re-hashing of existing technologies, then patenting them is nothing new. My problem is when Apple scoffs at these technologies because they hadn’t implemented them yet. Usually they explain how pointless the technology is. Then in the next release they explain how INDISPENSABLE these technologies are. The general Apple loving public provides these excuses for lack of features verbatim until Apple says it’s ok to have these features the next year.

    Now the cost of doing business is suing the company that is CRUSHING them in Asia, and yes millions in Asia are using Samsung. A small percentage of the Chinese population uses smartphones, but relatively this small percentage is still more than the ENTIRE US population using smartphones. Guess what? Apple doesn’t even rank in the top five smart phones in China.

    Personal opinions aside. I’m grateful a product like the iPhone exists, my mom can send me videos, texts, e-mails, and video chat with me. Apple has definitely made smartphones more accessible, and the iPod has definitely transformed the music industry, to where any small musician can get their shot if they put in the work. The problem is their business practices are showing a very scary turn for darker days. Hopefully the company stops resting on its laurels and starts to TRULY innovate once more.

  • master94

    No surprise, US courts have always been biased and anti Asian if you look at all USA court cases in the last 10 years. I cant remember where, maybe engadget, but a German judge called American legal system the most rigged and bias legal system in the world and so did a British judge. If I find the link, I’ll edit and paste it here

  • AnGeLFaCe777

    I am agreeing with you on that one.

  • sk102704

    Samsung needs to fire their lawyers.

    • jay_peter

      And hire designers.

      • Chronon7364

        More like they need to hire Judge Lucy Koh. Too bad Apple got there first.

  • jay_peter

    Samesung is so pathetic. Not only are they unethical, but they’re completely unoriginal as well.

    • yaya

      just like how apple steals ideas from other company?
      tell me whos more unoriginal and unethical?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    The crazy irony to this all is the fact that Samsung produces multiple parts for Apple. I can’t imagine those quarterly update meetings are very comfortable to attend.

  • chris125

    Why does it seem like anything that has to do with apple in the US they always win? Oh that’s right because they have their hands in everyone’s pockets being a US company and samsung doesnt. They really cant catch a break.

  • Michael_NM

    Samsung: Better equipment
    Apple: Better attorneys

    • Hunter

      well put +1

    • Neil Voskeritchian

      Not true. Better OS. Apple still has the best engineers. Maybe if these companies put more time into hardware engineering and less time producing stupid skins on top of Android, they’d do better in the market. Leave the skinning to developers, not “hardware” companies

      • I wouldn’t necessarily say better OS. It depends on what the user wants and needs from the OS. If you require an OS that offers openness and you want great developer support then you would be crazy to say iOS is better! However if its some 80 year old grandmother who wants a smartphone just to connect to family and friends and she doesn’t care about advanced features / cutting edge technology iOS would be the best pick for her.

        • Manny

          80 year old grandmothers, the us military, FAA,Sportscaster, news anchor and the president of the united states vs a bunch of nerds…which os is better..All the features you talk about really have no use if they did android would do a little better…

          • Yeah, like Android would outsell the iPhone… oh wait, it has?

          • macboy74

            Get out of here android os that is on 250+ devices sells more than an iphone. Ummm wait a minute how does a operating system out sell an phone? So would you say Microsoft outsells macbook pros? I bet you OSX outsells toshiba satellite laptops too. I swear when I’m on this site I sometime feel like I’m on BGR.

          • jboogie1289

            Well why not tuck your tail, take your iPhail 4.25s and go back there then. Maybe you can pull the “WOOL” (being you are a iSheep) over their eyes and they take you seriously.
            Poof……..Be gone!!!

          • macboy74

            I assume you meant iPhone which I do not use or own. And I’m not an isheep either whatever that is. But hey I enjoyed playing this childish game with you though.

          • jboogie1289

            Well check it chump., and you’re on a DROID (Android) so act like it ok!! And you not owning a crApple product, and well you could’ve fooled me.

          • macboy74

            I know where I am thanks for telling me though I wasn’t sure. I’ve been on this site for many years just under another name. No I don’t use a iPhone but that will change next week. I had my android fill for four and a half years now but will stay on as a dev. Just like many friends of mine and many people I have read about over the net we need change.

          • Ummm NO, I can tell you don’t know what you are talking about because in the first sentence of your comment you already had 2 errors.

            The US government (specifically Military personnel and deployed soldiers) are using ANDROID phones because of their customizability. It is much easier for them to use the OPEN system Android offers to secure the devices and since there is an endless possibility of device hardware it is easy for them to deploy different models in different regions so the device can use the normal cellular frequencies of that region if needed.

            The President does not use an iPhone! He couldn’t even figure out how to use the touchscreen on an iPhone and a reporter said he appeared “befuddled” when he was unable to get it to work. Source, http://tinyurl.com/97ps2nr

            iPhones are only good for the tech illiterate, any one who knows anything about mobile devices wants them to perform, multitask and to be customizable….and iOS /iPhone does not do any of these nearly as well as Android. Please tell me how having the ability to customize MY device how I want it is not useful. And please explain to me how having an open ecosystem is bad when it allows for 3rd party app development (outside of what the manufacturer wants, rooting, roming, etc) and it opens the door for users to have complete control of their device.

            I’ve only got one thing to say to you…TROLL HARDER NEXT TIME!

          • fixxmyhead

            oh manny here u are again praising iOS. dont u feel like a big time sucker for buying the same phone for the 3rd time?

          • macboy74

            If you really think its the same phone you either need glasses or your just dumb and ignorant. And why do you care what he uses and buys? You’re a dedicated android users right? So wouldn’t they make you a sheep just like you call iPhone users.

          • fixxmyhead

            u know what i mean because theres a big difference between the 4 ,4s,5

            and no im not a sheep i dont buy the ‘same’ phone every year. iphone users would buy the iphone even if it just had one improved feature and nothing more cuz its ‘the iphone’ just look at the jimmy kimmel video that proves there soo retarded.

          • macboy74

            First off wtf do you care what others are buying and using? Their buying it not you so they can get whatever they want. It funny how certain android users get mad because someone wants to use something different than them. And jimmy Kimmel is a comedy talk show that does skits like this all the time. If you believe everything on TV then you have other problems than choice in phones.

          • fixxmyhead

            yea like i believe everything on tv. i was just merely pointing out how retarded they are and i dont care what they buy its there choice. this was about dev support which got derailed.

          • Jillxz

            I thought this was an Android site.

          • michael arazan

            The president was using a blackberry in 2008/2009 from the thousands of press pics, so i guess you are talking about blackberries?

          • Actually, according to CNNTech Feb 3 2012, the US gov’t chose to move to Android because Google readily allowed access to the source code by the gov’t. Apple was also consulted, but summarily rejected due to their lack of willingness to allow access to their source code.


        • macboy74

          Android has developer support? When did this happen?

          • fixxmyhead

            troll harder macfag but yes it has dev support. thanks to the wondeful devs i have google now fully working on my ics phone. Now where is siri for the gaiphone 4 or 3gs?

          • angermeans

            Wow buddy calm down. Android is doing better, but lets face it I would kill to have some of the devs and their apps that are programming only for iOS on Android. Android seems to be getting some of the great iOS apps, but iOS devs are still a year to two years behind the applications found on iOS.

          • fixxmyhead

            i saw “someone is typing” a min ago i know that was u. what happened couldn’t troll harder

          • Jillxz

            Android has developer support? When did this happen?

            Yep , always and forever it has had developer support.

          • macboy74

            Yes they do to bad it sucks. And please don’t tell me any different. I’ve been a developer for 15 years.

          • Jillxz

            No , I won’t tell you any different , as I know you don’t want to hear it. You have a closed mind just like Apple’s closed system.

            Jillxz: Yes they do to bad it sucks. And please don’t tell me any different. I’ve been a developer for 15 years

          • macboy74

            No , I won’t tell you any different , as I know your mind is as closed as the Apple system”.

            I love how you people say that Apple has this so called “closed system”. Please tell me how do you think it is closed?

        • angermeans

          I would argue that some Android phones are more locked down than Apple phones. Apple easily has the upper hand in hardware and Touchwiz doesn’t do Samsung any favors in software at least in my opinion. To me I just can’t put down money for a skinned device as every OEM out there (especially Samsung and Motorola) have shown no desire to keep their phone up to date and even show no desire to fix bugs that kill the user experience. Android software is more enjoyable to use, but iOS is much more polished and runs much better.

          • I wouldn’t disagree however I would say that anyone who has bought any recent Samsung phone such as the GNexus or SGS3 probably knew that before they bought the device and already planned on rooting / roming it to 1)get rid of touchwiz and 2)get the latest and greatest upgrades. And I honestly feel as Motorola is going to start getting better with their upgrades especially with the acquisition by Google and now that their Blur is almost non-existant on most devices (Droid Razr has barely any after the ICS update). The plan for them to give the $100 to phones that couldn’t be upgraded was just proof of that! iOS may run smoother and it is definitely polished a little more but I think Google is making great strides in this area. With project butter and just the overall evolution of Android it is now much smoother and polished but it still has a ways to go. And who knows, if Apple keeps going the way they are and releasing mediocre updates that don’t change that much (iOS 6 is really nothing major and new) then maybe Android will surpass them in terms of smoothness and how fast they run.

  • fedup

    At this point I couldn’t care less. After the staggering disappointment that is my galaxy nexus, I will NEVER buy a samsung phone again. I’m going back to Motorola or another manufacturer for my next phone, nexus or not.

    • Hunter

      Sometimes I cast logic aside and make rash irrational decisions too….oh wait I don’t.

      Your sample set of 1 must mean every device that leaves a samsung warehouse is crap. There is no way you could have received a defective device. Seeing as how sammy is the top manufacturer, there must be a lot of dumb dumbs out there. 🙂

      • cartersims

        I’ve had two Nexuses. They both suck, bad. Forums are filled with people with problems. Verizon support is admitting that there are problems. If your phone works then you got one of the few good ones or you are:

        A) In Denial
        B) You have too much free time and you flash the newest nightly [email protected]_v2 ROM builds and your phone has too many bugs to notice the crap hardware radios.

        • Hunter

          What do you think Verizon does with the defective devices? I’ll tell you. Their “highly trained” service technicians “restore” the phone to proper working order, then they shuffle them around to those that need replacements because theirs was defective in the first place. See how that might cause someone to think they are all defective because they are on their 6th “replacement”.

      • Diablo81588

        He didn’t get a defective device. Its well known that all galaxy nexus devices are junk. Stop trying to defend Samsung just because that’s your device of choice. The only reason Samsung has the most market share is because they sell in the most markets.

        • Hunter

          I’ve had moto, samsung, and LG. All great devices in their own right. I don’t go around trying to defend my devices. I try to get narrow-minded individuals such as yourself to step back and think about what they are saying for a minute. You can sell in the most markets, but if your product isn’t worth selling in the first place or you haven’t built a positive reputation then none of it means squat. Yet all of the people with issues get together and start concluding that since all they see are complaints that it must be a terrible device for everyone, quickly forgetting that those who have no issues will likely never say anything. A company like samsung does not stay in business releasing crap devices, obviously they were rigorously tested by both samsung and the carriers. Just like any manufacturing process, there are defects. See my explanation below on why it seems that amid all of your replacements none of them seem to work.

    • Chronon7364

      User error.

  • jeff3yan

    Samsung is still top in terms of smartphone sales though. Things should get interesting when they get dethroned forcing everyone to innovate more. How long can Samsung hold the top spot though?

    • macboy74

      I give them till the end of October. Apple will sell 5-6 opening weekend. The other 14-16 million will be a breeze in a little over a month. And just to add I like my nexus 7 a lot better than that pos Samsung Galaxy tab I had. Couldn’t stand the constant rebooting and lag.

  • fjl

    Judge wants to get the Iphone 5?

  • Sporttster

    These idiot companies fighting each other is going to leave the market with unuseable technology. They’ll have big, fancy networks and we won’t be able to use them due to one company having LTE patents and another company not allowing “rounded corners” and another locking down their 3G tech and on and on this stupidity will go.

  • They should of patented the 4inch screen instead apple would of been fucked

    • jay_peter

      We’re you dropped on your head as a child?

      • am

        but apple can patent rounded corners?

        • mx

          You just keep on purposely misunderstanding the relevant laws. Ignorance is bliss right?

      • AJA0

        We’re did you learn to spell?

    • macboy74

      Yeah Sony should’ve patented the 32″ TV screen and Samsung would be screwed. See I can say unrealistic stuff as well.

      • Learn how to take a joke!

        • macboy74

          Oh I can take a joke man. But after hearing the same sh*t a hundred times your comment seems a bit derivative.

          • Maybe if you were to stop trolling on an Android blog then you wouldn’t be hearing the same sh*t a million times!

          • macboy74

            Not trolling just telling the truth which you hardcore android boys can’t handle. I have 3 android devices but I’m not as bad as you people. It kills me that you people are like this but when the Apple users are you call them sheep. The pot calling the kettle black no?

          • Well first off, you are on an Android Blog and your name is MacBoy and you have an Apple Logo as your picture. With that alone you are going to be called a troll or something along the lines when you go and try to defend Apple on AN ANDROID BLOG! I get that there are other OSs out there such as iOS, WP, etc but if you want to go promote those devices goto a blog that is for that device / OS. What I’m saying is if you want to go and promote iOS goto an Apple blog, not an Android one! You think this is bad, try going to an Apple blog and commenting something about Android, they will rip you to shreds calling you every name in the book!

            So far just about everyone who has replied to you has had valid points and facts to prove those points. Thats what people in the real world do, if they think someone is wrong or they’re unsure they find actual validated sources of true information, unlike your recent posts where you clearly did not know what you were talking about when you said the military used iPhones and the President did to because both those claims were invalidated with a simple google search. I’m not trying to put you down or be mean but if you want people to take you serious you have to know what your saying and I may sound like your High School English teacher but it helps to site sources, maybe not a full bibliography but at least put the name of the website or something.

            P.S. If you want to be taken seriously on ANY Android blogs I would suggest maybe changing your username and picture! 🙂

          • macboy74

            Well I am not gonna change my name or avatar for you or anybody else here. And am not here to promote something I don’t own or use. And people on here have yet to give me a valid point. Ill I got was isheep this and fanboy that but I expect nothing less then simpletons. And I never said anything about the military or the president using the iPhone. If you find a comment were I said such things I will mail you a thousand dollars. I think maybe you replied to the wrong person.

          • Sorry, I saw your name and then mine, I forgot to look at who the reply was to! The order that Disqus is keeping these comments is annoying lol

          • macboy74


  • DigitalEnforcer

    So when are they going to be suing for the LTE infringment? That’ll be the big one 🙂

    • KleenDroid

      Either Samsung’s lawyers suck or the judges have iPhones.

    • Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. There will never be an iPhone ban in the US. I’d love for there to be, as much as every other person that loves Android and hates the bs apple has been creating. It just won’t happen, even if there were blatant, undeniable, violations.

      • As long as the trial happens in the US there will be bias, I mean out of 50 states spanning millions of square miles the trial of Apple vs Samsung had to be less than 10 miles from Apple HQ. Tell me how thats fair, when you are less than 10 miles away its almost impossible for someone to not know something about the company. What about Samsung? They’re getting the short end of the stick here and honestly I feel they’re getting unfair treatment just because they’re from a foreign country and this decision just reinforces that because as I read on Engadget the judge even stated that he believed Samsung to not be as big of a part of the US Economy which is total BS, Samsung is just as important if not more than Apple!

        • master94

          Samsung is more important, there would be no iPhone without Samsung.

          • Honestly if it wasn’t for Samsung and their wildly successful S lineup of phones (SGS3 and all of its predecessors) the iPhone would probably still have the 3.5 inch screen and if it wasn’t for samsung showing that putting an excessive amount of RAM in a device future proofs the device so to speak then the iP5 would probably only have 512mb of ram like the 4S and the 4, etc. its just Apple had to do something to not look too far behind compared to the SGS3 with its 2GB of RAM!

          • mx

            You want to talk about future proofing a device? How about actual software updates for a least 3 years after purchase. How is that for future proofing?

            And those software updates seem yo work fine on 512mb ram.

          • I hate to break it to you but any iDevice thats 3 years old runs like crap on iOS 5 and I don’t even think Apple is supporting them in iOS 6. I would rather be running a slightly older OS than have to deal with the new one running sluggish!

          • macboy74

            Hahaha hey its the joke of the day. And he’s commenting stupid false garbage that any logical person knows isn’t true at all. Congrats.

          • Actually @master94 is correct. The chip that powers your beloved iPhone is manufactured by Samsung.


          • What would happen if Samsung decided not to supply Apple with the processors any more & sold them strictly to Android OEMs? Where would Apple be then?

          • roomoester

            Where does apple buy its screens and internal parts from?? Who is thier supplier??

        • enigmaco

          That is true Samsung has had better luck internationally than it has had here in the states. I don’t understand why they can’t just let samsung do its own thing and they can concentrate on building better products. For instance how apple even started they stole ideas from Microsoft, but you never hear about that. Funny thing even did a article that is titled ” 5 companies apples copying now” Apple is the fox news of the cell phone industry.

      • Brent Stewart

        I agree Timoh, there will never be an iPhone or iPad ban in the US. But it’s deeper than that and probably has a lot to do with how (unfortunately) embedded it is into the everyday life of people and big businesses. It would almost be like getting Microsoft Windows banned. It just won’t happen because of the large impact on businesses that have spent hundreds of thousands on rolling out and implementing the platform in the end hurting the economy.

        • Personally, I don’t see Apple failing because of a stupid product ban. I see them failing from the inside out just like they did last time when Jobbs saved them, except for this time there is no Steve Jobbs to save the sinking ship. I think the iP5 just reinforced my theory, there was nothing new and innovating and it was really overhyped, not a single thing the iPhone 5 did was revolutionary. Heck, my Droid Razr that is over a year old competes with this thing (spec wise) and in a few months after Jelly Bean and iOS 6 are released they will be similar software wise as well. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Mac lineup this year, if they do the total redesign like what everyone was expecting from Jobbs or if Cook stopped that and is just releasing a minor upgrade this year, same goes for the iPad, whats left to do to it? It would take a creative mind to enhance it much further and I don’t see that in Tim Cook. I would like to see him prove me wrong because if Apple actually competed with Android and its OEMs, they would both be pushing harder to advance their devices which in term is a win win for the consumer.

  • Silver Veloz

    “We remain confident that the full commission will ultimately reach a final determination that affirms our position that Apple must be held accountable for free-riding on our technological innovations,” Adam Yates, a Samsung spokesman, said. “We are proud of our long history of innovation in the mobile industry and will continue to defend our intellectual property rights.”

  • user311

    Two of the Samsung patents cover technology used in industrywide standards for the transmission of data. The other two are for device features; one to detect phone numbers in an e-mail or Web page, and another in which the document display page moves with the user’s finger.

    I don’t see how these carry less weight than a rubber band effect at the end of a photo album…

  • nightscout13

    They made a good point, that it’s hard to prove damages if you don’t have business in the US. Maybe Samsung should lease a few business offices here, so that they can have better leverage.

    • user311

      Theres a pretty big Samsung office building in Rochelle Park in NJ. What division of samsung is another question all together.

    • truename

      Actually, that’s not correct. The reason for the ruling is that it’s hard to prove economic loss due to infringement if Sammy’s not using the tech in its devices here in the USA. Big difference there.

  • I wonder how much Apple is paying the itc

  • Spoken Word™

    Actually, they haven’t lost anything yet. 1 judge made a preliminary ruling. It still has to be reviewed by the whole panel. That’s a very important part to note.

    • you obviously know nothing about the ITC, go see how many times they flip a non infringement to a infringement… yeah it will go to the panel, and nothing will come out of it. So they have lost, this one…just like most of the android cases.