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Google Wallet No Longer Working at All on Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Updated)

For months now, if you were using a Galaxy Nexus LTE, there were ways for you to cirumvent Verizon’s ridiculous block on Google Wallet. All it took was either a browser trick, a sideloaded .apk, or a custom ROM with the app built in. It was pretty simple, for the most part.

As of today, it appears as if Verizon and Google have found a new way to block the app from working on your phone, one that kills off most of the previously working workarounds. More than a handful of users tipped us off to a new pop-up (pictured above) that mentions something about the Wallet app no longer being “supported.” It then asks that you tap an “Update” button to get the latest version from the Play Store. Of course, once you tap “Update” and head into the store, you are greeted with a message that says that your device is not compatible.

I can’t imagine that the lovely developer community won’t find a workaround, but for now, you’ll have to sit tight and deal with one of the more frustrating situations we have ever come across in Android. Thanks for keeping it “open!”

Update:  Thanks to the wonderful DL community, you can jump right into the comments and get yourself a new and working .apk.

Cheers James, Jon, Craig, Andrew, and Daniel!

  • Alex Seibz

    Going to try out Straight Talk and see where that gets me.
    I also filed an FCC complaint as well.

  • XvierX

    Is there a version available that is compatible with the RAZR Maxx HD?

  • William

    Can anyone post another link? None of these are working

  • none of those work for me… :/

  • Im on a stock unrooted g-nex i bought last year vzw, i been using gwallet but just received the OTA jbean update notif. so im freakaing out trying to disable the gwallet before i do the jbean update so i dont screw my secure element up, I just disabled it and then cleared the data and uninstalled it, i was running the old version. so now its disabled,data cleared,uninstalled. and im thinking if i should press the update/install now on the jelly bean update. im afraid, i keep hitting install later because i dont wanna sqoink my secure element from gwallet if i dont do it correctly bc VZW is a fool, any help please??!?! I have the nexus7 too jbean its awesome i wanna update so i can have it on my g-nex phone as well so they can nfc bump n hump 🙂

    • should i sideload the new version into my g-nex first and install that then update to jbean OTA or should i update to jbean then try sideloading the APK gwallet?

  • DaringErrol

    I used pezjono’s dropbox to install GWallet and it worked perfectly. THANKS

  • you people much smarter then me, i just have to say you guys rock. Thank you

  • fresco360

    Love you guys! Kiss my butt verizon.

  • lostdestany

    I just wanted to put this out there, if you added more funds to the Google Gift card that was on the wallet…its gone. So you just have to call customer service and they will issue you a refund.

  • Sweet got it thanks!

    • Does anyone else have an S3 with it side loaded and working? Mine is not
      Thank you,
      John Cantrell
      Sent from mobile

      • mclough

        won’t work on my s3 either

  • Jwhap

    Worked like a charm!!!! Thanks everyone!

  • Matthew Harmon

    Any chance of getting the old version of wallet working, the new UI is awful.

  • I was previously not able to install Google Wallet but with updated apk I was. But this is the message receive. I am running an unrooted Galaxy S3

  • DroidBricker

    Droid Live > verizon.

  • Neil

    I keep getting unexpected error when adding cards. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Neil

      Me too. Not sure what to do.

  • you guys are awesome……. Team Android all the way

  • You guys rock. And EDNYLaw, go sharpen your knives. Verizon done fucked with the wrong credit card users.

  • skyskioc

    This F-n community is amazing ! Thanks to DL and all the developers that help us out. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO !

  • CaptPicard

    Thanks for the update guys! Google Wallet is working again on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Now if only Big Red would release Jelly Bean…

  • bawboh

    Boooooo! There still isn’t one that works with an unrooted, locked HTC One X. I was dumb enough to take the 2.20 update and ruin any chance I had of rooting it (so far, anyways, unless I unlock through HTC and ENTIRELY lose my warranty). 🙁