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LG Optimus G Spotted in First Korean Commerical, Doesn’t Show Off Much

There wasn’t much doubt that LG was going to announce the Optimus G on September 19, but now we would almost bet on it. The device was just spotted on LG’s Korean Youtube page in its first commercial spot. It doesn’t really say much unless your fluent in Korean, but the phone is shown off a few times. 

LG seems to have taken a cue from Samsung and their recent commercials in this spot. Showing off what the phone does in your life rather than specs and numbers. Not that the specs aren’t going to be good, with a rumored quad-core S4 Snapdragon powering this device we could get excited for it. Are you looking forward to see what the Optimus G has in store?


Via: Android Community

  • Pretty much shows you the dearth of innovation in the newest smartphones.

  • you’re*

  • Nowayjose

    Has LG ever updated their phones to a new update
    (for example gingerbread to ICS) ?

    • arcwindz

      They did… recently

  • Bionic

    And yet……. It’s still an LG.

  • master94

    Those specs are amazing.

  • Mario Mendez

    G Spot

  • toyosup88

    G spotted…lol

  • gokusimpson

    No on-screen buttons? Awwwwwww

    • Kyle Cummings

      Thats my reaction every time i see a bad ass new phone come out that doesn’t have them. I thought for sure that after the galaxy nexus every phone would have them.

    • JDub

      I am going to say that may be a good thing in this case. Looks like LG is using the ICS software buttons for their capacitive buttons. Most apps keep the software keys on screen while in them, thus losing part of the screen. Now apps or games will have more screen room making it a true 4.7″ screen

      • Roy Harper


        they can fit a 4.85″ screen on the same chassis, have the same 4.7″ of usable screen not including the buttons, and then the buttons can disappear for full-screen apps. This is the whole point of on-screen buttons. I thought that was made clear by the galaxy nexus…

        • Liderc

          Why is it so hard for people to get this about software buttons.

          There is no argument, software buttons are better in every possible situation. They go away when you don’t need them, they’re there when you do. It’s perfect.

          • Nagini

            Except for the fact that they BURN IN to the screen!

          • MKader17

            Really, that happened to your Galaxy Nexus??? Because the last time I heard about burn in was on plasmas

          • Nagini

            It happened on mine, the black bar is burned in so when I go to watch YouTube its all washed out in that area. On the Verizon Galaxy Nexus models in the store, even the dock and app drawer icon are burned in to the screen. It happens to all Galaxy Nexii that I have seen. Turn your screen to low brightness and go on youtube and you will see.

          • Liderc

            Woah, mine has never been burned in. I don’t know what kind of screen you have, but that is very rare. I’ve seen burn in on the SGSIII screens at the store, but never on a Galaxy Nexus. I was even surprised to see the SGSIII had burn in, but it had all the icons burned in, the search bar, was nuts.

          • Nagini

            Buddy, all Galaxy Nexii have the same screen. They all get burn in to some extent. The screen on the Galaxy Nexus really is not top of the line.