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Contest: Win a Kindle Fire HD 7″ From DL and xScope Browser (Updated: Winner Picked)

Since today is release day for the brand new Kindle Fire HD 7″, we have partnered with xScope browser to give one away to a DL community member!

For those new to the game, you may not have heard of xScope. But trust me when I say that when Android was first getting its start, this was our go-to 3rd party browser. It had some incredibly innovative features like single finger pinch-to-zoom, but was also light and fast enough that few could compete with it. Over the last month or so, Gary (the developer) released a new version with Holo styling, more gestures (including the single finger zoom), and one of the more robust browsing experiences around. Definitely check it out. 

Play Links:  xScope Browser



Update:  Our winner has been chosen! Josh says that his favorite browser is the stock browser because he can’t run Chrome on his original DROID X. Congrats to Josh! Unfortunately, he still won’t be able to run Chrome on his Kindle Fire HD either.

Prize:  One (1) Kindle Fire HD 7″

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite Android browser is and why. Specific feature you like?
2.  Feel free to follow us on Google+ as well.
3.  U.S. residents only.


On Monday morning at 9:00AM PT, we will choose a winner randomly from the comments.

Good luck!

  • jdgoldie

    Definitely Chrome – tab syncing with my desktop browsers is amazing!

  • casbar

    I stick with Chrome now. I share my history, bookmarks and tabs between work, mobile and home. It’s just way too useful.

  • Geran Smith

    I used to love xScope, but they didn’t update for a long time and I ran into tons of issues. I switched to Chrome and haven’t looked back.

  • Stephen Peek

    i prefer dolphin, for me it’s the most refined with the best features, it handles tabs better than stock, and tho i just finally received ics on my thunderbolt, and therefore can finally use chrome, chrome gives me issues while playing videos, for me dolphin is best for my day to day life, i do however love chrome on my laptop and love being able to sync tabs, i can only hope that the issues i have with it are resolved soon

  • Jonathan Svor

    Chrome because of the desktop integration.

  • Chrome. Faster and less issues than the other browsers.

  • stock Jb BrowserForMe

  • Bonzix

    I love and utilize Chrome’s other devices tabs quite a bit. Makes switching from Laptop to the Nexus 7 to the GNEX a breeze!

  • Wahmuk

    I use the stock Android 2.3 browser on my Droid 3 because everything else I have tried has been insanely slow (if it worked at all). On this phone, Firefox took several minutes to load and pull pages and Dolphin didn’t work at all.

  • Chrome….have all of my pages synchronized on all my devices is just too useful.

  • Tré

    First time hearing of XScope browser. About to check that out right now.

    Currently, my favorite is Boat Mini. Both it and it’s full-size brother (Boat Browser) are chock-full of features, but the Mini version is extremely stable. I’ve also got Dolphin HD and Mini browsers installed, which I like enough. They just force close a lot.

    BTW, I’m a little jealous of all you Chrome users… I’m stuck on Gingerbread, and you guys keep reminding me of all that I’m missing!!

  • KillerAngel

    I use Chrome because it’s fast, easy to navigate, and syncs everything with my desktop.

  • I have skipped around with browsers so much. I have finally landed on Chrome because I syncs with my computer and I always leave tabs open to view them later. Can’t go wrong with that feature.

  • Sarah Lim

    i’m a big fan of Google Chrome because i can always sync everything i saved on my phone to my desktop computer. Quick, easy and efficient.

  • SStewart654

    Chrome. I love the syncing and speed.

  • Frank

    Have been using Firefox since they updated for tablets. Syncing is the best feature, and all the great extensions have to be mentioned

  • Chrome for its syncing ability.

  • jhardy93

    I have tried many but usually go back to the stock browser. I like the way windows on handled now that I have ICS on my RAZR MAXX. I will definetly need to try out XScope too.

  • duke69111

    I like the stock browerser becasue it has flash.

  • Josh Carroll

    Chrome just because I can sync my tabs from PC to Phone

  • Mychal Hix

    Chrome, so I can bookmark one page and go home and go to that bookmark. Love having that! so I dont have to go and try finding the same page again. Just a few clicks and I have it! or vise versa!

  • bartclantrash

    I run four separate browsers, based on the task at hand. Opera Mobile is my favorite due to its versatility.

  • Juan Jourde

    I <3 the Opera Mini Browser myself.. fantastic zoom and pan alone are enough to put it over the top for me =]

  • flamesbladeflcl

    Honestly I mainly use chrome because tab sync, but on gingerbread I tended to use dolphin.

  • Frank

    Right now Dolphin seems to be the best browser for me to use on Android. Its got a pretty friendly user interface, it doesn’t crash, it supports flash, and its free. What else could you ask for? I tried Firefox too, since his is what I use on my PC, but it didn’t seem as easy to use on my Android tablet as Dolphin. Besides, its a cool sounding name for a browser, but I wish there were more dolphin graphics in the thing, lol.

  • I use

  • David Sellars

    I use the Dolphin HD browser because it’s quick and works on my older phone.

  • Keoni lee

    I use google chrome because I feel like its very fast and reliable unlike the other ones out there in the android market .

  • I use Google Chrome because it syncs my tabs between my phone and my computer, and I can also access my browsing history between both devices. Now, I don’t have to try to remember what site I was browsing on my phone because it transfers the history to my computer. The ease of use of the browser also does a whole lot for me personally.

  • ScoobySnack

    Firefox- because my device does not support Chrome. 🙁

  • Right now I would say Chrome, because of usability features like autozoom when tapping links, and because it gives me true tabbed browsing on my tablet. I think I’m going to have to try xScope though! It sounds pretty awesome.

  • miagui

    I been told scope browser is really good w/flash chrome is fast but no support flash dolfinbrowser support flash but keep crash Firefox beta Its good too but keep for close so all the stars for scope browser no hard fellins chrome you are fast and good but w/out flash u broke my heart there is no shame on the game you guys got to do what’s best for the game hate the game but not the players chrome rules

  • I’d like to say Chrome because of the syncing but it is just too slow and buggy. Dolphin works much better in that respect. It just loads new pages so smooth and fast.

  • MJBigDeal

    Chrome – bookmark syncing

  • Uptill now it has been Chrome cause of the integration of all my bookmarks with the windows version. Guess it’s time to give xScope a try!!

  • Brian Gietzel

    I use Chrome on my laptop but not on my phone (no ics). Would love to try…

  • R Commander

    I would love to win this!

  • sonicyoof

    Chrome, for syncing and speed.

  • PudgyPanda

    Chrome > tab sharing on multiple devices = win!

  • abhisahara

    Chrome Browser…due to the omnibox data sync across all devices!

  • hoyun

    I use Chrome, though I haven’t really bothered much to try out other ones too much.

  • Sentrisno Thendera

    Firefox because I can enable flash player even they didn’t support it anymore.

  • Michael C.

    chrome because I can sync tabs from my computer to my smartphone!

  • Sean

    Dolphin Browser HD. I uses this browser on phone/tablet, and haven’t had any issues at all. My experience with this browser have been flawless, so that’s why I’m choosing Dolphin Browser HD as my default browser.

  • I switch back and forth between Dolphin HD and XScope, but Dolphin is probably my favorite. Favorite feature are the gesture commands; it makes it easy to get between my most used sites.

  • Fred

    the Chrome browser is my favorite b/c I use it on my laptop and can easily go from PC to Phone without losing anything.

  • javier rodriguez

    Chrome is the best. the other devices tab rocks my socks off.

  • I love Chrome and how good it runs in my lapdock…. I love how it auto zooms in when you click on a link and there are more then one so you can pick the right link… 🙂

  • vanchhs

    Like most on here I like chrome since it is the easiest to use

  • I actually use XScope because I feel that it is one of the quickest browsers and I enjoy the layout.(This may be due to the fact I do not have ICS and cannot use Chrome) I have been using for the past 2+ years and haven’t had any problems.